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CTXR Stock: CTXR is a biopharmaceutical company with quite a few products in the pipeline. Most interesting to me, is the product with unmatched marketing competition, in their hemorrhoids pipeline product. In this CTXR Stock video, we discuss basic company fundamentals, recent news catalyst, potential for growth, and technical analysis chart setups.
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2:16 CTXR Fundamentals
3:15 Pipeline Products
7:57 Institutional Ownership
10:28 Ortex Short Data
13:38 Chart Analysis
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What's up youtube chica nah, i'm playing! I got nothing but love for that dude. What an absolute beast! What is up? Everybody welcome to trey's trades. We have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holder, sell opinions on these. Given stocks like the purpose by saying i'm, not a financial advisor, no experts don't take what i say: the grain of salt.

Let's get into the video today, my friends we're gon na be giving you a new stock, a new stock baby. I have not covered this on the channel here before and it is ticker symbol. Ctxr city is pharmaceuticals incorporated. This is the stock that i actually ended up, taking a position in and i'm very interested to see how this is going to play out.

I'm playing this off as a swing trade for the time being, but i do think that there is some. You know potential upward momentum for this, depending on how things start pan out. So look at the fundamentals of the company right: the why? Why should you care? Why is there potential upside here? Why is there some hype? Let me look at some recent news: catalyst, some different products that they've got that they're working on that could be a game changer moving forward and then the meat potatoes, which is the chart set up. So we look at the one month chart as well as the one day one minute chart to give both a macroscopic and microscopic perspective of overall price action.

We've got a couple. Different indicators pulled up, the rsi is down here. That is relative strength index. Anything over 70 is overbought.

Anything under 30 is oversold. This gives you an idea of both bullish and bearish momentum. We're going to talk about that in a little bit when we get to the chart set up. I actually like how this has been playing out.

Then we have the 200 ema, which is purple trend line and the 15 day ma, which is this blue trend line 2008, is the exponential moving average. Is the price action based evaluation trend line over the 200-day moving period, which gives us a macroscopic perspective of our price action? And then we've got the 15 ma, which is a moving average. Some brokerage accounts call this the sma, the simple moving average they're one in the same. This is the price action based valuation trendline over 15 day moving period, which gives us a microscopic perspective of overall price action.

We use these side by side, so we can predict upcoming, breakouts and breakdowns as well as moves and volatility and less volatility right, so we're using side by side give you guys some different entry points exit points if you're looking at playing it. That way, as i mentioned, i do have a position in this stock right. I do have about 1 000 in uh ct ctxr as it's sitting right now. I had a stop-loss set on this and for whatever reason or another it didn't fill and i'm not mad about it.

I'm not mad about it, because my stop-loss is at 220. and then ended up not not filling underneath 220 and it's currently sitting at 2.39. So i'm not totally sure that works out. Maybe i maybe i didn't set it right or something, but you know i'm very happy to still be holding my position.

I'm gon na be playing the office as a swing trade. Let's get into the video, we got quite a bit to talk about, so what is the company? What is the why? Why should you care, cydia's pharmaceutical is incorporated as a specialty pharmaceutical company? The company is focused on developing and commercializing care. Products are the focus on anti-infective products in an edge adjunct cancer care and prescription products. It has three product candidates, monologue, city, o2 and city 101.

Monologue product is an antibiotic lock solution used to treat patients with catheter catheter-related bloodstream infections. Monologue product is designed to salvage a central, venous, catheter cvc, obviating the need to remove and replace the catheter minor wrap is a bio-absorbable film impregnated with monocycline and refampin for reducing acute inflammation and microbial colonization of breast tissue expanders used in breast reconstruction surgeries following mastectomies City 002 is being developed for symptomatic relief of hemorrhoids and city combines the steroid heal up big tassel and uh lidocaine. So i'm saying all that stuff wrong. I'm 100 apologize, but nonetheless i've got their website pulled up here and there's a couple different things that i want to point out to you, which i find very unique and interesting.

So it is this: the monologue, the city 002 and the parting opportunities, so the minor lock is. I think, what a lot of people are excited about with this stock, so we're going to click on this really quick. Give you a brief rundown on why this is important right, where's, the potential for growth here right it doesn't matter how cool something is it matters, how much it's going to grow, how much it's going to help people if the demand is ever going to go away. So, looking at this, our monologue product is an antibiotic lock solution used to treat patients with catheter-related bloodstream infections.

Crbsis crbsis are very serious, especially in cancer patients receiving therapy through central venous, catheters cvcs and in hemodialysis patients where venus access presents a challenge. This is interesting to me because i actually had a family friend who had cvc problems, and this could be a big game changer, because i know she had a lot of health issues because she got some. You know some bacterial infections in her bloodstream, which is no good that can kill people so no good at all uh. The program highlights so they've got a partnership with the leading cancer center and support from medical thought leaders in a phase 2b trial.

The monologue product demonstrated a 100 efficacy rate and salvaging colonized cvcs. The monologue product has no significant adverse events compared to an 18 serious adverse event rate when infected cvcs were removed and replaced. So that's a good thing: it's got a 100 efficacy rate uh compared to an 18 serious adverse event rate, so very, very solid numbers. There fda fast track with qidp, designation and patent protection until june of 2024.

um. So that's pretty solid. That's not bad formulation! Patent protection until november 2036., so that pad protection is going to help them hold on to the product, so they can continue to work on it right. If anybody infringes upon that pen, they can file a lawsuit right, get their money and they're.

Currently, in the phase three pivotal superiority trial so they're in the works of this. This is where they're the farthest so far, and i've actually got a couple different things pulled up here from their their letter to shareholders, and i think what the most interesting is is some unique pipeline that they have in you know progressive stages. The monologue is very, very far along right now, so their interim safety and efficacy analysis from september uh they're expecting some. You know estimates as of q2 2021..

So that could be any time in the next upcoming month. So this does seem like it's got some potential. You know midterm opportunities here in terms of catalyst and then we've got. You know: q2.

21. You know. Expectations are coming out of city 002 as well as city 0, 101, q4, 2021 and then q2 of 2022 right here. So there's uh, there's some pretty slow potential.

Here, in terms of upcoming news catalyst right, i think the the need for these products is is probably very important right and one one product that i find very interesting, which we are going to point out here. Really quick is the city 02.? What catches my eye with this is that there are no fda approved, prescription products on the market for hemorrhoids and that's what this this product focuses on. I think this catches my eye a lot that other product is cool right, but the the standard right the products currently being sold for catheters. It's going to be really really tough to be a competitor against those different products unless they can find some way to be superior to those other products which, by the sound of it, is possible right, they're talking about being able to prevent some some.

You know, infections and all that sort of stuff. So if you look at this, they've got a biofilm accumulation, bacterial growth inside uh, the the cvcs here right and then after use of monolock. Those are completely gone. So that's that's a good situation there.

I don't mind that at all, but what interests me more is this lack of competition in city002 right, so they can capitalize on that untapped market for for the marketing of hemorrhoids, that can be pretty solid. So what is this? What is this product? What does it do? It's prescription strength, topical for symptomatic, hemorrhoid treatment, so cities pharmaceuticals is developing a proprietary uh, topical formulation of jalapeno tosyl and lidocaine using 505b2 to provide anti-inflammatory and anesthetic relief to persons suffering from hemorrhoids uh. So, like i said they don't have any. You know products on the market for hemorrhoids.

There are no fda approved products, serious uh, jalapeno, tossel and lidocaine formulation could become the first fda product to treat hemorrhoids in the united states. According to ims, over 25 million units of topical combination, prescription products for hemorrhoids were sold in the united states during the 12-month period ending june 2012, comprising an estimated an 80 million dollar annual market. So it's got a lot of potential to run right. There's a huge, huge untapped market there, where you could generate a pretty decent amount of revenue, so i don't mind that situation at all.

That does seem very interesting. There's a lot of stuff on here, my friends. If you want to dig through every single honestly, this is a really well formulated website. It's very well organized you can tell they keep very up to date with it.

I did look at the investor information and, as far as events go, i don't see any upcoming events right. There are no current upcoming events, but if there are, they would definitely tell you - and it does seem like they do stay pretty up to date with different things that they're going to be doing seems like they're. At least you know uh participating in one or two events every single month. So i anticipate - maybe you know one at the end of february or one sometime in march, which could act as a pretty solid news catalyst but nonetheless there's a lot of momentum in uh.

Ct xr, which we'll get into here in a second looking at the institutional ownership of the company. We got a couple different numbers here: according to fintel, we've got 3.52, which is 2.497 million shares right here. However, we've got different numbers based on this information, so we have a new company that stepped into this as of february 17th, that is armistice. Capital llc, which purchased a 10 ownership in the company with 6.168 million total shares, which, when you compare it to the total shares outstanding of 71 million, comes out to just shy of 10.

We also have some different filings here: 13f and fun filings. We've got quite a few companies that either bought or sold. As of the 16th. We've got pretty much a mixed bag here.

So that's very interesting. The companies that sold out you know completely stepped out of the game, but we do have some other. You know small stakes that were taken, so we've got citadel went long in this. They they bought 18 891 shares.

You've got 10 000 shares here. 20, 000, 20, 000, 10, 000.. Quite a few institutions that took a small stake in the company. However, i think that 6.1 million is a huge huge number and then you know, we've got these other numbers from 2020 2019.

2018 2018, but that is the most recent you know. Piece right here is from armistice capital. That's a very large stake, so i would anticipate that this institutional shares number right here, isn't updated. Uh that'd be my side of caution to air on.

I don't know if mazer leonard still has a huge stake in this company. 54 is monumental, and if you added all this up, i think that would be more than 17 uh. I suppose it's not 71 million, but it's still a large stake of the company right. So you know take that for what it is.

I would anticipate that you know, since uh there are quite a few more shares outstanding right that says 54, but obviously that's not the that's not the case anymore, because the 11 million doesn't make up. You know 54 of 71 million shares, so it'd be my understanding that the total shares outstanding has increased right, so they're worth a little bit less than they were previously. But nonetheless, if we were to just add these up, you know ballpark range 11 million, considering they haven't all been sold, which is possible, but i think that fintel would update the information. If that was the case, so we've got 11 million that'd be 17 uh 19..

We're just gon na add that up for about 1.5, so we'll call that 19.5 million, which one you compare it to 71 million and just do a little bit of quick math here so 19.5 divided by uh 71, comes out to 27. So if that's 27 institutional ownership, that is not a bad situation, i always look for anything over 10 to signify. There is a significant data point to be made in terms of institutions buying into a company right. So if that is the case right, we don't know which number is correct.

We want to err on the side of caution and say worst case scenario. 3.52. The best case scenario is somewhere around 27, which is very solid, and we can say with with certainty that there was a company that filed, which means they bought in before that date at some point, with 10 of the total institutional ownership. So that's very, very solid numbers.

The current utilization we're looking at thirty eight point: five, one percent: what does this mean out of one hundred percent? Totally utilize? Utilizable short lendable shares right, meaning that if you had 100 shares available in the market, just a hypothetical situation? 38 of them would currently be out for short lendability, meaning that about 62 percent of the total lendable shares are remaining so 62 of the total short lendable shares are currently available to be lent, which is largely down from where it was uh seven days ago, which Is 95, i would anticipate that you have seen a little bit of a squeeze here in terms of some of the price action. That's been happening. You can see this had a crazy run over the last couple days here, but what i like about this is it had some nice healthy pullbacks, we're going to talk about here in a minute, but i still sleep with some potential upside in this company and we'll Get into that here in a minute as well, but that's what we're looking at utilization, the cost of borrow is insanely high, that is 33.75 annually, which is a large large, large large interest rate. So typically you're gon na see a couple percent two three.

Four, being your standard 33.75 to me indicates that there's a high risk, uh involved with shorting the stock right now, which typically happens when the algorithm thinks hey. This has a lot of volatility that is possible right, so we're gon na we're gon na raise that interest rate up just so that we get our money back for you taking a riskier investment. So keep that in the back of your mind as well days of cover is currently pretty decently low uh anything over one, i think, is significant. This is not saying that shorts have to cover their position in point four two days that is just referring to the difficulty.

It is for uh for shorts to come up profitable on their investment in shorting, a shorting a stock. So that is we're looking at in terms of different short numbers: different institutional ownership, some recent uh, you know letter to shareholders, which i find very interesting phase three program working really well we're expecting something at the second quarter of 2021 uh, which you can just read Down here really quick to counter the impact of code 19, we have aggressively pursued outreach programs with webinars and other remote communications and have now been able to add randomized patients, bringing us closer to the number of events for the superiority analyst and the schedule meeting with The dmc both expected in the second quarter of 2021. last thing that i want to show you guys from this website here really quick. Is this so we're just going to come back here to the home page and show you guys their partnering opportunities, which is sidious.

So cydius is dedicated to building a successful pharmaceutical company through the development and commercialization of innovative eff, goddamn efficacious and cost-effective products that address compelling market opportunities, so that is uh, that's pretty solid stuff, so they're working on you know developing and commercializing their different products. They're working on you know uh creating business opportunities, so they can move forward and make the most money possible for themselves and for their shareholders. So that's what we're looking at right here. I know that was pretty long, but that is a very detailed website.

My friends, i would honestly have to make a half hour video to dig into everything, but i try to give you a hybrid rundown on everything that i think is relevant and it does seem like there's some pretty solid opportunities here. The only thing i don't like is we don't have a known news catalyst, which is one box that i always try to check in regards to a good swing trade opportunity. So to me it seems like maybe the better potential here just based on what i've been reading, is that midterm potential, but we're gon na wait and see we're gon na wait and see how this pans out for now, i'm gon na be holding my position as A potential swing trade uh. If i go up 20 30 percent, i will very highly consider taking profits.

I did not earlier today and uh. That is for good reason. I do think there is more potential upside with this stock. So getting into the start, this chart setup, it is nasty what a nasty disgusting setup we have right here last two days of volume have been insane in comparison to what we've seen here previously right.

Very unusual trading volume up, i would say five ten times as high as it has been previously and the setup here in terms of uh. You know movement has been very, very clean, so you can see that not only have we been moving very well but we're having nice healthy pullbacks, except for that one. That's a disgusting, not a good pullback at all. But if you look at the last two days right, what are we looking at? Well, we usually see a pretty crazy punch, followed by a pullback to 78.6 percent, followed by that nice little run.

What do we see here right? We see a nice little punch up to 2.93, followed by a healthy pullback down about 78.6 percent. Ideally, we look for 50 right. So that's a little harsh, but it is still nonetheless setting higher lows and higher highs. It's a volatile stock.

It's a volatile stock which does come with that that increase in volume so keep that in the back of your mind, we do have the 59ma gap way over the 2008 right now, if you were able to get into this back when it was trading at. I know a buck 56 or so you'd be sitting pretty dang solid right now. That is a solid, solid setup, so not looking bad on the least bit there and we do have a little bit of a george w. Nonetheless, it is a descending george w, which is a double bottom right, so that's typically a little more bearish, but nonetheless it is a you know, a double bottom, just a descending double bottom.

So we want to continue on this upward channel right. We don't want to continue on this descending channel, which it does not look like. We are going to do right, so we did get that bounce that wide range candle bar then engulfing candlestick pattern. So i'll just highlight this for you in case you don't know what i'm talking about, and a golden candlestick pattern referring to a large green candle following a previously smaller red candle, which is a good sign of an upcoming bullish, run currently trading at 2 and 41 Cents, if i had to guess what i'm at right now in the stock, i think i'm net down like point something percent, so not even at the full percent.

I bought it about 2.43. So that's what i'm sitting at right now for uh ctxr and it looks really healthy. My friends, i really like the movements - and i like the pullbacks pullbacks - are not bad. Pullbacks are healthy, pullbacks.

Give you an opportunity to get into a stock, so you don't have to chase it right. It actually gives investors confidence in getting into a stock, because if it only goes up right, there's gon na be people that'll step in. If you don't get people that step in you're, not gon na reach the full potential, so i like these pullbacks, i like the opportunity that it is presenting to investors. So with that being said well, this is looking very healthy.

We got the nice gap between the 15 million and the 20ma rsi queen is sitting at 55, which means the risk for a pullback rate is probably only down to that ascending level of support unless we break it right. If we end up breaking through that ascending level of support, where are we gon na fall back to, i find it pretty likely to fall back to about two dollars and nine cents that is currently where we're seeing the next level of support, as it's sitting right Now, since we had a pretty harsh retracement right, i feel like the downside here is not that rough, it's not too bad, and what i like a lot is: the market has been kind of red the last you know three four days and it held up pretty Well, it was green. It was green, nonetheless, even with a red market which showed a lot of strength in the buyers in this chart. So i like that, a lot if you're looking for an entry point, i think if you ride this ascending level support you can draw this up for yourself connect as many touch points as you can.

You always look for at least three to signify a respected level of support right. If you connect all these levels of support that you have available to you all these different touch points we're actually going to move this just a hair to get the most recent touch points we can uh. What you're going to be looking at is something around here. So you're going to look at an entry in the pre-market of 2.24 cents, uh 2.27 cents, 2.30 cents as a solid entry point if it pulls back there right if it does not pull back there.

What are you gon na be looking for? You could ride momentum on this stock as well, which looks like we may have already broken. That right looks like we might have a momentum ride in which we have broken down through this descending level of resistance, so uh, i i feel pretty confident about where this is it right, where this is at right now. I think the most likely scenario is gon na, be an entry right around two dollars and 32 cents at the market open that would treat you pretty. Well, that's a better entry point than i got my friends.

I don't think you're gon na be sitting too bad whatsoever with how that looks right now, um and that's what we're looking at on the one month chart one quick thing here: on the one day, one minute chart we're just going to take a quick peek uh At the price action had that crazy little run up here, it's about 2.90 right away in the pre-market, followed by a little bit of a bleed the rest of the day. Uh we were in a little bit of a downward channel setting lower lows, lower highs. You know we've got a decent level of resistance descending level of support. We ended up breaking that descending level.

Resistance right here, i wouldn't say, with a wide range candle bar, but with enough of an a margin in which i feel pretty comfortable. They were out of that downward moving channel in the after hours. We were up almost eight percent at 2.42, so i feel pretty comfortable where this is at right now, and that is what i have for the video today. So if you enjoyed it, please drop a like.

It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this. Lastly, i'm gon na fill in the description box down below for weeble. This is version four for the desktop great platform that allows you to start trading at 4am in the pre-market views. Money can get two free stocks for the 100 deposit.

I will see for free stock, great support on the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested, that is totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, so that is what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace,.

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