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Market Volatility & Risk Management: The market the past week has been an absolutely unpredictable mess. Hedge funds and big institutions for years have been stealing money from retail investors for the entirety of the markets existence, and are grasping at straws as the roles reversed and are at risk of losing billions of dollars. In this video, we discuss my opinion and take on the GME and AMC short-selling squeeze and market manipulation. We also discuss risk management, why fundamentally and technically strong companies are bleeding, and why your portfolio might be red, as well as possibilities for how you can mitigate this.
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All right guys so today uh today's video is going to be explaining uh the market right now, and i know that we all know there's some craziness happening in the market right now, but uh i've been asked by a bunch of questions by people trey. What's going on with the nouveau, what's going on with zome, what's going on with jagex, what's going on with nvis, what's going on with all of our normal plays right, because they're all getting beat to a freaking pulp right now like? If we look at a new, i think a noob is down bad. It's it's getting! It's getting, whacked like bad bad! So let me just pull this up as an example. If it loads one sec, real, real, quick, all right.

So here i've got pulled up a new, getting swacked i'll pull up nvis, getting swagged pull up zone getting schwacked full of jagex schwackt bio. Honestly, the best play is probably holding up right now, but it's still getting schwacked fuel cell. Another great play at the very best consolidating right now right, so what's going on with the market, what can we predict is going to happen from this? What do we do to mitigate our risk? Moving forward uh? What kind of times are we living in? That's going to be the topic of discussion today for this video, and i want to give you an idea of what the market climate is like right now that way, you guys can decide whether or not it's worth it for you to invest right now or worth It for you to take opportunity to double down on what you're doing so, let's get into it. What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades, original technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these.

Given stocks, i'd like to press by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep in some medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work hard and invest my money, and i am happy To say that not only am i not financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23.. So if i can pass along with the information resources or tools that are given to me here, the community make a couple people better off than they were before. That's all that i can ask for.

Lastly, if you would not mind dropping a like on the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this now. One last thing i do want to say before we get into the video is giving a huge thank you to all the guys over the discord. We are 700 members strong now just absolutely insane. I think.

A month ago we had 10 people in here. So it's been insane growth, i'm very grateful for everybody here. They'll have access to the private discord as well as real-time insight to my personal trading, and we've got a lot of great stuff in here. We've got chat and questions uh, investing assistance, options, trading stock bot, which is a great tool to help give you some information and statistics regarding some different stocks.

Wsb updates short term plays midterm plays long term plays back place, whole bunch of different industries and sectors. So if you're interested in joining there is a link to the patreon in the description down below and we've got some people in here that make some pretty solid money. Look at this flyers up 115, a single day up 70 000 insane and then in the after hours up even more from there. So, like i said, if you are interested in joining, there is a link to the patreon down below now.

What's going on in the market right now? Well, you have to there's there's no way that people don't understand at this point that we we have an insane movement going on right now, right, whether you're saying a politicalness or unopinionated in this at all right. You guys know, in my opinion, if you are a member of the channel, but i am 100 on the side of this uh, this hedge fund attack, that is happening right now. Essentially, what is happening is gamestop and uh amc and a couple other stocks are being targeted by this group called wall street bets right and what they're doing is saying: okay for the entirety of the market's existence, we have known that these big hedge funds, these institutional Buyers have been manipulating the market for their own gain and taking money from the 99. So what do i mean by this all right? Well, fuel cell, for instance, had a hit piece out.

That said, hey fuel cell is worth no more than 10, so fuel cell downgrade. We can pull this up. Jp morgan chase and code downgrades fuel cell energy. They said.

Oh, this has a 10 price target. You better get out of this sell, sell, sell and i can guarantee what happened. We can pull this up on the charts, really quick, look at fuel cell, and you see that when this happened, which is right around here for the first time when it hit 20, it tanked. It came all the way back down to a 15 and 36 cents at a low.

So what do you think they did these big companies they shorted the stock on the way down. They took money from people that were, they were scared. They they caused fear in investors and retail investors and it took money from people right. So what this group is doing right now, this wall street bets as they're saying: okay, we're sick of this happening.

We're gon na. Do the exact same thing that you guys are doing to the stock market we're gon na we're gon na target uh for this specific situation, merlin capital or the melvin capital, i should say: excuse me and they're short squeezing them. So, let's just read this: this really quick to give you an idea of what's happening, a financial professional's, best narrative of what happened in gme this week, and i want to put a little asterisk by this and say what is happening this isn't over yet granted. I'm only back office accountant for an investing company, but i'm financially literate and have been following this very closely.

Here's my narrative of what took place this week, we're just going to read a little bit of this melvin short squeeze bailout to understand the genesis of the bailout by point 72 in citadel. It's important to understand how ls hedge funds operate, the customers that these businesses are competing for are their investors, which consist of pension funds, insurance companies and family offices, etc. Uh, what's happening when you game through this out. It leads to these funds largely mirroring each other's place, while doing things differently only to the extent they think they have an information advantage over their competitors.

This results in certain stocks having large number of funds as their investors, both as longs and shorts. The term for these companies on wall street is hedge fund hotels, so right off the bat. This doesn't sound like the right thing now. Uh watch this as reddit squeezed gamestop and increased the amount of money owed on melvin short up in the the tens of billions of dollars is where they're out right now on money which led them to sell longs in order to de-risk and cover because they sold These long positions it had a contagion effect and hfs in the same place, who held the same longs and therefore had losses as melvin selling pressure began to crush their funds because of this contagion effect, stephen cohen and citadel stepped in to bail out melvin, not because He thought it was a good investment, but to prevent an entire hedge fund strategy from imploding, so basically what's happening right now is these hedge funds are getting squeezed, and this is changing the way that the market operates right so because of this, we're seeing extreme volatility.

We're seeing pretty much unpredictable price action because, yes, i use technical analysis to predict price action on charts, but first and foremost, news catalyst and public relations and press releases trump technical analysis. We can look at technical analysis, all we want, but if you're in a vacuum and that's why you're looking at a technical analysis, you're not going to succeed and currently the market climate is revolving around this wsb, these hedge funds and all that different stuff, that's affecting The stock prices right now so, for example, if we pull up naked a company that to be quite be quite blunt - does not have a great situation. Financials i mean they are improving overall, but their marketing, administrative expenses down red financial expenses, red total operating expenses red they do have increased gross profit. But this company is doing rough right, naked's a huge pump, and this is because this is a pretty heavily shorted stock.

Uh, as the wsb guys decided to get into this, you saw a run-up from 38 cents to almost four dollars: three dollars and 63 cents. How could you predicted this? You couldn't have right, there's no possible way. You could have predicted this. So unless you were holding naked prior, the risk level for you getting into this stock is high, because you can't really predict whether or not this is going to get pumped on the reddit threads.

The discords. What kind of news release is going to come out on this? It's unpredictable. Another example right is uh. No.

Now i actually like knock as a company, but this company did have a pretty amount of short volume. That was here right and unless you got into nokia back when it was four dollars and 10 cents or so the risk for you is extremely high getting into this, and i can speak from experience in the sense that i got. I got burned on getting into milk right um, so the risk here high very very high. Now these are the these.

Are the pump stocks right, so the risk of getting these is extremely high. They're very volatile, they're unpredictable. We don't know how long these pumps are going to last. We don't know how people are going to react to it.

The technical analysis is being trumped severely by these news catalysts and these pumps happening on these reddit threads. Okay. So let's say that you have no interest whatsoever in being a part of this wsb thing and the reason that i'm bringing this up is because i've been contacted and asked by quite a few people. Man, i feel, like you've, been really cold on your calls.

Lately, i feel, like all these things you're saying to buy, have not been working out. Why? Why are you losing me money and here's my response, all these stocks right now in nouveau, for instance, i love a nuvo. They've got an intent key feature: they're working in the advertisement realm they're, trying to get ai to help get um ads into the eyes of the right viewers to improve the overall advertisement game. There's a lot of money in ads.

I love a new. I think they're a great company right uh. This isn't even a new but i'll pull up a new quick, a nouveau. So if we look at a new they've, been bleeding bad they've been getting pounded, bad, bad, bad, just bleeding, and this doesn't even line up whatsoever with what the charts have been saying right: the charts.

If we look at fibonacci retracement this retracement's atrocious, it's not good! It doesn't make sense so if we adjust this - and you have to excuse the fact that i'm a little bit a little bit rusty with the overall wee bull platform, this is new to me. I was, i was a user of fidelity before this, but the retracement's bad, it's dipping below 61.8 percent, which shows weak buying pressure. It shows weakness of the charts weakness of the of of the candles. This isn't good, and this doesn't make sense, and the reason this doesn't make sense is because, right now, all of our good stocks, such as a new such as mbis, such as, let's say, let's say, there's a new mbis mbis such as mbis such as zome right All these plays that we know have upcoming catalyst, predictable futures uh.

We, like the financials, we like the potential for growth, they're, all getting pounded and the reasoning behind this is because people are taking profits from their good plays to get into stocks like amc and gme, and what happens when people take profits in a stock. The price goes down right, so this last week was very, very risky. The climate of the market right now is probably riskier than it has ever been in the existence of the market. Now, that's a bold statement right.

How can i, how can i say that i'm only 23 years old, i haven't been investing for the entirety of the market's existence, but i'll tell you this right now the market is in a place that has never been before the 99 percent. Most retail investors have never had this much power over the market and when you have the majority of the population not just of the us but of the world that can control the market that changes the game. This changes the way that the the market operates right. Nobody right now is investing based on this is so this is so crazy.

You would have guessed this. Who would have guessed? This ever happens. Nobody right now is investing in the market based on fundamentals or technical analysis. Nobody is everybody's.

Investing in the market based on these reddit threads based on news, catalyst and public relations, it's insane, it's absolutely insane! So, let's look at a stock like amc right, we know. What's going on with amc right now, amc is getting pumped by the the reddit threads. The news so just like gme right and we can do all the technical analysis we want on this right now, but the fact of the matter is uh. This stock is so volatile because it's being market manipulated, so no matter what you do right now, the market is a double-edged sword uh.

We look at a new. Well sure this isn't being market manipulated, right, uh, but anew is still at the end of the day. Getting hammered because people are taking profits to get into stocks that are being market manipulated. So, let's, let's give you two scenarios here right.

Let's say that at the end of the day you just decide to stick with your bread and butter place. Well. The last week, you're getting hammered you're getting swept, there's no way you can win because everybody's taking profits right now to get into these. These meme stocks, these hot, these pump stocks.

These hype, stocks right amc, gme, noke bb, no - can be, i think, are great companies, but they got they got thrown into the bus here right. So i presented amc back before all this stuff happened. I presented amc as a great a great company with potential for let's see if i can find this quick, i'm not sure why it's not popping up right hold on okay, so i presented afc back when we first saw this crossover on the 14-day ma over the 200 ema right, which was back here just under four dollars, and if you were able to get this back before it was under four dollars, your risk is extremely low. The upside is extremely high right, so i presented this back here and then all this wsb stuff happened about two days later and now this this stock is extremely volatile.

Unless you got back in here when there was no risk involved, there, i shouldn't say no risk but way less risk, you're riding a crazy train. There's a lot of volatility, we've seen a high of 20, 25 and 80 cents all the way back down a day. Later to six dollars and 69 cents right, how can you predict that you can't? You can't predict that right? The market right now is unpredictable. It is extremely risky, extremely volatile, no matter what way you swing it.

We saw a retracement, almost 100 percent, almost 100. This is getting back 90 of the overall gain. That does not happen. You can look at some of the worst crashes across any stock right.

Let's pull up snpw. This comes to mind right off the bat here s pw saw a very harsh retracement. It came from here all the way back down to a 100 retracement. If we draw this from the base of the run-up you're looking at a 78.6 retracement, that is just about worst case scenario, for any stock right now and with amc, we see that it's insane.

It doesn't make sense right, we see amc, doing the exact same thing except worse right. So if we draw this from the base of this run-up, which is right here, we dip below that 78.6 percent retracement, which doesn't make sense if a stock dips below that. That shows extreme weakness in a stock. They shouldn't be able to bounce like that.

It shouldn't that doesn't happen, gme. Another great example. Everybody knows what's going on with gamestop: gamestop sees the exact same volatility at such a high of 514.50 came all the way back down to 117 dollars, thankfully bouncing off of the 200 ema, acting as a level of support, but nonetheless extreme volatility, unrealistic, retracement, technical analysis, Useless in the situation, we can't predict what's happening right, so this is a double-edged sword. The market right now is a double-edged sword, because, no matter what plays they're in there's extreme risk involved, i genuinely believe the risk of the market right now is as high as it's ever been, and the reason that i want to make this video is because i Don't want to get anybody's expectations and hopes up right, we're here to make money first and foremost, apolitical and unopinionated, as i can possibly be um.

I'm always here to make you guys money and that's why i created this channel right to present. You plays that. I think have good midterm to long-term potential swing potential. Make you guys a lot of cash right and that's that's always going to be my intent, but the truth of the matter is, and i'm not going to bs you guys ever is this last week was not an opportunity to make money at the very best.

Is an opportunity to set yourself up in the future to make money right, so our play is like a nouveau. For instance, renewable right now is getting beat down you're not going to make money this week in a nouveau you're. Just not maybe you'll make a couple. Nickels and dime swing trading this, but that's the very best case scenario.

So what can you do based on the current market climate right? Well, if the risk of amc, gme, bb, noke they're, all too high for you, the the chances of you making money on our regular plays is still very slim. It is the market right now is extremely volatile. We've got people taking profits from these stocks. We know that we've seen that people are getting all the money they can to hop into this movement.

So what can you do? Well, if you're not interested in this movement? The best case scenario right now is for you to average up or down on these stocks. Right set yourself up for the future, buy the dips, sell the rips and that's what's happening right now with a new so this last week and the reason i'm making this video is because i know people out there. Money is a very touchy subject, and i know by having this channel and saying: hey, i'm gon na i'm gon na help you guys with your investing journey. We expect every single week to be green right and that's just not realistic.

We're not always gon na have green weeks green days, sometimes even green months right. The market, as of late, has been very, very good. We've had a great great market, i'm gon na come out here and uh minimize my my chart, so i can show you guys. The let me just pull up my watch list.

We're gon na show you the nasdaq. So if we show you the nasdaq, really quick and just take a quick look at this, we have been on extreme bullish, run an insane bullish run. And let's look at this over the last five years right, the last five years have been very clean. We've had a couple of pretty harsh pullbacks right back here in this would have been 2019.

We had a small pullback bullish run small pullback bullish run. This is the the march coveted crash, everyone freaking out right and since march this has been on an absolute rampage with no correction whatsoever. So what do i think is the outcome here right, you might see a couple rough weeks. You might, and i think it's very realistic.

The market right now is unlike the market's behavior, and trading patterns have ever been ever, and i mean that this is absolutely insane stuff happening right now and to think that we're going to be able to predict the market. Anybody out there that tells you right now, hey, we can predict, what's going to happen on all these stocks, even though this is all happening. They're lying to you, that's just the fact right. The market is riskier than it's ever been.

So what should you do as an investor? Well, if the risk level for you is too high right now, i honestly recommend you just step away for a minute, and i mean that in the most sincere and heartfelt way, uh we're gon na continue to make money and whenever, when the dust settles - and we Learn the new way that the market's gon na operate we'll rig it that way right we're going to learn how to adapt from this situation, but right now, everything's still building everything's still going insane there's no way we can predict. What's going to happen, i think the only thing i can predict is that we're going to see a rough week to two weeks. I think you're going to continue to see things bleed at least until this gme situation settles down, or at least until the amc situation settles down. So, let's pull up amc really quick once this finally gets squeezed, i'm going to restore this and pull back up amc on the charts, one sec, all right so coming back here and looking at amc right.

What's the best case scenario here well, this is going to take i'm willing to bet you money at least a week for amc to settle down and probably even longer for gme to settle down and these these, the stock market right now is going to keep going. Absolutely insane until these stocks. Finally, you know the dust settles and that's just the fact, and i'm not sure why gme is not pulling up, but i'm telling you right now uh this. This is not going to this, isn't going to stop yet, and i want to be completely transparent and i always tell you guys how it is and how it is right now is: the market is risky, there's extreme risk involved and your normal plays, such as a Noob such as mbis we're not likely to see them do what we need to do at this given moment so to double down on that guys where i'm going with this is be patient right.

If you don't think you can handle the and i'm not. There's. No shame in this whatsoever, if you don't think that you can handle the current market volatility, the risk involved with trading right now. I highly highly recommend that you just take a step back and say all right right now.

This is the situation of the market and, to be completely blunt, i don't think i'm gon na make money in my regular place and i don't want to be a part of this amc, gme stuff, because there's too much risk involved, it's 100 okay, to take a Step back either that or at the very least, you know double down on your positions. Your regular stocks, such as a new mvis fuel cell whammy, uh zone fuel cell, whatever you end up investing in right, because we all have different situations double down on those and take a step back for a week. It's okay, not to check your to check your brokerage account every single day, because it's going to be red, it's going to be red right, uh and predicting the bottoms is almost not possible because right now, what's happening in the market, trumps, the the the news, the The catalyst, the public relations, these reddit threads, they trump the technical analysis - and i honest to god - cannot predict what's happening on these charts. I do my best right.

I can look at the data, but the the charts are always going to be outweighed by news catalyst right so, for instance, mbis. If all of a sudden nvis had this huge hit piece come out, it could be the best possible setup for for a breakout and that that news catalyst is gon na it's gon na tank. It that's how it always is, and that's what's happening right now in the market, so i really really want to double down on the fact that this is the. This is the way things are right now and i really do sincerely apologize if i've made.

You feel like, i can't make you money right now and i'm misleading you in any way. That's not my intention right, i'm always going to present the information to you straight as i see it, and this is how i see the market right now. It's volatile. It's risky, these are unprecedented times.

We don't know, what's going to happen, nobody out there can guarantee you anything, including myself. All that we can say is this is what this is the way things have been for the past two weeks. This is the way things are now. This is how we predict things to be at least until a week or two weeks from now, so the risk is going to remain high at this moment in time.

Um. The best case scenario, as i said, is doubling down, and that is 100. What i think and what i mean. So if you have anything that you want to add to this drop in the comments down below, have a conversation with your fellow peers, the community here at trey's trades.

I want this to be a safe place where everybody can talk about whatever they want and i'm actually gon na be going live at some point today. Talking about exactly this with another another member of the discord who i'm actually gon na be opening a business with here in the future. So if you're interested in that watch for it, i will be posting uh on the youtube page talking about what we're gon na be doing, and that is what i have for the video today. So if you enjoyed it, please drop a like.

It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this and lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble weeble is an extended hours. Brokerage account that i personally use. It is what you see right here, that is uh, that's great for getting you into the markets early, if you're interested in doing so great platform, it allows you to start trading at 4am uh. If you're interested in signing up, you get four free stocks with 100 deposit two, once you open an account and two once you deposit, a hundred dollars and it is verified, i will also receive a free stock if you're not interested, i don't care my friends.

I promise you i'm just glad that you're taking the time to watch my videos today, so that is what i have for you. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

By Trey

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard on Dauntless says:

    Great analysts. Basically GME is sucking all the air out of the room, leaving true investments like BNGO, MVIS, with not enough buyers.

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    Very good statement! I took some money out of all my penny stocks with losses of around 400€. Now I am going to wait and see what is going to happen. For the case prices are going to drop even lower I have some extra cash in the bag and when this is already the bottom I made some small losses…
    I bought just 20 shares of AMC, the whole situation is way too hot for me to be honest 😅.
    With my playing money I am still in

    500 Vyne to 2.30USD
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    Wish all u guys the best be careful these times

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    U.S. stocks fell sharply on Friday as heightened speculative trading by retail investors continued to unnerve the market. The Dow Jones Industrial average lost 510 points, or 1.6%, after falling below the 30,000 mark at its session low. The 30-stock benchmark is on track to post its worst day since October. The S&P 500 fell 1.6% as all 11 sectors traded in the red. The Nasdaq Composite slid 1.8% as Apple dropped 3.4% and other major tech names slipped. Shares of GameStop jumped more than 40% after Robinhood said it would allow limited buying of the stock and other heavily shorted names after restricting access the day before, According to Popular Stock analyst Dr Rodrick Jonathan if GameStop continues to rise in such a volatile fashion, it may ripple through the financial markets, causing losses at brokers like Robinhood and forcing hedge funds who bet against the stock to sell other securities to raise cash, which will crash the market, He warns new stock buyers to be careful. For now you can only make profit by trading your stock with a strategy instead of panic selling, i was able to make $50,000 with $10,000 in 3 weeks with his stock trading strategy, reach him on telegram Rodrickjonathan orWhatsApp+1(66O)474-OO3O,

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