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Well, what a roller coaster of the day, my god, i think, we're all thinking the same thing huh. I think we're all thinking about this. This market open huge rally in flush, and i got ta be honest yesterday when i talked about saying uh, you know when you see a pre-market move, don't expect continuation into the market hours because things can flush uh. This isn't really.

This isn't necessarily what i was referring to, but uh nonetheless we're gon na dive into all that today. We've got a long list of things to talk about so guys. What is up? Welcome to trade trades where freaking talk fast and notes, looks like a flashlight by the way saying that i'm fashionable expert so take what i said. The grain of salt, let's get into the video today, we're gon na be diving into a lot of different things.

Obviously, starting off with our girl amy, i got ta talk about this halt down, because if you were anything like me, if you're anything like uh, probably most people on twitter and youtube, this was frustrating as to watch and we got ta talk about the purpose of A halt down - and i think, there's a great explanation on twitter, so i don't even have to. I can save the work for myself because you got ta think smarter, not harder right instead of the thing harder, not smarter stuff. So i'm going to go over that, then i'm going to talk about the rest day that we had today. I kind of alluded to this yesterday: the possibility of either a a rest day, the best case scenario or be a run and all the levels that we leveled out for amc actually did act as support.

I mean it bounced off of pretty much uh near five cents. The level that i had marked as the bottom, which was 26 and some change, we're gon na, go over that here today, uh then i want to talk about this added options chains, because i think this influenced the price. Today, tomorrow's levels we're going to talk about uh for amy and that'll, be it for amc after that, i'd like to discuss bbig now i haven't talked about this in a minute because it's been channel trading, but it has finally broken one of those channels which i Think is worthy of being discussed, as this brings us into the next technical levels that we should be able to keep an eye on. Then i'd like to talk about the spy for two different reasons.

First, off continuation, you saw a great green day. This is a great uh validation of the theory that i have in which you're gon na see small mid cap companies continue to run uh small mid cap companies, you're gon na see shorts, continue to cover, and you have seen that actually reflect that iwm. The russell 2000, which is the small mid cap etf, the iwm, actually had a fantastic day compared to the spy. I think it was up two percent and some change uh.

This is just a continuation. I mean things are going basically picture perfect as planned, you're seeing uh the small mid caps really have some decent decent moves and then i'm gon na go over the play review because yesterday's play of the day was the spy and i'd like to discuss with you. Uh how things went for both a call and four put position? You could have actually done literally both the the same day, which is wild stuff levels to watch we're gon na go over the economics to watch for a bullish scenario, bear scenario whatever. Then i want to dive into the discord results, because there was something that i had lined up for my discord, which is absolutely free.

You can find the link in the description box down below. I said the best gain of the day. Uh is going to win a hundred dollars for me personally, and i want to show off that gain. I want to show you guys some of the results get some more people who maybe are interested in joining.

Since you guys can make some money too uh and plus i got ta. I got ta pet myself. Like a cat, i got ta struggle with the ego. You know a little itchy, whatever uh and then.

Lastly, i want to go over the play for tomorrow, which i think is going to be amd not to be confused with amc uh. This is actually a microchip. It's tech, company tech company. If this, then that if this, then that for both the call and put same as usual, so with that being said, let's just dive into the video, save you guys as much time as possible.

I know this is gon na be long efc to start off the day right. It's looking absolutely disgusting, it went up 16 in the matter of four minutes, seemed like absolutely no time whatsoever and what you had to experience, which you got to watch today, unfortunately, is a halt down now, volatility halts are quote unquote normal uh. These things are, are meant to protect investors uh for one reason or another, then if you want to reference this, you can come over here to dave's tweet uh dave is a very intelligent man. He's got lots of education and market mechanics, especially micro market structure.

So this is, to say the least, what he's qualified to talk about, and essentially the the origin of why this was implemented in the first place, was to protect investors after you saw the flash crash right. But if you read this real quick limit up limit down circuit breakers, which you can think of as volatility halts in some way, shape or form were adopted in the wake of the flash crash to prevent crazy moves. But he's got a great point here in saying they don't address the underlying market for jillian or volatility. They only stop trading right.

So what you watched today is that circuit breaker was was flipped uh. You had a huge candle to the downside. This would be a red candle right here: red candle jesus apparently drove pals back in the game. For that one minute candle it halted down right now.

What happened in that moment in time is when you get those crack downs, you kill momentum. Momentum gets flushed immediately. Uh, in the same way, however, that it can be absolutely pushed to the upside in a halt up which we have seen. I've seen halt ups in which you see it halt to the upside, and then, when the you know, training resumes.

It opens up way up here. To me, volatility halts, as dave had mentioned, doesn't fix the problems of uh market fragility and uh and basically hold on i'm just plugging my light back in and unplugged a lack of efficiency. I mean the market really the reason that these things happen is because there's not enough efficiency in the market uh, so you do get these halts prior to saying it right. I would personally vouch for not having volatility halts in the first place.

I don't think that they help things we have them sometimes and they help we have them. Sometimes they don't help this didn't help, and on top of that i want to discuss this briefly to me. It seems like every single time uh that the meme stunks are running. Robin hood has some going on and i i swear to you.

I've seen this all over twitter and i don't know how legitimate it is. I can't tell you anything with absolute certainty, but what i will say is it's goofy to me that brokers were saying that call options that were super deep out. The money suddenly ran in the money during that volatility hall to me, that seems like something that should be investigated. Do i expect it abso literally not i mean we know.

We know how these sort of things go and if it does get investigated, you're - probably not going to hear about it for a year two years anyway, so uh, i guess time will tell. Nonetheless i want to talk the most about this rest versus run day. Uh that we had the opportunity to see now i was tweeting this out in case you don't follow me on twitter. It's totally chill we'll go over it now.

Uh there's a lot we had to break today and that was 30 70. and i'm gon na just bring my drawings back. 37 is where you saw this top out right: rejection, rejection, rejection, rejection on that fourth tap. I thought to myself critical level.

You saw a false break out of that critical level. I've got a couple different speed lines drawn up descending level of resistance, a stunning level of support uh, and basically it just rejected it continued to reject into the close today that broke. This line came into the close uh and just barely held onto the green up 0.38 or so now what you got to witness - and i discussed this yesterday - was a rest day. This isn't inherently a bad thing: it's allowing the stock to cool off and breathe.

The only thing that i don't necessarily like is the volume being as high as it was today with little to no movement, you saw a total of 211 million total volume on the day which got me to thinking uh. What could that have possibly been? So? I think of things in a very simple sort of way: right if demand is greater than supply, stock prices go up if supply is greater than demand. Stock prices go down. One thing that you're going to notice.

If you look at the options chain on amc, is they added very sneakily by the way four extra strikes, forty ones twos, threes and fours, which you can just kind of imagine what that does, that increases supply, which is going to do what inherently decreased demand? Now i think if you were to kind of pinpoint and try to logic out what happened today, i would probably attribute it to two things. One of them would be this increase in supply and the second would be shorts attempting to hold the stock price down, while market makers, at the same time we're doing some form of hedging right. This just caused some flat price action. I think if you didn't have this increase in supply, you would have likely seen this continue to move.

Does that mean that it's not going to move in the future? No, it means that supply has to get eaten up. The way that i could probably explain this. The best is when uh a company dilutes stock and it goes down immediately and then, when the dilution's over like hymc, for example, whatever you see a short-term pop just like this amc's done in the past right, uh, long-term health-wise. Is that good? You know it.

I think it limits the height of how high a company can go. Uh. Certainly i mean it just takes more money to move the stock. You can't deny that in the least bit, but nonetheless uh we just have to eat up that supply.

This supply has got to get eaten up, whether it's institutions, whether it's market makers, whether it's banks, whether it's retail, whatever uh it's you got to get the demand back up and i think that will go into tomorrow. We certainly see lots of volume on the date. Today i mean we saw 211 million. I think i saw there was over a million total contracts traded today on amc, so the demand is certainly there.

It's just got ta, it's got, ta eat up, it's got, ta, go, it's got, ta go and today was the rest day that i think is going to allow that to potentially take place, uh anyways, so not a bad day. I i got that bounce off of 2641. We marked this yesterday. This was based on the top of the previous uh intraday high before we set a new intraday high uh.

So i marked that off and i got ta bounce got ta bounce picture perfect off of that level, so that to me is a good sign that bounce shows a lot of strength. You look at this on the 15 minute time frame. You can see a lot of strength, i'm going to hide all drawings. Just so you can see zoom out, you know.

Look at this on a zoomed out picture is just fine. It's not even breaking a one day's level of support. I mean you can see the level of support right here, upside upside upside, it's hanging, absolutely okay, uh, and i will tell you guys if i think this is gon na go back down and this isn't this, isn't the move? That's gon na bring you up to 40 i'll just say it, but i think it's still on the table. I really do and that's what i've got to say for the time being uh about amc.

I mean it's uh the levels to watch for the same as, as you saw today, i'm going to bring back the drawings. I think 3070 is going to be critical, which is going to bring you up to that 33 mark that we leveled out yesterday funny how to reject it right off of that anyway. Uh and you break that - and i think you're gon na see 38 to 40 bucks so watch for that this level of support at 26.55. That's the first thing i'm gon na be looking for for a bear case scenario, bowl case scenario.

I think you break 30. 70 going to see that 33 34 mark, which could very quickly escalate to 40 bucks, so we're on our way. That brings me to the next piece, which is bbig now bbig. Today i haven't touched on this in a couple days because there hasn't been anything to say.

I mean i've touched on this before i'll say it again. It's just trading back and forth. It was back and forth back and forth back and forth between a supply zone and a potential gap pill, and it decided today to break above the supply zone, which means, i think, there's some upside that could potentially happen here. How do i know that i broke through it? Well, you can see a huge surge in volume right here.

That's a great sign, you're gon na see some call options that now run in the money. In case you don't know what that means. Uh, the three dollar strikes were previously out the money, meaning the strike price was above the stock price, and now it is uh beneath the strike. Price is beneath the current stock price, which is a good sign.

You're gon na see those potentially get hedge form. That's a lot of open interest. 14. 000.

So you could see a decent-sized move on on bbig as time passes. The way that you're going to know with absolute certainty that this is a true breakout. Not guaranteeing this happens is if you get some sort of a bounce back onto the supply zone like this followed by a continuation of a move up now it could happen intraday. You could see it happen.

On the first hour, candle of the day where it just flushes down to the supply zone, it bounces back up and then it continues on its way. That's very possible. But that's how you're gon na know the absolute certainty. The second way that you're gon na know that it's gon na continue on is, if it just continues to move.

I mean if you see this, come up and test out this flat top. This is a pretty picture, perfect flat top setup with lots of different touch points. One two, three, four false breakout: false breakout, false breakout, a break up to 360. uh.

It's going to be huge, that's a tough level to crack 360s, where i'm watching, i think 360 is very quickly gon na escalate up to uh. First off this momentum level, which is about four bucks square on the nut, sack, here's and then uh and then and then there's free chicken. You can see this very quickly go up to that four and a half five five and a half six dollar range. I think it would come with some pretty pretty heavy speed, so uh, congratulations! If you're holding bbig right now.

I finally made a decent move uh and i think that there's some more upside, it came with volume. It looks like a clean breakout. Uh. That's a sexy setup, it's not bad! That brings me to the spy i'd like to talk on the spy now uh, which is looking actually pretty damn decent, and i want to talk about it from sort of the the theory that i have the small mid cap theory.

In case you don't know i'll give you a brief rundown. Basically, i theorized about a month and a half ago that small mid cap companies uh in the next three months from that date. We're going to have a huge rally and the reasoning behind that is. An uncertainty in the market is going to start dissipating over the next quarter of a year, and the last concerns that i'm watching for right now is russia.

Ukraine, which i think is going to dissolve uh pretty quickly here in the near future uh and the market's rallying behind that now, the major economics behind the spy and i'm what i'm watching for uh mainly is a bull in a bear case scenario. The bull case scenario, which is already being talked about you can see articles that are circulating around on the internet. Ukraine zielinski says russia. Talks could be called positive, won't slack in defenses.

I think that's posturing right. It doesn't want to look weak in front of uh opposing forces. That's that's a pretty pretty standard thing, whatever uh but they're continuing with the talk and that's uh, that's actually a good sign which could continue to uh move things along. I'm waiting for the bull case scenario to be that they they announce a complete peace treaty.

There's no more conflict between the two countries and that's going to look good bear case scenario is, is one of two things to me. I think either a ah the peace treaty is going to be denounced, i'd probably be putin, it would probably be russia that would not want to make that happen, and i think b would be something along the lines of a cyber attack. I mean i'd be watching for that pretty ding thing closely, but i'm more leaning towards the the bowler scenario. I really think you're going to see the the market continue to rally uh and iwm.

Consequently continue to rally in case you don't know. Iwm is a small, mid cap etf, it's uh! It's stocks like sofi, amc, gamestop, yada, yada, yada, it's it's! It's growth, companies right! This is this is really starting to run now and i think, there's uh there's some good opportunity, there's actually more green today than the spy 2.68 green versus uh 1.24. I mean basically a double up, and this is just really affirming what i've thought for some time, which is you're going to continue to see the small mid-cap rally that we have begun to see. I don't think it's over, yet i think it's not going to be over until spy, either a test, new all-time highs and rejects, or b tests, new all-time highs and continues to rally until the next uncertainty enters the market.

I personally believe it's gon na be some time so uh looking pretty dang decent in terms of spy levels. I think the spy could continue to move into tomorrow. It's in a pretty similar situation as bbig. In my opinion, i would like to see a test of this previous supplies on which we talked about yesterday uh then i'm gon na go over next the play that we had yesterday, i'd like to see it bounce off of about 460 and come up to retest.

Some new levels, which is uh, actually pretty dang massive, and this is exciting. To watch to be. To be quite frank, it should be about 465. I mean that's pretty square on the nuts 465.

Bucks is gon na, be the next uh sort of huge hash mark. You get a touch point here, touch point here. You come back touch point touch point. You can see that this is a pretty key level at about 465 and a quarter uh, and i think i think that's very possible brings me into what happened today so spy.

Yesterday was the play that i kind of highlighted as an if this, then that call put situation right. What did you see happen today? Well, i told you guys all yesterday that we have a supplies on a 460.. If you see it reject off that into the open uh that you're very likely going to see it, pull back to 457. well knock on my ball sack, because it did literally exactly that from here.

What happens? Bounces off of that 457 level of support comes up, rejects, comes down test; it again comes up at this point. You have three touch. Points touch. Point touch point touch point you draw a line.

You connect the dots you can see if it breaks out here. You're gon na get a decent move. You can easily take an entry on that breakout and then, once you see that it knifed right through that supply zone, you just ride it. Until you want to get the out.

You know runners, you could have taken runners at a 25 game - 50. 75 whatever, but there was there was opportunity literally both ways. You could have double dipped this today, like a like a like a cake, walk you'd, be walking around saying i am green candle and red candle jesus baby, it's just easy money. I mean that was.

That was a great setup and i think that there's some opportunity. I know a guy personally, my roommate's dad made some money today on the call out, and i hope that you did too. I hope that a couple people did so uh. That's what i'm watching for those levels i'm watching for for the spy two more things i want to touch on the discord a little bit uh.

I want to give some props, because there is a guy here that did phenomenal phenomenal phenomenally well, uh he's actually going to receive. As i mentioned before, 100, i had a contest going today and said: hey guy, who the the guy, who has the guy or girl, who has the best gains of the day. I'm gon na give 100 bucks too and while he doesn't have the highest percentage gain, he has the most successive gains check. This out, paypal was alerted uh 63 total return.

This one was alerted snapchat 75. Total return you can see. Fxr was was uh, reported 91 return right. Look at this 145 on arc 23 on neo five different alerts that he got today, based on either the three the five or the one hour, uh time frames of the 921, the the 1348 uh, the williams alligator, whatever he took different setups and he made great Money and he's not the only guy that did it right.

You can come down here and look at all these. This guy bought uh spy calls he he sold them for much more than he bought them for, like three three x right here. This guy bought uh bought ark. Art calls for a buck 26 uh sold them for 335 wow, not bad.

I mean this is just. This is just picture perfect. These guys this stuff works. If you want to check it out, please uh check out the link for the discord in the description box down below it's free it'll stay absolutely free.

All this is just tools that i want you to have access to to help you make the best financial decision for yourself trying to empower retail and fight for an equitable market. For all. So i have added man. I think it's uh.

I think it's a good opportunity. I mean people are just people, i don't like money. I'm mr krabs sponge, me boy, you're, making me too much money, oh man. So that being said, that's what i've got to say about that uh last thing that i've got is amd.

This is gon na, be the place set up for tomorrow for educational purposes and for you, if you'd like to uh, take an opportunity to play this. The. If this, then that scenario, as always, we go over the same things uh it's the four steps. What i think are important for a trade, an entry, a stop loss, runners and an exit right have all these things planned myself.

Personally, a stop loss is between 10 and 15. It stays about the same every single time, runners, uh a quarter, uh half 75, and then you can take off the rest wherever you want. I see that my camera froze hold on one. Second, let me fix that there we go uh 25 50 75 and then you take the rest off the table wherever you want.

That's what i would do personally and then you know that's the exit too, so just have a plan for those four things amd. If this, then that right, let's check this out amd, is an interesting situation. You look at this on the hourly chart and i can see two sort of scenarios here: uh that are pretty fascinating. What stands out to me, the most upside level of support to supply zones? This supply zone write this down.

If you want to whatever is marked at 122 and 30 cents up to 124 square in the nuts, then the next one 126 and 20 cents up to about 120 750.. Now what i think is possible. There's two different scenarios here: uh. I find honestly the bearish scenario to be more likely, as we did not quite knife through the supply zone.

I don't like that. It's hanging out here for a prolonged period of time, but we'll get you ready for both regardless bear case scenario. Is this i think that uh, what you could see happen is a rejection out of the supply zone into the open tomorrow, and i think, there's two places that you could personally or that i would personally uh look to uh get this down to right. First, one's this momentum level: this is deriving from a intraday high from two days prior it's at 121 and 50 cents, or so i think you can take an entry on a put.

If you see this knife at the open. If you see this first couple minutes of candle that starts to push down uh, you can take a put entry. I would write it down to first off that green line that momentum level, if it breaks beneath that, i think it's very possible very likely. You see it come down to test this upside level of support.

We got a lot of different touch points here. One two, three, four: five: six connect the dots connect, the dots, connect, the dots right uh and you can very easily see it do that. That would be the bear case scenario. I personally would be looking for an entry out of this supply zone to take an exit first at this green line.

Secondly, at the ascending level of support - and if you want to draw this up yourself - just connect the dots man, that's literally all you're, doing you're looking for the line that your eyes are already seeing and you're putting one there. The bold case scenario is, i would not take a position without a shadow of a doubt. I would not enter this uh for a call until and if and only if it breaks above the top of this supply box. If it broke above the top of the supply box, i would take an entry right there, anticipating it going all the way up to 126 20..

If it does that you're getting a 2.20 move, uh that could very easily on a wednesday nets. You uh 40. 50. 60.

70. I mean you walk away pretty dang decent and that's the way that i would take a call and if it does not meet either of those conditions, i simply would not trade it. As i mentioned all the time, right, uh have a plan. If things don't go to plan you either don't execute or you re-evaluate, and then you execute so just make sure that you have a plan.

An entry, stop loss, runners exit all very important things. I do have alerts that fire off my discord and those are going to help you right, there's crossovers that are additional tools that are going to help you make the best decisions you can. I also have an option to charting master course master class for free on youtube. You can go watch that too it's just options and charting master class.

You can search tray, it'll pop up and that's uh pretty much about that. So yeah we went over a lot of stuff today, uh to sum it up on amc right, don't be sweating really there was. There was two opportunities today and i laid them out yesterday, so you're ready for them rest day or big day today was a rest day. Rest days aren't bad.

We got ta zoom out, i've told you guys uh for weeks and actually months at a time when i thought the stock was going to go down, i'm still bullish. This looks great. The setup is solid, uh, don't sweat the the the flush. We can't do anything about it, we could be angry right, we can make noise, but at the end of the day we know the way the system works right now until the rules change you just got ta play the game, it's just it just is what it Is unfortunately, so uh rest easy, we're doing absolutely fine.

I think there's more upside with amc, uh you're just watching for those key levels and if we break under 26, that's the level where i'm going to start saying all right. Let's, let's cool off, let's hype off a little bit and get back to square one and look at where we're sitting right now. So that's what i've got for this video if you want to help support the channel uh, there's a join button down below feel absolutely! No obligation feel no pressure. It's five bucks a month.

All that it does is allow me to continue to invest in the channel and uh continue to improve what i'm doing so appreciate you guys catch on the next one, much lovely taps.

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    This market is manipulated. All the puts got burned. How come when it s time to short market opens +20%?

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Patrick Seifert says:

    That double halt at only 7% downside move was the most illegal shit I've ever witnessed. This whole thing was about to bring the market to its knees.

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