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In this hour long podcast, we go over questions asked by the Yeshiva University stock investing club w/ Trey's Trades about his background, journey to investing, AMC, & other stock related questions.
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Welcome everyone to the q, a with the king of the guerrilla army, an ape who is definitely not a dead cat trade trades. My name is not greenberg and i'm here with yusc president jake schechter would who's from the yusc club and he's going to speak about the yec club quickly before we get started with this awesome event. So yeah, just a little bit of background on the yeshiva university stock exchange. We started a club around six months ago.

Quickly became one of yeshiva university's largest clubs with around 200 people now, and we try to provide a discussion board and uh just general knowledge for people trying to get involved. Trying to you know, gain access to the stock market. We've seen what's been happening with the uh. You know the pandemic thus far and how many more uh traders we're seeing uh.

You know in our friendship groups and everything around so that's uh generally our our goal just to try to get as many people involved as possible. Try to make sure it's not such huge uh daunting tasks. Anybody can, you know, really learn, and you know just try to provide the best environment for everyone. So thanks for having thanks for uh coming to talk to us, we're gon na have a great night tonight, yeah it's great to have you i'm just playing and last year.

Thank you! So much for joining us and hosting this q, a yeah, you're kind of turning invisible. When you do that, oh okay, that's cool! We are fans of yours and we're so excited to. Have you try to start us off? Can you tell us a little bit a little bit about your background, where you're from and how you first got involved creating stocks yeah man? I want to stop by saying obviously thanks for reaching out to me and doing this. This is a really freaking cool thing.

I wish that when i was in college or even high school that i had the opportunity to learn about stocks and investing in finance the way that uh that i'm able to now so it's it's freaking awesome that you guys are ahead of the ball and and Taking finance in your own hands um, so i i kind of you know my story to finance and investing was a strange one. I was actually a elite runner, so i trained for the marathon. My life goal was to qualify for the olympic trials in the marathon. I spent 10 years, you know training, probably about six uh seriously and it came pretty close.

I mean i, i could run a marathon pretty decently fast 224. You need to run 219 to qualify and i ended up coming down or finding out about heart conditions. So it's no mystery that i've got some some health issues uh. If you follow the channel at all and they found out that i've got heart shunts.

So it's a hole in my right left ventricle, which uh caused some heart attacks that i had and i had to quit my running career. I uh it was. It was very sudden and i didn't know what to do. I was i was very uh.

I don't know if loss is the right word, but uh lacking a purpose and for about a month i just kind of wandered, sad pissed off hoping for something better in life and then uh. My buddy brandon he's my best friend lives out in uh in fargo. North dakota uh his dad, was investing in wells fargo on fidelity and i was watching. I was like what are you doing? That's pretty interesting and i remember uh.

I got into wells fargo and, like two months later, i was down like seven thousand dollars or something i was like. This is the dumbest thing of all time. Why not even touch the stock market but um after that? I really took some time to learn everything and and study technical analysis and fundamentals and how to trade stocks uh and turn it into a pretty cool job that i i'm very excited to to be able to do uh. Outside of that.

You know i went to college at st john's university of minnesota. It's a little private catholic college out in uh. Central minnesota went for an undergraduate nutrition and dietetics, which was pretty cool uh, none related at all to uh my job or investing. But it's a it's.

A background, nonetheless, that's definitely a great background. I honestly i've actually done seven full marathons, my pr 334 so you're way better. Oh that's awesome! Man, that's good, so trey! The next question is gon na come from me sure. We know that we know that your videos are like unbelievably thorough.

How do you prepare for your videos while managing to work in a job and you're on a youtube channel with daily updates, live streams following you have like 10 hour videos and some of your youtubes? How do you do it? How do you prepare do you prepare? How do you do it tell us so to be honest with you, a lot of the stuff that i i do is well thought out well prepared, but i do it off off the hip. You know i just kind of shoot from the hip, so i do all my videos in one take. I do i've never done a 10 hour livestream, but i have done a couple of seven and eight hour ones and a lot of that's just you know just straight from the head and i just try to think about. You know the way that the concept works.

Not so much the details, you know because if you understand the concept, you can work yourself through the details. So if you truly understand what you're talking about you, don't need to have a speech ready. You know what i mean like. I can just understand the concept, get my thoughts on it in whatever way that i would do it, i'm not a very uh professional guy.

I would say i i like to keep things really understandable and digestible on the channel. I call it the ape language. You know a way that anybody can understand, and i just try to shoot from the hip and keep it that way. But um don't don't get that confused for not not being ready and there's a lot of time and research that goes into it.

That probably takes more time than creating the videos is, is digesting different research that comes out different. You know data different chart, setups xyz different. You know factors that play into whatever i'm talking about, but the the big, the big balance for me with my my job, which i'm not allowed to talk about. Unfortunately, it is a government job as much as i can say about it and youtube is just a matter of scheduling, so i'm a creature of habit.

I i eat the same same freaking dinner every single day, my subway meatball marinara, with pepperoni uh. It's just it's just a schedule. You know, so i get up at three o'clock in the morning every day i do my morning scans, i try and figure out what stocks are. Looking good.

I dig through my research, get ready for my live streams whatever whatever info. I think is necessary and then i stream, you know and uh you know job for me is depending on the day i mean i am on a medical profile. So there's a lot of things that i can't do because of my heart condition and what's going on with my eyes but um, the balance just comes down to time management, making sure that i've got everything blocked out in a certain way that i want to play. It uh honestly it's it's something i think a lot of people could do.

I don't consider myself special at least bit. I think i'm just some regular dude who got really lucky with the with the timing. So it's great has it evolved over the last few months? How you prepared and how you went about doing the videos? Oh man, if you go back, if you go back in time to the first video i ever posted on december 16, 2020, it's night and day, i didn't even have a camera. I was just screen recording straight off my computer and uh just talking strictly about technical analysis, so i tried to be the the best at a certain stock like understand everything about a single stock, and then it all evolved into this.

So i i was focused super super heavy on this direct niche of investing, which is technical analysis on swing trading. That's a very specialized niche and a way that i found i was able to uh kind of make myself stand out on youtube and that's kind of how i got an amc. I was planning on swing trading, it believe it or not. It was a complete accident that this all happened, but um it's definitely evolved.

So back then much less organized. You don't really know the questions to ask. I tell you until you know what to ask if you know what i mean like there's a lot of unknowns. Not necessarily about investing but about how to pitch investing on youtube, so it definitely has evolved over time.

I think it's it's much more organized i'm much more relaxed uh. I have a good direction. I i i'm able to i it used to take me three or four takes to make a video, and now i can make it in one pretty much every time which is good. So it comes with everything in life.

You know it's experience. It's a matter of uh, you know continue to put in the work and get better whatever your craft is awesome. Thank you for that, and, as we go into the next topic, which deals more with a little bit of the investing side, i want to just quickly remind everybody of our yusu disclaimer everything presented. This group is uh not to be considered financial advice and it should be treated as an academic exercise uh just starting off.

We have quite a range of uh the expertise within our group. Some people are much more uh experienced than others. What are some key indicators? You're, looking for in stock or a stock that you're going to publicize and speak about yeah man, great question, so what what i specifically do on the channel is primarily uh swing trading. So i'd say that probably 50 to 60 of the stocks in my portfolio.

I only hang on to between you know a couple days to maybe a couple of months, so what you're looking for is momentum right, you're, you're, not so much caring about the the fundamentals of the company right, their income statements who they're who their management is uh? You know their cash flow, their their liabilities, their assets, all that sort of stuff you're. Looking for momentum, so news catalyst, good technical setups. How high is the volume right there's there's a lot of big pieces that work into the chart, setup, uh and honestly, there's big three pieces that i look for, which is uh, it's a technical thing, but i don't know if a lot of people understand this, maybe They will maybe they won't, but it's certain indicators to cross over each other right. So i look for the 15 moving average to cross over the 200 uh ema, which is the exponential moving average.

I look for a bump in volume which indicates that there's unusual trading activity so for whatever reason or another you've got more investors looking at a particular stock. They look for a news catalyst that can be driven and ridden long enough to sustain a couple days to a couple weeks to a couple months of price action. Good example is, is cciv right, so cciv had merger news that they potentially were going to merge with lucid motors. That is a news catalyst that can drive price action hype momentum volume for a prolonged period of time.

You saw it go from 10 all the way up to, i think, like 65 or something, and that lasted a good couple of months right. So you're looking for setups like that, where, where you can ride, momentum, ride the hype and you don't really care about the company fundamentals. You know because you're still making money, regardless of what the company is doing, you're riding it's essentially buy the hype, sell the news right. So that's what swing trading is, and that was what my main strategy was when i got into the stock market awesome, but don't get that confusing stocks right.

That's just one simple method: right, there's a million ways to make money. I want to preface by saying that right, company fundamentals definitely matter, but just not for what i do if that makes sense, sorry about that, it means they're up to you, no worries um, so you mentioned how you know, there's a certain level that you know you Want to pay attention to the momentum, you want to focus on what's happening in the news, how often the stocks are traded and as of recently when we have, you know much more uh, a much larger, younger demographic getting into the trading scene. What do you think that some of the longer term results or effects of this movement, where a lot of people are are focusing more on the momentum and the and uh? You know that that kind of side of things, as opposed to like what you're mentioning the fundamentals. So what do i think the the the consequence is essentially going to be after these, these crazy moves are over.

You want to elaborate a little more on your question. I apologize - maybe i'm just not grasping it sure so, just in in the next, in the coming months or or shorter period of time. How do you, how do you see this movement moving forward, whether it's going to be more prevalent or less relevant, prevalent or just really? What do you see this trajectory? How do you see this ending up with afc right? I i mean generally with with this movement towards uh. You know focusing on on momentum right right, right, okay, so i'm getting you now, so i i think the stock market is is fundamentally changing a lot.

So if you look back 20 years ago right the the thesis behind investing, is you put money into a stock? That's got great company fundamentals. Good balance sheets they've got a future outcome for growth right and, hypothetically speaking, you would buy into those companies, because they've proven they've got good success down the road now you're, seeing a lot a lot different of a strategy right. So it's more. This idea of what is the future potential for growth right, so what what warren buffett would do is he would analyze previous quarterly statements, annual statements right? He wanted to see the proven success and not so much the future success of the company right.

It's your classic! Blue chip stocks, and now it's about what is the potential for future growth? That's why p e ratios are so absurdly outrageously high these days right like look at tesla, you want to tell me that tesla is actually worth what it's trading at right. Now i mean, fundamentally speaking, no, but if you look five years down the road, it's possible for them to be worth what they're trading at right now so you're, seeing this transition away from that classic traditional uh blue chip, investing where all that you care about is Company fundamentals towards a more technical, investing, a momentum driven investing, and it's definitely going to change the the the market forever. I think um, i think, you've seen a lot over the last year, especially with new investors having the ability to make you know instant transactions on their phone, buy and sell within a minute 30 seconds, 10 seconds five seconds that changes the market forever. I mean you look back uh, you know.

30, 40 years ago most most transactions took place on paper. You know you have to call your broker, you know so a lot of that stuff. You can't have the same sort of hype, momentum, driven investing where a lot of emotions come into play right because you have a lot of time on a 15 20 minute phone call to change your mind. Be like this probably isn't a good idea.

You know, but if you've got one second to make a trade that changes things uh, you know exponentially, so i think you're seeing this slow transition over towards more momentum, driven uh hype, driven investing where you're more trying to capitalize on momentum, because, like think about this, When a stock, if you look at stocks you're the chart right, how many times does it bounce back? You know just hypothetically speaking between 10 and 20 before it finally gets to 25. think about all the times you're able to make money when it bounced between 10 and 20 before it hit 25 bucks. You know you could probably make money five six seven times, rinse and repeat it, and people see that you know so it changes the way the market works and i think you're gon na see a lot more of this hype. Driven momentum driven swing trading strategy which, in the in the short term, is going to affect you know how fast a company can grow, but in the long term, you're still looking at the same big picture where it reaches the end goal.

People just capitalize on the short term gains. Does that make sense, that's kind of a long ramble answer. If you watch my channel, you know that i i like to ramble, but i thought that was pretty clear. Actually, that was a good answer cool.

So thank you. Yeah right, you mentioned there for a second, you mentioned uh, p e ratios and and uh a lot of company valuations. Would you say you know there's a lot of people in in uh in our group that ask us pretty often um. Would you say that the stock market as a whole, you call it overvalued and that's you know due for even further correction, or what do you see this uh and leading up to? I think that the market is very overextended.

I i definitely do you're 100 right. I i think nobody can tell you, when a market correction is coming, i'm not the kind of guy that likes to spread fud, which is fear, uncertainty and doubt. But i do think the gains that we've had despite the economy with cobit and quarantine is, is a little bit extended, especially considering the fact that the fed has printed out lots of money. So if you think about it, you know: we've seen the nasdaq we've seen the spy really been ripping it's.

It's ripping a lot, but let's compare that side by side with what inflation is going to look like in two or three years right. So let's say that on average you're making 10 11 12 a year uh playing the spy right. That's that's a pretty good return, but if inflation goes from three percent to five six seven percent because of how much money was printed to keep the country afloat, i mean you're, just barely being inflation right, you're making about the same amount of money. So the market's actually staying like this, it's just matching the amount of cash that's been pumped out by the feds to match what we need in the economy right.

It's kind of a band-aid solution, you're kicking the can down the road essentially to to to keep the country afloat. I don't know what it's going to happen. This is something i pulled. I actually had an interview with jordan belford, and he was talking about this, but i think he's right.

Um is his. Inflation is going to be one of the catalysts that i think drives the the next stock market correction, along with some really deep rootings that you see happening with some shorting, that's taking place across the stock market. This is this: is some really deep weed sort of stuff but um when kobe and quarantine hit right, you had something passed for for big banks, called the supplemental leveraging ratio essentially allowed them to to lend out more liquidity to big hedge funds and institutional buyers. To so that they could make money back on the losses that they had from.

You know: uh loan, you know forbearance, so they weren't getting paid mortgages all that sort of stuff they lent out this cash, and these big institutions have been shorting the market right. So you've got these this, this huge amount of cash that that's short in the market kind of playing against the grain. We got this back and forth back and forth in decision right now and eventually, when it caves in my friends, it is going to be a pretty gnarly, pretty early correction, that's my personal opinion. Of course, i'm not a financial advisor, but just based on the stuff that i see on a day-to-day basis.

It definitely seems overextended all right. You kind of mentioned that in one of your videos about viacom that you think that kind of happened to it right. Yeah 100, so i think what happened with viacom, i mean it's, it's pretty clear-cut. You had a hedge fund that was uh over-leveraged.

They got margin called essentially couldn't hold up on their their collateral end of the deal. They were probably in the red a little bit and they got uh. You know closed out of a lot of positions, viacom likely being a long position, and that was one of them, so you saw viacom dipped from. I don't know what it was at 90 bucks, a hundred bucks all the way down to about 35 or 40, which is an example of what i think you're going to see across the market.

When this, this can reaches the end of the road right when the hedge funds have no more room to to kick this down, when the feds have no more room to kick this down, the dtc has no more room to kick this down. Eventually, you're going to you're going to find the end and the problem has to be addressed and that aggression, i think is, is going to be a really big market correction yeah. So we met we talked on this before, but one of the things which you're known for is definitely uh. The recent movement of the the meme stocks, yeah yeah, yes best meme stocks that you heavily follow is amc.

Obviously so i mean personally, like a few months ago, like it was like january and like right like when that happened with the game stop, and i remember like i think it was like that wednesday, like i just like, i was just like you know what like, I heard amc everyone's talking about. That is the next one. Is that, like 25 bucks - and i actually had like, like 50 shares of amc at two bucks - and i was like you know what like this - could go to gamestop levels i'm getting in and then i got in and the next day like the market was halted And like it just slowly went downhill, and i remember thinking like man like this stinks like is it over and then i i started doing i joined stock twits a few months ago and everyone just kept posting watch this guy trade watch this guy tray and, like I was watching i started to check out your channel. I learned a lot about the market, how stocks work and, like i remember, abc, like dipped to five dollars and like it was tough to hold, because, like i was like, is this like ever gon na bounce back up - and i was just like you know what It's gon na keep averaging down keep averaging down, so i originally had like 100 years, eventually got now, i'm at like over 700, with like, like a little under eight dollar average, so and actually like now, with the right run up, i'm up a good amount, and That's a huge amount to use, so my first question is: uh.

You've been heavily invested involved with amc stock. What factors led you to believe that amc was a call, and did you ever imagine that this? How big this movement would get good question? Man first thing i want to ask: is: did you cash out? Did you did you make? Did you make your attendees on your amc? Uh shares i'm not cashing out until until we i'm holding for simple digits, at least there you go man, so you bought it at two bucks. Your average is pretty lower. You bought more so i mean i got it at two bucks but then, like i bought also more 25 and then my went to like fifteen dollars and then when it dipped to five dollars, like average down to under eight right.

I also like, on some long term, calls from from from like september to next january. Yeah. Those are smart calls. Are they? Are they pretty deep out the money you got them pretty close to the current market value you up on those some i actually bought when it was at like five dollars, yeah yeah, i know there you go.

Those are printing, that's good yeah, so those are good, but then somewhere i have it like 16 sure, okay, yeah, so so how i got an amc, so mine's a youtube channel before amc took off. I had just shy of 20 000 subscribers. I started in mid-december december 16th and amc started popping a couple days before january 27th. We'll never forget that day, 1.2 billion of volume hit 25 dollars in the pre-market, and i got in two or three days before that right.

So what happened is i got to that as a swing trade? I saw gamestop doing some stupid, crazy, ridiculous stuff and the the big purpose of swing trading is essentially to find where the next big momentum hype stocks are going to be. You try to predict where everybody is going to fomo and try to ride that momentum before everybody else gets in right, so gamestop ran. It was up to, like i think, 100 bucks at the time, and i saw that afc did a little bit of a move right. It went from two dollars to four dollars and i went over my discord and i was like guys.

This looks like a freaking slam, dunk sort of uh swing, trade like it had crazy short interest, the short bar, if you rate on that, was insane, they had a great technical setup. The volume pumped up, like all the things that i looked for, check the box check the box check the box we got in and two days later went to 25. I saw that halt the halt's on it right. So you see these these breaker halls because everything's moving too fast, you see the different brokerages, completely disallowed, buying right buying the stock, which we there's a million different.

You know conversations i have with that, but i saw that happen and i started doing some digging right. I dug into the research i dug into what's going on here and i just uncovered a lot of stuff that didn't sit with me right, so i could have very, very easily cashed out up freaking 400 on that, but i didn't you know 400. 500. I didn't because i i believe in in standing for moral ground right, there's a lot of things that i think are unethical and unmoral about the way that the stock market works and that's that's for a whole different video.

But i think there's a lot of naked shorting. I think there's a lot of manipulation that takes place on the big, big institutional side of things, um that need to be addressed and to me this is more than an opportunity to make money right. I think that amc is a great opportunity to make money, but i think it's a it's a little bit of a movement to talk about a free market right, because if you think about every single trade there's a winner and there's a loser, you know not every Time but like you get my point right, if you're taking it's a transferring of liquidity from one person to another and every single year the the wage gap grows, bigger right, the one percent gets wealthier, the 99 get poorer and what you see happen over the last 20 years is that institutions hedge funds, the one percent they have been able to transfer a lot of the wealth from the 99 to themselves through the stock market through through shorting small cap stocks into into bankruptcy. I mean think about how many people hold small cap stocks because that's what's supposed to happen with amc, they want to bankrupt the company, so they don't pay taxes and they make a crap ton of money right.

They take from the retail investor, because every single person holding a position there goes to zero and they take that cash right. So i saw this stuff i dug into it. I was like you know what this is stupid. This is dumb and i i just continue to cover amc.

I was like i'm not gon na sell this, because i don't think it's worth five dollars. I think, fundamentally speaking, it's worth at least 20 to 25 dollars. I think this money be made here and i think there's a reason for us to believe in this right. We're standing up for the little guy and that's that's as simple as it was.

I would have never predicted, not in a million years. That afc would be this big of a movement, but it's a freaking cool community man like if you're a part of the mc community and all that you're doing is just watching it even like. If you're just a part of the community, you don't want any stock. You're just watching it welcome it is so cool to have you because there's a lot of opportunities to learn a lot of information to gather and we all stand for the same thing and that's making money and standing for a free market.

That's great. Also. I had a quick follow-up question just regard um related to the amc so uh. Do you think that the volume decrease we've been seeing recently in amc? Do you think that's more attributed to uh, you know the movement slowing down, or would you attribute more to people holding in general? I think i wouldn't say the movement slowed down.

No, i think i think you've got some uh. Some people out there who have lost interest because it's taken so long, that's inevitable. I mean you're never going to keep everybody, but i think the majority of it is people are waiting. You know, there's there's a lot of speculation.

Uh on the horizon, i mean you've got this big proxy vote. That's coming up with with six different proposals regarding you know, a share authorization and you know a couple different factors and i think people are waiting for this to pass because fear, uncertainty and doubt favor. The bears and whenever people are uncertain about things they don't want to buy it's human nature. The stock market is run by two things: fear and greed right when people are scared, they don't want to buy when the stock is even consolidating or going down right either.

Either or people that want to buy it's it's, i would say, probably 80 to 90 percent of people want to buy on the rip up because they want to make money just like that. It's instant gratification thing right, so i think the volume is low because amc hasn't had any hard rips. Lately i mean if you look back to when amc went up to 11 and then to 14. The volume started pumping up and that's not a coincidence.

You know it's it's fomo if you're missing out, so so people are driven by greed. They want to make money when the going is good and they don't want to. They don't want to buy it. When they're going is tough, you know um, you know i can speak on that for myself, i mean i feel, like every investor or trader out.

There has made that that mistake where they buy into something that's ripping, because it's ripping the fear missing out just gets. You pounds right in the chest and then you get burned on it, but i don't think that's gon na be the case with amc. I i think it's just the volume is low, because people are waiting for that next rip and you're waiting on a catalyst of some sort. So i don't know if it's going to be.

You know some great news, article that comes out or you know some decision on the authorization. The 500 million share authorization they're going to vote yes or no vote no uh. I think you need some sort of catalyst to get things moving. Maybe it'll be an earnings report.

Maybe it'll be you know: they've got um black widow coming out soon or mortal kombat or uh demon. Slayer of the movie, like maybe it's gon na, be some freaking movie that just outperforms by way over whatever people thought it was gon na be, but i think people are just they're doing this they're watching. You know they're watching the screen waiting thinking when's the time gon na be you know, um, and i think the volume definitely needs to come back for amc to do what it's got to do. But that's that's a whole different topic, so you have like a catalyst.

So the past two weeks, the short bar, the short borrower fee you can see on like our borrowed desk or fintel - has jumped from one percent like two months ago to now over 26 as of yesterday. Actually, today it's in an update, i guess, because there are no shorts available and the last time that happened on march 10th, the fee was went from like one percent to 12 and then within eight days the price come from like nine dollars to over fourteen dollars. So now that the short fee is even higher than the fourteen percent percent, do you expect to see another run-up like to the 14 high or even higher, or do you think that it's a little bit of a different situation? I think i i'm a man of trends in history right. I think i think history repeats itself and trends aren't coincidences right.

So, as as a trader, i like to pay attention what the charts say - and you have a very, very similar setup right now as before. We hit 14 bucks right, so we had the stock trading at five bucks. You know maybe a month and a half ago two months ago, and it ripped up to you know nine dollars. Ten dollars pulled back and it ripped up to 14..

Before that crazy run-up. You had what i call a triple top so essentially between five dollars and six and a half bucks. You had three times when the stock tried to break 650 uh it it rejected at that resistance of 650 and came back down. Did that three times right and then the fourth time it came up and it ripped right through that resistance line, you've got the same sort of formation that technical setup happening right now, with with like this 10 resistance line 1050 somewhere in that range right, you've got Two tops already at that resistance line and i think it's going to do the same thing.

I think it's going to get a triple top setup. It's going to reject a third time. I think it's going to break through now. If you do the math, when we ripped from five bucks up to 14, that's about a 3x.

So if we were to follow that same sort of trend - and of course we can't predict what's going to happen in the future, all i can do is look at the pass and trends and take a guess of what's going to happen. But if you were to take that same trend, you would get you know where we're trading right now for at nine dollars. Ten dollars do about 30 to 33 is my estimate and i think that's going to be the setup that really starts getting some shorts scared and causes them to cover which is going to lead to the beginning of what i think is going to be the short Squeeze now nobody knows when this is going to happen, but if i had to take a guess at when you're supposed to see some some good movement starting, i think it's going to be about the earth. The beginning of may, i think, beginning of may you're going to start seeing some really nice moves uh and it could take.

You know anywhere between a month to two months to really get where we need to go an example. Game stop right, so game stop before went up to 500. It took little baby steps along the way right. You can't go straight from a toddler to the olympics.

You first have to go through jv and then you got to go to varsity. Then you got to go to the college team. They got ta go to the olympics, so gamestop went from 10 bucks to 20 bucks back down to 15 back to 20 up to 40 down back down to 25 up to 40, and then it jumped up to about 100, and then it ran up to about 200 and then after 500 right, so these little baby steps along the way to 500 uh, where it peaked out right it it had. It took some time now, you're looking at about a six-month process from 10 to 500 bucks that took quite a while, i mean so when you look at the grand scheme of things where amc is sitting right now, uh, it's been about four months now.

You know so we're taking those little baby steps on the way to wherever this is going to squeeze to so, oh, why am i blinking right now? I forgot what we were talking about. I was doing these rants, but but that's a short barrel, yeah right right. So to come, full circle to that, i think that short, borrow fee rate is going to be. You know some sort of catalyst that puts that pressure on the short positions right, so that's an annualized interest rate.

They pay that annually and, if you're, playing with a lot of money that doesn't sound like a lot, but if you're playing with five billion dollars at a 26 interest rate right you're, paying freaking 1.25 billion dollars a year, you know that's if it stays completely stagnant At 25 short borrow fee rate, that's a lot of cash and they could be playing with more money than that. We don't even know you know. So i think that's a great catalyst. I think the utilization being maxed out is absolutely beautiful.

I think the fact that you've got over a quarter of the available shares uh for purchase out alone is absolutely phenomenal. There's a lot of great things happening right now and i wouldn't be surprised like you're saying, like you're hinting at if in the next few weeks we see another great move, uh i would anticipate like i said early may that's what i'm thinking i mean i like Uh last quick before my next question, but, like i know, like you, touched upon one of your videos that it could be like a tesla type situation where it's not just like one squeeze but like i like it'll, be multiple squeezes like pushing it up further and Further versus, like game stops, there's kind of like one big squeeze and then, like i kind of just like right down. I think that's entirely possible. I'm sorry, i didn't mean to cut you off.

Go ahead, no, no yeah yeah go for it! That cool yes. So what i was what i was getting at is i i think it's it's possible because what happened with tesla is it had very, very heavy short interest right now, a lot of people believed in elon musk or in tesla. They thought that that that company was going to die, i mean they were on the verge of bankruptcy, uh at least one time right and elon musk quit them all wrong. The shorts doubled down absolutely nailed that thing to the cross and big institutions and big buyers stepped in the whale stepped in, and it slowly squeezed up, and what you saw happen is three sort of things right.

It was a cycle this endless cycle. This is what i call an endless feedback loop right, so you've got options, call options which contribute to what's called a gamma squeeze a gamma squeeze is essentially, if you have a 15 strike on a call option and the stock is trading at 10. The market maker is not going to buy the shares for those those hundred shares per contract at that 15 strike until it runs up past that break-even price right or at least close to it, and what happens is you cause this gamma squeeze by delta hedging delta Hedging, this idea that okay, so these call options - are almost in the money they're getting very close to the money at the break, even price, so i'm gon na purchase the hundred shares at market value so that i have the collateral to match. If these end up getting exercised and since they buy them from market value, it pushes the stock price up right, so you've got.

This combination of the stock price runs up because first off you've got buyers that believe in the company which leads to shorts, covering positions. Shorts covering positions is coming from the market they buy from the market, pushes the price up, which leads to call options going in the money which ends up pushing the price up because they get hedged for, and then it reaches this high point now. What happens at this high point? Some people take profits, shorts, double down on their positions again uh some cautions end up, you know being back to out the money and the stock price runs down to a new floor at whatever that support level is, and then it rinses and repeats, and we've already Seen this happen once with amc right right up to 25 dollars, you sell the shorts double down at 25. Bucks ran all the way back down to five dollars and it's slowly waking its way back up and tesla that took about a year.

I mean there was a year-long process where shorts would double down. Uh they get burned, they double down again, they get burned, they double down again, they get burned, the call options keep running up, it keeps getting hedged for and it creates this endless feedback loop. Where you have this year-long squeeze now, i don't know, what's going to happen to amc, but it seems very likely. No, obviously it's for different reasons.

I mean tesla is a very fundamentally strong company and amc's a completely different company entirely, but the following right remember how we were talking about company fundamentals, don't seem to matter as much in today's market. It's it's the the idea of the sentiment and the buyers who step into the stock, because, ultimately, what this comes down to is the stock is worth whatever that stock is trading at that day, and that exact moment right people think it is worth x, amount of Money, so if everybody that buys amc stock thinks it's gon na be worth ten thousand dollars someday and they keep trading until it hits ten thousand dollars and nobody sells you're gon na have this endless feedback loop until it gets to wherever it's going to go as Long as that's the general consensus of the market, if that makes sense, so that's why i'm saying i wouldn't be surprised if you see another sort of tesla-like year-long squeeze. You know. I hope it doesn't take that long.

But who knows i mean i i just wouldn't be surprising: does that make any sense? Yes, yeah? Thank you and uh. So the next question uh. You mentioned your your uh interview recently with jordan, belfort and uh. During that interview he spoke a lot about uh bitcoin and the cryptocurrency uh market.

So we just want to ask you your general thoughts on that people getting into the cryptocurrency market investing in crypto stocks and using cryptocurrency as a you know, almost a commodity as a way to sort of fight the us dollar right now. I think cryptocurrency is going to go on a really nice rip. I i i actually own some i own some bitcoin. I think i've got like 0.7 of a bitcoin so a little over.

What is it trading at right now, like 60 little less than 60 000? So, like forty five thousand forty thousand dollars of bitcoin - something like that and i'll plan to buy more down the road, but i think that cryptocurrency is not a meme. I don't think it's a joke. I think it's here to stay. There's way too many things going on right now that uh that say that cryptocurrency is gon na, be a dead cat someday.

You know uh. This is this is something that was told to me. It's the only reason that i need to believe that cryptocurrency is gon na exist and stay around, and it's this. The american dollar decreases in value every single year, while cryptocurrency bitcoin increases in value every single year.

That's all i need to know right now. Do i know if it's going to be the currency of america someday? I don't think anybody does obviously like it's not that simple, but i do think it's going to be a way to to build wealth to accrue interest. I mean think about this. Why would i put ten thousand dollars in my bank account which is going to earn me at most one two, three percent a year you're lucky with like two percent honestly, when i can put it into bitcoin, that's been averaging freaking stupid returns.

You know like ridiculous returns, like people are gon na turn to bitcoin they just are. It only makes sense, you're, basically treating it as an etf or or a way to beat inflation, because your your high-yield interest savings account, isn't being inflation. Your american dollar is not doing that. For you, i mean bonds are barely beating inflation.

You know you make you make money with bonds, but there's there's other ways to generate wealth in uh in the in the economy. Right now and that's cryptocurrency to me now i don't know if it's gon na be you know how long it's gon na take to get. You know to the point where you know: bitcoin or ethereum is used as a way to pay for a pizza or to go buy a car. But i think it's gon na be a way to generate wealth and fight the economy in a way, and i think it's gon na trade a little bit differently than the stock market does like when the when the stock market enters a bear phase right.

I kind of view it's always a competition for liquidity right so when, when the stock market's really ripping you'll, typically see that the real estate market is looking a little bit different when uh, when bonds are down, you'll, usually see that the stock market's up, i think Cryptocurrency is going to be this this this next factor that steps into the game right, so so we're answering a little bit of a bear phase. There's some uncertainty in the market. Consolidation uh! You you've got this this. This idea of, oh, is there gon na? Be a crash: is there not, they could just keep having this tiptoeing up and down up and down.

I think because of that, cryptocurrency has been on an absolute rampage. Bitcoin touching all-time highs. If three and touching all-time highs, there's always a new freaking meme dump. Crypto coin out there that's ripping up 500 to a thousand percent every single day, and i don't think that's by accident.

Every single exchange out there is a competition for liquidity, so i think it's gon na be around to stay. I think it's an opportunity to make money awesome. Thank you and uh, just as we're approaching uh the end where we will open up uh the florida questions as the last couple things. What are a few stocks that you're looking at right now a couple that you're that you're, specifically looking into that you're you're, really looking like in the look of so i'll touch on my favorite long-term investments, because it's not really fair to you guys to put out Swing trades, obviously, but uh, i'm a big believer in investing in things that get you excited like if i was to wake up at three in the morning every single day to get up and research banks, i would just go back to bed because that doesn't interest Me in the least bit you know so i'm a big investor in technology and in innovation.

I like the idea of improving the world, the us economy, you know so whatever i'm investing and i want. I want to believe that it's going to do something to help people, so a couple of the companies that i really like i'll probably give you like my top five. I really like microvision now microvision is an automotive lidar company. That's going to allow cars to drive themselves essentially autonomous driving right, so they've got potential for buyouts.

Acquisitions from companies like tesla, microsoft, apple, google, toyota ford. I mean there's a bunch of different ways that i can swing and i'm in those guys because of that acquisition deal because i think down the road they're gon na be worth way way way more than they're trading at right. Now i think people are sleeping on it, so microvision is a good one. I like exome, they are a 3d printing company, they focus on sand and metal 3d printing.

The applicability of that is immense, because they've already picked up a contract with the department of defense. So they could print out like uh. You know a transmission for a humvee or rounds for a 50 cal or replace a pin in an m16 uh. So the applicability of that is insane.

It cuts down on retail manufacturing costs, so they can save money. The military can save money or you know, retail manufacturers can save money, the the big guys right um. I just see it being a way to immensely increase the amount of cash that that you can generate in the u.s economy. So that's a good company.

Those are two big tech stocks that i like a medical stock that i really like i'll give you two is going to be sensonics. This is a company that focuses on diabetes, so they've got something called a continuous glucose monitoring system which essentially allows you to monitor your glucose levels, uh via a subcutaneous, insertable um. Basically little little digital pin right, they put it in your arm and you can. You can watch your glucose levels for 90 continuous days without ever having to prick your finger right.

So that's like a game changer compared to the largest company that that sells. You know continuous glucose monitoring, glucose monitoring systems in general dexcom. They have a 10-day, continuous glucose monitoring system, so i think that's going to be huge. I think, when the market wakes up to that, that's going to be a stock that 5 10 20 x's.

That makes you a crap ton of money. It's being slept on right now. It's a small cap, all small cap stocks, as you guys are probably aware over the last three or four months, have been absolutely getting swagged, which is unfortunate, but eventually people wake up to it long long, long term. Right these stocks are value, plays right now, another one that i like is going to be agtc.

This is applied genetic technologies corporation. They are focusing on genome sequencing of the eye. The retina, the optic nerve, different ways that they can basically treat eye conditions at the source right. So, instead of treating you know, you know essentially the specific disease or illness that you have.

They come into the genetic sequencing and find the defect in your coding and fix it there, which is mind-blowing stuff. That's that's freaking crazy, so i think that'd help out a lot of people. I think that's going to be a big runner and then, if i had to think of one more, let me think what's one that i'm really high on this is kind of a boring play. It's not very sexy by any means, but i like uh about ctrm as well casper marie time now.

This is kind of a hype stock, there's a huge falling for ctrm. That's not why i like it. I like it because it's a bread and butter plate, so they are a dry bulk cargo uh shipping company, so they acquire vessels which essentially just ship mass amounts of dry bulk cargoes and goods across the sea. Unless you can have an airplane, that's as large as a freaking cargo ship you're never going to have a lack of necessity for that that specific market.

So i think that they're doing good things they've been acquiring a lot of vessels which is essentially like hiring more pizza drivers, so you can deliver more pizza. You know it's just gon na increase the amount of revenue that they can generate over time and i think that's gon na be a company, that's uh that goes from where they're trading, right now to maybe even 10 15 bucks, i think pretty easily. So those are probably my top five that i pay attention to for long term awesome. Thank you, yeah they're.

Definitely good value plays right now, so my next question is kind of like a little bit of a loaded question, but building off of like the jordan belford thing. So it's incredible that, after your interview with jordan belfort with you clearly in your post, video weren't so happy about, i went somehow adam aaron, ceo of amc, also known as silverback on twitter, gave you a shout out saying i would be delighted to engage with you And your subscribers, and so since so many of them are amc shareholders and last wednesday night you posted that interview on youtube and since then it has gained worldwide attention, like you're being quoted in yahoo finance business insider seeking alpha many more like well-known stock stock stock Websites and amc's stock price, even the next day, went up nearly 10 because of your interview. So could tell us some of your favorite parts of your intro of the interview with adam. And what does it mean for you, like a small-time investor that had like worldwide ramifications in like being quoted in all these major articles and like even affecting the stock price? And do you feel like it's good karma, that adam reached out to you right after you felt a little bit bummed about like the the wolf of wall street, not going as well as you had hoped? That is a loaded question.

Man, i'll try and hit all those points here, that's good stuff. First, i want to say that i did not influence the stock price at all the sec. If you're watching this right now i promise you that wasn't me but uh, but yeah - that's it was. It was a really freaking awesome opportunity.

I can't lie so you're right after that jordan belford interview, i was, i was pretty bummed, not necessarily at the the interview itself, because i feel like i walked away, having learned something, but more so with the way that the community reacted to it right. I take a lot of pride in my channel. I take a lot of pride in creating this, this community of investors, who are eager to learn eager to make money eager to make a difference. So that was more of what i was bummed about, but it was definitely.

I thought it was a bad investment at first right, so i paid ten thousand dollars to have jordan belford on my channel to have this hour-long conversation right and sometimes you think you make a bad investment that turns out to be a good investment. That's what happened with adam aaron, so the way that he found me is his son apparently follows me on twitter and on youtube, and he reached out to his dad and said: hey uh this this guy traced trades. He he covers his stock every single day. He just had this interview with jordan belford the wolf of wall street, and i think you should give him a shot.

So i have this conversation. I'm not gon na disclose any. You know details that are significant, but i had this conversation with adam aaron. We talked over the phone and um.

He approached me and said you know, trey. I watched quite a few of your videos. Uh i saw you interview the wolf of wall street and he said during your follow-up video. You you said that you shouldn't meet your heroes and he said uh, i'm gon na change your mind.

I'm gon na change, i'm gon na teach you that uh, you just got ta meet the right ones, so that was that was a really good lesson to learn. Is uh you definitely shouldn't over glorify the right, the wrong people and and uh take a step back and just look at the big picture of things, but it was a really cool opportunity. So i i learned a lot uh. It was a great respectful conversation.

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