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If you can't handle the heat, these hot stocks that stay out of the kitchen and consider investing in an index fund, man, god, i love that guy, he has so much energy, absolutely love him. I aspire to be like that man one day. What is up, everybody welcome to trey's trades, review of technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these given stocks, i like the difference by saying that i'm not a financial, advisor or expert so take what I say with a grain of salt: let's get into the video today, my friends we're gon na be looking at two hot stocks, two hot stocks that i think are absolutely gon na crush here in the future. They're on the otc market, so it'll be completely transparent.

You cannot trade these on weeble. I do not have these stocks on weeble, but i do have a position in both of these companies to be completely transparent right. I do. I don't ever want to bs you guys.

I want to pump you and present the information. Just as i see it right we're going to look at uh both of these companies, clwd and snpw uh. Why? I think they've got some potential, why the chart setups look really nice right. I don't know if i'll consider, clwd 100 is going to be a mid to long term hold for me, but uh snpw we'll see how that plays out regardless we're going to get into the video guys - let's start off here with clwd, so we're going with this On the one month chart the one day, one minute chart does not have much to say this is an otc market stock, i'm not really available to trade here in the pre-market or after hours.

So no new information that we can see here as of right now, but we look at this. You know on the one-month chart, i've got a couple. Different indicators pulled up right. I've got the rsi which has a relative strength index, anything over 70's overbought.

Anything under 30 is oversold. This is a tool that is used to indicate momentum for buyer or bullish, uh, bullish or bearish territory. Right then, we've got the 200 ema and the 15 day m8. The 2008 is the exponential moving average.

This is a price action based valuation trend line over a 200 day. Moving period gives us a macroscopic perspective of price action right then, we've got the 15-day ma, which is the moving average. Some brokerage accounts call this the sma, the simple moving average. They are one in the same.

This is a price, action-based valuation trend over a 15-day moving period, which gives us a microscopic perspective of price action. We use these side by side, so we can predict upcoming, breakouts and breakdowns right. So we get the best possible entry points and exit points in a stock, so with that being said, we're going to be looking here at first with clwd now, what is the, why? Why should you care? Why could this company be something pretty solid cloud? Commerce incorporated? Is a global provider of cloud-driven ecommerce and mobile commerce solutions? The company focuses primarily on four main areas: engaging front-end design, back-end integration, digital marketing and analytics and complete solutions management. The company's core solutions, build enterprise, backend application, integrations drive, traffic, mobile e-commerce, desktop e-commerce and manage hosting the company's digital marketing.

Services include search engine, optimization email campaign, creation and social promotions in addition to digital marketing services. It also applies data analytics to enable businesses understand the behavior of their online customers. In addition to the development, the company also manages its client solutions with services such as technology. Consulting ongoing maintenance, hosting infrastructure build out and management, it customizes solutions using middleware or custom engineering to achieve any level of integration, the customers desire and if we just check out their website here, real quick.

I will pull this up for us. Uh cloud commerce goes live with artificial intelligence advertising venture. This is absolutely insane stuff, my friends um. So the reason that i like a noob right, ticker, symbol, inuv and nuvo - is because of this exact reasoning: artificial intelligence, advertising, uh, there's a lot of money in ads and ai artificial intelligence is definitely on the come up.

My friends so check this out. Ai advertising incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary of cloud. Commerce is now underway using ai to enhance the successful swarm solution with the goal of cutting advertising costs by as much as 50. So that's a big big deal.

I do think it's very possible that we see this uh this play out pretty well, so ai advertising, the future of advertising right we've got ai advertising. Uh simply put our goals to use artificial intelligence to cut advertising costs by 50 percent uh. This is what they are. This is the challenge you know.

Half the money i spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, i don't know which half right so is that their swarm technology is cool. It's a it's. A cloud hosted software platform that will harness the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive algorithms to eliminate the inefficiencies, waste and guesswork.

That is inherent accepted in today's data-driven digital marketing campaigns. So that is what i think is cool about cloud commerce uh. They have had you know some ups and downs they're, pretty volatile. This is an otc market stock.

As far as their financial situation goes. If you look at them annually, you know their gross profit, they actually don't have any yet uh their overall revenue was a little bit red compared to 2018.. They were down about 21. Now, if we do look at the chart setup, it is absolutely disgusting.

It's so gross in a good way. Disgusting clean, not like disgusting like dirty but uh. It's confusing! You guys know what i mean. Oh man, but anyways, it's a good setup.

We've got the george w here right. It's a double bottom, if you're not familiar with what the george w is. This is a double bottom, which indicates that you see a double bounce, two bounces here, so we've got one bounce right there, one bounce right here and it forms this w formation. This is typically an upcoming sign of a bullish reversal of an upcoming run and beyond that we do have an ascending level of support to validate any level of resistance or support.

We look for these three touch points right. We have that we've got one two three four five, six different touch points here which validates this ascending level of support, and it has been respected very well. This is a pretty solid, macroscopic level of support, one two, three four five days that it is respected that ascending level of support. So if you were looking for an entry point into clwd, i do think that about 12 cents, uh 11 cents is going to treat you pretty well and within the next week, or so we're going to be coming up pretty close here to an intersection point.

If we continue to respect this ascending level of support, which would be about 18 cents now, if you got in about 11 cents, 12 cents or so that is uh, there's about a 50 percent gain in a week, which is a solid, solid run-up, i i feel Very confident in the stock, i think it's gon na do some good things. The chart setup is there right. They've got potential to do good things now, in terms of which company is more likely a new or clwd to really capitalize. On that ai um.

You know advertising right, it's tough to say. Obviously, a noob has the head start, because this is an otc market stock, but it's never a bad thing to diversify a little bit right, um and even in the worst case scenario, where a new you know ends up being the powerhouse or this ends up being The powerhouse: well then, at that point you did you double down on your convictions right and we don't know which is going to go, which way yet right, so that is uh. That's what we're looking at right here with the chart set up. I do think that about 12 cents is going to treat you pretty well, this ascending level of support right.

I absolutely like that a lot. This looks very, very nice uh in terms of the rsi we're sitting at about 50, which means it's trading about neutral. This could go either way. This could go into buyer territory or seller territory, but it is probably favored a little more towards buyers, because we do have this nice gap here between the 15 ma and the 200 ema.

It's been gapping up just about every single day. This is a big fat gap. My friends we like to see that we love to see that my friends, absolutely beautiful um. This is bullish territory.

This looks like a bowl. It smells like a lemon tastes like a lemon looks like a lemon. It's probably a lemon. That's what we're looking at right now with clwd had a nice little push in volume here when we saw this nice run up right here back down a little bit the previous day, but i'm not overly concerned, because the correction was not too harsh.

If you look at this from the base of the run-up to the peak right, we get back about 61.8 percent, which you know. That's that's a. We optimally look for about 50., i'm going to be i'm going to be transparent with you, but regardless. If we look at this run-up right, how much did it get back here? It was about the same 61.8 percent.

So that's not that's not the end of the world. I don't feel too bad about where this is sitting right now. I think it is a pretty safe entry point, because this does repeat the overall trend that we have seen here in the past, and that is what clwd is looking like right now. Smpw would be number two for otc market stocks that i think have some solid potential for growth.

Again i wan na i wan na preface by saying that you cannot purchase these on weeble. You will need to buy these somewhere else, but this also has a very nice setup. What do they do? What is the why some pacific holding corporation, formerly exo lifestyle incorporated is a green energy company that specializes in solar and waste to energy technologies? This is a big deal right, so we already know with joe biden in the office right uh, that the green energy sector, the autonomous vehicle sector, uh the cannabis sector - i'm not ever gon na personally, invest in cannabis, but to each their own uh. They are gon na, be hot hot stocks right we've seen that with fuel cell plug uh, clean energy, all those all those companies have done well.

This one could very potentially do well. This is a clean energy company. They focus on deploying its subject matter, capabilities and experiences and green energy solutions. The company designs develops, builds and manages green technologies that support renewable energy solutions through a subsidiary street smart outdoor corporation, the company offers advertising space on bus, shelters and bus benches, solar digital shelters and place based solar trash bins, the company's solar power, bus shelters and energy Lighting solutions offers customers with turnkey systems.

The company subsidiaries include sun, pacific power, corporation street smart outdoor corporation bella, electrical llc national mechanical corporation and some pacific security corporation. Their overall financial situation over the last year is probably pretty similar to clwd. There's a reason that these are otc market stocks right. It's because you're not investing in the previous growth you're, investing in the potential for growth right.

So the potential for growth here for snpw is that they capitalize on this green energy, uh company uh the solar and waste to energy technology. That's very interesting! I i think, that's very cool stuff and if we check them out here on the internet, just pull up their website real quick, we can check out what they're all about so delivering reliable and environmentally responsible service and products. So what do they do? We can learn more here just by clicking on this real, quick and just take a quick peek. So they've got knowledge and experience a year of progress in 2016.

This other company successfully overcame a number of challenges to achieve significant progress. Building on the momentum we have established, so this obviously has not been updated in a little while here uh they become a diversified, publicly traded holding company uh some pacific holding corporation to encompass all of its sub-series. As you see below from the beginning, we've continued to build upon our management's knowledge and experience. We have focused on our primary mission, which is serving our customers and now serving our share holders.

I like seeing this anytime, i see serving our shareholders. It does mean that they are keeping in mind uh ways that they can increase shareholder value right. It's not all about the company that is also about who invests in the company. I like seeing that that's good and then protecting the environment.

The clean energy, as we've talked about we've got they've got the bright future here. Looking at the future, we're excited about the opportunities ahead and confident that, by continuing to execute on our plan, we will build upon the significant progress they have made to date. We have also been able to respond to rfps for additional states and municipalities with an opportunity to acquire more revenue channels, so they are being very proactive. They are trying to grow their overall company right and the chart setup is pretty nice.

We have another george w george w, and this is looking absolutely beautiful. My friends that looks nice right, so this isn't quite as pronounced as clwd's. You know chart setup, but it's very very similar. Very similar we've got the george w.

We got this harsh sell-off. Just the clwd had right, george w, we got double bottom here comes up a little bit. We see this w formation and it saw a little bit of a sell-off. So if we draw up a fibonacci, retracement right see how much this gave back gave back about 78.6 percent.

Ideally we looked for about 50, you know 61.8, so that was a harsh sell-off, but nonetheless it is respecting this ascending level of support. I did actually end up buying more uh, more stock in this company at about 14 cents. So with that being said, i do have a stake in snpw as well as clwd is respecting this descending level of support. We always look for at least three touch points right.

We get that one two three four different touch points. It is being respected over a one, two, three four five six day period of time coming up on seven here. If it does continue to do so on the rsi, it is trading at about neutral. It was sitting at 50.

uh it'll pop back up here eventually, but we've got a nice gap between the 15 ma and the 200 dma. If you're able to get into the stock, when you first saw it crossover, which was way back here uh, i definitely did not. I think some people were able to you'd be in for less than a penny. You would be up about 1400 right now, which is absolutely disgusting, but i think there's not a lot of risk involved buying in right now, it's currently trading at 44 uh, which it typically does not drop.

You, though, on the rsi uh, we see it's dropped to 41 at one point, so maybe be able to get this a hair better, but i genuinely think a very safe entry point here is going to be about that 13.7 to 14 cent range for snpw and Those are great stocks that i think have potential in the otc market. So, if you enjoyed the video, please drop a like really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to uh. What was i doing and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this absolutely lost my train of thought? Lastly, fiona what is going on my friends, god i got ta get together, i got ta, get together, okay. Lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble there's a brokerage platform you're watching use right now.

This is version four for the desktop. If you use my link, you get two free stocks with 100 deposit, i receive a free stock. Great support the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested that it's totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, so that is what i've got for you guys today.

Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all. Next time, peace.

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