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Good morning everybody welcome back to another episode of the traders podcast. Oh man, it is good to be back. I had a beautiful beautiful morning. I was actually watching some attack on titan one of my videos here that i just posted this morning.

I had somebody comment and say: uh trey. I saw that i saw that attack on titan season 4 on one of your browsers. You got to keep up the date man you got to keep up to date with what's rocking and what's cooking, but uh we're back for the episode of the traders. Podcast we're going to be talking about some different stocks in the market that are popping right now.

Right now, amc is not moving a whole lot, we'll give you guys updates as much as we can throughout the day uh. If there is anything interesting that does go down, but we are going to focus on a couple different stocks today that i personally have a position in i'll be willing to to take a look at different tickers that you guys want to uh check out. Give you guys an idea of what we might be expecting in terms of price action right uh do some technical analysis, the whole nine yards i'll be able to look at different uh news sources. News releases press releases uh, whatever you guys, are wanting to take a look at so very excited for the day here today.

Uh. Currently, i am rocking a position and amc sends agtc and whammy in my web account. So that is what my positions are currently looking. Like i see people asking about my favorite anime character, man there's so many freaking, there's so many there's so many anime that i've watched guys uh.

I think an attack on titan, my favorite character would probably be mikasa she's, uh she's, pretty sick. I can't can't get enough of that. That's absolutely beautiful all right! So please look into guilt, uh, 75 institutional ownership. So i can take a quick peek at guilt over here.

So i'll pull up guilt right now, just take a quick peek guilt, institutional ownership. Let's take a quick peek at this while we uh, while we wait for some people to rolling. Thank you trey. I, like that name dude.

I like the name. I like the name, that's gold dang. Alright, so you were saying it had 75 institutional ownership. My guess is that this number isn't updated, yet we're gon na take a peek at uh the numbers down here, and that would make sense.

That would make a lot of sense. So, on uh january 30th of 2020, we had a huge stake taken by davidi ichi uh 18.8 million shares, which is pretty significant. So as long as none of these guys have sold out of their positions, which it does usually tell you when that happens, right, that's a lot of institutional ownership, which you definitely want to pay attention to when big companies step in to uh step into a stock. You definitely want to watch that because that can typically be an indicator that they know something that the regular retail investor does not know in terms of price action right now, i'm going to uh maximize my screen here, so everybody can see what is rocking right now.

Uh, it is just doing a small pullback. I'm not concerned about this pullback right now. It's kind of correct every stock corrects eventually and what you're seeing right now is. It might come down and retest this 50 retracement.

I don't feel very confident yet that it has uh. It is held up at that 38.2 percent, maybe if it was just some candle wicks underneath there i feel pretty good about it, but i'd watch her retracement down to 17.23. That would look pretty solid, but otherwise it's uh, it looks really bullish. We got a big gap here between the 15 and the 200 dma.

Pretty consistent volume makes this thing: predictable, uh the red that we're seeing right now. The only thing i don't like is the amount of red volume that came out here yesterday, but otherwise this looks pretty solid. I think that's a pretty solid buying opportunity once you see that bounce keith, simon load up 250 percent socket number two and that's pretty solid. Comstock dang, that's filthy dude! Look at that man! I don't know if you're in this play or not, but if you are good for good for you dude, that is uh.

That is an impressive run that looks disgusting. What a filthy little run there! The pullback was not bad at all. It retrays pretty much picture perfect at 23.6. That looks dirty it's at 84 on the rsi.

So if you get into this, that's an extreme extreme chase, i would advise against it. I'd wait for another pullback. I don't like buying stocks on the uptick. We buy the dips and sell the rips baby, so watch for a watch for a dip on this and i feel more comfortable buying in.

But that's what we're looking at right now with that just average down on ccrm. Thanks for the video no problem pop squash, i think i think c terms got a lot of potential without a doubt, without a doubt, so welcome everybody to the traders. Podcast hope you guys are having a beautiful wednesday morning out here in oklahoma. We got hit with a snowstorm again.

We got uh crap ton of snow. On sunday i just went outside to get some food got some breakfast at the at the dfac and uh. We got like another six inches, which is insane. Oh, that's, absolutely crazy for oklahoma.

They don't usually get this kind of snow, so i don't have work today. I'm just gon na be straight chilling watching some stocks watching some anime once i get off this live stream, maybe chat with a girlfriend for a while, but uh. That's that's what my day's! Looking like hope, you guys are enjoying your uh wednesday morning. It's always a good day in the market.

My friends, i tell you what every day is friday once you get to the market, because i just get so excited, that's what gets me out of bed in the morning. I promise you. I promise you so amc as of right now. Just give you guys a quick update, i'm gon na change this over to this screen, so we can see the order book uh.

There are currently more buyers and sellers we've got the most buyers, waiting to get orders filled at about 5.55 cents or so so. That's a pretty strong level of support, no huge cell wall, but a pretty even spread across the ask uh it's gon na make it pretty hard to bump up right. It's gon na it's kind of short, the short the stock down. I put this out on every single video, but i would say, as of you know a week to 10 days ago, uh the situation as it sits right now.

We just don't have the volume for a squeeze to happen. We've got the short interest right, but without the volume the squeeze will not be there. So at this point i am viewing amc as a long-term potential stock. We've got that amazon acquisition deal.

That is very possible right. The squeeze is still possible: it's not impossible right, but the volume's just not there. It's not it's not going to happen without more people stepping into this play. So that's what we're looking at right now with amc uh, if neither happens neither acquisition or the squeeze.

I do think by may or june. This stock is very likely to to see a 20 to 25 price target, just based on some different numbers that uh have flown around right. We know that they've raised 700 million dollars. They get themselves out of debt, which is solid.

That's gon na be enough cash for them to sit on to continue operations until at least the end of 2021. According to the ceo, which is very significant, information m3t41 says thoughts on tto i bought under 255. It has been stagnating in 3.2 area for a while for a while. Should i move on or hold, i am actually pretty bullish on tto and also thank you guys very much for the super chats.

You definitely don't have to do that. I just genuinely enjoy doing these live streams. I love chat with everybody, but as it sits right now, my friend, i don't think teo is in a bad spot. Typically, uh consolidation is just getting ready for the next leg up and right now we're a pretty strong bullish flag formation.

So we got the pole right here. We've got this this tightening down and squeezing out a price action. So we've got this ascending level of support. This descending level of resistance, it's just squeezing down it's getting ready, so i don't mind the price action here at all, i'd be patient.

I would anticipate sometime within the next two days. You'll probably see a pretty hard push so waited out for about two days. Um, honestly, i think this is more of a midterm stock. I think, if you hold this for a couple months, you're gon na be pretty happy till ray.

I think it's looking good for today or tomorrow. I hate to ask because this is for amc and i yes, i hold amc. My friend don't worry, we're going to be focusing on different stocks here today, amc we will take a peek at whatever people ask questions, but the title of the video is a gtc sends pets and amc we're actually going to talk about pets. Here.

I think this is going to be the leading gapper today in the market, but uh t-l-r-y, so tlry, if you guys, are not familiar, is a pharmaceutical sector play working with cannabis specifically and as it sits right now on the charts, it does look like they found A bottom we've got a george w formation. Here. We've got a bottom right here. One bottom two bottoms right that forms a w formation.

It's not a very strong one, i'd like to see more of a bounce, but nonetheless that is a formation, and we saw this nice wide range candle which to me signifies that as the bottom we've got. The 15a that's 15 m, a that is about to cross over the 200 ema right here. That's the blue trend line crossing over the purple trend line, which means that the microscopic price action is breaking away from the macroscopic price action. I like that, a lot! That's good on the our side sitting at about 47, i think, buying in right now, you're sitting pretty solid.

I don't see a lot of risk with buying into tlry at this point. This is a lot different situation than it was three days ago. Three days ago, i had a live stream and people were asking should i buy this and my my answer was straight up: no, because this is exactly what i anticipated with this huge sell-off, because all cannabis stocks were just going absolutely insane and uh tlry got mixed Into that bag, but i see people saying check out whammy, i do have a position in whammy guys i put this play on the radar a while back and uh. It didn't move for a while.

It did take some time to develop, but i like getting into plays before the hype i like getting before stocks. Do some crazy runs and that's what we're looking at right here with the whammy we got in before the crazy run, so that we can sit it's safe right. We can just watch sit back, kick back drink, drink a little bit of whiskey and enjoy the show. That's what we're looking at right now with the whammy, so that looks beautiful it's forming a bullish flag, so you've got this descending level of resistance.

We've got an ascending level of support. We always look for these three touch points to signify our respective level of support or resistance. We've got that i would anticipate by market open you'll, see a pretty hard push in the upward direction, just based on the overall trend right, we see that macros are microscopically. Speaking this is bullish.

We've got the 15 ma crossover, 200 ma trading a little bit sideways right now, consolidating and then macroscopically on the one month chart we've got the same thing: big gap here between the 15 m and the 200 ema tlry, no, not tlry tto. This is a very similar, similar situation and setup to uh tto. Whoever asked that question. Who was that? Let me come back here m3t41.

So this is exactly what tto is doing right now they were consolidating trading sideways right. We got this bullish flag formation, it's drawing out a little bit longer, but look at this. This is the exact same setup that whammy had and that's why i got into the stock, because i saw this exact same setup, so don't be don't be freaking out about tto. I promise you.

The time will come. The time will come baby. I promise all right. Thank you, everybody tuning in for the traders podcast, if you're, not mine, doing me one favor for the gorilla gang drop, some girls in the chat first off.

If you are rocking with the gorilla gang and then second off, please drop a like on the video really does help support the channel. The youtube algorithm is one mysterious creature and i don't know i called it a creature but uh it really does help out. So that would mean a lot to me. Please check that out, so schwab could buy 1.77 million shares of amc for a 375 3.75 million yesterday it was 5.6 it's from the list.

You talked about yesterday good question, so i didn't see the the price at which they bought it at. If, if somebody has the link to uh the the resource that says that they bought that at two dollars and 11 cents per share, i would definitely want to check that out, but nonetheless, unless they sold their position, which they would publicly disclose. You would see that in 13g right, i don't. I still think that's relevant information right.

Big institutions are not going to step into a stock. In fact they would sell out of a stock, especially at this point, if they thought there was an only downside involved. So uh i i would just uh, even if they did so, let's just say, hypothetically speaking worst case scenario, they did not buy in on the 16th right. Let's say they bought it back in december of 2020 or even earlier than that right back when it was trading at two dollars and eleven cents.

Well, if that is the case, i don't think that's a bad thing, because at the end of the day, what's happening is they're still holding the stock right and big institutional investors, big money. You got to follow where they go. I've been saying this since the beginning of this amc situation, my friends, the hedge funds right you're, going to see hedge funds that step into this long, that are going to go along on this stock and it's cut throat. I don't think they're doing it for us.

I don't think they're doing for the retail investors, but when there's an opportunity to make money they're going to take that opportunity to make money - and i think, there's three different scenarios in which that opportunity exists with amc least likely right now. As a squeeze. We don't have the volume for it, it's just not there at this moment. Second, most likely, i shouldn't say second most likely um second least likely would probably be the the amazon acquisition.

There are actually quite a few things that are pointing at the fact that this may end up happening right. We have a lot of investors that stepped into amc that also invest in amazon five in particular right i've gone over that in previous videos and then the third scenario, which is probably the most likely is that you end up holding amc until maybe may or june, And the stock ends up around 20 or 25 dollars after the country reopens after quarantine lifts after the theaters start, you know selling their overpriced popcorn and five dollar boxes of milk duds, but um. I i this is not a dead cat to me. I am going to hold my mc position, i'm going to average down every opportunity.

I've got because no matter which of those three scenarios plays out, i'm bullish on amc, it's not worth less than a large popcorn. I'm telling you that right now. That is just a fact all right, let's go up here, jeffrey! Thank you, my friend. Any thoughts on eh got done dirty by a massive hit piece.

So hit pieces, don't be scared. Man. Those are blips. Hit pieces are an opportunity to get into a stock for super freaking cheap, like right now dude.

This is the best opportunity that you can ask for to buy into a stock hit pieces that come out are blips. I bet you a month from now. This is gon na, be almost back to these. These previous highs or higher than the previous highs, so take an opportunity with hit pieces.

You should be going like this right because, if you have true conviction in a stock right, if you really believe in what ehang holdings does right um, then the price is psychological. This is an opportunity for you to get this for so freaking cheap. You can already see that people are starting to scoop this up right. There's some wide range candles that are already starting to form here.

So i don't mind that at all - i wouldn't stress out - i don't know a lot about the company, but nonetheless i do think that there is some solid potential here with ehang. Mr jim, i did see that i did get the message about matt coors. I am talking with him. We are going to work something out.

He sent me a message over on twitter and uh. We will be collaborating on some sort of live stream. So thanks for the question my friend, i always love giving support to the the fellow brothers over in the community, and i like matt kors, he's a very intelligent guy. I like his live streams, a lot.

I've got nothing but love for the guy and um. You can tell he knows what he's talking about. It'll be fun, it'll, be fun. We've got very different energies, good contrast, he's very chill.

I've got a lot of energy guys, i'm not drinking diet. Coke right now, i will get water throughout the day. I had a cup of coffee this morning. I have to have some caffeine, but nonetheless i think it'd be a blast.

I'm definitely excited so. I'm gon na give a quick update here on uamy up 20 percent here in the pre market 20.83. I do have a position in nuami. I brought this to the radar uh about a week ago.

Right, i did have a position in this. It would have been about a month ago, cashed out came back in uh, my dollar cost average. On this, i think, is a dollar sixty four, so i'm up about twenty three percent, three hundred twelve dollars in my other brokerage account. I've got about twenty thousand dollars sitting in this brokerage account.

I've got about six thousand so uh after the whole amc debacle, where i ended up getting my account liquidated uh due to due to some collateral issues by fidelity. That's what i'm sitting at right now in total uh total cash that i've got. In my account, i get people that ask me this all the time trey. Why uh? Why should anybody listen to what you say when you're only working with 25 000 - and i think that's what makes this channel relatable to be honest with you right? So it's it's really easy to to see a guy.

That's got. You know: 500 000, a million dollars in his account and say man. This guy really knows what he's talking about. But the truth be told you know a lot of these youtubers out there and i'm not i'm not bashing anybody.

I've got nothing but love for everybody out there in the community. I truly love the investment community, but it's very easy just to deposit money that you're making from youtube adsense or a patreon or from your weeble affiliate marketing right. That's why i take pride in my my transparency. I show you guys what i'm doing the wins.

The losses right, so you can make your own opinions based off of that yourselves right. I've made some good calls. I've made some bad calls right and that's why i take pride in the community and and what i do here on the channel, because you know you guys see that happen in real time, so you can learn from my mistakes and also from my successes. So it's like a journey that we all get to take uh take a part in so that's my two cents there.

I know that was a little bit of a ramble, but just wanted to give you guys that real, quick, all right coming from chris merk slrs good news in am potential runner at market open. Let's take a quick peek at slr, sx, slr x and i've got. I can't talk today can't talk, so it did touch up at about four dollars and ten cents. It's got a nice ascending level of support.

Where you are setting higher highs higher lows. We got ta george w, you already know what it is. You don't know what it is. You already know what it is.

Look at this look at that george w. That's filthy! That's a beautiful double bottom! Nice little bounce here followed up with a good wide range candle right here. This is a wide range candle. It's a candle that covers a lot of price action.

I i would say this is going to run and we also have a crossover here between the 15 ma and the 200 ema, which is typically the sign of an upcoming run. So microscopically speaking, that's what we're! Looking at macroscopically speaking, this is in bullish territory as well, and it has another big fat george w on the one month chart. Everything about this to me is screaming the technical setup, at least that this could easily easily run. I like that, a lot i like that setup, a lot good call man i would, i would say i would say, go for it for sure.

I think a good entry point if we just take a look at the one minute chart here is gon na, be if you see a pullback back down to this ascending level of support, maybe around 2.88 cents, our size at 65. Right now, so i'd wait for some sort of at least micro pullback to get the best uh position that you can and macroscopically it's at 60.. So there's a little bit of risk involved a little bit of risk hey. Thank you michael.

Thank you code. Thank you. Scott, i appreciate you guys i'm gon na check out uh iq st here, really quick for michael so michael. I appreciate that this is an otc market stock guys.

So you are not gon na be able to purchase this on weeble. Keep that, in the back of your mind, when you check this out, you will be able to purchase this on fidelity or charles schwab. If that interests you uh looking at the retracement that we saw it retraces to about 40. Anything above 50 is a strong retracement.

It shows a lot of strength in a chart setup right, so this is looking very strong. There's a lot of buying presents here uh. I like this, this hammer candle right here. This is called the shooting star.

Typically, what this indicates is that there's weak selling presence and strong buying presence, so sellers try to push the price all the way down to about 70.5 cents and buyers brought it back up to close at 80 cents. So there's a lot of good things happening here on the on the one month chart i like that, set up a lot uh in terms of the rsi. It is sitting at 64., so there is a little more risk involved in buying in right. Now i would wait for a small pullback.

At the very least, i think an entry point around 82 cents is gon na be the best, but it did break out of a descending level of uh resistance. So we have that gap up right here. Typically, when you've got a gap up, we already filled that price action previously. So i don't think we're gon na come back, especially since it was a green gap up.

We got green candles that followed. It could see a continuation trend. I don't mind that setup at all um. So if you want to get into this immediately, i would say a 20 stop loss for maybe five or ten percent get in at uh 91 cents.

That should treat you pretty well all righty. So we're going to give it a quick update here on whammy, ct uh, not ctr, but we can do ctr as well. Whammy, agtc and um s-e-n-s sense, onyx, so see. Ooh amy is the stock that i do.

My position in i do have 800 shares with a market value of about sixteen hundred dollars. Uh i bought into this at a dollar. Sixty four dollar cost average right now is in a bullish, flag formation. We had a false break above this descending level of resistance, and it came back down right, we're still trading within this little bubble, not a lot of volume pumping in right.

Now we got a little push right here when i had that false break, but right now it's just getting ready. I think, for market open. I anticipate that a whammy's gon na have a pretty solid green day. If you do not have a position in nuami, what are we looking at on the one month chart well on the one month chart we do have the rsi sitting at about 67., so there's a little bit of risk involved in buying in right now, uh with This stock, personally, i don't like chasing stocks.

That is why i presented this play a week ago, when i saw a nice technical setup when i saw some things that i liked in terms of fundamental analysis right. So if you want to get into this, i think it's going to be a good mid to long-term play stock. I think it's got potential to have some fuel cell. Like growth, i call fuel cell background of seven dollars and i think now it's trading at about 20..

It has had a pullback 20 to 23 bucks, so i think whammy has very similar potential. They are an antimony company, which is a material that is used in batteries specifically for electric vehicles, and i can see some pretty solid potential here. So if you want to get an entry point, you see this come back down to a buck 73 that is going to treat you well uh, dollar, 80, the next day, not as not as nice of a price, but i find it more likely for this to Pull back, maybe tomorrow less likely today, there's a lot of buying presents here today. So that's what we're looking at right now with uamy uh we've got a pretty decent uh bywall sitting at about a dollar.

Ninety five, so we're gon na come back here to the one minute chart and set that real, quick here so at a dollar. Ninety five that lines up pretty much just below this uh, this ascending level of support, which is part of this bullish flag formation. So that looks very, very nice. I, like that, a lot dude.

I don't know why i'm not listening to music. I always i always listen to uh. I always listen to an anime playlist. While i'm when i'm doing this, what the heck i thought something was goofy.

I need something to get me going for anybody out there. That's wondering what i'm listening to. I will show you really quick: this is a uh one hour. Most epic anime mix love this stuff attack on titan.

I was actually watching attack on titan earlier uh this morning before i started the live stream got to get my daily fix. Man got ta, get my daily fix, but anyways. That's what whammy is looking like. I'm getting a couple of read a couple of these super chats off answer some questions that you guys have so load load.

We did just briefly touch on here, but i will pull that up again in case you did not catch it. This is gon na, be a big gap right here on the day. I think it's gon na be a leading gapper, very close to it. This one and uh pets are both having killer killer days, so petz has pulled back a lot, and this is going to give you an opportunity if you want to get into this with less risk to buy into either of these stocks.

Uh. Personally, i'd wait to see a bounce. We haven't quite gotten that yet with pets but load hasn't uh. This really feels like a chase.

It feels a little a little bit risky, so the last pullback we saw was about uh 35, or so so we see a similar pullback here. What would that look like? Let's just take a quick peek, similar pullback on this is going to look something like this 35 would retrace to right around here at about 10 and 18 cents. So, if you're, looking at an entry point here, 1018 does look pretty solid but keep in mind. There's a lot of risk involved here, there's a lot a lot of risk involved.

This is run up a lot. We don't like chasing stocks. This thing is up 365. That is nasty.

That's filthy dude. So be careful, be careful! Please please please, for the love of god, if you get into this set of 20 stop loss, i don't want you guys getting burned. That is uh. That's a risky play be very careful ctr on this morning on this dip before open, looks nasty, but on your opinion, i am so bullish on ccrm man, so so bullish.

I put out a video talking about the short interest, the utilization right now, which refers to how many uh, how many likeable shares available for shorting there are. So i'm going to pull this up and show you i pay for ortex. This is a data website that tells you you know a bunch of different stuff regarding short interest, you know institutional buyers et cetera, et cetera, but i'm going to show you the ctrm short interest and utilization so check this out. This is insane this is going to blow your mind.

Current utilization rate is 100 percent, meaning that there are zero available lendable shares to short unless they counterfeit right. Sometimes that happens. That's called naked shorting, it's an illegal practice, but we know it takes place. Costs of borrow 25.26 annually - that is a huge, huge, huge number percent free flow on loan.

13. That's very low! So there's a lot of potential here. My friends, i see, i see ctr i'm having a squeeze potential. This run down.

That's happening right now. This is an opportunity for you to get into the stock very cheap. I'll, be honest! I'll be honest. I didn't think i was going to drop a little buck 40..

I had to pick that dollar 40 at the lowest and it dropped below that. So you know that's what we're looking at right now, but i do think this has some solid potential to know that it broke out of this downward trend, you're going to be watching for a push above this descending level of resistance. We got three different touch points here, which is what we look for for a respected level of support or resistance right. We got about five so push over, i would say a dollar 39 in the regular market hours is gon na, be what you're looking for to signify an upward trend, beginning again, currently at 34 on the rsi.

I feel like there's not as much risk involved in buying right now. I don't see it bleeding much more than it has trick. Gon na make some money if you get in asap. Oh, i actually uh.

I looked at trade earlier earlier today. This is another one of those um crypto plays they're a financial technology company focused on trade and trade finance they've got some potential for sure, and they haven't run an insane amount either the rsi literally just crossed over the 200 ema. This is the exact kind of play that i look for that looks sexy. It's got a beautiful, ascending level of support.

I think a great buying on trade is gon na be 7.87 cents. That looks really really nice. I like that, a lot cnet. Yes, i'm actually gon na be making a video here on cnet later today, but this is another sos potential play potential.

I don't like the financial situation as much. I think sos has a little more um bullish territory. It's got proven financial growth right, they're, actually making money as of right now so take that for what it is, but there's definitely potential here as long as crypto continues to do well, these crypto mining companies right these blockchain companies will continue to succeed and cnet will Definitely be a part of the equation there fisker, i don't think i've actually covered that stock. I'm going to be honest.

You got the ticker right, though my friend you got the ticker right. You got it right. I have a video out on sos. I see anthony jordan asking about that.

I do have a video on sos, but i will briefly run over it. I'm bullish on that stock. I would go long on that stock long term long, there's a lot of potential there, but anyways uh fiskar right now is looking really nice. It ran a lot and the retracement was not harsh at all.

This is a very, very solid and strong retracement that came back about 38.2 percent had a perfect a picture-perfect bounce. So i, like that setup, a lot uh. If you want to ride momentum, i would buy in at around 19, but just keep in mind. No.

Actually, i actually don't see a lot of risk here, it's trading at 55 on the rsi. I don't think it's going to pull back much more than that if it does pull back more than that, it'll probably fall back to this level of support right around here. At about 1865., this looks like a pretty solid play. Yeah, i would say, like 1912 19 bucks, that'll treat pretty well all right.

Thank you. Everybody tuning in here today for the traders podcast. I do appreciate it immensely guerrilla gang uh. This is a blast.

I love doing this stuff man. I really can't uh i'll, tell you what i was sitting here this morning drinking my coffee eating some breakfast and uh. I couldn't help, but just get excited for this live stream, because i genuinely just uh love bs and talking stocks with everybody. I am a simple weeb.

I am a simple weeb. I just like talking stocks, my friends, so can you check out atos got into 3.50? Hold for another week, i am so bullish on a toastman. It's got a beautiful technical setup right now it has a beautiful, beautiful technical setup, the 15ma just crossed over the 200 ema. It's bleeding a little bit right now, but i wouldn't sweat.

I would not sweat it all if you bought it at 350. I would continue to hold. We've got a nice level of support sitting right around here at about. Let me take a quick peek, three dollars and 35 cents.

I find it um. I i'm bullshitting those. I think if it drops more, i would just uh dollar cost average down. Would you buy 500 more of amc to average down it's 822 share per share or 500 cents? I don't think you're going to go wrong either way.

Sense is going to pay you back sooner. Amc will take longer, so my personal strategy would be to invest in sensonics. Take the profits from sensonics if you're going to swing it and then put that into um amc. But, of course, i'm not a financial advisor make your own decisions, that's what i would do personally, that's my personal preference.

Give you guys a quick update here on sonic they're up about 6.83 in the pre market. Oh man, oh man, look at this. You already know what it is. You already know what it is.

You already know what it is guys don't make me say it don't make me say it say it in the comment section say in the comment section. Please please please, please, i'm begging! You check this out, i'm gon na say it anyways, because it's so fun, dude george w we got the george w guys. My name is judge debia, george debia, that is nice. I bet you money now we're gon na see a little bit of a run here that looks really really nice.

We've got an ascending level of uh support, rocking right now, setting higher lows and higher highs. We've got three touch points. I anticipate that it's going to continue on that upward trend. We are four minutes away from market open.

My friends that is nice, that is beautiful. I, like that, a lot on the level twos we've got a pretty big bywall sitting about five dollars and fifty cents, which should act as an immediate level of support. If we end up breaking beneath that ascending level of support right here and we've got the largest cell wall sitting at about five dollars and sixty-five cents, so we're gon na drop. That in right here, 565 is the next level of resistance to watch.

For if we get a push over that it should come with some pretty nice price action baby. Did you see what happened with ehang yeah? I did see that i did see that it's uh it'll come back up. Bad hit pieces happen. Bad hit pieces happen.

This is an opportunity for you to buy this for stupid, ridiculously cheap. This is seriously a crazy opportunity that you're not going to see very often i i would scoop this up if you're bullish on ehang. This is an opportunity for you to get the stock really really cheap. I honestly think in a couple days you know, somewhere between two days, maybe eight days ten days, you're gon na get a double up on it.

It'll come back up to these previous levels. That was a big opportunity, high tide. Yes, i i actually have a weeble setup video already, so i will show you this on the channel. Give me one sec.

So if we come over here to videos, i have made a weeble video, a tutorial set up for how i have mine set up. It is a little ways back here right here. How do you use weeble desktop 2021? This was two weeks ago, and i do have this i think under one of my playlists. So let me just take a quick peek.

I think it would be under here so view field view full playlist yeah there. It is so it's under my technical analysis, tutorials. I've got how to use weibull desktop 2021, so i would check that out. That's a good place to start my friend.

All right agtc is dropping how bad it's pulling back a little bit. I mean it ran a lot guys. It ran a lot. It's uh, i'm not sweating.

I'm not sweating at all. They've got an upcoming webinar on uh tomorrow tomorrow, and it's gon na be with the ceo they're gon na, be talking about some different products that they have that they're working on the pipeline right and i think that's going to be a pretty solid catalyst. If you guys want to check out that interview or that webinar, it will be going from 12 p.m. Uh cst to uh, 3 p.m.

Cst, if i remember right, agtc um company, let's pull up their website here, so agtc, developing groundbreaking um, gene therapies for patients with rare diseases, so we just check out i'm not sure exactly where it's gon na be um to do february. 11Th. Let me check this out, agtc um. Actually i know it's under the news, so let me check here on weeble, oh, i s there.

We go so here's a link. If you want to check this out. This is the link uh go on to weeble or you can actually just search or agtc to present the ois gene therapy. It should pop up - and you can sign up to watch that live virtual um presentation, so that'd be pretty solid.

If you want to check that out, but i'm i'm still bullish on httc, i don't sweat pullbacks, i'm not sweating pullbacks, my friends. We are three seconds away from market open baby. Here we go market open, just hit, so we're going to watch agtc, uamy and sensonics. Very closely, i think all three of these are going to be pretty solid runners over the next couple of days, i'm very bullish on whammy, very bullish on sensonics and very bullish on agtc.

So as of right now, market open has hit and we are seeing some pretty decent volume pump into this stock. So far we are up to one million total shares being traded in this first minute up to about eight dollars. Oh, my god, look at the volatility guys that thing is moving on the level twos we're looking at a resistance level about eight dollars and seventy cents. So that's gon na be the biggest cell wall that we're seeing right now on the ask.

The next cell wall is saying about 8.75, no large buy walls as of now 847 being the largest, but nonetheless, it has a pretty even spread of buyers and sellers updates on mvis buy-ins. Also, would you rec who do you recommend for technical analysis? My recommendation for technical analysis, my friends is going to be rainer tail. This man is the king of technical analysis. I learned everything that i know from this man.

He is a great teacher very easy to understand. I've got nothing but respect for this guy. He uh. He really does it well, he does it well.

That is, that is the master, the sensei he is my sensei man check him out, but in terms of mbis, i'm still bullish, mvis. I i don't mind. Pullbacks pullbacks are an opportunity to get into the stock for cheap, so don't mind this pullback, my friends, i'm telling you uh. This is an opportunity for you to get into this.

If you've been waiting and honestly, it hasn't even pulled back that much, i mean look at this look at how much this is run it's up from six bucks dang, it's not understanding level of support. If you end up seeing break this ascending level of support. The next level to probably drop down to is about here at 19 and 11 cents, 1922 somewhere between 1920 and 1940. I think it's a pretty solid entry point on mvis, but i am so bullish on that.

That is my favorite stock in the entire market. Easily gon na check out amc here really quick to see what we're looking at. It is ready here on the day once again, so we're looking at this on the one minute chart. So far, we have seen a little bit of a sell-off at market open, two million total shares traded in that first minute, which is lower than we saw yesterday.

We saw about 9 million shares traded yesterday, pretty solid by wall level of support sitting at about 5 and 50 cents, big cell walls here on the ask, but we have eaten them up pretty well here so far about an even amount of buyers and sellers as It is sitting right now, gon na read off kenneth uh, i'm gon na scroll down to the bottom and try to keep up with everybody the best that i can, but i'm gon na read off these super chats because i do wan na recognize everybody. So let's go back up here. Kenneth! Thank you, my friend, i am so blush on a noob just so you know i will be putting out a video on those guys here in the future. Max d, i saw that huge lawsuit with google.

It seems like a similar situation to hcmc, so i think max d has a lot of potential to be one of those big players that has an explosive move. Um weeble is lagging behind the otc market. They usually lag by about 15 or 20 minutes, or so so i don't have any updated information on these guys, but i expect them to continue to run. The only thing that i have in my mind, right now is that google lost it from.

My understanding has been going on for a long time like a couple of years. Hey. Thank you four star strength. I appreciate that my friend.

That means a lot i'm doing good. I promise you uh that hard stuff. It is what it is. If you're new to the channel, if you're new to uh the tracerates community, welcome first off it's great to have you here, but i have some heart conditions that i've been getting treated for over the last couple months.

Uh. I i've had a couple of latter infarctions, which are doctor talk for heart attacks and they've been caused by supraventricular tachycardia, but i'm doing good, i'm doing good we're working on it. My next cardiologist appointment is on the first. So as it's sitting right now, dnn is looking pretty solid.

If we want to look at this on the one month chart, let's take a quick peek. It's not a nice ascending level of support. We're gon na adjust this trend line just the hair to get all the touch points, and it does look like we're still respecting that setting level support. Looking very bullish here at market open nice long, candle, wick underneath here, that's a nice hammer candle starting to form good shooting, star good volume on this first minute, uh.

First, first couple minutes of open. I think today's gon na be a runner day for dnn on the our side sitting at 59, so i don't mind it buying right now. That's a pretty safe buy-in. Checking out whammy here, really quick, it is up 19 on the day has not moved so far.

Much here in the regular market hours - maybe this isn't updating. That's weird! I don't know why amy's not trading right now, it's not halted. Is that just me uh what the heck i don't know what's going on, we'll come back to whammy. For some reason, it's not trading but agtc, looking very, very bullish.

Right now, guys that looks nice. They are moving right now, they've got a lot of buying pressure. These are some nice wide range candles testing out 8.87, the high of the uh free market. If we just change this to the one day chart really quick was nine dollars and 48 cents.

We've got a level of resistance sitting right around here at about dollars and ten cents biggest cell wall currently is sitting at about nine bucks. So first we got ta push over that nine dollar nine dollar cell wall. On the ask we push over that and the next level the watch where it's gon na be nine dollars and ten cents, nice even spread across the bid. But there is a very large cell wall at nine bucks, so that's gon na take some work.

That's gon na take some work to push through yeah whammy's, not trading. For some reason. I think it's halton halted for news really what news is coming out if anybody has the news coming out on whammy, let me know we're gon na search this up, really quick, because there has to be a reason that um. That is weird.

I wonder why it's halted. If anybody tells me why uh or can figure out why um um is halted, feel free to, let me know so we can let everybody know here on the community all right, eh buyback from wolfgang announcement yesterday stock dropped 65. I i take that as an opportunity, my friend, that is an opportunity to buy in that, is an opportunity. It's already starting to move you were.

This is going to come back up because from my understanding that was a false hit piece that was a hit piece. I was lying, so i'm pretty excited, i'm pretty excited. What are my thoughts on hcmc article. Let me check this out really quick, so i'm gon na check out the hcmc article here, real quick, so i want to share this with everybody here: healthier choices.

That is an overvalued grocery and vape store chain uh. The company operates several grocery and vape stores and is valid within 800 million. As of time of writing, however, the business is unprofitable and healthier choices had a negative working capital - 4.2 million dollars. As of september 2020..

The main driver behind the company story share price seems to be high. Retail investor interest ah get out of here seem convinced that healthier choices has a chance to win a patent infringement lawsuit against philip morris, which i think is unlikely. That is a stupid article. That's the dumbest article i've ever seen.

Where is he getting this where's this guy? Getting this? Yes, the company is not profitable right now, that is true. That is true, but the lawsuit that's very likely, because they've infringed upon two of their patents in in that that they own right that hcmc owns. I think this is a bunch of garbage. I use it as a hit piece for people to try and short that otc market stock, but i guess we'll see i i'm still bullish on acmc, i'm not sweating that i'm not sweating that at all, so eh is already really bullish here in the regular market Hours it's up 15.

This is bouncing back very very well. I anticipate that this is gon na. This is gon na retest those previous highs within you know three days i would say at the very most like eight days. This is gon na bounce back, that's an opportunity that is a huge opportunity to buy all right.

That is a stupid article. It is that's a dumb article that was so dumb agtc. Oh, oh, look at her. Go.

Look at her. Go look at it. Go! Look at it go all right. We got ta, give live action on this.

We got ta give live action, it is trading at 9.26 cents. We've got a huge bywall sitting at about nine dollars and twenty cents. This will act as a nice level of reason. It's 938 938 largest sale, while currently sitting at nine dollars and 40 cents.

This thing is on the move. This thing is moving so hard right now guys holy toledo. It pushed through that 940 wall coming up on 9 45.. Push through 945.

We got the push through 945 nexus 950. guys i put agc on agtc on the radar about a week ago. This is looking absolutely filthy. Push through 950 we're at 964..

Oh, my god! This is looking disgusting. Oh look at it! Go! Look at this. Go guys! Look at it go look at it go holy crap we've got a huge bywall at 950.. 5000 shares waiting to get filled that should hold up is a pretty solid level of support, but right now this is so bullish.

It's sitting at 960., the the high of the pre-market was sitting at about nine dollars and 48 cents. So we pushed through the pre-market high. We got a little bit of price rejection, but there's a large buy wall sitting at about nine dollars and fifteen cents. Guys holy toledo agency is off to the races right now that is filthy, absolutely filthy, huge cell wall sitting about nine dollars and 55 cents.

That's what we're watching for right now, the 15 ma is still trading underneath the 200 dma right now. This is actually technically bearish territory. This is the beginning of a break. I think this could be a huge day for agtc.

We still have that webinar! That's coming out tomorrow, holy crap, guys that is going to be nuts. I am so excited to watch what happens here. This is looking beautiful. I've got four call options at the 7.5 strike on agc up 225.

On that very, very content to continue holding those. I will sell those when the time comes, but the time is not yet thoughts on etfm i'll check out etfm here really quick. This is an otc market stock. Let's take a quick peek on this on the one month chart, that's a nasty gap up and i like the fact that there's a green gap up if you have a gap up and it's red, you typically fill up the the gap with us with some price Action, but i find it unlikely as of now uh, we got a nice level of support sitting right around here at about point zero.

Two that looks like a ah, it's really overbought. That's my only concern the volume is consistent, which makes it predictable 15 minutes trading. Over the 200 dma, it's a bullish stock, but that's a lot of risk. It's at 82 on the rsi.

I would wait for at least some sort of pullback. We can see that it has this ascending level of support right here, so it'll probably end up pulling back to about point zero one. Five that seems a little less risky. I'm gon na read off these super chats and scroll down to the bottom side and keep up with everybody.

We thank you mix. 1313 mbi is killing much love from minnesota sounds like you got a taste of home down there. Yeah man yeah man. Definitely i uh.

You know what these guys are all a bunch of weenies. I tell you what we got. We got six inches of snow and then shut down fort sill for literally the entire week, i'm not working for the entire week, because we got six inches of snow today. That doesn't make any sense at all, but i'm not complaining.

I'm chilling, i'm chilling! I'm gon na play some uh. I'm gon na play some god of war uh and wait for uh wait for ragnarok to come out here. Watch some anime talk. Some stocks shoot the shoot, the s with my my friends and family over here at the gorilla gang guys, if you don't mind, dropping a like on the video really does mean a lot to me.

It does help support the channel. That is all that i want from you. My friends drop some gorillas, everybody's new to the traders podcast and the gorilla gang we're glad to have you here as a part of the community. Thank you nick.

Thank you rosa. I appreciate that means a lot to me. My friend nelson john nicholas uh, i want to recognize everybody drop. The super chat.

I don't get to read all of these, but i do want to recognize everybody. Uh nathaniel, sean, william, mario ronald minotaur, minotaur dude, that's a cool name. I like that ronald wolff, kurt greenway, jose and jacob we'll start off here with minotaur pltr update, please so we'll check out pltr and then we are going to come back over to um agtc. So as it's sitting right now, pltr palance here is down pretty bad.

It's about 27 and 30 cents had a crazy run-up. Retracement was nasty. That was a bad retracement. This has been really really drastically oversold for quite a while.

The only positive that i'm seeing right now is that it's holding up above this descending level of support, but on the other side sitting at 42, i think it's a pretty safe entry point volume right now, looking pretty solid, the 15mm is way underneath the 200d maze. This is bearish, but i think that's that's pretty likely gon na be the bottom, especially because we have the beginning of an engulfing candlestick pattern here. This ends up playing out and this this candle surpasses the highs. Here.

I think it's gon na be a nice nasty run. So that looks good. I think that's a good entry point gon na come back here to agtc. Whammy is still halted.

Oh wait is it trading now? No, it is not well amy's still halted, it's not moving, but agtc is up 10 on the day trading at 8.93. It has pulled back here a little bit, but nonetheless it is extremely bullish. We got the 15ma crossback over the 2008 right now, uh in terms of retracement we're going to take a quick peek at what this looked like retraced to about 61.8 percent. Ideally, we look for 50, but that does look like it was a nice bounce.

So that shows strength in the bounce if we do end up seeing a nice engulfing candlestick pattern, or at least a two two lows, high close: that's what we'd be looking for pretty big cell wall sitting about nine dollars. So you want to see that push over nine dollars that to me is going to signify that we're looking pretty solid here. The volume today is solid, that is some solid volume that we see rocking with agtc on the other side about 57.. If you're looking for an entry point, we want to see a pullback to that uh that low 30s range on the one day chart you're gon na be looking pretty solid all right.

Thank you, kurt greenway. I appreciate that my friend and thank you ronald as well.

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