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Do it all right three, two one: let's do this all right, all right, all right, all right all right! What's up apes, it is your boy trey and matt coors, coming back again for a little bit of a short live stream here, matt you might as well introduce uh introduce yourself to your channel too. I know we're doing this dual stream thing, but yeah. What is going on trey? You know space apes, we're here with the gorilla gang we are getting going, uh we're trying to. Oh.

Am i still having a little bit of technical issues on my side. Let me see, i think we are good. I think i'm running rock on let's go man, dude yeah, so what did dave? What a day just like what a day for our community, it was freaking stupid, really crazy, dude. I have to hear your thoughts like give me your thoughts.

Your rundown what's been going on today with amc stock, i mean it was freaking ridiculous, like i've got my thoughts on what's going on with the technical analysis and kind of the way things got set up but dude, we need to hear what you think seriously. You're intelligent, a man i just i was so my interest. I was like when i was sitting this morning and i saw it push like we. We got to 11 11 50 and i was just like okay.

This is it like we could hit. I was looking at 12 22 that that previous, like markup, like the previous high on the overall wedge, i was like all right. 12. 22, we're closing above that and then it just kept going.

12. 15 uh. 12. 50.

13. 13. 50. 40..

I was like this is nuts, and then i looked at that previous uh thing at uh 1454 that previous spike and i was like man if we go above this and that's why i tweeted it out. I was just like 1454 - that's like it's going to go crazy. It would now straight was clearly crazy and i just think uh past that it's even like more nuts dude you put out something on your twitter that i saw you were talking about how, when they announced amc, announces that they're done with the offering they've sold off. All their 43 million shares that the stock would go stupid and you called it to a t.

You called it to a team man, that's got ta, be that's gon na feel freaking sick, that's so cool yeah! It was um, it was just bonkers like absolutely. I just don't really get all of it of like how this all happened, um, but well with the at the market, offering it makes sense, hang on i'm having apparently some difficulties on my end, let me see if i can get something running um, but the at The market offering like - and i was saying that for a while, just in the sense of i was saying it in the gamestop thing. So at the start of april, gamestop said we're doing an atom at the market, offering blah blah blah like classic stuff and then from there they completed it like at the end of april. It was almost like april 27th, i think or like whatever that friday was - and i was like this is just gon na be such a similar situation like people are actively.

People are actively watching amc and there's a lot of comparisons with gamestop. So when they completed that like - and it also makes sense - not only is that just a catalyst, but it makes sense because i mean the the fud is officially officially over there's no more shares authorized or anything like that right. So it's done. We have that monkey rfr back like it's just like there's nothing holding us down.

I was a little bit iffy right now, even loading into my own positions on amc, because i didn't know i was like man. I know we're fighting against the grain until this dilution is over right and now that it's just over like and they did it so quickly, um, which was blowing my mind. I posted a couple of videos. I was like man if they do it at this similar rate, we should be done around may 19th, like roughly yeah, all right, yeah well, and it makes sense the volume today i think we pushed 285 million.

I think it was almost 300 mil yeah. We pushed 290 yeah just stupid five or six times as high as what we saw yesterday, yeah so for them to like. We knew at the day of like last thursday, with the earnings announcement. They already did 17.5, so they had 25.5 left over a couple days.

So friday, monday, tuesday wednesday, like about 12, so they had about 10 left in the day when you have 291 million, it is so easy to lace. 10 million, oh yeah, like definitely um, do you think they sold any today. You think that they literally stopped selling. Today, like the last year they sold was today, is that possible yeah yeah yeah? I bet they like.

I bet some of the the early morning stuff i i bet they were like. I bet they were doing some today, just because the previous days like we did see an uptick in the volume yesterday, but i don't think enough to like cover up somewhere in the range of like five to 15 million. I bet they completed it today and i think they played it very, very smartly, in the sense of they were able to they wanted the news out there like they put that like i mean he called you, they they got it. There was on like there were so many articles already like really um hang on.

They can't hear you. There were so many articles like already ready to go and they fired it off and like the momentum came through, and it makes sense it's just. We don't have people dragging it down anymore and i'm very very excited to see what happens tomorrow. I'd love to get your thoughts on um.

I got this question a lot on my live stream today. How long do you think this is going to play out, like i'm sure you got the question of like? Is this it is this the short story right right, so i actually i talked about this throughout my live stream, but obviously neither of us were in each other's live streams for more than like 10 seconds or whatever, but um. I think - and i stand by this and like both you and me have like purposely not stated when we think this is going to squeeze, because that's not fair to people right timelines aren't fair, but i firmly stand by that. I think this is going to happen in may or june and i believe it for a couple different reasons.

You've got so many things lining up right. So we broke this channel. This training sideways channel consolidation channel with that triple top setup right. We bounced back and forth between, like nine dollars and 15 cents at 11, 20 and three times it rejected, and today, when we got that push over 11 20, it was a clean freaking break like no doubt in anybody's mind, like i'm like 11, 12.

13. 14.. Probably bounced off of like 14 20, which is just below like that major overlying resistance, which isn't surprising that it bounced right, but i think that it's going to happen because of that because of uh, if we break 14, that's gon na bring us 20 25. That's when the real momentum and shift is going to come - and we've talked about this before this idea of like the stock market selling off.

So maybe this is like an out of the park sort of hypothesis, but i think that what you saw in january is going to happen again. The market's going to bleed it's going to be red. A lot of long positions are going to get either closed out by the big money, the whales or liquidated and the short stocks right, the heavily shorter ones. The meme stocks are gon na rip, and we saw the beginning of that today, like gamestop amc, coss naked.

All those stocks were moving in tandem, like the exact same pattern, just like happened in january, so that to me is like an indicator. Like i started rubbing my hand, i was going freaking nuts man like it was stupid. I was like dude. This is just giving me almonds of what happened in january, so i i stand by it.

I think that uh them selling off all 43 million shares kills the fun it's done. I think adam aaron is an absolute genius. The way that he's handled everything like when they were in the in the doghound right, they were really struggling bankruptcy on the table. They stayed quiet and put their freaking nose to the grinder like they just worked, and now that they know they're in a good spot.

They're saying all the right things they're doing all the right business moves at the right time: they're talking to the apes, they're they're, listening to what people have to say, like dude afc and adam aaron, they're, just freaking. How can you get any better like you just can't like these guys are geniuses in the way they're marketing their company? I um, i think, there's a logical agreement with what you're saying about may or june, because i think the perfect scenario for amc's leadership, the board and everything is, i think they want the squeeze to happen before so they can ask on the next proposal right, like I still think they want those shares so and i think they kind of know that there's not going to be enough people who vote yes to it. So in their mind, i think that's why they rush to get the at the market offering done so. It can prompt the squeeze the squeeze happens and then we're all happy like we heard some hedge funds, we made some money and then obviously i mean yeah, like i'm still going to own at least some shares of amc, just for like nostalgic purposes and whatever own.

Like i'll give them that vote for sure at that point, but i think they are kind of targeting of like they want things to happen before june 2nd, so they could put that back on the table. I think you're absolutely right man, and this is something i think a lot of people haven't been talking about, but you already know it. I mean amc has paid a dividend before so if they can get to a point which i think is entirely possible, where the revenue allows them to do that, i mean they've got enough cash now to sustain operations until the end of 2022 uh, and with this Extra offer they did, they raised another 400 million dollars. I bet it's even longer than that.

Like 2023 early 2023, maybe mid or something, but if they can make enough revenue over the next year to where they can establish another dividend, i mean that's just a beautiful long-term stock. I mean i honestly i'm going to take a lot of my freak attendees and reinvest it back in amc like for the nostalgic factor for sure, but just because i think it's going to make more money, i think there's an opportunity to make cash long term. In amc yeah, i mean uh. We were talking about that too of like people were like.

Is it good to get a long-term investment now, and i was almost kind of saying no, because you don't want to ride the back side of that right, yeah! No, you want to ride it up, have no position come down and then buy like, of course, you're always trying to buy it low, sell it high so like don't try to get in the game of riding the back side of the mountain down right now. For a long term investment i mean - i agree with you like. Even the movies coming out for the remainder of this year, 2022 is like a heavy slate for just marvel movies, like i think, especially just people now getting the vaccines the world opening back up. I think this is a reversion play um of like a world opening up like, and i've even seen those articles they're like no amc is not i'm like well now, they've raised another 400 million, which puts them at 1.4 million in liquidity.

1.2 million is literally cash. Their debt, the leftover debt, isn't due for a year like it just it is a very it's a stronger fundamental play now, and i guess with that. That's why i would say, like the concept of they want the squeeze to happen now, so they can increase their liquidity even more and just fundamentally strengthen the company. I think that's like the big brain play here, but i mean we'll know much more tomorrow and monday and start like we'll see how this is going.

Um uh one thing that i think we can clarify for like both of our communities right now. I got this question a lot and my answer is definitively no. Do you think today was the school? No, it's not a chance, no, no! No! No! No, not even close dude. I think this is the precursor i mean if you look at ortex data you're, a data guy right data is king.

That tells you everything. There was like two million net shares that were returned over what was actually borrowed. That's not a squeeze. There's still like 99 million shares out there, whatever the heck, the actual number is not even close, not even remotely close.

No, i think today was pure momentum and we got a clear and important technical break over that 1120 triple top resistance and that i think brought in some buyers and the ball just keeps rolling. I mean hype and momentum just be, you know, feeds into hype and momentum, you know, so i think it's just purely uh buying. I think the market bleeding scared, some people for sure and all those meme stocks moving in tandem. I i think, also speaks as to the the beginning of the beginning.

If that makes sense like i just don't think it's a squeeze, not even close yeah, i mean uh coming back to the data. It just isn't, did amc have a good day? Yes, it gained almost 24, but remember folks. A percentage gain isn't indicative of a short squeeze generally in a short squeeze. You see a massive percentage gain, but this was just classic people buying some shorts to date, cover of course, but i think uh i just had the ortex out two.

There was a net return of 2.6 million shares, which means that the shares on loan is still 149.5 million shares on lowest. Let's be incredibly generous and say that a third of those aren't actually short and that's insanely generous, because no one would pay these fees without really shorting. But let's be generous, let's be conservative. That's a hundred million still short shares that need to like buy in the market like and that, and that says being as conservative as you possibly could be in this situation.

Was this the short squeeze no was did shorts cover yeah? Was it potentially a baby gamma? Squeeze well yeah, quite a few there's quite a few options next week that i'm sure market makers had to buy like there's no way they had the exposure on the 13s or 14s today, and i bet they were forced to buy it um. So it was the start of it. It feels like the start of the end game, but this i in no way like it can't be a short squeeze without the shorts, covering just like the definition of exactly like. No, it's not even close.

I mean just it's. It's as simple as looking at the numbers i mean, like you, said, extremely generous: 100 million shares still being shorted in the market. You know at 2 million 2.6 million covering that's chump change. You know, and on top of that more short still borrowed stock and shorted into the stock.

I mean it's just not even remotely closed. I think the gamma squeeze is definitely interesting to talk about, because there's a lot of options that were out the money that did run in the money that probably did get hedge force today, but that's going to continue to happen as it squeezes. I mean that's kind of the feedback loop of like a short squeeze and gamma squeeze. That's why the options are important because it just continues to it's like the market makers working against themselves in a way if that makes sense, but um no, not a short squeeze.

Not even close, i think, a break over 1450 15 bucks. That's gon na trigger the beginning of the short squeeze, but we need that yeah. So i mean i'm i'm looking at some for tomorrow. I'm looking at it right now.

There's 33 000 open interest at 11's. For tomorrow they that number increased, but they were most likely already hedged for right, but even just certain things. There's 11 000 for 15 tomorrow that one's huge, if we're yeah yeah, i mean if we get in that realm of above 14, tomorrow, they're gon na start buying that to cover their own butt um and if things get really crazy. Fifteen thousand for twenty dollars, that'd be, and that's for tomorrow, that'd be crazy, dude yeah tomorrow i'll boot, my pants, oh, that would be nuts.

I think the numbers get insanely interesting um for the monthly, which is may 21st next friday. I mean there's no way. These were hedge, for yet we have the 12 23 000 at 12, 15, 000 at 13, 22, 000 at 15, and then more of a reach goal is 33 000 at 20.. This is that environment folks, where, for those of you who are new and just listening to it like a high overview, a gamma squeeze is when there's so many out of the money calls that go into the money and the people who sold them most likely a Majority are market makers they have to buy shares to protect their what's referred to as delta exposure.

It's kind of a fancy thing, but in the end it's just more buying pressure. It causes the stock to go up and i think we saw a little bit of that today, especially when we pumped from really 12 to 13.. I guess some people had a cover in there which shoved it from 13, then up to 14, but um. This could get out of hand, especially when we get all that coverage on the 15s for not only tomorrow but for next week, and then why this is important.

Why train are talking about it right now? A gamma squeeze can easily play into a short squeeze and when there's a short squeeze that can play back into a gamma squeeze, it's just like crazy becomes a self-fulfilling yeah. It's a feedback loop, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy, and the one thing that's kind of i think interesting is like: is it possible to map out to some degree of accuracy how many shorts will cover and the gamma squeeze? Yes, but the one thing that i was trying to drive home today is there's no way to account for just people fomo, oh yeah, they see it moving day. Traders swing traders that are hopping in. I think that's a very important, like third leftover part of the puzzle, if not it's just not the gamut squeeze, it's just not the short squeeze it's legitimate, just buying of like i want to ride this.

I think it's a fun day trade and like that's another issue when people ask us like when's it gon na squeeze and especially the price target, we have no idea, because that's that variable alone, there's no way you could model that we don't know how many people Are going to be sitting around tomorrow, monday tuesday, watching it play out and saying you know what i'll buy 100 shares of this? You just can't do that, and that's very good, because that means all the estimates we currently have are actually pretty conservative because we're not counting one. That's like insanely bullish in our favor dude. We were talking about that today during the live stream. The fact about the fomo buying, because amc was the top gainer for, like the second half of the market day, like you know how weeble gives you the top gainer top loser.

That alone can drive people into buying the stock because they just try to ride it. Up, i mean it's: the idea of people like to buy one of rips and sell when it dips, like more people, buy when more people buy it's just this feedback loop. That continuously drives up momentum for bullishness on a stock, and it's it's going to continue to get better and better. I mean we've slowly seen the volume trending up and up and up and up and today was kind of like the tipping point where we just got that huge push in volume, and i can guarantee you swing traders day.

Traders will be looking at the stock tomorrow. They will i mean it's going to be on people's radar, looking for that next move and that's just going to keep feeding into itself until the end of the road, which is why i think this is the beginning of the the freaking the beginning of the beginning. Man i mean, i just can't believe it's not yeah it um. It's going to be interesting.

I think it we're also at a weird timing as well. It's thursday. Tomorrow we have some options. Expiring, there's many many people who are going to be watching if amc puts in a good day or exceptionally day, like this um.

If we repeat that, i think then, over the weekend, people are talking. Oh yeah they're watching youtube videos like this you're talking to your friend you're talking to your parent, your grandparent people are like well hang on. Like i heard about this gamestop thing, is it gon na be going again with amc like? I think the news will almost be disseminating throughout all the people who are going to be interested which are like if we have an okay day and then obviously anything better tomorrow. I think that helps us with the weekend.

People talk about it and then people come in really hot. On monday, 100 man, you know we got a chat about this too. I uh during my live stream. Adam aaron called - and i want to.

I want to hear your thoughts on this because this is freaking hilarious, so he was talking about the 43 million shares that they sold into the market and then they were talking about uh. Well, that's what i want to talk about other things that important, but he was saying that he thinks that short shorters should be their pants. That's literally, what he said word for word is short positions should be their pants and he said exactly what we've kind of been talking about. Is that the short thesis the hypothesis makes no sense anymore because they shorted the stock because amc bankruptcy was 100 on the table right and now that's off they're a cash cow.

He said cash is king and that's 100. The case here they've got enough money to sustain operations for the next two years, which is substantial. I mean now. The short short thesis doesn't make sense.

It's it's a junk short they're fighting the grain. You know, especially with the 43 million shares gone, there's no room for them to dilute which shorts are probably betting on. You know being able to drag the price down along with that uh, but a short position just doesn't make sense. At this point i mean eventually, people will just buy amc if it's not for the squeeze, because it's a freaking value play it's just a good stock to buy.

You know so i think that's an absolute huge thing to kind of cap on that that he said in the chat about what do you think i think yeah i mean i guess for a while there it it didn't when these people were taking a short position. These hedge funds, or even the retail traders that didn't like it um it was, in my opinion, an antiquated way to look at a stock. They looked at it. They're like okay, hang on.

They have debt the fundamentals. It was like an old-school way of fundamental analysis which, like for some socks, is so good, but you have to be dynamic with the times and very recently like starting with gamestop at the end of january till now, there's some stocks that you have to truly appreciate And somehow, in your model way out a social following, and they just didn't do that they're like it was that same argument over and over again of like no one saw movies they're in debt they're going under it's like well in the end you're not properly. Really appreciating the value and a part of the new value for amc as we're seeing today is literally just this community liking it and buying it and doing dd on it and like that, was never in their model. They never even on all these pieces of fud.

Of like what is the value of amc, i never once saw like okay there's that they didn't even say, there's a point, one percent chance of a squeeze. So when you're doing that and like then you're underestimating your opponent, that's how you get into situations like this, where it gains almost 24 in a day they just like it's too old school and they're, not dynamic with the time, and i get it the whole situation. It got out of hand so quickly. There's people in their houses hurting financially we're all on technology, we're reading we're following it, and then it was like um, a psychological, perfect storm of like understanding that you cannot only make money but make wall street pay.

And no, i i don't know how you would ever model that, but like they had to take that into account and they didn't. It was always just like nope it. They were acting as if the value of the stock were only tied to its like revenue right, which is just solid yeah like it just it didn't work in this case. So even that like when we were talking about these other ones running, like i'm sure you get these questions of like um cost clove, mbis and akd, i'm like yeah, they might, but in the end they don't have that same social following right.

There's not the amount of people talking about it, tweeting about it all that thing like and that's what they're missing so right now with amc, i think that's one of oh amc just had a nice pop um. What's it up to they just um, it just shot up to 1277., it's going between 1277 and 1227.. It's like a weird 50 seconds. Geez yeah! It's like it almost looks like an ekg like back and forth here like um.

It's something weird is happening but um. I i just think that's why they mess it up and then i think their ego played into it worse of ever. Refusing that they're wrong like they're, probably no! No, no, like we're gon na win. This, of course, we're right and then that's what led to us, and i'm just so excited to see how this playing out i mean so many of us have been talking about this from like really early february, of like it's coming back down so february march april, And now we're halfway through may, like it's been a long thing, so, let's see how it goes and like in the end, this might be a thing and if it settles at a higher level like i'm still going to be talking about it, i know you will Because we don't know, what's going to happen tomorrow, folks, like you, you got ta, wait like you can't guarantee ever anything in the stock market.

I say to my channel there's no such thing as 100 or 00. Chance of anything, there's always a leeway and right now i feel pretty good and there's even weird things like. I was thinking about this a little bit of so right now, elon musk is in the hot seat because he basically tanked crypt yeah. I was wondering if there's a way he could like redeem his like public persona, the way he tweeted out game stonk in january.

I was like what, if he tweets something about amc dude, if you call that you're a legend, if you call that you're like what, if that happens, folks, like imagine like elon to get back in people's good graces, says something about amc tonight like we'll open above 15 above 18 above 20, like it'll, just go, that's what happens when elon does it and like even like that? Is there a high chance of that happening? No, is there a chance of that happening? Yes, there's some sort of chance. Like i don't know, i don't run elon twitter there's a chance of it so like even that, but um for a while there. I was beating that drum of if the at the market offering is done like we're, gon na go and like it just rip from there and the news will spread. People are gon na find out they're getting home from work today, they're gon na figure out what happened with amc.

I would expect the same type of volume and excitement tomorrow and then also for that to bleed over into early next week. What do you think about? Seeing after our pre-market moves for amc, because we know that that was something that regularly happened, um back when it's closed in january, and i think it's pretty likely that you see it again. You know this is just a hypothesis who knows if it's true or if it's not, but i the thing, that's nice about pre-market and after hours is you don't get those volatility halts right and during the regular market hours if a stock rips up that much it Can kind of kill the momentum so like to see amc run, and i think this is happening a lot, especially in the last six months. You see it all the time where stocks will run up like 200 in the pre-market and then do nothing during the regular market hours.

Both amc and gamestop did that in january and like i honestly, i'm almost expecting to see it uh over the next. You know week, two weeks three weeks, if amc continues the trend that it's on right now and breaks 1450. What do you think yeah i mean i would be very surprised if there isn't volatility but like in the end. I never put that much emphasis on it.

Just because it's so low volume, it's like the amount of money pushing it up and down it. Just doesn't take much money so like for me. I like to just see like no matter what the post or pre-market does i like to see how it holds those first 15 minutes like like there's been times where, like you said it gaps up in those first 50 minutes, then there's other times we've seen that It does nothing where it's selling down and the first 50 minutes is just like so like. I think it's good in terms of getting people excited like i remember.

Whatever day it was like, maybe january 28th in pre-market gamestop gapped up to like 500., so everyone's sitting there waiting for 9 30, like the excitement, is through the roof. So in terms of like psychological interest in our community, i think it could be beneficial that way, but i've just never put much weight on pre and post market trading just because it's so low volume. Unless there's a big like announcement right and then i think that can change the game, but amc's big announcement was today so like i'm not expecting like another like another surprise, but who knows well, you would have the inside. Looking into that, i don't have anything for you.

I have nothing. I have nothing. The only thing that i've got for you is that uh, adam aaron's gon na come back on the channel sometime in early june, but that's as much as i can say. Okay, so it'll be like what another similar just interviews like hour, long interviews, something like that it'll be good, we'll just get his thoughts on all the things that are happening with amc.

Maybe he'll have some known news new news for us, i don't know uh, but just an update on essentially what the revenues look like, how their cash is sitting um, you know, whatever sort of update he's got on, you know it's pretty similar style, pretty similar style. What's happening but it'll be good that'll be awesome. I think people get excited. Is there a date ironed out just early? No, no comment.

I can't say i can't say much: okay, yeah, okay, gotcha it'll. I hope it's more of the emphasis of just like what it's like being the ceo like during a squeeze. I hope that's a good discussion, we'll figure something out we'll talk to some apes and get some good questions rolling for sure, that'll be cool, so um, i'm sure there has to be a lot of people paying attention right now. What are what's your plans for tomorrow? Like how are like, what's your game plan, so i picked up some uh some calls, as i'm sure, you're also rocking as well.

I got some 10.5 calls on what day did i buy those i think monday or tuesday, and those are up pretty good. So i'm going to watch and see. This is what i want to see right. I want to see a hard break over 14 and 50 cents and if we end up getting it i'll continue to hold them, but if it, if it bounces again, if it tests 14.50 and rejects i'll, probably take profits on at least half of them.

Maybe all of them and uh look for a place to re-establish. You know whether it bounces down to 12 11 13. I can't tell i mean nobody can tell you but i'll, be looking for that significant bounce factor where you got a nice trend reversal and it retests that 1450 mark, but um, i'm gon na, be watching for that. I wan na i wan na lock in some profits on those call options so that i can buy more stock or get some more call options with the further out expiration date.

But i'm watching those man i wan na, see amc break 1450 and if it hits 1450 and bus i mean 20 bucks is, it would be possible. Man, like that's the tipping point to me, to see some real freaking nasty momentum for amc stock. So i'm watching for that in a live stream again and uh to see what we get cooking, how about you, man, yeah! I mean that was kind of like my nostradamus uh call like i tweeted that out today i was like mark my words above 1454 that previous high, i i think things are going to go nuts um. For me, i got a little overzealous with it.

I mean i i think at one point i was like rocking like 40 calls today. I was just like all over the place, so i had some that expired tomorrow. So i just didn't want to fight with theta, so i took the profits on those and tomorrow uh once the market, like about 15 minutes in i'll, just buy some longer dated ones because, like i was just, it was playing it too close to the wire with Expiration, but i think i'm scattered, i think i have some right now. I have some like 10s, 12s and 15s at all, like all various dates and then just like the shares to buffer it and, like i guess, with the size of calls i buy like.

I would like to exp like exercise one, but i'm just like not capitalized, to do that. Yeah, like when you're like rocking 40, you have to have a lot of free capital like like you have to buy a lot, especially as it goes higher or like. I guess you would buy it at the strike price, but i was like man so like. Ideally it's just like the call does so well in profit.

Then i could use that money to do it, but we haven't had that big of a runner yet, but it's totally possible, like i mean there's people on my stream today that there were up like 500 750, a thousand percent on some random call - and i was Like that's just yeah, that's nasty, some people said they they made like 30 or 40 or 50 grand today on calls on amc, which is stupid, like there are people saying they own, like 20 30 000 shares of amc stock, which is just freaking crazy man. That's a lot of shares. There's uh! There's this like one entrepreneurial dude who's like in my stream, um he's rocking 110 000 shares of amc right. That's just absurd man, oh my god, like a million plus position and i'm pretty sure his cost basis is below 10..

Like he's just been like rocking this, that is such pure diamond handing it's crazy. I, like i don't know like literally every cent movement is thousands of dollars for him literally yeah one penny up and he makes a grand like that. It's uh it's wild, so um. Just for people like that, i can't even imagine of like we're doubling up and like in a day if we're talking about it like above 20s, like oh yeah, i'm up a mill and i'm like why it's nuts, it's freaking crazy.

I almost dropped the f-bomb. I'm too excited today it was a crazy day for sure it'll be it'll, be cool to see how this um, i'm just excited. I think it'll be an insanely volatile high volume day tomorrow. I'm looking at the same thing in terms of support, i want it to hold 12 25 and then that big, daily breakouts at 14.50 and um.

I think it's gon na be the craziness tomorrow and at minimum the same type of interest and volatility and craziness on monday. I just don't see how people don't talk about it. This weekend, dude they have to the fomo, is gon na hit. I mean see in a day like that, a spike like that in volume and the freaking news drop.

I mean the risk for this isn't zero. Obviously, but it's minimal, like that's just there's so much upside at this point, i i just feel super bullish on amc. I i just i've been saying it forever. I think gamestop is overvalued.

I think amc is undervalued. You know, i i think once they get to their pre-covered revenue levels. 30. 35 stock easily.

You know, i think it's super super possible, but maybe i'm over bullish. Maybe i'm overzealous, that's just my thoughts. I i feel good about where we're sitting. What do you think about um, just like all the people who are like um, like just all the news articles, jim cramer, jb, all of a sudden? It's like! No! No, no we're like we like it we're like super bullish.

You were the guys two weeks ago, just saying it was dead and the dilution's gon na kill it like it's a weird like pandering to the audience of just like whatever's running, and it's like i'm like everyone recognizes what you're doing. That's the media, they don't they don't care. I mean they're, not in it to to be true about whatever stocks are good, what they're? Not it's just about views and getting clicks? It's stupid news man. I always say that stupid news alert.

Look at this stupid news. Article that came out, i freaking love, saying i'm like yep more stupid news. That's that's nuts! I mean whatever but yeah. Even that and like all the articles, all of a sudden, it's just like whatever uh is it on market watch.

I i just could guarantee right now. I bet if i search five things. It's gon na be like bullish on amc. It's gon na be like they're breaking out short schools incoming, like i'm like you're the same people two weeks ago, who just said it was like dead like and, like you said, you hit the nail on the head.

It's just perfectly like they're, just going for the clicks or like they don't care about it. They're. Just authors like that's what they're paid to do. That's their job like they have like they probably don't, have a dog in this fight, so they're like hey.

I think this should do well, i choked on my spit, oh jesus. That was weird. I don't know how i did that, but oh yeah man that was goofy, my bad sorry about that, but yeah. I totally agree with you: man, 100 100, the jim kramer stuff.

I saw his freaking uh his video come out about how the the redditors are bullying him, which it's it's, maybe a little cynical to to laugh at that, but i think he kind of put himself in that situation. So i don't feel that bad yeah and i mean at the end, like boo hoo, i think he's worth over, like 100 million yeah straight up straight up. I think he can uh take a little bit of hate from like and like. I don't think he would get the hate if he just stuck to his position, yeah right or like like it just if you weren't always chasing what you thought like that the brand would be, but like it's weird so like he was so big about it, selling And then like his next article about is like it's just weird: it's all he's like oh they're gon na do delete.

Obviously they have to do the 500 million at ten dollars. It's overvalued! Why wouldn't you take this money? It's like! Well, guess what dude it didn't happen? Yeah, like that's crazy jb, said the same thing too yeah. They both said that they're, like this definitively, has to happen. So to me this is just like a weird, a weird play out of where all these things that allegedly have to happen in wall street don't happen.

That's crazy, like i don't know it's just so funny to see it play out on that end and then it feels like. I bet you feel the way it's like almost feeling a bit like vindicated about how long we've been doing this. Oh yeah, like just there, was people like guaranteeing me they're like, like you, have to get the comments too, like it's dead. Why are you still talking about this? Like it's not going back over ten, it's like well look at that man.

Today we hit 14 20.. That's crazy! So, even if you got in at 10, that's a that's a sweet gain right there, that's a 42 percent dude like it's, not even us. It's the whole amc community, like anybody that was invested in amc, they were called stupid. They were like you guys, are dumb money like from retailers and institutions like there were people out there that were like you guys are just wasting your time like this is never going to do anything you should just freaking give up like this is not going anywhere And it i said it today on my live stream, i was like.

I bet you guys feel really good that you proved every single one of them wrong. This is finally doing something. You know patience pays man i'll, say it every single time, i'll talk about emc until the freaking squeeze happens, yeah! No! No! I i agree with that. Ah man, i'm so excited for tomorrow um.

I guess you have anything else to really want to dive into. For now nah man - that's about all that i've got for today. You know i. I think we should all to celebrate the little wins um.

It's it's good to pat yourself on the back on the good days to weather the bad days, but this is honestly to me just warming up not to squeeze. This is the precursor the beginning, setting the stone so that we can take that freaking stairway to pluto. So i'm pretty excited. I love you man.

I love that yeah. No, i think it's just like. I mean as much as i can say get rest. It's like we're it's christmas eve.

Man like we're all just so excited like so get as much as rest as you like. Possibly can, but i know i'm just gon na be i'll, be watching this chart and then i'll probably just be up all night up way too early in the morning to see the pre-market, but i'm super excited to see how this plays out tomorrow. It's like you could just feel the electricity like this community, it's like literally hundreds of thousands of people like that. Are this active and then we know that there's over three million people that are just like casually owners, oh yeah, but there's hundreds of thousands that are like this into it, like they're, going to be watching every minute candlestick tomorrow and that's just like this is uh.

I was trying to drive the importance home to my community today of like this is a very like this is a new event. Something like this has never ever happened before this many people all rooting for something like this crazy to play out um, and sometimes you have to appreciate that. Like i mean, i know like i'm right there with you, i'm thinking about like what i want to buy and what i wanted the debt. I want to pay off with my money and that stuff, but like appreciate this community, like that, was one of the things that, like you, got, ta live in the present of like this is just insanity and it's been breaking in our favor.

So it's just so cool to like see it all playing out we're leaving a legacy. Man yeah, that's simple! The apes are leaving a legacy. All 3.2 million of us yeah, i congrats to everyone. That's still holding you deserve it from the bottom of my heart.

I'm sure bottom of trays are like this has just been such a wild thing and we're in it it's not over. Yet we are not done yet um, but let's see how this all goes. It's going to be a a nice nice exciting day tomorrow, but trey. I hope you get some rest tonight yeah.

I know we're gon na have a long day tomorrow, but like let's do this and um i'll talk to you tomorrow, like i'm, i'm excited to see how this one plays out youtube. Brother, much love all right have a good one. Thank you. Everyone, peace.

There. We go wow 100 new subscribers.

By Trey

26 thoughts on “Amc – duck duck ape talk w/ @matt kohrs ! treyders podcast 63”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Slactavis_IE says:

    I feel like me and my family have a bright future after this. Hoping for the best!!!

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars T G says:

    Way to go guys. Given' it straight.Thanks a million for your hard work. PEACE!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wonder777 Warrior says:

    idk if some of yall know but a good amount of banks have been buying shares of AMC. they know its coming too. they want a piece of it too and we all go home happy and rich:) 550 shares so far.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cali says:

    I may be wasting my time writing this, but anyway, I thought AMC was already in a good position financially, WHY DID THE CEO NEED THE CASH?????, Why did they do this now before the squeeze, THEY COULD HAVE WAITED. Tray I love your work but i have worked with these big wigs for decades and calling you was a good play by him because they dont want to get us offside, I wish the world of business was honorable but its more likely he is using you, telling you what you want to hear, but hay what do i know time will tell, just keep that in mind before pumping him up.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zach Whittington says:

    Apes would have focused on amc only and stayed off ejh, thats what happened

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Trey,s Trade says:

    M//a//k//e ~~A ~~N//O//T//E ~~T//O~~ H//A//R//R//Y ~~T//H//O//M//A//S ~~F//O//R~~ C//R//Y//P//T//O~~ I//N//V//E//S//T//M//E//N//T~~S//E//R//V//I//C//E//S// +1//2//0//2//6//0//9//0//4//8//5//

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars uk7769 says:

    AMC? Did we APES save this company and all the movie theaters? If that's true, that's pretty cool, and we can profit the squeeze, and over time in the future. Going super long.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James says:

    Trey did you say you were gonna sell at 14.50? That’s probably why we didn’t get past 14.20 today.. because everyone put there sell limit to 14.20 because they knew you were gonna sell at 14.50.. i though we were diamond hands don’t sell..

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Urban CoyoteZ says:

    AMC should resurrect the drive-in theatres this summer. That would be sick

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars C P says:

    I'm a "boomer" who loves this movement and I just wanted to say how happy and proud I am that young men like you are putting so much effort into helping your fellow apes (including me)!

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jamie Woofter says:

    Do either of you think we are in a bubble right now? I do. One MC is going to be the catalyst to set off all of the shorted stocks.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jamie Woofter says:

    Let't help with the revenue. I am taking advantage of AMC OnDemand Monday $3 Movie. If everyone has $5 to spend on Mondy movie/tax lets raise the revenue for the June 2nd meeting please.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars icp2332 says:

    Love watching you two discuss AMC. Hopefully after the squeeze you can do these for other stocks too!

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MillieP says:

    Thank you to both for your incredible work and beliefs. Sharing your knowledge, you both are our guiding light to the future as we decide on what is best for us. Hope you can drop a mention on Friday about the AMC banner flying over the Toronto waterfront in the afternoon. That would be an awesome recognition for us Canadian apes! 🇨🇦💝🦍🦍🦍 and Canada loves you both!

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bit of Wizdomb says:

    Trey , hedge funds using downward pressure from overall market correction to counter the upward pressure of covering their shorts ? Are they going to slip out of this ?

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andrew Aldridge says:

    You guys bring that ENERGY! Duck shirt!… and my man trey! This is not a dead duck! Let's go!

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Johan R says:

    I cant get one thing out of my mind, it keeps bugging the hell out of me.

    Why did Elon Musk so suddenly decide to tank the bitcoin price by not accepting it as a payment for Tesla anymore? It cant be news for Musk that it takes a lot of energy mining Bitcoin?

    Hasn´t there been rumours that a lot of hedgefonds is trying to regain som of their losses by trading Bitcoin to avoid a margin call? But what happens if Bitcoins tanks? They are screwed!

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hero Essentials says:

    I don't like Matt for some reason lol. Cool to be a fellow ape but seems fake ape. Talking about amc's vaule only tied to the squeeze not a value play like it is for these new movies coming out this year. Venom: Let there be carnage? Come on man.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BluExMamba24 says:

    Damn sad I wasn't here live, oh well glad to see the continue collab, love it. Apenation LFG

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    In your old days you will remember this crazy movement of apes. Proud to be part of it 🙂

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zero Proof says:

    I missed my chance. I was gunna pull the trigger at $9.50 and backed out. damn

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dust G says:

    HODL!!! Only paper hands will save hedgies! Hold,hold,hold!
    Squeeze until they stop twitching!

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars D Un says:

    I’m long term AMC period!! Squeeze will change our lives, then we APES reinvest in AMC

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Muaz Karaşal says:

    You guys are so funny, read about the RJVX13 algorithm and the FBC fund

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ORNİ Emre says:

    First there was an ICO boom, then Defi, then NFT, and now everyone is crazy about RJVX13 algorithm

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars İhsan Pirçekli says:

    At first, everyone did not believe in Bitcoin, then in Defi, then in NFT, and now someone really does not believe in the RJVX13 algorithm 😀

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