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Guys i was at the ophthalmologist today, get my eyes, checked out right, they're, trying to figure out what's going on here. I'm gon na tell you a little bit about that here, maybe towards the end of the video, but they they gave me this freaking uh dye stuff right. They inject me some dye, so i could take some pictures of my eyes or whatever and the the the freaking technician said all right. You're gon na pee neon, yellow you're gon na you're gon na go out the other end to break green right.

I was like all right: that's cool, that's cool, so i just took a you know: bathroom break for the first time by tmi by tmi, but that was like whoa, that's crazy, stuff, holy toledo. What is up everybody over the traits right? Three free to talk fast and don't skip class baby like if i say that i'm gon na find surprises we're experts, so take what you say: the greatest salt, let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my favorite food, we're gon na be talking about amc. I'm gon na give you a slow, you know kind of a small update here and we can talk about technical analysis to a you know.

Brief extent, you know the shorts haven't covered their positions. Yet we know what kind of is happening here. I'm gon na give you a brief rundown of what i expected. You know, maybe to happen over the next couple of days or so, but i want to spend the most time focusing on a specific statement, and i have this conversation with my biological dad.

His name's jared right and i i thought it was a lot of wisdom to be learned there, so i kind of want to pass it along. I take no credit he's a much more intelligent guy than i am, but nonetheless, let's get into this. So, let's start off with the technical analysis breakdown. What do you have cooking right now? Obviously we had another red day.

We were down nine point, seven, nine percent. At the lowest point we touched down to what appears to be about 42. No, it was actually lower than that. Let's look at the daily candle lowest point on the day was 42.87.

I thought it was lower than that. I thought it was, but nonetheless it was a red day right. We dropped down a pretty decent amount. So with that being said, we have started this potential for setting a lower low.

So what you're looking for here and i'm not going to anybody right if things are looking bearish things are looking bearish. I thought there was a pretty good chance that you got to bounce right just based on this nice beautiful, shooting, star candle and it did try to, but it got rejected by some short sellers, and you know the lack of volume here yesterday. So you did have you know a higher volume day here today it did pop down a pretty decent amount, especially considering the overall pre market, and with that being said, man i mean you. Could you could actually see this pop down? I'm gon na be honest with you right in the short term.

That's something that you have to come to grips with is hey. This might have been pulling back a little bit. That's a psychological test! That's a that's! A test of attrition! That's a test of uh! Of commitment to your conviction, ultimately, the test of conviction: do you truly believe in what you're invested in right? I've said this a million times if you do not feel comfortable riding a freaking volatile train. This is exactly what i was talking about right.

This is tough stuff, that's something you need to come with grips with. If you're gon na play a stock like this, it's gon na be hard. It's gon na be hard. There's gon na be trying times watching your portfolio.

Do the up and down the up and down the up and down wondering man. Did it make the right choice? Did it make the right choice? That's the piece of conviction right that we need to focus on so with that being said: where are the zones based on technical analysis, where this could pop back down to right? Well, you've got a decent level of support here with a double bottom saving about 42, 41.5 or so so, you'd like to see a bounce off of that. That's the ideal right! That's that's the bull case scenarios if it bounces off of this 41 and a half dollar level of support if it breaks underneath that you have to come with grips with, if you're holding the stock that the next comfortable zone of price action is down here. At about 32 bucks, that's a 10 swing, that's something you need to be comfortable with.

If you're holding a position right, there's two ways to look at it: man, i'm losing money or man. This is cheap. I can buy it for cheaper right. These are things that you need to come with grips with.

Maybe we get to bounce off that 43 dollar and some change level of support and it comes and runs back up. But this is the facts. Right. Nothing happens by coincidence, nothing's by accident.

In the stock market, the volume has been low right, it's been low. This has been, we had a nice beautiful consolidation phase and it broke on the downside on that overall, setting level of support in that bolt flag formation, which extends the timeline right, but the thesis behind the short squeeze is the same: it's apes buy and hodl. If that's what they decide to do, it's the shorts haven't covered. It's their systemic problems in the stock market.

Have any of those things changed right? We don't live in fairy tale and this isn't a delusion. If your thesis changes, you have to take a different approach, but has the thesis changed? Have the shorts cover their position? Are apes still buying and hollowing is? Is there still systemic problems in the stock market? If the answer to all three of those is yes, then my position on this is the same, i'm still bullish. I still think it can go higher, just based on the research that we've done now in the short term. This changes things for the downside right in the short term.

We can definitely expect to see a little bit of downside if you're mentally prepared for that you will be okay right, that's something that you need to come grips with, and this is a piece of information that kind of wanted to pass along for my biological dad Named jared, he even mentioned something called stoic philosophy. Now, what's the way to think of this right? Well, he talked about essentially slow philosophy being controlling the things you can control and accepting the things that you cannot right. I've briefly mentioned this before, but he's he's found a way to encapsulate it in a very intelligent and uh sharp way. What can you not control? What can you? What do you have to accept that you cannot control? Can you control the price action on a day-to-day basis? Absolutely not you can't it's going to do this.

It's the market, man! It's going to go up, it's going to go down here and have short sellers and people buying you're, going to have the occasional paper handler and have the apes that are holding the freaking ford down right. Those are the things that you cannot control. Can you control the short selling? No, can you control affiliates who delivers? No, can you control the systemic issues? No, can you can you control the lack of transparency, the naked short selling, the dark pools, the off exchange trading? No, what can you control? You can control whether you buy whether you sell your research, your due diligence, your sentiment towards the stock, your conviction, you can control those things and that's something that you need to fundamentally accept in this trade. It absolutely 100 percent.

Is you have to accept that there are things that you cannot control price action being one of those things? Can you control whether you buy or sell at certain points in time? Yeah, of course, can you predict to a t what's going to happen in following days on a very short term basis? No, those are things that you have to accept by trading amc stock by buying this for the short squeeze for the apes. For that fundamental thesis of the squeeze scenario you have to you are going to mentally drain yourself. If you were banking on this on a day-to-day day-to-day today basis, you have to accept that you do and i'm being blunt with everybody man if this is something that's mentally draining you, it's putting you in a financially hard spot, that you're banking on this money you're. So emotionally attached to this money right now thinking i need it by this day.

I need it for this. I need it for that right, you're, viewing this wrong man you just are. This is some money that you put in the stock market. I view this as money.

That's pissed in the abyss, like i just i've, accepted that i won't see this, maybe ever or for a very long time. That's something you have to come to grips with, especially with amc stock and the squeeze. So that's kind of the information i want to pass along. I could go on.

You know forever about the data about the analytics, but i think the more important thing today is sentiment. Do you have your conviction? Do you still believe in the squeeze? Do you still think that the apes are buying and huddling right? That's your own opinion to formula. They can't do that for you, but what i can say is these are the things that you need to consider when making any sort of financial decision circled around any stock in the stock market. What can you control? What can you not control? Do the controllables outweigh the uncontrollables? Those are the things you need to think about, so that's kind of what i've got.

That's where i think the real value i can provide for you today is and then for anybody, that's wondering how my eyes are going. It's more complicated than i thought it was to be honest with you. I've got uh, so i do have a cataract right. It's in my left eye uh, which is causing some of the distortion and vision.

My right eyes vision is, i think, 20. 30. My left eye is 2600, so it's really really obviously not good, but what they found was actually that the true cause by vision being blurred is mostly not due to the cataracts. So the counteract is something that is there, but there's also uveitis right.

So i've talked about uveitis in the past. I do have that it's essential. You know essentially inflammation of the iris of the eye, and it can, you know, vary in different ways in which it kind of onsets. I had anterior uveitis, which is just the front of the eye for a very long time, cause redness of the eye inflammation, light sensitivity, uh uncomfortable pain when you move your eye around right, but now the problem is that i have it not just in the anterior, But also intermediate, which affects the retina of the eye, as well as the optic nerve.

So they took some pictures of my eye. They figured out that i've got majority of the inflammation coming in the back of my eye and the retina of the optic nerve. There's actually leakage from the optic nerve and that's a little sketchy honestly that freaked me out a little bit. I'm not gon na lie to you because uh the ophthalmologist was nervous.

She was nervous, in fact, they can't even do a cataract surgery right now, just because of how inflamed my entire eye is so, hopefully, i can figure that out also my eyes dilating differently. My right eye, dilates, when i put in those dilation drops my left eye. Doesn't and that's because of scar tissue attached to the lens, from my eye being so strained for two straight years. So those that's a very complex situation.

I don't necessarily have an answer to anymore. I don't really know what that's going to mean in the very short term. All i know is that i'm back on prednisone i'm starting to take uh cyclopentylate again, which is essentially just a dilator hoping to break up that scar tissue in my eye. Uh and that's kind of what the game plan is for right now, so uh, my health stuff, i'm not worried about it.

Man, i'm telling you don't sweat over that stuff. I'm literally just updating you, because if i don't people ask about it, so things will work themselves out. I'm just trying not to go blind uh the risk versus reward. If i let this go on forever and ever and ever the ophthalmologist said eventually i'll go blind.

So i have to address it. I have to otherwise i'm gon na lose vision in my left eye, which can cause essentially a sympathetic, uh response in my right eye that can make that go blind too. So i have to keep going to these appointments and stay on top of that stuff. So if i'm, you know irregular in terms of posting in terms of getting out twitter updates whatever it may be.

You know what that's as simple as it gets so, hopefully answers any questions you guys have. I promise you, i'm chilling, i'm having a good day. Uh, i'm gon na go, get some freaking subway after i'm done with this video and that's what i've got for everybody. So blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah like and subscribe i'll.

Do my friends catch on the next one light taps baby? That's freaking go to pluto catch y'all next, one and peace.

By Trey

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    Just waiting for Them to buy it down So I can Buy & hold more for the Squeeezeee Its Coming …just saying …

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    What trey's Father didn't aspect was the birth of a super Mother_Fucking saiyann on amc..

    His power level is over 9000!!

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    Thanks for the updates, man! I hope things go well for you with the eye problem. I had a health problem too when I was in the military.

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    "Now they see you as a beast, a monkey. But in a week they'll think you're a god — if you rediscover your beliefs and honor the logos"
    – Marcus Aurelius

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    So fucking weird man. I was talking to my dad when I first go into AMC, around 11 bucks? It think mid May. And I told my dad watch it’s gonna climb up to 60, boom got to 70+ then dropped. I was talking to my dad again and was like watch it might go 22-40 range and then it’s gonna shoot back but everyone needs to hold… so I think it’s happening gain.
    There’s gonna be a couple sets of gamma squeezes before the short squeeze, which is gonna be the mother of all squeezes. Patience guys. Just hold, 100K is the floor

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars OB John 876 says:

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    Needed this today! Having a hard time. Lost my job last month due to medical crap and have a major surgery coming at the end of the month. I'd lie if I said I didn't think of selling but it's just a panic move based on my own emotions. I'm going to borrow your confidence and remember my why today , tomorrow and HODL 🧡🧡🧡

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    I sold today. I’m done with robinhood and done with meme stocks like this.

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    3/4 of my portfolio is in amc by now 45k! This trade better works out for me otherwise I am screwed 🤪💎🤚🏼🐒🚀

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    Why does he keep referring to the chart when we all know its manipulated and doesn't reflect reality?

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jrosta O’five says:

    This guy is smiling through everything he’s going through, and you’re freaking out over a stock dropping? Stfu and hold! Here’s to better health, Trey!

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    Prayers for the health issues man! Thanks for keeping on with the content!

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    Praying for ya man. IDK what your view of religion is but regardless, sending you good vibes. Your care for others is obvious and commendable

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    Hey Bro, look into CBD oil for your eye/inflammation. Might be a huge help. Make sure you check to ensure its not going to hurt you on a military piss test but otherwise…
    If you're unfamiliar CBD oil does not have THC ( The psychoactive component of cannabis).
    Good luck and keep up the good work and the good fight.

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    This is only a test of the apes wits imagine when the price starts getting to 102 500 And it goes up-and-down 20 30 and 40% this is nothing!! Hodl SPES HODL!!

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