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What's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, i almost broke my freaking glasses again. Maybe i should put these things on my freaking face. What do you do? What is up, how are we doing it's, your boy train from trees, trades coming back again from the freaking live stream. This is episode.

Number 71 of the traders podcast watching some amc live price action today, baby. This is looking pretty freaking filthy. We are up 4.24 on the day and we tested 15 dollars three times dang near three times intraday here, and this is looking absolutely disgusting, so we've got quite a bit to talk about, but guys this is looking absolutely disgusting. I'm gon na go with the overall data of the ortex data, the short volume percentage, the stocko tracker.

How many shares are available approximately right, just keep in mind. This is exchange, reported data and it does not take all the data into consideration and it is reported, quote unquote right, so you don't know the entire picture, but nonetheless, what you're looking at right now as we broke, underneath the view out the volume average price and We're looking for a bounce off of this fibonacci retracement zone, it pretty well came in fruition yesterday between this 50 and 61.8 percent retracement zone. So i drew up a box right here just to show you guys exactly what i'm looking for in terms of where we could get a possible reversal on this little bit of a small intraday selloff that we're seeing here right now, but guys. This is absolutely disgusting.

Disgusting disgusting, powerful freaking moves and i'm absolutely loving it. So welcome to the chat. Everybody, that's cooking with crisco holy toledo, bob saying we're having ourselves a morning. Let's just look at the vortex daddy, you guys can see that this is still being very, very freaking heavily shorted.

The short interest is up almost two percent. On the day you have a net difference of about 2.57 million shares that have been total borrowed. So, even still with all the freaking bullish, bullish, bullish moves, you've got shorts that are doubling down in positions here, even though we are dangerously close to that 14.50 level and we're actually over it for a pretty decent amount of the day. Today we got a little bit of a downtrend.

I think this is likely where you saw a lot of the shorting take place. We can actually fact check this by looking at stonco tracker and see this exactly right. Hundred thousand ninety thousand one thousand eight zero. Three thousand zero right, they're eating them all up.

Every single available shirt that they have possible for shorting is getting scooped up so freaking fast that these guys couldn't even pull their pants down fast enough to piss in the toilet, they're just peeing straight in their pants. My friends, this is extreme shorting, so i think that's likely what you saw here is they pulled whatever sort of ammunition they've got available to them to drag this down as much as they possibly could, but even still up 4.3 on the day. This is the second straight green day that we've had here in a little bit and the daily candles man holy. This is looking disgusting d disgusting.

Oh i got ta. I got ta change the face. Cam, i'm sorry! My apologies! I didn't even realize i i had that so i could get the freaking thumbnail for one of the videos there. We go, that's a little better, my apologies, so that should be cooking up and good to go.

But i appreciate you guys letting me know appreciate you guys. Let me know, but nonetheless, guys this is looking absolutely disgusting and i'm absolutely loving it. So hopefully everything that i said you know you guys. Are you guys understand or cooking with, but my apologies.

I made that bigger. It's like a screenshot and just make uh make the thumbnail for the video i made this morning but appreciate you guys. Let me know i should have looked at the chat. That's on me.

That's not me i'll. Take the heat every single freaking day, because i'm way too excited to even even care about about any sort of any sort of bad news. I mean guys you got ta pat ourselves on the back right every single day that we continue to stack these green days and get closer and closer and closer is one day closer to lamp, having it only fans first off, there's another day closer to getting where We ultimately want to go. It looks like we might actually get a bounce out of this fibonacci retracement zone between that 50 and 61.8 percent retracement on the grand scheme of things and it's looking pretty freaking filthy last thing i want to talk about in terms of data right.

Well, i've got everybody here. We're all cooking with crisco is the overall short volume percentage. Now the utilization has gone all the way back up to about 99.3 percent. If we pull this up on the actual vortex chart the graph, you can see that it's almost maxed out again.

This small dip right here did not last very long and even still right with all that freaking utilization that that supposedly got eaten up. It's be sure that the freaking kingdom comes 61, 56, 57, 61, 60 they're doing everything they can to hold this down and even still the bullish action on this is absurd. Absurd, absurd, absurd, absurd sir! I mean this is looking absolutely disgusting. So that's what you got cooking up right now: we're coming up very close to testing out this v-watt volume at average price you're.

Looking for a break out of this descending level of resistance right, so a hard break out of this decent level. Resistance should bring you a pretty solid intraday push right. That's what i'm anticipating all that you're looking for is a minute candle that opens and closes above this decent level resistance, followed by about five minutes of either train continuation or consolidation. You just don't wan na you! Don't wan na wick right! You don't want this because that's not a true breakout! You want a continuation of trend or consolidation over that trend, line to signify that we're beginning a new trend line.

So this is looking absolutely disgusting, guys pure freaking nuclear nuclear waste being laid to these hedgies. Absolutely absolutely absolutely with you guys, disgusting, tendee stash. You know what it is. So that's enough of that.

I appreciate everybody tuning in we'll get into uh just chat with everybody. I'll be here for about 30 to 40 minutes or so then i go back to work, but just wanted to take the time that i've got right now to to freaking jam out to some nasty price action. Guys i'll tell you what i was in my office watching the freaking price action a little bit. You know, while i was while i was doing some work and just seeing this stuff i was like man.

People must be going bananas right now, because i was i was going absolutely nuts. I actually got one of my co-workers. His name is uh henry. He he's bought an amc stock man so henry, if you're ever watching, if you're ever watching brother.

I i'm glad you hopped on the train. It's good! It's good to see you here. My my friend, absolutely your video of yourself is covering. Oh.

I appreciate that man yeah, like i said that it's good to good to get that all done way to hustle trick or tre bam. Bob saget now knows of his biggest fan, dude trace porn stash. I saw that on twitter. That was the coolest thing ever so, if you're not on twitter, well, actually to show you this really quick.

This is one of the coolest things ever bob saget actually put up a video giving props to the apes, who are cooking with crisco and rocking amc stock. I'm not going to show you the video, but if you have twitter, you want to check it out. It is on my profile. I did retweet it and you can definitely watch it, but it's this right here holy toledo, it's bob saget.

He shouts out the apes and it is a really freaking cool thing to see so shout out to bob saget man. Bob saget is one of bus you'd love to see it absolutely absolutely do thanks for streaming. During the lunch break tray, always man, i'm gon na try and make a habit out of it as much as i can as much as i can they're actually going to be moving me out of this hotel room. I think on june 4th and i got to get an apartment so um i i do still plan on you know coming back.

I just don't know what the time frame for that sort of stuff will look like for my lunch breaks, but uh i'll be coming either way. Man either way. Please uh can i have a light under the desk, i'm afraid of the dark, absolutely man we can make that happen. I'll turn on my flashlight real, quick hold on hold on hold on bam.

Hey now, you shouldn't be afraid. Now you shouldn't be afraid, sitting about 14 and 37 cents, as it sits right now, 38 cents coming up very close to that volume. Average price, which is sitting up at 14.47, look at the level twos they don't look too rough. I mean you've got about 3.

300 shares to about 1900 shares uh that are loaded up on the ask side of things on the level twos, and this could easily easily be some shorting that they're trying to hold down the price, but the volume today is solid: 86 million total volume. If you look at what we saw yesterday, there's about 111 million the total volume on the day yesterday, that's all that you saw right 111 million we're already very quickly approaching that overall volume with about three hours left of the regular market hours coming up, the angels Are close to 111 million, so i wouldn't be surprised if we end up rivaling that keep in mind that we went up over 10 yesterday. So it's not surprising that so far, there's more volume that day, but we've still got three hours left man. This is the lunch break, lull you've still got about, you know 30 to 40 minutes or so where you could see a little less volume.

Just because of that lunch break uh lacking volume. People are out eating the big money's, not really watching the computer screen. You know what it is so uh we're still cooking man. This is looking absolutely disgusting.

Go over to matt, coors and let them know trey is live nah you guys can keep watching matt. It's all good. It's all good. As long as you got a place to call home, that's all i care about cj noel.

I appreciate that elijah says: hey trevor holy since february i got my car in ssc. Stolen last night may be forced to sell my amc. Any help from the apes would be appreciated. Elijah man! Well i'll.

Tell you what, if you just if you want to drop any of your information, your personal information on the chat that people want to help you out. They can definitely do that man, but you're seriously. My thoughts i i apologize got my car stolen holy crap. That's wild, geez, dude! Well, you're my thoughts brother.

You really are you really are merch store when wifey needs some ape gear, it's actually coming back up, hopefully the next day or two. So we got a lot of stuff taken care of uh. There's gon na be a new website coming up, but for the time being, we're gon na put that uh that freaking shopify back up and you guys can check that out. Trey's grueler gang it's in the description box, but it will be live i'll, announce it when it's back up.

It's just not been my priority. It's not been my top concern, mostly because i just want to give you guys exactly what you need right. Merch store yeah. I mean it's, it's a cool thing to have it'll always be there, but amc is here now right, so i've just been focusing the majority of my time on dd research, technical analysis trying to up my game.

So i can give you guys more information to keep you guys, calm and a place to call home. You know that's just super important for me beard or no beard tray mustache, don't look good! No! I like i like it. I like it. It does me fine.

It does be fine good, seeing you my man what what what would be a good call option to play as my first ever, i need some non-financial advice ape advice. So if you want to play call options just know that there is obviously risk involved right. Whatever you put into it uh, if you're wrong, you can lose the premium unless you keep some of that intrinsic value and sell it at a loss. So just keep that in the back of your mind, but as it sits right now, what you're banking? On with, with amc sitting about 1434 and starting to come back up towards that v, what blind average price, which is 14.50 you're banking on a clean break over 15, which is this next level of resistance? In order for this to continue momentum right, if it rejects off of 1450, you know ish, i don't think it will by the way.

I think it's going to get that nice clean move, because we already got it twice now, but if it does, you know it could come back down to that 12 range 12 to 1280 range as it has last time. So if you want to play call options, you want to play off momentum. I think the best way to play it is you can do two different options. Right.

Give yourself a little bit of leeway play some june 18th. Calls that way. You've got time. You've got a runway, you won't make as much because the premium's a little bit higher and the you know the gammas and the deltas look a little bit different.

However, it's secure right, you're still going to make more money if you actually had stock. I would also advise that you have stock before you have options. I think 80 to 90 is probably the best way to play it, but it's entirely up to you uh either way. I think the 14 strikes, as it is right now, the slightly in the money ones is a good solid option and i think that 15 strikes slightly out.

The money is a good, solid option. I would play probably you know 60 percent of the in the money and 40 out the money if you want to play the most secure route that you possibly can in order to keep that intrinsic value in case, you are wrong in case it doesn't end up Working out so um, that's my personal opinion. That's my strategy, but you do what you want to do absolutely fox fire says why do calls you can just buy stock. You know, i think it is the most important thing to buy stock and it is important to remember that when you buy call options, it doesn't actually affect the stock price unless you're buying out the money, call options that end up running in the money and they Get hedged for by market makers causing a gamma squeeze, but you can't have a gamma squeeze without first having people buy stock and having a large you know, consumption of stock over the market right.

So it's way more important that people buy stock than to buy options, because you can't have a gamma squeeze if people aren't buying stocks. So just keep that in the back of your mind, all right trey, i feel squeezy, so very, very squeezy silver backed pyre good, to see you here, brother. I can smell those tendees, you know what it is. You know what it is.

Man absolutely someone's still using uh covet as an excuse to not work. No, i'm working man, i'm just on my lunch break. Just on my lunch break. If you say happy birthday to my little brother, uh chupa, my virgo, he turns 10 today well happy birthday to chupa my virgin.

I hope i said that right. My friend uh and you know you're in the double units now you're in the double digits now, so it only goes up hill from there soon you'll be getting your your driver's license. You know what it is. Spy is dumping yeah, that's a little bit of a sell-off and that's an increase in volume too.

So i would say: that's a malicious uh. You know intent sell-off. I mean when volume picks up like that on sell-offs, it's either a shorting or b um big money. Moving out right, so those are the two kind of consequences and realities of.

When you see big dumps like this on the market, i wouldn't call it what caught a you know a freaking crash or anything, but it is a sell-off for sure. For sure i mean that's some pretty significant volume right there amc sitting about 14 and 32 cents, and i can almost guarantee you sure, as the second that i log on for this live stream, is when you're going to see amc go to freaking fat, lemon pepper, Tendy town, again chicken church, kraken kingdom, it's gon na be absurd. Every single time. Every single time i swear to christ, i swear to christ.

It always happens, chupa wait. What does that mean? You guys are laughing now. I got ta google this. What does this mean? You freaking silly chickens, god dang it pop.

Second, i always oh, that was a good one. That was a good one. All right! All right! You got me, you got me, you got me dang. I wouldn't have even caught that if the chat wasn't going nuts, i wouldn't even i wouldn't have even caught that caesar.

That was solid man. That was solid. That was solid, i'll give it to you. I can't really laugh at that.

That's good, oh dude, solid! You deserve uh, you deserve a freaking, that's that's an a that's, an a. I give you an a plus in terms of uh getting caught. You got me man, no fans or buts. About that see.

That's an example. Let that be the example of how to get got i'll. Tell you that right now that was good! Oh jeez sagan wins again, he sure does. If i can diamond hand to 400 per share, i can be debt free and set for life.

Should i practice on giving my notice at work, yeah man write up, write up something real nice and rehearse it. You don't want to mess that up. You don't want to mess that up. That's for sure.

I have 2700 shares at 8.98 says mike 4 000 plus cash balance, and i continue to buy five shares every time. They've done for the past two days. Let's go, you know what it is. Baby keep grinding, keep grinding, where's lamp lamp is right here, baby lam's right here, so the lamp from oklahoma is in oklahoma.

It's got to stay there. I didn't take it back with me in the car and you wouldn't be able to see it anyways just by you know the way that my camera's angled towards the wall - i i don't want you guys. Looking at my bathroom every time i go to take a leaky wiki, but that's what you're looking at my resignation will be grand absolutely. I do need an arrow you're right, you're.

Absolutely right! I got a little more sleep last night for anybody wondering by the way. Yesterday i got like uh two days ago. I got about two hours of sleep last night. I think i got about four and a half, so i'm feeling pretty dang good.

That is uh. That is a step in the right direction. You guys should be very proud of how healthy i've been very, very, very freaking, proud. Absolutely, why was the borrow rate and days to cover so dang low? Well, i could tell you about the uh the days to cover the days cover is super easy right, so the days to cover is the relationship of short interest, divided by the overall average volume for a given period of time right.

So if you're looking at the three month days to cover it's currently staying about 1.33 - and this would be the short interest divided by three month - average volume right now - let's just look at this on the two week. Obviously, it's gon na be lower because the volume is picked up, so the reason this has gone lower is because the volume is higher over the last couple of days and what we've seen respectively, over the last two weeks and the last three months right. So that's why you're seeing that difference in the days to cover ratio? So that's kind of you know my two cents on that. As far as the cost of borrow goes, i anticipate the casa bar went down because there could have been.

This is a hypothesis speculation. I can't prove it right: it's just based on information that i've read online based on information from different documents and different people have done research. The share recall right so there could have been some recalling some loan recalling from the lenders who have lent out stock to individual members and borrowers right and if that happens, it means there's more available shares for shorting, which we saw got scooped up super freaking fast. Today, right, but that of more available shares makes it less hard to borrow stock in a short term period of time right, which can drop that cost to borrow a decent amount right.

So that's my hypothesis, that's why i think it went down and also because, if you look at the last couple of days, let's just look at this on a five day right today and yesterday have been green. But before that we had a little bit of a sell-off a little bit of a correction right, and that is also going to drop that cost, to borrow so typically the more shorts that are in the red, the more deep you know, i i shouldn't say in The money, but the more red they are right, the more danger of them getting margin called and not having enough collateral is the more risky right. There's there's higher costs to borrow for those sort of securities and that's going to go back up man. I can almost guarantee you that's going to go back up, so just keep watching people are saying.

Microvision is going nuts right now. Should i check this out mvis up nine percent yeah baby? Where did you go? My girl, mavis, my girl maeve, is doing the dirty doing the dirty you love seeing it. You absolutely absolutely do. Maybe she'll get back up to this range eventually, but this is a squeezable stock as well.

Look at the overall vortex data. Microvision has some pretty heavy short interest. First thing: you're looking for is a break over 16 right, so watch for that clean breaker for 16 bucks. I mean the momentum on this today is absolutely disgusting.

This could very definitely do it. I mean it could easily do it. It's just going to depend on if it gets that clean breaker for 16 bucks, because between that and you know, 31 dollars not as much resistance, there's a lot of room to run after that 16 mark. So that's what i would watch for absolutely emc is sitting about 14 and 25 cents right now.

We could get a little bit of a george w set up now. What is the george w if you're not familiar? This is a double bottom right, so it just means that you have two times that you test a level of support with two bottom outs and it bounces back up looking for a break over the neckline about 14 and 40 cents, and then ultimately, you want to Get that break back over the v wap the volume average price and this descending level of resistance. So that's what i'm watching for as it tits right now absolutely is 100k share really possible. How would there be enough buyers at 50k, 100k etc? Help us noobs out says philip okay, so the the theory behind a 100k you know, ceiling on amc, stock or floor on amc stock, essentially is the fact that there's unlimited losses that can be had by you know hedge funds.

They think you can have infinite downside in terms of how much you can lose for a short position. So, hypothetically speaking, if every single ape on planet earth that holds the mc stock decided, they didn't want to settle to a hundred thousand dollars, and there was no other. You know person that they could sell the stock to. They have to buy back from right.

You've got yourself the up the potential for a really really high amount of upside right. But what i really want to preface you know - and you know double down on - is that i just want you guys to make your own individual decisions right. Don't let anybody on youtube reddit discord, uh instagram twitter, wherever you're reading about amc stock? Don't let them tell you when to sell right if you have the opportunity to make life-changing money, millions of dollars right whatever it ends up being just make sure you're taking care of yourself feeding yourself and walking away with an opportunity to really change your life and Other people's lives right. So that's that's the things that i wanted to say about that ghost.

I see you in the chat by the way man uh. I i'd like. If you send me a message on discord, i i really really would i want to catch up with you, because i i've you know been chatted with by a couple of people in discord that uh. You know we're kind of worried about you, man and i'm worried about you too.

I wan na make sure you're, okay, i wan na make sure you're, okay, so um. I appreciate you as a person, and i wan na - be able to talk with you so that we can uh just so i can catch up. I really wan na make sure your well-being is okay, man. So that's something that you know.

I saw your comments on. One of my videos and uh - i just wanted to get back to you. Man so shoot me a message on discord. I love the chat.

I really would. I really would i want to make sure you're, okay, brother, thank you for streaming during lunch break, my dude. Go get some subway and some lunch subway, i'm sure on me: apes, together, strong, hey, you know what it is. You know what it is brother.

You know what it is. Absolutely my dad azura was born last night. Uh bought more shares of amc to provide her for her life, free of the financial stress to the moon. Hey there, you go there, you go and congratulations to your daughter, man, that's freaking, sick! That's awesome, drop some gorillas in the chat for freaking zora.

That's a cool name. I like that name. I really do i'm liking the ghost in the chat too. I'm liking those ghosts cj.

I appreciate that trey i keep getting called at bot. Slash show because i say 500k is not possible. Why? Because i would put amc shares at uh, 2.1 quadrillion entire market and crypto included is 1.7 quadrillion. So the thing about you know the market cap right.

So i've done the math. I've done the math on if amc would hit 105 or 100 000 right. The current liquidity that is in the us economy, the us stock market, is sitting at about 49 trillion dollars. Now the market cap on amc stock would be 45 trillion dollars if it were to hit a hundred thousand dollars right, which is you know, 95 percent of the overall equity - that's currently sitting in the stock market.

Now the thing about this too, and just think about this - how it sits is most of these hedge funds and market makers. There's gon na be some guys that go broke. There is 100 percent like these guys if they have to pay astronomical prices are gon na. First, it's gon na be hedge funds.

Hedge funds will pay. This will fall back on the market makers or the lenders that lent out stock to these hedge funds, so they can turn it into the market. They'll have insurance policies. They'll have collateral right, so they can pay money and if they go broke, you've got the nscc, which has an insurance policy right.

That is essentially going to uh spot money to go into the market to cover these different positions. So i'm sure some of this money. If this were to happen, right is going to come from the the u.s stock market right, the u.s economy, but some of it's also going to come from the national. You know security, clearing corporation and from market makers and from money.

That's liquidity, that's not! Actually. In the stock market, so i'm not going to say yes or no to either. I think that the floor is the freaking ceiling as far as how high amc stock can go, but um that's just some of the math right just so. You can understand the significance of uh the difficulty right.

I think it's going to be extremely extremely difficult. I'm not saying it's not going to happen to 100 thousand right, i'm not saying anything. I'm saying it's gon na be extremely difficult. It's gon na take everything lining up exactly perfect and we all know that we all know that right.

That's that's absolutely. What we're talking about! That's that this is this is betting against the odds when you're playing amc stock, you're fighting against the man you're talking about you know the reality of how freaking once in a lifetime of an opportunity. This is. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see what amc is doing right now.

My friends at 100 percent is hyaku pasento. This is crazy stuff, like i don't think, i'm gon na see this again in my lifetime. Should we do a little bit of a bear trap? Lamp off lamp on bam, bam bam boom. One thing that i would like to say, though, is as long as apes support apes right.

We do. We we help each other out. We don't have to agree and have the same opinions on what's happening with amc stock, although we just don't want cobas right, we don't want people fighting against the cause. We don't want those people who have infiltrated the army, saying hey like you're stupid for this you're stupid.

For that you know this, isn't the move. This isn't the move right. Ultimately, we just need to help each other out, even if we have different opinions right. We just got to help each other out, because that's what apes do we hold each other up and it saves together strong simple as that right.

Psychological warfare is 100 percent going to happen. Definitely rich greenfield went private mode, you'd love to see it silly chicken, oh jeez, are you growing that stash just in case there isn't enough room on the rocket for everyone? Everyone needs a ride. Who wants a ride on the mustache baby? Who wants it? Who wants to ride the mustache? I got you guys. Do me one favor, real quick.

This is just my lunch break. If you wouldn't mind doing me, a favor just drop a like on the video, whatever you want to do, if not i'm chilling, but it helps youtube algorithm, blah blah blah. I know the whole spiel, whatever that's the one time i'm gon na ask during this live stream. All right trade.

That picture of you with the mustache is awesome. You look like you're ready for some old-time fist, fisticuffs dude, so that that picture is actually from last summer. Uh i can grow a pretty mean beard, i'm not gon na lie. It's a.

I can grow a decent beard. It comes in a little bit red because i am half irish but uh. It's a pretty pretty decent beard, i'm not i'm not too mad about it. Instagram, let's see if i can find it really quick.

I think i've got a picture back here. Little ways yeah there she is redbeard man redbeard, that's the way. That is the way, wait and see if we end up getting this george w set up right here. Looking at the level twos, no huge level of resistance, but i anticipate 14 yeah.

1450 has 7 000 shares, so that's the largest level, which lines up just the hair over that volume, rated average price. If you're going to clean break over the v wob, the volume average price, all that you're looking for is that 1450 market should come with it right. You just want a wide range candle. Something like this right.

This is an example of a wide range candle that gets followed through with volume that to me is going to signify. You got a clean break over that v-wap as long as you get trend continuation. So that's what you're looking for to get back over that volume weight average price you get that beard back. I know man someday someday it'll happen, we'll get there we'll get there we're looking for some more of the freaking boom boom candles.

We just got ta, wait and see what happens. We got a bottom and tail on this one minute, so that's good a little bit of a sign of weakening and selling pressure right. Typically, what this means, when you have a bottoming tail or a wick like that, is sellers, try to push the price down and buyers, bring it back up because they don't want it at whatever significant level you're trying to bring the price down with the short sellers Grow your beard back, i can't with my job i can't with my job, but i will someday uh use screenshot of some dd. I did thoughts.

I need your uh. I need your twitter handle. If you give me that i can help you out not to take away from amc, i know time is short but holy toledo. Our girl, mavis, is moving on that uh space force.

New microvision is going stupid, dumb right now up 15 to 1582 up 10. I mean that's nastiness that is as good as it gets with almost no resistance. I mean this is just as clean of a move as you could possibly get stash power. I can't have a mustache, that's true.

We need some merch in austria too, so you will be able to get the merch anywhere in the world. We just got to get that uh that store back up and running. It's been down for a little while, just because to be honest with you guys, um there's, there's kind of two things i feel a little bit guilty. Trying to you know i i feel guilty talking about amc and you guys are trying to scrounge together.

Every single dollar you can to you know make make ends meet right, so you can pay your bills and also invest or whatever you want to do and like. It feels weird for me to sell merch. You know and make money off of essentially just things that we've talked about like it's just a strange concept for me, and i i know i probably shouldn't feel that way and there's some actually some other business stuff that ended up you know was the reason why We took that down, but it's kind of the reason why i've been slow slow to get it back up. If you want me to be in real right, i just feel kind of bad about it.

I i don't know i don't know. Maybe i shouldn't care, but this is what it is. I try not to take advantage of people. I uh, i don't know whatever whatever so i have a hard time plugging.

Like i hate talking about my discord, i hate talking about the weeble link. I hate talking all that stuff. I'd rather just chat. You know chill everybody, because i'm i'm doing well like i don't need it.

You know i just don't everyone show a beard pic. Let's do it i'll show it again, bam, redbeard, all right, big fan of hubs, and i love your videos. Next time you talk to adam aaron, you should suggest having screenings of rise of the planet of the apes. Oh 100.

Definitely. Definitely. Definitely all right. Trey wtf is up dog have a good day.

You too leo. I had a friend in high school that was named leo. I did this guy with a beard is up no get out of here. Get out of here get out of here get out of here.

I think i speak for everyone when i say thank you for your energy. Here's, the lamps, only fans to the moon guys. Should i make a lamp only fans. What do you think? What do you think should we get that done? I didn't realize i was still on microvision, so my apologies sitting about 29 14.29 level, two's biggest level resistance, currently at 1431., i'm going to draw that up not even going to draw that up, because that is super easy to push through.

I mean this: these cell walls are nothing. These are freaking cracks. These are cracks in a uh in amsterdam, you're looking at cracks the sliver of a hair thick, that's just nothing! I was trying to speak in english, weird stuff h. I have a 30 call for june 11 is up 52.

Would you keep or sell so if it ends up retesting, this 1450 mark and rejects, and it sells off pretty hard? I would take profits right and you can always just rinse and repeat if it comes up to 15 after a breakthrough 1450 and it rejects. You know you can sell, take profits, rinse and repeat, but if it breaks over 15 man, you just keep rocking until the trend discontinues and you can rinse and repeat with those call options. That's the whole purpose, in my opinion, of the call options is to make money while you're waiting for amc to go. That's why that's my thoughts on it? You know absolutely good thing.

You butchered, oh, i know man, no good, no good man, you're not gon na get me. I already got. I already got duped today. I already got duped.

You mentioned that shared count will include usa and canada. Why not the rest of the world, which could be huge, also will fake shares, be exposed at count? So from what i know, i i don't have an exact answer for why they only take us in canada. All that i know you know from my understanding. Right.

Take some very heavy hints there from my understanding, it's just all that they track right. So all of their tracking is u.s and canada doesn't take into consideration europe, asia, africa, lots of other countries in the world. So we could very very very, very easily have a lot more retail investors as far as exposing fake shares or the synthetics right, which you can think of as naked shorts and failure to delivers right. They might expose a small amount of them.

We don't know if they're gon na get everything. This is from my understanding. Take a big hint here from my understanding right, they're only going to show what they can definitively prove right. They can't play the game of speculation, so if they can't prove exactly where these these shares are coming from the fact that they can see and tangibly, you know account for them.

They're not going to say anything right, so they're only going to expose what they know right, but even if they expose something right, they show that the overall share count is higher than it's supposed to exist. Mission accomplished it's as simple as that. At that point you know you're looking at a legal body stepping in and making something happen. I mean it's as simple as that.

Ah, can you please shout out my sister myra. I thought i was getting duped again. I thought i was trying to get got, but i will shout out your sister maya. I appreciate that man shout out for sure trade trades turn me off.

They turn me back on. Trey's lamp, only fans, i love it. That's gold, oh geez, uh. By giving the people the 1450 is prices where the squeeze should start is the same as giving a date.

If it doesn't happen, then it creates panic. It gives hedge funds a price to scare people, at my opinion, essential hard worker. I see what you're saying right but uh, basically all what i'm doing, i'm telling you, i think the difference between that and you know overall, you know dates - is the fact that this is just based on technical analysis right, it's as simple as these are technical breakout Levels, and so far you know i haven't - got everything right, i'm going to be honest, like i've gotten stuff wrong i'll own that right, but i would say i've got a pretty decent batting average. You know you know just using technical analysis, basic trends, basic candles, basic 15 i made 200ma i've been we've been able to predict.

You know a lot of these moves that have happened so just based on technical analysis. 14.50. You know, i would say 70. 80 percent of the time just based on the setup you're looking at the opportunity for a hard push.

I think it's as simple as that, but i totally get your point man i i i understand where you're coming from, maybe that's something that we shouldn't do, but i i just try to give people as much information as i can, because people want answers. You know i'm not gon na, send any dates. It's as simple as that, i'm not gon na tell people when it's gon na squeeze. I'm just saying look.

This is the next step. This is the confirmation box, the next box that we need to check. So all right, trey give a shout out to my ape recruits brian dozenberry dan chef and jp party, we're rocking afc to the end. Hey shout out to all those guys.

My man appreciate you stopping in absolutely have you seen. The share. Float is 536 million from 450 million, but it should be 43 million added really according to weeble. It says it's 448 million.

So where are you getting that information from weeble says 448, which makes sense from 417. at least more sense? If you have a, if you have a link, i can check that out, but weeble is saying: 448 million total share free float, which, after the 43 million share at the market, offering makes sense, like that's not surprising, to me. Ortex, we're in ortex shares outstanding, says 536 million. Hmm, i'm trying to think.

I don't really know. I got ta be honest with you, because that doesn't make any sense, because the the original shares outstanding should be about 450 million right so adding 43. You should have about 493 total millions, so i don't know where they're coming up with that extra. You know uh, you know extra 40 million or so shares um.

That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. To me, matt knows: i'm gon na have to get a hold of matt afterwards, i'm only gon na be on here for a couple more minutes guys, but i'm gon na shoot him a text and see we can figure out. It sure is freaking pissed sure, as it always gets the last couple minutes i'm gon na be live streaming is when you see this thing, starting to make a little bit of a push. Look at this.

The george w set up almost came picture perfect to fruition. That's looking pretty good, coming up close to that v watt, the volume weighted average price test. That's looking pretty decent, yes, sir. Yes, sir, look at a little bit of that boom boom candle, not too freaking bad! That's what's up, but this is january with you in amc.

I have a contact at project burritos. Would you be interested about citadel and their market manipulation? Yeah that'd be freaking, sick dude send them my way. Send them my way. I'll drop, my uh i'll drop.

My email here, i think, that's what it is. That's my email. If you want to check it out, i just dropped in the chat bar for business inquiries. Only please right! That's that's it's just it's very, very important! That's for business stuff! So send it that way! I'll check it out coming up close to that viwa baby, all right, so i'm gon na read through the rest of these.

Just so that i can uh, you know, get back to work. I don't want to miss any people that uh. You know that have sent me stuff and i appreciate you immensely means a lot. Try to send you a song i made on twitter for the apes i'll check that out.

My man appreciate that hedge funds are dead cats absolutely they're going down under. I cannot wait for the freaking market of the apes to come to fruition i'll call matt when i get off this live stream. I got ta get off in a couple minutes here, so i can go back to work, but i appreciate that nonetheless, thank you guys. Trey all day, can you make candles too, with your products just green candles that smell like banana? Absolutely, you know what it is.

Ortex found a huge miss. Is it that big or text tweet all right, we'll finish it off with this or text tweet? And then i got ta head back, i'm guessing! This is the one yes, sir, so that would have been as of may 14th right, 94.58 million total shares shorted onto amc stock right. So that's looking pretty decent we're coming up to that v1 man, a little bit of a topping tail 43 million shares. Miss i'm gon na have to call him.

I'm gon na call him once i get out of here and then i'll i'll figure something out, but i appreciate you guys. I do got ta get back to work. I wish that i could stick around and figure this out. I apologize.

I really really do everybody draw me a super chat. It does mean a lot to me, but i just wanted to come in here and uh. You know give you the opportunity to chat and do whatever you got to do, but i'll be back. I'm going to do my my evening, video as per usual and we'll be back in cooking with crisco.

So thanks everybody that's tuned in. I appreciate you. I really do got to get back to work so means a lot. You guys carry on with your day, hot alone.

The ape army is freaking, strong as it gets catch y'all in the next one, much love and peace.

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