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Good morning everybody we're back. Well, i guess it's not really morning anymore, 11. 15. Here in oklahoma, i guess some people might consider that morning.

I don't know if you do or not what is up how we doing today guys it's uh. I was gon na. Do a live stream this morning went over to brian jung's channel to uh chat with him and a couple other people i met. I met a guy named humphrey and bruce just talked about amc, some other stuff and we're gon na get to the meat potatoes.

Today, the stuff that i love talking about had a great time, but i am real happy to be back here on the channel with the community. Welcome to everybody who's new uh. We do technical analysis and stuff, it's pretty fun uh. If you're, not mine, drop a like that's all, i ask you know: don't do it for me.

Do it because apes together, you know apes together, strong. We like this stock. That's all i'm talking about my friends all right. So if you are new to the live streams, what we do here is we give live price action on amc gamestop.

We do ticker recommendations and suggestions uh. If you want me to cover a ticker of course, we do try to stick to amc and gamestop. That is my primary focus, but if you do have a pressing question, we will talk about it as such blackberry holy toledo. She is going right now, looking clean.

Why did this happen? Why did blackberry take off well? This is the technical analysis aspect that i have to offer why i think blackberry's taking off right now. Is it broke this really harsh downward channel and what happens? Look at this look at this guys. This is insane. She is really really running right now, so we've got this downward channel that broke.

It broke out of this downward selling pressure and if we look here at some candle wicks, i'm very interested very interested to see how this would look on a five minute chart. And if we look here at the significant levels, so this is pretty significant guys. It looks like we did break over a pretty huge bump right here. Oh yeah, that's a wide range candle bar.

We got some really heavy price action moving right on on blackberry. It looks good. These are wide range candle bars. These huge price action covered uh green candles.

That indicates a lot of strong buying pressure, rsi extremely high right now. Volume is really starting to pump 717 000 in one minute very high. The bid side of things is really moving right now guys. This looks this looks real promising.

I feel good about what's happening with blackberry. What is my twitter, my twitter? I will pull it up right now for anybody uh. I do tweet actually quite a bit for anybody that is interested in my page. It is uh.

It's very easy to find. It is simply trays, trades, uh, so i'll pull up here to the top give you the handle. It is uh at trades tray and that's where you'll find me. I i do post stuff in here all the time.

Some of it's funny. Some of it's uh, someone's just joking around some of it, is uh irrelevant information. If you decide to follow it, that's cool! If not that's cool too. I promise you.

I don't really care that much. I'm just glad to be doing these live streams with my friends. Zach baker. Thank you for the donation.

The super chat, my friend as well as xynx. I appreciate you guys very much covering acb. I will take a quick peek at acb, aurora cannabis, so we'll take a peek at this stock. Real quick and just take a look at how things are going right now, so on the one month chart we do have a pretty significant thing that just happened.

We broke over a huge level of uh of resistance right here. If we actually move this to the top of these wicks yeah man, so that looks good. Actually, i went on a live stream with uh with ice beside and i was just chatting with them about stocks and i said yeah man a lot apparently and everyone was like commenting yeah man in the comment section. Like a million times, i got a kick out of it um, but yeah man.

As i said, we broke through the support level, the wide range candle bar and it looks really promising right now. So what are we looking at on the one month chart? Well, we are in a nice upward, moving channel. We did break out of this uh downward moving channel, which looks very promising. You know if we, if we connect the lines here, broke out of that in a nice upward moving channel right now.

We can connect the lines here and actually we broke above this. You can think of this as a level of resistance, and once we broke through that level of resistance, this ascending level of resistance, this channel, it's uh, it pumped hard, and you can see also right. We've got this level of resistance right here and then this is now acting as a level of support, as you can see, by these candle wicks. We we tightened up and we pushed above that level of uh resistance running really hard right now.

So, what's a good entry point? Well, i wouldn't chase this right now, it's a it's a pretty hard chase, i'd, wait for a pullback and a good strong stock, pull back you're. Looking at you know, 50, but uh. If we look at this previous one, you know we do see that the trend does uh tend to be pretty harsh. We gave back 100 this last time, so i would watch i'd watch very closely and once you see a hard bounce uh, then i would consider getting in and what do i need? What do i mean by hard bounce? Something like this.

You see this right here. A huge wide range candle bar on the one hour time frame at that point, i feel pretty comfortable with you getting into the stock, but right now it's a chase be very careful if you're gon na get into it now do it as a day trade and Just watch really closely all right, xenix hope you do hope, you're well bro. I am doing well dm if you need youtube, help i'll. Keep that in mind.

Man and i know you've got a huge channel. I've checked it out before i. I think i watched one of your your uh red dead redemption uh fail videos. I i got a crack out of it.

It was pretty funny. I'm gon na come back here to amc, real quick, oh looks like she's doing something too we'd love to see it. We'd love to see it guys, man all right. Let's see it looks like we are up nine percent on the day and we did look to break.

It looks like we broke. We're gon na see if this is a false break or not, but that's a nice wide range candle so we're looking for a follow through with another wide range green candle bar and that will signify that we ran check milk out it's a running nokia's running. Thank you by the way, brett hope your wife is doing well. I know i always say that so one thing that i want to show you guys that's really interesting about noke and bb.

Is they tend to run at the exact same time so check this out? Noke, i'm gon na pull this up real, quick and bb. Their price action is nearly identical. It's insane look at this. Doesn't that look familiar to you i mean the pullback on noko is definitely harsher, but it's the same chart setup guys.

That is nuts. That's all! That's all that i need to say to tell you there's some crazy stuff happening right now on the market as far as uh legality, but it is running, it looks clean guys. I, like that, a lot i'm gon na zoom out here just so i can get a better uh whole scale picture of what's happening with nokia, but essentially what it looks like is we had the george w, so i actually looked at this on brian jung's live Stream and what we have here is an inverse head and shoulders. So we've got the head shoulder shoulder neckline we broke above that neckline and it was off to the races, so that looks real real clean.

We had a false break above this level of resistance, but i don't feel bad about this at all. If i had to guess where this is gon na we're gon na go level off if it does continue to bleed a little bit 50 463. I bet it's gon na be the bottom here. I feel pretty good about it all right, gon na check out quick, uh cameron, siegler.

Thank you for the the super chat. My friend fellow vet mps lead the way, amc predictions on closing price predictions for tomorrow. Following re removal of ssr first off, thank you for your service, my friend. I do appreciate that a lot.

It is great to talk to a fellow brother uh. It's it's very tough to say it's gon na depend a lot on how much this stock runs up. Right so if we see an end of day price on amc somewhere around 10 11 12, which i don't think is out of the out of the question here i mean in the pre market, we touched up at nine dollars and nine cents. So i don't think it's out of the question and we just need to see a break over this level right here, so we had a head and shoulders pattern a little bit of a bleed nice bounce off.

This ascending level of support coming back up re-testing and we need to just push through. We need a wide range candle bar and uh. If we do see that i think 10 11 at the end of the day very realistic and then from there uh. It's going to set us up better for the future so that we can.

We can prevent the shorts from continuing to latter us down uh, because eventually they're gon na have to cover that's my that's my prediction: jimmy thank you for the donation. My friend only got into mbis because of you and ten dollars is the least i could give you yeah man dude, i knew nbis was gon na run. Today i called it. I so called it, i'm so pumped.

If people got into this. I don't know if you guys got the opportunity to check out my mbis video this morning, but uh i put out a video on mbis and i'm so so pumped, because this is my girl man, i love nbis. This is my stock. This is the stock that gets me up in the morning mavis.

I love my girlfriend. The death mavis very close, second, very, very close second, so we're gon na come over here to the channel and just show you guys. I did put out a video on nvis. This morning, uh six hours ago, saying hey: this is gon na run up and uh sure enough.

We are seeing an insane run up up 21 today and it's interesting because um they actually had a huge steak taken in the company. They do have a nice 1 million share stake uh in the company now and i think it's by michigan something i covered in my video. But i don't remember the exact name, so look up mbis one million uh stock and it should pop up i'm willing to bet you thinking about buying an emc. No, that's not it uh to do one million stock.

I think it was michigan something michigan, one million. Well, yeah: well, what you! What you need to know is: there was a 1 million share buy-in and that that probably influenced the price here, so i feel pretty good about it. Kloku. Thank you.

So much for the super chat. My friend check out asana real, quick. Pretty please you don't even need to see, so you don't even need to say pretty, please i'll, just do it for you, my friend, we're cooking with crisco. Thank you for the super chat.

I appreciate you very. Very much means a lot to me. Check us out on the one month chart um it had a pretty hard pullback, a long pullback. This honestly reminds me a lot of uh when microvision saw a down down swing for a while, but it bounced off at 50 and that typically shows a lot of strength in buyers.

So if you're looking to get into this and hold for a while, i don't see an issue with buying in right now i do anticipate you're going to see a retest of 40 and 25 cents consistent volume. Maybe just wait for a small pullback, i would say: uh likely a good area to buy in at would be somewhere around here got a couple. Different candlewick touches about 36.92. If you wait for a pullback to there, i think you're gon na do pretty well.

That is the best that i have to offer you. My friend hope that i hope that helps your question out. Gibson. Thank you for the donation as well.

I have to ask how you think the hedge funds, doubling down on the short position yesterday, will affect the day the squeeze could happen. I have that information ready readily available for you now. So, let's pull it up. If we look at uh we're gon na pull up amc here on on ortex and ortex is a great resource, because, essentially what it does is.

It provides the most relevant information regarding uh different, different statistics on a stock. So amc, for instance, you know i don't have they don't have the the most up-to-date short volume on amc, so we use fintel for that, but they do have other great information. So we're going to show you the overall short interest currently in amc first, and what we have here is a total, if i remember right about 120 million in volume, so once this loads, yep, 120 million in short volume, 26 short volume ratio compared to the total Market volume on the second of february, which is higher, we sell them double down. That is uh, that's almost two times as high as we previously saw, and we have total here the utilization, which is 85.83 percent uh, meaning that i'll just pull this up.

They're gon na be able to describe it better than i can, but essentially utilization is the amount of lendable shares for shorting. Zero percent means that no shares have been borrowed or lent. 100 means that all shares available to borrow have or lend at a lending program have in fact been lent. So essentially, we have a lot of utilization, and this is not including the naked shorting happening right now right.

This doesn't include shares that that are counterfeit, that they can't account for because it's illegal, so that tells everything you know guys it's uh, it's extremely high and short percentage, and what that means is. They are doubling down right now and we're close to where they're doubling down is the days to cover on loan is low, and typically, if the days the cover on loan is low, this means that it takes less time for the shorts to cover their positions. So it means that typically you're closer to their overall buy-in price, which makes sense because amc has been getting absolutely schwacked for a little while now uh. So we're gon na come back here, and i anticipate that if this, if this pushes over you know 12 13 14 bucks again that decent cover is going to start really inching up.

And i wouldn't be surprised in the least bit to see that that days to cover go up and that's a good thing. Basic cover being high means that they, they have to take more time to cover their positions and they can get out right. They can get out at any time they want, but to break even that's the anticipated days to cover that's what that that's what that means so hope that answers your question my friend sspk before i cover ssbk, i am going to read off some of these uh Super chats, thank you, alberto sean corey. I appreciate you very much my friend um did you do nicholas swim.

Brett hayes again appreciate that press laurent missed reigns ben jones, newan, nelson julius living rv dream. Thank you so much. Oh giancarlo ferrari that reminds me of guy fieri. I don't know why.

I appreciate it so much. My friends means a lot to me, so we're gon na answer we're going to answer your question about sspk in just a second, but i want to get a quick update on what's happening right now with amc. We did break out of this this descending level of resistance, this pennant formation right - and that is a good thing. This could actually be considered kind of a bullish flag, but i would consider this more of a wedge uh.

We did break out of that wedge. A nice wide range candle bar i'd like to see another candlestick like this right here to signify that we have in fact broken but we're getting there. I did actually increase my position today in amc to 386 here on uh on weeble, and i also have a position of about 150 on fidelity which is in the process of being transferred over here. I am not looking at selling yet not anytime.

Soon, the time to sell for this stock is going to be when the media stops covering the price action when they stop covering the shorts, the hedge funds. That is going to tell you everything you need to know, because when they have no purpose to cover this anymore, they just won't they're not going to talk about how we lost money. If we lost money or if we made money right, they're trying to scare people and that's why the media is covering it, so don't pay attention to wsb and when they tell you to stop they're gon na, be the last people to tell you to stop. Not that i don't like what they're doing right, i love what wsb is doing, but they're gon na be the last people to tell you to stop and when the media stops talking about it.

That's what i'm done so just want to get that out there, because i know people have been asking. We are also in an upward moving channel right now. I noticed this right off the bat that looks really nice and clean and i'm not saying we're going to continue this, but that is some really nice. Current growth uh looks very promising.

Current uh level of resistance. We're looking to break is the top of this head and shoulders pattern. We are tiptoeing with it right now, so we are going to check out sspk really quick. I see all you guys.

I love the gorillas, the gorillas apes together, strong man. I love those memes. Those are the those are the greatest memes dude they're, so good. Have you guys seen the planet of the the apes trilogy? That's probably my favorite movie series of all time.

I've seen them all front to back, probably like 15 times so good so good way before this was a meme way before it was a meme. So the retracement here was pretty harsh. It came down to 78.6 percent, so in terms of strength, not fantastic volume is consistent uh. This could be the beginning of a nice cup and handle formation, though you might be seeing a smaller dip form, and that would be a good indicator of some bullish run.

Uh good entry point to be honest with you: i'd wait a little bit. I'd wait a little bit. I think, there's an opportunity that it may pull back down to 2132 uh and that's that seems like a safer entry. If you're looking to hold this as a mid to long-term investment, i don't know anything about sspk as a company but as the chart is set up, i mean it does look like it's growing, so we're gon na look at this on the three-month chart and yeah.

This is a good setup, so i mean macroscopically speaking. They do. They do have continuous growth, so that looks very good uh. I would, i would say, you're fine i'll, just wait for a better opportunity to buy in probably 2138..

Maybe if you see a pullback to 2082, i like that a little bit more, but you might not get that opportunity all right, alnah! Thank you for the suggestion, sean. I appreciate you all now, elena elena, all right. We're gon na check this out and then give one more quick peek over at amc, real quick uh, looks, looks very similar to when no can be bb pumped and dumped. I'm gon na be honest with you, but it is upswinging again.

It looks very similar to the price action happening right now, with uh with bb and noke, so i'm gon na come back to la lna yeah right. So this is this is starting to swing again and so is noke right. So i think it's a pretty similar situation, but uh alan's definitely doing better. I would compare this more to noke.

It looks more like knocks chart, but uh. This is definitely having a nice bounce. I like that, a lot um, i think, you're okay. For now i would continue to hold.

This looks like a set up for a nice uh. Nice swing looks like it might come back up. I am, i would not sweat if i was you my friend hold it out, holding the line. That's what's up all right! Gon na come back here to amc and give back another update on where we were.

We were previously waiting for a break over that level of resistance and looking at the percentage that we are up for the day, i'm guessing we broke it. If i had to take a wild guess, i would say we broke it and we are tiptoeing with it so hard right now, guys tip toeing tip tone. I'm just kidding. Oh man, looking good yeah, it's not looking bad whatsoever.

Uh nice upward channel still really flirting with that uh that level of resistance volume is still pretty decent on the day. It is a little bit lower than we've seen in the past, we're not looking at a million per minute like we have previously, but it does look like it's picking up compared to the rest of the day and we are getting a retest we're getting a test. So we have two candle wicks three candle wicks touching. We need a hard push.

We need a wide range candle bar to push above this level of resistance or you're likely going to see a rejection. 15 ma is trading significantly higher than the 200 ema right now. Rsi approaching over bot, we really want to see that rsi go over 70, so we can get that next hard push over 8.73 tip tone with it. We need that hard push.

That is what we are waiting on. All right we're going to take a quick look at uh ctrm for corey hanneman, i actually like ctrm. I did suggest this play to a couple of people. I made some videos on it.

I i think they've got a lot of potential they're, a seaborn transportation. Basically, they they transport, uh, dry, bulk cargo, that kind of stuff uh a bunch of different materials and they're setting up real nice right now. So i i made a video on it, saying hey if they break out of this, this bullish, flag, formation, you'll likely see a push, and we have in fact saw that push. So if you got him when i told you to buy you're, doing good you're, crying man you're, looking good, i'm telling you right now, i would have continued to hold in ctrm.

This could just be the beginning, it's having this micro pullback, but guys. This is not a hard pullback does not look bad at all. We we only pulled back to 38.2 percent. That is some extreme strength in ctrm and c2rm does have a high amount of short interest as well.

So, let's check this out really quick. We're going to look at ctrm short interest, take a quick peek and it is 43 million which is 28 of the total market volume in comparison and uh. That is it's lower than we saw in the past. So we are seeing a little bit of a squeeze right um, but that's still significantly high.

That's that's not bad! I think ctrm is a good stock. I think you're likely to see a retest of a dollar within the next couple of days. Uh. That's my personal opinion.

I will continue to hold my friend all right. I'm gon na try and keep up with these super chats as much as i can so i'm gon na scroll down. I know i'm missing some of you guys. I really do sincerely apologize.

It's getting tough now that i have uh more people watching the stream. I do appreciate everybody by the way, if you would not mind dropping a like, because we like the stock and apes together, stronk baby. That's all i ask. That is all that.

I ask i'm going to come down here and read off everybody that has given me a super chat, because i appreciate all of you so much mike pop squash kiriakos. I'm sorry if i say anybody's name wrong, ryan hurd. I am a bot every day we are stronger. I will read everybody's as well.

I'm going to come back to the top misaki chastain david z, relic mark sir speaks a lot alex a thank you guys so much. It really does mean a lot to me. I appreciate the community here. It is my favorite part of doing youtube, my friends, so we're going to come back here to amc and i'm going to start off with uh with mike jacobson, hey trey want to check out atos and short interest and chart.

What's your thoughts, so we will check out atos uh. We did see a price rejection, so we did not get that wide range candle bar on amc for anybody wondering i don't think this is a bad thing. I think you're likely going to see a uh a hold right around here. If i had to take a guess - maybe a recess of 859 looking for a bounce there, but i will take a quick peek at ato's so pulling up atos.

This is a tosa therapeutics. Uh, i actually firmly like this company. I like it a lot i i don't think it can do bad here, regardless of a squeeze right. So if you look at them on a three-month chart, i think they've seen some pretty significant growth yeah.

So i mean we didn't see a drop-off right here, but they are on a nice upward channel right now, my friends, it looks dirty real dirty and i will pull up the short interest because you did ask about that. So atos short interest, just a quick peek here i don't need two t's. There we go so ato's short interest. We will take a quick peek close out some of these tabs, looking at 26 million total short volume, which is high 34 percent of total market volume.

That is a lot and it could be contributing to the movement we're seeing in the stock. Oh yeah, you should be so pumped man. You should be so pumped that is disgusting, filthy 26 million in short volume that is uh. I can't do math that's five times as high as the previous day's short volume.

I like that. That's dirty you're, looking good, my friend, you look real real filthy right now. I expect a hard push here very soon. That was a bad bet.

Oh, i would not have bet against atos right now. That is not a good decision. I don't understand it guys. Why do people short against the grain? It's not a bad thing to short a stock shorting a stock when a stock is bearish makes sense.

It's a way to make money shorting atos, but it's been on uh when it's been on a little five day stretch of crushing that does not make sense at all. That makes that makes zero sense, you're looking at breaking a level of resistance right around here and if you do push through 330, you will likely see a retest very soon of 395.. I think atos is set up beautifully right now. You are doing you're doing real good, my friend, so that is how it looks for you, mike jacobson, papa squash or not papa squash pop squash.

If you check out ryder, make a video on it, please kind of looks like a bull flag, but i'm not sure i will take a quick peek at ride. I think this is an electric vehicle company isn't. I think i have made a video on them in the past lordstown motors yeah, so lordstown this uh. This is this - is kind of a bullish, flag formation yeah, it's very close, very close.

So it's not an exact science right. Technical analysis is uh, a general generality, so you're looking for like patterns, and we do have a pattern here. We have a pattern of a descending level of uh of resistance and an ascending level of support. You know i mean this is kind of an asterisk right.

You have, you have instances where things break, but it overall does look like it is forming a bullish flag. This is a bullish indicator. I like it it's it's stair stepping it isn't an upward moving. Uh channel we're setting higher lows and higher highs.

I i like it. This looks bullish to me now is a good time. I would wait maybe a day it is a green day. It's up.

Five percent wait for a pullback if you're looking to enter. That's my opinion, all right, kuriakos naked, to be honest with you, my friend, i think naked is a distraction. I think people are talking about naked and i'm not trying to insult you at all. This is my personal opinion.

Take it for what it is, i'm not a financial advisor. I do have to say that every day, but i think naked is being used as a way to kind of dilute, what's happening with the rest of the situation here. So the volume is absolutely insane right. Now i will say that, but uh yeah we'll just look at the chart, we'll we'll give you a fair analysis.

I don't want to uh there's no hard feelings whatsoever if you're out here making money. I am so happy for you, my friend, but we do have what appears to be the beginning of a bullish flag formation, so we're going to connect these touch points and within the next couple of hours. Maybe not even that long, i would say within the next 30 minutes. You should see a pretty hard push, either above or below that trend line uh, and i would estimate that it's going to go up uh.

The volume is dying down a little bit, but it is probably people waiting to buy until we see a hard push and it does look like we're starting to get one right now. So i guess we'll see what happens, but it doesn't look bad. My friend when or why will the shorts be forced to buy to buy back so you can't hold something forever right, uh. If you i mean, i suppose they could hold it for a year if they want it, but the interest rate is extremely high on these short positions that they hold so uh we're.

Looking we're looking uh they're gon na have to cover soon. That's just that's just how it is that's um, as for when you know, if they straight up to shortest stock, there's no way for us to know that, but if they have options and options expire, that is something that's predictable right, so the options that expired last Friday, uh, that that was that's something that we can predict. We do know that they have to buy those back this week, um as for actual short positions, that's not as predictable. I wish i could give you a better answer, my friend, but i always want to be real, transparent, never bs, you guys, and that is my take.

Thank you again. I am a bot every day we are stronker all right. Please shout out me and my bro. My coochie god dang it you guys why you keep doing this, you guys suck.

I can't do. Oh man, man, man, man, man, sundial. Yes, i can take a look at sunday. I did this go over naked chased in.

So i'm not ignoring your your message. I hope that you were able to see that sundial sundial looks like it's bleeding today, but i will look at this on the one month chart in retrospect. I did have a nice run up here in the in the uh pre-market, which looks good. I did actually make a video about this.

Anticipating that you'd see a nice push here, uh and it looks good. It doesn't look bad at all. I would uh wait for a pullback if you're looking for an entry, because we have not found the bottom yet find a guess based on price action. You're gon na be looking at uh, one dollar nineteen cents.

I think that's where it's gon na end. We've got one two candle wicks touching here: a doji candle right in the middle there, oh yeah, i am guessing with pretty high uh conviction about a dollar 20.. That is my opinion. Uh volume pretty decent.

It is on a nice upward run right now, but yeah be careful, be careful with sundial. That's my only uh only concern it isn't a nice upper moving channel, but i don't know how long that hype is going to last. So if you want to take profits, i would not not be mad whatsoever at you doing so. Uh, it's always good to secure the bag unless you're an amc, in which case we just uh, we consistently hold the bag.

Oh man uh. Currently, my position in in amc - i am down 118 unrealized. Profit loss currently have 386 total shares market value of 35 350 and then in my fidelity account. I do have another 150 shares.

I didn't have more before i've talked about this previously, but if you're new to the channel, i had a fidelity account and many brokerages claimed that they had to liquidate people's stocks because they did not have enough collateral to cover people for their losses. So my account got liquidized or liquidated, and i i was out about 25 to 30 000 between my positions in amc, bb and noke. So i did previously have about a uh, a twenty thousand dollar stake in this company. But i do now have about five grand a little more than that, maybe five and a half six and i am not selling yet.

I am continuing to hold strong with those diamond hands baby diamond hands. That's what it's all about all right! Tiptoeing you guys laughing at that that i did that earlier. That's funny! I, like it amc price target, it's so hard to give a price target. My friend, i feel, like i'd, really be doing a disservice to say that i can give you an actual price target on this stock.

What i can say is it is bullish right now, there's a lot of things pointing to the fact that we are a nice bullish run, and this is going to be a very significant level to push over guys. So if we push over this uh this level at 8 73 and we're testing it right now that is going to be a big push and we might see some really heavy momentum moving forward, guys, i'm telling you we haven't. We have an inverse head and shoulders pattern right here. I didn't even notice this.

So here's the head, here's the shoulder! Here's the shoulder, here's, the neckline we are so set up right now. This is so set up. Afc is going to pluto. We got to get in contact with uh with with elon musk.

You guys probably already saw this, but i'm going to show you real, quick, elon musk is in charge of space x and uh. I retweeted this because i thought this that no no no, no shade whatsoever. I love elon, i think he's a incredible guy. Does some cool things but uh posted this went boom still fantastic flight, but during the flip and burn it seems one of the raptor engines failed to fire stand by for updates it absolutely uh completely blew up.

It did not did not do well at all, but uh. My response to that was uh. Was this. This wouldn't have happened if elon named the rocket amc, i'm telling you bad joke bad joke, but i think it's funny.

I think it's funny all right. Gon na get back to some of these comments right here, i appreciate everybody being here with the channel. Thank you for joining. This is your first time uh.

I i genuinely love talking with everybody. We are watching the live price action on amc, trying to get back to as many uh questions as you guys have i'll cover any tickers. If we have some free time i love doing so uh. I appreciate that eugenio armenta tell everyone to buy amc at 1pm.

Uh, if you would like to uh, buy amc at 1 pm feel free to do so. Um yeah everything about about amc right now looks bullish, my friends. So if you want to buy a stock that looks bullish, this looks bullish. That's what i'm going to say, sir, speaks a lot holding, definitely or for profit.

What's the goal great great question, for me, profit is obviously the goal we do want to make money with amc and i do think we are going to make money with amc. There's a lot of things that point to the direction. Oh man, i don't mean to cut you off. This is just looking real, real filthy right now.

Oh look at her. Go the level twos look dirty! Oh it's eating up walls, man, that's nice! We got ta! Really push there's some big walls at 885 and 888, so we're gon na have to crush those. Those are gon na, be some big levels of resistance. I will draw those out right now.

8.85 watch for 8.85 doesn't look like we're testing it, but we're gon na have to push that pretty hard anyways. The goal for amc is to you're going to want to get out of amc once the media stops covering it, because at that point, you're gon na know that the hedge fund's lost they're gon na keep talking about this they're gon na keep claiming that the hedge Funds covered and they're gon na keep claiming that amc is going to one dollar and they're gon na keep saying all this stuff up until they're out, because to be to be completely blunt right. The media and the hedge funds do not care uh about anyone but their own money, so once their money's out of the game right and they're safe, they're, fine they're not going to talk about it anymore, they don't care what you guys are doing so once the Media stops covering this once you stop. Seeing these hit pieces come out um, that's that's your indicator that the game's over and amc is done, but that's not the case right.

We see that this is not over right now. We know the numbers. We know the numbers with short interest and i'll update you guys every single day. I will continue to do so.

There's a lot happening right now. I've actually read something very interesting um. So short lettering is essentially right and i i'm going to be very cautious. I'm not trying to start a coup, i don't want you guys to do, as i say say as i do, but short lettering essentially is.

When hedge funds buy and sell back and forth to each other or sell and buy, i should say back and forth to each other in a really repetitive and algorithmic way. In order to cheat the market maker system and in a sense it does seem that that is possible on the buying side of things too. So it'd be very interesting to see if uh, if that was, if that's something that happened, you know across across uh, you know buyers, retail investors. Now, i'm not saying anybody should do that right.

Um, i'm just saying it's! It's interesting right! I've seen people talk about it on reddit. You know i didn't do that today. I i just straight up bought when about a thousand dollars of shares this morning when it was uh. I i don't remember exactly what i bought it at.

I suppose i could show you really quick. It does, i think, show my overall filled orders in my field orders. I did buy 127 at uh 794 with my limit price and it was filled at 7.92. So i'm pretty happy with that.

I added my position. I can't complain, it's definitely got me a return on my investment now and we are finally green guys, finally, green on amc. Finally, green up nine dollars. Filthy gains, guys filthy gains all right.

Thank you alex for the donation. Thank you mark brian. I appreciate you. What do you think the likelihood of everyone sending it to 100 limit order? Uh? I don't think that's very likely.

I'm gon na be honest with you mark everybody's in different financial situations, but man she's going look at her go dude. This is insane she's going. Nuts amc, our girl, amc man, can you imagine being the the management of amc right now. I share this to my twitter and you guys are gon na love.

This where's, the mc theaters in all this you guys, good or just sitting back watching the mess eating popcorn, i'm telling you this is the management amc right now and that's the management for sure. But amc is going insane. It's going! Nuts, look at these wide range candles guys look at the volume the volume is even picking up, volume looks dirty, volume looks filthy man, man, man, man, man, we've got a nice wall right now, uh, i suppose i shouldn't say nice, but there is a wall at 9. 15..

So we're looking to break 9 15. That is where we currently have most orders at the ask side of things on the level twos and we broke through it. Let's go, let's go you guys better, be jumping up and down right now watching this price action. This is insane.

Look at it. Go guys, look at it go. I really really hope people out there didn't sell. Yesterday, at the low point, i really tried my best to educate you to tell you there was.

There was some good things coming, it's so great that we have the ssr in place today. That is definitely helping things. The volume is picking up the volume's picking up. I feel like i'm commentating on the super bowl right now.

This is absolutely so fun to watch man. Look at it go look at it, go 925, 926 level, twos right now. Looking nice and clean, we currently got a lot of ass at 9 30., so we're gon na mark 9. 30 is the next level of resistance and we are seeing a little bit of price rejection now, where might this pull back to we're? Looking at a pullback potentially 38 to 50 percent is the best mark of strength for amc, so we're looking to hold over those two levels.

Currently a lot of bids we've got a lot of bids coming in the most is uh asking at 9, 10, 9. 12.. So i think you're likely going to see a nice hold at 9 12, which we are currently seeing pretty. Well, i'm going to delete this fibonacci, really quick, holding pretty well at 9 12..

A lot of a lot of buys coming in at 9. 12. 9. 13.

14. 15.: oh yeah, guys that was a micro, pullback micro micro pullback. I'm gon na read some more comments: tktk man! Thank you so much for the the 50 donation. That means a lot.

My friend follow him in bro check out gme 126 same breakout about to happen as amc, oh man. Well now we have to now we have to what is this. Why did that? Pull up? That's weird! All right! Coming back so gme 126. we're gon na pull this up on the one month chart right now january 26th.

Looking right here, oh yeah, let's zoom in that looks really similar. That looks really similar. Oh man, guys we have to compare. We have to compare.

We got ta, we got ta pull this up on a customized, so let's check this out: we're gon na pull up, uh gme right next to amc and we're gon na look at the exact setup before it took off. So let's look at this 126. That would be right here. So look at this.

If we look at this right now and just compare take a quick comparison on how this looks - oh yeah, that could be it. That could be it. I'm telling you man, thank you for the donation. I really do appreciate you, my friend.

That means a lot to me. You are the man coming back to amc currently at nine dollars and six cents, not looking too bad all right. Phillip rick! Thank you! So much tim potato monster, pat matt beck mike wimana williams, sonny hot stock, plays richard corey jonathan, richard adam. Oh man, i'm trying to read everybody here, i'm trying to read everybody here.

Let me get back up. I know i'm extremely behind i'm trying to read everybody as much as i can uh adam gabe, maria celexa suxella. I'm sorry if i'm saying that wrong, cx simpsonian, salty shackles, hair munchie mike jacobson life brook style, bb pickle me, that's funny: eunes barakat, antonio younes barcode, gabe, artur, gallery, ethan, mace, salty steven, all you guys brandon mh! Thank you! So much for the donations. My friends, i appreciate all of you immensely.

It does mean a lot to me. I i i promise you. I am eternally grateful william. You are insane brother, you don't have to do that.

I hope that is so appreciated. Thank you. Thank you. So freaking much.

That is insane i i i'm eternally grateful casey masaki. Thank you again, wills brown. All right. I am going to start from the bottom here just so i can keep up with everybody.

I know there are people that made donations and i'm eternally grateful. It means a lot to me um, but i'm gon na try to stay up to date with the most relevant information here that way, i'm keeping up with uh your guys's questions so will is asking about the level twos the level twos tell you exactly the the Orders coming in so the bids are people buying the the asks are the people selling very easy to remember, because the ask is red and that that's the color you associate with selling the bids are green. So basically, what we have right here is real time analysis that can predict the future of where we see walls either as levels of resistance or support, and what we see right now, for instance, is there's a lot of a lot of buying at 8.96. Well, what does that mean? It means that at 896 should be a pretty solid level of support, because once the stock hits 896 people will step back in and buy the price by the share and push this price back up.

On the flip side, we can see that 905 right now is a big wall, because there's a lot of sell orders at 905, 9. 000.. So this is gon na be a hard level to push through it's a good way of predicting the future in a sense and where you may see some levels of resistance on the stock hope that answers your question. My friend thank you for the question david devin gearing.

Can you do an analysis on atos i'd love to hear your opinion love the content? Thank you so much for the donation. I appreciate you my friend i did cover atos earlier today. You might be new to the stream so i'll briefly run through it again. I do like atos a lot.

I think it's a great company. I don't even think i pulled up the right thing. I did not, but we will pull up toes for you, my friend, so atos it atopes that therapeutics. They are looking real nice right now.

So, if you look at them on a one month, chart uh it's a very heavily shorted stock. I think i did have it pulled up previously. I don't know if i do now. I do how about that.

So people doubled down on their their convictions here, in fact, they didn't double down. They uh they 5x their their short volume. So, as a february second there's an extreme extreme amount of short volume on a toast and atops, and it is that's disgusting, so i think you could be very easily looking at a really nasty squeeze here very soon it's uh, it looks it looks like it could. Really run and the setup right now is nasty.

It's so nasty. We have a nice pullback right here came to 61.8 percent. You would have liked to see it hold 50.. It tried to uh, but it came back down bounced very fast and now we're in a nice upward, moving channel with atos.

That does not look bad whatsoever. I like that, a lot that is extremely extremely bullish and we did just have the 15 ma cross over the 200 ema right here. That's the blue line crossing over the purple line, and essentially what this means is. You are seeing the microscopic price action.

Uh surpass the macroscopic price action, meaning that uh right now, the the price action happening the last week. You know the last two weeks as it is a 15 day moving average uh is surpassing the price action on the last 200, so that usually indicates a breakout and i do anticipate you are very likely to see that with atos. Thank you so much. My friend elrac says everyone buy one amc share at 1pm.

You heard the man you heard the man are we doing uh? Are we doing 1pm est? That is a good question to have answered that is coming from el rock. That is not coming from me. I want to double down on that. I'm not a financial advisor.

This is not financial advice. I have no intentions whatsoever of misleading anybody. You guys make your own financial decisions, but elrock does say everyone buy. One amc share at 1pm coming straight from the word uh.

The the mouth of the man himself next level, mods, thank you for the donation, my friend, i appreciate that very much you as well theo jonathan aladdin. That means a lot thanks for the positivity and helping me hold and buy through the dip. Scaries amc dollar. Amc.

20 or bust guys, guys guys guys amc. I don't know why it keeps pulling this up. That's weird, anyways amc has a lot of potential to do that. I'm not kidding you.

I would not be surprised in the least bit to see amc if this really squeezes down hard hit somewhere around um. This is gon na make me sound crazy, but i mean we saw a squeeze from three dollars to 25. So in retrospect, if we see the same thing happen again, you're not you're. Looking at 80 bucks, you are because that's an 800 squeeze from three dollars to 25 is about 800 percent.

If that happens again, you're looking at you know, 10 to maybe 80. that'd be insane. No, we don't live in a vacuum. It's not the exact same setup right, but we do know if we look at the overall volume, the short volume right now on uh on amc, the short interest extremely high.

It is high it's higher than it was on february 1st. As of february 2nd. This has not been updated today. This is information from yesterday, but as it sits right now, this is not looking bad 120 million total short volume, 26 short volume ratio comparatively to the total market volume guys think about this short volume of 120 million.

That's only 26 percent of the short volume ratio and look how much we tanked yesterday. That should tell you so much about what is happening right now: 26 percent short volume ratio, tanks that bad get out of here get out of here get out of here. That's insane, regardless, the squeeze potential is 100 there with amc. I feel so good about where we're at right now guys everything's, looking beautiful in fact right as i'm.

Looking at this, we are beginning what looks like a bullish flag formation, so we are consolidating a little bit on the rsi. We did peak very high. We pushed on to 81, which is a very high level, to be looking at i'm going to connect as many candles, as i can here as many wicks as possible, and as it stands right now, it looks like this could be the beginning of a little bit Of a condensing and squeezing down of price action, a break above or below either of these trend lines should be pretty violent. All righty feel this stream went from 1 000 viewers to 10 000 in less than a week fastest growing channel 2021.

I can assure you good call on knack and sends today man, i told you, i think oh theo, i'm so pumped, i'm so pumped. I think i called these both i think i called knack and sends which is insane man. I still got it. I still got it i'll take it.

I appreciate the love brother. I appreciate the love means a lot to me. Jonathan. Thank you again, aladdin trey.

Can you check jamia? Is it good in your opinion, for long-term investment? I think chris sane is really high on this play. Isn't he i think chris sane talks about jamia a lot. Let me take a quick peek at jumia uh on the three-month chart. I'm gon na look at the overall growth.

I would say yes, i would say this is a great long-term jesus christ. This is an 11 stock, guys wow yeah i'd say so i see no reason to think otherwise. I mean it's. It's moving real, clean right now, guys that is a filthy, filthy setup.

That is that's as clean as it gets. I'd keep it running yeah. If you have a position in jameer right now, i would continue to hold if you're looking for a position, i would not get in yet i'd wait for a little bit of a pullback. It's it's 61 on the rsi, so not crazy, but you can definitely get this at a better price.

I would wait it out all right, one est. So two minutes says: lrock, 1 p.m. Est, and actually i want to be over here on amc. This is not financial advice.

This has not come from me. This is simply coming from the words of l rock 101. el rock 101 says at 1 pm cs est, as i was eastern standard time to buy one share of amc, we're going to come back here to amc and watch this until 1pm eastern standard time. That is very soon.

We are looking at that in 40 seconds right now. We are currently retesting this level right here at 905.. Looking at the level twos, we don't see a huge wall at 905., not we have a lot of buys at nine dollars. So i anticipate that nine dollars should be held pretty well we're gon na move up this level of support to nine dollars, as it sits right now.

Currently, testing 908 big wall 910 as it sits, and we did we pushed through it might have been a false break, we're going to see, but if we do push and hold above 910, it does look like there is a huge cell wall at 920.. So we're going to move this down to 920 and that is gon na be the next level we're watching to push as it sits right now. We are five seconds away. Four, three, two one 1 pm est.

As of right. Now, that's a nice little push. Look at her go. Look at her.

Go look at her. Go look at her go geez she's going! That is a that is a nasty filthy candle right there. Oh man, i don't know about you guys. I don't know if you're, if you're, if you're a member of the the patreon the discord, i want to see everybody in there going absolutely nuts right.

Now, i'm going to pull this up, you guys over the discord. I want you to drop some freaking whiskey, glasses. Let me see those in there if you're, watching this chat right now, i want to see it in the mc channel in the amc channel drop some freaking whiskey, glasses. If you are watching this nasty price action, i've got it pulled up right now.

I want to see it. I want to see it. Let's see this stuff bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, man, people are going nuts in the chat. You guys are loving this.

You guys are loving this right now. Oh, that's dirty all right! Super bowl commercial equals lucid.

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