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All right all right, all right all right. What is up gorilla gang welcome back to the traders podcast for another episode covering some amc, live price action. I am not i'm not sure how much i actually see here today, but it does seem like there's quite a bit of uh, quite a bit of hype coming around amc, i love seeing that uh that app trending on the app store. That is so awesome.

Can you imagine that welcome back everybody, if you want to mind doing me, one small, favor and uh just drop a like on the video drop in some gorillas in the chat. If you are rocking with the gorilla gang, it is great to have everybody here today. Welcome back so we've got some cool things. We're going to talk about here.

I've got some information that was thrown together. I take none of the credit for this uh whatsoever, but it was from ortex. I've got a little bit of a spreadsheet from ortex talking about some different short interest data that i think is going to be pretty solid. Uh ws wants to see a meme.

We could do that for you. We can do that for you um. Let's see. Let me find one here: real quick.

I had a pretty good meme sent to me not too long ago. Let's see what we can do here to do. Stock memes stock means that's pretty good. That's pretty good, all right! So i'll open this real quick.

Let me just save this the image we can all hear. Oh that's good! I like that a lot alright, so open this up check us out the pictures you can hear starter pack, ea sports, spongebob, trey thx, that's funny as heck. I like that, a lot whoever made that, over at the discord, you're doing the lord's work, you're doing the lord's work, that's beautiful gorilla gang all right, so how's it sitting right now. Uh amc is up about 1 here in the pre market, so nothing crazy.

Nothing outstanding in the least bit, but a green day is a green day nonetheless. So what i do want to show you guys is over the last five days the price action has looked like. It has been very, very solid consolidation, so we had that that last selloff here down to about five dollars and fifty six cents and honestly, if you look at this back about a month, it's been consolidating for a long time. One two, three four: five, six, seven.

Eight nine days now and consolidation is not a terrible thing here. In my eyes, consolidation favors buyers, the long, the longer that this trade is sideways. My friends, the more likely you are to see some people step into this and uh and establish a legit position. As you can see here, i am going to be buying some more shares here today.

I've got uh limit orders set for 5.77, for whatever reason it has not filled yet and uh. It is currently trading at five dollars and six seventy six cents. So it's actually below my limit orders price. But you know i have been reading about people who are not able to purchase shares because there's not a high availability.

Now i did put out a video in case you're, not catching talking about how the 99.2 percent you know. Um current shares being held was not the correct number, there's not just point eight percent of the shares available for trading right, but i do anticipate that it is not a very high number. So we are going to talk about this down the road here, but nonetheless i do think that the the shares available is pretty decently low and we're gon na get into a couple different reasons. Why? But uh i'm gon na keep adding my position until this.

Until this takes place, my friends, so i will be buying some more amc here today, i do plan on buying some call options on x, o and e x zone as well. Now that probably interests you in the least bit, but exxon is a company that i have a lot of uh, pretty strong conviction in i plan on i've got a couple shares in this uh in this stock. Right now i currently have nine shares. I will be establishing more it's about 400 worth of stock, but i will be purchasing more down the road i'm gon na be uh but, like i said, buy some call options and i plan on buying these out into most likely may or august.

If we look at the current available call options here, the ones that are really catching my eye are uh the 50 and and the the 55. So if you see here between 45 and 55, there's a pretty decent amount of interest and i find those to be pretty likely dollar signs to make a profit on and i'll, tell you why it's because um, if you purchase a share or an option, i should Say it's pretty close to in the money right, meaning that the risk is pretty inherently low uh. The downside for you is not immense right unless there's an immense change that that happens in terms of um. In terms of you know, management or fundamentals or contracts that they've already signed, like the like x, already, has a dod contract which they signed and they're working on commercializing um, some trailers that are going to have their their metals and sand 3d printers.

And unless something fundamentally changes you you're at the very least, pretty much i shouldn't say, guaranteed but likely to break even or make a good profit on your on your trade there. So that's not looking too bad, i feel pretty good about it, but uh amc. So far in the pre-market, it's not looking too bad. It is it's pretty it's! It's green! It's green! It's up about 1.23 percent at the highest point here at uh, pre-market, open.

We got up to about six dollars so guys, pat yourselves, on the back. If uh amc's not a dead cat baby, not a dead cat, not a dead cat, that's what's up! Yes, sir! So if you, if you have not done this already, i do want to show you guys something that you can do here on uh on twitter. So i'm just gon na pull up twitter here, and i want to show you something that uh that i think is worth sharing and it is the the the amc app right so check this out. You need to do all right right here.

Get everyone to download that amc app, it's almost crack in the top 50. and the reason that this might end up doing something is because the more clicks that something gets right, uh, for instance, you know videos on youtube. It's no! It's no mystery that people get a lot of views on youtube, make more ad money right. So the more clicks that amc app gets, the higher trends, the higher ranks, the more likely they are to take a profit on that.

Overall, you know amc app existence, so that is not bad. In the least bit my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang, i'm telling you i uh, i feel very, very confident that there's there are situations here where amc's gon na work out check this out. This is uh. This is an app that tells you some different overlays and technical analysis in regards to the amc situation, if you're looking at purely overlays, it is telling you that it's a strong, buy right now, which is pretty solid.

I'm not i'm not mad about that in the least bit you can see the overall sentiment uh. This is 682 people bullish as compared to 203 people bearish um, so take that for what it is as well. We know that the overall amount of people that are holding uh amc right now are pretty decently high. I i feel, as though i shouldn't even say, i feel as though it's just it's just factual to me that a lot of people are holding amc.

You read the reddit threads, you read the discord threads, you, you read the the amount of uh shares outstanding. You read about the orders getting rejected right, the failures to deliver, which is also extremely high by the way, and you feel pretty good about those numbers. My friend, so i feel pretty solid, also review the app sean is 100 correct, stinky stew head not a dead cat, not a dead cat, not in the least bit my man, so raymond rodriguez. Thank you for that.

My friend super chat for the haters love the content. Man keep it up bro. Thank you so much for that. I will keep doing me.

My friends. I will keep doing me. I put out that apology, video, because i think it is very easy to just sweep things under the table um. Personally, i would much rather own up to the fact that i was wrong, then pretend that i was right because that's much more damaging right.

So i could have honestly just said nothing about it and you guys would have just believed that and that's not the right way to do things, so i want to own up to my mistakes. That was a mistake. I was wrong and i want to tell you guys how it is so i was wrong about that, but that does not mean that i'm going to be done covering amc right. This does not mean that i think it's a dead cat.

It means that some of the information that i was reading was wrong, not that they was wrong, but i was misinterpreting it right so that doesn't change the fact that there are still failure to live to delivers that doesn't change the fact that we've had institutions filing Saying that they're stepping into both amc and amazon as of the february 12th and february 13th. So that's that's not a bad thing in the least bit. I want to just touch on that here, real quick david. I got a feeling.

It's going to be a good retreat good morning. Gg david says it david already says it, so we are going to pull up vince out here, real quick. I did see some people talking about this. We're gon na pull up the amc short interest so check this out.

I've seen people saying that fintel has 400 000 total short shares available right now. So, as of the 19th, we stopped, according to fincel 7.08 million total short volume, which is 18 of the total market volume of the day. 40 million. Take that for what it is.

We do know that fintel has been misrepresenting some of the data here. So, for instance, what i mean as what i'm referring to that is, they will be taking the short volume from only specific uh. You know exchanges such as you know the nasdaq, but they will they'll be taking the overall market volume from all the exchanges right which isn't the right way to do things uh. We look at this.

That is a real number. My friends, 450 000 short shares available. Very, very, very high utilization - and we can fact check this by coming over here to ortex or texas - is a subscription-based um information website that i personally pay for, and it is that 89 utilization, meaning that only 11 of the total lendable shares are available for lending Right now, so we're just going to read this off to you, so you can see that the ratio between the number of shares on loan across all our standing loans in the wholesale market, the number of shares available for lending and lending programs. Zero percent means that no shares have been borrowed or length at these lending programs.

One hundred percent means that all shares available to borrow and lending programs have in fact been linked. We are 11 percent away from 100 utilization. We've got a 26 change in the last seven days. The numbers going up, my friends, it's not going down if you think this is a dead cat, that's totally fine! I'm not going to tell you otherwise, but i'll.

Tell you what, when i read these numbers and you see 89 utilization - that to me tells you there is a lot happening here right, so that feels very i'm excited about this. I'm excited also peep, the water peep, the water in the coke zero bottle. You guys don't have to tell me to drink water this time i've got a lot on tap a lot of water on tap. I will not be streaming for as long today.

I do have work starting about nine. That is why my uh coyote t here today, but i just want to let you know, know that right off the bat slit you don't know what's going on, takes a lot of hearts on up to mistakes being able to check your ego is one reason why We all come here and have your back, hey appreciate that barry seriously seriously brother, it is what it is. It is what it is. I made a mistake: there's no other way around it.

Yo, what's good buddy uh sends update micro and macro. So i do have a video out on sonic, but i'll give you guys a brief run through on what happened here with sends so since onyx um, they are expected to present at a uh conference, starting on thursday, from my understanding and there's rumor. That sensonyx is going to be announcing their 180-day cgm system, and if this ends up coming to fruition, they get to have the approval on that which we are expecting sometime in early 2021 right um. That is going to be a huge catalyst.

When you compare sin, sonic's, a dexcom right dexcom has a 10-day, continuous glucose monitoring system that is uh. You know a patch, so uh, it's a patch that you stick on to like your your abdomen right and the the the sonic system is different in the fact that it's inserted subcutaneously i've seen somebody ask here: um, you know what, if it causes scarring, that's possible. The scar anything is possible, but nonetheless, what's what's different about it, is diabetics. Are gon na be willing to take that scarring because they get scarred either way when they're pricking their fingers all the time, they're they're in pain, basically all the time right.

So, just that's something to keep in the back of your mind, but since sonic's just looking good, it's not gon na send a level of support. We got four four touch points. Five touch points. We always look for these three, which indicates uh some pretty solid, pretty solid momentum right.

We are setting higher highs and higher lows: we've got the 15 ma and the 200 am about parallel right now. So uh, i would imagine imagine not a lot of volatility here today, but we do have a little bit of a charge to dabia a double bottom here. So we got a bottom here bottom here. I don't anticipate seeing a pretty good run here in the future and if you look at this candle, that's in a golfing candlestick pattern.

Typically, a sign of an upcoming bullish run. So you might end up seeing that here today might end up seeing that here today. Torchlight also having itself a day up 17.63 percent. This is a stock that i do have a position in in my other brokerage account, and it is looking pretty solid here so far, uh ups, god, that is a nasty gap up, looks beautiful beautiful.

Thank you david for that super chat. I appreciate that my friend, but there is some information that i want to show you guys and refer in regards to amc. So i'm going to show you this. This is etf funds, currently shorting amc and some different numbers so check this out.

This is a data range from january 29th to february 9th. These are the exchange reported short interest for iwn iwn, fnda, fb and fbr right so check this out. This is the court. The current short interest across all these etfs, which do have either short positions in amc or gamestop.

You can see that the change percentage is pretty high here in that iwm very, very, very high in fnda 852 is insane. So that's a lot of short interest guys. Ninety four point: one three million four point: eight eight million four hundred thirty eight one point: zero four million one hundred ninety, so pretty pretty intense shares on loan, has been increasing across. I would say not a lot of them.

Um casabaro up a little bit here. Right, the only one that's down is fbr and the utilization, especially on iwm, is pretty freaking high. So ninety point zero three percent of the total lendable short shares on iwn are in fact being lent at this current moment, which is significant. That is a huge, huge, huge number, so you can see here that um a way for these hedge funds to get around the fact that uh they're, not shorting, amc right that the short interest is going down is by shorting these etfs that are that, are actually You know have pad positions in amc, so that's it's interesting.

I'm pretty excited to see how this ends up panning out stinky stew, head. I saw you in the comments section. I don't care if you rip on me man, but you can't rip on my gang. You can't rip on the community, i'm gon na.

Kick you out of here i'll, take all the heat in the world, but my community doesn't get that sorry guys. You don't need to deal with that. I'll. Take all the heat in the world, but uh i'm not gon na.

Let my community take heat. You guys won't have to see that anymore. Jeffrey evans says awesome. Channel energy man keep up the good work any chance.

You can check out sckt, i sure can. But i want i just want to finish off by saying you know. That is a pretty interesting thing to talk about here. I do think it's important to realize that hedge funds, if they want to or big institutions, can short these etfs that do have amc positions and make it seem as though they're not shorting amc to the highest extent, and we know they actually are anyways right, because This utilization rate is 89, but what this is telling us is they're finding backdoor ways to short amc in different means right.

I don't think it's retail investors stepping into etfs the short amc right so keep that in the back of your mind, i think that's that's! Pretty significant uh i i just want to point that out to you. I am i'm grateful to this was shared in the amc. Only discord that i'm a part of i'm not the founder of that so take that for what it is but uh. I found that from the afc discord so very, very interesting, stuff anywho.

We are going to do a quick rundown here on sckt. I don't know a lot about the company, but i know it had a crazy pump uh off of some news from my understanding. Yeah. No problem guys so sckt to me, i'm gon na be honest with you, my friend.

I think it was a pump and dump. I think it had crazy news. It got kind of pumped up here by day traders. It got pushed already 35 bucks when a stock runs that hard.

My friend uh it's typically gon na it's gon na come back down. It's gon na crash down, which you didn't end up seeing happening. I do think that's the floor. I don't think it's going to drop much lower than this, but i don't know how much potential upside there really is here.

Um i'd have to look more into the you know. The foundation of the company looks like there are technology technology equipment, electronic equipments at parts company. Recent news, not a whole lot happening here. Um to me this was a stock that kind of got wrapped into some crazy day.

Trading like the volume here was insane in a one hour window, we saw 71 million shares, traded and we're just nowhere near those that those volume numbers anymore. So it's gon na take that volume coming back up to really see that move again. I just don't see any reason why it'll happen. Yet we've got the 15mm, the tuner dna hooking in towards each other, which typically indicates a decrease in volatility to be expected.

So take that for what it is man, but i do think that's the bottom, if you believe in the company, you think there's upcoming news catalyst. I think that's likely close to the bottom at that mark of about 11.67. If it drops any lower, i would anticipate to be right about a year. Uh 10.72.

Am i going to be streaming. The conference call for sentonix. Unfortunately, i'm back to work here. I am i'm back to working full-time just because of uh.

You know fort sill was shut down for a snowstorm that happened. You know texas and oklahoma, aren't well equipped for snow and cold, so they ended up shutting us down for a little while, but we're back to it now, so i started working nine o'clock a.m today. So i'm probably gon na head out here at about 8 30. So that i can get into work much love brother.

I appreciate that jeff thanks for the great content, you too, as well cap. You thanks. Thank you for the great content. I apologize if the internet is lagging here, i'll, see what i can do to to speed this up a little bit.

I'm gon na close out of some tabs see if that helps anything all right, so i'm just closing out of some stuff see if this helps the overall speed of the stream. I'm gon na close out of these tabs close that out close that out close that out close this out, all right that should speed things up here a little bit. Let me know if the lag is still uh lag. Let me know if the stream is still lagging for you guys, but as it sits right now, i do still have my positions here in amc.

I've got 150 shares in my other brokerage. Account 430 in this brokerage account i'm planning on buying 60 more here. This uh this morning waiting for my limiters to get filled but they're having some issues and getting filled. Uh i've seen this across the board.

I've seen a lot of people that are trying to get the orders filled on amc that are having some pretty bad issues. Uh thanks for streaming in the early morning, what do you think about ctxr had a great week last week, i'll check it out turn the quality down. Let me try that out quick, that's not it stream settings dream health. I am not a whiz with uh with technology; actually i am quite the opposite.

I would call myself a weeb um. It looks like the stream. Health should be a little bit better here now should be better here now. No, it's definitely my internet.

I'm on that. I'm on that dial up baby that hotel dial up but anyways we're gon na look at ctxr, so ctxr. As of now yeah, that's nasty, that's a nasty nasty week. It had a great week.

I would be cautious buying it. The only thing that i like is that it's pulled back pulled back. A pretty decent amount saw bounce, just a hair above 50 percent. If you want to ride this for a little bit of momentum, i think uh that a buy-in right now does not look too bad.

I would say buying if you get the opportunity at about two dollars and 31 cents which you eat pretty. Well, it's up. 16.5. So far in the pre-market, so be cautious, be cautious.

If you have a position, i would continue to hold it. I see no reason to sell the uh. 15M is hooking away from the 280ma great big gap. There rsi not a harsh correction in the least bit uh corrected down to 61..

It does look like it's starting to build up a little more momentum here. What i like a lot, is this doji candle setup, so this doji typically talks about indecision. That's an indecision candle and when it's an indecision candle, that's happening in bullish territory. Typically, it's favoring uh bullish action.

So i anticipate that you see this run more than i would see it pull back god. Dang stream quit lagging pissing me off. Ah bob saget dude! No good, but that's what we're looking at right now in there all right, jeffrey evans, says thanks for the rundown man there's another five for the helpful. We appreciate that brother appreciate that goddang lives just not stopping.

How do i change this? I'm going to turn off. I usually play music, while i stream but i'll turn it off i'll turn it off and see. If that helps. So let me know if that helps anything guys.

I usually like listen to music, while i uh, while i jam out here and and have some fun, but if it has given us issues, we will uh. We will take care of that. Have i seen hunter x hunter? I have oh crazy. Dude going went nuts, god dang gone all right.

So another thing i want to point out to you guys any sort of questions that you have regarding amc. Anything that you want clarification on drop me a link on on on the on the news source, and we can talk about that. But what i am going to do right off. The bat here is: pull up the amc, uh reddit threads and we're just going to take a quick peek at what's going down in clowntown baby uh, so we're gon na pull up red in here r.

Slash, amc, that's not it! So we're gon na pull up! Amc reddit - this is something i think is worth talking about, so i made a claim earlier in one of my videos talking about um how amc was debt-free and i was. I was wrong in saying that, so something that i want to give clarification on. Is this uh what what was? What was the situation actually like? So it's it's like this: how on amc staved off bankruptcy before he got lucky with reddit rally, so amc, entertainment, ceo, adam aaron, was has wild corporate america with his unusual plan to keep the pandemic plague theater chain afloat by selling loads of stock to small investors. But getting on the right side of the reddit rally wasn't always easy and sometimes required aaron to clash with his powerful wall street allies, including his friends at private equity, giant apollo, global management sources, said amc, which is the nation's largest theater chain, said on january 25th, That it had raised close to a billion dollars to help it through the pandemic, which has decimated movie ticket sales.

Since march, roughly half of the 917 million amc raised was from the sale of new stock. As the new the world now knows, amc's fundraising efforts came just in time to cash in from a bizarre trading phenomenon, known as the reddit rally which small traders using reddit trading forum wall street's bets and no fee training apps like robinhood, to invest heavily and beaten Down stocks, in addition to amc, the frenzy also increased investor appetites for shares of video game, retailer, gamestop and blackberry um. Let's just take a quick peek here, god dang. I don't know why this is lagging so bad guys.

Give me one sec, i'm gon na see. If i can, if i can change this, i do not understand why, it's being so bad um, it shouldn't be lagging like this. I'm really confused come on. It doesn't look like there's any stream settings that i can change here on youtube.

I'm trying to see live redirect live, chat details, i'm not seeing anything here. Actually, i'm really confused as to why it's so bad you on internet. We need you, oh man. What is the amc, discord i'll show that to you guys here in a second after i finish off this uh this article, but essentially what i wanted to clarify is that these guys are not debt free right, so they're actually just sitting on enough cash, basically to Send off bank - or i should say uh, you know, save themselves from bankruptcy for at least until the end of the year.

According to the ceo, so um, but late last year, amc hadn't identified yet from the rally and aaron was being urged by his advisors. A team that included law law, firm wheel, gotcha and moles and cole to file for bankruptcy sources said wayne. The file that said would only make it harder for the theater chain to regain its footing post pandemic because of the amount of cash required to stay alive. Amc has been burning through roughly 125 million a month since march, and while about 500 of its 600 us movie, theaters are now open.

Ticket sales remain suppressed by the pandemic and its social distancing requirements on october 20th. Amc warned investors that if it didn't succeed in raising new money, it would run out of cash by the end of the year by november, 2nd the stock had fallen to 2.15 cents down 70 since the start of the year, adding to the pressure amc first line. Uh creditors, a group led by paul, where aaron once worked, were offering the company attempting one billion dollar loan to keep the company operating in bankruptcy. The pressure was so intense that aaron agreed to get the bankruptcy paperwork in order, even as he pursued other plans.

Sources said, it is a good thing to me: they did not take this one billion dollar loan. That is significant right, so that's gon na the interest rate on that would be absolutely terrible. That'd be that'd, be bad um. No, you guys are clowns.

You guys aren't clowns. I was talking about my stupid. My stupid uh lag on this on the stream. It looks like it's starting itself out pretty well now, but uh 99 out of 100 ceos would have went with their advisors.

A source of direct knowledge of the situation said. The apollo 1 was problematic for aaron for multiple reasons, sources, said least of which was that he worked for the financial giant as a senior operating partner from 2006 to 2015. By accepting the one billion dollars to restructure debt and bankruptcy, he risked being accused by other creditors of handing the company over to his friends. If that argument prevailed in bankruptcy court, he considered to lose his job, he was effed up.

I love that that's gold. He was left up, the person with knowledge of aaron's dilemma said, but essentially what ends up happening right, uh? We we got that with that 917 million dollars and after announcing his 917 million dollar fundraise, including debt amc raised an additional 355 million dollars via stock sales or more, would have gotten in bankruptcy, amc's advisors and lenders, including apollo, either. Didn't return, calls or decline to comment, but aaron got on the phone with the post to say he was simply determined to save an american tradition. Amc is a product american company with 100 years of heritage, aaron said and mo movie going on.

Our theaters is very much in the site of american consumers. In my heart of hearts, i passionately believed that amc deserved a second century as bright as its first, oh freaking, long term. We love our boy aaron. We love him.

So that's some good stuff. I don't mind that at all gosh dang it i'm using obs but anyways. That's what the situation looks like so they're not completely dead free, and i don't think that debt is necessarily a bad thing right. So debt is actually good because it can be a way in which you you, um you're, able to capitalize on.

You know, money to create more money. So when you think about doctors, for instance, doctors go to school, for you know eight to 12 years, so they can make up a lot of money, but without creating that debt right by without first creating that uh that that debt, so that they can get where They need to go they're not able to capitalize and make those crazy gains so um. I don't think it's a terrible bad thing that that amc is currently in debt right now. In fact, it could be a way for them to generate more revenue down the road.

So i'm going to come back over here to the viewer activity. Read off some of these super chats. They get everybody tuned in right now, if you don't mind, dropping some gorillas in the chat. I am so sorry for this leg.

It's absolutely brutal. I i'm really frustrated that's happening, but it's the hedges man, that's the hedges, god dang hedgies, no good, no good, all right! So i'm down 5k in amc, but i'm holding no matter what, but i finally recovered a bit. I want to throw it back to throw 2k back on the market. Again, i'm thinking ethereum, i'm pretty bullish on ethereum.

I don't think ethereum is bad not on the least bit uh, i would say either ethereum or uh bitcoin for sure. Thanks for rundown man, here's another five for the helpful. We appreciate that brother right, so molly or sally hannah says most like an issue with the hotel system and not you. It is 100.

The the hotel system refresh the page if you're lagging i'll, try that out, but i don't know if i'm going to lose. You guys give me one sec all right, so we refresh the system here. Let me know if that fixes uh the situation, i'm not entirely sure where i can change the bit rate on this. I know i can change an obs, but i'm not a wizard that might take some time, but regardless that's what we're uh.

What we're looking like right now, i want to say thank you for amc vid. I always do my own dd and was confused your clarification. Video came at the perfect time. Keep it up no problem, my man, i always want to admit when i'm wrong and i was wrong - that's just 100.

It um, i'm not a hedge fund. I am not a cat. All right. Let's come back here to torchlight.

Torchlight is having an absolutely crazy day here so far, that is beautiful up 18 percent three dollars and 12 cents is what they closed, that on the previous trading day up to about 369.. Looking at the level twos, we've got the largest cell wall sitting at about 3.78 cents. So that's gon na be a pretty tough level of resistance to push through and we do have a little bit of a head and shoulders pattern here, microscopically speaking, so that might lead into a little bit of a bearish pullback. If you are looking for an opportunity to get into this stock, which i think is a solid opportunity, i don't think it'd be a bad thing to get into trch.

They've got the merger with meta material, which could be a pretty solid uh opportunity for some long-term gains. I do personally have a position in trch. I'm just gon na check my overall position in this account and i will let you know what i have here, but i believe it is about two thousand dollars. So let me take a quick peek.

I'm gon na look at my positions. I do have in my other portfolio my current positions are. Let me read these off my other portfolio. I currently have a position in uh, agtc, amc, clwd, eh, nvis, nokia, sensonyx, snpw, torchlight and z kin in my torchlight.

I i bought in for about eighteen hundred and fifty dollars, so i currently have what would be 500 shares. I've got 500 shares of torchlight and i will not be selling them in the near future. I'm going to continue to hold these, as i do see. A pretty decent amount of upside, very, very excited for what's to come with uh with with torchlight, should be a pretty solid stock, at least from what i am thinking.

Let me know what the lag is guys if that lag is better. That would be pretty. We need some mods. We do have mods here.

I don't know if they're currently on the stream, but torchlight, i think, is going to be a solid stock without a doubt. Since onyx is also a stock that i am very bullish on, i do have a position in sensonyx as well. This isn't my latest video uh as it's sitting right now, the entire market's been a little bit red. It's been kind of tough.

It has been kind of tough look at amc, frankfurt, very bullish. Let me check that out. Quick amc, frankfurt um. What are you referring to is that a website? I don't think i've actually heard of that write.

A meme meme stocks, gamestop and nc shares fall in frankfurt resistant. Take a quick peek. When was this updated, cnbc latest amc news. If you have a link to that frankfurt site, i would 100 check it out.

I need a link if you give me a link for that. I will be very glad to check that out. I did check out that fintel 400k as well. That is a huge number so that 450 000 total short shares availability.

What that means is that there's only currently 450 000 total lendable short shares available according to fintel, and if we just check out the uh or text information right check out the ortex utilization rate right now, it's 89.19, which is not extremely high. That's pretty solid! That is pretty solid numbers that uh. That means only 11 of the current lendable total short shares are available at this current moment. So that looks pretty freaking solid whammy.

We can check out oem here real quick as well, so we need another stock and i do have a position and in this account i do have 800 total shares at the moment. It is down about four percent here in the pre-market, but i do think this is going to be a solid stock. There's a couple different things here that could uh. That could really be solid in terms of where this goes so they had an sec ding.

The other day they missed some sec compliance got dinged by them and i think that they had. You know there could be two scenarios here as to why it's still green. I think the first scenario is either a uh people. People were just hype on the fact that this got so much attention and people bought into it because of the attention or b uh it got uh.

It got all this hype and buy-in opportunity because of the potential deal with ambry and why i think that is possible is because they signed a non-binding uh letter letter of uh intent, essentially saying that they are they're. Thinking about working together down the road and ambry is invested in by bill gates, so you can see us antimony whammy, be played off as kind of a double sword right. So you can see it has a rare earth. Metals uh.

You know stock, which is going to be important because china, china, is thinking about cutting off a rare earth metal exports to the states. If that happens, that's going to increase the overall demand of this stock cut off the supply. You're gon na have an increase in demand. Second situation is: this is kind of like a an electric vehicle play because antimony is a material.

That's used in electric vehicle batteries, so pretty significant information here. My friends that could look very, very solid uh suggestion on ctrm is swing, trade price target to sell or how long to hold for swing. So ctrm, i do think, has a lot of opportunity as a swing trade in the short term, it is going to be a pretty home run stock, in my opinion, uh. The short interest on this is insanely high.

So if you look at ccrm, the overall utilization at this current moment is 100. Look at this 100 current total short share utilization, which means that there are currently zero short shares available for lending. This has not changed in the last seven days according to ortex. That is pretty significant information.

My friends, nasty nasty numbers all right so daniel says that he worked at dexcom. It's a tiny injected sensor i asked around and they said no scars. So that's good! I mean if it's the same thing with sensonics that'd be that'd, be pretty significant. It would depend entirely on on how big that sensor is going gon na be right if it's a big sensor, if it's a big incision they're making that's gon na cause some issues, but if it's not that is gon na be pretty solid, if you guys are Having lag issues, what i would recommend is just uh rewinding, the the video about 10 seconds, so i'm just going to type this in here: real quick.

If you're having lag issues rewind the video 10 seconds, wi-fi at hotel is being junk. I'm just going to pin this to the top, so give me one sec here guys all right. I don't want to lower the quality here. Let me see if i can, but i really wouldn't like to properties um.

I don't know if i can change it in the middle of my stream. I don't really want to change. My bitrate, though guys i i feel like um it'd, be kind of kind of crappy stream, no video yeah. So i can't change this in the middle of the stream.

Unfortunately, i do apologize for this lag. It is. It is 100 entirely the uh, the freaking wi-fi here this hotel is so. Ah, the wi-fi is so junky, but eventually here it's gon na it's gon na get better.

So i apologize my friends if i had, if i could get my own internet, i'd 100 would but regardless amc market in germany, all right is there was a buyout or a merger by amazon or netflix, wouldn't make more sense for them to buy amc when the Price is lower thanks straight keep up the good work, great question, so the amazon and amc buyout. You know potential we're coming we're going to answer ctrm first, but i'll get back to that. Next. Ccrm is a stock that i think has some really solid, uh short term and midterm potential.

I'd say long term down the road, but i wouldn't quite say that it's there yet so just keep that in the back of your mind in terms of uh ctrm, but nonetheless uh. I do think there's some pretty solid potential here. So the reasoning for that is because they keep acquiring new vessels. If you look at the overall vessels, they're acquiring the more that they buy, the more potential they're gon na have for creating revenue right in the past couple weeks.


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    I appreciate your approach to teaching. I've been quite unsure about investing in this current market and at the same time I feel it's the best time to get started on the market, heard some guy speaking of making over $300k from a $180k capital since the pandemic and I'm driven to ask what skillset and strategy can generate such profit.

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    Best plate form for OTC stocks? Preferably commission free!

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    hey brother on td ameritrade there promoting shorting amc and also broadcasting wsb info also it just seems so shady to me but bought 100 more amc today lol

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    Trey, i don't do youtube channels, i do with you dude! you're not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice! you're a good man doing good things. You are a humble honest man, love this shit dude! got you on instagrizzle too!

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    Trey, I just tried buying more shares in SENS and got an email saying only 0.6 of a share could be confirmed and the other 10 shares are waiting to be filled.. whats this?

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    It's ticker ah9 on the Frankfurt market
    Can't find a UK broker for it – they blame lack of liquidity

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    I come here to cheer up on AMC after watching Mathew Perry’s downer video.

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    Will keep watching and keep trusting you. A person who corrects mistakes is a fine and trustworthy person!

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    I had no idea you could short indirectly by aiming at ETFs! Good call out.

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    1.2 million shares on fintel and that’s not even the total # of shares available to short. 🤨

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    Always value invest! Be an intelligent investor! AMC and GME have no fundamental value. Your 💎 🙌 will turn to a 💩 bag.

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    Hey trey, take a look at ALK. They are on a steady secure gain and I’m interested in what you think. I’ve researched their company and I like there business model. Since COVID is under control I think it’s starting to go back up to where it was an I see good gains.

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    So i been seeing a lot of videos of the stock market crashing. That its a bubble waiting to explode. What do you think about that trey?
    What if it crashes and people that are holding get scared and start selling?
    I think the EV market might be the bubble 🤔 but i really wouldnt know. What do you all think?

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    Apologies guys – hedgies broke my wifi (for legal reasons this is a joke)

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