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AMC Stock Update - In this video, we discuss the recent numbers and technical analysis regarding AMC stock.
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Good morning you beautiful freaking apes, welcome back to trey's trades, where we do technical analysis on i'm just playing. I can't do that. I can't do that. What is what is going? What is going on everybody? What is up everybody welcome to trades trades.

We have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders, sell opinions on these. Given stocks like the purpose by saying that i'm not a financial advisor and we're experts, so take it to say the grand salt. Let's get into the video so today we're gon na give you an update on ticker symbol, a m c bay b. We're gon na go over a couple of different numbers, and i don't have any massive theories that i wan na talk about.

I'm not gon na dig into any news. I just wan na give you some plain old meat, potato technical analysis and go over some freaking numbers, because i haven't done that here in a minute on amc. I want to give you guys an update on where we're sitting, because we're actually sitting pretty freaking decent right now, so this is gon na be a fun video to talk about, even though we were red on the day for amc, so we're gon na start off By going over some information that is available on uh, you know different, you know new news sources and data sources that i have available to me on the internet browser and we're gon na finish up the video by talking about the technical analysis and i'm gon na Give you the rundown on every single indicator that i use and some different numbers that i'm crunching to give you an idea of where we're sitting right now. So with that being said, i want to preface by saying that i'm not a financial advisor there's, not financial advice.

Please take what i say: the grain of salt, let's get into the freaking video. So let's start off here by coming over to ortex. Now i want to start off here on ortex because they added a pretty cool update right here. It is the live short interest data for the new york stock exchange on amc.

This gives us an update intraday, which is something that amc. You know, i should say: ortex hasn't really done in the past, which we now have availability to, and i have been tweeting these out on a you know, a regular basis to give you guys an update on where we're sitting right now and we're sitting pretty freaking Decent, we have been shredded up the wazoo, especially over the last couple of days, you're, seeing a massive uptick in different volume here, so we're gon na start off here with the utilization now. What does this refer to? This doesn't give us an idea of how much sorting is actually going on, but rather how many shares are currently out on a loan, so utilization, if you have 93 utilization, is where we're sitting right now 9.4 up from seven days ago. That would mean that there is there's 93 of the current available lendable shares out on loan right now.

Only seven percent of current landable shares are available for lending. Now that is some pretty freaking good news. That means that the availability for borrowing, which means the availability for shorting, is starting to go down. You can fact check this by coming over here to weeble and they don't even have a short button on amc right now, whereas if you were to go to other stocks right, such as j, a n c t r m uh discovery now that might be hard To borrow stock ac, you can short ftft, you can short right, weeble doesn't allow or support naked shorting or shorting with shares that don't actually physically exist or shortening with synthetic shares, which means that this is a hard borrow hard to borrow stock htb stock.

We're going the right direction right now, costs to borrow down a little bit right, it's sitting at about 2.66, but i imagine this number is going to start going up the more that utilization starts to go up and the more risky it is for short to hold A position, the reason that cost of borrow is going down is because hey look at the the price action right over the last two days, we've been read that would explain why we're going down. This is a very news, catalyst driven stock, and i pulled that from tyler, wilson uh, which is a factual statement right. I think ralph castaneda said that as well, but we're not going to dig into that too much either way. This is the news catalyst driven stock.

So, whenever good news comes out, you typically see a nice little push in volume, which we did have right here, not a lot of news coming out the last two days, pretty flat and downward trending price action. This is gon na decrease that cost to borrow. So nothing crazy going on here. This is an annualized interest rate that is accrued on whatever your short position is on the stock days to cover also going up 0.73 now.

This is not saying that that shorts have to cover in this specific amount of time right. Um that would refer to you know more along the lines of a put which would expire. Shorts can essentially be lent out for an infinite amount of time, as long as they have the liquidity and the collateral to match their investment and they're, not in danger of getting a margin. Call which i do imagine is coming down the road here relatively soon, but nonetheless i consider anything over one to be a significant days to cover number and we are starting to creep up towards that.

One number, which would mean that it is more difficult for shorts to come out profitable on a short position. That is an increase of about 10 percent over the last seven days. This is the big one, the huge one baby. The shares on loan has gone up.

11 over the last seven days, which is freaking pam baby - that's money, 127 million shares currently on loan. That does not mean that it is currently all of the short shares that are being you know, shorted. That is meaning that hey from a lender to a borrower, 127 million shares have been transacted and lent out to a borrower. Now they can hold on to those shares.

They can lend them to somebody else, or they can short them right. That's entirely up to them. However, nonetheless, these shares on loan attribute to that utilization rate. It attributes to the availability for shorting right and likely most of these shares are currently being shorted.

I'm going to fact check that by showing you some different data that we're going to you know touch on here later. Free float on loan 31 also going up about 11 over the last seven days, and that is pretty significant information and then, lastly, the current short interest percentage of free float sitting at 20 according to ortex, and this is not taking into consideration naked shorting right shorting. That does not uh, you know account for shares that shouldn't actually exist or etf shorts. So if there are etfs that hold amc - and you short that etf, it does not account for that either.

This is solely and strictly focused on the actual amc, security and stock. So i imagine that number is actually quite a bit higher than 20, but that is what is available to us. According to ortex, we do see that there have been more borrowed shares than there have been return shares quite a few return today about 5.42 million uh. But there is an overall increase of about 1.96 million, which is a good step in the right direction, showing that we are in fact stepping up that short game.

This is being continuously attacked, so keep that in the back of your mind, uh good thing to know good thing to know for sure and the exchange report of short interest. I imagine it's gon na be a much much higher number than what we have right here. That last available, number of 49 million total, i think, is going to be astronomically higher. We should be getting very close to that next finn report, which i'm very excited to see the freaking numbers on guys, so that is going to be some very interesting stuff.

Now i want to come over here to this as well, and this is talking about the dark pool trades, the amc sweep orders and the black trades. Now there is actually some pretty uh. You know interesting stuff here, so the dark bull trades, as we know, refers to trades that take place through brokerage firms such as robin hood. I believe that weeble also uses these dark pool trades and these aren't illegal in any sort of sense.

What it is doing, though, and what's what's troublesome, is that our shares that get filled through this dark pool goes through. You know: llc's such as citadel right, essentially you're, giving your ammunition to a company that has vested interest in your stock right. They wanted to go down, and yet they manage the transactions of millions and millions of orders, so uh dark pool trades account for about 54 of the total volume today, which is right around that average volume of about 55. So that's what you're looking at right here and the amc sweep orders.

These are, as you can see, right here, seek immediate execution are considered a more aggressive order type so that that order type um. That typically indicates that there's a lot of timeliness you this may be some whale stepping in this may be some people who have very significant. You know maybe insider information, maybe sentiment towards the stock, and we see that it's sitting at about 24 of amc today. So pretty decent amount of amc sweep orders, that's not an interesting number to me.

The block trades, however, is pretty fascinating. Now large block trades essentially are huge institutional trading, and today that accounted for ten percent of the total volume, meaning that ten percent of the volume on the day came from whales baby. It came from the good tooths. The two are trying to help us get to the freaking moon and bring us to to where we need to go we're landing on mars baby with elon musk in a spacex freaking rocket.

Let's go, and that is the usual average. The 20-day average volume percentage has been 10 block trades, which is typically institutional trading, so if that does fact check very well, but we're going to get into here next, which is the institutional ownership of the stock now one last thing i want to go over is The on balance, volume - and you may not be familiar with this, but this doesn't indicate that i actually have up on weibull right here. That is the bottom indicator right here, and this indicates to you, the the volume i know minute by minute by minute. That is currently - and i'm just going to pull this up here.

So we can read this off to you, so i don't make any sort of mistakes on balance volume. So what is this right? On balance, volume, measures buying and selling pressure as a cumulative indicator, adding volume on updates and subtracting it on down days and typically, if it lags right. So, for instance, if the on balance volume for amc is going down yet the stock price is continuously trading sideways. That could indicate that you're going to see a decrease in price action down the road on the flip side, if you see that the on balance volume goes up, but the price action doesn't coincide with that.

That would indicate that down the road. You can probably expect a pretty huge uptick in price action. It also indicates one more thing. It indicates that if the on balance volume is staying very consistent and yet you're seeing huge fluctuations in price action, you may have more people that are holding than the price action indicates.

You might have some crazy, crazy, buy orders or crazy, crazy short orders that are pushing the stock price up and down while it looks like people are massively selling or massively buying in this case would be massively selling. You know um, that's what you're looking at right here right and what do you see you know through these freaking, you know ticks that you're seeing on amc stays pretty freaking flat, even though we see this huge downtick right here, this huge uptick, you see that that Nice pump in the volume, but otherwise trading, pretty pretty flat, pretty sideways. We just haven't, had a huge increase or decrease in the overall volume coming into the stock. It has been very flat, as you can see here by the overall volume that is trading on amc, as it sits right now.

So that's the last piece that i want to talk about right. There we're coming to the institutional investors and the most recent institutional investors. Actually stepped in on april 6th, we had three step in now. This is not a significant amount of shares.

I'm not even going to talk about low, i'm not even going to talk about carroll financial associates, spotlight asset group incorporated being the largest. You know, uh purchaser. Here, with 132 000 shares, so we have another two that is purchased into amc. However, i think the most significant buyers are blackrock and vanguard.

I would consider them two of the biggest llc's, the biggest hedge funds in in america, right they they they run. The show these are very, very, very wealthy institutions and for them to have pretty decent stakes in amc, is a vote of confidence for me and a good reminder to the general public right. Come back to this. Come back to this number right here: 10 of the total volume on the day is typically block trades, which are usually institutional trading.

That's a big piece of information. Guys! Don't forget that don't freaking forget that that's a that's important right now! I want to finish off with this the daily short sale volume on the date. We do see that today the overall percentage was 46 short volume compared to the rest of the green volume. So we were actually pretty much even steven on green and red volume here today, very heavy short stock uh on on the day right, even though we only had 28 million in total volume according to weeble.

This is only including the regular market hours not extended hours right um, even though it was a very flat day that we still saw a huge amount of red volume pump into this. So the majority of i mean half of it and we only went down about a percent that tells us that there was some pretty decent buying that took place to hold the stock price up all right, so we know the game. We know the short interest is going up. We see that on ortex we get that validated.

We see that over here. We see that that we can see an uptrend right. You can see that we went from 33 percent to 39 34 i'll leave to 45. 47.

46, it's turning upwards, it's starting to get heavily shorted once again right. That tells you the whole freaking story, guys. You know what this is telling you. It tells you.

This is not a cat, it never was a dead cat it'd, never be a dead cat. As long as there's short interest - and there are people that are trying to beat this stock down - it's still a live ball. I've said this: the entire time i'll stand by it. The the outside for me is going to be when the news and the media stop covering amc and gamestop.

Until that day, this is a live. Freaking ball. They trying to scare you out of your money them trying to spread this fud right. All this bs going on about the 500 million dilution and cnbc covering this and all the news pieces coming out trying to piss pound people out of their cash, don't buy that man.

I'm telling you i! When that, when that stuff happens, i just feel more convicted because when you've done your research, you know the numbers, you know what you hold as a company. You don't get scared away by that that that's what it is so we're sitting in a pretty good spot right. We know what's happening, we know the numbers. We know this is being heavily shorted.

We know the institutional buyers are stepping up their game. We know that it's flat right now and that's why i want to come into the technical analysis, to give us a reminder of what it's actually going to take to see a squeeze because, to be frank, we're just not there. Yet we have the setup. The setup is there, but we don't have the the catalyst to push the boulder down the hill.

That's what we're waiting on right now is that big freaking bulldozer to get that ball rolling. So with that being said, we're gon na look at the technical analysis. I've got a couple: different indicators pulled up. The the two that i really mainly focused on is the 200dm and this purple trendline down here.

That is the exponential moving average. This is the price action-based valuation trendline over a 200-day moving period and then the 15-day m8 is this blue trend line, and this is the 15-day moving average. This is a price, action-based valuation trend line over a 15 day moving period. These are lagging indicators, meaning that they don't predict upcoming price action.

However, based on trends, you can use these to get an idea of what you could be expecting down the road, so we're gon na start off here with the daily candles right. What are we seeing on the daily candles and, most importantly, what i like to focus on is volume and these two indicators right. So what are we seeing? We see that this 15mm, starting to hook back in towards that 200dma, which indicates that you've got a little bit of selling pressure, and this is validated right - we're trading between a very, very tight price zone. You have these two lows: high close candlestick pattern right here, which is typically a bullish reversal, sign that has been stomped on by these.

These bears that continuously short. The stock right training between this really tight price zone and we're gon na show you this on the one month chart, but we actually have an ascending level of support that is indicating to us that there's a little bit of a squeeze down in price action that I'm expecting a pretty hard move on within the next couple of days. We're gon na touch on that here down the road but anywho this 15 day may, starting to hook in towards that 200 ema usually indicates a little bit of a decreasement in volatility. Now, anytime, you have those two indicators: hooking in like this, towards each other decreasement of volatility.

Due to the answer uh, you know so a little bit of trading sideways, bouncing back and forth between support and resistance and when they hook away from each other, you can usually expect an increase in volatility right. So back here, for instance, you see that 15 day may start to hook up, even though you have a down day on the data starts hooking up. What follows over the next week. Is this increasement in volatility? It starts to move very hard right now we have the exact opposite it's starting to hook down now you can use.

You know an example right here, hooking down decreasement of volatility for those next following three days. No, this is not a daily candle once you start to change that time frame down to the one month, the three month. It is more uh direct towards your ex your certain specific uh times time stamp right. So that's what you're looking at right here! We got.

This really critical level of support and resistance between 906 as support and resistance at about 1092.. If we get a push over 1092, that's a significant, significant level that will likely bring us back up to about 14 bucks, and i've said this every single time we get it pushed over 14 and i'm telling you 20 is gon na, be the next zone that We were looking at and i really do stand by that and mean it right, there's a huge gap in price action between this level of resistance, the tippy top of this freaking mountain right here, 1450 and 20 bucks and guys, i'm telling you you don't sweat pennies When you're making millions right so don't don't sweat these micro micro fluctuations, i'm not sweating over a drop of a percent, i'm not sweating, i'm not even getting excited over a 10 gain right once it starts rocking 50. 60. 70.

80 days we're gaining momentum. You're gon na get that volume back, because that's really what we're lacking right now. Look at this right this day that we saw all this volatility, 1.2 billion in volume and at the time we had like 250 million shares outstanding, and that would mean that if there are no naked shorts, there are no synthetic shares circulating in the market that you Have the entire market availability, the entire free float circulate four or five times right. So we need that sort of volume of volatility to get the stock moving again, and we just don't have it right now, right, it's still trading sideways.

We've got some people that are waiting, i think, for the next big move right, we're kind of in that consolidation zone right now, not a lot of exciting stuff happening. It's crazy. It doesn't make sense, but it's a fact that people always this is human nature. People buy on the way up and people sell on the way down right.

It makes no sense, but people are greedy, they think backwards. They think. Oh man, this is going down. I better sell it better sell.

Oh man, this is going up, fomo, fomo fomo. I don't want to miss out right, that's the general public and that's what you're waiting on right here, so we're beating the game, we're waiting this out, we're buying it when it's going up when it's going down, i make buys when it goes up and when it Goes down right. I made purchases at 11 bucks. I mean purchases at eight dollars.

I made purchases at five dollars. I bought it. Fourteen bucks, you know, that's why my dollar cost average is ten or nine, because i'm not sweating a fifty. Fifty cent or a dollar difference in cost average when eventually we're expecting this to go to a hundred, a thousand fifteen hundred two thousand, whatever the number ends up being right.

So just keep that in the back of your mind, don't sweat these micro fluctuations because we're sitting in a pretty good zone right now right, we've got on a semi level of support right here i mean, if you look at this on the daily candles. You've got ascending support. One two three different touch points: we're setting higher lows: we're setting higher highs right, a little bit of a head and shoulders pattern, but nonetheless it's not an ascending level of support, which is a good thing. That means we are slowly making progress.

Keep a macroscopic perspective with this right. The longer we play this out, the more this is in bullish territory. Time in the market is your friend. It really truly is so don't stress out about these day-to-day micro fluctuations.

Look at this on the three-month chart we're just going to come over here and i'm going to clear this off. Oh, actually, i'm not going to clear this off, because i don't want to get rid of my beautiful little art that i've got going on here, but anywho. I stand by those uh those support and resistance levels. I think there's a two major support and resistance.

At 906 and 1081. right, you can see that we've got a a double bottom right here and then you've got a double top right. So this is a pretty respected level of support. The more touch points you have the more relevant and respected.

That level is so. I always look for these three. You in fact get them. We got one two candle with touches three four: five: six, seven, eight, nine ten, eleven twelve thirteen.

Fourteen right, you can see that's a significant level. On the flip side. We've got a triple top right here. One two three four: so after we get a hard break over this quadruple top at 1081, it should come with a pretty hard move.

Now we've had a couple of false breakouts right here. These are what i would call bull traps right. So what is a bull trap? You've got a candle wick, indicating that we may have a level of resistance and then a candle wick that breaks the ball, but does not close above that respected level of resistance, which is typically a false breakout or a bull trap. So that's happened a couple times now.

We saw it happen here. We saw it happen. You know kind of here not quite it just wasn't on a lot of strong buying pressure, but this is a picture-perfect bull trap which we actually called out right before it happened. I said don't be surprised if this happens and it did, but nonetheless we're just waiting for that hard break over 11.

You know 10 and 81 cents 11 bucks, and we get i'm telling you we had an hour candle that opens the close closes above that level. You're gon na be sitting pretty dang decent, so i'm really not stressing right now, i feel really good about where we're sitting. And lastly, the big thing i want to talk about is this right, so you've got an ascending level of support. You've got this right here.

Uh one two, three four five touch points, and within the next one, two three four training days: it's either a going to break this ascending level, support or b break above this lateral level of resistance. Given the overall trend, given the fact that you have these higher lows and higher highs being set, i would expect more often than not that you'd break that level of resistance. However, we do have a little bit of a downside here we have that 15 ma hooking away from that 200 ema, which, on a microscopic time frame, typically indicates an upcoming increasement in volatility. Now, if there was to be some sort of huge news, catalyst that came out that would trump the overall technical analysis.

I've always said that, and always will so keep that in the back of your mind. But nonetheless, that's what you're looking at right now in terms of where amc is sitting on the day, so we want to get that 15 minute hook back up towards that 200 dma. We want that, on balance volume to start going more green, we're sitting at negative 2.28 billion right now. So you can see this is very, very heavily shorted! You got ta! You got a week eight over here asking for 60 bucks as if there is that's as high as it's going to go, but uh, that's what you're looking at right now, my friends, i mean honestly keep a macroscopic picture, we're not sitting in a bad spot.

We've got a lot of good things going. We see this as heavily shorted. We see that we're making progress. You got to keep that macroscopic picture.

Keep that confidence, keep the conviction in the stock, and that is what i've got for the video today. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like if this helps support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this. Lastly, i'm going to fill in the description box down below for weeble. This is version 4 for the desktop great platform that allows you to start training at 4 a.m, the pre or 3 a.m.

The pre-market central standard time use my link. You get two free stocks with the 100 deposit. I will see a free stock grab and support the channel, my friends and, if you're not interested, it's totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos.

I also have a link to the merge store if you want to check that out. We've got some really cool t-shirts, hoodies mugs, the whole 90 yards, whatever you want to pick up, feel free to do so, and a link to the discord five dollars a month for the patreon uh great committee of investors. We've got a new ai stock bot that i actually uh pay about 300, a month for which gives you awesome options and futures news catalysts, um updates on a lot of really good stuff. So when you want to check that out and a great community of investors feel free to do so uh and that's what i've got for you guys today.

So, thank you for watching the video, my friends, my family gorilla gang, my fellow apes catch y'all, the next one. Take it easy, my friends and peace.

By Trey

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