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In this video, we discuss the recent numbers and data on AMC, as well as the overall macroscopic trend that AMC is following.
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When i'm at the desk, the glasses go on, oh man, what is up everybody welcome to trace trades. We have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential by holding cell opinions. All these giving stocks like your products by saying that i'm not a financial advisor and our expert, so take what you say: the green assault, let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang we're going to give you an update on ticker symbol, amc, obviously and uh there's this possibility that we're watching right now, this play out this play-by-play day by day right.

This is one of the scenarios that we talked about last week right. I said that there was two different situations that i could see coming to fruition with amc stock. I said either a it's going to break this double top setup and and get a nice push over that 11 30 mark and test that 14, and it looked like it might have done that. However, it ended up coming back down and testing that level of support, and i said you're gon na look for two different things: right: you're gon na look for a bounce off of this level of support at about 11.30 to bring us to some new highs and Bring us back into that 14 range, or it's going to break this level of support and likely come down and test out this same sort of channel that we've been trading in for a good little minute, and i made a video called the amc trend that nobody Is talking about - and this is so freaking significant - this is something that you guys need to know and it is coming to fruition once again, and this is why i said i don't think that the squeeze is quite here yet right.

I think that it's it's building. It's getting that momentum, it's building that steam, because we're watching history repeat itself again right. It's a larger timeframe. It's taking longer to come to fruition, but we're watching this exact same triple top setup trading.

Sideways channel form once again on the amc stock trend right check. This out that triple top setup, let us see once we broke, that level of resistance for 11 and then 12 and then 14 for that all-time high uh in the last couple trading months right, but we're seeing that same sort of thing come again, one top two Top three top and if it gets that final push right, this is what i'm anticipating is going to happen. We're gon na go with the data, the difference. You know different numbers here in just a little bit, but i want to show you what i think is gon na happen and god freaking dang it.

I am so pumped bob sagan for when this happens, because i really do think it's going to happen. I think you're going to see this and don't be scared by it right. I think you're going to see this test out this level of support at 9.16. It might not come all the way down right.

We've seen that it hasn't always tested this. This level of support down here, sometimes it consolidates for a while, sometimes it rips, sometimes it doesn't, but i think it's pretty likely - and i think what you're likely to see happen is that it's going to test this level of support down here 916. Then the history and the trend will repeat itself. Once again.

We saw it happen back here right, one two three times in a bounce in this channel when it finally got the clean break. It hung over that for a good couple of days. It started its ascent to 14 bucks right we're seeing it happen again. Now that wasn't a significant amount of growth, it went from five dollars to 14.87 for the high there, and that is a 3x.

So if you're going to take simple math - and you take the bottom of this one up right here at 9, 20 9 18 27 that'll bring us almost to 30 dollars. If it follows a similar trend now, i'm not saying it's going to come in fruition in the in the short term, but i do think if you get that push over 15 bucks 20 bucks. That is going to be the catalyst that drives us towards the next squeeze. Now.

How long did it take for this to come to fruition right breaks out of this channel right here? This training sideways channel this triple top setup and then from there you've got one two: three, four: five: six: seven, eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen trading days until reach its all-time high. So i think it's gon na be about a two week build up to where we're gon na hit that 20 25 30 mark after it breaks out of significantly right. It needs to really break out of this channel right here. This trading sideways channel two full trading weeks after that, in which you're gon na see the slow and steady build up to 15 bucks, 20 bucks, 25 bucks, 30 bucks and then once we reach those new highs on the stock that is going to be.

In my opinion, the momentum that brings in the new volume that brings in that volatility that forces some shorts to start covering their hand and brings that squeeze to freaking fruition guys. So this is what i'm anticipating is going to happen right. I think history is going to repeat itself. I think you're going to see a test of nine dollars and 16 cents, followed by a bounce back up to re-test for a quadruple test of 1120 resistance once it gets a clean break and i'm not talking about something.

Like this right, this is a false breakout. Unfortunately, typically, if you see a one-hour candle open and close above a level of resistance, it will hold above that level of resistance. However, they're not do that this time right, so what we're looking for is this: we want to re-test of 1120 and you're looking for two three four days in which it gets a break and consolidates we don't want to see a break and then a sell-off immediately. I'm looking for something like this right previous trends.

Let's look at previous trends because we can we can analyze that right, it's a clean break, clean, clean, hard break right. One two runs really hard comes back down and consolidates over this previous level of support right. We established a new level of support, a new fibonacci retracement. I mean, if you look at the retracement on this, it ended up pulling back to about 61.8 or so so.

If we get something like that right, let's say that we get a clean break over. You know this level of resistance at 11.20 you get a 61.8 percent retracement off of that, and let's just say that this runs up to. I don't know freaking 14 bucks, let's just say that it tests out 14.50 right, 14.50 or so 61.8 retracement is going to be just above this previous level of resistance. That would then act as support, even if it just balances off the support level.

That is going to be enough consolidation and strength to get this thing moving in the right direction, so it did come to fruition right. It did end up happening if you're ready for something like this. If you're ready for a sell-off, it's not going to scare you away, freaking diamond balls, my friends, we got to be ready. I probably shouldn't have said that demonetized.

But if you're ready for sell-offs, it doesn't scare you right so we're prepared for that. We're ready for the fact that it may end up testing 9.16 if it gets a bounce off of that and tests again, 11 and 20 cents gets a clean break. I would anticipate somewhere in the neighborhood between 12 and 14 bucks. It might not get that clean break over 14 bucks immediately, but if it doesn't all that you're looking for is a bounce back down consolidation right that consolidation phase is going to be exactly what you're looking for to show that strength right.

Anything above 50 is perfect. If you get a 61.8 retracement, that's not bad either right now you can draw this up yourself and do your own sort of math right. So here's an example: you want to draw it from the bottom of the run-up from the lowest low to the highest time. Right, so that would be something like this.

So in terms of retracement strength here, you've got about a 78.6 retracement. That's not ideal right, you're, looking for much more strength than that, and that's why we didn't get the clean break immediately in the short term. Here, i'm not surprised by the fact that it did not get this clean break right. It was possible that we got it, but we have this same triple top setup where we can see history repeat itself guys if this comes to fruition.

I don't want anything all. I want is some freaking subway, i'm gon na put it down. Is this the real life? Is this no i'm just playing anyways. Now we've kind of gone over the charts here i want to show you this overall trend.

I want to give you an idea of what you can expect by the off chance that this does continue to sell off, because this isn't a downward moving channel. How will you know that it's going to escape a downward moving channel break over this decent level of resistance, right you're? Looking for these three touch points to to uh identify any sort of respected level of support or resistance, you get them one. Two three: four: five, six, seven, eight nine different touch points here so clean break over this with a one hour, uh range of time, candle that opens and closes above. That is to me going to signify that we are not going to test out this 916 level.

So if you want to watch this yourself just draw that up, it's super super easy to do, and then the game is still the same. You're looking for that triple top setup at 11 and 20 cents, a clean break over that followed by a nice push for 12 13 14 bucks. If we get that, we are now moving towards the direction of getting volume back in the game. Momentum back into the game, this trending on stock, twits, reddit, twitter, all that sort of stuff right that is gon na bring in new buyers to amc and that's what you're.

Looking for because we've got old money in the stock right now, we need new money and i want to propose something to you guys, and this is something i'm consciously doing, and i don't want anybody anybody to be thrown off by this. I am purposely making a decision to start putting out other stock videos, not for the sole reason of that i'm trying to get away from amc, but that i want to subject a different audience to my videos right because the people that are watching the amc, videos Right now are already locked into the game, but that's old money right, there's nothing wrong with being old money, but a lot of us are tied up into how much stock we actually hold right if we can attract new investors and show them the information and the Data not make them buy right, we're not trying to do that, but show them that there's money that can be made in amc, so they can make their own financial decisions, do their own research or their own dd. That is only going to help our cause. So that's something you guys can expect for me: don't be scared off by it.

I'm just telling you, because that is a specific uh. You know purpose that i am making a conscious decision to do so that we can broaden our audience right. That's all that it is so with that being said, i wanted to cover the ortex data, the ortex data. We actually had a nice first day in a couple of days now the shortest risk actually went up.

It went up 0.37 today, so we're sitting at 22.61. Short interest of free float, free float is the amount of shares that is available to the general public after the institutions and the insiders have gotten their cut of the entire pie. Utilization has now just barely dipped below 100, it's at 99.74 percent. That is not to be concerned with right that could very very easily go back up in one or two trading days, so don't be concerned about that either cost to borrow sitting at 13.09 according to ortex dates to cover continuously going up right.

You can see this right here on the overall trend on the three month average. If we pull up the two week uh days to cover this is starting to actually slow down in decreasement as well. 3.45 is still substantially high. That is a very, very high days to cover, don't be scared away by that you're.

Looking at 145 million shares on loan, i think that the actual short interest on this is significantly higher. I think you've got a crap ton of naked shorts on this, which creates immense immense immense amounts of fake selling pressure right free flow on loan very high 34.79 you've got estimated interest at 22.53 daily short sale volume. This is a nice trend to see. I'm not gon na lie you're, looking at 52, total short volume percentage on the 30th of april.

I don't have the may third yet right. This is always lagging about a day behind because it takes some time to get the actual exchange data. But this is starting to trend back upwards, and that tells you the whole freaking picture. You can see this correlates very, very well what the stock has been doing.

It's been trending down for one two, three four five days you can see here, recording the short volume percentage, one two three four five days: it's slowly been going up right, so that gives you a holistic picture right. This is, this is a large contribution to why the stock is going down, so keep that macroscopic lens keep that macroscopic perspective. That is why amc stock has been kind of trending downwards for the last couple of days, we're still looking at the grand scheme picture guys. I'm not worried about you.

I know you guys are paying attention to that pineapple on pizza. Where does it belong? Does it not belong i'll? Tell you my opinion, i'll tell you what pineapple on pizza god dear stuff, freaking decent, it's so good! I'm telling you want to try something good get pineapple and pepperoni pizza. You will be mind blown if you like pineapple on pizza, just try pineapple and pepperoni. It's a good combination of spice and sweetness baby takes you to tendy town, but nonetheless, the 15 ma uh.

Just crossed underneath the 2008 right - this is a little bit of a bearish indicator. This is another reason why i think it's going to continue on downward trend. It's really been selling off hard at a pretty fast rate for a couple of days now right. That's not the end of the world macroscopic lens we're in this for the long haul.

If you're playing amc stock you're not worried about the short term price action, you are looking at a short-term price action as an opportunity to buy cheap shares so that you can capitalize on maximum gains. When this thing does it's freaking lemon squeezy? So that's what you're? Looking at right now, that's what i've got for you guys today and thanks for watching the video, if you enjoyed it, blah blah blah drop a like consider, subscribing. You know spiel uh yeah, thanks for tuning in thanks for thanks for watching friends, family fellow girly gang orangutans, silverbacks apes, everybody out there much love and peace.

By Trey

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