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AMC Stock Update: AMC Stock has been heavily attacked, illegally, by hedge funds for months. Short-laddering, and naked shorting, both systems utilized to cheat and steal from retail investors were fully in play in today's price action. In today's video, we discuss all recent news, catalyst, numbers and statistics, and sentiments towards AMC, the hedge fund squeeze, and progress moving forward.
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What's poppin come on man, i want to sign this video off on a lighter note, because we do have quite a bit to talk about. It has been a rough day today. Uh. I want to show you this picture of me next to uh a gorilla statue here in omaha uh omaha nebraska, the omaha zoo, very fun.

I thought it'd be. I thought it would relate quite well gorilla gang. My friends, anyways we've got to cover amc today. We've got quite a bit to talk about i'm going to try and wrap this up as fast as i can, because we do have a lot of information to cover.

What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades. We get technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks, i like to purchase by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt uh. Let's just get right into the video, we have quite a bit to talk about, excuse my voice, guys.

I have been doing quite a bit of coverage on amc and doing a lot of videos, while i am in quarantine here out at fort sill. So it is, it is giving out a little bit. I know it's a little bit raspy bear with me. Today was a rough day for amc.

I i completely understand that, and i am never going to bs you guys, i'm always going to be transparent. I do still have my position in amc. It is sitting at 389 shares down about 827 and before i had my fidelity account liquidated, in which case i lost about 30 000 on bb nokia and amc because of the the collateral issues that robin hood fidelity and many other brokerage accounts we're facing right. I had a much heavier stake in the stock and i have been adding to it as often as i can, but today was a rough day.

We went down about 20, which should in turn activate the ssr tomorrow, the short sale rule. We will cover that into more detail later, but we have a couple different things i'll point out to you on the charts here: take it for what it is because uh they change so fast with everything going on right now we have the cross back under the 15 ma underneath the 200 ema, which is a bearish indicator, meaning this has re-entered bearish territory. We did break underneath this uh ascending level of support right, so we broke underneath that with a pretty wide range candle bar, meaning that uh it's it's pretty pretty well broke right and in order to regain uh bullish territory, we're gon na need to really see some Volume step in and some more buying uh buying pressure right now. Looking at the level twos, there are quite a few buy orders waiting to get filled at six dollars and eighty cents uh sixty six thousand in total, which is nothing in comparison to the crazy volume that we've seen, but it is still a decent wall.

So i do anticipate that is likely to be a wall leading into tomorrow. So i do want to start off with that and just give you guys what the charts are looking like right now, it is bearish territory. Now, macroscopically speaking, we did see some sell-off. We did see some more shorting overall on the stock today, and that is what the numbers are looking like, so we're gon na come over here to uh, not that we're gon na come over here to internet explorer and i'm gon na show you guys a couple Things that i wan na clarify just for anybody who is interested in a couple of questions that i've been getting right.

So what is a good short interest ratio for amc, entertainment? The short interest ratio, also known as the days to cover, is calculated by dividing the number of shares of a stock sold short divided by its average trading volume. We can see right here that the overall um days to cover on amc is .68, meaning that uh it would take about 0.68 days for shorts to cover their positions. Now this is not referring to options right. Options expire differently than shorts shorts can cover any given time, but the trick is the longer they hold their stock right, the more cost that they are paying to hold the stock, there's a there's, an interest that is accrued with every single day they hold.

So if you take out, let's say one billion dollars on a short and the interest rate is five point, one seven percent annually. You include that day by day - and that does add up very fast, especially when you are playing with high dollar amounts. So since it is a low days to cover, it would only take about .68 days for shorts to cover their position, meaning that currently we do have a little more uh selling pressure than buying pressure on the stock, which is obvious uh to everybody. That's been watching the price action here, we do have 88 percent current utilization of lendable shares, meaning that 88 of available lendable shares legal shares.

Of course, this is not including counterfeit or uh short naked shorting right are being used uh, that is, that is extremely high. That means only 12 of lendable shares are available at this given moment that the hedge funds are still doubling down on their positions and uh. There is extreme short interest in the stock. Now i'm going to update this today - and this is updated as of today um february 4th, and we did see about 44.88 million total and short volume, which was 30 of the total market volume.

Today now the number is down, but in comparison to the total market volume it is higher right. So if we look at this in comparison, we have actually seen the overall amount of short volume coming into the stock day by day increase comparatively to the overall total volume. Now, what does this mean? Well, this doesn't necessarily mean that people are selling right because we are seeing less total volume come into the stock. This could actually indicate that people are holding the stock, but i do know there are people out there that are scared that are taking that are taking their losses that are stepping away and and don't want anything to do with amc anymore.

And i understand that everybody's in different financial situations - and i actually have some things that i do want to cover here - i've got them pulled up on my computer because i do think that they are fair, fair concerns. So i want to show you all these guys. I did take these from the youtube channel because it's it's people with general concerns and i do want to uh address them. So i'm going to read these off for you and then we'll talk about it after bruh.

You need to fact check yourself before putting it out was planning to sell last week for a profit. Until i saw your video how f and positive you were shorts have to cover this week now, i'm down 40k. Your excuse was there manipulating the market. Then why didn't they manipulate it for gamestop in january reporting to the sec? It's illegal.

What he's doing people are losing a lot over this y'all following this f and youtube, are trying to grow his channel spreading bs tunnel vision, i'm out if it's another red day tomorrow, volume is flying down soon. It will hit bottom out and sit there at its lowest point, and we will look back at these youtubers seeing for the scam they're pulling y'all. Listen to this guy he's grown significantly on youtube with his coverage and making money on these super chats. His loss is a drop in the bucket compared to what you've made him trey.

What do you mean you're? Not in this for money and profit - and this is actually more of a concern than anything - and i understand where you're coming from my friend - i've been following from the start, and you said that amc had a price target for at least 30. I dropped money on this because of that note, and one thing that i do want to address is - i did never give a hard uh price target on this stock. I have always tried to be real with you guys and i've said multiple times. Anybody that gives you a price target on this is lying to you, because it's not possible to give an actual price target on this.

All we can do is look at the overall numbers going into amc right and take a guess right. An educated decision based on the numbers as to what's happening right now. The last thing: don't listen to this dude trey he's just saying: cool things like diamond hands, uh bs just to gain subs and he'll have the sec looking at it, because he did irresponsibly tell people to buy and sell emotionally. I saved the clips where he did now guys.

I've always said it exactly how it is. I've always said i'm going to give you my opinion and be as transparent as i possibly can right and you guys can form your own opinions based off of that and i'm never ever going to ask to control that right. People can have their own opinions right. I'm not i'm not bashing anybody here, there's no malicious hate or intent towards any of those guys dropping those comments, but i'm pointing them out, because i have a feeling there's a lot of people out there that have those same general concerns right.

Am i giving up on the stock? Did i just scam, all of you um did. I did i do all this for media coverage right? Am i just doing this for money, and my answer to you is this: there was a time in my life where i was not in this situation with youtube. Um i got lucky. I got extremely lucky right.

What happened with youtube was a freak accident. I put out one video on amc talking about the details that i talk about in every single video, the short interest, the numbers, the media coverage, everything that's possibly come out about the situation and i basically said you know this is how it is, and this is It blew up, it blew up very fast and i got lucky i i did not take any credit for that in the least bit right and with that being said before this happened before i before i did youtube before i got into the army. There was a time in my life where i was really struggling guys. I was really doing bad.

I had i had a point in my life, where i was 30 000 deep in some medical debt. I lived in my car for an entire summer eating bananas and ramen noodles, because that's all i could afford to eat because i had so many different issues going on right. I know what it feels like to not be financially secure and i'm not going to sit here and pretend that uh that that i'm not extremely lucky and my situation is not different. And i understand that and what i want to say to address that.

My friends is, if you're, in a financial situation where you really can't afford to lose this um i've tried to really push that from the beginning that there is absolutely no pressure at all for you to hold. If you cannot afford to feed yourself, you need to take care of yourself first and foremost guys. This is the most risky the market has ever been. I've said from the beginning of the series, my friends - and i truly do mean this - that there is nothing guaranteed about amc right.

It's called wall street bets now wall street guaranteed there's an extreme amount of risk. Here we have hedge funds, who would control a large amount of money. Betting against people like us, the retail investors and with high risk, comes high reward right. So this is an extremely risky play.

There's always been an extra amount of risk being heavily shorted like this. We knew would be a bumpy ride and essentially all that i want to double down on is i understand this is scary, and i know there are people out there that yolo this play. That said, uh or even if you didn't, even if you, even if you just got into this, because i said that i'm getting into it, i want to apologize first off. If i gave you any impression that um that i'm misleading you or that i'm trying to scam you guys or that this is for me that i'm just trying to do this for youtube, i will i'm always transparent people who have watched the channel for a while.

Who've been here back before i got lucky and this blew up because that's all that it was, it was pure luck. Um i i've always presented plays. I turn my portfolio from 8 000 to 46 thousand dollars without depositing a single penny, because i know how to read charts. I know how to i know how to play the market, and i really want to double down on that.

I want to double down on that and say you know everything going on right now with amc, if you're scared, if you think that i misled you, i apologize, but i i truly don't feel that way. I present information the way that i see it and i mean no malicious hate. I've got nothing but love for everybody here in the community, everybody that takes the time to watch my videos and um. I i genuinely still believe there's possibilities here, because the numbers aren't what the numbers are.

The numbers say that we do still have a high amount of short volume, 30 of the total market volume. Today, right, we do still see that they are like they're lended out 88 of the total shares. That's an extremely high amount. We can see the days to cover they're, currently trolling controlling the battle.

I've said this right. I've said that, right now the shorts are winning the battle, and you can see that in front of our eyes, this is being heavily attacked by shorts, whether it's illegal or not. I personally believe you see a lot of naked shorting, a lot of short laddering uh, but at the end of the day, um i i i that's. That's all i want to say about that.

I did want to address it because i know there are people out there. I know how it feels and if you have to feed yourself first and foremost, my friends, i truly believe that is what is most important right. If you can't afford to be in this situation, there's no shame in that. There's no shame in that, because i know that i'm in a different situation than you guys.

I know there are people out there that can afford to lose the money. I know i'm fortunate to be one of them right, and maybe that makes me less credible. You guys form your own opinions. I will always allow that to happen.

I never want to bs you guys, i'm just going to say it how it is, and you guys can do with that, what you want. This is my personal opinion, and that is what i wanted to cover uh regarding that situation so come in here, i do want to show you guys a couple of things: gme, hedge fund, insider reporting. I think this is a very interesting article and i do want to point this out and talk to you about it. Let's just read this quick, as you can see, most of things going on with gma right now are just msm being paid to lure normies into selling their positions for background.

I work in one of the major finance companies not on finance but with machine learning time series prediction, but i have lots of meetings with lots of people and people talk. I can't give away too much info because it may cost my job but the deep stuff going on it's over the charts in 100 years. This event will be spoken of it's historic. First of all, not all hedge funds started gme.

This is important because of what is about to happen. Some hedge funds are actually selling the people of their wives and first-born sons to banks to get loans. I'm speaking of exorbitant amounts remember that 35 of the dollars ever printed were printed last year. Guess who's going to get a big piece of that why they want to be the bigger fish on the aquarium.

Wsb opened the door for a few hedge funds to expand brutally by destroying others. Maybe people here didn't realize that what they started, but it has epic proportions that you are living in right now. Second, big hedge funds are partnering up, but this is where it comes. The problem imagine that you will try to rob a bank while making sure that the people that you partner with won't, kill you to have less people to share the money with.

This is the current situation. This is the waiting hedge funds, including the company that i work with, are waiting for the money and to see who they can trust. In the end, they will all backstab each other. This is the finance industry.

You can't deny it because soon as this price skyrockets to alpha centauri guess who will be greedy to start up another effed up short, yes, the hedge funds all over again, but it's far easier to short at 750. So it's just a matter of who will short. First, at work, lots of people are absolutely greedy regarding shorting it. That was what created this opportunity, but some people never learned.

This is why you should hold i'm holding just for fun to see this uh crap show. If one day i sell, i will get the dollar bills and put in a frame in my wall, we're living the world war, three of financial markets, now we're on the ships awaiting to arrive to the beach on a new d-day. Meanwhile, some hedge funds are on our side long, but don't think that they care about you as a person coming with the atomic bombs. One risk that we escalated at work is that paper hands, as you like to call it may sell, leaving the other funds not vulnerable to a massive attack, rendering all this useless hold.

If you can, and only if you can do not put yourself in a financial crisis, i truly mean that my friends, everybody needs to feed themselves first and take care of their family. This is a game of patience. Soon the direction will change. Huge buy orders will come and they will artificially inflate the price, while other funds will have to think fast on bank on get bankrupt sooner or be bankrupt, later can't say much, but a few funds already gave their ceos and managers some quite fat bonuses.

Why? This is the last song last dance. They are looting the before it sinks. You have no reason to believe in me: i'm a random guy in the internet, but pay attention to the events that are going on, and you will understand that this is much bigger than just making a few bucks. If you put all this together, you will see that the silence of operations see the low volume means the silence before the storm.

Wait to see the news of hedge fund managers hanging themselves. If you monkeys like to read - and if you people like to read some formal definition of this behavior read this, i'm assuming it means like apes, because that's the thing going on right now, um. But that's that's what i wanted to point out. So essentially, we see really low volume right now right and my my take on this.

The volume on amc and gamestop have been drastically decreasing every single day and in the in the way that he's saying that that could be like the con before the storm. We have seen a drastic decrease overall in the amount of volume coming into the stock, and hedge funds really haven't been coming into this yet, and i think that does say something you haven't seen. I mean we did a blackrock right, which was in talks of uh, establishing a larger position in amc back in december 31st and the you know we had that that uh 13g signed on the 2nd of february did come through for about 6.1 million shares. But besides that, we haven't seen huge institutions step into this, and why not? Because there is a lot of a lot of opportunity here.

It's a very there's. A lot of volume coming into a stock with a lot of volume comes a lot of price action. A lot of price action comes a lot of opportunity to make money. Well, the most price action we've seen is in shorting and you're not going to see every single hedge fund do this and i think that's interesting.

I think that's interesting and i think the fact that people still talk about this does indicate to me that there is. This is not a dead cat. This is slowing down before before the storm. I 100 believe that i really do.

I truly truly do and i want to show you something that mark cuban talked about. I've got a couple other things saved here that i want to show you so cuban talked about amc on an ama. Ask me anything on reddit, and he said this. Basically, this was posted on february, 2nd 2021 mark cuban tutors reddit traders on next move is amc, entertainment gamestop fall.

If you can't afford to hold the stock you hold, and let me show you why imagine having something that cost you ten dollars every day you have people trying to get you to sell it for five, but every day that passes they refuse to sell it. It's costing them two after four days, they paid eight dollars. Now they offer you six. You say no, three days later, they paid 14..

Now they offer you 10. You still say no four days later, they paid 22. Just because you said no now they're willing to pay you 15. tempting yes, but that's the point where the offers keep going up four days more.

They paid 30 and have nothing accumul, but but nothing accumulated debt because you won't sell now they have to offer you 20, 30. 40. 50.. The longer we all say no, the more.

They will pay to stop the daily cost for their bad investment decision, and this is exactly what this means. This might be the most interesting psychological experiment in finance in many years. Let's take a look. We know that if the little guys band together and hold together it's a guaranteed win.

That's not speculation! That's fact! That's something! I've been talking about in this channel forever. I can't do this by myself. There's no one investor on the planet that can make this happen. It depends entirely on the community holding their position in the stock.

The amount of short shares simply exceeds the amount needed to cover them if we collectively buy and hold no matter what we will win big and can walk away wealthy. Our resistance is not the short selling hedge funds, it's our two emotions, greed and fear greed. When we see it start to go up in 10 or 20 jumps and want to grab small profits. I'm assuming he's talking about gamestop, but this does apply to amc as well at the expense of others.

Fear when we see it start dropping in panic cell and yet hedge funds are still shorting the stock today because they believe we're not capable of overcoming those. Two emotions as a collective group: i'm in this thing just for the novelty of it win or lose. This is really something significant occurring here that i'll remember for some time. So what does this come down to the exact message that i've been saying for the entire process through this youtube series? My friends and i genuinely want to double down on this when i say it right, if you cannot, if you cannot financially put yourself in a situation to take the losses here to to be without the money, i really really mean it.

When i say i don't want you to double down on your investment here right, you need to feed yourself. First, you need to take care of yourself. First right, i don't want you to stick it to the man and put yourself on the streets. That's not what this movement's about, and this is extremely risky.

As i've said before, this is not wall street guaranteed. This is wall. Street bets with high risk comes high reward high reward, meaning you can see the squeeze, and there are some people out there that have speculated the squeeze already happened. We saw it run from three dollars up to 25 right and that's true.

That was a squeeze. Gamestop did also squeeze, but in comparison to what is possible, the short interest is there head, just doubled down, and that's why i'm saying there's still potential for a squeeze now. If this happened right, it hit 25.80 and it fizzled out, people took profits and the short volume went down. It never returned at that point.

There's no squeeze happening right, but we can see right here. There is still an extreme amount of short volume coming into the stock. There is that's a fact we can see the numbers here that is factual comparatively to the whole market volume that was almost 30 percent of the total market volume today was short volume. 44 million total shares that's extremely extremely high.

We had ssr in place yesterday and still there was 61 million in short volume, which is 27 of the total market volume for the day, that's extremely high, so we know there is still potential for a squeeze here. All that we're seeing is the shorts are winning the battle. That's exactly it! That's that's, 100, the moral of the story here. So what can we do right, where's, the hope, where's the light at the end of the tunnel.

The price is psychological. My friends, it 100 is it's greed and fear right. It's fear. Traders and investors are the only people that will be willing to buy something when it is overpriced and sell something when it is undervalued right now, amc is undervalued and that's a fact.

If i was going to, if i was to go into a candy store right and they were trying to sell me uh a bar of hot chocolate for a hundred bucks, i probably wouldn't buy that bar of chocolate. I'm gon na be honest, but if i was to go to you know the to to a pawn shop and sell my you know my uh, my five thousand dollar uh guitar amp and they offered me 10 bucks. I'd, say heck. No, i'm not selling this! For ten dollars, you know what i mean not to say that this is a five thousand dollar stock, but it's let's say: 100 right.

Let's say that i'm trying to sell my 100 guitar and they they say: hey man, i'm gon na offer you 10 bucks, i'm not selling it. I'm not selling it for 10, because i know what it's worth right and i'm not saying don't. Don't anticipate that i'm saying this is gon na hit a hundred dollars, there's no person on the planet that can anticipate the exact dollar sign on a squeeze and if they tell you they can they're lying to you. But what i am saying is right now amc is undervalued.

The stock itself is worth more than seven dollars, regardless of a squeeze. So, honestly, if worse comes to worse guys - and this does not pan out down the road, amc has a lot of potential to be worth more than seven dollars. It does that's a fact. That's factual this stock before all this shenanigans happened before colvin right.

If we look back one year back in march before everything started, shutting down, this stock was trading at about dollars and 78 cents. If you go back further than that five years take a peek, you can see what the stock is capable of right. They have had a decrease in overall financials. We look at their last year right, they haven't even they've, actually grown, which is which is absurd.

So what this comes down to at the end of the day is uh is sentiment right, so people people for whatever reason or another, have just been selling the stock, because this they think this company's gon na go bankrupt. It's insane and i genuinely genuinely think when the country reopens if this short squeeze does not happen, and i'm still bullish on this guys, i'm still holding my position. I still think this is gon na happen. I will continue to present you with the most relevant information that i find the most recent numbers, the most recent uh reddit threads.

The most recent news that i think is is valuable and try to give you the best opinions that i can so you can make your own financial decisions. I will not tell you to buy, sell or hold right. That is entirely up to you. I will tell you what i'm going to do, i'm going to tell you what it takes for this situation to pan out, but ultimately you need to feed yourself first, you need to make this happen for yourself.

First and the the opportunity for money is here right, but the risk is high, the reward is higher. That is what it comes down to at the end of the day. There's one other thing that i want to point out to you guys - and this was shared to me, shared with me on my uh discord. So gamestop stock amc fall is yelling, meets with regulators on reddit squeeze treasury secretary, janet yellen and other financial regulators are discussing market volatility stemming from short squeezes on gamestop stock and other reddit focused trades, gme stock and others plunged once again.

Yellen is meeting with officials from the securities and exchange commission, the federal reserve, the new york fed and the commodity futures trading commission. We really need to make sure that our financial markets are functioning properly and that investors are protected. Yellen told good morning american thursday, ahead of the meetings the market was rattled by retail investors from the reddit group wall street bets last week, as a group looked to take on hedge funds and a massive short squeeze, the group targeted short sellers but frenzy. The frenzy reached a fever pitch last week in trading app robin hood halted trading on gamestop, amc, entertainment and other shorted stocks that sparked outrage online from both sides of the island congress over who has access to trading and the ability to move markets.

Gamestop stock hearing scheduled gamestop stocks tumbled 42 percent to close at 53.50 on the stock market. Today, amc finished 21 down lower blackberry, edged up 1.25 percent clock clock clothing chain express, fell, eight percent and headphone maker cost drop 26.5 yellows meeting on gamestop stock comes ahead of a house financial services committee hearing scheduled for february 18th on the short squeezed title game Stopped who wins and loses when short sailor, social media and retail investors collide? Officials from the sec, the financial industry, regulate the regulatory authority and the depository trust in clearing corp will testify. According to the hill, a separate panel is expected to feature robin hood. Ceo vlad tenniv, an executive from reddit committee chairwoman, maxine waters, also said she wanted keith gill, a reddit trader known as uh deep effing value to testify.

So it does look like there is quite a bit of uh potential ramifications that come out of this. This was posted today on february 4th and it does seem like they they're really focusing on. You know the situation right now with with reddit users more so than than the actual hedge funds themselves, but this tells you right the media, the more they cover this guys. The more you know this battle is still going.

This is not over yet this is the calm, the volume dropping right. Now i mean you could speculate all that you want right. You can make your own formal decisions, i'm simply presenting the information to you, but what was said in this hedge fund uh situation, hedge fund, insider reporting - this could be true. It could be not, as he said, this is just some random guy on the internet, but if this is true, he knows what he's talking about.

That's what it comes down to at the end of the day right. We know that there's so many layers to the situation with amc. We know that they would not be doubling down their short positions if there was not risk and reward involved, it's it's just as risky for them as it is for us. At the end of the day, it's a battle between them and us there are people out there who think that this battle is over.

And if you truly think that my friends, there is no shame whatsoever - and i understand where you're coming from, because this has been an emotional rollercoaster, it's so tough, it's incredibly incredibly hard, and i understand that guys. I i i know it's been hard for all of us and i i really understand that i'm gon na wrap up this video and that's all i got for you guys today. That's the information that i found on the news. That's the most recent numbers and statistics.

That's my personal take. I do want to double down on the fact that if you cannot financially afford to put yourself in the situation to double down on your positions, to add right, i understand you need to feed yourself. First, i've been there. I've been there.

I understand and uh, if you feel like i misled you, i'm sorry. I i've truly just did my best to to present you guys with the most relevant information that i can find to to never be, as you guys to be transparent, to show you my positions to show you. I've got skin in the game as well. The youtube thing luck, i don't take any of the credit for that.

I got lucky. I don't expect any of you guys to give me super chats. I don't expect anybody to donate. I don't expect anybody to sign up for my patreon, it's there as a resource.

If you want it - and that is simply it that's what i have for you today, thank you for watching the video. My friends i'll see you all next time. Peace.

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    I thought SI ratio is calculated as SI shares ÷ avg daily volume.

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    Trey if 99 people out of 100 think your a good guy it’s because you are a good guy. The one person who doesn’t think your a good guy just has his own problems that he blames on you. Doesn’t make you less of a good guy and you you should be proud of yourself. The fact you feel the need to apologise to the one percent just reinforces the fact that you are humble and a great guy. Keep up the good work.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Nicholson says:

    Yo I've learned so much in a few days from u. This is awesome… Keep doin u bro. Keep the faith. Fight the disinfo… The psy-ops warfare…. We the People can accomplish anything TOGETHER

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard Evans says:

    Nobody can become financially successful over night, they put in background work but we tend to see the glittering part. Fear is a dangerous components, hindering us from taking bold steps we need in other to reach our goals.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dr. Christopher Diaz says:

    If you dont have money that you can leave alone, you shouldn't play.

    Everyone who is jumping in and out are destroying the plan.

    Only buy and hold that which you can do safely…otherwise, you are playing a waiting game with a billionaire.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jose Figueredo says:

    Good analysis, AMC will either go down in history as an epic short squeeze or one the biggest losing trades of all times, I still believe the stock will recover, time will tell, good luck everyone.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AC 123 says:

    It’s up to the people to decide to buy in or sell. You give an analysis of what you see in the charts and news about the company. You keep up the good work.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars elchinolatino15 says:

    Trey you dont need to apologize for anything. We are behind you in all of this. 50k down holding stronk 💪💎🙌🦍 gang

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dalfig71 says:

    Trey, I've been watching you for months and because of this video I subscribed. First, let me say that you help all your viewers to make the best decision. You HAVE NOT and in no way mislead anyone. At the end of the day, the decision to buy is made by each and every one of us. It is our finger that press buy, not you!!! AMC will survive and climb. We must all stand committed and be patience. You have been instrumental in this journey. Don't you ever forget that! EVER!!!

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ryan Bailey says:

    Imagine a person losing money by going into a casino and blaming the person that told you to go, this is exactly what people are doing.
    When you buy into a stock you need a plan and if you don’t then you failed before you hit the buy button, stop blaming others for your bad decisions.

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Money Maker says:

    No holder should sell bellow $70 after all manipulation we went thru and if we can hold at $7 we can make it hit $120+

    BUY if you Can HOLD if you can't 🦍💰💎

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr Rager says:

    Us real subscribers appreciate everything you have done for us from being informative & potential plays. The decision to buy these stocks is solely up to you. I feel like all people who sent those messages are the ones who takes everyone’s word & if it does not work out they blame everyone but themselves. Do the research & understand how to read charts. I’m thankful that Trey got the recognition he deserves. Thank you for all the work you put in everyday just to make these videos while informing us with valuable information💎🤲🏻

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Baby B says:

    Good luck to all in AMC! Let’s be prepared for the roller coaster next week! 🙏🥳

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars usayeed727 says:

    If you’ve already got lots of skin in this game- KEEP BUYING AND HOLDING. Trey is one of the best guys on trading stocks on YouTube and wouldn’t be disingenuous. His play isn’t for everyone and if you’ve not got the stomach for it or are in financial trouble in your personal life, you shouldn’t be trading stocks like this anyway and should ignore any market blow outs like this.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Elijah Howell says:

    New to the channel, but every single one of your videos I've seen you always say its opinion! Thanks for sharing your hard earned knowledge with a smooth brain like myself, I think its super badass! Keep it up man, let them haters hate!

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Green-Pill Neo says:

    Man friday was even worse for amc, i thought maybe today would be the day with RH lifting restrictions

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Fernandez says:

    I got 2500 shares at 16.00 and I’m STILL HOLDING. Either we break first or they do. But ppl, please don’t dump your savings into ANY stock

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Kelleher says:

    can you talk to us about KOPN? i invested in the man leading the company, but not sure on the stock.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jason Hettinger says:

    I'm sure that the same guys that want to shift the blame to you for their decision to buy/sell stocks would be the first ones online to brag about how much money they made themselves playing the stock market and not give you a shred of credit for the information you provided. You just keep doing your thing, Trey. The people have noticed what you do and how hard you work, and we like it. That's when you know you have found some success… when people try to tear you down.

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dabby Charles says:

    I was introduced into the market, and I started trading for about six to seven months now, and it has not been profitable to me and it always backfires. Nearly impossible for me to catch more than a few points. I do my best but it does not work out good for me. i am clearly among the 90% that lose money, So I used a demo account, observe it and take my analysis, then take the opposite of what i would normally take and get the same result. I am starting to feel frustrated and hopeless, any advice for a struggling trader?

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ariel Estulin says:

    Don't pay attention to the haters. They praise you when they're up and dump on you when they're down. Whateves, it's youtube. You've got great content and you say over and over again you're not a financial advisor or soothsayer. You don't have a crystal ball you're just offering your opinion. You're Awesome energy, Apes unite!

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars VerhovenG says:

    Short interest is not a good indicator to buy, this is a terrible investing strategy. You have to let the shorts do their thing to the point of when the price is about to squeeze, the pressure on the stock is no where near where it needs to be in order to squeeze.

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mark Peter says:

    Keep doing what you are doing Trey. You aren't responsible for idiots. A fool and his money are soon parted is an idiom for a reason. If they aren't doing their own research, gathering information from more than one source before making a decision to invest, much less making a YOLO bet. They earned that loss. Most of these people let FOMO drive their choices. Congrats bros you are idiots.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bob Melko says:

    Screw anyone blaming you for giving your opinion and position.. we clicked the buy button and may end up bag holders, but if you yolo'ed in and have paper hands I feel for ya. It's unrealized loss at this point, once you sell it's truly a loss.. I'm currently down almost 2k, I put in what I could, bought some more in some bad positions but will hold till the cows come home 🚀🚀

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mariusz Chorazy says:

    lmao, he did say "hes not a financial advisor" he never said to buy a stock, weak hands. maybe you shouldn't be in stock market.

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