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In this video, we discuss the hypothetical losses hedge funds such as Citadel will lose on AMC with each passing day.
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Good morning, vietnam, oh man, what is up everybody over the trace trades? We have technical analysis under the stocks in the stock market as well as potential buy holders, sell opinions on these given stocks. So they can promise by saying that i'm not to advise our experts. Don't take me a second, so, let's get into the video, so today, my friends, my family, my fellow goodwill gang. I want to talk about the amc cost of borrow the insane insane number.

This is according to or taxes number that i'm pulling right here. 217 annualized interest rate uh average, which is absolutely stupid, but first things. First, i got a new lamp. I actually built this thing not too long ago.

So you got you got a new lamp, it's not the same, it's not the same, but it does. It doesn't have a nice little look to it. I got ta buy bulb, but yeah we'll get there one one little thing at a time. So with that being said, we're gon na look at the overall cost of borrow, and then i pulled up citadel as an example, their overall net worth, which is 30 billion dollars.

I pulled all this information from wordsex and from this website right here, so it says that uh citadel is worth about 30 billion dollars worth of assets right and then i got this annualized cost to borrow average from oratex, as you can see, is 217 percent, which Is a pretty freaking huge number? I'm not gon na lie. I understand that. There's an echo guys, i'm working on this day by day by day, hopefully this this little noise suppressor that i have on obs helps out some, but nonetheless i i recognize it and i'm working on it day by day. But with that being said, i want to work out the numbers of why this isn't sustainable, why? I really do think we're close to the end game for amc, which i believe is going to be sometime in late may or june right.

I really don't think it's sustainable and just dollar sign wise. It really is not - and i use some conservative numbers from citadel to prove this point right. So let's just check this out. 217 average cost to borrow this is an annualized interest rate based on a 360-day period of time.

This is how much they would pay on a short position right now, right and then citadel's net worth is about 30 billion dollars. So with that being said, their net worth being 30 billion. How long would it take for them to bleed dry if they had a conservative short position which, by the way, i don't think they do in an amc stock and only amc stock? By the way, i believe citadel is sorting gamestop, among other, you know, stocks on the market as well, but nonetheless we're just going to roll these numbers. So if citadel started five percent of the short interest and by the way, i'm thinking this number from ortex, you see there's about 99 million total shares on short interest right now, if they only short five percent of that or about five million shares at ten dollars And i use the conservative number because they could be lower.

It could be higher meeting somewhere in the middle, where i think this could be right. But if it's higher, that's just more money that they're paying, but nonetheless, though right 50 million dollars would be initially what they paid out for their short position. To borrow, that's that five million shares of stock right just the interest rate in one day, they're paying three hundred thousand dollars at a 217 average cost right, one week, 1.5 million one month, which is 20 days, 6 million. This is based off of a five day week, right three months 60 days, 18 million dollars with a very, very, very, very, very conservative estimate of uh 5 total short interest out of the entire short interest of free flow right.

This is only the short borrowed fee rate. This is not including the actual losses, so i actually worked up that math for you as well right. So let's say that this draws out for another three months, and this stayed about the same in terms of the short bar p rate. This is, i don't know if it's sustainable or not, it's gon na depend on the price to action and how many shares are created if there's more shares that are available for lending yada yada yada.

But i don't see this rebar free rate going away until it either squeezes or more shares become available for short positions. Nonetheless, right five million shares of ten dollars and it moves to fifteen their losses are twenty five million dollars. On top of, let's say this happens in one day: three hundred thousand moves to twenty bucks - 50 million 40 bucks, 150 million 100 500 million. Now keep in mind that hedge funds are not meant to bet the farm on any sort of stock.

That's a short position! Long position etc, they're worth about 30 billion dollars in total assets. So if they're taking a loss of 500 million dollars that is close to over a percent of their actual net worth. If this only went to 100 bucks - which i think it can astronomically go above right, but that's also considering if they have a very conservative short position in this at five percent of the total short interest, which i believe it's it could very very easily be higher, Including naked shorting, including the etf shorts right all that sort of stuff, it's very, very, very possible tire, so i've questioned the math on that as well. So this is only if it's five million shares shorted.

Now, let's take a little higher number. 20 million shares shorted right at 10 bucks. Well, their losses be able to hit 20 200 million if it hit 100 um. This would be 2 billion dollars.

Now i don't know what 2 billion is out of uh, 30 billion or whatever, but it is a good chunk. It's a modest chunk right, that's got ta, be i don't know five percent four percent, something ridiculous, and that was if it only went to 100 bucks and that's also not including the short borrow fee rate right so one day if they had 20 million shares short In in losses, they're taking 1.2 million five days, six million one month - 24 million three months - 72 million - and i still think this is conservative. I think they could very very very very easily be shorting. More than 20 million shares.

Blackrock is long. 27 million shares 27 million, so these guys could very easily be that high or higher in a total short position. So, where am i going with this right is that this game is not sustainable for a hedge fund, short position, they're fighting the grain we've been saying this for freaking ever. This is not a smart short.

It's not a fundamentally strong short position anymore. It's just freaking, not they had a case back in january. They did right. Bankruptcy was 100 on the table.

Fundamentally, the company was very weak. Adam aaron stated himself right. They needed to lay every single card on the table picture perfect in order for them to actually get where they wanted to go, but they did it and now this is just not a smart short and they keep doubling down. I mean look at orthex.

The short interest has stayed net even today, but over time has actually been trending upwards. The data cover has been going up right on the three month and the two weeks, which means that the short interest is going up since the volume is staying about the same right. Short interest, divided by whatever the the total volume averages for the three month or two week period of time, things discover going up, it tells you the whole story. This is a heavily short stock.

The short distance is going up every single freaking day and it's not sustainable. It's freaking, not that's why i very very very, very strongly believe the short squeeze is close. I really do think it's close, and this is just further validating that freaking point i mean guys if it's if their average cost is higher than 10 bucks. Let's say even right now that they're profitable right, let's say their average cost, is 12 13.

This gets up to 14 15 20 25 30 bucks they're paying an astronomical amount in losses and short bar fee rate. I mean if they have a short position at an average cost of even let's say 14 bucks they're still getting nailed to the cross by the short barrel fee rate, so we'll give them a better for the dowel say that every single hedge fund out there we'll Just set it as an example is profitable right now, well, not really because this is what they're paying in a short bar free rate. Right now i mean, i know it's only been this high. It's just started creeping up here recently, but why would it go down? Why would it go down since there's no stock left? To short, all the shares are on loan 100 utilization right unless more shares magically pop up out of thin air, which has happened right overall, the long-term trend is still the same.

The long-term trend is that this is not a winnable hand. They are playing freaking junk at the texas hole in the table right now, they're betting on the double zeros at the roulette wheel, and they just can't freaking win right. Three months of just short, rp rate of 72.3 million dollars, we've already drawn this out so freaking long, and i really do believe that they could easily easily hold more than 20 million total shares short. I mean there's 99 million out there right now.

So if you just take the 99 million and crunch the numbers on that think of all the losses just on the short bar free rate alone, 99 million - i mean that's, that's stupid, that's just a ridiculous amount of money that they're losing. So i this is just not sustainable. This is not a sustainable hand for them. I don't know when the squeeze is going to happen.

Nobody can tell you right, but i can tell you this we're getting freaking close. I've been saying this forever, my friends the day that they stopped covering us on the news is the day that it's a dead cat and it's freaking not, and that's football favorite, going up pressure on the freaking turd sandwich, man they're getting squeezed to death and they Will play this hand until they're absolutely kicked out of the table? They're no longer allowed to eat and they've got every last drop of blood dripping out of their freaking body. That's what i've got for this little video here today, so blah blah blah the whole show drop a like consider, subscribing by the way, guys, if you're paying attention to my twitter and all that sort of stuff. I am healthy, i'm okay right! I did have a little bit of a heart incident.

I got driven into the er uh by my by my girl yesterday. I think it would have been about 11 at night. We got out of there at like 3, 30 or 4 in the morning. Got myself a couple of z's got myself some subway of freaking water and uh, i'm cooking with crisco.

So no need to worry about that. I'm doing absolutely. Okay, um i'll just be putting up videos as much as i can, and and yeah that's kind of what we're cooking with. So thanks for watching my friends, my family on fellow girl, again, that's what i've got for you guys today, thanks for tuning in much love and peace,.

By Trey

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