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Oh little buddy jesus christ, that's some funny stuff! I thought it'd be a good way to start the video. What is up everybody welcome to trades trade. Three freaking talk fast and don't skip class like your private saying that i'm not afraid to buy experts so take what i say: the greatest salt, let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, we're going to update on ticker some of the amc here for the day and we had a pretty decent day right.

It was up four point: eight, two percent, nothing to go absolutely bonkers for bird down, burn down a city or anything like that, but it is a good day right, we're great it's it's uh! Something to you know, ease your mind a little bit on the day-to-day perspective, but in the grand scheme of things right no green day no red day in one specific time frame is ever going to make a break. What happens here with the stock - and i want you guys to remember that so we're gon na go over the ortex data, because there is an actual, pretty interesting little piece. That's happened here as well as the short sale volume percentage ratio. So i can show you that finish it off with a technical analysis and then we'll leave you on your way just to go on with the rest of your day, i am going to be putting out a video going over that uh interview that i had with Adam here in the last freaking three days for work have been absolutely nuts.

I've been getting up at like three or four in the morning, every single day to go over to the range uh to the land nav site, to do sea burn, which is just the gas mask and stuff. So it's been a busy week and uh we've been: we've been freaking uh staying busy so without further ado baby. Let's just get into this video, so we're starting off here with the ortex data. As you can see, we had another day of a pretty significant increase of 2.66 percent net difference borrowed of 2.86 million shares for all the new viewers out there who are watching these videos for the first time.

This is 85 percent of the exchange reported that it's about the best sort of uh. You know short interest data that i have available to me if you're anything better, please feel free to. Let me know so. This is a conservative investment right.

18.81. Current short interest estimate of free float is what we're rocking with right right now. So i would not be surprised if it's 20, 22 25 30, but we use this as a baseline. Just so, we can watch the overall trend in terms of what is happening on a day-to-day basis with the overall stock and the short interest utilization, also going up once again it's at 93.92, and unless you visualize this after, we show you the short interest trend here.

Parabolic move up from what appears to be about 16 percent or so all the way up to what we're sitting on now, 18.81 and australian utilization, which is essentially out of all the shares that are available for lending the the 93.9 number. That's how many are currently being held out of, what's available to borrow from lenders right and i'm going to show you the utilization trend, because it is definitely going up inching closer day by day by date to that 100 maxed out sort of range. You can see that right here right, another pretty solid, 93.92 percent, the highest it's been in the last month or so is 94.51. As this gets to 100.

You increase the chances of naked short selling failure to delivers, taking place, which is i.e. Synthetic shears circulating in the marketplace the reasoning for this very simple. When you don't have supply, you, either pay a lot of demand or you create supplies synthetically to decrease demand, because this cost to borrow, which is an annualized interest rate here already, starting to go up a little bit maximum rate of about 8.29 percent. That represents the demand of a stock and the difficulty of borrowing a stock and the chances of coming out profitable on a stock higher utilization.

The higher that cost to borrow the more assumed risk, the higher the cost. To borrow right. It just makes sense the chances of you coming out profitably on a trade reflect on the risk levels that lenders are willing to take on, in terms of that cost, to borrow rate so watch that we'll keep you updated on a day-to-day basis. Just so, you guys know what's cooking up, but that's that's pretty promising right outside of the individual day-by-day stock price, which you can see right here.

We had another green day. This does reflect that we're in the right direction that shorts are still adding to their positions. How many times do we got? Ta teach you this lesson old man they just they just want more punishing. I guess i don't know it's uh, it's it's a fascinating, fascinating concept, so the short sale volume percentage ratio.

This just shows you out of all the volume on any given day, how much of that was shorted volume and the last two trading days excluding today right. That would be tuesday and wednesday. You had 61 and 51 of the overall market volume that was shorted volume. Now that is ridiculously high.

I mean to put this in perspective. That means that yesterday, we're gon na show you the overall stock price, really quick that uh, that price action that we saw i've been showing this on daily candles. Until you get the best idea, we ended up dropping on the day point six: three percent, despite the fact that overall, over half of the volume was shorted volume the day before that we dropped six percent, which really reflects on the overall amount of shorting that went Into the market on the 10th, which is 61 of the overall market volume being shorted volume, 51 million shares. So that's pretty significant data and i'm happy to see today that, despite the the shorting was so heavy, i would anticipate just based on the vortex numbers.

We have that nice green day 4.82, but this brings us to the technical analysis and what i want to prepare you guys for coming into the next trading day. Maybe two trading days now. The time frame in terms of technical analysis is very important when you're looking at daily candles that reflects more on a large scheme, you're looking at one minute, candle that reflects more on the microscopic scheme. So we're gon na look at the hourly candles here and there's something that caught my attention today that i wanted to point out to you guys, because this could reflect in the hourly sort of time frame in terms of price action.

I would not be surprised if tomorrow, based on this setup right here, which is called a bull trap, you have a little bit of a pullback now that does not mean that we're going to close red, but i do think it means sometime within the first. Maybe one two three hours of open: you wouldn't see some sort of dip back down in this sort of uh consolidation, slash range bound zone that we've been trading in here the last couple days. Now, where do i think it's going to drop to just based on this bull trap setup? I think you're likely going to see a respectance of this overall upside level of support, and the reasoning for this is because you have three different touch points that are respecting this ascending level right here and i think you're going to get that nice bounce off. Of that level that will happen in the pre-market will happen in the regular market hours.

It depends, or i can't predict that, but i would say if it happens during the pre-market you'll probably see it drop down about 32 bucks because it happened at the rate of market hours, probably 32-25 or so just you can draw this line up yourself and it Gives you an idea of where you can maybe expect some sort of dip buying opportunity, if you're trying to do that? But that's where i see this going in the very short term sort of time frame. An interesting little thing that i see right here is not only do you have a rejection on this level of resistance at about 33.82, but it also sort of stemmed from this upside level of support right. So this previous upside level, support is now acting as resistance. So the bull case here, leading into the next one trading day going into friday, if you're gon na break over this upside level of resistance and it diverged at that exact point of 33.82.

You probably see a pretty nice move up to where i would anticipate the next level of resistances at about 37 and 18 cents in the very short term. Now does this matter in the grand scheme of things? No, if you're playing call options, it does matter to some extent right. You want to be able to time your entry and your your exit. If that's what you decide to do, if you're not going to exercise your calls, that's your own finance responsibility.

Your only financial decision, but i do think it's important - you know, look at the day-to-day time frames because it gives you an idea of what you can expect. The last thing i want to say before we go on our way here is in terms of options. Trading options. Trading is risky right if you don't want to play with expirations theta decay, which is essentially how much value your your intrinsic value options lose with each passing day.

The stock is doing the sideways trading. I really do encourage first off that you take a step back and learn about options and, secondly, have some sort of game plan. Don't blindly go into calls, you know with amc with the anticipation that one day it's going to have some magic blow up right. This is the truth, the things that we should expect as retail investors going into the stock and this this overall movement right, don't expect some sort of magical crazy out of nowhere moment right.

It could happen right, but that's not something that we expect going into this trade. What we expect is some sort of technical breakout, some sort of momentum, to build into the stock, the short interest it gets so high that utilization gets maxed out. You have a four-share recall right, there's a lot of things that can move this in the right direction, because we've seen it before we've seen the momentum come we've seen. Four share loan recalls before we've seen shorts that get forced out of positions, some of them, not all of them covered right.

We saw a drop from like 17 down about 12 percent. It can happen again. These are the things that you expect going into this trade, which is why we look at technical analysis on a day-to-day basis, so we can get an idea of when the next big move is going to happen. You can play call options if you like to do so or if you want to scalp them.

I guess that's up to you. That's not my preference. You guys do what you want to do, but that's that's the message. I've got for you right.

Make sure that you have a plan with call options, don't just gamble them, because that is money getting pissed into the abyss baby. Don't don't do it for me, do it for subway cup, do it for subway cup and do it for my freaking rambunctious, my rambunctious titan over here you silly chicken man, god he's crazy, there's a little story here. I picked him up the other day and i was fighting with him and i've always kind of i wasn't sure until about a week ago, if he was a boy or girl now i definitely know he's a boy because i picked him up and his his little Uh his little beep, he poked it out of his uh. His is his.

You know private parts, i'm like oh buddy. Don't do that to me. I.

By Trey

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