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Apes own the float, don't worry, i banged down the right side of my chest that wasn't my loop monitor we're sitting. Okay, guys before this is something that we could say regarding simple things, such as a stock. How much of a stock does retail owned they own? The float well now we could say that in regards to the rose bowl parade which was held in california here on january 1st, it's held annually every single year and i suppose that's what annually means. But i'm going to show you a series of tweets that i find to be cool and uh.

That's pretty much it. I think it's cool to recognize uh the hard work the other people have put in, and that is what you saw here so coming from jackson. Hunter you've got afc, we love the stock and you can see this flying as such amc. We love the stock flying and clear blue skies or some nice white wisp clouds in the background seems very symbolic for the beauty that is to come for amc, stock, amps shareholders, apes retail investors alike.

Next, we've got cat striker and i found this image to be probably uh the coolest. I find this to be very symbolic of uh kind of what we stand for you see this ape nation flag being held by a man wearing an ape mask and other apes uh following suit, marching alongside this rose bowl parade with the caption being what an epic Day, thank you for everyone who came out and helped huge shout out to relentless eight for organizing front row, seats and making sure everyone had breakfast and coffee. You've got nice pictures of a bunch of different apes. All gathered together, celebrating uh beautiful things.

Amc, you got this nice big popcorn in the background popcorn coming near you soon. Next, we've got this coming from laura marie retweet from adam aaron, the rose bowl parade starts now. You've got adam aaron, standing next to two figures, crypto and ace from the dc league of super pets. I wouldn't particularly particularly watch that right, but it is cool.

It's nice for kids, kid-friendly you'd watch that on a parade institution they had apes rose bowl parade. Another uh another local within the community recognizing and uh celebrating what has come. You got ceo adam looked great today, uh, i'm marching along the two pets from dc super pets. Adam aaron, sitting down on his nice comfort of both seats from amc movie theaters, the most comfy seats you will probably ever see and then a couple other things that i thought would be pretty cool.

This is a funny meme, hey trey. I think you would like january event: you've got casperino. My float was better ha. He always has that hot the end of any sentence on a tweet that he thinks he's really proven a point on twitter.

I always find that to be quite comedic and then uh a couple more apes on the float. That seems very symbolic to this right super cool to see because we do we do all the float and we own the float. You've got pam schrader. We love the stock happy new year 2022 from the rose bowl parade, i'm here with our southern california apes celebrating we love the stock ripping through the freaking skies and a big middle finger to all the hedge funds out there all the market makers, all the bad Actors all the people who are betting against retail investors, you and me right at the end of the day, this is a pretty freaking cool thing to be able to witness, because a year ago, myself personally, i was naive.

Blinded by what you do not know, ignorance is bliss sort of situation right and fast forward a year and we've been able to uncover a lot. We've learned a lot we've grown and, as always, i think this is a representation of people. First, you know everyone can set aside their differences to come together for a collective good to be able to recognize something that they stand for at the end of the day. That's what this is to me.

It's a big you to all the people out there, betting against retail investors, betting against the little guy thinking that they're gon na win and the end of this, and at the end of the day i think, there's two scenarios this doesn't go down right, amc doesn't Doesn't squeeze we don't have that change that we want to see, but i'll tell you what, if that happens, people are going to fight for it, as you can see here by these tweets right second scenario, most likely to me is the you thrives, and we accomplish Everything we set out to do because that's what people do man, that's what i got for you catch on the next one, much love like taps, peace.

By Trey

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