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AMC Stock - an update on the technical analysis, ortex data, and options flow on AMC stock.
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Gg we've had a freaking, crazy, 24 hours. You've got kenny griffin coming out, saying chicago is like afghanistan on a good day, apparently, apparently in chicago, you watch uh children acting as soldiers to to kill isis. But what do i know? You've got pandora papers being talked about. You've got freaking my mom posting this embarrassing picture of me for my freshman year in college and you've got trey not doing his laundry what's new, but today that is not going to be the focus of the video i wanted to uh, because i have not done This in a minute, take the opportunity to sit down and get back to a bread and butter technical analysis, video, and i am actually going to dig into it tomorrow.

If you do want to see that the pandora's papers, but before we get into that, what is up everybody i'm going to trade tradition, you can talk faster, don't give a class. I could probably by saying i'm going to find advice from experts, so they're going to say the greatest self. Let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow girly gang we're going to get back to the basics.

I want to talk about technical analysis, we're going to go over a couple different things right. I want to go over the ortex data. I want to talk about the options for coming into the stock and, more so looking at historical trend in terms of options flow. Coming in on particular days and how that correlates to price action and then finish it off with the charts and what's actually happening here on a day-to-day basis and what you can potentially look for to see that continued trend momentum, because what you saw here last thursday Right was that huge spike up that huge push in terms of just a random spike right? It just ran out of nowhere, it could have been favors delivers, getting delivered on, it could have been options.

Hedging and taking place could have been some institutions, dumping heavy amounts and maybe a couple shorts covered right. But we're going to talk about the historical trend and how you can actually predict those sort of moves coming and what you want to see in order to know that we are back in a nice uptrend, because this is still a little bit of consolidation right. This is mostly respecting that up channel right. It is respecting a beautiful freaking, huge macroscopic trend, but in order to get that next bull cycle, i'm gon na show you what you want to see so before we get into that.

Let's just start off here with the ortex data. Now what do we have rocking on uh right here for the ortex data so far, currently seeing that 20.24 percent curvatures free float? I haven't covered this in a few days because there hasn't been a significant change right. The maximum that it touched out to which is a new all-time high by the way is twenty point. Nine two percent brings you to about 103 million total shares current currently shorted into the market.

That's what you got rocking right now, costa bar nothing. Significant utilization is actually going down, which tells you one main thing: it tells you that there are more lenders lending out stock to everybody who has read uh, not necessarily retail but institutions, so they can either a shortened stock or be hold onto that stock. They just have more overall supply. More overall supply equals less overall demand, which brings you that lower overall cost to borrow now.

Obviously, this does not take into consideration any sort of malicious uh. Corrupt activity with naked short selling puts being hidden in the derivatives market, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera right, but this does give you a ballpark idea that hey the shorts have not covered their positions. There's still a whole lot of butt going on with this freaking stock right now, and not a whole lot has changed in that realm of things. One thing that i do like to check up on periodically is the on loan average days, and what do you see here is this number has spiked exponentially and i'm actually going to come over here to the charts really quick, and i want to show you what This looks like in terms of how many days these guys have been holding a short position right, because this is actually the picture's changed a little bit now that we have that average day on loan, ah being 69 days, 69 total days guys right, it changes things.

A little bit here, so i'm just going to draw this out and show you what this would look like. 69 total days brings you to right about here, which brings you an average price of about 36. Now, funnily enough, we're currently trading at about 36 or so, which tells you one thing. This is once again one of those pivot points where shorts are in a net neutral position for the average short position or average sharing loan that is currently being held by the big dogs out there, who are shorting the stock right.

So, if there's any sort of momentum that comes that builds pressure, that builds the cost of borrow that can build momentum that can really get this moving into the direction that the apes want to see. This go in the microscopic macroscopic right. Nonetheless, what i think i've failed to do as uh. You know a youtuber with my platform, you know be able to talk to you guys on a day-to-day basis, is to tell you guys not to stress out too much over the day-to-day price action right.

There's there's a reason that i try not to focus too much on the the minute candles, the the even the 30 minute candles, the hourly candles, sometimes don't even tell the full picture, because in the very macroscopic right, if you're, if your price targets way up here And it's currently trading weight down here: you're, not there! Yet right, don't stress over these! These tiny moves unless you are playing options, in which case it's a different ball game right, but that's entirely your decision. You guys do what you want to do. I just wanted to take the opportunity to talk about that. So next thing i want to talk about is the overall historical flow for amc and there's actually a couple of trends that i think are very interesting that you can use to predict future price movements um for volatile spikes up, and i want to show you these Right here right, so what do you see? Historical flaw shows you the calls and the puts that are rolling into the stock on any given day, and what you see here is this green trend line is called volume and this red trend line is put volume.

Historically speaking, you always have more calls than puts because there are more bulls than there are bears for this overall stock, which is just explained very clearly by the price action right. You got a very bullish overall price action, uh forming itself out over the last freaking. Nine months right, but with that being said, there are times in which you have spikes, even historically speaking, compared to the average uh sort of volume that you would get on calls an example of this august 24th. What do you see here? Huge uptick? That's a 3x in terms of how many calls are currently being ran into the stock in terms of volume in just a one day period, if you're looking august 24th.

What do you see happen that day right well, look right here you get a huge uptick in freaking uh price action right. That was a beautiful, beautiful freaking day on august 24th, and it correlates very well with that call volume right. It was a freaking 20 green day, which was solid now another opportunity. Here we had that that freaking pretty decent-sized move to the upside.

Where, honestly i was caught off guard, i wasn't even paying attention to the call options. Well, i wasn't expecting that move, but you did get an uptick in call volume. September 30th. Now, if you look at the overall price action, look back on september 30th.

What do you see here matches with the price action right there? There are bulls out there, they're big buyers. They were anticipating that sort of move before it ended up actually happening. So if you want to use unusual whales in order to be able to watch these sort of price action, uh moves before they come to fruition. It is an opportunity it can give you the opportunity to sort of watch and see what happens on a day-to-day basis, but you have here in terms of historical flow, is nothing crazy right.

There wasn't a huge amount of call options volume rolling into this. Today we did have a red day, they're down 4.39 percent, which is, i would say, insignificant it is. It is uh, obviously a red day, but in the grand scheme of things where you're waiting for this thing to go, it's it's a bench along the way right. It's a marker and it's nothing to freaking stress out over, especially if your price target is not where we're currently trading.

You've done your due diligence right, you've researched this company, you've researched what this stands for and you believe in what this stands for. Ultimately, there's two main things: a the price is psychological right, because if you are here to fight against market corruption, a lot of things are wrong within the stock market. In the us economy, right price is psychological. Second, if the price is trading at 36.77 - and you think it's gon na trade for that plus why this is a discount, that's, ultimately what it comes down to right and the cheaper.

This thing is, and the cheaper you can buy it for, especially with any sort of freaking crazy flush. That comes you know. Ultimately, it's gon na bounce right, because we've seen that we've seen crazy flushes down. We saw this flush down all the way down to freaking 28 and it bounced all the way back up to 52..

Now it's flushed back down to 34 and i would expect the next move to be even bigger than that. But what you're ultimately watching for is not a false breakout out of this trend line, which brings me into the technical analysis now. What do we see here? You've got a lot of different touch points for me to find any significant level of support or resistance. I just want to see more than three touch points and we get that here, one two, three, four: five uh six, seven, eight nine ten different touch points, and then you have this area right here where you get this false breakout right.

It hung over that downside level of resistance for approximately you know, i would say seven to ten days or so it ultimately ended up being a false breakout on a macroscopic sort of basis to bring you back down to this uh. This sort of bull flag set up that we have rocking right now with amc. So what am i watching for right? Well, first off you do want to see a push out of this descending level of resistance with a hold over that level. Now don't get me wrong, seeing this right here, these first freaking one, two three four five six days either i there's no way i would have anticipated that be a false breakout, but it did end up being that because you can see it is still respecting that Downside level of resistance, there is still a line that is uh being tracked, pretty freaking.

Well, so what i'm watching for personally, can i predict whether we're gon na have a red or green day tomorrow? I would actually be more inclined to believe that you do see a green day, because a trend that i've noticed is that when a stock closes at the low of the day, typically you get what i'd like to call a relief bounce in the same way that, If a stock closes the high of the day, you typically get a sort of uh pullback, a relief uh, a relief pullback right. So i would not be surprised to see this actually get a pretty decent push up heading into tomorrow. Does that mean it's gon na hold the entire day? No, not necessarily right, but that is something that i'm watching for, but ultimately the macroscopic trend uh, you do have this demand zone down here. Where does this derive from? It derives from price action that is consolidating before you get a decent-sized move, either up or down.

You have that right here, right, consolidated price action and a big move to the upside. Maybe you can expect big buyers to step in at this specific zone and that would essentially act as a point which you can expect a reversal back to the upside and i'd be willing to bet that if you look at price action in the past, this level Has been respected pretty decently? Well, so i'm going to drag it back and we're just going to take a quick peeky wiki, as i used to say all the time on my live streams back in the day right at how this level has been respected. Previously, with amc stock right now, what do you see here? You see a reversal back to the upside. You see a reversal to the downside.

You see a reversal of the upside. You see reverse on the upside right. This is a level that's very clearly respected, and i would not be surprised on this bit to see it respected once again if it does ultimately come back down to that demand zone. So that's what i'm watching for that's the level that you can expect some sort of reversal to come through and if it's not going to reverse you will know, because it will knife right through that zone and it won't hesitate if it hesitates in that zone.

Expect a reversal right! That's the most picture-perfect way that i can put it in a case that you're going to know it's not going to do. That is right here right! So if it's not hesitating, it's knifing right through it right it's going to push through that zone, it's not always going to respect that to a t, but that hesitation that choppiness, that consolidation in that level typically means that you're gon na expect a flip in either Buyers or sellers on that specific day and the situation with amc. What does that mean? It means that you're gon na expect some freaking uh, some silly chicken hedge hedge chickens out there to start stepping in and uh either push this up or push this down. So apes, my friends, my family, i'm excited to talk about the freaking pandora papers.

Tomorrow, that's gon na be the big thing to watch for. So if you do wan na watch that i'm gon na do an in-depth analysis, i'm gon na read through those documents pretty heavy tomorrow morning in the afternoon, uh work has been absolutely crushing. My my my scrotum for the last last week and a half or so so i'm gon na think of that, the most that i can and that's kind of what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah. You know the whole spiel baby drop a like consider, subscribing my friends catch the next one, much lovely tips and peace.

By Trey

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    This happens in just about ALL stocks.
    It's why unusual activity in options is very important to take a peak at everyday… and on trades you are interested in, you should keep a journal.
    You'll find they're playing the players. Meaning all us dorks in the dark apes.
    We're fishes along for the ride. That's all this insanity is.
    What moves both AMC and has done so with GME… big whales which includes "hedgies".
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    If you understood this though… you'd probably be more cautious. So… keep pretending this is all retail and their 1 to 50 share ladder buys… and not margin trades with relentless ability to do small 100 share buy/sells and very frequent 1,000 to 10K transactions that come flashing across the ticker.
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    Is the Stock Market still corrupt – YES!
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    Are the APE's and Institutions still in control of the retail shares – YES!
    Will the Hedge Funds HAVE to pay the APE’s price per share? Absolutely!

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    I feel those who would allow the market dynamism to determine when to trade or not are either new in space in general or
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