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I think one thing that americans can say with quite. The high level of confidence confidence is the only people in america. Who like the banks and who like the are the banks and the government. I think we can all sit back and say that there have been plenty of times in the past where they've screwed us over you can think of all the bailouts that banks have gotten from the government.

You can think of all the back end relationships that take place between these two entities you can think of all the times. That taxpayers have forked up money and never gotten their end of the bargain. And it is incredibly frustrating well china currently is revolting on a very similar situation because of the mortgage crisis that exists in their country. I'd like to talk about this today because i think.

This is an urgent warning to not just all investors. But all americans within the country. We are actually facing a very similar crisis ourselves you consider this to be the debt crisis to literally just americans the the largest factor of debt is to us the taxpayers and i'd like to discuss that welcome to trade strategy. We're going to talk fast don't skip classical pipeline.

I'm not a firefighter expert. So please take what i say the grain of salt. Let's get right into the meat and potatoes. So the article that i'm talking about the situation that's taking place is right here.

Chinese regulators rush to tame investor panic over mortgage boycotts home buyers stop paying loans on more than 200 unfinished property projects. So essentially what you have taking place here. Is there are banks. Within.

China uh and i would obviously assume home builders. Who are sort of not holding up on their end of the bargain. There is a mortgage crisis taking place where china is not able to fulfill the demand that is necessary given current supply. This makes sense.

If you think about things ever grand having defaulted uh. You know an evergreen sort of being a mortgage backed company right they focus primarily on houses and homes uh is a good inclination as to sort of the current uh state of climate within housing in china. And because of this. A lot of people are sort of getting i mean.

There's really no other good way to put it is people are getting screwed over and if you continue to read on through this article. What you're going to find is this is affecting. The chinese economy right uh sea science better banks index fell as much as 33. Percent on thursday to its lowest level and this is coming off of a lack of investor confidence within the mortgage uh space and this comes from not getting held up on your end of the bargain well what chinese people within the country decided to do was stop paying mortgages and what this does is instantly catch the eye of banks now this is actually really important money talks.

You can riot you can protest you can do whatever the hell. You'd like within your legal rights and at the end of the day you likely won't accomplish much every big change. That's ever come in american history. Or for that matter in world history has come with blood has come with sacrifice has come with loss uh.

There there's no other way to say it people die people. Make decisions that will affect other people both positively and negatively in order to reinforce positive growth towards the future friction causes growth and that's what you're seeing happen right now lots of people sort of digging at the banks. Because that is how you get attention and furthermore. The chinese government themselves are not reacting very positively to this trying to mortgage boycott.

Daddy raised by sensors as crisis spreads. What they've essentially done is decide you know what let's just wipe. This data that would be highly valuable to lots of different investors and lots of different citizens within. China china's censoring crowdsource documents talenting.

The number of mortgage. Boycotts spreading across the country potentially hampering. A key source of data for global investors and researchers tracking the property crisis. So it's needless to say that it struck a bone right people not paying their mortgages in china.

Struck a bone and hit them where it hurts and that is right in the pockets. It's in the fat stacks it's in the bags. It's in the fat cat's stomachs. That is where it hurts.

Now. The reason. I think. This is an urgent warning to all investors is because there's a very similar crisis taking place within.

The united states right now and that is with taxpayer money and taxpayer money involves i would argue two different entities. The banks and the government so the federal reserve as many know but if you do not manages sort of the economy and the stock market they are the middlemen that try to find cohesion and a positive sort of flowing way to keep the con. The country moving well the economy moving well. The stock market moving well and something that's happened over the previous couple of years is massive amounts of printing.

Where the money was allocated rather towards you know americans the bottom 99 towards banks and institutions. And this has caused a lot of inflation. Furthermore. Bailouts become a large problem.

But this is only two key factors and probably the biggest. One is the amount of debt that is owed to american taxpayers. I say this all the time until i'm blue in the face. But everyone always gets frustrated.

When i talk to people about debt everyone thinks to themselves. Yeah china. My va china with chain. But china is a small pea within a a garden of cantaloupes.

I mean it's just so insignificant in comparison. Because if you were to look at this most of the money is owed to american taxpayers at the end of the second quarter of 2021 the us. Debt to gdp ratio was 125. Which is obviously a great reason for concern uh.

This is essentially saying hey. That is sort of overtaking. The rate of growth within our economy. But that's not the bad thing.

Most of the debt. Which is overtaking gdp is owed to americans investors and taxpayers over 22 trillion dollars of that national debt is public debt. Which is what the government owes to investors and taxpayers. So what does this mean in layman's terms.

What it means is if you're thinking about a social security fund. You hear people talking about how the social security fund is going to run out before i can even get a finger on a penny that's why right because the government owes you the taxpayer. The american the investor money and they're not holding up on their end of the bargain. I pay taxes.

I get some stuff back from the government. It's a relationship right i pay you you make our life in the country. Easier uh that's a single example you can think about investors. As well right this applies to a lot of different areas and if you compare it to the actual total amount of debt we have 305 trillion dollars of debt within.

The united states presently and if you're going to pull up a calculator and sort of compute this out. We're just going to take the round number 30 and 22. And you divide that up and what you're going to find by using my handy dandy microsoft bing calculator is this 22 divided by 30 comes out oh didn't do that right. 22.

Divided by 30 73. Nearly three fourths of all debt within the country is owed to taxpayers now this ties right back to china if you break it down to the most simple way possible the problem with china. Why people are so frustrated and angry is because china had promised the chinese certain things if i pay for a house. I expect the house to be built and i expect to be able to live in it otherwise.

Why am i paying for this thing right the same thing can be said within. The united states in a lot of different ways you look back to 2008. The housing crisis that we faced who actually got the bailout was it the americans not a chance. It was the actual banks.

The banks who messed things up and made things get really really messy. We the taxpayers who already by the way got bent over clapped on the cheeks with a freaking 18 inch dildo had to get clapped again with another 18 inch dildo and pay taxes now. I was a kid at the time so when i say we i can't include myself in that i'm only 25 years old. But nonetheless uh you got bent over on that not the banks.

Not the government you right we think about present day stimulus checks. Where did most of that money go and people were struggling and went to banks and went to institutions and you ended up paying for it while small businesses went out of business. So at the end of the day. If you want to tally.

All this stuff together and take an urgent warning is that this is happening. Within our own country within our own borders. Presently and china is an example of what will happen when you piss enough people off. There's a theory that amc bingham has and i actually find this more and more interesting as time passes.

Uh and i will state this it would require a massive massive amount of uh conviction and reason right in order to get this many people to to buy into an idea like i'm about to talk about uh. There has to be precedence and urgency. Which comes from it being personal you knowing that it's going to help your life or affect your life. And his idea is to pull out of is the related banks.

Now the reason that he says. This is important is because if you take money out of the banks. Just like chinese are doing now right you look at chinese regulation. You see how much problems uh.

This is causing this is causing. Many many problems. Within. China and sort of the banking system.

Within china uh what it would do is the exact same thing within our country you take away money from banks. These guys hurt these guys struggle right. This is an urgent warning because the path that the united states is presently walking down right is not good our debt clock grows bigger and bigger and bigger every single year every single day every single minute you can watch this in real time go up by thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars and this money is owed to you and the relationship between the people. We the people and the government is as such we pay you to do a job.

The job is to serve our country and not your selves and your buddies. And that's not what's happening. And if you want to see change it doesn't come from rioting. It doesn't come from protesting.

It doesn't come from being angry. It comes from a collective. No you tell people no that's a lie you crossed it we cannot allow this to happen and we're gonna punch you where it hurts in the wallet. Now i don't know if something like that would happen.

But this felt precedent enough to discuss nonetheless. So you guys are caught up on that and what real world implications. This could actually have on our country and our own sand here at home so that's what i've got for this video. Hopefully you guys got some value from it i'll catch you on the next one more like taps peace.

By Trey

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