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HCMC Penny Stock: Healthier Choices Management Corp (HCMC) is a U.S. based publicly traded company specializing in providing consumers with healthier alternatives to everyday lifestyle choices. In this HCMC Penny Stock Video, we discuss current events and catalysts that could push the stock price to extreme margins of growth, as well as a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 14 MA, RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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What's good beautiful people, oh man, uh, i didn't even impersonate anybody. I was just trying something different, just trying something different. What is up? Everybody welcome to trace trades. We give technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these given stocks.

I like your purpose by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt. Let's get into the video today we're gon na be giving you guys an update on ticker symbol, hcmc guys this play has been on our radar for quite some time now. I am so pumped because this has been an absolute slam dunk so far to say this has been a grand slam is an understatement. This is, this is absolutely lebron james dunkin, on on shaquille o'neal, because this has been a beautiful, beautiful stock.

So if you're not familiar with the play, i don't think it's too late right, we're gon na present this to you we're gon na present the information why i think this is a good stock to get into this is an otc market stock, so you will not Be able to buy into this with weeble if you are curious, but we're gon na look at the fundamentals of the company right. What do they do? Why should you care and then some recent news catalyst why we expect the stock to run up right and then we're gon na get into the meat potatoes, which is the chart set up the best possible entry point, so we're gon na look at this on the One month chart as well as the one day one minute chart to give both a macroscopic and microscopic perspective of the price action. I've got a couple. Different indicators pulled up right.

The rsi, which is the relative strength index anything over 70s overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold. This is a tool that helps you indicate momentum, both bullish and bearish, on a stock right, and then i've got the 200 dma, which is this purple trend line and the 15 day ma, which is this blue trend line. The 200 ema is the exponential moving average and this is a price action-based valuation trendline over a 200-day moving period, which gives us a macroscopic perspective of overall price action and then the 15-day ma is a microscopic price action indicator.

It's the moving average uh. Some brokerage accounts call this the sma, the simple moving average. They are one in the same. This is a price action based evaluation trend line over 15 day moving period, and we use these side by side.

So we can get an idea of when potential breakouts may be coming. My friends, if you're able to get into this back when uh the 15 minute just crossed over the twitter ema. Oh, my freaking god, you would be up 5 000 right now, which is absolutely insane so guys. We've got quite a bit to talk about, let's get right into the video.

So what do these guys do right? Let's just give you the why? What is the fundamentals of the company? Healthier choices, management corporation, formerly vapor corporation - is a holding company. The company is focused on managing healthy food markets and providing consumers with healthy, daily choices, with respect to nutrition and other lifestyle alternatives. The company segments include us-based retailer, vaporizers and e-liquids and the natural and organic grocery operations in fort myers florida. The company sells direct to consumer through their company owned brick and mortar retail locations.

The company operates under the vape store and ada's natural and organic brands. So they've got kind of two different sectors which they focus on right. They seem to kind of work exactly against each other, but that's all right. So they've got this healthier foods right they've got the organic groceries.

The natural groceries operation out in fort myers, which is interesting right - that's not a bad thing, but what catches our eye is this vaporizers and e-liquids, and we're gon na tell you a little bit of why? If this is the first time that you've seen hcmc so we're gon na pull up the website right here, just give you an overview briefly on what they do right. So you can see their website healthier choices, management, corporation uh, we're going to go over this article, but this was posted on the 8th of february and the company overview, so they're, a us-based publicly traded company specializing in providing consumers with healthier alternatives to everyday lifestyle choices. They own an intellectual property, suite comprised of patents, and the patents are interesting. This is good issued in both the united states and canada.

Patents are a guaranteed way that you can generate revenue right and uh we're gon na get into why this is important. These patents have a primary focus on safer vaping technology, as well as synthetic or imitation nicotine compo compositions processes and methods of manufacturing hcmc continues to innovate and hopes to expand this suite in the future. So as it sits right now, i mean if we look at their their healthy choices. They've got they've got a couple different things here: they've got the hcmc intellectual property holdings, they've got the healthy choice, markets and they've got the vape stores right uh, with nine vape stores across the southeast united states.

The vape store has a clear foothold and still ever growing, e-cigarette vaping market uh, and there is a pretty big lawsuit that they are trying to win, which we do know. Uh is supposed to be acted upon by february 26th right and we're gon na. Tell you a little bit of what this is so healthier choices, management, news, htmc, stock skyrockets and lawsuits speculation. This was posted a while ago, but the date isn't necessarily important.

The premise of why it's skyrocketed and why this this stock is still going to the freaking moon is very, very important, so check this out. Hcmc news for wednesday includes shares of the stock skyrocketing on lawsuit speculation to go. This is an increase in trading for hcmc stock, yada yada. Here's everything that investors need to know as shares of hcmc stock lead.

Higher htmc is suing philip morris international over patent infringement. The lawsuit was originally filed back in november 2020, but is picking up steam again. Thanks to post on reddit penny stocks right, this has investors taking interest in the company as they speculate. It could win the lawsuit against philip morris.

If so, the company is seeking damages from philip morris international. The lawsuit alleges that that philip morris infringed upon its patent 170 with its iqos tobacco vapor product, healthier choices. Management is a company that focuses on providing customers with healthier lifestyle options uh. It has this this location at fort myers right and it operates nine vape shops.

As we discussed briefly before that, so if we click on this uh this, this little link right here, it's gon na bring us to this lawsuit. This uh we've got this form 8k right and we're going to take a quick peek at everything. That's going on here. So what do we see? We see hcmc versus philip morris right, plaintiff versus defendant and the complaint for patent infringement.

Is this plan of healthier choices? Management corporation buying through its under-designed council, brings his action for pat infringement against defendant, philip morris uh, usa, philadelphia, usa and philip morris products. This is a civil action for patent infringement of its us patent number uh, 170, a rising under the united states patent laws. Title 35 yada yada yada, the inventions claimed in the 170 patent are the results of significant investment, research and development by healthier choices and relate to innovative products and methods for inter-alia consumers. Use and enjoyment of tobacco products with the lawsuit hcmc seeks to be compensated for defendant's use of its patented technology, and uh phillip morris has, i believe, about two billion dollars invested in their iqos uh smokeless tobacco product system.

So if we look up iqos products, philip morris, you can see this. Is it right here we'll go back so this? Is it right here right? You can see there, there's smokeless tobacco product, the iqos system, and they have a lot of money philip morris. Does they have a lot of money invested in this product? So i'm not necessarily saying that that hcmc will receive all compensation for that product right, but this is very significant news. That's good! That's a good thing that uh and i'll show you why later but um their their financial statements, their financial sheets, their net income right their net revenue is not that high, so even if they receive a fraction.

Ten percent of this, that is going to be a huge, huge huge deal and it's going to push the stock price up. I'm not kidding you when i say thousands of percents. If this ends up winning right, people are going to go nuts and you're, seeing the anticipation of the build up to this right now, with this, with the chart set up right, there's no news coming out. This is all hype, and it's only uh february 12th.

Right now this doesn't hype in anticipation of february 26th, so just keep that in the back of your mind. As far as you know, recent news goes. We do have this hc. This was posted on february 8th.

So this was a couple days back, but we have this htmc announced a sale of five million dollars of preferred stock convertible into common stock, initially at 150 premium, the company's most recent closing price. So if we check this out, hcmc announced this uh. It's it's series d preferred stock to certain institutional investors. Anytime.

You see institutional investors that should matter to you, because big money putting their money somewhere matters right. It means they have faith in a company. They don't just randomly choose companies. I guarantee you.

They did the same homework we're doing right now. The series d preferred stock is convertible into hcmc common stock at an initial conversion price of 0.0024, a 150 premium to its last market, closing price on friday february 5th 2021 of 0.0016. The conversion price is subject to certain downward adjustments, including when the conversion shares are registered for resale or may be sold pursuant to rule 144 as further described in the company's form 8k filed. As of uh.

The date here of led by our largest single long-term investor. Hcmc has received an equity investment from a group of institutional investors, with a convertible preferred stock being issued with an initial conversion price of 0.0024, a 150 premium to our last market. Close. This shows confidence of the in the company's fundamentals.

Ip assets and prospects moving forward is inspiring, said: jeff holman, ceo of hcmc. So that's a big deal anytime, that you see long-term institutional investors step into a company right. That typically indicates that there's some pretty good stuff happening right now and uh. I i feel very comfortable with uh, where, where this situation is currently headed, so i like this a lot now that we know you know what the company is.

Some recent news. We can look at their financial situation and what i find the most interesting is a gross profit right. If you look at this, it's 6.48 million dollars in 2019.. Now, i'm not necessarily saying they're going gon na receive compensation for all two billion dollars that phillip morris has invested in their iqos smokeless tobacco product, but what i am saying is they're likely compensated to a pretty decent amount right uh.

What terms they come to. You know, that's i'm not a lawyer. I can't tell you that off the top of my head, but what i can say is it's gon na be a lot of money, anything in comparison to six point: four: eight million dollars, even if they receive ten percent of that two billion dollar investment. My friends, that is a lot that's 200 million dollars, which would be absolutely insane compared to their 2019 uh gross profits, so very excited to see how that ends up painting out.

I do think it's gon na be a huge, huge, huge push for hcmc, and that is how we're looking right now. So, let's get into the meat potatoes, which is the charts here right. How do you get into this without getting burned? Well, what we've seen so far is this has been a really clean, smooth run-up and the only way that i can see this not panning out where you all of a sudden see a crazy crash is, if all of a sudden, the hcmc philip morris lawsuit, either Got postponed or canceled if they decided to drop it, which i'd it's possible, that they postpone it right. That is something you need to keep in the back of your mind, that's not something that we can predict or something that we can really um control.

But, as we know now, uh that is set to be on february 26th is when we are expecting action. So what have we seen so far here on the on the uh price action right? Well, we were in a nice clean upper movie channel with an ascending level of support, a stunning level of resistance. We always look for at least three touch points to indicate that we have a validated level of support or resistance. We have that here one two, three four right: we have that down here as well, one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine.

We ended up breaking this ascending level of support right, uh right here. As you see, we have this wide range candle, which indicates to me that that is no longer a validated level of resistance. Instead, acting as a level of support we did see. That was the case, and then we were starting a new upward, moving channel, a faster rate of growth and what we do to validate this is get at least three touch points per usual right.

We got one two three four, and then we do the same on the top. Here. We look for at least three different touch points, and you can see that we were kind of in a wedge formation here and we ended up gapping up from that, which means that we broke through this ascending level of resistance and that right now this is still An ascending level of support because we have not broken it quite yet, so as it sits right now, there is a candle that is just barely hugging onto that right. We might end up seeing a small pullback, but as it sits right now, my friends, i think that you could buy into this at the very very top.

And if you held this until february 26th, you would probably still be up hundreds of percent in uh. In this uh in this company by the time of that lawsuit, so uh, but as it sits right now, if you want to get the best possible entry point right. If we look in terms of retracements that we've seen in the past uh comparatively right, we see that this stock has retraced all the way down to 50 percent here previously. So if it follows that same trend, right 50 is a strong retracement by the way anything uh, 50 or above for a retracement on a fibonacci indicator tells you that there's a lot of strength in a chart setup and if we were to follow that same trend.

Right we look at this right now. This is actually retraced hard way harder than usual, so to go from point: zero: zero, six, five down to point: zero: five: zero uh! I think that was a pretty good time to enter. I'm not gon na lie, and it is just barely hugging this ascending level of support, but this has been a one two, three four, which would be five days now. Five days span where it has respected that ascending level of support, and i anticipate that it will likely continue to do so.

So that is how that is looking right now. I do think that point: zero, zero, five zero is a pretty safe entry. What will happen if it ends up breaking this ascending level of support? Well, we do know that we have a fallback position right around here at uh. What would be point? Zero, zero, four six and that would treat you as a pretty good entry point.

The only reason that i might see we end up filling this gap is because we did gap up right. There's no price action in this small zone right here and typically when you've got a gap in price action, it does end up getting filled um. It might not, it might not. I think it's more likely to respect this ascending level of support, but it is possible.

They end up filling that gap in price action and if we do, the fallback is going to be, as i said, point zero, zero. Four five to four six, which is a pretty safe entry point. My friends, i feel pretty good about that. I don't think it's too late for you to get into this the rsi indicator here.

The corrections have not been harsh in the least bit right. We have 60 right here as a lull. We've got uh 60 right here right, so these are very nice corrections and, in terms of you know where this is in comparison to the last two corrections, it's actually right about there, so i, i think, you're getting at a pretty good entry point right now. If you decide to get into this company, that's based on previous trends right we've got a huge gap between the 15.

I mean the 200 ema literally growing every single day right and i don't anticipate they're slowing down because everybody's doing exactly what we're doing. My friends they're looking at this exactly for the situation, it is looking at this lawsuit, they're, saying hey. We know we have this hard date set right. We know if they win they're, going to make a lot of money on this patent infringement and guys.

That is what i've got for the video, so if you enjoyed it, please drop a like if it does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this. Lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble. Weeble is a brokerage platform. You're watching me use right now.

This is version four for the desktop use, my link to get two free stocks with 100 deposit. I receive a free stock grab to support the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested, that's totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, so that is what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time.


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