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Portfolio Challenge Video: In this 30K Portfolio Challenge video, we discuss how I grew my account from $19,000 to nearly $26,000 in one week, as well as discuss strategies and tips to grow your account if you're a beginning investor.
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What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades, where we have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these given stocks. I like the preface by saying that i am not a financial advisor nor expert, so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason that i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 thousand dollars deep. It's a pretty bad medical debt and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work really hard and invest my money and i'm happy to say that.

Not only am i now financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23. So if i can pass along any of the information resources or tools, so you guys make the community a little bit better off than it was before. That's all. I can ask for lastly, if you would not mind dropping a like on the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this, as i do post videos every single day now i have not made an Updated video on uh, on my my you know, 20k to 30k challenge for january in some time.

So i want to give a quick update on you know how the portfolio has been looking this week, where i'm currently sitting how how things are going in that sense, and i just want to give a quick shout out to the guys over the patreon before we Get going into that, we are 57 members, strong, dave, ricardo, amit, ayodele, jaden, mecca, ridgeway alec, arthur nantana. Thank you guys so much for your support. It really does mean a lot. They'll have access to the private discord as well as real-time insight to my personal trading and there's a link down below the description box if you're interested in joining the patreon now uh.

Last time, i posted a video on this stock. I do believe that i was about uh about you, know 18 to nineteen thousand dollars in my portfolio account. I will pull up my channel real, quick and show you my playlist on my uh 20 to 30k no challenge and show you where i was last sitting before we made this update today. Point it out to me: where is it there? It is all right.

So my last video that i posted was not this one to do play all here. We go. I was at 18 971, so my portfolio is made up of apxt fuel cell e, mvis, neo and xpev, and i made a couple of changes to my portfolio and changed my strategy and i've been having a lot of success. Um, as i have made about half of my portfolio no date or swing trades, and i have made up pretty well in both of these uh categories, so why am i showing this to you guys? Well, that is because i want you to know that anybody can make money in the market.

As i said in my intro, you know there was a point in time where i was 30 000 deep in medical debt, and i was extremely fortunate. You know when i first got into the market a couple years back. I was pretty bad at it right. There was my first 10 day swing trades.

I lost probably six or seven of them. So there's a learning curve right and i got my undergraduate in nutrition. So i have no sort of financial background until i started. You know, studying the market reading books watching youtube, videos, learning technical analysis, learning, fundamentals of companies, learning how to swing the market and use momentum and leverage of volume and different indicators to make money.

And if i can show you guys that that's possible and somebody out there is able to transform their investing. That is exactly what i'm looking for, and i just want to prove to you that you don't need to have a financial background. You don't need to be an expert in the market. You just need to work for it.

You need to learn the market. You need to need to surround yourself with great people, great mentors and a great community like what we're building here at trace trades, where you can learn and surround yourself with knowledge and information and improve as you go, and that is exactly what we've done. You know it's been a great week. I was at about nineteen thousand dollars and some change at market closed last friday and i'm currently sitting just shy of twenty six thousand dollars.

So it was an insane week. I made uh just shy of seven thousand dollars huge margins of return, i'm very very happy and my huge plays for the week we're on dngo, jag, x and uh pte. So i'll show you my closed positions. At this current moment, bngo i made a profit of 1497 idex.

I made a profit of 353 dollars ocgn i took for a small loss, as i bought in a little bit too high uh bought in at three dollars and twenty cents, and i sold out at about three dollar two dollars and seventy cents for a loss of 277 dollars, i cut that before it started bleeding it's great to move your money somewhere else where it can make you some cash, and i took the funds there and i put them into pte and i'm currently up 28 and 895 dollars in pte. So how did i make this much money in a week? So my current portfolio is an ap xt fuel cell jagx, lee nvis and pte and uh fuel cell had a fantastic week. You know we were up. You know 22 or 23 on on thursday and up about three percent again on friday on fuel cell, and if i pull them up real quick for you, you can see it was a fantastic week.

Uh we're looking at the 10-day chart here insane growth. It's been absolutely phenomenal for the last four days, and that has been one of the big money makers for me, and that is one of my long-term holds. I do plan on holding this through 2021, as i do have a price target on them of about 35. To 40 dollars in the long term, and i think they're doing exactly what plug power is going to do in the future right um, i think they're going to be a great company.

Clean energy is the future and uh that is a huge hold for me. Through 2021. apxc has not been giving me much as of late. They have been kind of a bleeder stock.

You know kind of slowly dripping down um, but you know, if you look at one of my feet, my previous videos on ipxc, i did uh. I did just post one, it will give you an update on. You, know the price action and where i think this is going, and i do think this is going to be a good stock. I do think it has potential to touch 30 dollars in the future.

25 to 30 dollars - and i will be holding this for a midterm investment up until the day of the merger, so uh apxc was not a huge moneymaker for me this week. The big money makers were my swing trades right, so i'm currently up 253 percent on jagx i made 2 500 so far and i do easily see the stock reaching six or seven dollars on monday. If the merger is announced on jag x. That would not surprise me in the least bit and if that does happen, we're going to be sitting really solid on jag x.

So if we come over here and look at my cost basis on jag x, i did get in at about one dollar and thirteen cents with 900 shares. Now. My only regret being that i didn't take the money that i put into ocg and just pump it all into jagx. You know i did split up my investments between those two penny stocks, just so that if one popped off and the other one just kind of bled, i could cut my losses and make money on the other.

And jagex was the one that i made money on and ocgn was not so you know it's. It's been very solid. I put about a thousand dollars into it, as you can see, and i'm up twenty five hundred and eighty three dollars and i do see the margin returning even more than that on monday, in which i will sell the stock um. If the merger is announced - and if it is not, i will i will gladly take the profits that we're currently sitting at as i do have a trailing stop-loss set for about 15 percent on jag x.

Now pte is another stock that is sitting very nice. For me right now, i'm up currently 28 and if we do look at pte, this stock has a webinar on monday and they're kind of flying under the radar right now, they've got some pretty solid volume coming in yesterday compared to their usual. It's very unusual trading volume. I do have stock videos covering this stock if you'd like to check them out on my channel in more detail, but i do anticipate this being a two dollar stock on monday, their webinar being at uh, 5 a.m, cst or 6 a.m.

Est, if you are on that side of the of the states - and this will be a very solid return, as i am in at one dollar and three cents with thirty one hundred shares at a cost basis right around three thousand dollars and uh, you know if I do if it does reach two dollars. I will be sitting at about a hundred percent margin of return i'll make back. You know about three thousand dollars on my investment, which would be uh absolutely phenomenal. I'd be extremely happy with that, and that was my one of my huge makers on the market um this week now mvis was a stock that i invested in a little bit too early, but it is one of my long-term holds.

I will be holding this through 2021.. I have been slowly averaging down on mvis. My first purchase was right around you know 7.53, with a pretty large investment. I got into this with about five thousand dollars and then since then, i've been dollar cost averaging down to slowly reach 675.9 and i've just been adding my position ever so slowly as we do see the stock drop, it has, you know, hit a bottom, so it Would seem it does look like it's beginning, some bullish momentum.

I do have videos covering nvis. If that interests you on the channel uh, it's in a playlist on my channel, so go check it out if you'd like to see more, but i i think this would be a great stock for 2021. I can easily see this reaching 20, even if it is not bought out um by microsoft or apple or tesla, or ford, as it is rumored to be bought out soon. I do think this is going to be a great stock, but this did have a little bit of a rebound this week.

You know we did see lows right under five dollars. We did touch 475 at one point so, even though i am currently down on mvis, i was down more before i was down about three thousand dollars on mvis and it is slowly making a rebound back and i would not be surprised to see this touch. You know the uh the one month, high uh, most likely the 52-week high of 9.75 in the near future and beyond that right. So that's currently you know one of the other plays that have made me some money.

I've made back some some losses in which i've taken on nvis, which i will be holding, as i think in the long term, that uh that investment and average cost of 675 is going to be nothing compared to where they're going to be. At the end of the year, i do think they're going to be a 20 plus dollar stock and to me it's completely worth holding for the mid to long term um. So that was another huge money maker for me and lee is one of my deadweight stocks and i will publicly admit that you know i'm not a perfect investor. I think, no matter what you do as an investor or a trader, there are going to be times in which you make the wrong decision right and lee was a wrong decision for me.

I did buy in too early. I wrote i chased and i know i should not have chased on this stock. I bought it at 41.75. It was not a very big stake.

You know i bought 11 shares for about 500 dollars, currently sitting down about 82 dollars. So a little less than 500 total and honestly, i might be cutting that uh that 82 loss just so i can have that extra 377 of dry powder to put into another stock, where it's going to do me some more good um. So that is primarily how i made my my huge returns on the week. The big home run hits were jag x, pte and bngo bngo.

I did close for a very solid game. I made about fifteen hundred dollars off of that stock. I took a second crack at it um recently and i cut my losses at about 150 dollars as it was starting to bleed, but funnily enough it is making a comeback. So that's very interesting to see on the on the charts but uh, you know i i entered into that stock at about four dollars and seventy three cents sold a small loss of about four dollars and fifty cents and um one of my biggest tips that i Can pass on to you guys is when you are losing on a day or swing trade don't become emotionally attached.

You are not going to hit it on every single play. If you invest in 10 stocks that are swing or trade day trading opportunities, you know every month and you hit on seven of those and you hit them really good and but three of them you miss right. You lose five percent 10 15. Those are going to be greatly outweighed by the six or seven that you hit out of the park where you slam that ball and it just freaking shatters right.

You it's nowhere near the stadium. Cutting your losses is a part of the investment journey, guys you're not going to make it on every single stock, and i'm never going to give you. I think i'm going to give you guys plays that are going to be wrong, sometimes right because ocgn, for example, there were people that made that play work. They got it at the right time.

They wrote it to the high they made money. They were up over 100 margin of return right, and that is phenomenal, but i i got in too late, i sold out of bngo and at the time when i sold out and got into ocg, it had already run up right and i i got in at A pullback, it's uh, you know it looked very promising, but it just flatlined right. So i got in at about uh three dollars and eleven cents looked like. It was flatlined a little bit.

We i could have sold for a small profit at 376, but i didn't you know i let it ride, and that was a mistake right in in the market. We make mistakes and let that be a lesson for you to always take profits when you can and to cut your losses when they're small um the market typically and the charts are very readable. And at this point you know if we zoom out right here to see you know how the how the market's looking how the charts looking it looks flat line right, i don't see, i don't see it doing anything without any sort of major news catalyst. So you do some research, you decide.

Okay, the stock's not really doing anything right now. I might as well just take my loss. That's the best thing to do. You don't want to let your stock just bleed.

You don't want to let your money just sit there, because at that point you might as well put it in a two percent interest savings account, because it's going to do more good for you than it is sitting in a stock. That's doing nothing right by cutting your losses at 100, 200, 300, 5, 10 15 and putting into a stock. That's going to make you 70 80 90 you're, going to see a massive run-up and you're going to make all that money back and then some you're going to be profitable and you're going to have a great a great week in the market. As i can show you here, that is what i did with this right.

I made some mistakes on neo i bought into early. I made some mistakes on uh xbev bought in too early. I had some losses right, cutting those losses and putting it somewhere where it can make me money, not only make those losses back, but make more. Money is absolutely huge and that's the biggest takeaway that i can give to you guys on how i made seven thousand dollars in the market this week is cut your losses and move your money.

Don't let your money just sit in a stock? That's doing nothing right unless it's a mid to long term investment - and you know it's going to do something over the next period of time, but as a day or swing trade or or a stock that you bought into early on. Sometimes it is best to cut your losses. Now. Microvision is my exception.

I'm not getting out of microvision, because this stock is just way too hot and has way too many good things for me to get out of. I think they're extremely undervalued and i just don't think a lot of people understand how much power microvision has and how how much money is tied to the company but um. That is how i made as much money as i did. That's how i grew my account from 19 000, almost 26 thousand dollars in one week, so that is what i have for the video today.

I just want to give you guys an update on my journey to three thirty thousand dollars in january. We're looking very good. We're looking like we're gon na surpass that goal pretty easily as long as we can continue to have the great week in the market uh just like we did last week, so we're gon na keep looking for those great data swing trading opportunities, we're going to keep Trying to make you guys money of course make your own financial investing decisions, but um. If you follow along on the channel i'll, do my best to present the information to you the way i see it and we'll continue to do as good as we can right and keep making some cash.

So that's what i have today. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel.

Consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this and lastly, i do have an affiliate link in the description box down below for tubebuddy. Now. Tubebuddy is an seo optimization website that i personally pay a nine dollar per month membership fee for, and i would highly recommend it to anybody as it is highly what i attribute growing from zero to 3 000 subscribers in 22 days too. So if you're a content creator or looking to become one, it helps get your videos into the eyes of your intended audience and is a great tool.

If you use my link, i will receive a commission at no extra cost to you and, if you're not interested, that's totally fine, i'm just glad to have your support and uh having your time here on the channel in that way. So thank you for watching the video that is all i have for today. My friends and i will see you all next time: peace.

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