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With the #stockmarket recently being volatile at best, or bearish at worst, I wanted to share my trading strategy for #trading outside of core holdings (long-term investments).
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You might be asking yourself right now, trey why you sound like dog. I am sick right now i got a little something right. I take uh humira and i think this has something to do with my auto immune system. It can kind of lower things and i get sick a little more frequently, but i'm feeling okay so just deal with that everything's chill.

We've got uh a pretty interesting market right now. Right bear market uh, uncertain market at best, i'd say, bear market at worst and if you're an active trader, it can be kind of hard to kind of tread the water right now, especially if you look back into uh 2021, especially, you know that january to march Time frame, when things were really smooth, it was butter. You could buy any stock, throw a freaking dart at a board of stocks, and you make money well, things are a little more challenging right now and i want to share with you guys what i find to be a helpful strategy for options trading if you're interested In that, if you're just a buy and hold sort of person right, you're an investor - you don't have any interest at all in trading on the side. That's cool click off the video the same for you, but i found something that works for me.

I want to share that with you. You can make with that information which you will, as always, i'm not finding survivors on that financial advice. Do what you got to do at the end of the day. So what is ask yourself this question: what is the most difficult thing to deal with during a choppy market, an uncertain market or a bear market? It's a lack of trend, continuation for a long position.

It can be very difficult to find the plays that are continuing on some sort of bull run, especially small caps and mid cap stocks. So, a way that you can sort of negate that is by finding the diamonds in the rough right dig through for hours and hours and hours and find the best stocks or you can sit cash heavy. At the end of the day, with your trading positions, i used to love uh swing trading. There was a market for that back between january and march april, right also more difficult.

It's a more difficult market to be able to tread that through, and you can very happily look through unusual whales and all the options scanners for hours and hours and hours if you'd like. But i found that the better way to go about this is to take daily setups. So i want to share that with you. I want to share my thoughts in terms of how you can avoid uh these overnight positions, how you can make money consistently, because this does work for me and i'm going to show you that here really quick before i even get into the philosophy and the training Perspective that i'd like to share so here i have a screenshot of december 31st.

This is a day in which i took uh seven different traits. One of these i'd consider to be an l, because i didn't actually stick to my strategy right and that's this upstart trade. I actually held this for about an hour and what i'm going to share with you guys. This would break my my rule right.

I wouldn't want to typically do that, even if it does mean that it was a win that was a break of my rule, but nonetheless amd affirm, nvidia, docusign, lucid upstart and spy. These were all uh pretty well executed. I i was very happy with the way that i took those trades, and that is the way that i am going to be pitching these to you today. So three things i want to share with you in terms of psychology perspective for this trading strategy right.

This is my perspective. This is something that i found works for me, especially working a full-time job from six in the morning until typically about four at night. I am i'm working full-time for the army right, so i want to find things that make it easy. For me to not have to watch my position like a hawk and one of those is to find 105 trades rather than hunt for hours and hours and hours for that single 500 trade.

That doesn't mean that you have to trade 100 times in a single day. Maybe that means in a month, maybe that means in a week. Maybe that means in a day for some right, but at the end of the day i do think it's easier to find those 105 trades than to hunt for hours, because time is valuable and i'd much rather have that time, uh not tied up right. So that's one thing: the next kind of ties in with the last point and that's the look at trades as statistics and not with emotion now.

What do i mean by that right? Well, if you were to shoot uh, if you're gon na step up the plate right you're too bad a hundred times, people like to pay attention to batting average, how likely is the player to hit the ball and to get on base right uh? Some people have 80 out of 100 hits for for a win, maybe 85, maybe 90 - maybe 95, maybe 70, maybe 50. Who knows right, but at the end of the day it's a statistic and data has power. So if you know that on average you can hit uh, let's say 80 out of 100 trades as a win, you want to find every single opportunity to move on to the next trade, especially if you're losing. So what that means very simply put is my last point: winners paper hand and losers hold, and that is specifically talking about trading.

That is much different than investing right. Holding court positions for when the undervalued price meets an overvalued price and you make profit on that right. That's a much different situation. You want to hold those sort of stocks with trading.

On the other hand, you really want to stay on top of uh moving your money into the next overall trade. Sometimes that means uh. You have to leave your greed on the wayside and you have to excuse me. Sometimes that means that you leave room off the top right, so you're not going to get the top of every single trade.

Sometimes that means that you close a red trade and it could have turned green, that's okay, because at the end of the day, you want to pay attention to your batting average. How likely are you to win a trade out of every 100 trades if it's 80 and you're one of those 20 red trades? You want to move on to that, statistically probable next green trade, which brings me to the actual perspective right? What do i do? What do i find value, and how do i make money trading in a bear market or an uncertain market? It's very simple: i play one minute candles with very basic ta patterns head and shoulders, inverse head and shoulders cup and handle inverse cup and handle flat top breakouts flat top rejection supply zones, demand zones just the basic stuff that you learn at the beginning of ta 101 right and i apply those to a one minute time frame and i take very small gains, and i stack them over and over and over and over and over and over right. That comes back to number one. It's easier to find 105 trades than it is to find a single 500 trade.

So i take entry on confirmation of bowler bear trend because you can play long calls or long puts with this strategy right and you exit either on the first closed red candle. If you want to be very, very conservative or with a break of that trend with the bull trend or the bear trend - and you leave absolutely no exception right now - you might be asking yourself trey what about a stop loss? Well, i'm not here to tell you what your stop-loss should be, but i keep mine very tight. I try to keep it between five percent to ten percent and i usually cut it closer to that five percent, because i do kind of edge close to that hundred trades in a day uh at some moments in time. So i'm gon na show you what i'm talking about right.

Let me go back in time here. I'm gon na show you uh tesla and i'm gon na show you uh the spy i'd like to show you lucid and a couple. Others we'll start off here with lucid right. So here's a very basic ta pattern: you're connecting dots trend, lines 101 right.

This is one of the very first things you learn when you, when you study technical analysis, connect dots. One two three touch points. You can see a breakout from that overall trend line and what i personally do is i take that first red candle off the breakout as my exit, so i enter here right on this uh green candle. I take these two minute candles and i see this first red candle close and i'd exit.

Now it doesn't look like a lot right. 39.50. All the way up to if you were to take it at the bottom here at 39.80. That's only a 30 cent move right, but that's five to ten percent gain and you can move on to the next small scale breakout and do it again.

This is a sure-fire way that you're not very sexily, but you are consistently profiting now. This is actually a pretty cool statistic right. Eight ten percent gains back to back to back to back to back on your portfolio will double your account. Twelve of them will triple it nickels and dimes.

Out of over time. You could have done this again with uh with lucid right here right. This is another crucial point, uh. Typically, when you see a previous level of resistance, this is what this descending level is right here, continue to act as support after a breakout.

You look for that. Right, a bounce off of that would have actually been a bullish confirmation. You would actually be able to take that as a call position for trend continuation on that specific spot and if you're looking for ta walkthroughs ta 101, this isn't the video. This is more of a sort of a trading philosophy and how i personally trade in a bear or or in a choppy market.

You know that is what it is, but nonetheless you didn't get that bullish continuation. Instead, you got to break down underneath that trend line. You can take an entry on the close of that candle below that overall trend line and ride it next down right, one: two: three: four: five: six candles in a row: you can take an exit right here on this green candle, if you're being very conservative or You can write it down to here where you get the reversing candlestick pattern. The two uh, the engulfing right you get engulfing green candle down here, you'll be able to ride this for 10 minutes.

You take your profits and you move on with your date very simple. Ta pattern: could it have gone lower? Yes, could have gone higher, yes right at the end of the day, it doesn't matter you're not worried about. The idea of i could make more money, or this could turn back green, we're not thinking about it. In terms of greed and fear, we're thinking about it in terms of statistics in terms of data, in terms of, if i know my batting average, how can i get to the next trade? So i have a good chance of making money lose it again right now.

You have another trend line right here, so every time it touches this trend line, you can see it bounces back up with with some obvious caveats right. Sometimes you get false breakdowns underneath sometimes you do not, but nonetheless uh one. Two three different touch points right here off this third bounce of the trend line. You can take a call entry and that would end up being at about and 40 cents one two three, four, five: six, seven, eight nine first closed red candle.

You take your exit and that's a pretty decent little swing right there right 39.40. All the way up to 40 20. that doesn't sound like a lot. Maybe that's a 15 trade, maybe 20.

uh, it's not sexy, it's not something you want to screenshot and put on your twitter or your snapchat, or your instagram or whatever. It's not crazy game porn, but it's consistent and it'll consistently make you money, and this is the that they will not tell you on twitter. Is there? Are people out there right who do consistently make 400 trades on a day-to-day basis, but they sit down at their computer all day to find those traits and that's a very slim minority of people that actually are able to do that. And if you want to do that, feel free, it's way sexier right, but i found that this works for me and i don't have to sweat on a day-to-day basis on what a charts doing.

You can repeat this: the entire day right bounce off this trend line small gain right, some would be neutral, someone be losers, uh, but you get the idea right. Bounce off the trend line right here. Two minutes of work, two minutes worth of candles: you make 15 cents on that contract, five percent! You do it again here right: entry at 4177, first red candle closed. You you get out of 42 13., the point being you're, applying very basic concepts that everybody understands right.

Uh, you understand head and shoulders patterns. You understand how candles work you understand flat top breakouts flat top rejections. You understand trend lines, all that sort of stuff right. You apply basic options: knowledge playing at the money or barely out the money, calls or puts right in a short term expiration if you're going to be day trading them and uh.

You take profit on the table with absolutely no exception, uh for any sort of gain or any sort of loss on that trade. Then you consistently do it over and over and over and over and over again now. Why do? I think this is a good strategy to have in a bear. Uh a bearish or an uncertain choppy market.

Volatile market is because it's very hard to find trend continuation. I absolutely do not overnight trades right now, uh in terms of lucid roblox, the spy blah blah blah. You go down the list in terms of things that i'm looking at, i'm not doing it because there's so many uncertainties with covid with the economy, with inflation, with the fed, with with geopolitical situations with geo economic situations. There's a lot of different things that are changing on a day-to-day basis.

You can avoid that by controlling the controllables. You can play this with anything right spot. We go back here to yesterday. You can see that basically anytime, that it touched this trend line.

It would bounce back down. You got one test. Two tests, uh three tests right here. You could take an entry off of this breakdown off of that trend line bam.

One two, three, four: five, six, seven, eight nine ten minutes worth of candles. First, green candle. You got an engulfing candlestick pattern, you take your exit and on the spy they have the zero dte or days till exploration contracts that you can play, and you just made yourself a hot penny off of a 10 minute move. Now, obviously, that's a hand-picked example.

That's a very solid example: sometimes they're gon na be choppier than this. Sometimes you're gon na have to just ride two or three minutes worth of price action. You do it again right just like. I showed you back here with lucid.

You take this breakout right here. It's only two minutes right: it's not a sexy win, it's a five percent win, but sometimes out of those hundred swings you take at the back. They'll have one or two three four, maybe five of them right, they're, really solid, hits second base third base. That'll get you a 20 30 40 game and that's what you can look forward to is, statistically speaking, if you show up to bat a hundred times a couple of those are going to be good hits you don't have to hope for them right, because data and Statistics can prove that for you, so just keep showing up to the bat.

If there's anything, i can give you as a final point right i'll leave you off with this. Get you on your way. It's you do not want to force a trade in a bearish or an uncertain market right. Look at it as a data point out of a hundred swings.

How many of these are gon na be good hits how many these are gon na be bad hits and how many are gon na be home? Runs you take that data and you can look forward to that because more often than not data proves king and you can look at your own batting average. You can try to improve it. You can try and find ways to to be more disciplined to be more. This to be more that, but at the end of the day, once you cut out the emotions and you look at it as data right - you take these super small wins.

This is what i do right. Super small wins. You stack them over and over and over and over and over throughout the day, don't even give yourself a chance to go red. It's the worst thing you can do.

Let a green trade turn red right. That's the game, changer! That's the game: changer in a bearish or uncertain market is taking what's on the table until the bulls start ramping up again, you see the mid cap, small caps right, they start getting more aggressive. You want to take some of those penny stock positions, so this that right, you can do what you want to do, but now it's not the time for that now is the time to to take the small bats right, take the small bats and occasionally you'll find A pretty good swing, that's what i've got for this video, so catch y'all. The next one appreciate everybody, much lovely taps: peace,.

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