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What's up gang, it's your boy! Trey! We got another cat. This is uh. This is dale, say hi dale make some noise he's very active you're an active little bugger hold on i'll. Let you go in a sec, say: hi, you're, crazy.

All right! You go back i'll. Put you down, you're good, go guys as you can see by the title of this uh. I up. That's it but we're gon na get into that as we kind of get deeper into the video guys welcome back to trace trades, where we can talk fast, don't skip classic brothers, i'm not a functional partner expert, so take what you say: they're gon na salt.

Let's get into the video uh guys today, elon musk reached a deal on twitter uh, the the infamous 54 dollars and 20 cents. His first and final and best offer has finally been accepted, and what happened alongside that uh, the internet, could have never predicted. Everybody on twitter started tweeting about how elon was going to buy twitter, which is an absolute phenomenon. I'm going to show you guys the news here, real quick just so you can see this check it out.

Uh elon musk reaches deal to buy twitter. The deal brings arguably the internet's most influential platform under the control of one of the world's richest people. Elon musk is buying twitter and taking it private, now, there's a couple of key things here that i find to be uh of interest and what i'm actually the most excited about is uh is that elon uh has a true opportunity here to take a platform which Is unique compared to many other social media platforms and turn it into uh the potential that it really has, and let me kind of elaborate on that a little bit right, so you think on instagram, you think on facebook, you think on snapchat and the the accessibility And the reason behind having one of those social media sites well, the purpose of those social media sites is sort of uh inter-person-to-person connections. Right it's about uh, social media right, it's the purpose of it is truly to kind of just tell the internet what's happening.

Tell your family what's happening, your friends what's happening uh, regardless of whether you you personally believe that people uh care or not, you know that's that's kind of the purpose behind it and, as we've seen uh, that only goes so far, at least with the mechanisms that Sort of actively exist uh amongst different platforms such as facebook. We do see that the monthly users on facebook has been declining. You can see that by also looking at their stock price. You look at the facebook stock price right now.

What you're gon na notice uh? I think they actually changed the ticker to meta. I forgot about that meta, fb fb. There we go. So if you look at uh meta right now what you're gon na notice is looking at the daily chart.

It has just not done well, it's done really bad and the reasoning behind this is quite simple. It's because they just haven't been fundamentally improving. You get capped right, it's sort of the upside for facebook. Is the population increasing? Because you start, you have a turnover rate.

So to speak, uh in terms of how many people within the world are going to use that platform and once you've sort of hit that turnover rate and you're not reaching new people within the world. The population of the world you're kind of capped so where i believe uh twitter is sort of an exception in the same way, that youtube is an exception, is in some way shape and forms. It's a business, and what i mean by that is twitter. In the the most excellent way possible, if it was to be utilized in a good way where you don't have shadow banning where you don't have uh bot problems like you, do rampantly right now, where you don't have uh left versus right, leaning, opinions getting either censored Or shadow banned or pushed or whatever it may be, where you don't get propaganda getting shoved down your throat, whereas an actual free speech platform that allows uh media to give you instantaneous information, you've got something beautiful there i mean twitter is actually faster than than youtube Than instagram then facebook i mean nobody goes to facebook to post uh elon just bought twitter, because facebook's kind of just dog dog dog poop, i mean uh well.

The only reason i go to facebook is to see that elon musk was talking uh mark zuckerberg. How much to buy how much to buy meta uh twitter there's an opportunity there and i think elon buying. That is good. Second thing he's taking it private, a private company is important because it means that you will not be able to actively trade this on the stock market.

It means that shorts have to close out of positions uh. It means that for the buyout price you're going to get paid out per share on whatever uh amount of shares you own prior to the buyout you'll receive 54.20 uh, which is what elon paid coming out about 44 billion dollars pretty sick, where it gets a little Bit tricky, though, where, where i personally got today, i got, i got absolutely slammed. I i really took an l on this. Uh was calls, calls are a whole different ball game, so myself, personally uh.

This is my first stock, where i decided to take a hammer at a buyout to try out a buy out and uh make some money on sort of the flip there, and i was actually green today i was green uh i bought about midday. Let me just pull this up here, really quick. I bought about midday somewhere around here about 50 and 65 cents, or so i bought some 56 dollar calls uh, not anticipating that it would run to 56 dollars per se, but in anticipation that it would have a nice push and i'd be able to sell uh. Still out the money, regardless of uh, whether or not it hits right where i was wrong and where this privatization of the company is actually massive, is knowing that it will eventually stop trading and knowing that the price paid was 54 and 20 cents.

A share, you're capped volatility gets smoked if you did not buy a call within the break-even of 54-20, so, like 53 is where i feel pretty safe iv smoked you and i got absolutely smoked on twitter calls. Today i got boned and the reason i want to share this with you. Guys is because who knows when the next time this will happen will be. I i really have no idea - maybe it'll, be months years before the next sort of huge buyout opportunity happens where you can make money on a on a situation like that, a pr a public company going private, whatever uh, maybe it'll, be years but uh.

If you can avoid the same mistake that i made that's worth a nickel to me, because i lost a good chunk, a good chunk of money, especially after being green, that sucks uh. This situation was avoidable because if you know the stock's gon na be bought for 54 20, you know the implied volatility for anything above that is just gon na get cracked it's gon na get smoked. They're gon na get rug pulled really hard, even if the stock is going up unless it runs in the money, it'll expire, worthless and i'd. Imagine that a lot of people within the chain today uh are walking away pretty sad uh to see that their investment kind of got kind of got rugged.

So i want to be able to share that. You know and all in all, i'm actually kind of happy. I'm actually really happy and i'm going to stand firm on that belief. I know this is somehow a controversial topic and i can understand some apprehensions and dis differences in opinion here and that's okay, respect your opinion, whatever uh.

But what i'll say is i stand on this hill because if you were to look at twitter right now and you have a problem with twitter right now, uh you don't want anyone to buy this out. First, the first question: i'd: ask: you is: do you know who owns twitter? If you actively know who owns twitter, you know the fact that they own 77 shares. You know a lot of these guys are just institutions uh that, frankly, don't give a about retail and what you actually need, which is uh. A platform that serves you doesn't serve.

An agenda doesn't serve the top of the pyramid. You know, then, okay, if you want to stand on that hill, that's that's perfectly fine. I think that elon's got a track record of taking companies from the ground and building it up. A lot of people seem to forget that that tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Right and paypal was also in a fundamentally much different shoe before elon stepped into the equation, and you know helped make it into what it is today and i think, if there's any guy on planet earth who who really wants to see systemic change in a lot Of different areas of the world i mean tesla's drastically different than paypal is drastically different than twitter. I think it's elon, i really do. Is it? Do i agree with everything he does do? I think he should be tweeting out uh his farts every morning, maybe not, but look come on come on. Let's be honest here: let's, let's be honest here that that uh microsoft, uh meme was was pretty pretty dang uh appealing.

I saw a reply to this. In case you need to lose a boner fast, some guy replied and said now. I know why they call it microsoft. I got such a kick out of that uh, but i i i stay on elon man he's a pretty top top tier top tier guy, and i i don't see any situation where twitter's in a worse shoe in the future than it is right now and to Be honest with you what they said: no uh the elon's offer what that came down to is just not having the shareholders best interests in mind, because a lot of people uh, perhaps forget that company gets bought out.

These guys have a combined like less than 100 shares they're, not making anything they're, making 54 and 20 cents a share for 77 shares 75 shares. Not i mean they're really making nothing. So they've got nothing to help themselves with here and that's why they're apprehensive in the first place. So uh i'm happy about this.

I think this is gon na be a good thing for the platform. I hope it takes care of a lot of the shadow banning problems, the bot problems uh. Maybe twitter will have less of an agenda and more free speech, because, ultimately, that's that's kind of that's kind of the goal right. I i don't think anyone's gon na argue with free speech uh as long as it doesn't inhibit the free the freedom and sort of happiness of another individual.

You know so uh free speech does not mean freedom for repercussions. We obviously know that, but uh free speech being abused to push an agenda and then claiming that you have free speech is a whole different ball game to me. So that's what i got. I wanted to share that.

That story with you uh avoid those those problems for, for us, dldr, real, quick, the company's going private it's getting bought out. It's got a predetermined share, price and you're playing any sort of uh options. On that be careful, don't don't uh don't fall into that iv. Dump like i just got trapped into uh.

It was a mistake on me. You know if you learn uh and hopefully learn from that mistake that i just shared with you, because that sucked that sucked a lot i didn't, i walked away pretty shitty uh, so i'll catch you all later. I got one last thing that i'm gon na clip into this uh video uh, because it kind of just popped up uh very quickly here, but i know a guy. I've got a connection to, or i should say, alpaca alpaca's got a connection to uh uh, a guy who works sort of in the sphere of twitter right, and i wanted to add this because it seems like a good nugget of knowledge.

Uh. A couple of concerns right: there's there are cons here. I i am pro elon, but these aren't questions that i think are worth asking. So i'm gon na pose these here and then you guys can kind of leave thoughts on what you think in the comment section and all that sort of stuff uh.

First off uh, unvested equity right. So when, when a company employee has equity that they haven't seen a dime of yet and they get bought out and they go private instantly bam, uh, what's gon na happen to that equity, i think a lot of people are pretty sweaty about this. That guy is particularly sweaty about this. My armpits are even a little bit sweaty about this, so that's something i'm actually pretty interested to see and that's something that lies in elon's hands.

So i keep an eye on that uh that is gon na play a role in what uh what happens with some different employees that uh that work for the company uh. Secondly, there's a lot of guys in this. This is a pretty easy one for me. There's a lot of people who work at twitter, who have kind of quote unquote, useless jobs, uh, who are probably gon na, let go and that sucks for these guys.

Uh and they're gon na have to find a new job, and maybe maybe elon will have some plans in terms of what to do with these guys, maybe give them sort of a heads up, maybe give them. I don't know some sort of one-time check, a stimulus. Whatever it may be to help them get on their way, but my opinion is pretty simple on this. I think i think those guys you know you had a useless job.

That's kind of the way this the circle of life goes. I mean you're, not doing anything. Your job security's kind of at stake - i hate to say it that way, but that's the truth, uh and that's kind of what i got ta say. I want to add that those are kind of the two big things that stick out in my mind, is, is what's gon na happen with uh equity of employees within the company, not execs, because we know these guys are stains that don't that own less than some Employees that just work for their their company casually and then uh and then what's gon na happen, their jobs.

You know pretty interesting stuff and - and i thought worth mentioning so i'm just gon na - add this in uh now i'll catch you later much lovely taps, peace.

By Trey

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