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The best way to start at your morning is with some mcdonald's diet. Coke always slaps guys. I've got an announcement for you. This is something i've been working on and i'm actually really excited for the last month or so that i'm gon na be given to you for absolutely free and, let me say uh when i say i'm excited, i i mean that down to my freaking, my nut Sack because this is a pretty accurate setup, we have coded together a couple different indicator: crossovers uh, with an algorithm and we've been working on this for about a month dumped a couple thousand dollars into it.

That fires off essentially what a bot or a computer, would take for a call or a put position based on certain indicators crossing over uh. I'm super jacked about this there's a couple different ones that we have as of right now, and these are based on a one hour time frame uh, which means that they're more inclined to be swing trades than scalps. But we will be having, as you can see here, the three minute coming relatively soon, which is more of a scalp setup uh, but i just want to get this off the floor running because i think this is a really cool thing. It's gon na be absolutely free to you, there's no paywall behind my discord, uh and i think that you guys are going to enjoy it.

So basically, what you have here is a 9 and a 21 crossover indicator. This is essentially telling you when something is looking bullish when something's looking bearish. If you see the 9 under the 21, typically bearish, you want to take a put position on this, so just for an example, let's look at snapchat at 10 24. Am you got a 9 under 21 crossover uh that was at 10 24., so, let's just come over here to snapchat.

Let's look at what the stock ended up doing. Take a quick peek at this and, if you're looking at this on the one minute time frame, what you will notice is that the the stock uh you would have made money on a put right. That's that's a pretty solid uh, pretty solid fire off. Let's look at another one: let's look at amazon amazon 921 that fired off at uh 1103 uh a.m.

We back tested this for a couple weeks, so i'm just walking you through this because i know it's already. Gon na work, but i might as well show you you can see that this fired off bam. Huge downside. I mean you had a lot a lot of opportunity to play, put right there on the 921.

We also have the 13 48 strategy when the 13 crosses over the 48. It's bullish when it crosses under the 48. It's bearish, you can see here bac bank of america at 7 30 a.m. This morning, uh 13 cross over the 48..

Well, what would have happened if you had played bac bank of america right? Let's just check this out holy piss massive massive opportunity for a call call play right here where you could have made some pretty solid money. One of my friends is named sassy. He actually ended up taking this uh this alert today and he walked away making some some damn good money right, great opportunity. There show you another one with the 1348., you can look at fxi 13 under 48.

The bot uh fired that off at about eight. This morning, so let's just look at what fx i haven't even heard of this ticker, but we're gon na. Actually, i have but we're gon na check this out quick, huge gap down, so this is probably where it actually fired off uh. But nonetheless, if you took a position at open, there was certainly an opportunity uh to make money on a put here, albeit not as much as the last three or four, but nonetheless, you can see the shooting average on.

This is pretty solid. We have one last indicator that we added here - and this is the williams alligator, and this is all on a one hour time frame. The three minute will be coming soon, but this is essentially channel trading and in case you don't understand uh what the williams alligator is because i'll be honest with you, i didn't understand it until just recently. Uh i've just drawn out some simple stuff for you.

So you can walk through it. There's also videos that exist on the internet, but basically, what this is doing is telling you the strength behind a trend and also when you can expect to have channel trading. So a williams alligator. You can actually click this.

If you want to use weeble, i know that other brokerages have the same thing. You just want to click on alligator on the top right of your screen. It will give you three different lines. You see a blue line, a red line and a green line, and if i come over here - and i show you what these are - it's very straightforward - this is the lips, this is the teeth.

This is the jaw, and these have names, because it's going to give you an inclination as to when you can expect something to turn bullish, something to turn bearish, and it's also going to help you with channel trading. Now. What you're going to notice is that this is bullish when the green's on top that means you're in a bullish scenario. You can always just remember that green is good, green's a good thing.

You love seeing green right. So if you remember the green on top, you think oh man, i'm gon na make fat stacks of cash baby. This is looking nasty. You see this.

You see the lips on top uh. That looks pretty good. The opposite, then, if it's bearish is that the blue line is on top, which means that the jaw is on top of the teeth is on top of the lips right. So with that being said, there's a couple things that you can use this, for.

You can use this to basically determine when a good time to load up on a position is essentially when channels are tight. That's what i personally would use this for, but ultimately that's up to you, and it can also tell you the strength of a trend. So what i have drawn out here for you uh, is a couple different charts check this out. A strong trend is, when you see a large fanning away from the lips, the teeth and the job.

The green on top here means this is bullish. You can see that the the lines are gapped apart pretty far, it would indicate a strong trend where there's a lot of opportunity to make money when the lines are tight together. That is a weak trend. You can essentially think of this as channel trading, which is what the majority of stocks do uh, i would say, 70 of the time is they make big moves and then they chop back and forth between a channel until they want to decide whether to go higher Or to go lower right, you can also use these to dictate when you can expect a bullish trend reversal or a bearish trend reversal.

For example, you can see right here a bullish trend reversal. You see the green line is trending, underneath the blue line. Just as a reminder, the green line are the lips uh, which would mean that currently, this is bearish once you see that green line cross over the red and the blue, this right here would be an inclination that you can expect some form of a bullish trend. Reversal - and you can use this on charts - it's pretty straightforward, but we do have that programmed into uh the actual uh discord.

The bot is gon na. Tell you this stuff for you in the same way that a bearish trend reversal is gon na, be that blue line crossing underneath the red. So what this is probably the most useful for is channel trading. It can sort of give you an inclination as to where you can expect channel training to take place, and if you want to look into this more there's going to be videos that link all this stuff to you, uh in the discord so uh to walk you Through it, if you don't understand any of these indicators whatsoever, we also have a walk through a list of the current tickers that we have.

We just picked the most liquid tickers that exist, the reasoning being because, if there's a highly liquid derivatives chain, meaning there's a lot of money that gets traded on it every single day, there's typically a smaller bid and ask spread. You want as tight as a spread as you can get, because this is going to keep more money in your pockets, less money in the market makers, pockets, which is ultimately good right, you're, just not giving uh as much money back when you're, buying and selling your Uh your options, so that's pretty good and then through that we have a bunch of videos that we link here. So you can understand everything that you need to know. Don't trade the one hour time frame until you watch this we've got two videos for you.

We've got the 921 hour, basics, we've got the 1348 one hour, basics and then we've got a williams alligator one hour, uh video, that's gon na walk you through all this stuff. We're gon na actually be updating the tickers every single month. That's the game plan uh to give you the most up-to-date most liquid options change so that you get the best bit-ask spread. That's possible, uh, there's gon na be a frequent sort of uh.

I'd say update to the algorithm system, because we want this to be the cream of the crop, a place where you can really get a lot of stuff done, uh and that's sort of what we've built built out here. So this is uh. I'm i'm pretty proud of this. I'm not gon na lie.

This is something that a backup my roommate has been working his ass off on for a while now uh - and it's done - i mean it's done - it's it's. These guys are making money on we back tested. It for two weeks it it's just fire man, i mean this is really beautiful and you don't got ta pay a dollar for it. So uh, not bad.

It's pretty good stuff, and the last thing i'm going to say you know this is uh. This is everything that i have to say about the announcement. I'm not going to charge you a dollar for it. The discord is absolutely free uh.

If you want to support the channel right and i'm not in any way shape or form forcing you to do jack. Squiggly uh, what you can do very simply: i've added a join button to the channel. The point of this is it's five dollars a month and what it does if you want to - and this isn't even requirement right - there's no pay wall uh. If you want to it's just gon na allow us to continue to improve the algorithm to continue to get better equipment better uh, better personnel pay the dudes whatever uh.

So we can keep bringing you guys, cooler stuff, so uh. If you're interested that's right there. For you, it'll give you like emotes uh you'll, get a sub badge personalized sub badge. We did mix them out and all that sort of stuff, but uh yeah, i'm i'm pretty jacked about this.

This is cool. So if you don't want that, that's chill too man. I don't really, i don't really care uh, there's no paywall on the discord, so you have access to this and there is a link to the discord in the description box down below. If you'd like to check this out, we're going to continue to update this we're going to continue to give you better time frames better tickers a more accurate indicator.

But let me tell you right now: if you don't make money trading this, it's because you just don't understand options yet, and then you know where you got where you got to start so: uh pretty sick. I'm happy about that and that's what i've got for this announcement. So i appreciate you all i i hope you enjoy this and i hope to see some new faces in the discord uh, making some making some attendees. While we wait for our girl amy to do the chicken dance i'll catch you all later, i appreciate you all much love light taps the deuces.

By Trey

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