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Meme review meme review game review. What is up guys? How are we doing it? Is your boy trey, coming back again for the trader's podcast number 91 uh we're gon na be freaking straight chillin like some jabronies baby. It is good to be back and hanging with everybody hope you all had a a fantastic night fantastic evening. If you guys hear me sniffling and stuff, i apologize.

I uh i caught a cold and i didn't realize i didn't realize this, but i take chimera now for uh. The autoimmune thing that i've kind of been dealing with - and i guess one of the byproducts of that is a weakened immune system who would have thought it's uh. It's a strange, strange concept and strange thing to think about one. Second, my vacuum just turned on.

I guess one of the byproducts of that is a weakened immune system. So uh i get sick a lot more often than i used to so sniffling. Don't don't worry, i'm not dying or anything, i'm just sniffling. It's not the end of the world, but anywho today have got amc up four percent right now and that box that magic red box that i talked about yesterday.

We are smack dab in the middle of that sucker right now and you're. Looking for a break above about 31 and 40 cents or so uh, to get you up to the next box, which is not that far above to be honest, that 3170 up to about 33 and some change, i'm gon na change this to the four hour and I'll show you exactly where this uh this derives from. It is from these quadruple bottoms that you saw back between july and august right that price action is dictating uh. This price action to come in the future and that box is about 31.80 up to 33.30 or so, and a break above that it's gon na be a pretty spectacular thing to see so uh first.

Of course you do need to see a break above that 3140. 3150 level that'll get you into uh the next next part of tendy town, but we're not sitting too bad. My friends, that's uh, that's sort of the update on ta and it is another decently bullish day the spy the market as a whole. The s p 500 is uh doing a little bit of a pullback.

I didn't have a gap up this morning uh. I recommend myself personally right. If you are going to trade, the spy uh, i wouldn't take anything above until it goes above, pre-market, high or below pre-market low. That's just me: i'm waiting to see it pick a direction all that sort of stuff, and that's that's simply what i'd watch for.

So you do what you got to do. This is a picture of rich greenfield with spider-man flinging out of his nose. I think it's a it's a fun little thing to be uh to behold and uh. Lastly, very briefly, we'll spend five seconds on this i'll show.

You what uh, what ortex has rocking this morning - 20.24 current short interest, a free float utilization's at about the same cost. The bar is at about the same days to cover is about the same. Really, no major changes right, that's kind of just what you have rocking right now, uh in terms of the the estimated guess of what's currently rocking with amc. So that is the brief update here for the morning.

Uh we'll do a bunch of different things today. Good morning we're that volume at volume is actually ripping pretty decent. Today we changed this over to the daily. You take a look at the volume we are already at 12 million total volume and we have only been trading for about 33 minutes of regular market hours, which is pretty solid.

That's not bad. Buddy, stop you're a goofy good morning from ireland, how you doing vermont how you doing how you doing uh! Why did i sell my house in north carolina? Are you moving back to minnesota? No, i'm actually gon na be moving to florida. I sold that house in north carolina because uh of uh personal circumstances - i i just don't - have a desire to live in north carolina anymore and uh i'll likely be moving to florida sometime the next year. That's the goal.

That is the goal my friend i'm cool. They have seen that squeezing until i hit my one year mark of holdings uh, so i can get those long-term capital gains tax yeah, that is a game changer, especially when you're talking about big figures and big dollar signs uh for the stock. You do save a lot of money depending on how you end up getting taxed and how much you pay in taxes, so uh that does play a pretty big role in a pretty big factor for the stock. So i wouldn't mind: either i wouldn't mind either.

I'm chilling at the end of the day, either way every day uh. No, i'm not stationed at fort bragg, that's uh! That's where my house is. I live in oklahoma that is currently where i reside my friend, california. I i will be going out to uh to california sometime soon not to live, but to visit and you'll know.

When i go trey collins, florida, man, tyler gray, tyler gray, dude hold up a sec guys, we got ta recognize reel. Tyler gray is in the chat. This guy is an og. I want you to know.

I want you to know, because this is pretty sick. Actually uh. Will you check out this song? You know who wrote it first. Is this man, tyler gray, show him some love.

I asked him if i could put that up on my channel and he uh very politely and very kindly agreed. He said it's cool uh, but he wrote that tyler gray mixed not a dead cat and uh lamp off lamp on that is the guy. It's good to see you in the chat man. I haven't seen you in a long time, thanks for stopping back thanks for stopping back my my my my dude.

Absolutely, i definitely will johnny i'll be i'll, be uh driving out. I like meeting people man, that's it! I'm a people guy. I don't find myself to be particularly more intelligent than uh than any other person. To be frank with you, i spent a lot of time trying to dig into stuff and learn and educate myself and lately what i've been dabbling in a lot is economics.

I've been trying to really start to understand some of the micro structures of the way that the economy operates. How you can understand what the fed is doing uh because i think that's going to be the next step to leveling up myself and my knowledge at least to some extent, but there's many many people out there who know it better than i do. I am young. My lack of experience at times shows, but i try to do what i can.

My friends and tyler gray i'll tell you what that guy is uh as real as they come as real as they come baby man. I've got a god. Dang give me one second to meet my mic, i'm in a good mood, because i didn't eat all my cookies from subway yesterday, so i've got some extras that i got to eat this morning. I think it's.

My day makes my day baby soon, 400k subs uh. Probably not to be frank, but i don't mind that you know i've been in the same sort of spot for a while. Now and i'll show you exactly what i'm talking about um, but i haven't grown. In fact, i've actually lost subscribers.

That doesn't bother me at all. You know, i think it's important for people to go, do their own thing, uh to find their circle of people that they really get down with and uh and sometimes you know people come and go and they don't stick around forever and that's fine. You know this is kind of the the picture that i've been rocking for a minute. Now, that's fine with me! You know i don't really care about that at the end of the day.

I just want a circle of people that uh that i enjoy spending time with and doing doing the dirty with so not not in that sort of way. That's kind of weird that's kind of weird, but i'm chilling either way man, it's all good. I i i'm a happy dude we're living a good life and i'm chilling whoa reels like damn boy, that's kind of up boy. What are you talking about? What are you talking about? Oh man, that's some funny stuff, we're still kind of just tickling.

The pickle of this 3080 box right here got a little bit of a false. You can see exactly how these supply zones uh play out. Pretty mapped, uh mapped out pretty well 3149, just barely inched above that rejected, and now it's trying to get that bottom of the box again at about 30 80., that's gon na be a tough spot to break been here from the beginning. I appreciate you john thank you.

Did i see alfred boston's invitation? I did, and you know what we have everybody here, so i'm actually gon na watch it again for all of you guys, so you can see it uh, because i want everybody to know this. I made a video yesterday and i'm not gon na sit here and watch it all the way through with you guys. If you want to watch it, you definitely can but uh it was. It was addressing uh some of the the shade that gets thrown at uh at different different people uh.

So the name of the video was let's talk about lou versus wall street and in this video i addressed two different people just as examples. I wasn't calling anybody out. I don't have any hatred in my my heart for either of these guys right uh, but i talk about alpha boston. Let's talk about lou versus wall street and hell versus boston or out from boston, i should say uh.

My message was to both of these guys look. You know, i don't necessarily agree with everything that you say, but i think a problem that we see within our community is that people will attack people and not ideas. We should be critiquing ideas that people you know and hell from boston. I pinned his his response to it right here said: hi train perfectly fine, with critical analysis of my theory.

I appreciate your condor. The man who approached the matter take care and good luck on the med board sit down. I pinned it. You know.

I think this is a good thing for people to be able to read, because i don't have any there's no beef. You know there's no beef between us. It was me just saying, be critical of ideas, not people. You know and some people that i don't think watch the the video all the way through, which is fine.

It's all good, but i'll show you guys his response and i'm actually gon na. Take him up on it. I am gon na. I am going to uh end up having a chat with al from boston uh and if you haven't seen the video here, you go in fact i'll show you one more thing before we even go.

I linked both these guys's channels in the description box, just so that people can go check them out if they want. You know, i'm not here, to make your uh your opinions for you. You just start that stuff for yourself. So i'll play this really quick and uh, you guys can decide which do you think for yourselves billion.

Cyber attacks are initiated against corporations costing an estimate. Everybody tell from boston how you doing uh. It is o'clock on the 20th um, i'm just making this video because uh i had a very special uh. I guess i don't know if you want to call it a shout out, but i i got mentioned on uh trey, tremaine, colin trey, trades, um, uh, youtube page today and um he's very respectful, as always as a good army officer should be um.

The exo basically said hey, you know, i don't believe you know this one million dollar price tag and so on and so forth, and i know it's a lot for a lot of people to understand and how it could be so uh and it's theoretical of course, And you know we could kind of get an understanding if you do the math correctly and and don't do it the mainstream way, there's correct ways of doing this sort of thing and kyle and i are willing to do a zoom call with with trey and uh. Just explain it to everybody um. You know one more time how we got to these numbers and how it's very possible to get to one million dollars as the floor and the 40 percent uh paper. Handing that number will explain all that as well.

A very detailed analysis with everything on there, along with the proofs um of the uh of the uh, the thesis behind it um. But you know this is a great opportunity, as a community for us to reach out across the aisle and uh. Have a have a discourse have a discussion um. As many you know.

I was private service, marine and uh enlisted guy and i was in the infantry tray. I was an executive officer and uh. I think it was somewhere in oklahoma. I don't know too too much.

I know i know he's an exo company xo and he's a battery lieutenant us army reserve you're close um. I don't know what his uh mls is specifically what kind of officer he is um, i think. Maybe artillery i don't know. I really don't know that right.

Buddy but uh, i am willing to sit down with him and uh. You know, and this is an invitation i should say this - is an invitation to trey uh and to to to kyle, of course, whose theory this was that i hijacked uh. This is kyle's. Brilliant theory he showed me it.

He showed it to me the first time i couldn't believe it kyle's also an experienced traitor and, i think uh. It would be appropriate for him tonight to present this to trey and see if he likes to see if it makes sense to him and um. You know there. There was some disbelief in the video when craig's video uh premiered.

Today uh there was a lot of his alpha you're close and close, more or less addressing uh. How ad hominem attacks are dead or minerals to the society uh and and how it's one thing to attack an idea are the premises rather than the person um, which is where the majority of the grief that i've been getting um. So i i hope, i'll stop. It there, but nonetheless he got exactly what i was trying to lay down right.

If you don't attack people, we attack ideas. That's the whole point of the video. I have no absolutely nothing against alfred boston uh in the least bit i linked them. I linked them in my video same blue versus wall street.

I think they just both have different styles. I don't necessarily agree with other opinions. I don't agree with the methods. Sometimes that's.

Okay, that's at the end of the day, uh, i think collected minds. Collective minds produce the best sort of work and that's where community is beautiful. You know uh, so i'll gladly take him up. I'm gon na talk with him and uh.

I don't know it'll come from the zoom call, but you guys can rest easy. Knowing there's there's no beef between him and i uh and i've got no beef with blue versus wall street. You know, i think everyone has their their purpose and their role, and i think it's silly of me to think that there's not people out there who know something that i don't it's important for everyone to recognize that you know so, at the end of the day, That was uh. That was the goal of the video.

I know some people didn't take it that way, uh, but i had no no ill intentions. That's as simple as it was. I i was trying to tell people look just have you will you watch who you want to watch? You know, let's just not attack people, let's attack ideas, that's it at the end of the day, so chat titan is being wild. This morning, buddy.

Oh man, it's challenging an idea right now. That's absolutely true round belly uh, that's a better way of wording, it for sure, but absolutely titan. All right, buddy give me one sec. I'm gon na put titan in my room, ow ow, ow ow god.

You got my hand pretty good. Oh that hurt. Ah, that wasn't pleasant. The titan attack triggered the boomi the boom boom candle - oh man, guys we do have lamp on lamp, is on in the background here i promise you that was uh.

That was gnarly. Did he drop blood yeah a little bit? It's fine though it's fine, i'm chilling he's been relegated to the dark pool. Ah man uh, no, i'm not allergic to cats. I i've just got i'm a little sick, i'm taking humera.

Now it's to manage inflammation and hopefully get things better with my eyes and uh. Because of that, my autoimmune system is a little weaker, so it uh i get sick, a little easier which is frustrating but there's nothing you can do about it. This is what it is yeah there it is. Let's go.

Amc is above the box, my friends we're gon na expand uh. I'm gon na come over here to the four hour you're, watching the five minute right now so currently sitting at 31, 56 or so up. Six percent on the day, this is a pretty good looking day here. So far, i'm going to move this box, this one is pretty critical.

This is a nice spot to be watching right now, uh we're about to enter the uh, the the the freaking pain cave for hedgies. This is a nice spot to be in this isn't bad! This is deriving from price action back here reversal reversal, reversals reversals right! This indicates a supply zone previously acting as a demand zone we're about to enter that specific box. Uh, that's a good thing to see. I mean this is a level.

That's been hard to break for the last two days. You can see that the spy, the general market uh having a little bit of a choppier morning compared to amc, so this is uh. This is pretty solid. This is a good thing to watch, i'm pretty happy with that.

We do need arrow. That is something i definitely did not have drawn up, yet guys chat. What am i doing? Drop some freaking f's, some f's in the chat for the dingus, the dingus chungus fungus that doesn't know what he's doing with the ta anymore. This is not.

This is nuts. This is nuts as always, though, my friends, this is an important thing to uh, to note today's green day. Right, if we end green is another day in the uh, the microchasm, if that's a word, it feels like a word. Maybe it's not.

Maybe it is, but this is uh. This is just another day right, no single day will dictate how high this thing will run no single day will dictate the end of how this thing will run right. We're here chilling we're enjoying life, we're looking at some different stuff uh in case you missed it yesterday as well. This is actually pretty interesting.

Uh fintel now reports short positions, and i thought this was a pretty fascinating thing to see. Did i tweet this out? I don't think that i did. I don't think that i tweeted this out, but there's a there's a firm out there. That's short, 233 shares which i find to be pretty hilarious, so i think i'm gon na i'm gon na screenshot that and uh tweet that out, because that's that's, maybe chuckle it made me chuckle a little bit.

I got a good laugh out of this and hopefully uh you guys do too short. 233 shares. Ah jeez rick, oh jeez, rick short 233 shares. That's some funny stuff.

That just makes me chuckle microcosm. That was close says that i'm not live. What do you mean? It says? I'm live on my end, i think what do you mean on my channel now? It says: that's up there. For me it looks good.

It looks good, i think we're chilling. Oh, i didn't post on twitter that i'm live. Ah, you think i should i suppose so shadowband if you want a place to watch uh, maybe to hang we out here chilling um, get a link, get a link, it'll link, it a link, real quick, that's not it! That is the stuff there we go. We got those boomies.

Let's go. Look at that we're coming up to 32 bucks baby 31.92 watching the uh, the next supply zone box. I mean that's. Looking that's looking pretty dece.

I am going to be accepting the invitation for mal uh. You might have missed that. Already, but i talked about that just a few minutes ago - uh light taps. I know i'm sorry, i'm sorry.

I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I just get excited. This is good. This is good stuff. 31.95, coming up to 32 dollars, guys we're gon na zoom out here a little bit.

I'm gon na show you exactly what i was just talking about. The four hour candles uh four hour chart. We have now officially entered the next supply zone. This zone goes up to about 33 and 30 cents, or so that's a good spot to be watching.

Breakover 32 could very easily bring you uh up to that level. I mean this is this: is a pretty nice spot to be knifing through very, very jacked, up to the nipples with uh the price actually been getting guys? It's been a long time coming. This has been a long long time coming. I know some people out there were uh we're getting frustrated, they were feeling down down and a certain sort of way about it, and i can't lie.

I mean seeing this come down at almost 19. It's it's! It's stressful stuff. I get it, but this is nice. This is good to watch.

Let's enjoy the moment, while we're in it up eight percent right now, two dollars and forty cents or so these are five minute candles boom boom candles baby. What am i coming to nyc again uh good question? Actually, that is a good question. I will likely come out to nyc whenever i have uh another opportunity to that was kind of a dumb answer, but hopefully that answered your question. I will come out to nyc again when i come out to nyc again mind blowing stuff.

There's got to be like uh. What's that meme, it's like a meme for that! It's like the like the guy's mind is blown. We came from 72 and everyone happy with 32. peter.

That's not necessarily the case right. I i think you can recognize, and most people can recognize that we would love to see this at 72, but obviously it's not where we are right. Now you can uh, you can look at this for what it is and be be sad that you're down you know it's a half glass wool sort of thing or you can say, hey, look we're moving in the right direction. If you go to nyc, maybe you should meet lou versus wall street, i'm not against it.

You know, it'd be cool. To meet him it'd be cool to meet him. I don't think he's uh. I mean i've watched a few of his videos.

I don't think lou uh identifies himself with other youtubers right, that's okay! He does his own thing, i'm not here to uh to to win his approval. I don't think uh. I don't think he's even looking for that sort of thing. I think he just stays in his own lane and that's fine.

You know he serves uh he's got his community, he does his thing. I i respect that. I let him do what he does man i'll, be there when i get there yes tree. What are you coming out to nyc whenever i get there whenever i'm there is when i'll be there? Oh man, guys by the way, oh the vikings, the vikings finally they're doing it two games in a row.

Let's go i'm so happy that we won that game. We needed a bad, oh holy piss. That's a knife! 32-22 rejection out of this uh supply zone right here back down into uh this now acting as demand, so i'm gon na turn this green, because this is now a different level than it was previously. So give me a second un momento.

There we go come visit, alberta should split pineapple pizza. I like pineapple pizza, pepperoni and pineapple, is pretty dece. I think that's what i had for dinner yesterday. That's what i had for dinner.

Uh am i sick. Yeah i've got uh, i've got some sort of cold. I woke up with the sniffles and some sneezing, it's not bad. It's not bad.

I could tell i was getting something because last night, when i was watching the game, my throat was getting a little a little hoarse but uh i like horses, so it works out just fine. It works out. Just fine uh did, i say something about a hoodie that was against my beard, so don't get too happy miguel. I apologize for your loss.

I apologize for your loss. That is tough. My uh, my father, not my stepdad, but my father, he's uh he's a bearish fan and i i feel his pain. I'm a vikings fan.

Man, we lost the lions. I've got no room to talk. We blow some of the the craziest games. It is what it is.

There is about a thousand horsepower, that's uh! That's that's! The freaking horsepower that my uh, my my uh, my my my uh, my voice runs at. I couldn't think of a clever way to say that so i tried and it kind of failed. Unfortunately, oh i haven't even done this, yet i was going to tweet out that picture whose man is this reporting 200 shares short on amc. This is so silly.

I'm kind of curious: let me pull up this picture, i'm going to look up this font. This is this is kind of interesting, fs, multi-strategy alternatives, fun class, i'm gon na pull this up, fs multi strategy, i'll alternatives, fun class, a ah that's just so goofy! That's just so like. Why even add this, why even add that why why even short 200 shares that was just the goofiest if you're gon na short, it short 200 shares what what that sounds outrageous. I can't get behind that idea.

I don't know if i understand that, whatever i guess it is what it is. Oh that's some funny stuff how about them bears man, maybe next game huh. Maybe the next game how's the spy hanging right now, i'm guessing there was some sort of oh yeah spot. Took a dump spy took a dump.

This is a break of the pre-market low, that's uh! If you were playing the spy, that's a critical level to watch, because now you've got a little bit of a small gap, fill uh, probably probably watching, for a break down about 456.25 watching that pretty tight. That is a level wow great observation, great observation. That is a level good one buddy, a good one. You think we'll make the playoffs.

Ah, i think it's gon na be hard. I think the rams next week is gon na be a really hard game. I don't think we're gon na beat the packers at lambeau and i think we could beat the bears again. But who knows who knows you know when you guys look at uh? Maybe i shouldn't say you guys when i look at amc, i think something really important to uh to think about is is not necessarily uh the very minut minute by minute details.

You know there's a reason that over these last couple live streams, i've been trying less and less to focus on the very short-term stuff, that's happening, and it's maybe not as entertaining to watch but uh. I don't know the the big thing for me that i'm thinking about is the battle of endurance. Here you know, i think, there's some people who are really tired and it's okay to recognize that there are people in this who are probably tired who who are worn out and are feeling extended and that sort of thing and uh. What i'd like to extend to? You is uh community man just remember who's on your left and you're right, that's the sort of stuff i think about every night, and i try to remind everybody the best that i can that that is uh.

That is important. Oh my curtain's open thanks alpaca. I don't even think about that. Guys, don't come find me please! Oh man, but anywho.

This is a game of endurance and lean on your people. That's all i have to say about that. We should uh look for a house with a curtain someday trevor codwell. I used to work with your cousin.

I recognize codwell. Did she work at uh, b-dubs buffalo, wild wings brainerd? I think so that sounds familiar. That sounds familiar. Oh thank you.

I appreciate that. I appreciate that time mate coming back up to test out this supply zone again. What do i use to plot the boxes on the chart? Easy i'll show you really quick so, for example, this one right here, this box, this red one, derives from this price action back here. I call these supply and demand zones, red is supply, meaning selling pressure is, is possible and green is demand, meaning the buying pressure is possible and where these derive from is uh consolidation before big moves up or down.

So you can see that this level right here has been respected time and time and time again in terms of uh reversals to the up and to the downside, uh, you can see reversal reversal, reversal reversal and then once it's treated as uh supply instead of demand. It's the same thing reversal, uh initial reversal right: these are tough spots to break so essentially, what you're looking for is consolidation over extended period of time before a big size move up or down, and that is it yeah i'll give you a brief update, just because I think some uh some people tuned in that weren't here before twenty point, two one percent current short interest: a free float utilization about 81.. That's where we're uh. We are currently sitting right now.

No other major changes about the same about the same, an important way to think about utilization. This is uh one of the check boxes. I don't think we've met yet to be frank with you uh, you need utilization and constant bar to be hired to get those huge, huge moves that we're waiting for, and it's inching in the right direction right. It's almost a seven percent change in the last week, uh, but you're still waiting for that to creep up a little bit.

For example, when we got the nice move back in june, utilization was capped out cost to borrow was was pretty damn high. The short interest was actually lower than it is now, and the days to cover was also lower than it is now uh. So we got ta have a meet in the middle sort of situation here. Uh, where the shorts are, are definitely pile derived into this thing and uh.

You do have the potential for some decent-sized tendy moves, but we're we're just waiting right. I i don't think i think you need this number to be a little bit higher, which will come with time. It'll come with time. Vikings won me two hundred dollars.

Last night man, the vikings have only ever lost me money. That's about it! What's gm yeah, we can check it out. What's your thing game stop up about point two percent. This is actually the first time in a couple days where amc and gamestop have been kind of separated from each other interesting interesting.

The sec find nicola 125. Mil. Really, oh, no, oh man, that's brutal. The witcher games are solid.

I haven't watched the show i haven't. I haven't watched. The show nicola agrees to pay 125 million dollar fine to settle sec probe. That's unfortunate, how's their stock.

Doing today. I'd imagine not very well wow. Apparently it didn't matter, no one cared. All right.

Did i get good grades in high school? I must have uh. I did okay in high school yeah. I can't complain. I can't complain the uh one of the few classes i didn't get.

An a in was driver's ed believe that or not i did better in high school. I did in college, i i wasn't as uh. I wasn't as focused on on my classes in college as i should have been, but it is what it is. It is what it is don says: trey rocks and your mom is hot.

Oh, i don't really want to hear that about my mom man. I'm gon na be honest with you, but i appreciate your nice words. I'd prefer that you just don't. Don't tell me that you can keep those thoughts to yourself and keep that to yourself.

You suck at driving, who knew i just wrote you a text on messenger uh. Can you check it? Please i don't use whatsapp or messenger or any of that stuff. So if you're getting messages like that odds, are that it's not made as a scammer, so be careful of that stuff. My friends yeah my eyes, just kind of bugged me today, dude, that's all i should put on my glasses.

We should have known trey can't drive when he wasn't driving and yeah. That's fair! That's fair! That's fair! It's uh! It's hard man! I got this blind spot on my left eye. That's all! That's all! It is check this really quick. You and astro should stream.

Is he live right now? Titan? I hear you buddy, i hear you, it doesn't look like it. He hasn't been as active lately. He hasn't been as active. I thought that was a cat outside now.

That is my cat. That is my cat. He so what was happening in case you're, just tuning in is he was out here, chilling living life being titan as per usual, and he was biting my ankles and he bit my hand. So i i put them in my room just to calm down for a little bit.

Ah, i know i know i know i need these eye drops. I know i need to use eye drops eventually. Uh amc right now is just chopping around a little bit currently singing about five ish percent or so uh green on the day of about a buck 50 waiting for this box. This is the next spot to watch downside potential uh.

First, we're gon na move this arrow right. That's obviously the most important thing, first and foremost, is the the blessed arrow uh for ta and whatnot, but the downside test here is: if it comes back out of this uh this supply zone. I think you're, looking at about here, yeah this red line. This would be the the downside re-test if that is to happen.

I've drawn that in red. This has an option. Who knows, i don't know, uh we're waiting to watch same as uh same as you upside test. Is this box all right, buddy i'll? Let you out, but you can't bite my ankles, please don't bite my ankles live with the man live with a man, anyways yeah, we'll see we'll see, let's get a george w and lamp off lamp on.

Well, we don't have a george w, yet those are sacred. We got ta, we got ta save those for the real deal, my friends and we are not quite uh at the george w land, yet fellow man homie here looking forward to investing alongside you for years to come with our amc, attendees much love, bro, hey you Take it easy, my friend i i appreciate you stopping in. Thank you for that titan, you better, be a good boy. All right, i uh! I don't know if i'm gon na stream the entire day or not i'll, keep you guys up to date, but i'll hang around as long as i can um.

I probably should pick up some some meds eventually, but um we'll get there right. Now, i'm chilling! Oh gee, the star walker, says lou is better than you that's cool man. I mean, if that's your opinion, that's fine! I'm not here to convince anybody of anything. I'm here to hang out.

I don't care about that that sort of stuff. I just want people to have a place to call uh their community, that's it and if you lose your guy, you know power to you. Man simple, as it is how's your girl, i'm single man. I've been single for a while.

I've been single for a good minute leave lamp off. Is that what i heard is that what i heard lean lamp on lamp off something like that, something like that when moon cats, don't like stomach rubs, it's vulnerable spots, they get mad. No, he definitely doesn't. I mean one time that he likes those uh.

Those stomach rubs is when he's uh he's tired. If he's sleepy, he doesn't mind him as much. He definitely doesn't mind him then have i tested for omicron. No, no.

I have not. I'm on holiday block leave anyways. I really haven't left uh the apartment a whole lot, except to go to my va appointments. That's about it! People really like these uh lamp off lamp on songs huh i mean we can listen to it again.

I feel like we just keep. I don't know it. Probably gets old, probably gets old, 24 hour stream of lamp off lamp on alpaca, oh my god, so my roommate he's in uh he's he's home right now, he's back in michigan and he's i'm assuming you're watching this live stream. He texts me, and he says you got coveted bruh god dang you.

I do not have it there's no way. I just have sniffles, that's it. That's it. I'm healthy as an ox or maybe healthy as a gorilla.

Do gorillas stay pretty healthy. That's actually a good question. That's something i'm curious to know. That's something i'm curious to know.

Uh, our gorilla is pretty healthy. Maybe that's not the right way to word it. Why do people say healthy as an ox? Ah here we go as apparently originated in russia. Oxen are strong, clever animals, and so it befits this phrase.

I guess that makes sense. Ah, that's just one of those things. I guess gorillas are the healthiest, see boom shakalaka kung pao. Let's go yes, sir, fit as an ox and healthy as a gorilla healthy as ox.

We need a two-year long debate settled. Do you eat mac and cheese with a spoon or a fork spoon i like to be able to shovel it as much as i can. As many as i can, this is kind of a dilapidated deformed freaking goofy uh genetically modified george w. Looking something.

Oh, my gosh guys that ain't bad riding a little bit of an uptrend riding the v wap, the volume at average price and the nine on the five minute candles here all right, titan, don't do that! Be good, meow, meow! Now now now now good boy, he always pushes my hand away. I know i know. Okay, i'll put you down. Goofy.

Oh man looks like we're gon na end up taking the uh, the more bullish route here, bearish on trey street, all right, alpaca, all right dude. What am i having my next gaming session? We could do something tonight. I i don't know i uh, i don't know if people really enjoy that or not i'm trying it out, i'm trying it out it's. I think it's a nice way to break up the sometimes the the monotony of uh, the play that we're in you know the the ups and downs the swings, the emotional highs, the emotional lows, all that sort of stuff.

Let me tell you guys, i one of my weaknesses as a person and i'll make this painfully clear. I have no problem talking about the things that i suck at and one of the things that i suck at is obsession when i uh when i do something. I can't do anything other than that thing forever and an example for you is when i was a runner when i was a runner i lived breathed running i would, i would literally go to the toilet and think to myself is: is my stool, the right consistency For what i'm eating in my diet, right, that's the level of obsession that i have and i think a way to combat, sometimes uh thinking too much about something is uh by distracting yourself right, forcing yourself not to think about certain things. And for me, that's gaming.

That's playing chess, that's uh! It's hanging out in a different stream and not thinking about uh amc for an hour or two. You know uh, so that's kind of my thought process behind it. But maybe that's just me right. That's my weakness.

I can't speak for everybody else, it's uh, it's something that helps me out and whatever that thing is for you, you know do what you got to do sounds like adhd. It could be. Who knows i mean i, i don't know that uh, that sort of stuff. I don't know that sort of stuff, you know and uh.

This is kind of. Maybe this is a dumb thing to talk about, but i actually do want to bring this up because it is kind of embarrassing, but i think it's legitimate and i think maybe, if there's other people out there in a similar shoe uh it'll, be worth the nickel To you, um, i'm actually gon na be starting to go to therapy soon and that might sound weird. Maybe that's completely unnecessary to bring up uh, but i think it's okay to recognize that you're, not a loser, you're, not a weenie, because you want to go to therapy to deal with issues and for me those problems are, i don't know, sometimes how to handle being In the shoes that i'm in sometimes it's really difficult to know, what's right and what's the wrong thing to do, uh how how to best please myself and serve the things that i need at the same time is serving what others need, and i want to talk To somebody about it, because i don't know, that's uh, it's a very difficult thing for me to think about sometimes and to know what the right answer is in every situation. I'm a pretty young kid.

I'm 24.: that's not an excuse by any means, but i'm gon na do it and the only other time i've ever gotten a therapy was when my old man passed away about five years ago, um. So if you're, in a situation where you're thinking about it, you know i i've only ever gone a few times, it was a long long time ago, but mental health is important man. It really is. This is a battle of endurance and, if you're not taking care of yourself, you can't take care of others so um.

Maybe it's not therapy. Maybe you're. Talking to your friends, your family, your mom, your dad, whatever the you know, but at the end of the day, uh just take care of yourself. Let's see uh, so hopefully that's worth a nickel.

You guys do what you got ta do my therapist is an ape. Your therapist sounds like a cool person. If i walk away from that, and at the end of the day, they don't buy at least one share of amc. I swear.

I have accomplished nothing in life, oh man, and by the way that was uh. That was recommended to me by a friend. I didn't come up with that idea myself, so i'm gon na keep them private for the sake of uh of uh them. You know i don't know if they want people knowing that, but if you're watching right now, i appreciate you thanks for giving me the courage, you're, the bomb buying amc is therapy yeah, let's go baby, that's good stuff! That's good stuff! What's this weird price action, it's in uh, it's in a box right now.

This is uh now acting as a demand zone, since we exited out of this position, but you're waiting for a bounce out of here to come back up into that uh. Almost 32 dollar range i bounce back up into that is pretty solid. No get out of the tree get out of the tree, get out of that. No, no, no, stop! Stop get get get out, get out! No! Don't climb in that.

What are you doing? Buddy get out of the tree. Oh my god, you were insane. No do not get back in the tree. Stop no! No stay down.

Tighten stop stay out of the tree. Stay out no get out of the freaking tree. Buddy! Stop! No! Stop stop! Oh god! Why are you being so crazy this morning, buddy ow ow, all right, you know what say goodbye to everybody. You need a nap, you need a nap, everyone say goodbye to titan.

Oh man he's something else. He is something else and man i'll tell you what christopher every day, ty wakes up and chooses violence. That's just that's just how he lives life man that really is titan's in a mood catnip and christmas trees. Yeah it's the little things in life.

It really is it truly. Is it truly truly is attack of titan, oh god, somebody clipped that somebody clipped that entitled attack of titan, that's funny as hell, that's funny as hell i'll retweet it. If you do i'll retweet it. If you do that's some funny stuff, you link me to that and i got you you link me to that and i got you that's funny.

Trey needs a dog i'll get a dog eventually, but i want to have a home. I want to have a yard uh fast check. Your cold. Try something with strong taste with strong taste like uh pizza, pringles.

That's got strong taste, don't it. If i taste this, that means i'm safe right. It tastes like a chip. Oh, my nose is raw though man geez, i'm gon na get a drink, real quick hold on a sec guys, i'm just gon na i'm gon na get myself a mixer of uh of some uh.

I've got gamer stuff, it's just kind of like a caffeinated beverage that i drink. I'm gon na mix myself a cup. It won't take too long. Ah, no, i don't think i've got to the.

I don't think i've got the vid. No! No! I don't think so. Uh, i think i just got a cold, so the problem with uh with humira, which is something i take, is it weakens your immune system and consequently, when you weaken your immune system, apparently you get sick more often so um, it's just something. I'm gon na have to deal with man.

I don't have much of a choice. The humira that i take helps with my autoimmune disease, so it should prevent my eyes from degenerating more than they already have, and that's that's kind of the middle ground right. I got ta be able to see i'm gon na put some vitamin c in this too, and then we'll be good. All right, alpaca! You can't yell at me anymore for not drinking the vitamin c.

Ah, pretty good, i drink tap water. It's the same thing! It's the same thing: it tastes the same except once cold and i actually prefer room temp water, i'm one of those sociopaths, i'm one of those guys. I don't know what i just read that was interesting. Oh he texted me alpaca right after i uh.

I said you can't yell me for not taking vitamin c. He texted me and said i was about to call you that's funny. That's pretty funny stuff, uh jeez, that's funny! So the best vitamin c is vitamin amc baby. Absolutely that's the truth.

That's the truth! If you want to prevent yourself from getting sick getting diseases, if you want to cure any sort of illness that you've ever had just just just read up on this, this freaking cool thing called vitamin a m c baby philip already got pneumonia. Actually, i got pneumonia about a month ago, and that was gnarly. Oh man, that's probably the worst that felt my entire life. I was pretty brutal.

I took a while to recover from uh rogue, that's funny, that's funny stuff uh, we're still watching amc right now, guys so we're in this green box. Waiting for a break up into the red box demand zone supply zone um, i'm actually interested. In one thing, i'm gon na look for this really quick. Ah i'm in a minute, can you guys hear titan in the background? Is that uh? Did you guys hear that? Oh, look at that she's doing the thing yeah baby coming out of the demand zone back up into the supply zone.

Let's go, let's go watching 3180ish looks like green arrow is not going to fail us, go green drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop! It up drop it. You know, with the drop in the chat baby, you already know come on come on it's the thing with the topic tale: buddy you're, gon na start biting my ankles again. Oh man, guys, i got ta, be honest. I think uh.

I think i should probably go to the doctor. I feel pretty goofy uh, i'm gon na do that. I think i'll be back on later, but i want to uh. I want to make sure i'm not dying so i'll come back.

Ah, you guys take it easy i'll catch you soon, i'll hop back on i'll hop back on much love, peace.

By Trey

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    Ask your doctor about healing peptides like mk 677, thymosin beta 4, (tb500), and bpc 157, seeing as you are getting surgery. Obviously look those up for yourself as well. Good luck

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    Oh, but nobody goes to movies any more. I forgot. Forget the SECOND BIGGEST NUMBERS OF ALL TIME … DURING A MF PANDEMIIIICCCC.

    Love you my dude. Love your content. Will be here on your channel far beyond AMC <3

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