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A brief run down on the aftermath of the one chip challenge, and then a more in-depth analysis of the stock.
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You know a lot of people. Ask me trey trey, you got ta tell us. How was the one chip challenge? What was the aftermath? How are you feeling how's your heart, how's, your stomach how's, the cavity and uh? Unlike my my tits, which are very jacked, as you can see, uh the rest of my body, i was not, it was uh jacked up i'll. Tell you that, to put it very simply, uh what i experienced was like if somebody was turning butter inside of your stomach while simultaneously kicking you in the nut sack, while also simultaneously uh pouring battery acid uh in the crevice of my cheeks, that was uh.

That was the experience it wasn't even like the chip was hot right. The chip was hot. That was brutal uh. What was way more painful is, i didn't, eat anything other than that chip until i ate the chip throughout the day uh.

So i just felt, like my stomach, was getting grinded into petroleum jelly. I mean that was uh. That was an experience. I won't get into the details of everything else, but nonetheless i didn't really get to give you the update that i wanted on amc.

So we're going to be doing that, i want to talk about a couple different things, because we are in a really nice situation right now in terms of where the chart is sitting as well as some different business ventures that i think are going to eventually bring This company to a nice fundamental sitting place and adam aaron, has announced that i want to dive into that in a little more detail than that that three minute video allowed me to do so. Let's start off here with the ortex data right. What's the most significant thing here? Well, i pointed this out not too long ago, and it was the days to cover sort of ratio number right here. You can see that that's very significantly high and when i put out that video, it's also no coincidence that the stock price started to coincide with that right.

You got a nice five day, stretch of good green price action and a hold over this massive massive bull flag, slash pennant formation, whatever you want to call this big triangle right, you got a break out of it and that's significant, and that days to cover aspect Is still there because the volume is not crazy, crazy, high right now right if we come back to the chart, look at what we got rocking right now you can see that the volume just on friday, almost 40 million total shares and on wednesdays 82 million shares, Which is pale in comparison to what we've seen when we had that june run up 757 million total volume right - that's that's some uh nice stuff to see and that's what i'm mostly paying attention to. Obviously, the short interest has not changed a whole lot, and that is 85 of the entire picture right. You also have to look at uh the call options chain, the put options, change see what's happening with high frequency training, all that sort of stuff, so we're sitting nice right. That's what i'm paying attention to mostly is that days to cover one industry that costs to borrow or annualize interest rates start to go up now.

This brings me into earnings. I'm excited for earnings, because if you were to come over and take a look at what amc has done for the past couple, earnings calls it's been very nice and it's because if you were to compare uh what their revenue looks like to a year ago, it's Night and day different right, the last earnings call q2 was up 2 252 year-over-year compared to q2 of the previous quarter, and things have just gotten better right. There's more movies coming out. People are starting to show up every time that i go into abc guys.

I get my my hundred dollars of popcorn and milk duds and uh the theater's packed right, there's absolutely no room in the parking lot and it's a beautiful thing to see. So i think you're gon na have a great earnings. I think it's going to uh. Nonetheless, not necessarily affect stock price, because at this point we just have to recognize the fundamentals are still playing catch up, but it is a good thing to see right.

It is a nice thing because at some point, as people have said, music can stop playing. I don't think that's going to be the case with amc stock. I don't think apes or just magic is going to leave after 11 months of enduring the nonsense of what exists on on wall street, but that's something to watch for because, ultimately, my goal is this: i want adam aaron, the the goat himself, the silverback himself to Be able to say choke on that to all the shorts who said this isn't a fundamental place doesn't make any fundamental sense, because they're playing that right, they're starting to get that ball moving, and this is another expansion opportunity with popcorn right they've, said we're gon na Get into the multi-billion dollar popcorn industry in 2022, so this is something that's gon na take some time to develop uh. It's not something you're gon na see take place immediately, but it is something that's starting to churn in the backgrounds like butter right and there's.

No pun intended there uh i'm excited for it, because it does have a good profit margin. 80 to 90. I mean, if you think, about the logistics of popcorn what that entails. Essentially, once you have the equipment, everything else is good.

I mean you're just putting seeds and butter in a machine and it pops or, if they're, going to sell it commercially speaking, there's still beautiful, beautiful profit margins on that, but outside of uh those fundamental factors. What i'm the most excited about is this right here. This cannot be understated. This is exciting and i put out a video saying man.

I'm excited for this exact reason, because you have a real opportunity for a breakout similar to what we watched back here right this breakout if it holds and continues to move and it gaps away from this trend line, could lead to this. That 72 move - and i've talked about that before that hey i'm, i'm going to be scarcer, i'm going to be more picky with my update videos, because i want to see significant information. This is significant information. You've got two different scenarios that can take place here right either.

A this is a false breakout over the pennant it'll come back down or b it's going to break up, and i personally do believe it's going to be a up now. This isn't me telling you to go: buy super risky out the money call options, nothing like that, but if you're to look at just statistically and historically speaking, the downtown information that you've got laid out in front of you the days to cover anytime, it's been this High you get a nice push, you just do. We have you've, seen it back here right when the day's, the cover was this high, it caught shorts, pissing on the electric fence and they got zapped, they got absolutely smoked and it's it's at a monstrous monstrous. High value again with that 1.28 value, which means there's just not enough volume to really cook those uh those shorts out, they can't get out when the volume is that low, holding 83 million total shares on base based just on this, you know traditional short interest alone.

So i i like this - i like this, i think, there's too many things lining up at the exact same time. I think this pendant breakout, if it does come to fruition, is basically the exact same setup as we saw back here. I mean it really is beautiful and i want to. I want to leave you guys off with this there's going to be a lot of hard tests and a lot of hard times that come with this stock and then have come and gone, and that's never going to necessarily change.

But you get stronger up here now. What i take the most pride in with the ape community and what kind of takes place on a day-to-day basis is i watch it evolve. I watch people get stronger. I watch the tactics change.

I watch the research change. I watch the the focus and the momentum swing around the different areas as people educate themselves, and i don't want people to ever lose value in that right. Remember who you're fighting with who you're fighting for and your? Why you know remember the people who dig and do all this information and research and the people who who have built this beautiful community and how honestly rare and cool this is. I mean i take a lot of pride in it.

So uh just a little reminder. I mean you guys, you guys. Don't need me to tell you that i'm thankful for everybody uh and i hope you guys are all having a freaking beautiful sunday. That's what i've got for you so monday, tuesday, i'm not gon na be putting out any videos.

I'm gon na be in new york at uh town square, with charles payne uh. We're gon na do some uh some stuff with fox business and i'll be back on wednesday, so i will catch you guys all then much love light taps. As always, my friends, my family fellow game, peace.

By Trey

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    Smart Ape dumping AMC on while brother apes buying in. 😜😜😜

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    You’re the man Bro, hope 2 meet you 1 day! You’ve touched my life! Your DD has changed everything in me and mine…personally, financially. So pumped Dude!

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    We can always donate to the help the children fund or whatever afterwards.

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    Junk food for young kids and we are not young any where

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