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In this video we take a look at the 30 day chart technical analysis of IDEX, and whether or not it is a buy, hold, or sell stock at the moment.
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What is up, everybody welcome to trades trades, where we take a look at different stocks for stock price predictions, technical analysis and whether you should buy hold or sell a given stock in the market. If you could, for me, please drop a like on the video and, if you'd like to see more videos like this in the future subscribe to the channel, i'm trying to get 100 views on this video today and 50 subscribers by the end of the week. With that being said, let's get right into the video today we're going to be looking at idex ideonomics incorporated and whether this is a buy hole or cell. So, let's begin by looking at the 30-day chart here, you can see that back on the 18th of november, the stock was seeing some pretty solid consolidation, a lot of neutral movement, and there was a huge catalyst and a huge following and a huge spike in volume That pushed the stock price all the way up to 4.75 for a high.

We saw some rejection and it immediately drops within the same day to a low of about 2 and 20 cents. Since this has happened, we've seen a pretty steady drop in price, as well as a drop in volume which to me is concerning now what is pretty interesting about this stock? Is it has a huge following? If you go on to stock twits, you can see that there are 66 441 people that follow this stock. I am part of a couple of different investors and trading groups on both facebook and instagram. I have followed the stock for a little bit of time and there's a lot of hype around this stock.

There are a lot of people that are thinking this is going to go parabolic. However, i do not agree with that statement and the reason is this stock and this company is just not currently in a place where we are going to see some catalyst that is going to push this further up now, the most recent news that has come out On ide x is that they have begun works with another electric vehicle, ev tractor company, um they're, going to be providing parts for the company to start a pretty niche environment and a pretty niche culture in electric farming. Now, while i do think this is a side of uh economics that could potentially grow in the future, i do not think this is going to be a short-term growth for the stock. Um 1.84 cents seems to be a pretty solid consolidation here, and i don't really see this pushing up until further down the road, i'm thinking three five, maybe 10 years down the road.

If we look at the company and what some other people think of it, you know you you're, seeing maybe one by consensus, you're, seeing a low median and highest target price on idex at five dollars. However, i just do not think there's going to be any catalyst that is going to push this up. Another investor says that the valuation of the company is more than 14 times sales, so this could potentially be an overbought stock. However, i am not a financial advisor nor expert, so you should not take my advice, i'm just some random dude on youtube, but i do not see how this company is going to have any sort of catalyst that is going to push it up in the short Term, however, there is upside potential in this company, if you're a long-term investor, i think, if you're willing to buy in um at this 1.83 price range.

This is a pretty new and strong support level. I don't see this stock dropping much more than 5 cents, maybe 10 cents below 1.83. So if you'd like to make a return on investment, 3 5 10 years down the road, i think you could be looking at a potential neo or xpev down the road in terms of growth. I could see this stock in five years, reaching 20 to 25 dollars.

However, if you are a swing trader or a day trader, this does not seem like the trade for you, so my advice uh, if i was to give it. However, i am not a financial advisor nor expert, so this is just my speculation. This is for entertainment purposes, only is if you're a swing trader or day trader to stay away from this trade. There's just not going to be enough volatility in the company.

The average volume that has been coming in day by day has been dropping. We see five days ago that it was trading at just shy of 25 million shares per day, and since then it is about half now for a company that has a pretty low um overall shares outstanding. This does pose a problem in terms of volatility, so i do not think you're going to see a lot of volatility in the stock, as the demand is slowly dropping. So as let's say that we have a pretty green day in general.

Well, if there's only 10 million shares that are being traded compared to 25 million, this is not going to drive the price up anywhere near as much as it would if we had more shares closer to the overall outstanding shares that are in the market. However, if you are a long-term trader, this does seem like a buying opportunity. I do not see the stock dropping much lower than a dollar 83. So if you're willing to hold this stock for three to five to ten years, you could be seeing a potential 10 times the 20 12 times return on your investment.

So this is a potential buying opportunity in that sense, now let's say that you're a bag holder - let's say that you bought it on the hype and you got in on the wrong side of it. I've made that mistake before. Let's say that you bought in on the daily despite the 475 and dropped back down. Let's say you got in at 3.50.

Should you hold your position in the stock, or should you take your loss and move on to something else? My particular trading style is to take a loss and move on to something else. I think you're going to be looking at quite a bit of time until you see the stock even touch three dollars again and at that point, you're still down about 50 cents. On your investment, i think your best bet is to go to a website like market traders inside take a look at some stocks that have abnormal trading volume compared to their usual daily average, and try and just make back the money that you have lost. As i just do not see a lot of upside in the stock in the short term, however, if you're willing to expand your time horizon and hold your position in this stock until a couple years down the road, you are going to more than make your money Back, however, that is just not the style of a usual swing or day trader, so that is at your discretion.

However, i would definitely take my losses and move on to another stock. That is all i have for ide x today. Thank you for coming to the channel. Please like.

If you enjoyed the video it does help the youtube algorithm drop a comment in the comment section down below on whether you have a position in this stock. Your thoughts where you think this is going to go. I will be looking at all the comments and replying, and that is all that i have for you today. Let's see if we get the channel the 50 subscribers by the end of the week.

Let's see if we can get 100 views on the video, and i will see you guys next time - peace.

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    Idex told investors that they took their money and purchased 24% of soletrac but a third party would be buy 2% back. The second week of december, what are they using investors money to make loans for no interest 🤔 and aren't filling investors in on where our money is or taking this third party to court to get our 2% back 🤔 idex should not be falling threw the floor

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    I wouldn't buy them they have been around for years

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