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Yo, what is up everybody welcome back to trey's trades, welcome back to another episode of the podcast we're on episode. 38. Now, god it is great to have everybody here - drop some gorillas in the chat. If you are rocking with the gorilla gang great to have everybody here today, we're going to be doing a little different of an episode, so amc has been having a little bit of a rough day.

It's uh. The whole market actually took a bit of a beat down right at market open. If we pulled the nasdaq here really quick, you could see that we had a oh man. It was down two percent at one point.

Look at that nasty wick underneath this daily candle - oh my god, that's disgusting! Now what you like to see now, would you like to see, but we did see a nice little bounce. If we change this over to a one minute chart, you can see that it had a beautiful, beautiful bounce. This would have been the open right about here at 9, 30 est, uh, crazy, crazy sellout, followed by a nice bouncer. Now we're a little bit of consolidation and what i'm doing right now is uh a little bit of scalping and a little bit of day trading on a couple different stocks stocks.

I always i know that people always love when i do that, but i'm doing some uh some scalping on a couple different stocks and having a little bit of fun with the market while we're in this little bit of a downtrend here in the nasdaq. So one thing that i want to preface by saying is: you know i do have a i purchased 75 shares of rkt and i'm scalping my position, so i can kind of slowly but surely uh lower that loss that p l that i'm currently sitting on currently Down about 1500 bucks on this, and i just scalped it for a pretty decent little gain. I made about uh 200 bucks on my last scalp. I entered at uh the break over this level of resistance right here and i sold right around here at about 28.28.

So that would have been uh would have been about a dollar gain per share with uh, with 77 shares at the time, so not a lot of size, but we did okay, we did all right, but nonetheless, amc does have uh ssr in place. Now, from my understanding, i think it was down 10 at one point: we're gon na back it up and just take a quick peek and see what that's looking like, so just backing up and looking at the clothes from yesterday, we closed at what would have been Eight dollars and 58 cents, so we need to drop 10 from the previous days close in order to trigger that ssr and we didn't hit 7.50, which in my eyes, would uh end up hitting that uh. That ssr, i don't know if the math is on the top of my head, but i do think that we ended up hitting that ssr. So that is a good thing to see.

As i mentioned, though, this is going to be uh, not, i would say, a different podcast, but we are going to be doing a little bit of uh scalping we're doing some day trading, because i was supposed to do land nav this morning and for those who You know, aren't a part of the discord. You probably don't know. I i had another flare up in my eyes. I've been up since like two in the morning.

I ended up going back to the ophthalmologist and they gave me an increase on my prednisone eye. Drops their steroid drops and essentially what they do is they uh? They help the inflammation and stuff. So you know, i'm not sure if you can even see right now i'll take off my uh my headphones and just take my glasses off. But my right eye is what's really giving me issues right now.

My right eye is uh. Having some it's just terrible. It's not it's not anything good at all, but we're gon na make it work. We're gon na make it work.

So you know, while we're while we're chilling, i am going to uh. You know, i'm just gon na be scalping some stocks. So if you guys have uh different things that you wan na you know have on the radar stocks that you're looking at feel free to. Let me know otherwise what i usually look at are two things i'll look at the volume i'll look at stocks that have the most volume that'll look at the percent of turnover, and the turnover will tell you you know uh how how many times a stock is Trading hands.

So that's a good thing to see. I do have my uh, my cup of uh gorilla juice rocking in my you know what it is. It's a georgetabia mug rocking right now. So that's a it's uh, extremely good! I'm drinking that water drinking that water drop a thumbs up on the video.

If you have not already do it for the gorilla gang, it's uh, it's free, it's simple! It helps out the channel. I don't really care about it. I'm not that i'm not that shallow, but i'll tell you what it really does help uh help out the algorithm and whatnot so right now, like i said, i took a 75 share size on on rocket. I purchased it at 20, 28 and 15 cents i'll come back over here.

To my account, show you my orders see if they uh pop up here so filled orders i purchased into rockets 75 shares 2819 was actually my average price. So that's what i'm rocking right now and i'm gon na be watching for a little bit of a price rejection, got it at 28.19, almost up a dollar per share on that and i'll be looking to sell those for a small game. My strategy here is to scalp this stock, so i can slowly and surely drop that p l out from the red i put out a video talking about rkt and i said guys. You know this looks solid and uh.

You know it didn't end up. It obviously didn't end up doing what i thought it would so i am uh. I took off my stop-loss, you, maybe you think, that's stupid. Maybe you think that's uh not stupid.

I don't really care. I did it because i realized that i probably made a lot of people bag holders and, if you're a bag holder, i'm back holding with you and what i'm gon na do to combat that is, is dig myself out of that hole in a smart and strategic Way with some good old technical analysis, my favorite, the bread and butter baby, so yeah, you know what it is. Thank you. Everybody tune in right now, i'm just gon na read out some of these super chats, hey trey, i'm having trouble seeing the ws on the chart compared to an m on the chart.

Oh man, you hit it right on the head. Dude hit it right on the head, switch the coffee, juice, red soda. This isn't coffee man, it's gorilla, juice, it's gorilla juice, it's a gorillas, don't drink water. So we call this the gorilla juice baby.

I've cut back on caffeine. Significantly, though, so, don't worry, don't worry! Jazz armstrong says: uh, please looks uh at 88, echo heard it was good to invest 88e. I've never heard of that. You got to give me a ticker on that.

My friend show me a ticker and i'll check it out 750 shares of amc at 760. Not a dead cat, i sell when trace sales brother. You already know what it is. I watched a video this morning and i can't remember whose channel it was on but uh.

He said if you can't handle the ups and downs of this stock. Maybe this isn't for you right the the time frame on this might take some time to develop and that's okay right. It is what it is. So i've seen a little bit of price rejection now, so i'm going to sell out my 75 shares and take that small profit.

I might leave a little bit on the table, but i'd rather lock in that profit, so we're gon na come back over here. To my account and i'll show you guys my orders, you can see that i purchased it at 28.19. I sold it 2907.. So a small scallop made a little bit.

There took a little bit off the table and i lowered my overall dollar cost average down to 33.33 in order to break even now. So this has been my strategy. This is what i'm looking to do on on rkt. We are in your corner brother.

Thank you. Jungle, i appreciate that my man, jason helm, says what is the best way to proceed if you have call options expiring out of the money this friday, amc at 10 strike paid uh 60 cent premium on this. So that's 60 per contract, uh you're sitting pretty good you're, not sitting too bad right now, um you! So personally i'll be honest with you. I don't know if amc is gon na end up hitting 10 by friday, that's tough to say especially expiring in the money.

This or out the money you know this uh this week, it's it's it's risky right and that's why i purchased my amc contracts in the money, because then i have the opportunity. If i would like to to exercise those which is my personal plan, i want to exercise those contracts so that i can lower my overall dollar cost average on amc um. If i was you, you know what what maybe i would do is, while you have a little bit of intrinsic value left in the in those uh contracts, is take. Take up take the loss right so that you have that free capital, and then you can purchase some more shares out a little ways or i shouldn't say, share some options with a farther out expiration date.

So just watch for that that'd be my opinion. My friend twisted manifest thank you. My friend uh stay healthy brother stay hydrated. You already know what it is.

I'm drinking that gorilla juice, i'm drinking that gorilla juice, hey drop a thumbs up on this video smash, annihilate uh play with fondle that, like button, it really does help the channel out. I tell you what we've had we've had a pretty solid morning here so far outside of my eyes. I've been up since two in the morning, i've only had i haven't even even had a coffee. Actually, i had one, not one diet do and i'm still about halfway through it, so not a lot of caffeine, but that's all right.

That's all right! All right so essential, hard worker says i purchased one. Ten dollar call option for march 19th. Is that a good thing, in your opinion, not too familiar so the premium on a 10 call option, is gon na be a lot cheaper, which is good right. So if we come out here to march 19th - and you can see that this is actually the date of the quadruple witching, there's a crap ton of unusual options trading - you can see there's a lot of open interest here - 50 000 and while this doesn't guarantee anything Options contracts can be a good way to predict future price action because there's a lot of people that think that uh amc is gon na hit that 10 strike 50 000 people to be exact right or at least 50 000 contracts.

I shouldn't say people, but that's still huge right. That's that's. Definitely big big news check. What genus is during doing right now is genius, hammering we got ta check this out.

Oh dang, look at this! Look at that crazy volume. What was the news ceo newsletter? That's pretty nice, i might. I might try and play a dip trade on this okay. So what are we looking at right now? We have an ascending level of support in terms of technical analysis, we're trading above the v-wop.

I don't usually use the v-wap on my long-term technical analysis stocks right, because the v-wap is only really good for day trading. It gives you kind of an idea of momentum and levels of support and resistance, so anytime that you're over this v-wop on a daily trade. Like you're scalping, a stock right that tells you that you're in pretty good bullish, territory, uh and the volume's definitely falling through. We got a crap ton of volume flowing in on this right.

Now, i'm gon na watch for a bounce off of this level of support. Right here and then a dip trade, so we're gon na see how this ends up playing out i'll, take a size of about a thousand shares on this. Looking for that bounce off of the level of support that ends up coming, i will look for a test of uh a break over these. This double top right here about 206..

This could be a buy. The hype sell the news kind of play, but that news article did come out about two hours ago now. So that's not bad. That's not bad.

I see people asking about sensonics uh since onyx is selling off, because there's there's a crazy amount of selloff happening across the nasdaq and a little bit of a bounce here up about uh, 0.33 right now, but uh. Nonetheless, a lot of stocks took a beat down because of that, i'm gon na be watching this pretty close here now. Looking for that definitive bounce, so once we get that bounce i will make the buy. I want to see that definitive bounce off of that level of support, i'm okay, paying one or two cents more in order to ensure that we get the setup that we want on a scalp.

My stop loss is going to be about a buck uh 90.. So i've got a pretty thin stop on it. I feel pretty good about this, so we're rocking. I bought it at 1.99, so it's hitting that two dollars right now.

I'm gon na be watching for a test of 206, and that is where i'm gon na take uh. If it bounces i'm gon na, take my small profit if it pushes i'll keep riding my stop-loss is gon na be at a dollar. Ninety all right, so we got uh maximus, uh, decimas 87. What's up really love your energy? What's your thoughts about xtnt i'll, take a look at that in just a minute here: uh, i'm going to focus primarily on this trade that i'm in right now, so we're looking for a bounce off of this level of support.

If it holds up there, i don't feel too concerned currently i'm down about 17 bucks. On that, my amc call options have been getting swacked, that's okay, because that's uh! That's not why i purchased them. I purchased those like a dollar cost average down on my total amc position. All right, ray's energy says check out bile, so i'll come back to bile here, um i'll just take a quick peek.

I do want to keep this in the back of my eye, but i'm assuming bile is having a small sell-off yeah, not even a small one. It just has a hard sell-off, so bile it does have ssr in place now it dropped ten percent. From the previous days closed, which means that it triggers the short sale rule, it triggers those circuit breakers right. So, with those circuit breakers in place, it makes it more difficult for shorts to uh short the stock on on a stock right.

So you can only bit you can only uh short on the upticks instead of on the bid right, so it just makes it more difficult for shorts to out of their position. I think it'd be a good opportunity to buy in so just based on when we triggered that ssr down at 76 cents. You can already see it's about at uh, 79 right now. I wouldn't day trade.

This that's still a long-term stock. In my my opinion, but uh, i think you're gon na be sitting. Okay, i'm gon na think you're, saying: okay, that's a long-term stock! That's one that you got to be patient with definitely got ta, be patient with uh with bile. I think the time will come, especially if they end up uh.

You know that the commercialization of their water lace system goes well. They're gon na be sitting pretty dang. Well, so it looks like we're testing right now. This uh, this ascending level of support, we're watching for a definitive bounce and, like i said if it does not get that, i will cut my losses, small currently down about 1.75 percent and the trick with uh trading and i'm gon na pull the trigger.

Here. That's a hard break, so the the trick with trading is that you want to cut your losses, small and capitalize on the runners. So i took a small shot here at uh, g-news i'll, wait and i'll come back to that. Nonetheless, so i took a small loss.

I think that would have been about uh 36 bucks or something, but that's all right - i'm not i'm not stressing about it. I'm gon na come back to rkt that one has some pretty nice movement here so far today, slg my only green on the day keep up the good work. I actually uh. I made a little bit of money off of slg today.

Look at this go holy toledo, 708, the volume's really starting to pick up too. Look at this. So what are we looking at right now? We got a test of seven dollars and sixteen cents and we got the push. So i'm gon na take a small size on this.

I'm gon na watch for it not ten thousand shares, though i don't want ten thousand shares. That's a bit much that's a bit much so i want to see a little bit of a pullback. Otherwise, it's a pretty hard chase doesn't look like we're going to get it, so i'm watching slg right now for that pullback i'm going to take a hit. Oh it's already up too much look at that.

I got ta lower my size. Look at this go! That's a dirty candle. The volume on this is going nuts right now. It hopped up extremely high, currently sitting at 728 on the level twos.

We got a pretty large cell wall at 731., so that should act as a pretty huge level of resistance. Oh, i didn't mean to set that stop loss man, the more the more i just keep watching this, the more it goes, so i'm gon na watch for that dip trade. I want to see a dip on this and i'll take a small position for a little gain. We got the break over that level of resistance at uh.

What would have been seven? Let me take a peek seven, sixteen, no about 707. So this is the new high of the day at 750. Looking pretty solid level twos, we got quite a few buyers waiting to step in here, i'd say about equal amount of buyers and sellers pretty even spread across the bid which isn't bad. I'm gon na look for a retracement on this.

So what is the retracement going to look like i'm looking for a bounce down to 38 to 50 percent, so i'm around 712 might not get it, though all right, i'm riding it in at 760., in at 760. 770 right now we got uh. It's got some solid pressure. Look at the volume pumping in on this on the rsi sitting at 83., i've got the button ready ready to rock 772.

73. 78 79. Look at this squeezing right now holy toledo, it's at 780. up uh up a little bit here.

That's not too bad, i'm not i'm not too mad about this. So once i see that rejection start to come lock in those profits because it has run up a pretty decent amount, i'm up about uh 15 cents a share right now on slg. I think this is a pretty solid stock and this has uh i've seen some rumors pop around. We can talk about this after i exit the trade but um.

There's some interesting stuff i'd be interested to have a conversation about what's going on with slg, and i am being very careful about this is why i'm not watching the chat bar right now, because i don't want to chase this stock. I'm going to take those profits ended up selling at uh 767, so about seven cent. Profit per share, i'm not too mad about that i'll, be watching for another pullback in order to get a little better uh position in that all right. What's your take on amc short borrow fee going to 9.56 percent dmd the other day in twitter from punisher titan.

What was the what was up with the reverse green candle? So that's uh that super high interest rate is happening because um, the the risk for shorts to hold a position to go profitable is a lot higher right now, so the chance of them coming out profitable since they're so low uh you're sitting. You know they charge more of an interest rate, and that comes from the days to cover right so days to cover is the short interest divided by the uh the three month average volume so take that for what it is check, your free stocks, weeple is now Pushing amc what really oh matthew perry welcome brother welcome. Let me take a quick peek. Where do you see that free stocks is another influencer program or is it under the the wheel upgrade wheel? Okay, so i got ta back my phone up.

I can't read this: let me know where you see that amc at, because i don't see it. I bet i could search it and find it though. Well i just got a free month of level two, so that's cool. I spun the.

I spun the wee bowl wheel, anyways, i'm gon na check that out i'm interested i'm interested. We should check that out. I was checking out the fort zill zip code because i don't know what it is as as terrible as that is uh weeble free amc stock. Let's check this out, look at this look at that.

Oh that's huge! We both handing out free amc stunk when you join dude massive look at that. That's something epic delivery after march 19th! Oh well, i didn't even think about that. Typically, it takes about two weeks for weeble to get your free stock on the day, so uh take that one for what it is, but i don't think that's the end of the world. I don't think that's the end of the world.

That's pretty sick, though man. I like that, a lot you already know what it is. Weeble is uh pro amc, we f with weeble baby. We we f with weeble uh.

They are chinese companies, so take that for what it is. If that bugs you, you know uh, let that be what it is all right. So i'm gon na be watching uh slg here we've got a pretty solid level of resistance sitting at 784. looks like we might get a little bit of rejection there.

So i'm gon na watch for a dip by coming down to uh mr dab and why i love your channel trey. What do you think of fsr fisker, so fisker, i'm gon na? Let this dip for a while fisker um i've seen some some mixed opinions. I've seen some people that say you know: fisker is uh not gon na. Do it not gon na do too well personally, i'd like to do more research on it, but if we're looking at the chart, setup right, we're gon na take a quick peek at how this is sitting right.

Now it's in a pretty hard downtrend and i see no reason to believe that that downtrend has ended. Yet i mean the nasdaq is seeing a little bit of a bounce which is good uh. It's it's up 0.19 percent on the day, but i still don't feel comfortable. I want to see a candle, wick or or a candle bar.

I should say that that uh, what signified immediately broken this trend? Well, that looked like a break probably over this descending level of resistance. So if you're looking for a wide range candle bar to push over that and then a secondary candle to open and close above that level of resistance - and that's media's going to say that we are in fact out of that downward trend. So i'm going to pay a little bit of a higher price so that i can make sure i'm locking in a good deal and i'm not not getting stuck holding the bag. You know what i mean.

That's just my personal uh, my personal way of doing things. All right, coming back here to slg gon na watch, these dips matt weller. Thank you. My man axel says thoughts about microvision the last week.

Microvision is a tech stock and the tech sector has been getting absolutely crushed. They've been getting slammed so so uh microvision is no exception to that. Sadly, all right so hold on a sec. I'm gon na i'm gon na buy this, for the break i might have been too late might have been.

A false break, might have saved me anyway. No, we got it all right, i'm playing this as a break play broke over the level of uh resistance, byron 786, currently sitting at 790 uh eight dollars looking for the push over eight bucks. If we get that, i will be very happy taking those profits might have been a false break. We're gon na wait and see we're gon na give it a second to test that level of resistance at eight dollars.

787 89. looks like we're. Gon na, maybe get it 795. It really wants to push there.

We just need the volume to fall through there. It is. We got the break over eight bucks. The volatility is coming.

I have that candle is 808 on the level. Twos looks like it's, i'm not sure. If it's rejecting i want to see that hard push, it has broken eight dollars, though, currently up about uh three percent on slg on this trade. I look for nickels and dimes guys, i'm not looking for the home runs.

I'm not looking when i'm trading anyways, i'm just looking for those nickels and dimes, because that adds up over time. It's not sexy. It's not sexy. Just you know, taking a small gain here.

Small gain there, but i'll take that every single day, because that adds up over time. That's how you build up your portfolio with not a lot of risk right. So what i'm doing here is i'm trying to take myself out of this hole. I shouldn't even say dig because it's it's strategic.

It's planned i'm using technical analysis to get these breaks, but i'm trying to follow up with the most traded stocks stocks with a lot of volume, because then the volatility's there looking for a lot of turnover. Looking for uh that those pushes we get them, you know it's a way to nickel and dime and make back some losses on on rkt, which is a stock that i ended up. Taking off my my stop-loss on, because i know that a lot of people got stuck holding the bag there, so i'm not digging the strength here. I might take that small gain yeah, i'm gon na take that small gain got filled at 790., so uh five cent gain i'll.

Take it thanks for being so amazing. Thank you ghost. I appreciate that brother, so microvision, coming back to that, mbis is uh getting smoked along with the entire stack uh tex. I got ta slow down the whole tech sector right, but microvision is a long-term stock.

This is this is not a company that you should be paying attention to the day-to-day fluctuations right uh personally, when this stock dips, i just keep adding. I just keep adding my position. That's the opportunity that i see here all right. Let's come back up and scroll back up here, tyler wilson, daddy chill! I love that man.

I love that that's gold, that's gold! Thanks for the donation, brother i'll, be sure to stop back over your channel when i'm all done. Discord is money. Why no answer to my uh dm, so i have to be real with you, man in in my uh. In my discord, i have probably 200 unread messages right.

It's it's really incredibly hard for me to to get back to everybody that the purpose of the discord is to offer you guys. When i add to my long term positions or when i'm swing trading, i don't do date trades on the in the discord. I don't. I don't disclose that because uh, it's it's very difficult to to you, know in real time be able to update people on that sort of stuff but uh.

The purpose of that is to have a community of investors so that when i'm not around, you know you can talk to other people who are very intelligent and who can make? Who who can help you with your uh? You know investing decisions or trading deserves decisions right, so i do do my best. You know when i have the opportunity to you know to chat with people. I do make sure that i can right but uh. I i try my best man.

That's all i can do chuck says amc hit at least nine dollars friday. What if it only hits eight dollars so the day-to-day fluctuations, my friend, don't stress them too much. The situation is still the same in my in my eyes, with uh with this stock the stock. I know people always laugh when i, when i say stock it makes me chuckle uh, i'm gon na i'm gon na bring up a tab here, so we're just gon na look at the short interest on amc here, really quick, so we're gon na pull up vortex And look at the utilization, i heard somebody say yeah, it is 98.15 percent, so the numbers are still the same cost.

To borrow, says 5.36, i don't think that's updated and the days to cover is going up as well. So if we look at the amc short interest, you know, according to fintel that'll, tell us another story as well, and that story is going to be something along the lines of uh. You know high cost of bars, 250 000. Total short shares available costs.

To borrow is 9.56 percent, it just keeps going up and it goes up because the days to cover keeps going up as well. So don't pay attention to a specific dollar amounts as of now, if you want to pay attention to anything right on amc, let's look at these options right. What do we have? We've got a lot of option contracts that expire in the money. If we closed above ten dollars, fifty four thousand forty three thousand twenty four thousand twenty, sixteen thirty one, seventeen one thousand right - and that gives potential for these to be exercised which could have an influx into the market.

The the issue being right that you need uh for people to have the collateral for those trades. So we don't we don't. We can't guarantee that by any means right we're looking for that, uh we're looking for people to have the collateral, and we know that. That's not always going to be the case, so just keep that in the back of your mind, so watching rkt.

Right now i have been slowly scalping this stock so that i can uh lower my overall dollar cost. Average i've been pretty i'm pretty successful at it. I'm not going to lie. My cost.

Average was 36 and a half bucks before i've lowered it down to 33.33. With some of the scalping that i've been doing uh we had a break, it might have been a false break underneath this uh ascending level of support. I'm gon na adjust it and take the most recent price action and see if that tells us a different picture and it does look like it does. So i'm going to take a small stab at this.

If it has a micro pullback, i've got uh i'll. Take a 70 uh 72 share size on this and i'll look for a break over 29.55, or we got that triple top. So i want to see a small pullback. I want that candle to just shrivel back a little bit, i'm gon na be looking for.

I'm actually gon na set a limit on this. I'm gon na set a limit for uh 29. What is this right here? We're going to call it 2910. So i've got my limit set for 29.10 if it pulls back to that i'll.

Take the trade i'll be watching for that push over 29.55. If it doesn't come back to that, then i will uh. I will cancel the trade and ride momentum over that push over 29.50 uh. 29.5.

29.95. So uh, like i said, i'm just trying to uh ride the uh momentum here, i'm trying to lower that dollar cost average, because i did take my training stop-loss off. I took a lot of pride in my channel and i know that there's some people that got caught hole in the bag because of some of my advice expired, calls buyback timeline. So i've seen a variety of different answers here.

I've seen people say you know sometime between monday, wednesday is typically the how it works. But of course we didn't see that happen. We didn't see uh, we didn't see a huge influx of shares on amc come in on what would have been. You know, um.

Let me let me think here i just got caught feeling goofy trying to try to think so. My order got filled by the way 72 shares at 29.10. So i'm watching for that break over 29.55, but anyways. We obviously didn't see that right.

We didn't see that happen so take that for what it is. I do think that you know. Maybe there are a lot of people that didn't have the collateral. I think there are a lot of people who trade options, especially with amc and gamestop, who don't really know what's going on there right.

So i think that affects the game a little bit. I think uh, when you've got a lot of people that don't know how options work they they end up, buying those options without truly understanding what they're getting themselves into and without truly understanding that uh, hey. You know i i might actually not have the collateral for this. I might not come out on top and they they don't um.

You know you see my point here so i think a lot of those options contracts. You know that expired in the money they didn't have the collateral to make it happen. That's maybe why we didn't see it happen, but, of course, that's speculation. That's speculation.

There's no way for me to know man. All i can do is tell you what the numbers the numbers men lie. Men lie, women lie, but uh, but numbers don't lie, so it is what it is. This is your neighbor.

If you don't quite dial before i love that that's gold, you guys are funny. You guys are funny all right, so i took a 72 share stake in rkt at 29 10., so my break even is 29 10 i'm down uh 12 cents on that trade right now and uh. If you got that break underneath that level of resistance, i don't like that. So i'm taking that off the table, dollar cost average went back up here.

A little bit up to uh actually went down somehow so that's confusing, but i'll watch for a better trade. I always like to cut my losses small, so i maybe maybe it bounces off of that, but i don't like to take that chance, because we can't predict the future right. It's better to take that small loss on rkt than to you know, leave it on the table and risk losing more. So that's my personal opinion on why i did that ssr triggered on amc today.

You already know what it is man. You already know what it amc had. A is bounce, it's recovering very well. It's been covering very well look at this guys if you haven't already.

What are you doing? What are you doing? Drop a like on this video. If we can get this to 2000 likes real quick here, that would uh that would make me one happy little chicken rocking the naruto hoodie today i've got my ps4 gaming headset on tyler wilson, if you're still watching this. This is what i'm working with right now. Your headphones are definitely a lot nicer, but uh, just just cooking with crisco man, so rockets having a pretty harsh pullback right now, and i don't mind that i i like dip trading on uh on on scalps.

So if we get a good dip and a good bounce, that's not going to bug me too much. What are we looking at in terms of uh support got a huge bywall. It looks like i had eaten up pretty hard at about 28-56, so that could play as a pretty good uh bounce train and it looks like it might. I'm gon na watch and see i'll wait it out.

I want to see how this ends up playing out and i'll. Let you guys know i mean you guys can watch in real time. I suppose i'm taking that 2850 build at 28.50 all right. So it's at 28.55 that i took my uh 75 shear stake at 28.50, i'll be watching still for that 29.55.

If it doesn't end up getting that, we get a bounce, i'm perfectly fine, taking a little bit off the table and just taking that small gain. So i'm about eight cents per share on rkt right now on this little scalp, i like to see that bounce, but i wish we would have seen a little bit more here it's at 28.60. Honestly, i might take that 10 cent gain because i'm not liking. This bounce fill that 2855.

Five cent gain right. There lift a little bit on the table, but that's okay with me. I didn't like that candle. I didn't like that candle when i see it bounce.

What i'm looking for is this i want to see a this is this is a red candle right here. I want to see a green candle that follows up immediately and, and has the two lows high close: that's what this is right here: either an engulfing candlestick pattern or two lows high close. So if you have a two little side closed, what does this look like? It looks something like this, so this would be a red candle, high, open, low, close, followed by a low open high close, that's typically, a sign of an upcoming bullish reversal. We didn't get that we had that long wick on top, which for a day, trade typically means you might have a little bit of rejection, and i just feel comfortable that so i took a little bit off the table took that small gain, i'm completely fine with That lower my overall dollar cost average it's down to 31.61, so by just taking a little bit of time.

You know the small pennies, the nickels and dimes i'm slowly dropping that overall dollar cost average, i'm only down 838 bucks right now in rkt guys. So that's coming together, that's coming together! Very slowly and surely not too bad rkt smoked my portfolio. I had smoked it. It was not fun.

Wasn't that fun all right, just woke up amc load today, at 7, 50.. Any reason for this market got cramped on man. That's the only explanation that i've got if you look at the nasdaq right, the nasdaq got absolutely swagged. Nasdaq was down at one point.

If we just check out the daily candles, give me a sec. Nasdaq was down about a percent and a half, and it's having a nice bounce which i like to see. Actually it's almost up a percent. It's almost up a percent.

So that's my explanation. The entire market took a crap and afc was a part of that. Usually, amc holds up pretty well when the market's uh taking a beat down, but it just got it got pooped on a little bit. Do i pay perm commission portrayed on weeble it's about two or three cents? It's not a lot.

It's not a lot of commission. Thankfully, thankfully, not i'm gon na come back here to slg and this could be an interesting trade. So i'm interested to see we've got uh. Four candlewick rejections right here that 742 mark.

So that's not bad. I don't mind seeing that at all honestly. This could be a pretty solid dip trade. I'm gon na take that fill that 755.

So i'm watching the sale i'm going to take small profits, all right, daddy chill. That still makes me laugh all right, john fields, hey brother, can you explain the difference between a george, w and an m and how to differentiate too easy man? Once i finish up this trade that'll be the first question i answer, but a george w is a double bottom. All that i'm talking about when i refer to a george w is uh two bots, two double bottoms, two bottom outs right and what that tells you that you're likely to see an upcoming bullish reversal and it's a way that you can um. You know predict an upcoming bullish run on the flip.

Side, comes an m m for mini when it should have been set as a w for wumbo, and an m is typically a double top right. You can think of those as the two peaks and that's typically a sign of an upcoming bearish reversal. It's it's not a good thing right, so you're not looking for that, you don't want to see that on a stock. So you know it's just a good way to predict.

I'm watching this right now. I don't feel uncomfortable as long as this doesn't break that level of resistance or support. I should say sitting at 740 yeah bad trade cut those losses, small. So on that one ended up uh selling for a small loss.

It would have been about what did this get filled at got filled at 7 45., so that would be a loss of uh. A couple cents all right, but that's that's what a george w is. So if i was to look at an example, this is a george w right here. You got a bottom, followed by another bottom.

That's a sign of a bullish bullish reversal which we did get, which you're looking at right here, that's what you're looking at in terms of a technical setup right on the flip side, you could have an m for mini right. So an m is a double top. Uh i'll see if i can find an example of this on a chart somewhere, so this is a double top. This is an m.

You got a double top. It tested this level of resistance twice and that's typically a sign of an upcoming uh bearish reversal. It wasn't much of one, but we did get a little bit of a sell-off so i'll. Take that for what it is.

Take that for what it is. My friend i got really hard to touch the tip of my cost average on amc. Four thousand shares oh ho ho baby. You already know what it is.

You already know what it is: rkt having a pretty harsh pullback right now scout slg for profits going into more amc shares. Do i know man, that's what i'm all about. I do the same thing: i'm trying to lower my overall dollar cost average on rkt. I've had some success with it.

It's down to 31.61 cents right now, um slowly, but surely it's all about the slow game. Take it a little bit at a time, uh, afc baby: let's go we both free stocks, free stocks, baby, you already know what it is. You already know what it is. I'm gon na take a quick peek here at uh.

Some of the actives right now so on turnover. Slg is still the highest highest turnover out of every stock yeah. So i uh, i ended up playing out i'd rather take uh i'd rather take the loss. Then you know, that's just personally my play.

That's what i would have rather done um when it breaks that uh that level of support you know you risk a hard push, especially on those little those those hard moves right. There's a lot of volume pumping in this. So a volatile move can come both ways. It can push a green candle like this or it can.

You know, do the flip side down right. It can push really hard on the downside. So you know i'm all about cutting those losses, small and then capitalizing when they run. So that's why i cut slg, i'm okay.

I left that on the table, i'm all right with that. That doesn't bug me at all ignore kids like uh. What are your thoughts on gorilla? I don't know what gorilla is guys by the way if you have not dropped a like on the video uh. What are you doing if you're a gorilla drop, a gorilla in the chat? You want to know what it is guys we're all rocking we're all cooking with crisco we're all just straight chilling drink some water.

I will get some water i'll. Tell you what get this at 2. 000. 2.

000 likes i'll, be one happy chicken. Let me go pull up some water here. Really quick. Give me just one sec.

All right, we are back, we are back. Ctr arm is getting beat down, i've seen it i've seen it. I know it is it's rough. I started a little bit of a bounce, though it's at 83.5 cents volume, nothing crazy, no crazy volume by any means vst up about four percent on the day, not a lot of volume, though not great for uh for a scalp, but it's moving pretty nice up.

Four percent - those are some clean moves for sure ignore kids like joe battaglia, i don't know who that is. I appreciate that, though man i'm straight chilling, my life is good. I've got nothing but good things to say about how my life is going. So thank you for that.

My friend appreciate it all right. So what i'm watching for here, i'm gon na clear off this chart. I'm gon na clear this off we're gon na start fresh rkt, i'm gon na watch for a break over this descending level of resistance, because it's in a pretty harsh downward moving channel right now. So i'm looking for a discontinuation of this downward channel.

If we're gon na push over this level of uh resistance, i will take some size so we'll look at uh 73 shares and i want to see that push 28. 12 is what we're sitting at right now on the level twos, we've got a pretty large cell wall of 2826, so that's gon na act as a pretty hard level of uh resistance, support. 28 bucks very solid. I might take some size of 28 bucks as well.

We'll see it looks like we might have got that push so i'm going to nickel and dime this. This is going to be a nickel and dime play got filled at 28, 22. gon na have to sell ready. I purchased 73 shares.

My intent here is in lowering my overall dollar cost average on this stock. That is my. That is my goal. Oh you guys got it to 2000 likes.

Just like that wicked split. I love it. That's gold, that's some good stuff did bruce, say dead cat. I've been asked by a lot of people, but uh because bruce was saying bruce was saying that he doesn't think amc can squeeze.

You know i think uncle bruce is a really intelligent guy. I think he's really really intelligent. I've got nothing but good things to say about the guy. I feel very, very fortunate that we were able to bring him on to the podcast.

I'm not gon na chase it not gon na chase it not gon na chase it. I've already got my uh. My take right here, i'm gon na sit right here, but anyway, i think that uncle bruce is a really intelligent guy, but he doesn't spend anywhere near as much time. You know researching amc, you know his cup of tea.

Is his game? Stop and there's nothing wrong with that. I don't think, there's anything wrong with that at all, but um. I just don't agree with that. I don't think amc's a dead cat.

I think right now she's a napping cat. I think that the whole market got crapped on and afc took a little bit of a beat down because of it, but it is what it is. It is what it is all right. So, on the level twos right now, we've got the most buyers waiting to order spilled at 2801.

Those those are getting filled up here. Pretty quick, 522 shares left 422 largest cell wall sitting at uh. 28 11. looks like that got eaten up so we're looking for a hold over right here.

27.76 that'll be my stop 27.76. What i'm doing, if you're, just tuning in guys i uh i took my training, stop loss off on rkt, because i made a bad call. I i put out a video talking about rkt and i said guys. I think this is going to be a solid stock.

I think it is going to do some good things and i still stand by the numbers. I i i take nothing back in terms of the numbers and the squeeze potential. I think it's still there not that i'm going to cheat on my girl, amy afc is my girl till i die but uh you know rkt. You know, as has also squeezed potential.

My only thing that i regret is that um the the timing. It wasn't good timing, so it looks like it is a false break out of that descending level of resistance right here. So i was looking for a small, nickel and dime and i'm not sure if we're gon na get it not quite sure if we're gon na get that. So i took a 73 share size.

I'm just gon na have that ready by the off chance. Yeah 73 shares so 27.75 is my uh is gon na, be where i'm watching leader caesar. I have 168 call contracts expiring on march 19th, at 25 at 8, 30 and at uh eight three at 8.5 and 140 at 40.. I know we were 15 days away from expiring.

Should i take a loss or log off for my account for now. I don't think that necessarily it's game over right. I would maybe just take a step back for a minute. I i would think about just taking a step back.

It's a ways out. March 19th is a ways out, so i'm watching this pretty close right now. It looks like it really does not want to hold that. There's a lot of sellers on the level twos.

Hmm. She wants really hard to to hold this. I like the wick underneath this, so if it ends up, i want to see the clothes of this candle. If we get a shooting star, uh candlestick pattern or a hammer candle, that's typically a sign of weak selling pressure.

So we're waiting to see that yeah we're waiting to see something like that. So a hammer candle if you're not familiar, looks like this. You've got a pretty uh small body, followed by a long, bottoming tail or a wick. That's typically a sign of weak selling pressure, and what does this mean? It means that uh sellers try to push the price down to x.

You know x, dollar, sign and it got brought back up by the buyers to the close of this candle, which would have been right about there. If this is a red candle or it could be a green candle right, it could be the exact same thing. So if you see you know a green candle, that means that this is the open. This is the close sailors, try to push it all the way back down and that's a sign of a pretty solid uh buying pressure or weak selling pressure.

So that's what's uh! That's what i was looking for there and it looks like we've - got an engulfing candlestick pattern. So that's what i'm looking at right now we got an engulfing candlestick pattern. This means that uh, the next candle before the previous red candle was uh, is higher right. It's engulfing that previous, smaller red candle, that's typically a sign of an upcoming small push, so we're waiting to see how that plays out currently sitting at uh, 27.98.

27.97. 29. 27.95. We're waiting for that push back up over 28 bucks on the level twos.

A lot of a lot of pretty big cell walls at 28 bucks, so we need some volume to follow through on that, but the candlestick setup is there uh. The 15 ma is coming and hooking in towards that 200 ama right now. So if this ends up being a reversal, it could start to parallel those and that's what we're looking for we're looking for that parallel between those uh those two indicators, so we're watching for that push over 28 bucks for sure 28 bucks should come. That is a psychological level of resistance currently sitting at 28, so it just needs that volume to follow through and we got it 2805.

So it needs to keep following 28 10. 28. 11. 15.

11. man that 75 stop man right down to the nuts right down to the nuts, that's crazy, so i am not. I am not uh suggesting that anybody follow my trades. What i am doing right now is just scalping this stock to lower my dollar cost average.

My dollar cost average, when i woke up this morning, was at 36 bucks and i have been slowly but surely nagging that thing down uh. Of course, when i sell my position here, it will go back up, but i have been pretty successful in lowering that and mitigating some of my losses at uh. When i woke up this morning, i took my 20 stop loss off. I was on 2 500 bucks because i know that some people got absolutely royally screwed on that, so i left it off.

I left it off and i let myself bleed with with the with the gorilla gang and i've lowered that down so now, i'm only down to 948 bucks. I will be making that back here slowly, but surely i always want to be transparent guys. I don't want to bs anybody when i make a bad timed call i'll, let you know and uh that was a bad time to call the obviously the best purchase price would have been down here at 25 dollars. Who could have guessed that we would have seen the nasdaq bleed as bad as it did? Having a pretty nice bounce here, though, it's up by half a percent today high of the day, was almost up a full percent which isn't bad at all rkt sitting at 28.13.

Right now, i'm gon na have my cell order ready. I purchased it at 2810, so 73 shares i'll. Just have that sitting here and i'll be watching this pretty close sitting at 28.16.. So the high of this previous candle, that's uh.

That gives me some some confirmations we're looking for that high of the previous candle sitting at about 28.28, so pushing over that looks pretty solid. I'd be uh, walking away with about an 18 cent gain on on those 73 shares currently sitting at 28.26. Waiting for that push, we get that push i'll, feel pretty good about uh about the trade. After that, we're gon na be looking at a level of resistance, and a push over about here looks like yeah that does line up at about 28, 30 or so, and it does look like we got it so we're sitting at 28.

30. 34. 28. 31..

On the level twos there's a huge bywall sitting at 2819 that should act as a good level of support. So i'm going to clear off my charts, really quick and just draw that up so that you all can see it 2819 and then we got 2836 as the biggest level of resistance right now we had a pretty large cell wall right there and it looks like It might have already gotten eaten up pretty well 28. 36.. So i'm not going to be greedy here i am going to take the profits off the table.

I'm nickel and dime in this thing, man, nickel and diamond, trying to just take home as much as i can to lower that overall dollar cost average it doesn't seem like it adds up guys, but a 10 cent gain here. A 10 cent gain there. Nickel and dimes in the markets do add up. I've done this a couple of times now with rkt and it has uh has paid pretty decently.

So this is a little bit of a one-minute micro pullback. That's what we're looking at right now, four green candles, followed by a red candle, don't feel too bad about that um. We're looking for a continuation of this small scale upward trend. You already know what it is.

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