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Yo yo yo yo, what's up what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, welcome back! Welcome back to the trainers podcast! We have officially hit episode four zero. Forty drop some girls in the chat. If you are uh rocking with the gorilla gang great to everybody here, i got myself some subway for lunch today, i'm rocking the the dc. This is what me and my friend brandon, would call uh would call the uh the nectar of the gods.

It is straight liquid gold, i don't know it just needs to be the color gold instead of uh. You know the color of tar. But what do you do? What do you do? Great everybody here i wasn't planning on live streaming. I've had quite the quite the morning.

It's really been something else. Honestly today in the last couple days have been kind of stressful uh, youtube has been having you know. Quite things. Go on, we've had quite a few things.

Quite a few things go on. You know in terms of the stock market we've had this crazy correction, that's been taking place. If you look at the nasdaq right, we actually had a pretty nice recovery so far here today, but still continuing that downward trend. Nonetheless uh.

So, on top of that, on top of youtube videos on top of amc, doing some crazy stuff, i've had some uh some personal health issues, as you guys already know. If you've been rocking with the channel for a while and today um, i talked with my cadre and some of the people that i work with in the military and uh i'm a little bit sad, i'm not gon na lie, i'm not gon na lie, so i Don't know this for sure, but uh i've been in and out of some meetings today with some some higher ups, some of the people that i work with some of the people in charge of me and with my eye issues and my heart issues. It sounds like they're going to end up medical recycling me now. What does that mean right? Well, based on what i'm doing right now, i'm you know i'm stationed out of fort sill, and i'm here for bullock, which is basic officer leadership course, and the purpose of that is for them to teach me my job in the army for me to learn what I'm going to be doing as an air defense artillery officer right, so they train me in on property management.

They train me on accountability, how to fill out a bunch of different silly forms and how to work, most importantly, with a patriot weapon system. If you don't know what a patriot looks like, i can just pull it up for you really quick now that it's important, but that's what i'm here for patriots uh weapon system, i'm just gon na pull this up. This is what i'm supposed to be doing. You know this is my job is to manage these they're five million dollar five million dollar cargo trucks that should have really expensive half million dollar missiles, and it's uh.

It's a fun job. However, with my eye stuff going on um, you know i've had some issues. I haven't been able to, you know, go to training the way i'm supposed to. I had to miss my land navigation course, because i was in the uh, the doctors again in the hospital, et cetera, et cetera, so i got pulled in by a captain.

Her name's captain hershey um and, with with what she basically said, is trey. You know you're not gon na, like to hear this, but uh we're gon na start the process to medically recycle you now. What does that mean right? It's not the same as getting med boarded. This doesn't mean i'm getting kicked out of the army, but what it does mean is that i am going to be dismissed from this this class essentially, and i'm not going to be able to you know to finish that class off.

So i'm going to be here stuck until june and then i have to start up the next class period, which is going to be between you know, july and december. So i'm going to be stationed at fort still a little bit longer than i thought it was. Unfortunately, you know, i know, that's probably not what you wanted to tune in for, but i always like to be transparent. I'd like you guys to keep you guys up to date with what's going on, but um that's been my morning so far and that's a little bit, it's been a little stressful.

I'm not gon na lie. I'm not gon na lie. So i'm sorry if i seemed a little on edge this morning, i do apologize for that. I've just had a lot on my mind, a lot on my plate on top of the stock market.

On top of you know everything going on so uh, that's we're at right now and uh, we'll make it work we'll make it work we'll go on with life, but anyways enough about that. I just want to give you guys the update. In case you were wondering what is uh, what is going on in the in terms of my life right now: we're gon na be talking stock markets, stock stock markets and amc any hot stocks that you think are popping right now, which i i doubt there's many. I suppose i can look at the the actives.

It looks like eyes is one of the leading gappers for the day uh. This would probably have been a oh yeah, great opportunity for a day trade and that's about all i would have touched it for looks like it's bleeding a little bit right now. If you made some money on eyes, congratulations, i did not touch this. I was in and out of the office all day, doing some work doing some meetings exactly you know all that sort of stuff but great opportunity for a scalp here.

If i was by the computer, i probably would have scalped this thing: i'm not going to lie. It probably could have been out pretty well uh rocking with eyes, so that would have been a lot of fun, but i don't know if i would touch it. Right now looks like the volume is starting to die off a little bit. We are in a little bit of a downward trend.

We have this descending level of resistance, decent level of support, still trading above the v wap right. So that's good in terms of uh day trading ability. So once it drops below that v-wap, then i'd be a little bit worried. I probably wouldn't touch that for a day trade at that point.

That is something that you're trying to watch for so watch for the reversal. Watch for a candle to break above this was a false break. We ended up not having that come to fruition. Watch for that break above that descending level of resistance, you'll, pan out pretty dang.

Well, that could still run it could still run. Who knows for sure nobody, nobody can tell you on the day down pretty gnarly. This is the third red day in a row. I am very heavily invested in the tech sector and i have lost uh quite a bit of money.

Last uh, last three days, i've been down four thousand twenty, eight hundred and eighteen hundred bucks. So a lot of my tech stocks are getting beat up just getting smacked. It's it's a tough day, but i'll tell you what these opportunities right, when, when the stock market's really beating you down, that's when you got to stay patient and stay convicted to your stocks, the things that you really really love the things that uh that that gets! You out of bed in the morning that you're that you're excited to invest in right, the innovation, the tech whatever it might be. So, let's enough of that, i'm going to be done.

Rambling now going to read about this super chat, hey trey! I have 320 shares in an amc and transferred from fidelity to weeble. What should i do if it moons, while they're in limbo, also drink water gg? You already know what it is. You don't know what it is um. I wouldn't worry too much.

I think that if i was to give a date - and of course i'm not going to i'm not going to give you a date um, but if i had to, i would say that march 19th is a day when, when this will probably start moving again here, I'm i think, i'm actually going to take a little bit out of rkt. You know i'm down pretty bad in that right now, i'm down about 1400 bucks. I think i'm gon na take a couple grand of rkt and see if i can rock with uh with eyes for a little bit of a scalp here today i might come back here. I'm gon na probably reinvest that at the bottom, since it's not really doing much movement so give me a second here to come into rkt and we're gon na see what we can do.

I'm gon na watch this closely. I'm gon na watch eyes. I think there's still some potential there, since it is trading above the v-wap, i'm looking for that break that hard break over that descending level of resistance. You might end up paying it out uh, but in terms of that, i wouldn't worry about your amc shares.

I think it'd be sitting: okay, hey trey. I was actually born at reynolds. Oh, how about that dude congrats critter congrats, it's quite the hospital. It's something else! It is something else.

Man i'll tell you that right now, um, you know the doctor over there. It was pretty goofy. I went in there for uh some some hard stuff right and they found out that i've had heart attacks at a pretty young age and his response was yeah. It's not a big deal.

We've had guys with heart attacks before we'll make it work. I was like what i don't. I don't know how that happens, but you know it's each their own. It is what it is so my plan right now, just if you're curious, i am down on this.

I uh, i am planning on reinvesting, so i'm gon na take my money from rocket. I'm gon na take it over to eyes and see if i can make a quick scalp on the date i'll be live streaming here for about an hour. That's my game plan. I'm gon na see what we can do in terms of damage in this next hour.

Eyes is the leading gap around the day. It has the most volume that has been pumping into the stock. It also has the most turnover percentage, which is typically two things that you look for in terms of a good day trade opportunity, so i'm gon na be taking out a little bit from rocket here. I'm gon na take 150 shares that is gon na, be just shy of four thousand dollars and i'm gon na be moving that over into eyes and i'll be watching for a good scalp on the day.

So i sold that they filled it 25 37. Still down. Pretty bad on rkt, but that's all right. I am planning on reinvesting it as i just mentioned, and it does look like we're getting a nice little bounce here off that 200 ema, acting as a good level of support.

I i'm going to get into this with um we're going to say 350 shares for now, and i'm going to have some extra dry powder laying around in case it does start to move that is going to come out to 2065 total dollars filled at 594.9, so That is what they ended up filling out and i'm gon na be watching for it. So that's what we're looking at i'm gon na try and see if we can do some damage on this. My stop loss for this is going to be just below this candle. Wick, where we see 536, i'm gon na set it for about 527.

So that's that's the mark that i'm gon na be watching in terms of uh when to dip. When you get out of there i saw i see the weeble is owned by alibaba aka ccp. Still use it, but yeah weeble is a chinese uh. You know company so keep that in the back of your mind in terms of uh, you know whether or not you want to use the platform or not.

Personally, i like weibull a lot. I got screwed pretty hard by fidelity. They literally boned me. I got liquidated out of my amc, bb nokia, all those meme stocks, and i was not using leverage.

I was on a one-to-one ratio right, so cash to margin, there's no reason to get a margin call because i was playing with my own money. So that's huge. I was really really surprised by that and uh looks like isa is already starting to get a move here. So what i was playing here was that break above that descending level of resistance and that bounce off of the 200 ema, acting as a good level of support volume coming in on this right now.

750. 000. In that minute, 847. 000.

Here i like to see that the volume is still sticking around pretty decently, not as high as we saw here when i ran out to almost 10 bucks. However, it still could very easily come back up to those levels. I'm going to be watching to add to my position on this with a break over. We've got a level of support right here, so the next resistance is going to be right around here.

I'm just going to double check and it does appear. That is the case at 658: we're going to break over 658. I will add to my position and ride the momentum there, but it looks like it's got a pretty good opportunity for a solid trade, we're looking at a level of support and a semi-level support. Always look for these three touch points.

We get them right. So that's a good technical setup, we're gon na see. I would imagine, within the next 10 to 15 minutes a test, and i like this candle wick right here. That's a nice looking candle, wick um! Whenever you see a candle like this, so you've got that.

That's that small body followed by a long bottoming tail, that's typically a sign of weak selling pressure. Even if it's a red candle, i don't mind seeing that that's typically a sign of an upcoming bullish, run or reversal, so i don't mind that setup at all. That's not bad. Did you watch matt's reviews of sen's thoughts? I uh i'm assuming you mean uh max right, so max's review of sends.

I have not seen it yet, but we did have uh max hop on the uh. The live stream earlier today and he's bullish on sends. He thinks that it's currently uh overvalued. He thinks that it's overvalued, but um.

That's that's! Okay with me. I don't mind that at all i i believe in the long-term potential that that company i'm holding that for four five six years, because i think they're going to be able to replace dexcom, who is currently the leader in that uh, that sector and industry. So i've got nothing but good things to say about sensonics. I i haven't watched it yet, but i definitely plan on it uh, where, where are we hoping that amc ends up my market closed today, and where do we find that information on weeble so amc by close today? What i would watch for is a hold over eight dollars, especially and then every dollar sign that we go up above that right, nine dollars, ten dollars, you're just gon na - have more options, contracts that have the potential to expire in the money.

So that could be pretty huge and, honestly, you know amc is holding up pretty well, it's trading above the the v, which is good trading above the 200 ema. The 15 ma is trading underneath that 200 dma we'd like to see that you know come back up, but it is hooking back in towards the 200 ema, typically a sign of a nice bullish reversal. But it's doing this, it's consolidating it's it's! It's between not just beatboxing, it's between a pretty tight price zone, so uh. I would imagine that until we get some volume followed through on this, it's probably just gon na keep trading in between these tight price zones.

Right here this looks like highly on price action. When i think of this, you know this trading sideways. That's happening right now, with amc, i think, of highly on. So if you look at highly on a three month, this is exactly what hylian did for a long time and that's what amc is doing right now, just consolidating doing that sideways up and down up and down move, that's all it is gme is doing pretty solid, Though gamestop i have one share, one whopping share and it is up uh.

You know what's up nine percent right now, so it's doing pretty solid. A little bit of a bullish flag hasn't been bleeding the same as amc. It's finally starting to differentiate itself from that emc um price action. I don't think that's something to worry about.

I wouldn't worry by any means right, because they are still very similar right, not a lot of volume coming into them a little bit flat, gamestop and amc. Both had that little push that happened yesterday with that volume spike right, so they're sitting pretty well, i'm not too worried about it all right, cost short bar rate is 80. Nice short thoughts, you're short on it. Are you short on costs? Personally, i wouldn't short cost right now.

That seems like a ticking time bomb. I'd be very, very careful man very careful. I got 8 vst 18 calls uh march 19 thoughts. Should i dump it's tough to say whether or not the market's going to keep correcting that's uh, that's my personal opinion.

Nobody knows nobody knows how long this is going to correct, for what i can tell you is that the nasdaq broke the 50 retracement, and now it's testing out that 61.8. So you see this long wick. That was a perfect bounce off of the technical technical support back here with this triple top right, this george w that nasty, george and uh it's, i would imagine it's not done correcting yet so it personally. If i was in your shoes, i'd probably lock in the the remaining value left on your on your uh call options, but that's totally up to you, my friend, i can't pull that trigger for you.

That's 100, your decision up to you entirely my man. So what are we looking at right now for uh four e y e s eyes, so it broke that ascending level of support, but it's still trading above this descending level. Resistance found a little bit of consolidation now, so we got a nice floor right here. I'm gon na get rid of this level of uh ascending support and just watch the price action here so right now, it's trading at about six bucks dollar cost average of 594..

Currently up, you know 0.35, nothing to write home about by by any means and uh. Just watching it to add to my position looking for that technical break over 658 that'll take some larger size, as that is gon na, be a pretty significant level of support on the daily chart. The one minute candles right we get over that uh 658. I should have a pretty nice retest of some of these previous highs up to 857 10 bucks, the whole nine yards here.

So that's what i'm watching for on eyes. All right, i have fidelity account. Should i be worried about my amc shares? So if you have fidelity, make 100 sure that whatever you're trading on amc, you've got in cash, don't trade on margin, they didn't give me a margin. Call i didn't get a margin call.

I wasn't even leveraging it and i got my account liquidated. So i'm not trying to sway you one way or the other right, i'm not trying to do either one but uh. Just let that that that's that's! That's fact. That's what exactly happened to me so be very careful, be careful.

I i think it's a little bit risky holding the holding fidelity guys by the way. I i see that some of you guys are throwing some shade at bruce and i've got nothing against the guy. I've got nothing against him um. You know i had him onto the channel, the guy loves to talk.

He loves his stuff. He knows he knows uh. You know gamestop, like you, wouldn't believe, but um i i i um. I don't.

I try not to spread hate. I've got nothing bad to say about bruce. He can he can do the game. Stop thing.

I'm gon na keep doing the amc thing. I just don't think he's been paying attention to amc. The way that that that we have right. He hasn't done the research that we've done so you know i would i just wouldn't pay too much attention.

I wouldn't pay too much attention. Just keep stay the course stay. The course. Keep your head up right, we're gon na keep moving.

Amc is sitting okay right now, it's sitting at 794 down a percent on the day right nasdaq has had a little bit of a nice bounce back still uh. You know it's it's up about point seven percent right now about uh 85 points, but let me see it up a little more than that, but uh. You know i like this long candle wick under there. That might tell me we see a little bit of consolidation for the next couple days.

This is a shooting start, uh candle pattern, which typically tells you there's some weak selling presence. So sellers tried driving this down to market open. You can see this on a variety of stocks right, so if we just look at idex, for example, i would imagine we see it. You see this harsh sell-off for the first hour of the day.

Up to you know, 10. 41.. So, first hour of the day you know people tried to drive the nasdaq down all the way back down to that technical support where we got this triple top back here right and it was rejected. Buyer stepped back in and scooped up the opportunity.

So i i wouldn't stress too much amc holding up very well did not sell off near as much as some other stocks did and uh is actually bouncing back very nicely. So i don't mind the setup right now guys this is sitting pretty dang. Well, stay the course be patient. I think it is going to treat you pretty.

Dang. Well, 640 is what we are sitting at right now here for a e y e s. I think i'm gon na purchase a little bit more, as i mentioned. If it does get that break over 658, so i'm gon na be getting that uh, that dry powder ready getting it rocking and i'm watching for it, and it looks like it's gon na get it so.

I'm gon na i'm gon na make that purchase filled at 6 48. all right. So what are we looking at right now on e-y-e-s, if you're rocking this trade it pretty well today, cowabunga it is cowabunga. It is my friends you're sitting pretty dang.

Well, i'm happy for you uh. It is up 347 on the day, i'm watching this for a quick scalp in and out sort of trade. Currently up about six percent. On that 152 bucks.

You can see my unrealized p l right here. If you do want to check that out, i play this as a good dip by recovery play uh, and i will rock this watch it for that retest of 658 added to my position at 6, 48 currently sitting at 640 dollar cost average of 603 right now. Huge breakout project veritius exposes morris bank working with hedge funds to use margins to kill amc, dude david. You already know it man, we know this sort of stuff is happening.

It's just gon na keep on happening. I'm seeing people say that the amc borrow rate is at 11.6 percent, which is absolutely monstrous by the way, not bad at all. We're gon na pull this amc short interest by the way guys you're gon na get to watch something pretty fun here during this uh. This live stream.

I am gon na be giving away uh two 100 donations to members of the discord. I have a contest that i call the weekly earners and learners and we'll do this once every one or two weeks and what we do is we give a hundred dollars away to the the person in the discord with the the most losses on the week, then We give 100 away to the person on the discord with the most gains on the week. That's why it's called the earners and learners and what we're doing is i've got this random name generator picked up right here. These are all the people who qualified for the the uh the the challenge right, the opportunity for the giveaway and during this live stream.

We're gon na pick the winner of these two 100 donations. So if you'd like to be a part of this in the next one right, just uh check out that discord link in the description box down below it, cost you five dollars a month to join great community of investors, a lot of people that know way more Way more than i do so uh if you want to check that out, feel free to do so. If not that's cool we'll do that sometime within this live stream, so just get ready for that looks like we're getting that test of 658 on eyes. Are you still holding sos thoughts, so i was only holding sos as a swing trade and i did sell out.

I made a pretty good profit on that. I think i walked away up about 500 bucks, or so it had a crazy sell-off here today. Personally, i just don't think this is a good long-term investment. I think it's a little bit of a fraudulent company and until they prove to me otherwise, i'm just not, i think, there's other blockchain plays out there that have a little less risk involved right.

So that's my two cents there, my man and i get this. The same people always say this uh people always say man. If i made a dollar every time, trey gave us two cents every time he gives two cents, but it's just it's just how it is. I like to i like to keep it real: keep it 100, keep it 100.

We got that break over 658, so we're looking for that push. Currently, the high of that candle is looking like about 669. we're going to sing at 661, so we're waiting for that hard push over that level of resistance. We get it and we are going to be looking for another retest of uh, some previous levels of resistance.

So what i'm gon na do right now is just clear off this uh chart setup, i'm gon na re-establish that level of uh resistance and will now act as support sitting right around here at about this level at currently on that ascending level of support riding pretty Well, up about 8 210 on that uh, this scalp trade. So far here today, looking like a pretty solid one, i was i was a little hit or miss. Yesterday, yesterday i was a little up and down on slg but did pretty well on on rocket rocket companies. I i managed to lower my dollar cost average on that pretty well, but uh.

You know today. This is a much cleaner trade. Already i like that setup. It's very clean price action and still is respecting that as any level of support doing pretty well, do you have any out the money calls? I got ta scroll back up here, my apologies uh for next week or later personally, i stay away from out the money.

Calls unless i feel very confident, they're gon na work out and i'm not gon na, be touching any call options unless it's amc related um for quite a while until we're out of this market correction. In fact, i would recommend that you uh that you call puts or you do you do put options if you're gon na do any sort of options right now, because we just don't know if the market's done correcting. Yet i would anticipate this lasts for probably another week. That's my guess.

Of course nobody can tell you that for sure, but that would be my hypothesis and my anticipation. Think of getting amc calls. What do you suggest? I would say some in the money calls personally either in the money calls or something that is just barely out the money. So i look at amc right now and look at the call options, maybe you're.

Looking you know, 19 march i'd be willing to pay a higher premium just to lock in that security right, maybe nine dollars. That's a pretty attractive call option. You know you got 79 cents per share, so that's a 79 premium for one contract. You could pick up a couple of those and then if it goes over nine bucks, you know if you want to exercise, you can definitely do that if it doesn't go over or if you don't exercise, you can sell it.

Take that profit as well reinvest it into the stock. So a couple different ways you can play that out. Amc is sitting at 798 right now, baby, not sitting too bad, not not upset the least bit about how that is playing out right now. Eyes is at 638, looks like it might get that break underneath this ascending level of support, we're looking for a candle wick to stay above that ascending level of support.

That's what i'm watching for right now. Still my dog cost average that 603 415 total shares. Uh up about point five percent on that uh, quick trade. What do you think about uh pub manic as a squeeze option in the near future? So i'd have to check it out.

Pubmanic i've actually never heard of the company, but i'll. Do a quick, uh, quick scrub on it, a quick scrub uh we're gon na check it out on ortex, problematic i've never heard of the company pubmatic pubm utilization, 84 yeah! It's there, it's 100 there, i would say so. 84.2 percent costs of borrow is pretty low. So there's not a lot of pressure, but there's a high days to cover 1.92 is significant.

Anything over one tells me that it's difficult for shorts to cover their positions, so that is not bad at all. We're going to take a look at pubm, popmatic and uh how's the stock looking right now well, we're looking at this on the three-month chart looks like it had a little bit of high pump into this, and it's bleeding i would stay away for now. I would imagine, there's probably some shorts that have covered their positions. Wait until you get a bottom and then i would i would consider entering and then i would consider uh entering from there all right man.

That is a nasty run-up. What a crazy crazy run still respecting this descending level support is going to shift that a little bit all right, amc, short interest, that's not short interest andrew. I want to clarify that short interest is different than the short borrow fee rate. Short interest is referring to the the actual short volume comparatively to you know the the overall market cap or market volume, how many short shares are being held compared to the overall market volume right.

So the market cap, as i was market cap no outstanding shares, i'm so sorry, it's been a long day been a long day. All right sitting at 6, 18 right now looks like it's having a little bit of a micro pullback still holding on that position. I've got a little bit of a safety net. My bob stop loss is still going to be down here right below this uh, this candle wick at 5 25..

I'm not concerned about this micro pullback, especially because i've got a little bit of room to breathe here. So, holding 1800 amc shares the short uh borrow fee rate is above 11, now beating gme on available short shares, as well as, as a rate stay healthy. My friend thank you. Dude appreciate that nathan.

I i think that amc is set up. Better gme has had a better day today, it's up about seven percent, but amc is not doing bad. It's not in a bad situation, down a little less than a percent right now sitting at just under eight bucks. I would imagine, by the end of the day we got about an hour and a half left until uh market closed should have a pretty nice run.

That's my my anticipation and my guess, but we'll have to wait and see man we'll have to wait. That's a new ipo buzz. It's an etf that tracks the top 75 stocks they're getting the most social media hype. I've checked it out man, it looks interesting.

It looks very interesting. I think it's got some potential to do some good things um, but it ipod at kind of a rough time i mean yesterday was it's. I would watch this when the market stops correcting. I like that nasty inverse head and shoulders, though that is dirty.

Look at this we got a head shoulder shoulder, neckline, nice reversal and now we're looking for a technical break over uh 23 42 and it's testing it right now. If it gets that push, it could uh get a new new daily high. That's a pretty nice bounce! That's not bad at all. All right check out lesl good place, since texas is opening after the huge winter storm.

What are your thoughts lesl? I actually got some free stock from weeble in this company. I ended up selling it. No, not not a spider. I didn't know anything about the stock, but i think it's got potential.

I think it's got potential for sure and especially because it's had a nice bounce today i mean this is recovering very well in comparison to the rest of the market, so not bad at all. Man, i think it's got. It's got a great uh technical setup. It's broken out that downward trend, uh 15 mi, starting to parallel itself.

With that 200 ema volume, pretty even it's moving off of low volume, which i like to see quite a bit. But that's some nice momentum i wouldn't buy in right now. I would wait for a micro, pullback, probably around here to 21.72. That's what i would anticipate.

It pulls back too, but just keep watching keep watching it bottom line, amc or gamestop, i'm an amc guy! I'm going to stay true to my convictions, man, i'm going to stay true to my convictions. That is my belief. Where are we both? Do we find that data that tells us where we want to close with amc? The data that tells us eight dollars is the first threshold i haven't seen that tie. I haven't seen that i'm not exactly sure what you're talking about to be honest with you.

What i pay attention to with uh with weeble is options. I don't know why. That happens sometimes so i'll pay attention to options and i'll pay attention to level twos, and that's what i like to pay the most attention to. You can also look at the order flow.

This will tell you. Buyers versus sellers had a couple more sellers. Today, 66.08 million dollars compared to 64 million buyers. So a little bit of a bleed, you know in comparison um, let's see what gamestop looks like a little more buying action and game stop as of now, but i'm still more bullish on amc.

I stand by it. I'm not going to come back from that um. Maybe i'm wrong, maybe i'm right, but i've done a lot of research and we've all been working together to pilot together some good dd and i trust my dd i'm going to trust my gut. I'm going to trust the numbers, because men lie women lie, but numbers do not lie my friends, jordan.

Thank you. My man appreciate that the grind fiend says bruce has read some news. That rocket is losing contracts and doesn't see a squeeze possible. I'm out i caught the rip on eyes and ruby on ciphy.

Now so i mean i, i also watch that live stream with bruce. I don't personally agree with that. You know i i believe in the numbers that i see with rocket. I think that they do have squeeze potential.

Oh man, i know you guys want me to drink water, i'm so bad about it. I tell you what i tell you: what i'll go fill up? Some water have been drinking. This diet, coke, the nectar of the gods. I'm gon na go get that wire real, quick and uh.

Do it. On my dropper, like on the video we got almost 5 000 people here, 730 likes, get it up to 300 likes. That does help the youtube channel out. Quite a bit.

Make me one happy chick. Can i tell you what i've had a rough couple of days with some medical stuff that would put a smile on my goddamn face, so i'll, be right back all right, we're back baby rocking that gorilla juice out of the gorilla gang mug baby? You know what it is. You know what it is, because gorillas don't drink water if you were not a part of that live stream. You weren't able to catch that.

The good old gorilla juice, baby gorillas do not drink water, and i am not doing it looks like we have the beginning of maybe a possible george w set up here with e-y-e-s. That's sitting pretty dang. Well, i noticed that you were talking about siffy right now. Sci-Fi, probably sci-fi man, that's not sitting too bad either.

Look at that nice pushing volume. What was their news? What news is pushing this imax and sci-fi technologies among consumer gainers, uh sci-fi technologies jumps on report of blackstone buying minority stake, ah yeah, so that would do it. People go people go nuts over that people go nuts over that sort of stuff. That's good! That's good! To see we got a possible george w set up here with uh e-y-e-s.

That's not bad! That's not a bad technical setup. All right military opsec don't give away training location. Oh i i appreciate that. Thank you.

I i did say that i was at fort sill. You know i i um that's just where i'm stationed i'm not going to say much more than that, though i appreciate it. Thank you all. Boogie says trey andrew nee.

Money needs 1800 subs and he buys 1k 1k of gamestop and a subscriber buys 4k shout them out. Let's go and i'm gon na buy more amc here too soon too dude. Well, you know what it is. A subscriber would buy him.

4 000 dollars of gamestop huh, hey, we get. We get andrew, more money to uh 1800, more subs. Let's make it happen, man that dude is a g that dude deserves all of the uh recognition and uh and uh. That he's got it's awesome.

It's awesome! This dude grinds he live. Streams like a man he's always live streaming. In fact, he's live streaming right now. Look at this.

Who would have guessed. I could have guessed that he's at 33.1 k, subs, so pretty solid, get him up. 1800. We uh we're cooking with crisco hit that sub button super easy, not too bad.

Oh look at this move on e-y-e-s. That's a really nice wide range candle bar clearly sitting at 6, 35 right now, all right! I got it on eyes this morning at 2 30 and sold at 8 20 dude power to you, man. I was not able to trade this morning, not able to trade this morning. It was unfortunate i wish i could have, because i was watching those leading gappers, and this was definitely one that was on my radar, but i've been in and out of meetings with um the military working on this medical profile bs.

So here we are thoughts on aso is pretty heavily shorted, so we'll take a quick peek. It would depend on if you're looking at this midterm long term short term right, if you're looking at this long term or for a squeeze, that's a different picture um. I wouldn't look at this long-term. I think there's better growth stocks out there.

This is trading pretty sideways, there's just not a lot of momentum personally for my training strategy. That doesn't mean that you don't have to buy into this right. If you like, the company go ahead, squeeze potential, it would depend on the numbers right. So if they've got good, you know short potential.

Uh short squeeze potential right: that's uh, maybe a little bit different, so asl we'll take a quick peek at that asl according to or text you're. Looking at uh yeah, there's better there's better squeeze potential out there. 33 utilization cost to borrow is not very high days to cover, is decently high, but uh i'd be interested to see what the short share availability looks like for this. If it's pretty decently high, i would, i would say, there's better opportunities out there.

I don't agree with bruce saying that uh that rocket doesn't have squeeze potential 700. Total short share availability. So that's it depends on the outstanding shares. But if it's you know not super high, that would be a pretty solid candidate outstanding shares uh.

What is looking up on market watch, market watch all right, so asos outstanding shares you're looking at uh. Oh, that is a low float. 31 million, so they've got an 89 million total shares outstanding, but only 31 million that are available to the public. So that's not bad, that's not bad at all.

That's that's! Actually a much lower float than gamestop, so i would say it has some squeeze potential. I like to see that utilization go up a little bit, but it's definitely there i'd say it's definitely got a good shot for sure man pull the trigger, if you, if you believe in it, look at this george w really starting to form up right now. There's a lot of buying strength coming into this sending 654 right now on e y e s, up about 200 bucks. Seven percent on this scalp trade looks like it's going to test out that uh technical resistance testing out that 770 mark, and we just need some volume to follow through on that.

It looks like we got it 680 right now is what we're sitting at so we're going to watch next for a re-test of one of these next levels of resistance. What are we going to be looking at? The next top is going to be right here at 778.. How am i finding this? You look for touch points. You want at least three touch points.

One touch point two touch points and uh. We got a third one kind of right here, so it's acting as support and resistance on these two levels, a little bit of head and shoulders pattern. We got the push and now we're watching for 778 as the next level of resistance and there's not a lot of price action between these zones. We got a little bit of a level of resistance right here at 707, but i don't anticipate that's going to be a tough one to push through uh, we'll have to wait and see, but that's what we're looking at right now, baby all right! Thank you, william.

I appreciate that william says trade. What is your technical analysis on bngo bng always getting smoked along with the whole tech and pharmaceutical sector right now? Unfortunately, all the tech analysis that i have to offer on this means almost nothing because uh because of the way that the market's reacting to tech, stocks and pharmaceuticals right now, they're just all getting smoked. I mean it looks like it's got a nice bounce here and there's some nice buying. You know, there's people buying and stepping in it looks like this might finally be at bottom.

In terms of you know, technical analysis, we do have an engulfing candlestick pattern right here. So that's good! We've got uh. You know this this, this big red candle, followed by another green candle. This is an hour candle that closed above the previous open on this red one.

So it's typically a sign of a bullish reversal. That might be the bottom. However, i don't think the nasdaq is done correcting, yet i just don't. I mean it's sitting pretty good right now, it's up about 1.4.

On the day, however, i don't like this wick. I i don't like that. Wick testing out that technical level of support. I think it's going to get retested and what is why am i pointing that out? Well, because this is a triple top back here when we had the the uh correction back in september to november, i think you're pretty likely to see that get tested again.

That's my opinion: hey trey, your sister is smoking. Can you put a? Can you put in a good word: gorilla gang nah man? Oh god. That's this feels weird to hear. It feels really weird to hear mom.

Oh i don't know, i don't know. I don't know. It's uh hedgehog tv said that that she looks good yeah, that kind of leaves a weird taste in my mouth man. I don't know how i feel about that.

Oh look at eyes go right now. E-Y-E-S is making some dirty moves absolutely off to the races sitting at about seven dollars and 40 cents right now, volume's starting to pick back up again. That was some clean price movement. Look at this.

You could not ask for a better push on e-y-e-s. That was a dirty dirty move, definitely very happy about that, not bad at all. Looking for the test of 778, now on e-y-e-s, what's up gorilla juice box, please keep doing these day trades, i'm going to need something to do. While i'm sitting on the moon with amc, i definitely will man.

I definitely will, whenever i am by my computer during the market day, i do like to uh do like to trade. I do like to take a stab at it. I don't typically day trade on this and buy my computer. That's why i prefer swing trading because uh, you know i'm more able to sit by my computer and watch things pretty closely, but you know, while i'm here i'll, do it for sure.

Can i check on ruby? I will ruby, so ruby is up about 16 right now, volume's pretty dead. This looks to me like a pump pump and dump man looks like this got taken advantage of by some day traders, i'm assuming it had some news come out. Definitely, no, it didn't didn't, but it was a good good little gap. It had a nice push 11 squeezed up to 15, and now it's just bleeding.

I would stay away if you're gon na day trade, it long-term investment, yeah yeah. This looks like it looks like it's a squeeze trade to me. I wouldn't touch it right now. I'd stay away, i'm in at 21 with nbis.

Will i be up this year? Yes, i can almost guarantee you that microvision is a long-term stock. Don't pay attention to the day-to-day stuff if you're gon na pay attention to the day-to-day stuff just buy just take the opportunity to buy these nasty dumps right, i'm i bought it at 1664 on my weeble account and i'm not stressing at all. If i had extra dry powder laying around, i would definitely be pumping it into nvis right now, but i just don't don't stress too much my friend you're sitting all right, you're sitting. Just fine all right.

Can you do a quick uh? Oh, i just read that one: let's go back up here: can you do a quick tech analysis of uh cidm and maybe the short situation thanks i'm in the discord really like it, i'm glad to hear that brother appreciate it appreciate that a hundred a hundred? Oh, we got that video up to 1200 likes. Thank you much love much love. I tell you what we get this video to 3k. By the end, i will rip a shot of kraken for everybody, we'll get a nice toast going we'll give it a nice cheers and make sure that everybody knows that we appreciate the gorilla gang here.

C-I-D-M, look at this on the one month chart. First, what do they do? Consumer uh, cyclicals, medium publishing, entertainment? I don't know anything about this company. I'm gon na be honest with you. It's got a nice bounce, though i mean it's.

A very similar chart set up to be ngo. Has that engulfing candlestick pattern right here, which is typically a sign of a you know, a reversal which i like to see? That's not bad at all. I don't mind that setup that is uh pretty freaking, pretty decent i'd, say it's a safe buy once you get that push over that descending level of resistance, it should continue to run at least on a technical perspective if the nasdaq and the market continues to correct. However, that is going to trump what happens here with uh with the technical setup, so just keep that in the back of your mind, trey am i reading vortex wrong or his uso, actually shorted 89 percent, so that doesn't mean that it's short at 89.

That's the utilization rate, we'll check it out really quick and i'll. Give you some affirmation, etf 89.8. So what this means is that 89.8 of the current landable short shares available for uh, like trading, are being held by short positions right so only 11, just about 10. Actually of the current utilizable short shares are available to the market, so you are reading that 100 correct man 1.25 for days to cover costs bar are not very high.

I mean this is an etf, so keep it at the back of your mind, but uh yeah you're you're spot on the money man. It's too easy. It's too easy trust. Your gut man trust your gut.

I'm gon na come back here to e-y-e-s having a little bit of a micro pullback down to 704, but i'm not stressing about this little pullback. That is healthy. We're gon na drop a fibonacci, retracement, really quick and just take a peek. What this is looking like and it has not done much of a retracement, yet we got a 38.2 percent retracement uh possibility with that candle wick.

So i'm looking for a bounce off of that not stressing about this micro pullback right now, currently up 413 bucks 16 on eys, if you're rocking this trade and you're doing pretty well, congratulations! My friends! This has been an absolute slam, dunk of a uh, a scalp opportunity. This is really clean price action guys. This is not not typical. This is a very, very strong uh day trade opportunity.

This does not happen very often, i would say this is a once. Every two weeks sort of play this uh the movement on this - has been really really clean, especially because it already gapped up really hard. You know last night, sometimes you get those nasty gap ups, especially with the nasdaq, having a little bit of weakness right now. People will usually be afraid of the market, the rug getting pulled out from underneath them and they'll just dip they'll dip.

They won't play it this long. So i'm really genuinely impressed with how how eys has been running so it looks like we might get that retracement to 38.2 percent, not stressed out that'd be about 6.97 watching for that right now hope you're well trained thoughts on space. Please spce! I think it's a pretty heavily shorted stock and i think this is more of a long-term investment. So this is a holdings company, which means it's a spac play the floor would be 10.

That is the absolute low that it can drop down to high of 62.. If you believe in this company, this is the time to buy, you could literally triple up your money at this price. I think it's a great opportunity. I actually like spce a lot virgin galactic holdings.

They've got another company as well um. I can't remember the ticker off the top of my head, but i wouldn't worry about it. I wouldn't worry about it. That's a great buy opportunity, big time you might miss on the bottom, a little bit you might right, but uh, then the long term.

You got to keep the long term you're going to do pretty well you're going to do pretty well eyes, sitting at about 7 27 right now very volatile stock, very, very high price action and movement, and this is a lot of strength. Look at this retracement! 23.6 percent only the wicks have tested out 38.2. That shows you a lot of buyer strength, typically you're, looking for a 50 retracement or better on these on any day trade or any you know you can apply the fibonacci to anything, and it tells you the strength of a chart setup that is a strong strong Chart setup so that that is a good thing to see. I like that a lot, my friends very, very much very much so very good.

All right, hey trey, check out mcc 86 short interest i'll take your word on that. Is that short interest or utilization, because that's different, if it's utilization, that's pretty solid um, i wouldn't touch it right now. I wouldn't touch it right. Now, it's a little flat right.

So if you're, looking for a squeeze, you want to see news or volume touch touch on this right um and if you're not expecting any news to come out, you might not get the catalyst that would push the squeeze stocks under randomly squeezed right. I mean amc and gamestop was a play. There were two plays that took literally years to play out, so it might take some time it might might take some time to really get running. So if you know that there's an upcoming news, catalyst that should drive the price action, the squeeze potential could definitely be there.

I would watch for that. I'd be watching for some news catalyst. Okay, what are your thoughts on frsx? I got to know that 90 cents. I'm thinking about doubling down foresight autonomous, i am bullish as it gets on that stock.

This is a great company and uh. You should double down on this. In my opinion, of course, this is not financial advice, but i like this stock, probably second to nbis. If i had to choose between foresight and microvision, this would probably be my number two.

This would be my number two, so this is a company that uh allows vehicles to drive themselves in harsh weather conditions and uh autonomous driving. You know what tesla does is a huge sector. That's gon na continue to grow in the market as things keep moving. So that's good you'd like to see that for sure i love the page move from robin hood to weeble.

Could you make a video crash course someday of how you personally use weeble? Well how about that? I've already got one brother. I've already got one so we'll show you it right now, in case you do want to check this out. Weeble trays trades check this out. I've already thrown together a very nice uh, easy tutorial on how i set mine up.

It is right here, just type in we build trace trades, how to use weeble desktop 2021 step by step walkthrough on the weeble platform. It is 33 minutes long, so kind of lengthy, but i take you step by step how to use every single tab that i've got in my uh, my weeble chart setup. So if you want to check that out feel free to do so, it's right there for you, my friend, i have a thousand shares of redo at 212. Am i completely aft meant to hit a day trade yesterday i got stuck while working i'll, let you know after we watch eyes here holy crap, what a move get ready to test out that technical resistance and it looks like it's going to get that push sitting At 790.

792., look at this thing move guys. Volume is just crushing right now holy crap, eight dollars and six cents 803., currently sitting up about uh 30 on this trade. That is a heck of a day trade man holy toledo. This has been really rocking.

Look at this, the volatility on this is insane. The volume is starting to pick back up again compared to where we were on this intraday lull. I think this could be a you know. Our last hour of the day, runner look at this thing, move currently sitting at 790 right now, not sitting too bad.

Look at that huge pump in volume. That's about 3.6 million to push through that level of resistance at 7.78, not bad at all. My friends holy toledo - that's dirty nice little push there not mad in the least bit. What are we looking at in terms of retracement now we're gon na be watching pretty close, so i've got a fibonacci drawn up.

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