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This is the new abode baby. This is the new airbnb that i'll be staying at until i get into my apartment, hopefully uh by the end of july here, but much nicer place than the crack shack. I was staying at before holy toledo, titans outside he's uh chilling in the tree, trying to freaking lots of bird or something i don't know what he's what he's up to, but maybe a lot back in here by the end of the video anywho. What is up everybody, i'm gon na trace trades, we freaking talk fast and don't skip class.

I like to probably say that i'm not a financial advisor and or expert. So i think when you say the grain of salt, let's get into the video. So today, my friends and my family, my followers, we're gon na give you an update here on ticker symbol. Amc! I'm sorry that yesterday i didn't put out a video.

I went to the ophthalmologist and i can only sit on my right eye to begin with. My left one's pretty jacked up, can't see much and they dilated both my eyes. So i couldn't see anything i was pretty useless in the world. I couldn't give you much of an update, even if i tried to, but nonetheless, let's just talk about.

What's going on here, so i want to give you a little bit of an update on that and you know the technical analysis here, but mostly i want to focus on short interest and puts and how this whole sort of equation can work, because i think this Is something that's not really considered in terms of you know what can be considered short interest in any given stock? So i want to talk to you about how puts actually affect the market. So, let's just talk here about how this would end up working first off short interest on amc right now is about 14.36 73 million shares, or so has stayed about the same floating back and forth between 14 and 15 and uh. We're gon na have to wait until probably tomorrow to see any sort of return shares that could have come into the last two days because you did see you know a pretty decent push not yesterday but two days ago. So maybe that's actually today, but if there was any sort of shares that were returned on that push two days ago, they'll show up here today, so you'll be able to see that just check up on ortex you'll know the whole picture.

But, most importantly, what i want to talk about is this overall sort of put hedging that can take place so gamma squeezing can take place on both ends of things most typically on the call option side, because there's infinite upside for a stock puts, though, when your Game is squeezed puts the the only amount that you can make is if it drops down to zero, there's limited returns in terms of input, so it's not typically something that you hear talking about, but this is something that happens so calls, let's just say, hypothetically speaking, That you were to buy a call at a 65 strike. You have the right, not the obligation, if that runs in the money to buy, if you had one contract at 65, 100 shares at that 65 strike price by that expiration. This could be a good thing, because if a stock runs up beyond that, 65 dollar strike to 75 80 85 90. You get to buy those hundred shares for cheaper and just give up the premium puts.

On the other hand, if you have puts - and you were to have this run in the money - let's say that you bought a 65 dollar strike. Put, and you know the price is trading at 70 and it drops down to 50. what ends up happening. You have the right, not the obligation to sell 100 shares at that 65 strike instead of, if it's trading at 55, 50 45 you'd have to sell it there, you get to make a little more money in terms of what the stock price ends up.

Dropping down to in the grand scheme of things both of these call, you know options have to be hedged for. So why is this important right? I want to keep this nice and simple for you. If you look at amc, you have a huge, huge, huge amount of call option and put option activity. I think the best way to illustrate this is if you look at stockholm tracker right.

So let's look at stockholm tracker and look at all the call options and all the put options that are in the money and out the money. So looking at the in the money out, the money calls and puts you've got. You know in the money about 50 000, 278 000 out the money calls as it is right now, but on the flip side of things, you've got 30 000 puts that are in and 165 000 that are out the money. Now why this is important is because gamma squeezing taking place on the downside with puts can definitely happen.

So i've you know talked about this briefly in a different video saying that i think it's going to be a pretty decently volatile week and that's because there's so much liquidity and leveraging that's taking place in the derivatives market around options. Now, since there is only 14.56 percent short interest or so based on 85 of the exchange reported data, another thing to look at is how many puts there are in the market, because, if there's posts that are out the money that run in the money, it actually Can push the stock price down? That can actually happen right. So that's something that you need to pay attention to. So what are pivotal points in order to watch right? Let's just look at the puts.

We've got seven thousand open interest about forty dollars. Five, seven. Six! Seven, eight seven, four, five, thirteen twenty three at that thirty dollar strike. So if this you know, the stock price is to drop down beneath those strike prices on the puts on top of the fact that you can have.

Essentially, you know call options that run in the money back to out the money and those end up getting under hedge forward. The same thing happens on the downside, with these sort of puts on the market. Now, how likely is this? You know? I'm not. You know here to tell you that i'm more bullish on the stock right now than i am uh.

You know a week ago, two weeks ago, just based on the overall price action, where we're sitting on the chart in terms of technical analysis. But it's important because you can get an idea of how heavy shorts are trying to hit the stock on any given day. That's something to consider not you're, not just burning shorts and hedge funds and all these big firms by smoking them on. You know the actual health short shares, you're, also smoking them in terms of puts that expire worthless out the money nothing ends up coming to fruition with those overall puts that's an important piece of this.

That is not even talked about right. So that's something to consider anytime that you're looking at short interest and that's why, when i look at every single given week, stockholm tracker is actually a great tool because you can have an idea of how pivotal some weeks can be in terms of big moves on The stock and how you know volatile of a move you're gon na, have on any given week just based on derivatives market. You have a lot of calls a lot of puts on any given week. You can expect the stock price to do more of this.

More of the up and down up and down up and down which makes sense when you look at the call option, put option market right now and you look at the overall stock price over the last three days or so right. We had pretty volatile days. You look back on uh. This would have been monday right here.

Not a lot happened, but tuesday huge push to the upside had to be a little bit of call option hedging that ended up happening in the market. And then yesterday you had a 5.36 percent downswing and if you look at the options and put market what ended up happening right. Let's just look at this really quick, 40 to 45, 7. 000.

2612 on the put side of things on the call side of things. What do you have? Nineteen thousand at forty 5, 5. 5. 10..

There's a lot of call option, put option activity in every single one of these strike prices, which is why it's moving down up and down up and down up and down. Yesterday, on my discord, i came out and said i think you're going to have a little bit of yoyoing a lot of the up and down sideways trading sort of price action, and you did get that yesterday right. You had a lot of wicks on the tops on the bottoms of every single one of those candles that pushed the price around in any sort of way. Now, why is this important is because it can help you make decisions in terms of when to buy stock? If you want to do so, and if you want to play the call options market, that's the volatility that you want to see.

So you know on any given day. I think it's really important that you don't just look at the 85 exchange reported short interest, but also look at the derivatives market, because, if those expire worthless out the money, that's firepower. That's just pissed away into the shadow realm by these big hedgies and the big firms that are betting against you, betting, against the apes, betting against the stock and betting against everybody. Man, so just keep that in the back of your mind now.

What am i expecting? What's the things to watch for in terms of afc or today, tomorrow, the next following days - i've briefly mentioned this before, but it does come down to that same sort of stair-stepping effect that i've talked about briefly before. I think there's two big things that you want to watch for. You want to see a break over this descending level of resistance over this large time frame, scale on the chart and what you're looking for essentially is connecting dots one, two, three, four, five: six, seven. Eight nine different touch points right here and a break over if it was to happen today, for example, 51 ish dollars, 50 and 60 cents or so would bring you a pretty nice big hard push of a move.

On top of the fact that you have really heavy call option activity in the overall stock you've got 10 000 open interest at that forty five dollar strike fifteen thousand and fifty dollars, so those are both gon na bring you some pretty heavy big moves. On top of the fact that any sort of puts that are in these overall strike, prices are gon na end up getting unhedged for which can push the stock price up more. So that's something to keep in the back of your mind when you're watching the overall stock market and the moves that this thing is making. So, where the bullish move man i mean this is pretty solid state you're, stepping very slowly higher lows, higher lows, higher lows: higher lows: you just want to keep that overall momentum leading into this next bull cycle, and i do think that is going to end up Happening so don't be scared away by any sort of downswing on any one.

Given day we were up 20 two days ago, so to get back five, i expected that that's, okay, it's a part of the journey. It's a part of the process keep level-headed cool comp collected as tmi would like to say that's what i've got for this video. So before i wrap this thing up, i am just going to tell you guys that i am going to miami this weekend going to watch the the rolling loud music festival i just kind of let loose for a weekend so uh i i'll, probably be on twitter At least to some extent, but i don't think i'll have any videos coming out friday saturday sunday, because i will not be here i'll, be in florida. So if you're in the you know the florida area, you know and you're you're in that festival, you just want to hang out i'll.

Be there if not that's cool i'll, be back uh, sunday, night and i'll try and help you guys out any way you can so blah blah blah subscribe to my friends. Catch you on the next one light taps, baby lights, apps, always much love and peace.

By Trey

22 thoughts on “Puts are hidden short interest”
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    I am holding my 2700 shares until the shorts cover their positions! Looking forward to bringing corepump machines to the mass market during the squeeze!

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    Corticosteroids ain’t no joke, loads of energy up front, long term bad side effects. My best to you Trey 🙂

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    Wonder where treys been for the last 4 days? 8 miss his videos. I heard people talking about him and another YouTuber Ape saying that they cashed out their positions and ghosted. Anyone have any info on that? I am genuinely asking, not a troll…

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    90M to cover, 25M ish float

    way more intense than GME, AMC

    Heard about it from the same twitter user who predicted GME months before it happened

    don't miss out, apes

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    Citadel LLC (Hedge Fund)
    Citadel Securities (Market Maker)
    Citadel Connect (NON- REGISTERED Dark Pool)

    All 3 are owned by Ken Griffin??

    Let me get this straight, the company shorting the stock also directs the order and fills it?

    This is the definition of "conflict of interest"

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    Patiently waiting like a good ape for treys next vid today Sunday! Hope you had a good weekend man! Hodling from western Canada! 🇨🇦🍁

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  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Coco Chanel says:

    I'm not a financial advisor, but we need to get out of these brokerages that route our orders to third party securities. I think Fidelity goes directly to the exchange.its not too.late to switch over.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Masterbaiter says:

    So the AMC people finally decided to steal the GME options DD? The reason why it’s so highly regarded is that the amount of open interest is well over the total shares outstanding but that’s with all of the .50 puts and married options that extend for over two years that are hiding FTDs which also turn into naked short shares if they don’t rollover the options into later dates. Then when it comes to the delta hedging sorta explained in this video that’s true but the whale wars happening in GMEs derivatives aren’t happening in AMC. The only viable manipulation is Price Discovery and being tied to other sector stocks via ETFs. That’s why it moves with GME. If you do want the actual squeeze with it you guys better start officially locking up shares by filing 13Ds because the fundamentals to lock a short into covering isn’t there in that company.

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