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SNPW Stock: Sun Pacific Holdings Corp. engages in the provision of solar and other energy solutions. The company offers solar bus stops, solar trashcans, and street kiosks, which utilize advertising offerings for state and local municipalities. It also provides general, electrical, and plumbing contracting services to public and commercials customers. In this SNPW Stock video, we discuss current events and catalysts that could push the stock price to extreme margins of growth, as well as a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 15 MA, RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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Good morning, vietnam, no i'm just playing i'm just playing. What's going on guys we're going to give you guys an update here on ticker symbol snpw! This is a stock that i got absolutely uh. Swacked in i was, i was actually day trading the stock uh back back a couple weeks ago, and i had i had a phone call come up, uh kind of kind of an emergency situation and i stepped away from my my brokerage account and i was day Trading it made two pretty good swings bought in around you, know, 30 cents or so sold them for about 32 bought back in at 31 um and hit 34.8 stepped away from my screen completely forgot. I had an open position, came back to this being down to like 15 cents.

You already you already understand where i'm at right now so currently a bag holder in infidelity, which i am in the process of transferring over here. But it does turn out that smpw is actually a very interesting company with some good potential. So we're giving you guys an update on the situation. Let's get to the video.

What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades. We get a technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these. Given stocks like the purpose by saying that i'm not a facial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt, let's just get right into the video. So today we're giving you guys a analysis and update on ticker symbol, snpw, sun, pacific holdings, uh we're looking at this on the one month chart as well as the one day one minute chart.

This is an otc stock. So keep in mind, you cannot trade this on weeble. It is not available for trading, they also do not have pre-market and after hours available in the us as of right now we're gon na look at this on one month and one minute chart uh. I've got a couple: different indicators pulled up the rsi, which is a relative strength index.

Anything over 70's ever bought anything under 30 oversold and then the 200 ema and the expert uh, which is the exponential moving average and the 15 ma. So the 200 ema, the exponential moving average - is a price, action-based valuation trend line over a 200-day moving period, and then this blue line, the 15 ma the moving average some brokerage accounts call this the sma, the simple moving average. This is a price action based valuation trend line over a 15 day moving period. I use both of these to give both a macroscopic and microscopic perspective of previous price actions that you can predict upcoming breakouts on a stock and uh guys.

It does look like snpw. Did recently find a bottom, so we're gon na talk about that i've got a fibonacci retracement drawn up we'll talk about what this means level of some levels of support and resistance. Let's give you potential entry points and exit points if you're interested in doing so. I'm personally gon na be holding this for probably a midterm investment.

I'm gon na watch for a retest of likely 34.7 cents and uh i'll watch the price action from there keep up with the recent news and stuff, but uh. Let's just get right into what they are so checking out their profile. Some pacific holding corporation, formerly exo lifestyle incorporated, is a green energy company that specializes in solar and waste to energy technologies very interesting stuff, clean energy guys. These are the hot plays right now.

Uh plays like fuel cell cl and e uh plug right. We can understand where this has some potential opt opt has done well. The company focuses on deploying its subject matter, capabilities and experiences in green energy solutions. The company designs develops, builds and manages green technologies that support renewable energy solutions through its subsidiary street smart outdoor corporation.

The company offers advertising space on bus, shelters and bus benches, solar digital shelters and place based solar trash bins, the company's solar power, bus shelters and energy lighting solutions offer customers with turnkey systems. The company's subsidiaries include sun, pacific power, corporation street smart outdoor corporation bella, electrical llc, national mechanical corp and sun pacific security corporation gon na pull up their website here. Real quick - and i do have another thing i pulled up here - that i am going to read to you guys, but if we do just check them out, you know they use management, knowledge and experience to serve customers and shareholders through quality service and equipment. We're going to keep customers satisfied and by doing their part in protecting the environment, so it is a clean energy play uh.

We can click on, learn more and check out some of the information they have available for everybody, knowledge and experience a year of progress in 2016. The company successfully overcame so this looks like it is a little bit outdated to be completely honest, but they are clean. Energy play at the end of the day, they're looking to have a cleaner, bright future clean up some of the the harmful waste that is produced here in the environment. And, honestly, i don't, i don't think it's a bad, a bad gig.

I mean look at this. A green energy company specializing in solar and waste to energy technology, so turning waste and garbage basically into energy, which is very interesting. So i do have something else pulled up that i think, is pretty significant and that is a 8k form. This was filed on february, 2nd 2021 and if you don't know what this is, i will walk you through it step by step, we're going to show you the important things.

So this is filed on february, 2nd in the state of nevada, which is uh. That's not super important, but if you're interested, you know, if you're a homeboy you're a homeboy you want to you, want to celebrate some home loving. Tell me if you're from nevada, so on january 29th, 2021 med recycler, ri incorporated a subsidiary of sun pacific holding corporation. The company entered into an amendment to the indenture of trust with umb bank.

An amendment does not mean anything bad in nature. Just simply means that it's changing uh the terms of uh, their indenture of trust, extending the term of the two bonds representing bridge financing for the rhode island medical waste to energy project for a period of up to one year from the date of signing. So they did extend the term of the two bonds here. That could be a pretty solid sign.

I don't mind that at all that typically means that they have a lot of faith and where the company is going uh, you do want to watch for these kinds of things as it can indicate. You know if they do cut ties that they don't believe in the growth of the company they're gon na get out, while they can before they lose money, etcetera. The extension of the bonds shall accrue interest, including a capitalized extension fee of 5 at 12 per annum. In addition, the company has been issued an extension for the term of a secured convertible loan to pyro ss llc, as reported in the company's form 10q for the quarter ended september, 30th, 2020 until july 28.

2021.. Let me read that again, as reported in the company's form 10q for the quarter ended september 30th, 2020 until july 28, 2021. The bonds are intended to be paid and extinguished from proceeds from permanent financing. So that is the most recent news that i have found on.

Snpw a an extension of the two bonds from uh this, this uh subsidiary of some pacific holding, which is med recycler ri incorporated not a bad little thing right there. If you look at their financial situation, obviously there's a reason they're in the otc market, not a very profitable company in the last two years. 2019 2018 2020 is not up here yet. But if you look at the gross profit, it's not very high right.

They had 273 thousand dollars in 2018, 83 000 in 2019. Previously they had some more uh, some more some more profit right. They had about a half a million dollars in profit back in 2017, a little less than that in 16. So you're looking to see a reversal here in the overall financial situation.

If you do want to get an smpw, but i'm telling you that it's a good time, it's a good time for them to step up their game, because the clean energy sector in the market is doing extremely well. We do know that the plays like fuel cell clean energy plug they're, all there clean spark all these companies are doing well stuff. They can really capitalize on this. I think there is a lot of potential now.

How do the charts look right? Well, the chart setup right now is still macroscopically bullish, even though we had a stupid ridiculous pullback on the stock disgusting pullback um. So we retraced pretty harshly. I've got the fibonacci drawn up here very easy to do. You click on fibonacci, retracement right here in uh, weeble just place it at the bottom of the run up and then put the top right here.

I'm going to delete that because i already have it drawn up, but it does tell you how strong a stock is. Typically, a really strong stock will only retrace to 50 percent or so, and this stock did retrace down to 78.6, did see a nice bounce, which is good couple of wide range candle bars which do signify. That was likely the bottom. I do think you're likely to see this continue to move here and uh.

The the 15 ma is still gapped up over the 200 ema on the chart. So if you were able to get into the stock back when this first, this crossover first happened. You would have been able to get in for one penny. There was absolutely no risk at this point for you to hold the company right.

You could have seen actually 3 500 return on your investment, which is absolutely filthy, guys that is uh. That is the way that some people could retire. I mean you put you put 15 000 into that and you get uh 3. 400 return at that point.

You can pretty much pretty much quit what you're doing in the market, not that not quite, but you get what i am saying: uh absolutely filthy, uh, absolutely filthy price action there and it does look like we're back on the move. One thing that i'm noticing right now looking at the chart is we do have an ascending level of support, so it is now in an upward, moving channel and there's also an ascending level of resistance that does seem to be respected as well on the chart. So if it does continue in this upward channel, i would expect to see some price action somewhere in this price range right somewhere around 11 cents as a low today, somewhere around possibly 15 cents as a high uh, and that is if we respect that upward. Moving channel right now, if we break above this, if we break above this upward ascending uh level of resistance, what can happen? Well, it would be pretty explosive because you can still think of this as a level of resistance.

It does have quite a few touch points. One two: three, four: five, six seven different touch points in the last couple of days and uh. If you do break above that, it'll probably come with a wide bar candle, something like this right, this huge candlestick right there and it should move pretty violently. I would expect a hard push if that does come to fruition.

I don't anticipate that happening anytime soon. It is trading pretty neutral right now on the rsi currently at 53, but it does look like it might be getting ready for an upswing, so i'm liking the price action right now in smpw volume is a little bit lower than we've seen in the past right, But it's still consistent, we're still seeing consistent volume coming into the stock, not looking bad in that sense, and we do still have a nice gap between the 15 ma and the 200 ema. So what is a good entry point into the company if you're looking to do so? Well, we do have that ascending level of support, as i mentioned earlier, with quite a few different touch points. But beyond that, we do know that we have a level of support right here with one two, three, four, five, six seven different touch points, so that does line up very well.

If we do end up breaking below this ascending level of support, this upward moving channel, we do have a fallback right here, which should be about 10.8 cents, or so i like that as a better entry point. But currently we are trading neutral on the rsi, so you're not getting in bad right. We could get in a little better for price action, but if you can get in a little bit lower, i think 10.7 is going to treat you well, not guaranteeing. That happens right, but that is if we break below this ascending level of support.

We do know that we have a fallback position right here. So nice strength in the charts does look very nice if we live in a vacuum, no news catalyst comes out. Of course, news does trump the overall price action on a chart setup, but i don't anticipate any bad news coming on the near future. They do have that uh.

That february 2nd 8k form that came out. I don't think a lot of people realize that happened either. I think that flew pretty under the radar, because i did do a little bit of reading online and i was not able to find that i did dig through their website in order to find that form. So that could be a good catalyst if that uh.

If that gets open to people's eyes, so i love. I love, what's happening right now on the charts with snpw, it is starting to move again. The pullback was not strong whatsoever, i'm not going to bs you guys, but uh right now, it's looking pretty good. I do have a position in the stock, as i did mention before.

I always want to be transparent, never never bs, you guys. It is in my fidelity account. I do have about ten thousand dollars currently invested in snpw, so that is on your radar now going to come over here to the one day one minute chart. I anticipate this is gon na, be pretty ugly, not a lot of price action that we can really deduce from this.

But what we can say is this is in an upward moving channel, so the price action is a little bit choppy right, um, not a little bit barcode-ish, not not terrible right. If you want to see real bad barcoding take a look at zone, but regardless we can see that there is a general trend line and upward moving channel setting higher lows on the stock, as well as setting higher highs. Overall right, it's an it's, not an exact science, it is a aren't and the art is that we are currently moving upwards and moving in the good direction. So that is how that looks on the one day one minute chart.

We did finish the day with the 15 ma training over the 200 ema, which is typically a good bullish indicator. So we have double confirmation here that this is currently in bullish territory overall volume. You know a little bit lower here in the last uh last trading day, but nothing to be ashamed about whatsoever. I don't mind the price action here.

I like that it's trading neutral on the rsi. I like that, it's finally on a recovery mode, and i think this was honestly an over correction. That was a really harsh selloff guys that was gnarly. So i think you're likely to see this really start moving here in the future, and i love everything about smpw, and that is what i have for the video.

So if you enjoyed it, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this and lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble, which is the brokerage you're watching me use right now. This is version four for the desktop great for charting and stuff uh. If you use my link to get four free stocks with the 100 deposit, obviously free stock, great way to support the channel.

If you're not interested. My friends, i promise you that's cool, i'm just glad you're taking the time to watch my videos. So that's what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time.


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