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Oh, my goodness, let's see if i can find where the freaking crap, this is hold up guys. I think everybody's watching this right now, but i don't. I don't know how this is up. I don't know how this is live.

Uh. Let me pull up live view in control room all right. Well, it looks like we're cooking. What's up guys, what in the heck happened here guys hold on a sec? I got ta.

Take this off. I'm gon na change the title of this uh. I don't know how this is uh streaming right now, but uh here we are here. We are somehow my lamp turned on my stream.

We're chilling, i guess, and bam well good afternoon, guys, don't mind this uh this eye patch. I wear this when i'm on my computer, because i can't i can't see my screen. Otherwise it gets uh. It gets pretty distracting but hope everybody is having a fantastic day.

What the i have had such a chaotic morning, i'm gon na start off here by just telling you uh, what's been going down because i have been in uh it's been a morning so last night i should say this morning i laid down for bed at probably. Oh, i don't know three i laid down at about 11. and i don't think i fell asleep until about 3 30ish and uh. I get woken up this morning by alpaca.

Alpaca wakes me up he's my line guy. He we don't have a lawn, but that's what i tell people. He wakes me up and he says uh dude aren't you supposed to be at work and i looked at my clock. I did this number i'm gon na pull this up.

I was like i was looking at my phone and i saw the time i was like what what just happened. I don't know how i slept through my. I had an alarm set for 4 30 and i guess it was literally ringing off for just freaking four straight hours. It was 8 45.

I was supposed to be at work at 9 o'clock and uh i like well. I am going to be absolutely late for work, which is a terrible time to be late for work, because we had our day one today, essentially just introducing ourselves to the students and uh. I was late for that, so that was freaking amazing and i got the work and we've got the freaking citadel versus sec thing going on i'm at i'm. At this brief we're chilling we're talking to the students - and this is just going off.

I mean there's a lot of people going nuts about this they're laying some freaking scunion on this uh the situation and i get back to my office, i'm listening to the citadel versus sec, livestream listening to dave, lower talk, i'm listening to some of the things they're Saying about latency arbitrage, they're listening, i'm just they're just sitting there, i'm listening all this stuff and then uh. I get this notification that says lamp is back, live amc, price action, i'm like what in tarnation pop pop saga. I don't understand how this is happening, but here we are, my guess is that titan might have done it, but did you do this titan? Did you turn on my screen? Buddy you turn this on. I don't know how you did that, because i did not schedule this stream, so i don't know.

Maybe it was my cat, it might have been titan, it might have been. You did you do that how'd you do that. How did you turn that on what the holy nuts you're one goofy cat, so that was uh? That was the morning? I did not know that i was streaming. I don't know how long this has been ripping for, but i do appreciate everybody that's tuned in to support lamp.

I have to in good fun go lamp on lamp off because you know how she freaking goes now in good in good spirit and good fun. We do have a nice green day here on amc, it's not to get absolutely freaking uh. You know stupid, stupid jack, we're up about two percent on the day: 72 cents. Don't get too excited over these small moves right.

This is all a part of the journey part of the process and ultimately you're just waiting for this to come back uh back up to an uptrend. So, as you can see here, i've got six million drawings drawn up. This is the ultimate ta. I don't know how i couldn't have the arrow drawn, so i'm gon na fix that here really quick, because that is a big freaking problem.

We're gon na draw an arrow we're gon na make this nice and green, because green means money. Money is always nice and uh bam. That is, that is all that you need. Is that nice arrow to signify that eventually we're gon na get that nice move back to the upside? So uh? That's that's the team that we've got, but today, as you guys know, was the citadel versus sec hearing that took place and a lot of people were streaming this over uh over twitter spaces, and it was.

It was actually pretty interesting. I'm gon na make a video on that tonight and give my thoughts on kind of what that looked like, but uh. What was fascinating about it is that citadel actually admitted to committing latency arbitrage. Now you might be wondering to yourself trey.

That is a word that is uh very big for my smooth brain. I thought the same thing, so i googled it right. Latency arbitrage is as simple as taking advantage of a difference in technology and opportunity. So if there are microsecond windows in which you can take advantage of that, other players do not have access to you're able to make money on basically stale price action, you're able to get a better overall feeling.

You can actually sell your order on an order or on a market, that's lagging compared to the market that you ordered it on and that's what citadel is fighting against is being able to continue on with latency arbitrage, and they admitted to having done that as part Of their business plan, they made money committing to latency arbitrage, and that is uh a fascinating thing. I'm going to dig into that in more detail later tonight, but holy crap. What a day, what a day my friends it has been uh. It has been quite the quite the morning, i don't know if i was hacked or uh or if titan turned this on, or maybe lamp turned it on.

I think i should just leave lamp on. There might have been lamp telling me telling me that give me a sign holy toledo peyton is something else he's showing over by the window right now, but i suppose we're gon na hang out here. I've got uh, i've got about 40 minutes or so 35 minutes until i got to get back to work uh and we can just hang out and talk and shoot the or whatever you guys want to do. Just so, you guys know super chats are not on.

So don't worry about sending me a super chat, i'm here, i'm just chilling, that's about it yeah, so whatever you guys want to do we're just we're. Just chilling out have a conversation talk about whatever you want cap and no beard guns, you're, pretty good. Oh man! Didn't mean to stream walks in the door and begins laying out top quad. I don't know dude.

I don't know how this turned out, but we are rocking we're chilling. My friends this is this is the equivalent of uh when you, when you find accidentally just a bottle of cracking somewhere. Are you just gon na not drink the bottle of cracking? I mean come on, speaking of which we do have that kraken rocking for you guys, right now my hair looks atrocious holy crap. I took my pc off and i did not realize that i looked like that guys.

Why didn't you tell me that sooner? Why didn't you tell me? I look like a goddamn chicken holy toledo keenan thanks for uh joining in man. I appreciate you. The headies are already hacking, uh, the hedgies. I guess so man.

You know you know when my my computer melted itself. The only thing that i can think of allegedly is it was citadel. I mean i don't know what else i could be. I i think citadel just liked my my 800 computer so much that they had to melt it.

I can't think of anything else. Nothing else really makes sense to me. You already know what it is. You already know.

What's up keaton pirates of the moon, love the vibe foon d, whack mark all dead, now, they're not having great days mark, they all had pretty solid pre-markets. That was that was my consensus. 1100 people watching lamp dude lamp is quite the mistress. I don't know how you can argue with lamp.

I mean lamp to me - is uh the equivalent. What's a good sidekick here, it's like a goku vegeta sort of vibe, except i'm not as cool as goku or vegeta. So maybe like a krillin and goku vibe, and i am i'm krillin and this is goku. You know that's the only thing that i can really uh.

I can think of. I have the pleasure of no, i actually like vegeta, i think, vegeta's or maybe bulma, oh, but bulma's kind of annoying. I don't know, let me think of something better. What's a what's a good example here: what's the female character's name from jujutsu kaizen, i can't think of it.

I don't know for now we're gon na run with krillin and uh and and vegeta that's vegeta over there. My friends, that's one sexy lamp. You love to see it. You really do what's up from boston cat's sitting on the shoulder.

Oh yeah titan could be my parrot. Hey come here. Oh, i know what he wants. If i give him a treat, you want a treat.

He likes this stuff come here. You want a treat, you want. A treat come on come on. Come here.

Come here. Come on, buddy come on. Oh, you know what this is come on, hop up, hop up, hey, come on! Look, you see this look, look, look! You want help up buddy! You! Don't want to climb there, you go, have a treat right. There look look they're right, there, goofball eat them.

Are you just gon na kick them around? Come on? You are such a strange cat. Look. You love these things. You want to be a parrot here.

We go buddy. Life is good. All right have a treat titan's getting huge man he's a big cat. What about calling lamp like uh riaz from high school? That's doable, that's doable! I smell lemon pepper attendees in the near future.

Afc, let's go from altoona pa. Here's! The thing about amc, guys right patience - and i say this over and over and over and over and over, but this is the problem with what happens when people will set dates, and i have to be honest with you - i made predictions in the past. I've said: look i think that if this then that - and even that sometimes has let people down the truth of the matter is this: if you look at amc on a daily chart and you don't expect any sort of money by any sort of time frame, how Can you look at this chart and not think to yourself that it looks phenomenal? It's gone from two dollars to a high of 72, it's currently 237. I mean that is absolutely phenomenal and i do understand there are people who bought somewhere in this range, who might not be green right now right.

I totally get that. I understand i get where you're coming from, but zoom out. Look at this. You had a parabolic spike, i guaran.

This is the thought. That's crossed my mind in the past, where you have to battle those doubts when it was at 25 bucks - and i got smoked on that - i got absolutely freaking obliterated when it was back down to five. I just had to sit there and be patient and think to myself. I have conviction in this trade.

I think it's going to trade higher. I don't think this is where it's going to stay and i can say the same exact thing about where amc is right. Now i do not think this is as high as it's going to go. There's more room on the table, patience view it as a savings account when you put money into this, don't expect it by any sort of date.

Right you come down to that. You look at it like that. You're freaking, chilling tmi's box. Welcome my dude pleasant, surprise to see you yeah.

It is uh, it's not a bad thing in a nice situation right now. This ain't bad, is the camera kind of blurry. I don't know it looks. Good.

Looks good to me live trey. I know this is a that's a strange situation. Man, i don't know what we're doing here. This is something freaking stellar.

Sometimes in life you just get uh, you just get thrown the most uh insane curveballs and you just got ta. You just got ta catch them, uh like like freaking, red beard, man, that's what i'm telling you looks like you need me on the mod squad here, oh yeah, i got you also. I probably don't need that. Pin message anymore.

I'm gon na pin this lamp somehow started my stream either that or titan chilling out for lunch. There we go. I'm gon na get myself a pop-tart real, quick, because i haven't eaten anything. Yet today you didn't even eat your treats buddy.

You want your food all right pirates, favorite letter. What is that hmm joanne says? Will amc mo ass if held or will just be a savings account? I'm not here to tell you what this price is going to reach, but i do think amc is going to reach new all-time highs and i do think it's going to squeeze or i wouldn't be talking about it because i'll tell you this right now, i'm not Here to you guys from day one i've told you if i think the stock's gon na go down, or i think the stock's gon na go up if i think the stock's gon na go down for a prolonged period of time. I'm here to tell you absolutely 150, because you guys deserve that. You guys deserve to know if the stock has potential to go on a downtrend, but then stocks got more upside.

I'm here to tell you the exact same thing: that's ultimately what i'm here for right! I'm not here to influence your decisions on when to buy and when to sell only that information that i'm bullish on the stock and i have been since january 26 when i first talked about this thing when i was trading at two three four dollars right. I didn't, i believe, in the squeeze: that's as simple as it is, and my conviction can't be swayed by naysayers or doubters or or people putting out information and opinions that conflict with mine, because you're going to have that right. It's okay to have conflicting interests per se, but that does not change my perspective unless the information that in front of me is different right than my convictions and they're. Not this stock to me is a goddamn, safe haven for attending town for kraken kingdom for chicken church.

I am just waiting for the day. That's what it is right, i'm just chilling! I'm waiting out. Let me tell you something: you are the strangest cat. Why are you laying like that titan's sprawled on the floor, like this on his back he's got his back legs just freaking kicked out in his top legs kicked out like this he's chilling guys, so there's actually something pretty interesting.

That uh that's popped up right! Oh, i've got tmi hold on a sec. What's up brother you're cool. If i put you on speaker all right, word dude. I don't know how this happened, but i was at work and uh.

I got a notification from my channel that said, uh trace trades is streaming and the title was lamp is back. Amc live price action. I was like what the i don't know how this thing started, but we're chilling we're chilling we're having a good time we're uh. I'm just chatting with the chat you know yeah just now.

The stream is like the stream, like you know, trey's, looking like a pirate streamer, and i was like what the heck did this guy do what and i'm looking this year and i'm like. Oh yes, going on right now is everything good with the uh, with the pirate touch yeah dude, i'm wearing this, because i can't read my screen. Otherwise, i've got a couple: uh uh floaters. I think i talked to my brother-in-law as an optometrist and he says the vitreous, which is like the gel in your eye.

He thinks that some of that gel detached from my retina, which is causing like circle, they look like donuts, like black donuts floating. In my eye in a couple different spots - and i just like it's just disorienting - if i look at my screen without it, so okay yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, so i'm popping this on and it gets that out of the view got to be some sort of Uh, you know simpsons episode where you can kind of point out an example where homer should see donuts in his eyes and something like that, something along those lines we'll find it yeah for sure dude. Hopefully, i'm hoping that clears up. Oh yeah, i was listening to that live on the uh.

The amc uh, not emc, but the twitter space calls i tuned into about half of it. I had uh some stuff going on at work this morning. When i was done, i tuned in and uh i that citadel admitted to essentially committing to latency arbitrage, which is a fascinating concept. I mean if they, if they are fighting this hard over microseconds worth of trading advantage.

Just imagine all the very fine lines. The writing. In the rest of the market regarding payment for order flow regarding off exchange trading regarding everything dude, i mean it's out there, that's insane, i mean to me: that's a confirmation to the beliefs that apes have held for a very long time. I mean it's a beautiful thing.

I shouldn't be swearing, i'm sorry guys, i'm sorry mom mom. If you're watching it, i think it's yeah it was. It was amazing that they admitted it was happening like 10 years ago. They, when i heard that i was just like.

Oh so this is a whole new ballgame now, but their argument was basically framed on the fact that that the opposing team did not make a signal argument. It's uh, it's an interesting concept to me man. This is basically what i gathered from it right. Cereal comes out and they say uh.

We do not think that the limit orders are in the best interest of retail and basically everybody else is like so they didn't see arbitrage and they're like yeah, but but but but but but it was bad man. But you didn't say that. But you didn't say that, like we're, saying it right now yeah, but you didn't say it in your briefs and you didn't even show me an exact example of let's put the markets aside because hey we don't want too much interference if it's not going to line Our pockets every single day that we're in office dude - that's exactly it this. This is the number one way to make money in the market is to make money off of other people's trades.

That's what market makers do? Those are the biggest winners in the market are market makers and if they, if you take away the slight advantage, that these guys paid, who knows how much money for to have that micro second advantage. Obviously, they're not going to be happy about that, because they're trying to take advantage of latency arbitrage, they're trying to take advantage of equipment that most trading firms and market makers don't have and then the amount of time debates that they represent retail. I really want. I want to be there.

Obviously that can happen right, but basically represent retail like you like. They represent the worst aspect of the retail experience they complete that they kind of stuck like we represent retail dot, dot dot. We represent the the hard times that we tell. We represent like the robbery.

If we tell it they're not inclined to see you know i mean like they. They are the you know: they're the devil in the darkness right now, but slowly comes the light and uh. I don't know if you, if you got it trending right now, but we were trending like three or four, i think in the states yeah but uh retail. So i'm looking good, i'm good! It's freaking money! Dude! Are you streaming right now? I am people listening to you right now.

That's funny! That's funny man yeah, something crazy crazy. Do i have something crazy? No, were you gon na say something crazy? No, i don't you know who knows who knows i'm playing. I got nothing. I got nothing.

What i'm gon na do is i'm gon na enjoy uh i'm gon na freaking. Kick it for 25 minutes here and i supposed to get back to work but dude. This is uh. It's good to hear from you, man, yeah, look i'll i'll call you later on.

Today, because uh, i kind of have to check back and see kind of people. All right sounds good brother catch, you later all right peace, so that has been the news of the day if you, if you have not uh kept up essentially with, what's going on, i'm going to pull this up on my screen here, really quick. Give me just a second: you haven't been keeping up with the citadel versus sec hearing that has been the buzz of uh of the day and of the last i'd say the weekend. Honestly, a lot of people are very, very excited about this, and dave lauer has been absolutely on top of it.

If you guys don't follow dave lauer on twitter, i think he's a phenomenal phenomenal follower he's very intelligent. I had a conversation with him about this ahead of time. Last week. Uh the guy is an accidental employee.

He worked there for about nine months uh, so he wasn't there long enough to beat like a top top top dog uh war dog. So to speak of the uh of the company, but it does know enough about their practices to be able to speak on it and he was in the space call uh today, citadel versus sec off the record. No recording, not financial advice, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, talking about what's going down with the citadel versus sec hearing, and his fixation has been on how incredible it is to have citadel admit publicly that 10 to 12 years ago, they committed to latency arbitrage and Who knows about the space in between right? You can only assume, since they are fighting this at an sec hearing, that they are still committing to some form of latency arbitrage, if they're fighting so hard to keep things the way that they are right and he actually brought me an interesting concept. Dave lower brought this up.

He said it wasn't dave blauer, another individual, but think about it like this, when iax had proposed this deal limit order dealing with orders, essentially their purpose being to combat latency arbitrage to not have stale price action not to have uh that micro second advantage for some Firms to use better technology to take advantage of retail investors, institutional investors, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera before that had happened. Right citadel was the only opposing force. Nobody else had jumped in and said, hey look. We've got a problem with this, but one citadel had gone up to bat and said: look.

We do not approve of this. We think this is not for the best interest of retail investors. You had other people start to back citadel which to me introduces to you the power of citadel, and that is a very interesting concept to me and where you really shouldn't have a duopoly, such as you have with citadel inverted. So i'm pretty interested to see how this goes and actually i was impressed with the way that uh this was actually handled.

There's some great questions asked, i think, they're actually focusing on the fact that this is probably we're having this conversation in the first place, because citadel is trying to take advantage of what citadel wants. It's it's an interesting concept. I uh, i i'm very happy with it. Dave lauer is, on top of it.

I mean i really do recommend having uh having a follow here. We don't want exchanges to interview with market forces themselves. I love this. It should have specified only when that interference interferes with latency arbitrage rather than facilitates it.

So you get the picture right citadel to me if they're fighting so hard for microseconds. Imagine how hard they're fighting for multiple seconds or multiple minutes or an hour or a day or perhaps what happened in freaking january. I mean come on guys. This is just out there, and it's too obvious this to me is something that could get the ball rolling and where you could actually subpoena somebody like citadel to really make some progress, so i'm pretty jacked, i'm pretty jacked.

This is, this is a very very entertaining day and uh. I could not have started any better being late for work and not really getting my juice, my juice flowing in my body, but here we are we're chilling citadel is metal gear. I suppose so. Amc on the day is up about 1.15 uh.

I have not updated on the short interest or anything like that as of late, but not many major changes have been taking place. I'll give you a brief update in terms of what that looks like down on the day about 0.85 sitting at 16.23 short interest uh. I don't pay too much attention to this on a day-to-day basis, i'm more entertained by the overall trend, which is why i've not been updating so much on the day-to-day technicals and the day-to-day data as uh. You would see with the different things that i'm trying to push right, so i'm trying to push uh players in the game that i think are influencing the stock market players in the game.

They're trying to manipulate the way that people think about amc, stock and the stock market, i'm trying to focus on corruption, the sec lawsuits and i'm going to continue to do that, because i do think that, where you're gon na see real change come next, it's not Necessarily within just the price action just buying pressure, i think you also are gon na see this turn into a federal reserve, an sec, a financial committee right. This is going to get into the eyes of multiple people, and that's where i think the big change comes from is change in policy and chains of regulation, so that these sort of things can't happen again where people can take away the buy button. People can commit to latency arbitrage and payment for oracle can take advantage of people for decades, while bernie madoff the creator payment for order flow literally had to serve time, but he did not have to get rid of the creation that he pioneered right. So that's that's.

What i'm focusing on and i will update amc's price action on a date not a day-to-day basis, but as often as i can. Nonetheless, it's all the same fight, my friends, so that's kind of what we're rocking with. How can we get adam aaron to do a dividend or share recall, or is my question out to lunch? Uh, that's a good question man, so adam aaron, doing a share, recall or a dividend that ultimately the dividend comes down to uh how much cash on hand amc has. So in the current situation, i made a video about this yesterday.

Amc is a net negative, uh sort of cash position. They have more liabilities than they do assets, meaning they have more debt than they have convertible cash. So i think for them to be able to issue a dividend. I think it's possible.

I think it'll happen down. The road, but they just have to put themselves in a better cash on hand, position than they're currently sitting in right now, so that for that question i think that's probably your answer. Uh in terms of a share recall, that's ultimately not something that i can convince adam aaron to do uh that comes down to whether or not he feels there is a purpose and a reason for it. Now i i don't uh, i don't talk with anime on the phone every day, but it is something i've talked to him about before and he had no comment.

So that's what i have to say about that dividends are rare when the company's in debt. I think yes you're spot on the money. Not me you're spotting the money, it's something that i think they could do if they can get themselves into a cash convertible position instead of a debt position and then it's not there yet they're proving right quarter over quarter. They're definitely doing better, i mean you look at their financials.

You look at the income statements now that this is important right for a squeeze play, but it is important for the company. They are improving right, q1 and q2 is a massive increase. Almost 300 percent year-over-year is a 2200 percent increase uh. They just have to continue that overall trend and that's where i think you're gon na see the dividends come into play.

Thank you for not taking money. Uh don't worry about it. Joe i mean i'm, i'm not. I'm in here for an hour, i've got that ad revenue uh, i'm not stressing over it, and you know i used to do super chats and i'm gon na tell you the reason why i stopped doing it.

The reason that i stopped doing super chats and i would always tell people this right i'd much. Rather, you bought stock. You invested in yourself rather than donating to me. If you had to choose between one or the other.

You know i always said that, but where i think my fault was, is it's a great area? I i don't feel right taking money, especially with something where i think, there's emotions tied along with it. So i i stopped doing that. I haven't been live streaming for a while, so it really hasn't affected many things, but when i do live stream, it is going to be off at least for now, especially if i'm talking directly about amc stock. I i'd much.

Rather, you guys take care of yourselves. I'm doing absolutely fine right. I want you guys to feed yourselves first and foremost. So if i have an interview or something maybe it's a different story, but regarding just uh sitting here, bullshitting having a conversation, you know whatever i i'm chilling.

It's all good. All's good in the hood, oh man, we have straight up, miss kicking it with you, man, i've been following you since january bro, much love my guy dude miles. I can't even tell you everybody always says they missed when i was live streaming and let me tell you something right now: i miss it probably more than you guys did and here's why, when i started my youtube channel back in december, i was uh not in A good space not mentally anyways, i uh. So, as everybody knows, or most people that follow my channel, i have a heart condition.

It's a pfo a whole between my left and right ventricle and i was having heart attacks ladder infarctions and i had to stop my lifelong passion, which was to qualify for the olympic trials in the marathon, and i was actually getting summer. I was getting pretty decent. My 10 mile pr was 50 minutes 40 seconds 504, a mile i was getting somewhere. I felt pretty pretty jacked and i had to quit abruptly out of nowhere 10 years of my life just down the drain, and i was in a dark space you throw.

On top of that that i was kind of isolated. I didn't really have friends and i'm an extroverted guy, as you can tell, i love freaking shooting the with people. I love talking. I don't like doing nothing.

I was not in a bad in a good spot. I was in a bad spot and these live streams to me were like communities like family there's, an opportunity to speak and be able to connect with people in a way that i couldn't do by myself. So i miss it more than you guys probably do for real, because i love the community. I love chat with everybody.

I love talking about whatever you guys want to talk about and just keeping it real, so uh once i am. This is the thing right when i'm full time when i'm eventually out of the military - and i can do what i want to do with youtube uh with the stock market. These will become a more regular occurrence again, and i can promise you that all right. Another interesting thing that's happening right now is uh the idea of taxing unrealized capital gains.

Now this is a concept that, to me is absolutely absurd. I cannot believe that for a second, let me pull up someone for you that i think sums it up in a very good way. I am going to uh just prep this up here on my top screen. Show it to you.

Unrealized capital gains is not a thing, do not normalize, it call it out for what they are proposing. Unlawful seizure of personal property now think about it like this. What does this mean? Unrealized capital gains taxing unrealized capital gains to tax unrealized capital gains, for instance, to put it in the in the standards of amc. It would mean if you bought an amc in january and right now it is october if this is to happen tomorrow.

If it got past tomorrow, they were to tax you tomorrow, in unrealized capital gains. You've been holding your position for 10 months. You haven't said to hit that cell button. You've got freaking diamond balls diamond ovaries, whatever you're chilling you're having a good time and they taxed you on it.

They taxed you on something that you do not physically own. Yet you don't physically have that money because it's paper money, it's in your it's! It's basically just unrealized, it's exactly what it is. It's unrealized gains they could have the potential to tax you on money that you might never actually get right. Let's put it this way, let's say, for example, just a different stock entirely microsoft.

Let's say that microsoft tomorrow was uh i'll put it like this 309. Today you get taxed on unrealized capital gains. You bought it at 250 right now, it's trading at 309 and they decide to tax. You today on unrealized capital gains and then tomorrow it drops it absolutely just plummets.

Maybe the ceo gets caught in a scandal. Maybe they get caught with fraud whatever and it plummets to two hundred dollars, but you got ta tax at 309.. You see the problem here. They're taxing on money that you never got to realize that wasn't in your bank account yet not even in your brokerage account yet because you actually haven't realized, it's an absurd concept.

I view it as that. I knew that as steph and that's something to me that we should probably be pretty decently vocal about pardon the cop guys, i'm kind of getting out over a cold, but nonetheless that's that's that's what you got rocking right now, and this is something that i'm actually Going to make a video on probably tomorrow, because today i want to focus on that citadel versus sec hearing, but nonetheless that is something i think people should also be vocal about, and these things all tie together to the corruption that we're all fighting against right. It's not just this singular stock. It's also.

How are market makers taking advantage of retail? How is uh the federal reserve, taking advantage of retail? How are people being complacent in the way that we fight against market corruption and manipulation, because it goes far beyond the single ticker right? This single ticker to me is the representation and culmination of people's anger towards the the freaking screwed up system. You know what is this: let's go brandon thing, what the hell is, let's go brandon. I don't know if i understand that i see this all over the place. Now, let's go brandon.

What is that i don't know what that is. I've got a buddy named brandon unless you guys are all talking about my buddy brandon brandon corbell. I call him quentin not to be confused with quentin from my video that i put out about donuts not to be confused with that in the least bit um. Let's go brandon, look it up.

I don't know what that is. I just see it all over the place. I thought it was a bot, oh well i'll, leave that for what it is, the chat's going nuts oh jeez. Well, i'm just gon na pretend that it's it's a meme or something i don't know that's on on sheep.

I think this is a pretty interesting segue right. She sheba shiba, inu dogecoin gamestop amc, all these different uh securities right. You can, you could argue they're different things: shiba inu and dogecoin uh shiba inu to me is a diamond ball diamond ovary sort of play. It's a community! It's a community-based security.

Where you have what i would consider to be sort of an ape stock. It ape security where people buy and hold the stock because they believe in the message that that security represents. They also believe in the people on the left and on the right that they stand for the same message as that: stop as shiba inu. I think she, especially with their uh their burning of coin, has the potential to go to one cent like people are talking about, i'm not personally playing it, i'm not in shiba inu, that's not something that i'm in right.

My my baby, for me is amc. It's uh, it's amy. I love my mistress, amy she's, always taking me. There she's made me one happy chicken and that's that's my focus, but if you're in the sheba inu community, my friends have at it that's also.

What i care about is that you have a community and people on your left and on your right that have the same mission in mind as you that want the same things as you as long as it's positive right and it's going to do good things for People so uh, i think it's i mean you can't you can't look at sheep and think to yourself wow that looks like because it doesn't. It looks phenomenal. It's been on absolute ripper. I saw a statistic that said: if you bought a thousand dollars of shiba inu in january, you'd have 500 million dollars which is actually factual.

It's nuts, i i i don't know how you how you catch a move like that, but if there's anybody out there who bought a thousand dollars of sheep back in january, please let me know, because that is uh. That is absolutely ridiculous. That's nuts guys! I i can't talk politics. I can't do that.

We got to drop that out of the chat. That's uh! That's not for me. You guys can have the discussion all you want right as uh as somebody in the military and personally just my own views. I don't like talking politics so uh.

That's that's out of the question here and legally. I can't i legally can't do that, especially not in uniform. Ultimately, my friends we're all the same team right, we're all apes. We all believe in market injustice being spoken out about noise being spoken out about.

I just want to see change in my lifetime for the future people to come. I want people to make money and i want the apes to be recognized as a group within the stock market. That is not going anywhere. That's going to make change for people to come right because that's what it is you were watching and i've said this before i'll say it again.

There's bulls, there's bears and others apes. I view apes as a new breed within the stock market that ultimately are changing. The way it works and it's beautiful and i love it and that's where i think the main focus should be right now. What separates us? Because there's millions of things you can you can you can put four million people in a room and make them talk about a slice of white bread? And you know what will happen.

Those four million people are not going to agree that that bread is a piece of white bread, but if you're all focusing on something that brings you to a common objective, you all have the same common goal, which is what the apes stand for. That's what matters and that's what i want people to focus on. I think that's what's important, but ultimately you guys know what you want to do. I'm just telling you some freaking random chickens, opinions about what he thinks and uh who who gives a who gives a ding dong uh about some some freaking pirate with uh with a pirate cat parrot cat.

Whatever you want to call him, i don't know where he is where'd, you go buddy. He always hides in the most crazy places. All right, the sec lawyer was awful, but the iex, oh ken griffin, in the chat drop some freaking gorillas in the chat for ken griffin. It's such an honor to have you here, man i'll, tell you what i tell you what kenny it is unbelievable to me that you would take the time to come over here and uh and admit to us how much you love iex.

I know it's a hard, hard thing to admit publicly. I know during that court hearing, you probably couldn't, do it you're, probably going to come and say man i uh, i i just love iex. I wish i could. I could get in bed with these guys and just have a freaking blast, but you can't do it.

I know i know the lawyers, the lawyers tie you down, but we know how you feel. We know how you feel. We know how it really is. Absolutely all right, uh, a few months ago, you reacted to one of my videos and liked it we'd love to see your reaction again to my newest moas trailer.

I have to go in about five minutes here, so i'm not gon na check it out right now, but if you uh bring that up the next time that i've got a video posted i'll, definitely check that out for you, man, absolutely absolutely uh. I've been looking for you kenny, kenny's handcuffed. You guys come up with the craziest names. I love some of the usernames on youtube.

Honestly, the youtube comments are the most beautiful thing, because it's just filled with freaking degenerates. I'm a degenerate, i love being a degenerate. I tell you what some of you guys uh i'll, tell you what i think the trace trades comment section. The trains trades live stream comment section has got some of the most crazy inside jokes, guys i'll tell you what right now you want uh! You want that trays, only fans baby, no i'm just playing, i think, back on a lot of those jokes and when the date comes, when i can do this more consistently, we'll get some more rocking.

The lack of amc content across the board is, what's hurting us as all my choice, we need more eyes, i'm doing my part right. I can only control myself the same as we can only control our individual selves. So what i am trying to do is what i think is going to essentially drive the change that could be a catalyst to amc for a moass right. Let me let me point you this way.

People have asked me all the time trey. What would be a catalyst for amc squeeze? Would it be this fundamental reason or that fundamental reason, or this fundamental reason, if you want to be a fundamental catalyst, amc would have to increase their annual revenue 10 times over 20 times over, because at that point, is a value play. But is that something realistic to see over the next two quarters three quarters? It could happen right. I think it's possible, but it's improbable.

What i think would be the ultimate catalyst is for something to change or something to get exposed. That proves what happened in january was wrong to the public in an actual legal document, and i'm fighting for that. That's what i want to see. I want to see why the buy button was stolen back in january.

I want to know why citadel went silent for eight months. I want to know the relationship that was had between robin hood and citadel with that whole debacle. Those are things tangible things that i think could drive amc, that's what i'm focused on. I want to see that because, ultimately, i can sit here and talk about on a day-to-day basis.

The one percent moves up. One percent moves down. Two percent moves up, two percent moves down, but right now that's what's happening right. There's really not much to comment on on a day-to-day basis in terms of the price action versus there's a lot of crazy things happening in the legal realm in the the citadel realm and the robin hood realm and the sec realm.

Those are all important facets that aren't sexy by by any means, but they are important when you went to college with trey dude. What's up hey caleb, it's been a minute dude, it's good to see you thanks for hopping on. I went to college with that guy. We were in uh, we were in rotc together, he's also a stock market guy.

You kind of got me interested in finance dude, so if you guys want to drop some girls in the chat for caleb, i appreciate you, my man. Thank you. Thank you. Lamp off lamp on, i can do that, for you oh check these out guys this is sent to me in the mail.

This is pretty sick, it's not a dead cat and a gorilla, pretty freaking dope. I think this is the coolest ever coolest thing, since they created kraken straight from the freaking black abyss. You really love to see it. Kenpachi plus lamp equals life.

Oh man, caleb caleb, kayla person. I like strawberry and chocolate donuts uh. Oh there you go man there. You go hell, yeah, all right guys.

I got ta get back to work. This is actually it was a nice surprise. This is a blessing in disguise. I missed you guys.

I really did and i'm gon na leave it off with this right. Every time i have a live stream every time i have a video. I wanted to have some focal moment. Some pivotal centralized idea - and my idea here is this back between february and april even may, when amc was doing the sideways trading, the the nonsense right, the fluff, the the boring part of the burger, the sesame seeds on the bun right there was foot.

There was uh doubts, uncertainties, there was noise, there was infiltration, there was outsiders, naysayers, saying it's not going to do what i think it's going to do. You know and we're in a different situation. Now right we don't live in a vacuum. Things are never going to be the same on a day-to-day day-to-day basis, things always change, but what i view right now, as is the patience part, it's the sideways, fluff boring in the middle that is necessary to drive what is to come.

You guys know what you stand for. I know what i stand for an amc to me. My friends is as simple as this, i believe in a more fair and just market for my friends for my community for my family, for everybody out there who deserves a fair shot at having financial success and we live in a rigged system. We do an amc to me is a play.

It is a community that stands for that, it's so much further beyond just a stock. It means when you buy right. This is as simple as it gets. When you buy amc and you hold that stock, you become an eighth, an ape stands for something.

It stands for fighting against injustice in the market, believing in the community, believing in the people who want the same mission as you, which is change for the better. For the bad actors to get exposed and punish for what they've done, because, ultimately, lots of people are stolen from and will be continued to be stolen from unless change happens and that's what this is. This is about to be my friends. Remember that remember what you're fighting for? That's! That's all! That's as simple as it gets.

My friends i'll tell you what this is. The last thing, i'm going to say and i'll wrap it up. I appreciate everybody that tuned in, as always, you guys are the freaking bees knees. You are uh.

You are the eye patch to my dead eye, dead, collins, baby, i'll wrap it up with this. You guys matter to me so much every day i come onto youtube. I come on twitter and i'm a punching bag and i don't mind that that's part of the game but i'll be a punching bag every day of the week all day. Long because i know what i'm fighting for matters - and i know it's going to change people's lives just like you guys are fighting for you know just like the community's fighting for any good change comes with noise.

That's what i've got for you, guys. Video will be coming out later tonight. Hopefully, you all are having a freaking swell blessed day right. I absolutely love everybody catch y'all, the next one, as always, much love light taps peace.

Oh, that is not the right button. We'll try it again. Much love light tops right there on.

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