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You know as a guy who thoroughly enjoys youtube and the space and everything that it has to offer and the influencers and creators and all this stuff. Sorry, my cat, just bit my ankle, stop as a guy who enjoys all these things. You know it's it's! It's pretty disappointing to get emails like this, which i do very frequently uh. I i'd argue at least four or five of these a week and it's almost always from nft spaces.

Almost always it's an nft project that some guy wants me to talk about or or chill, even though my youtube channel doesn't even talk about crypto or nfts uh guys welcome to trey's trades. It's your boy trey back for another video, i'm not a financial advisor. Obviously, uh today i'd like to discuss this email and uh my personal stance on nfts and crypto uh, because it is very frustrating i got ta be honest, so let me give you a backstory in terms of my personal opinion on on crypto, right, crypto and nfts. I have thought in the past about making nft projects.

In fact, i've gone so far as to have made my own that i was ready to release and the whole time that i thought about sort of the nft space in the cryptocurrency space. All that i could think to myself is man. It looks like 90 to 95 percent of these are just scams, man, they they all just look like they're, quick cash grabs that don't provide really any intrinsic value, any inherent value. The same can be said about cryptocurrency, which is obviously what nfts sort of run off of the nice thing about both of these.

You know which i actually i'm a big fan of is blockchain, because you're able to crack down on uh, where everything's moving to and how things go and how things move and all this sort of stuff. But without blockchain people would be able to get away with. All this sort of stuff, these griffs these scams and if for now feels like they're going to be able to uh. But with that being said, i have in the past, you know thought about making an ft.

You know project and releasing it and selling it for some intrinsic value, but i won't because i think that 90 to 95, maybe even 99 of all of these nfts, are grips and it's for reasons like this every day. Every other day i get emails about things like this hello, i'm atticus and i represent this project. We would like to offer you cooperation and advertising. We are willing to pay you 1400 for 35.

Second, video at the beginning of your video nft drop will be released soon, so we're looking forward to hearing from you blah blah blah blah blah. You go down the line. Sorry, my light, i'm plugged get this back in there we go, but with that being said, this is what i think happens right. You get these nft guys who who decide they want a project right, so they establish a project and then from here uh after establishing it, they look for people to shield their project.

People show the project. What gets people to to buy the project after people buy? The project the creators dump the project, then they move on to another project, and this is really to me uh what what you see happening across the space there's a guy that i follow on youtube and twitter, his name's coffeezilla and the most recent one, which i Was pretty disappointed by i don't really pay attention to matt wallace and this sort of stuff, but matt wallace just recently hopped on the train, matt wallace, the dogecoin guy right. He he had a lot of different freaking viewers and live streamers. Who would watch uh viewers watch him live stream about dogecoin right and as of late he's been hopping on this dump tree and it's very sad to see man.

It just makes you have absolutely no faith, uh, absolutely, no trust in the cryptocurrency or the nft space. You know this is just crypto, this isn't even nft, but you see the same thing happen with nfts across the board. I don't know how many of these uh have turned out to be rugs or scams or whatever uh, but i make this video really for me. One main reason this isn't really gon na be that long of a video because i don't feel like there's a need for it.

Ah, if there's an influencer talking about some, what appears to be super micro cap or small cap uh, small liquidity, crypto coin or some one-off nft right, ask yourself a question: does this actually make sense and does it tune into whatever he was previously or she was Previously talking about right, if it looks like if it makes you raise an eyebrow you're, asking yourself questions, you don't really know what to make of these things. Uh, it's probably for a reason: man, it's probably because they're being paid to promote this and granted. You know, 1400 may not seem like a lot of money for 35 seconds, but there are people out there who will do it? Who will take that 1400 bucks for 35 seconds and they don't really say it's a sponsored, video or whatever uh? And if you don't believe me, this is the actual youtube partnership you can see uh. The name does tie in with exactly this a pack of dabras right manicus, whatever it's pretty nutty, this sort of stuff happens.

Man we get these all the freaking time. Maybe you can ask alpaca he's he's in his room right now: chilling uh just stay away from this man like please. If you are an nft guy, a crypto guy, don't send me these emails. I'm not gon na reply to you, i'm not going to accept your ad uh.

The space is just dirty man, i'm probably not going to have anything to do with it. I'd much rather sit on the sidelines and see if this is the greatest innovation of our lifetimes or if it's a scam and the way that i do it right now is 90 to 95 percent of these are our grips. You know you really got to put in some some work. There's got to be some inherent intrinsic value to whatever's being discussed for me to to feel like it actually bears some weight.

So i guess that's that there's really not much to say uh this stuff, just pisses me off and i wanted to talk about it uh and more than anything. I guess this is a psa. If you want me to show your, please just do not send it to me if you want, if you want to send it to me, you just know you know this is this is something that can happen so uh. I prefer that you don't i'd much.

Rather, just you stay in your lane. I stay in my lane. I don't want anything to do with your uh and that's kind of that so uh yeah with that being said, i suppose that's what i got for the video catch. You all later appreciate you, peace, hey, oh by the way, i'm editing this in you know, after the fact uh by the time this video goes live, i'm probably gon na be on twitch uh.

So if you wan na watch slash trey streams, i'm gon na be live for the next 24 hours, i'll, probably be awake. You can watch this 10 hours from now, i'm probably still going to be on so uh yeah. That's that's about it. There's a link in the description box.

If you want to check it out, if not, you know, i'm chilling whatever all right now we can say peace catch. You later.

By Trey

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