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You know a fun fact in all my time that i've ever been on twitter. I've been on twitter - i don't know freaking since january, something like that january february - that time frame never blocked anybody, but this silly chicken right here, rich greenfield. I want to know in the comment section down below if you've been blocked by this guy, because oh it's a little, you come out with an opinion like you. Have i just don't know what you're expecting you don't know what you're expecting with this freaking one dollar price target article that you, ah it's absolute nonsense, makes no sense at all yeah yeah, let's believe it.

I believe it. I believe it and all the years that amc's existed it'll go down lower than its all-time low before it was trying to be shorted into oblivion. Yeah. That makes perfect sense to me jesus what in the holy toledo? What is up everybody i'm going to trade straight.

We freaking talk fast and don't skip class baby, like the preference say that i'm not a financial advisor expert, so say when i say the grain of salt: let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow gulag - i want to be talking about a couple different things here on amc, one of the regular everyday update that we have i'm going to spend a very brief amount of time on the technical analysis, as well as the Ortex data, the short interest sitting at about 18 and a half percent something around that neck of the woods. I want to spend more time on a few different concepts that i've seen circulating around there's been a mixed kind of opinion, a mixed bag in terms of what people are saying about the stock on any given day. So i'm going to start off here just give you the vortex data, nice plain and simple, come into the technical analysis, and then i want to talk about the overall.

You know concepts that i have laid out for us here so without further ado baby. Let's get into this video so ortex, as you can see here right now sitting at about eighteen point: seven: four percent for interest for free flow. Doing this thing right, there's nothing more! I can say about that. I wish that there was more information.

I could give you, but it's just doing this: it's doing the up and down up and down up and down the boring sort of bluff in the middle. This reminds me a lot of back a couple months ago, between march and april, there was this kind of lull of time where amc was not really being you know heavily, you know, there's a lot of change. The price was just doing this. It was doing this in the the internet.

The media weeble comments, the youtube videos, everything kind of went down a little bit and i think the reasoning for that is it's the time to kind of load up your position. If you're long and you're bullish on amc stock, you're bullish on the short squeeze, that's the situation that we're in right now right. There was an opportunity a couple weeks ago to get those new all-time highs, but now you're waiting for the setup right, there's, never anything random in the stock market, i'm not expecting to wake up one day and see amc go from 40 bucks all the way up To 100 in a single date right, that's gon na take a 100 million chance. You don't expect something like that.

That's an addition, that's something that could maybe potentially happen, but you don't expect it. So this is the fluff in the middle right. You just have to be patient. I don't know why they did that.

Just now. That's weird, but this is the fluff in the middle right, so amc stock. What can you expect in terms of the technical analysis? Does this matter in the grand scheme of things? No, but can this help you make better financial decisions? If that's something that you want to do? Yes, we are at a point in which you're looking for a hold over a pretty critical level of support. You've got two right here: kind of a zone.

If you would you've got a zone of support sitting between about 38 and about 42 41 and a half dollars or so a break underneath that, and you can see lows as much as 32 dollars. You need to be mentally prepared for that. I'm not here to people right. This is a little bit bearish! It's in a downtrend you've got two major downtrends that you want to see a break out of right.

59. You want to see hooked back up towards that 200 ema, meaning that the short-term price action is more bullish on the previous 200 days of price action, and you want to see a break above these two descending levels of resistance. This line right here this line right here, a break above this level of descending resistance, is a smaller scale. One and that's gon na bring you more short term.

Maybe two three four five days of follow up. This is a more long scale, sort of lower highs, sort of uh resistance level that you've got to break out of right. You have to be mentally prepared for if you do drop down to 32 bucks. That's a scenario amc think about this.

If anc drops down to a certain point, whether it's 32 30 25 20 - eventually people are going to see this, as this can only drop so low. There's only you know so many dollars a thing can really pull back before people step in and it comes back to the moon. Man, that's as simple as it gets right. It's going to go where it's got to go as long as all the sentiment, all the short interest and all the you know.

The basic hypothesis behind the short squeeze are still there, which i do believe they are patience. I'm telling you this is not a bs play. There's there's no way to say it other than you have to be mentally strong. You should not play with money that you cannot afford to lose if you're playing this stock.

I do believe the short squeeze will happen, but nobody out there can guarantee you anything in terms of date price when this will happen. What this will go to right, there's nobody on planet earth that can do that, for you so just know right. This is a play. This is a this movement is all about the movement.

It's about the message. It's about the people, the why the stories? That's this entire thing and look at all the good that's been had out of this right. That's that's! Essentially, what this whole message is about, so be ready for that. If it does come to fruition, that's a buying opportunity.

I can't promise anybody on planet earth that 32 is as low as it'll go, but i do believe that if it was to bounce off 32 dollars or you've got a pretty nice level of support, you'd be looking at that 35. 40 range. Bull scenario is a bounce somewhere in this zone of support right here, where you've had a little bit of a sell-off, so you're looking for a bounce over that 42 range, ideally back up to that 50 level of resistance, where you saw a little bit of rejection Here in the past couple of trading days now, i want to spend the majority of the time here today talking about these things, because i've seen this popped around a lot. There's a new article that came out with rich greenfield talking about a one dollar price target fundamentals, blah blah blah.

I want to talk about the current. We already talked about the current price action, so that's out of the picture and then fun so main concept that i want to spend time on the real price i've seen this floating around. This idea of amc is actually trading at thousands of dollars or hundreds of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars or whatever it is according to the dark pool of the opportunity trading whatever it may be. Is that verifiable? Is it ask yourself that question? Where have you seen the hard statistical backed the legally binding data stating that that is in fact, what is happening? There's no way to truthfully verify the prices in the thousands i'll tell you what the real price is right now, it's 42.4 cents! That's what it's trading on on the regular normal stock exchange.

Let's just take both scenarios right. Let's say that it's true and let's say that: it's not if it is true, what does it mean right? How does it affect us in any sort of way at best? It's neutral because you will never get to trade, this real price. If that's what's actually happening and that's okay right, we don't need to know the real price. If that even does exist, worst case scenario doesn't exist, you're believing something and leading people on to something that could be actual disappointment.

We don't need a real price. We don't need a dark pool off exchange price. To expect right, we don't need that. That's not the way that amc, trades, amc like any other stock on the market shows you what the stock is worth on any given time.

Even if there was a real price out there, the regular everyday person would not have access to that and you wouldn't get to benefit off of it. To begin with, we don't need to know that if it does exist, if it doesn't exist which i'd be inclined to believe it doesn't right, it doesn't affect us. The squeeze scenario is still the same. Shorts haven't covered.

There's failure to delivers there's a lot of hedge funds out there that are colluding with big media to try and paint the picture that this thing is a dead cat when, in fact it is not a dead cat, it just does not you don't. This is just to be honest with you, i'm just going to be pulling right. This is tough love. I know there's going to be some people out there to get mad at me for this, but it's fun, it is it is.

You know the next point, which is fun in and of itself now. Fun can be something that's not malicious and intent. Right flood can come from media. It can come from these hedge funds, it can come from the bots and the shows that get paid to spread stuff on youtube comments, but can also inadvertently come from people within the community who don't even recognize that they've created, but i'll be honest with you right.

No transparency, that's how i like to swing it. There have been times in my six months on youtube where i've made mistakes and i've inadvertently created fun. It happens right, but you need to recognize what fud really is. It's disproving fact through speculation.

You can't do that right. Fear, uncertainty doubt does not always come from the bad guys, sometimes fear uncertainty and doubt inadvertently come from the good guys from from the people who are who are rooting for the apes. That's okay mistakes happen. We can recognize that, but you need to be able to recognize bud, so you can weed that out right, whether it's with with bad intent, it's malicious or if there's an accident, it was inadvertent.

What is what what is fun? We don't need that in the community. So the reason that i bring this up is because, during these red times, during the hard times of amc, you're going to see that anytime you're playing a video game, you run into an enemy. You know you're going in the right direction. I just think of dark souls all the time, it'd be like.

Oh no, no map, no map, no problem, i'm just looking for the bad guys. That's all you need to see fun. Is you know it's a similar situation except it's not always a bad guy, fun! Fun comes from a variety of different sources and that's something that you need to watch out, for we never ever ever want to disprove fact through speculation. This is hard fact right.

Look at the stock price trading, 42.5 cents, that's! Okay! It's short term! This is very, very, very microscopic think about a couple of weeks ago when it was trading in the 60s. It could very easily get back there and i firmly believe that it will, based on the simple thesis that shorts haven't, covered their position. If you want any sort of due diligence on planet earth to lead you to believe that amc stocks got more than the tank, it's this 18.74 percent short interest of free flow based off of 85 of the exchange reported data. Only the reported data who knows how much is actually out there, who knows what's being now reported on, do we need to know that? No, it's extra, it's additional! It's it's the extra icing on top of this beautiful freaking fruitcake man, but this is fact we have the short interest there.

We know that there's malware point that takes place. Go look at the freaking funeral reports. You'll see that you've seen that melvin capital is down an exponential amount of money just based on some of the articles that have come out here. The fact is there you have it.

You have everything that you need to believe in amc and if you need anything extra, it's the apes man, i believe in the apes. Above anything else, that's happening here simply for one reason: it's brought a community of people together that don't give a single about any sort of division, any sort of you're this political party you're this gender you're this race. Nobody cares! Nobody cares if you want any reason to believe believe in your brother and believe in your sister they're sitting on your left and right shoulder out there in the community who are hot on amc stock and believe in it. Just like you do there's so many people out there that are bullish on amc stock.

You've got you've, got everything you need. You've got the set up, you've got the fact and the fundamentals. The reason i wrote this down is because of this article that came out from rich greenfield talking about how amc's fundamentals are going to be dying, even though, in this article it says 3.2 million people watch movies at its theaters between july, 8th and july 12th, whatever Whatever you say man, but the reason i want to talk about fundamentals, because it's an interesting concept. I think that there will come a day with anc stock when the fundamentals are actually backed by the stock price people that are watching this trade right now.

People are watching they stock, the whole movement, that's happening, recognize fundamentals, help set up the trade and then from there it's disconnected a little bit right. It's trading based off of something: that's not really quantifiable, which is sentiment, which is short interest, which is xyz different things that aren't based on their quarterly earnings their revenue, their their box office sales. We've seen that today, right, the box office sales were awesome. They had record numbers in terms of attendance to the theaters stock price went down, but with continued efforts like this week by week by week by week as amc continues to show up, the company fundamentals will get stronger and there will eventually become a pivot point where, As long as there's sentimental value towards the stock there's high short interest on the stock, it continues to do what it's doing.

They'll have this this pivot point right: you'll have this convergence divergence where the fundamentals of a sudden match and are backed up by the stock price? That's my ultimate goal for amc, so you might be wondering to yourself: why didn't the stock price go up today because of the fundamentals? It's an addition! It's not something that you expect with this, this sort of setup that we have right now: you're not expecting fundamentals to push the stock price, but if it happens, it's an addition. The sentiment, the short interest and the collusion fraudulence, manipulation that takes place in the stock market, specifically around amc, is what this whole trade is about. It's simple it's simple and as human beings, we want to find any sort of hidden clue. Hidden fact: that's that's somewhere.

In the dirt about amc stock, i get it. I've been down that rabbit hole. Man, i've been down the speculation road for probably tens or hundreds of hours. I've read so much due diligence like i get it.

It's so easy, but it's speculation. It's extra! It's things that you don't need to be comfortable with this trade. I'll, tell you this right now! These are my parting words and then we'll wrap up this video. But if you need anything on planet earth to believe in amc stock to believe in the trade, it is the movement, it's the movement, it's the short interest, everything is there, the brothers and sisters, the friends that i've made the family that i've made around this trade Right, obviously, whatever money you've got, you have to make your own financial decision, your own financial responsible decision, i'm not here - to make anybody's decision for them, but whatever you're comfortable with man or woman right.

This trade is about as good as it gets i've. In my entire life never seen anything like this, i wouldn't give it up just because of a couple red days. I just wouldn't so that's kind of what i've got for this video, i'm gon na wrap it up with a little bit of a medical. You know update for anybody who cares.

I always put these at the end of the video, because i know it's boring, but i found out what's going on with my eyes, so the the reason i've had chronic uveitis for two years. I got my blood work back. My lab results and they found something called the. I think it was hba something uh 27 hlab.

I don't know it was some. It's just an autoimmune disease so essentially easy fix, uh to some extent i'll have to deal with uv itis for a long time. Probably for my entire life uh i'll take a prednisone pill which essentially will just help with that inflammatory sort of response that i get my left and right eye. I'll.

Take that for the rest of my life uh, there might be some sort of side effects that come with that. I know what they are. It's not really that important, but it's it's a step in the right direction. So getting that inflammation down is the next step in my left eye.

So eventually, i don't have 2600 2600 vision in my left eye i'll get that surgery done get the cataract removed, get the star scar tissue, broken up out of the lens and hopefully be able to see again one day so we're making we're making progress. I'm actually pretty happy with that um i'd love to know that uv - i just wouldn't be chronic but hey. It is what it is, and sometimes you just dealt the hand that you are in life and you got to make the best of it. So that's what i've got for you guys blah blah blah.

Let's go drop like a cigarette. I'm going through my friends catch on the next one: much love lights, apps, baby and peace.

By Trey

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