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What's poppin baby, it is your boy trey coming back again for another freaking video we've got some stuff to actually be excited about. My friends i'll tell you that right now, first off we've got titan chilling out, not attacking me being a good kitty. Look at you, look at you, you're, calm, goofy, don't fight my nose. We've also got lamp chilling here in the background, as you can see, it has been heavily requested to bring back lamp.

I don't think it's a coincidence that lamp took about a month and a half hiatus and uh. There was some chop. We were riding some chop on amc for a while, and i think it was just about time that we brought back the mistress, the girl herself, and we also have some excitement and spark in the air again with amc as the trend and the momentum is starting To continue back to where i think it is ultimately going to go, and that's a good thing, i'm going to validate that by showing you some hard statistics and uh and data in terms of where this is actually moving, but without further ado. What is up? Everybody want to trade straight.

Three people talk fast and don't leave class like the president, i'm not a financial advisor expert, so they're gon na say great to solve. Let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang we're gon na, go over a couple different things here. I'm gon na talk about the overtx data, which just goes over the data and statistics behind short interest in the grand scheme.

Macroscopic microscopic picture i'm also going over the short sale volume percentage, which just gives you an idea of the actual shortening that's going into this stock on any given day. I want to show you the google trends, because there's actually something that i find fascinating, taking place right now. That happened right before the major run-up in june and right before the major run-up in january, and then we're gon na finish it off with the technical analysis, because, ultimately, i've never bullshitted anybody right. I've always given it to you straight as i think it, and sometimes amc doesn't look very good and i'll.

Tell you and i think amc right now looks muy bien. He looks yokata decent yo. Captain japanese is good, so i'm very excited to talk about this today. We're gon na get you guys rocking for the week and then ultimately last thing i have to say before we get into this - is this: is your financial responsibility or your financial decision right? I am not here to buy or sell this stock for you.

I'm only gon na lay out information that i see it as i see it and you guys go from there and do whatever you'd like to do feed your family. Keep the roof over your head. Make sure that you're healthy, happy and taken care of and without further ado, let's just get into this bad boy, so ortex, i'm going to start off here and show you a couple different things right, probably the most important is the short interest. This is based off of 85 of the exchange reported data, meaning that this is a conservative estimate of conservative floor in terms of the overall trend macroscopically.

Speaking of the stock, 87.84 million total shares currently shorted into the market and about 17.17 percent short interest of reflow. This could very easily be 20 25 30 right just based on uh puts that are in the market, any sort of naked shorts, any sort of failure to delivers uh you've got high frequency training that moves the stock in both directions up and down up and down Up and down and uh scalping by computers right there's a lot of things, but this shows you one main important factor that nobody can debate as the shorts have not covered their positions. You cannot have the squeeze that everybody is anticipating with amc stock without the shorts. Actually covering their positions and that's what you are watching for with this stock another you know interesting thing is that the shares on loan is starting to go up disproportionately to the actual short interest and anytime that this happens.

Typically, the the short interest is higher than is actually being estimated, and you can actually see that if you were to look at the uh the trend lines here right so check this out. Do you see that the shares on loan spikes up pretty heavily here and the short interest spiked up along with it when it was corrected now what you're watching right now is this huge discrepancy between short interest and the actual shares on loan? You've got about 112 million shares on loan back here versus about uh what appears to be 92 million shorted shares. I think that this discrepancy, that's starting to widen, means that the short interest could very easily be in that 18. 19 20 range, conservatively speaking, based on 85 percent of the exchange reported data costs, to borrow also an overall uptrend, but it did come back down here just as smidgen compared to the last week of training that we saw remember guys on monday through friday last week About three or four of those days, the maximum cost to borrow was in that 10 plus range, which is a good sign.

That they're starting to be a little more risk associated with a short position on the stock which puts pressure on those who hold positions. To potentially cover their positions right, it also means that the utilization is going up, which you can see in fact is happening now. This is an important thing and i think an interesting thing to look at is anytime. The utilization has been maxed out that costs to borrow incredibly and and exponentially grows.

It really does now check this out cost of borrow and utilization utilization. 100. That's when you saw the highest cost of borrow the most annualized interest rate, the most pressure on short positions to push those turds back into the freaking stupid chickens that the chili chickens they come from right. You can see that it shows right here, max style, utilization, maxi utilization, cost to borrow is very, very high and we are going back in that right, overall direction.

So watch for that right. It's a good thing to see that we're still training in the right direction. In terms of that cost, to borrow going up all in all, if they're gon na pull anything away from the short interest data, the or text data, it is that we are trending in the right direction. The shorts are not covering their positions.

Now i want to get into this more as we get into the technical analysis and the actual trend of the stock, but this pattern is very fascinating and it's the pattern of you see some shorts now. This does not mean that there's a short squeeze. It just means that some shorts have covered which can push the price up right. What you see is some shorts cover over and over and over and over and over and over and over again right.

We see that right here, 19.64 short interest, pops down to about 11. got it back up to 19 pops out about 14. back up to 19. pops down a little bit.

We see it back here in january. Some shorts, you know, went from 12 down to about 8.. The thing here is, i do think this is very similar to a tesla squeeze in terms of the way that the stock moves and in terms of the way that i think this overall momentum is going to go. And i want to show you that as we get into the google trends, but first i want to talk about the daily short sale volume percentage now.

This is fascinating because 59 of the overall market volume last friday on august 25th, was shorted volume. Now, how does that compare to the overall price action? We were green that day up 1.31. If you look at the actual trading, what i think you saw pretty much to a t is frequency high frequency, algorithmic trading. You can see that here right.

You can see this sort of up and down back and forth, back and forth back and forth sort of price action between what i would call uh supply and supply and demand and uh resistance and support levels. Now i'm going to get into supply and demand uh in trading more so in a different video, but there's critical levels in which computers or aka smart money do not want to let the price go up or down beneath, which is why, when you have technical breakouts Above or below those points you get hard pushes, and we saw that back here with that push over 37 and 50 cents, like i mentioned in the prior week before that huge massive run-up, that we ended up, seeing so to look at the overall shorted volume. What i take away from this compared to the price action is, there are big people out there big money, big firms that are trying to push the price down beneath critical levels and or hold it up above critical level, because i do think there are firms out There who are long on the stock, who don't talk about it as charles payne as charles payne said, they'll, go to the country club and brag about their emcee position because they're a bunch of chickens. They don't get what it is to be an eighth, my friends, but it is what it is right, and that is a good thing to see is that apes are freaking.

Holding the stock up above critical levels and you've also got some smart money out there. The 20 compared to the 80 of freaking apes that, like the stock right that are trying to help this thing out, despite a 59 shorted volume percentage. Now i want to finish off with this before the technical analysis and it's the overall trend. Now, if you look at this, this is a important factor.

I don't bring this up a whole lot, because i want to see statistical and some sort of major difference compared to what you you know, maybe saw the previous week two weeks three weeks, four weeks, because there's nothing critical to talk about. There's no point in bringing it up, but here there is you're starting to see an uptick very similar to what you're, seeing in the overall price action. A week ago, right you're, starting to see momentum build in the overall chart higher low, higher low, higher low higher low right. It's going in the right direction.

It's building momentum. It looks like it's found in that bottom at that 28 zone. In the same way, you see this trend playing out in terms of actual interest in the company and in the stock itself, ebb and flow ebb and flow goes up and down up and down up and down. Now.

What do we see here right? You see this huge uptick back in january, followed by a couple months of what i would call consolidation and then a little bit of an uptick here right. You see this uptick from uh overall interest over time from 6 to 10 to 14 and then to 35 and then up to 72. When we had a major push up to that 70 dollar range back in early june, then it cooled off right. It backed off from the pedal for a pretty long decent amount of time, it's starting to get that momentum back check this out.

10. 15.. What does this remind? You of this reminds me of back here in early may, when we got that lead up to this. Overall, huge run-up that we saw in early june to 77 in the pre-market now, why is this important right? I don't necessarily think this means that we're going to squeeze tomorrow that we're gon na hit freaking some x price target within the next couple days or anything.

But i do think it is a confirmation of the momentum and the trend that is starting to build behind amc stock. I was very confident when i said that i think this 28-ish dollar level - i said 25 right i'll, come out and i'll say that every day of the week that i was off by a couple dollars. But i do think this is the bottom and i said very clear as day. I think the bear trend is coming to an end and it is and we are entering the next bull cycle and you can see that playing out not only in the data.

Not only the technical analysis, but in trend and sentiment, which is probably the most important factor behind what drives a stock, is sentiment because there is a lot of positive sentiment behind the stock and it trades based on momentum. And it moves based on momentum. And obviously it gets held down by the hedge out there, i'm kidding the the the big dogs that don't want this thing to move now we're going back in the right direction. I want to talk about the technical analysis and critical levels to watch for so 37.50 right.

We called that out last week because that was an important technical breakout point and in the same way you could see the same. Exact move happen at 48.80, with this double top rejection. Bull trap, setup that we saw play on the last couple days now, what ended up happening on that push over thirty seven dollars and fifty cents was the four test trend. It's something that's come to fruition.

Many many times with amc stock and i think it's going to happen again now. What do we have rocking here? It's the easiest to see on the hourly candles one test, two tests right at that 48.30 range. I've got a box drawn up here because it's never gon na hit within a penny of whatever you're expecting right. It's a zone, a typical zone of where, if you see a hard push above that level, you can see a nice breakout.

What i think you're gon na watch happen over the next one or two weeks. Is it's gon na test out this trend this this level of resistance one more time, a third time likely will reject right. Then it's gon na do some retracement, maybe some consolidating stair stepping higher lows. It's gon na come up and tested a fourth time, in my opinion, just based on the trend that has taken place over the last eight months that i've watched this stock and it's gon na get a break and when it does get that break my friends, i Think that's when you're gon na watch the biggest move that we've seen since this push up to 72 dollars and who knows what it could do right.

I can't predict that i'm not i'm not freaking god. I can't predict the future under the crystal ball, but i will tell you that this is beautiful. Things are looking great. This is uh.

This is something to get excited about, and i've been here through the trenches man. I know i i i've seen it. I've seen the good days the bad days. I think, there's some really good days ahead for amc stock, i'm very excited and you guys should be too, and i think it's you can feel it.

You can feel that people are starting to get jacked about the stock. Again that people are starting to watch this a little closer because it is starting to build momentum. People are starting to talk about this more bit. It's got less of the the the fear and certainty down.

It's got less of all that x factor that plays into some of this negative price action. You guys should be excited, i'm freaking excited. I can't wait to see what ends up happening here in the next couple weeks, because we are stair stepping closer and closer and closer to where you want this thing to go right where i hope for this thing to go and that's what i've got for this Video so blah blah blah, i know, drop it like reference catch you on the next one like that's always for me and lamp, the mistress, the holy grail of all household goods. I can't tell the next one much love and peace.


By Trey

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