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TRCH STOCK: TRCH (Torchlight) is an energy company. The company is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, exploitation and/or development of oil and natural gas properties in the United States. In this TRCH Stock video, we discuss current events and catalysts that could push the stock price to extreme margins of growth, as well as a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 14 MA, RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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What's poppin, oh man, my girlfriend said i couldn't do a smolder, but i tried anyways, i tried anyways. Let me know what you think. Let me know what you think. What is up everybody welcome.

Should you give me a funny? Look welcome to trades trades. We have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these given stocks, i like the purpose by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt. Let's get into the video today we're gon na be looking at ticker symbol trch. You can see it up here in the top left for everybody that is wondering torchlight uh man.

This has been a stock. That's been very heavily requested by quite a few people and i'm actually really excited to talk about this stock. Today, it's got a lot of a lot of potential. I think so.

The chart setup is looking beautiful, we're gon na look at the fundamentals of the company. The why i don't currently have a position in the stock to be completely transparent. I will consider taking a position heavily, but we will take a look at the company to give you guys an overview of what you may want to look at which you might not like right. The pros and the cons.

So we're gon na look at the fundamentals of the company recent news right: some sort of catalyst that is explaining why we're seeing this huge run-up in price action and then we're gon na look at the charts, the meat and potatoes my favorite. So there's a one-month chart, as well as the one-day one-minute chart, to give both a macroscopic and microscopic perspective of the price action. I've got a couple. Different indicators pulled up here, i'm going to walk you through them.

If you don't know, the rsi is down here on the bottom, that is the relative strength index. Anything over 70 is overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold. This is an idea of both bullish and bearish momentum gives you an idea of how much buying or selling pressure there is.

Then we've got the 200 ema, which is this purple trend line on the 15 day ma, which is this blue trend line? The 280ma is the exponential moving average. This is a price, action-based valuation trend line over a 200-day moving period, which gives us a macroscopic perspective of overall price action, and the 15-day ma is the moving average. Some brokerage accounts call this the sma, the simple moving average. This is a price, action-based valuation trend line over a day, moving period, which gives us a microscopic perspective of price action.

We use these both side by side, so we get an idea when you're having breakouts or breakdowns in comparison to overall price action over a long term period right to give us the best possible entry points and exit points in a stock. We're gon na drop a fibonacci retracement, get an idea of how strong we have uh, how much strength we have from buyers and sellers in the stock. Give you some potential entry points some exit points. I personally would think that uh that torchlight has the most potential as a midterm investment at this very given moment, but let's just get into the video.

So what do these guys do? What is the why torchlight energy resources incorporated is an energy company? The companies engage in the acquisition, exploration, exploitation and or development of oil and natural gas for properties in the united states. The company is primarily focused on the acquisition of early stage projects, the development and delineation of these projects and then the monetization of those assets. Once these activities are completed, torchlight has interest in four oil and gas projects, the oro grande project in hudspeth, county texas, the hassle project in sterling uh sterling tom, green and irian uh. I'm probably saying all this stuff wrong: oh man and ariane counties, texas, the winkler project in winkler, county texas and the hunting wells in partnership with husky in central oklahoma, hey hometown baby.

The company operates its business through its subsidiaries, including torchlight energy, incorporated torchlight energy operating llc, hudson oil, corporation torchlight, hazel, llc and war. Wink properties llc, i do have their website pulled up here, really quick, so we are going to take a quick peek at what these guys look like, and you can see right here. They've got oil drilling and working interest in oil projects. So the reason i think this company, maybe is a mid-term company you know - is because, as of now, we do see a really hard push in terms of clean energy with joe biden in office.

So companies like fuel cell plug power, uh we've got you know, clne clean energy right. All these companies are doing extremely extremely well. Clean spark is another one that comes to mind, and this is more of that old school. You know use of energy resources, so you can see here.

They've got the oil drilling and working interest in oil projects, and there does seem to be quite a bit of investor sentiment towards this stock, which is important right. It doesn't matter what. Personally, i think of a company. I do think well of them right, i'm going to get into more of why but um it matters what the majority thinks and if the majority of investors are bullish on a stock, if you can't beat them join them.

That's what i've always said, my friends and it does look like there's some solid potential here so torchlight energy resources incorporated based in plano texas, is a high growth, oil and gas exploration and production company, with a primary focus on acquisition and development of highly profitable domestic Oil fields, the company current, holds uh interest in texas, where their targets are established plays such as the permian basin and the eagle ford shale. So they've got three different current projects if you've got the midland basin, so we can just check this out. Really quick. They've got about 12 000 gross acres, 100 of which will be operated, so that's a very large amount of land to cover and then 75 net revenue interest is what really catches my eye here.

You always want to look at how much net revenue a company is pulling in. So that's just one particular basin that they're working with they've also got the oro grande basin, which will pull up here really quick. The oil grande torch light on 72.5 percent working interest in full about 134 000 net acre unit, the more land you can cover as an oil and gasoline company right, the better off the company is going to be doing right. So that's that's a pretty decent amount of land and then delaware basin we've got about 1100 gross acres, 10.72 percent wisconsin not operated uh.

We can look at uh, 10 000 foot laterals can be drilled as well as five thousand foot laterals, which is just different perspectives. On how they're gon na be drilling this oil, getting the oil out of the ground right and as of now right, clean energy is making a good move, but we haven't gotten to the point now where you know even ten percent: twenty percent uh. Thirty 30 of cars - or you know, usable energy in the united states - is clean energy right, we're not quite there. Yet it's going to get there right.

It's just a matter of time. In my perspective, but as of now, this company is still alive and well. There is some potential with torchlight. I do think.

They've got some solid, uh, solid growth potential as a company and something i always pay very close attention to. My friends is institutional ownership right how many institutions are buying in? Where is the big money going? So i've got some different uh. You know resources pulled up here that i want to walk you through. We've got the most recent.

You know institutional ownership in the company. This is posted. As of you know, february 11th. 2021..

I'm going to give you both the pros and the currents. This is a con. This is a big con, ionic ventures. Llc now owns zero shares.

They sold out every single piece of steak that they had in the company, and that is a little bit significant. That's a little bit significant. So if we look at the charts here, i'm actually surprised to see this, but on the 11th uh we actually saw you know the price went down a little bit, but it did. It moved very, very nicely after this right.

So that's a lot of retail investors getting into the stock and we're gon na talk about the chart set up here, a little bit more once we come back to it, but there are some good signs that i see here on the charts in relation to you Know: investor sentiment, but that's a big red flag to me. I don't personally like to see you know you know a big institution pulling out their stake in a company. This was updated on february 11th, which have been three days ago or so, but we do still have some nice institutional ownership here as long as they haven't sold right - and this is uh - you know from my understanding at least still relevant information, but we see here As of 2020 uh, it would have been october 13th, but gabe greg increased. Their overall stake in the company to 17.6 million shares about 17 ownership in the company right.

We've got antheon management with about 2.4. We've got uh moradi david with 5 5.4 here 13.54 here and it's not. We can't know for sure if all these companies still own a stake in the company, but what we can do is come over here to ortex now. Ortex is a website that i personally pay about 500 a year for the most up-to-date statistics, information and numbers regarding different companies, and i do have torchlight pulled up here.

So if we want to look at the overall insiders, you know owning right. This isn't institutional. This is a little bit different, but we can see that, as of what would have been december, 18th of 2020 mcgave gregory, chairman of the board, did get a pretty nice stake in the stock transaction value was about 750 000 u.s dollars, 1.63 million total shares at 0.46 uh cents right so 46 cents in the company, so he's up a freaking astronomical amount on torch light, which is absolutely beautiful. We do see there are a couple other pretty decent stakes in here: 135 000 us dollars from uh shocky eunice lawrence jr.

Who is the director and then the c-o-o has a u.s value of about zero right here, so transaction value of zero. Five hundred two thousand uh shares at zero us dollars. So i'm not quite sure how that works. You know the exercise is low.

Here. Exercise is low here by medium here right. So that's that's! Pretty decent, that's pretty pretty good to see and when you do see insiders buying into the company. When you don't see insider ownership or you see insiders sell out of the company right.

That typically indicates that there might be some bad things happening in terms of management in terms of potential for growth right. They do know a lot more about the company than we do as people, because they get first insider view on the news catalyst on the financial situation on different projects, they're working on right. So it's good to see that at least as of december 18th, the chairman of the board, does you know he increases overall stake in the company. So that's what we're looking at right now, the overall institutional ownership - you know as it sits i would, i would guess, is about 20, but we do have a news article pulled up here that is going to talk about that more in depth.

So this was posted on february 12th, which would have been two days ago and we're just going to take a quick read through here right now, so torchlight energy resources incorporated shares, uh price shot up 62.2 percent during trading on wednesday, the stock traded as high as Three dollars and fourteen cents and last traded at 260., uh 275 million shares were traded during trading, an increase of one thousand one hundred three percent. From the average session volume of 22.9 million shares, the stock had previously closed at 1.60 market cap of 270 million p e ratio of negative 11.3 and a beta of 2.6. The company has a quick ratio of 0.11 et cetera, et cetera. So this is what i want to pay more attention to.

In other news, director greg greg mcgabe, which we did just talk about, purchased 1.6 million shares of the business's stock. In a transaction dated friday december 18th, the shares were purchased at an average price of 46 cents per share for a total transaction of 749 thousand dollars. Following the completion of the purchase, the director now owns 11.8 million shares in the company, valued at approximately 5.47 million dollars. That is a large large stake.

My friends, that is a huge huge number and very important to pay attention to the purchase, was disclosed in a document filed with the sec, which is available at this link company insiders own 17.49 of the company's stock that is just insiders buying. That is different from the institutionals right that comes from the management within a company. That's a very big number that is very significant whenever you see anything above 10 for either insiders or institutional ownership, that's something you want to pay attention to, and that means that there's a lot of good sentiment coming from within the company within the management uh - and I i think, that's a very positive sign. Without a doubt, an institutional investor recently bought a new position in torchlight energy resources.

Stock journey advisory group llc acquired a new stake in shares of torchlight energy resources during the fourth quarter. According to the company, in its most recent disclosure with the sec, the firm acquired 40 000 shares of the oil and gas company stock, valued at approximately 28 000, which is 6.31 of the stock, is currently owned by institutional investors in hedge funds. So, at least as of february 12th, we can see that somewhere, around 23 of the company is owned by either institutionals or insider. You know investors, which is a pretty significant number number and i'd say, like i said anything over 10, for both of these sides of things is a good sign that you were having some good things happen with a company, so i'm very happy to see that without A doubt uh, the only thing that i don't particularly like, as i mentioned prior, is that we do see there was a company that actually got out which is ionic ventures.

Llc now has a zero share stake in the company. So that's what we're looking at right here right. We know the insides. We know the why we know what they're doing i'm gon na pull them back up here.

So you know: do we know that they're oil and gas company we know they're based out in texas? We know the potential for growth is going to come from how much land they can drill on right, how much oil and gas they can produce, and you know we we get the premise of the company, the financial situation. If we take a quick look at their annual uh reports, we can see their overall gross profit in 2019 was pretty read down about 38 percent from the previous year, but otherwise macroscopically speaking, they have been slowly but surely increasing their overall uh gross profit, which is Pretty decent right, we see 861 000 in 2013. You know, and - and you know it goes up and down - we see 4.29 million here - twenty thousand here - twenty five thousand here - 397 thousand here right, so macroscopically speaking. If you take 2013 out of the picture at least the last couple of years right, they have been slowly but surely growing.

So that is something that you want to pay attention to. With penny stocks in particular, you're, not usually investing in the you know the previous growth you're, investing in the potential for growth, which is why the risk to reward ratio is so high right. So that is how we're looking right now with trch in terms of financials. In terms of uh, you know institutional ownership, numbers data fundamentals.

So let's look at the charts, the meat and potatoes the best possible entry point into the stock. If you are looking to get a position like i said, i do not currently own a position. I will do some evaluating and decide if i want to do that myself, but this is just purely for you, my friends, and i just want to give you the best possible entry point if you are looking to do so. So what i'm noticing right now is that if you were able to get into this background, the 15 mma cross over the 200 dma, which is a bullish indicator right, you saw this pump in volume uh, you would have been up really really freaking solid.

It was about a dollar 68, currently trading at 3 and 35 cents. You'd have doubled up your money in two freaking days, which is astronomical. That's absolutely insane. That does not happen very often and we're gon na look at the strength of the chart set up here.

So if we take a quick peek, you know at the fibonacci retracement. This is very easy to do. If you are interested in doing this yourself, you simply click on fibonacci retracement put the bottom at the base of the run up the top at the peak of the run-up, and it tells you a percentage of how much you get back from that initial growth. We can see that it fell somewhere between 50 and 61.8 percent.

Typically, a good stock will retrace about 50 or less so, ideally would have like to see that bounce around that that um, that 50 level. But we did see a bounce right around 55, 56 or so at about 2 and 29 cents, or so so, not a terrible retracement we'd like to see that happen a little bit better, but as it sits right now, we're going to give you guys an idea Of how much this might pull back in the future, based on that previous retracement right? So if we have a continuation of trend and it retraces the same amount as it did previously right, what are we going to be looking at? You would see a retracement to about here right, and we actually already saw that happen. It was the exact same retracement, as we saw with this previous. You know pullback down to that 229 range.

It fell in that about 56 57 retracement on the fibonacci, which is 3.28 cents in terms of the rsi, as it sits right now. It's at about 68 points, which is a little bit high right, that's a lot of buying momentum. It means that the stock is probably slightly overvalued. You might see a little pullback beneath that level of support and, if it does where, where is it going to pull back to right? What is what's the next level of a good support for us to fall back on? Well, we do have this three dollars and six cents, or so i wouldn't consider that a very strong level of support we do look for at least three candle wick touch points which we don't get right here right, so we might hold there, but we might not What i think is more realistic is if it does break beneath this level of support right here.

You're gon na be looking at about two dollars and ninety six cents, which is a pretty drastic difference from where we're sitting at right now with three dollars and 28 cents. So if you are looking for a position, you want to establish a position in this company. It does seem like a pretty decent midterm hold company. What you're gon na be looking for is either a bounce off of this level of support with a wide range candle and a wide range candle.

I'll. Give you guys an example. Really quick is a candle that covers a lot of price action. It's a it's a candle that gives you a nice bounce.

So we can see that right here. This is a wide range candle. You get that engulfing candlestick pattern right, that large green candle that engulfs that red candle right here that will signify that you've bounced off of this level of support. We don't quite have that yet right, we see the small green candle still hovering around that level of support.

We're looking for that wine range uh, bounce and that'll indicate that this is likely the bottom. I feel pretty comfortable with you buying in at that point, but if we don't get it right, you're more likely going to see a bounce. You know beneath this level of support with a a wide range candle and it'll re-test, three dollars and six cents or two dollars and 96 cents, and that is how you're gon na know what the best possible entry point is into the stock. I would be 100 content.

You know having to pay a little bit more into this company like instead of buying in a 220 328 getting into - maybe you know 340 or 345. So you can know that uh that that we did get that bounce, that it wasn't a false. You know a false uh rebound a false bounce off of that level of support that way, you're not getting burned too bad with this stock. So, like i said, i think the best possible entry point here is gon na be between 296 and three dollars and six cents.

It might not happen, i'm just preventing i'm preparing you guys for all potential. You know things that could happen here with the stock, but if it retraces the same that it did here that uh that 57-ish percent retracement on the fibonacci. This is where it should end up bouncing from you get a wide range candle. It should continue its overall run.

So that's what we're looking like here on the one month chart. We do have uh pretty overbought territory here on the rsi nice gap between the 15m and the twitter dma extremely extremely bullish, and i do think we actually have an ascending level of support here. So we get quite a few different touch points. This is obviously not a realistic and maintainable.

You know level of growth, but we do have one two three different touch points here and this could act as a level of support moving forward in the future. So you know, if you end up seeing a bounce off of this descending level of support. That would indicate to me that there's still quite a bit of buying territory here and another great thing that i see is this huge pump in volume now. One thing that i would have preferred not to see is that equal amount of red volume coming out.

That probably indicates to me that you know there may have been some investors that just took profits got her out right away right, but the stock price held up pretty well that wasn't a terrible, terrible retracement and the volume is just barely starting to pick up here. Again so i do think there is some room to run here right, the retracements in the past. You know this retracement was not harsh in the least bit. I think there's definitely some you know short-term swing opportunity here, as well as mid-term uh hold opportunity as well.

Coming over here to the one day, one minute chart just to take a quick peek at uh, the different price actions we have here, i'm going to clear out the charts. If you'd like to look at what i just wrote up on the charts, you can rewind the video and pause it and just take some notes. But what we do have here is a nice little movement. We got some nice uh price action and volume that happened here.

We saw this huge push in volume. Volume drives volatility. Volatility is going to drive that higher price valuation. So once we did see the volume pop in here right, it had that nice run.

We see that it was in a nice upward, moving channel. We got those three touch points right here right and it broke beneath this ascending level of support with a wide range candle. This is a wide range candle signified that we broke beneath that ascending channel right and then it just traded sideways for a while until the after hours in which we saw this nice push in volume, we got that nice bump in volume which drops drove the volatility And it moved pretty pretty cleanly. We did end the day with the 15 ma gapped up over the 200 ema, which is a sign of bullish confirmation.

So we have two bullish confirmation indicators here on the microscopic charts as well as the macroscopic charts. So it does look extremely nice, and that is what we're looking at right now with ticker symbol trch. So if you enjoyed the video, please drop a like, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this. Lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble.

Weeble is a brokerage platform which you're watching use right now. This is version four for the desktop allows. It allows you to start trading in the pre market, starting at 4am up until 8 pm in the extended hours uh. If you use my link, you will get two free stocks, so the 100 i'll deposit i'll receive a free stock go ahead and support the channel.

My friends and if you're, not interested that is totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos and be a part of the freaking gorilla gang here, my fellow apes. So that's what i've got for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time.


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