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Cheesier hunks, you look great new goldfish megabytes, bigger, bolder and cheesier. The the sanctions that have been announced so far are pretty limited. What's up guys impact on americans sure we are seeing these drops in the stock market that affects your mutual fund. Your 401k we're seeing higher prices if there is an escalation, for example by removing russia from swift, the international payment system or imposing some of those export controls which would limit russia's ability to get access to critical technologies, traders and investors.

I've been talking to say that would show that there would be kind of a broader global economic impact. A lot of it depends on how russia itself responds how china might respond if china kind of weighs in and takes russia. How are we doing guys just going to be watching the uh, the biden uh response to russia here as we uh as we wait to see what kind of happens so uh just gon na play this live and if you wan na watch it with me, you Can, if not, you know you guys go, do your own thing. I might not have much to say uh until afterwards, so i'm just gon na be watching this live across the board.

Kyra elizabeth schulze, i know you'll, be with me throughout the afternoon as we follow this ongoing crisis with russia and ukraine elizabeth. Thank you so much. We will continue to follow all the breaking details. Of course, out of ukraine.

President biden also set to address the nation. This hour we will take that live as soon as it starts stay with us now with so much on the line more americans are turning. How we doing good to see you guys cat mama, uh avenue, jd phillip good, to see you guys, i'm gon na get myself a diet here, really quick. It looks like the the biden.

Uh response should start here relatively soon supposed to begin at about 1 30 uh uh eastern 12, 30 central, we'll see, if he's on time or not, but uh we're gon na wait and see how this ends up going good to see you short straw and america. This morning, the best new video breaking news overnight, your money and concerns about inflation. The pandemic is not over the stories people are talking about. You don't want to shave your legs and what works best in the day ahead from the top of the world baby abc world news now and america this morning weekday morning, starting at 2 a.m, eastern up all night to keep put up some charts yeah.

Absolutely while we're waiting here might as well, are you doing johnny diamond hands good to see you, mr simon? What's up we'll see who laughs last, what came next was, unlike anything, they had ever seen. Take america's number one news with you anywhere: you go anytime, free, download the abc news, app now breaking news: exclusives 24, 7. they're for you with one touch the abc's downloaded good to see you. She was drama, money and fame, shaw, amazing, the prime housewife.

Then suddenly, we've seen a lot of things on the real housewives, but we've never seen it. Amc is holding up all right. It's unpredictable. It's not doing bad sign me up two percent on the day.

Okay, now i love me some gma so much time for me to do well. A little gma-ish, promo, ready, gma 7a every day boom boom boom bring me your hands, and you know it's uh it's day that i think a lot of people are feeling right now. One morning show people dad. I think a lot of people are feeling for sure it is what it is all right.

Let's do this and welcome back. You are watching live coverage here of the ukraine, russia crisis, i'm kira phillips. We are continuing to wait for president biden. He is set to address the nation on this crisis as soon as he steps up to the mic.

We had expected him about 1 30 eastern time he's about five minutes off schedule. He is expected to walk out any moment now we will take that live as soon as he does stay with us. While we wait abc news, national security, analyst and former u.s homeland security adviser tom bossert joins us tom, you know, let's just bring folks up to date right now. With regard to military assets, we've got more than 5 000 american forces stationed in poland.

That's where our phil lipof is he's been paying attention to the 82nd airborne other air assets that have responded now and are engaged. You know this role has been changing from, deter and assure to being deployed to the border checkpoints also to help with the possible flow of traffic, a lot of different missions going on here from wisconsin for putin's timing on on all of this i mean clearly the U.S is responding, but when you look at this overall effort and try to figure out what exactly is going through vladimir putin's mind, which is not an easy thing to do, what do you make of his timing? Now, yeah kiera there's really two timing, questions that are high on my voice. How long has this been planned and clearly it's been planned for a long time. Most are speculating at least a year, perhaps as far back as that solarwinds cyber attack that you saw that gave the russians access to government systems.

So this is the type of thing that wasn't a spontaneous decision on his part. So the why now question really has to be answered by looking into his thinking a year or two ago when he made the decision to start this effort and then the second time in question is really: how long can it last a future question and in that Regard i'm watching china, the sanctions that we're about to announce the sanctions that have already been applied and the rest of the global pressure on russia is going to strangle its operating budget. Remember these sanctions at this stage aren't so much about deterrence anymore, as they are punishment, but putin went into this knowing what he would face, so he has some assurance in his mind that he's willing or that his people are willing to endure some suffering. So if china helps them kind of offset the effect of these sanctions, that's going to extend the clock and allow this to, i think, shift into ongoing and maybe kind of persistent tensions if china doesn't help them.

I think russia is on a limited string here. They can only afford to keep this up for so long all right. So if russia's on a limited string here can only afford to keep this going for so long. What about ukraine and and putting ukraine and russia up against each other who's who's going to be able to last the longest yeah? You know, i don't mean to make that analysis and take take it lightly that in it i recognize the ukrainian military is so outmatched.

The russian military is formidable and the ukrainian response capacity is um, not even really in the same league, so i don't think uh military resistance. California is very long. The ukrainian people are showing a lot of resilience and there will be a resistance uh, but without outsiders, you're supposed to begin speaking at 1, 30 pm uh eastern oscar, i think we're seeing a little like play out before our eyes, as does it shift into exchanges. Defenses insurgency type battles i believe it will, but in terms of short-term predictions, the ukrainian military is not up market's bouncing.

So when you think about putin - and why he's doing this now, why didn't he do this under former president trump? Why is he choosing to do this under the leadership of joe biden? Well, there's a few things there. I don't know, of course, climbing into putin's mind is hard to do, and certainly none of us know what president trump said exactly to president putin in their private conversations. It is possible, of course, that president putin assessed that president trump would either pull back from his nato obligations or in some way divide europe in a way that was favorable to president putin's interests. But again, i think you also have to recognize that elections influence all of these leaders and president putin has subsequent to an unrelated to president trump or president biden gone through his own internal russian election process, and i think, come to the determination that his tenure doesn't Have that much longer, you know he's not as popular as people would have you believe, and then i think right importantly kira.

I don't think anyone believes that chinese have given putin the assurances for the first time in really in history that his flank on the chinese border is safe and he can move his military off of his southern and off of his eastern borders away from china and Redeploy them to this purpose without fearing, what's going to happen in his in his backyard on his in his back door. So he's left his back door open and exposed to china, knowing that china is not going to exploit him. That's a significant development and it's independent of our u.s domestic administration change, but it also looks like that that putin is not afraid of joe biden either that he witnessed what happened with afghanistan and now he's seizing an opportunity to to test the waters. Here i mean he clearly is behaving differently with biden than than he did with trump.

Do you think he sees biden as weak and that this is his opportunity um to come on joe just spread his wings even more over territories that he's been wanting to seize for some time? Well, he ought not to uh. That might be one of the the themes going in our domestic political debate, but i don't see it. He ought to be afraid of the united states and he ought to be afraid of the united states when they actually do it all of our european and western partners uh. I don't see much to this whole.

Interpersonal diagnosis. That's going on! I understand that president trump would have had the same limitations. You know remember. He put weapons in the hands of ukraine to help fight against uh, the russians, so the the javelin missiles and so forth.

The javelin warren, i'm in the process of uh medical separation. We're almost there, but i know, there's going to be people who ask if the united states gets involved. I will not be deployed uh, that's not something that you guys have to worry about. I'm not! I.

I won't be one of those one of those people uh. There's two separate branches of the military there's force com and there's tradoc force com typically deploys tradoc does not mean i'm a part of tradoc world war ii. Russian forces attacking ukraine from multiple directions. At this hour, russia has in fact confirmed its ground.

Forces have moved into ukraine, explosions reported in or very near several major cities, since we were on the air late last night, a senior defense official saying about 10 ukrainian airfields have been targeted across the country, russia, russian special operations forces have backed a large number of Helicopters that have landed military air base - that's just the north of kiev, less than 20 miles, in fact, from the center of the capital. There are reports of heavy fighting at this hour. Ukraine's president zielenski addressing the nation today claiming ukrainian forces are doing well in the donbass region. Of course, that's where putin declared two separatist regions, independent zolensky, of course, on the left-hand side of your screen, saying at this point the most problematic situation as he sees it, is in the south.

Here's president biden keep you waiting good afternoon here. We go. Russian military. Has begun a brutal assault on the people of ukraine without provocation without justification, without necessity, this is a pre-meditated attack.

Vladimir putin has been planning this for months as something we've been saying all along. He moved more than a hundred and seventy five thousand troops military equipment in positions along the ukrainian border. He moved blood supplies into position and built up field hospitals which tells you all you need to know about his intentions all along. He rejected every good faith effort.

The united states and our allies and partners made to address our mutual security concerns through dialogue, to avoid needless conflict and avert human suffering. For weeks for weeks, we have been warning that this would happen, and now it's unfolding largely as we predict it. In the past week we've seen shelling increase in the donbas, a region in eastern ukraine, controlled by russian-backed separatists rush. The russian government has perpetrated cyber attacks against ukraine.

We saw a staged political theater in moscow outlandish and baseless claims that ukraine was a ukraine was about to invade and launch a war against russia that ukraine was prepared to use chemical weapons. The ukraine community, you guys want charts up as well or do you want just the speech evidence? We saw a flagrant violation of international law in attempting to unilaterally create two new so-called republics on sovereign ukrainian territory and at the very moment that the united nations security council was meeting to stand up for ukraine. Sovereignty to stave off invasion, putin declared his war within moments. Moments missile strikes began to fall on historic cities across ukraine.

Then came the air raids, followed by tanks and troops rolling in we've been transparent with the world. We've shared declassified evidence about russia's plans and cyber attacks and false pretexts so that there could be no confusion or cover-up about what putin was doing. Putin is, the aggressor, putin chose this war, and now he and his country will bear the consequences. Today, i'm authorizing additional strong sanctions and new limitations on what can be exported to russia.

This is going to impose severe cost on the russian economy, both immediately and over time. We have purposefully designed these sanctions to maximize the long-term impact on the chart. That's up is this minimize the impact on the united states and our allies, and i want to be clear: the united states is not doing this alone. For months we've been building a coalition of partners representing well more than half the global economy.

27 members of the european union, including france, germany, italy, as well as the united kingdom, canada, japan, australia, new zealand and many others to amplify the joint impact of our response. I just spoke with the g7 leaders this morning and we're in full and total agreement. We will limit russia's ability to do business in dollars. Euros, pounds and yen to be part of the global economy will limit their ability to do that.

We're going to stunt the ability of to finance and grow rush, the russian military we're going to impose major and we're going to impair their ability to compete in high-tech 21st century economy. We've already seen the impact of our actions on russia's currency in the ruble, which early today hit its weakest level. Ever ever in history, the russia stock market, plunged today the russian government borrowing rates spiked by over 15 percent. In today's actions, we've now sanctioned russian banks that together hold around one trillion dollars in assets.

We've cut off russia's largest bank, a bank that holds more than one third of russia's banking assets by itself, cut it off from the u.s financial system, and today we're also blocking four more major banks. That means every asset they have in america will be frozen. This includes vtb the second largest bank in russia, which has 250 billion dollars in assets, as promised, we're also adding the names to the list of russian elites and their family members that are sanctioning that were sanctioned as well. As i said on tuesday, these are people who personally gain from the kremlin's policies and they should share in the pain.

We will keep up this drumbeat of those designations against corrupt billionaires. In the days ahead. On tuesday, we stopped the russian government from raising money from u.s or european investors. Now we're going to apply the same restrictions to russia's largest state-owned enterprises, companies with assets that exceed 1.4 trillion dollars, some of the most powerful impacts.

Our actions will come over time as we squeeze russians access to finances and technology for strategic sectors of its economy and degrade its industrial capacity for years to come between our actions and those of our allies and partners. We estimate that we'll cut off more than half of russia's high-tech imports, it'll strike a blow to their ability to continue to modernize their military it'll degrade their aerospace industry, including their space program. It'll hurt their ability to build ships, reducing their ability to compete economically, and it will be a major hit to putin's long-term strategic ambitions and we're preparing to do more. In addition to the economic penalties, we're imposing we're also taking steps to defend our nato allies, particularly in the east.

Tomorrow, nato will convene a summit we'll be there to bring together the leaders of 30 allied nations and close partners to affirm our solidarity and to map out the next steps. We will take to further strengthen all aspects of our nato alliance, although we provided over 650 million dollars in defensive assistance to ukraine just this year. It's last year. Let me say it again: our forces are not and will not be engaged in the conflict with russia.

In ukraine, our forces are not going to europe to fight in ukraine, but to defend our nato allies and reassure those allies in the east. As i made crystal clear, the united states will defend every inch of nato territory with the full force of american power, and the good news is nato was more united and more determined than ever. There is no doubt no doubt that the united states and every nato ally will meet our article five commitments, which says an attack on one, is an attack on all over the past few weeks, i ordered thousands of additional forces to germany and poland as part of Our commitment to nato on tuesday in response to russia's aggressive action, including its troop presence in belarus and the black sea, i've authorized deployment of ground and air forces already stationed in europe to nato's eastern flank allies, estonia, latvia, lithuania, poland and romania. Our allies have also been stepping up adding the other allies, the rest of nato, adding their own forces and capabilities to ensure collective defense and today, within hours of russia's unleashing its assault, nato came together and authorized and activated an activation of response plans.

This will enable nato's high readiness forces to deploy and when and where they are needed, to protect our nato allies on the eastern boundaries of europe. And now i'm authorizing additional u.s force capabilities to deploy to germany as part of nato's response, including some of the u.s based forces that the department of defense placed on standby weeks ago. I've also spoken with defense, secretary austin and chairman of joint chiefs general milley about preparations for additional moves. Should they become necessary to protect our nato allies and support the greatest military alliance in the history of the world.

Nato. As we respond, my administration is using the tools every tool at disposal protect american families and businesses from rising prices at the gas pump. You know we're taking active steps to bring down the cost, and american oil and gas companies should not should not exploit this moment. To hike their prices to raise profits, you know in our sanctions package we specifically designed to allow energy payments to continue.

We are closely monitoring energy supplies for any disruption. We've been coordinating with major oil producing and consuming countries toward our common interest to secure global energy supplies. We are actively working with countries around the world to elevate collective release from the strategic patrolling reserves of major energy consuming countries, and the united states will release additional barrels of oil as conditions worn. I know this is hard and that americans are already hurting.

I will do everything in my power to limit the pain the american people are feeling at the gas pump. This is critical to me, but this aggression cannot go unanswered. If it did, the consequences for america would be much worse. America stands up to bullies.

We stand up for freedom. This is who we are. Let me also repeat the warning i made last week. If russia pursues cyber attacks against our companies, our critical infrastructure, we are prepared to respond for months, we've been working closely with our pride with the private sector to harden our cyber defenses, sharpen our ability to respond to russian cyber attacks as well.

I spoke last night to president zielinski of ukraine and i assured him that the united states, together with our allies and partners in europe, will support the ukrainian people as they defend their country. We'll provide you humanitarian relief to ease their suffering in the early days of this conflict. Russia, propaganda outlets will keep trying to hide the truth and claim success for its military operation against a made-up threat. But history has shown time and again how swift gains in territory eventually give way to grinding occupations.

Acts of mass civil, mass, civil disobedience and strategic dead ends the next few weeks and months. We hard on the people of ukraine. Putin has unleashed a great pain on them, but the ukrainian people have known 30 years of independence. They've repeatedly shown that they will not tolerate anyone who tries to take their country backwards.

This is a dangerous moment for all of europe. For the freedom around the world, putin has a committed assault on the very principles that uphold the global peace, but now the entire world sees clearly what putin and his criminal and and his kremlin allies are really all about. This was never about a genuine security concerns on their part, it was always about naked aggression, about putin's desire for empire by any means necessary by bullying, russia's neighbors through coercion and corruption, by changing borders, by force and, ultimately, by choosing a war without a cause. Putin's action betrays sinister vision for the future of our world.

One more nations take what they want by force, but it is a vision that the united states and freedom-loving nations everywhere will oppose with every tool of our considerable power. The united states and our allies and partners will merge from this stronger, more united, more determined and more purposeful and putin's aggression against ukraine will end up costing russia dearly economically and strategically. We will make sure of that. Putin will be a pariah on the international stage.

Any nation, the accountant as russia's naked aggression against ukraine will be stained by association when the history of this era is written. Putin's choice to make a totally unjustifiable war on ukraine will have left russia weaker and the rest of the world. Stronger liberty, democracy, human dignity. These are the forces far more powerful than fear and oppression.

They cannot be extinguished by tyrants, like putin and his armies. They cannot be erased by people from people's hearts and hopes by any amount of violence and intimidation they endure in the contest between democracy and autocracy. Between sovereignty and subjugation, make no mistake: freedom will prevail, god bless the people of a free and democratic ukrainian. May god protect our troops associated press zeke.

So do you have any plans to speak with president putin at this point and what interactions do you have with the russian government? I heard the first part. Do i have any plans to speak with putin at this point and what what communications do you have with the kremlin as far as uh military operations, ukraine and making sure this does not spiral into a larger conflict? Well, it's a large conflict already. The way we're going to ensure it's not going to aspire to a larger conflict is by providing all the forces needed in the eastern european nations that are members of nato. Nato is more united than it's ever been and i have no plans to talk with putin.

Uh wall street journal tarina. Mr president, you didn't mention swift in your sanctions that you announced. Is there a reason why the us uh isn't doing that? Is there a disagreement among allies um regarding swift and whether uh russia should be allowed to be part of it? The sanctions that we've proposed on all their banks of equal consequence, maybe more consequence than swift number one number two uh. It is always an option, but right now, that's not the position that the rest of uh europe wishes to take.

Um, cecilia, abc sir sanctions clearly have not been enough to deter vladimir putin to this point. What is going to stop him? How, and when does this end, and do you see him trying to go beyond ukraine and a second question i'll just give to you now this statement that he gave last night will that the what the threat that he gave the west will face consequences greater than Any you have faced in history. Is he threatening a nuclear strike? I have no idea what he's threatening. I know what he has done.

Number one number two, no one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening. It has to show this is going to take time and we have to show resolve so he knows what's coming, and so the people of russia know what he's brought on them. That's what this is all about. This is going to take time.

It's not going to occur, he's going to say. Oh my god, these sanctions are coming. I'm going to stand down he's going to test the resolve of the west to see. If we stay together and we will we will and will impose significant costs on him.

Will he go beyond ukraine? Sir? Do you see him going? Yes, two topics, just really quick. First markets are down and gas prices are up. I know you always stress the difference between wall street and main street, but everybody seems to be in for some economic pain. How, economically painful is it going to get for people in this country, and i do have one more question.

First of all, there's no doubt that when a major nuclear power attacks and invades another country that the world is going to respond and markets can respond all over the world. So there's no doubt about that number. One number two: the notion that this is going to last for a long time is highly unlikely as long as we continue to stay resolved and imposing the sanctions we're going to impose on russia period. What's your next question, i'm sorry, the next question is: did you underestimate putin, and would you still describe him the way that you did in the summer as a worthy adversary? At the time he was, i made it clear as an adversary and i said he was worthy.

I didn't underestimate him and i've read most of everything he's written. Did you read? I shouldn't say i'm not a wise guy, the you. You heard the speech he made. Almost an hour's worth of speech is why he was going into ukraine.

He has much larger ambitions in ukraine. He wants to in fact reestablish the former soviet union. That's what this is about, and i think that his uh his ambitions, uh, are are completely contrary to the place where the rest of the world has arrived, you're, confident that these devastating sanctions are going to be as devastating as russian missiles and bullets and tanks. Yes, russian bullets, missiles and tanks in ukraine.

Yes, i am president. If sanctions cannot stop president putin, what penalty can i didn't say, sanctions couldn't stop him. You've been talking about the threat of these sanctions for several weeks. Now, yes, but there's a threat of the sanctions and imposing the sanctions and seeing the effect of the sanctions are two different things for two different things and we're now going to he's going to begin to see the effect of the sanctions.

And what will that do? How will that change his mindset here, given he's because we're so weak in his country that he'll have to make a very, very difficult choice, to continue to move toward being a second rate power or in fact, respond? You said in recent weeks that big nations cannot bluff when it comes to something like this. You recently said the idea of personally sanctioning president putin was on the table. Is that a step that you're prepared to take and if not a bluff, is on the table? Sanctioning president putin, yes, why not sanction him today, sir? Mr president, why not sanction him today? Mr president, if i can you detailed some severe and swift new sanctions today and said the impact it will have over time, but given the full-scale invasion, given that you're not pursuing uh disconnecting russia from what's called swift, the international banking system or other sanctions at your Disposal respectfully, sir, what more are you waiting for, specifically with the sanctions we've imposed, exceed swift, the sanctions we oppose exceed anything. That's ever been done.

The sanctions we imposed have generated two-thirds of the world joining us. They are profound sanctions. Let's have a conversation in another month or so to see if they're working yes, can i ask about zilenski, sir? You spoke to vladimir zelinski yesterday, sir. What's the what's the risk that we are watching the beginning of another cold war and is there now a complete rupture in u.s and russian relations? There is a complete rupture right now in u.s russian relations.

If they continue on this path, that they're on and in terms of a cold war, that depends you have the vast majority of the rest of the world and total opposition to what he's doing from asia to south america to europe to around the world. And so it's going to be a cold day for russia, the idea you don't see a whole lot of people coming to his defense and are you are you if i could follow up? Sir? Are you urging china to help isolate russia? Are you urging china to help isolate russia, i'm not prepared to comment on that at the moment, yeah! No, no, no he's had his hand up a long time. Thank you, mr president, how concerned are you that uh putin wants to go beyond ukraine into other countries and the u.s will have to get involved if he moves into nato countries? Well, if he did move into nato countries, he will be involved. We will be involved.

The only thing that i'm convinced of is, if we don't stop now he'll be emboldened. If we don't move against him now, with these significant sanctions, he will be emboldened. Look, you know every uh well anyway, and can you talk anything more about your conversation? Can you, mr president, mr india, which is a major defense partner of the united states, is india with fully with you on the issue of ukraine and russia? Does the defense department of the united states, so india is one of your major defense partners? Is india fully in sync, with united states on on russia, we're going to be we're in consultation with with india? Today we haven't resolved that completely okay. Thank you all very much, president biden in the east room talking about the military action, the invasion underway uh from russia into ukraine there.

The president's saying this is a dangerous moment for all of europe and going on to say, but the entire world now sees what putin is all about naked aggression, saying putin desires an empire. He wants to put the soviet union back together. In so many words, the president said he outlined a series of sanctions against additional banks, including russia's largest bank. He said every asset russia has access to in america is now closed off.

He believes the actions taken today will cut off imports into russia by at least half. He also reiterated what the white house, what the president has said now for many many days, that our forces are not in the region to engage with russia in ukraine or otherwise, though, he was pressed just moments ago that, if putin continues on this march and goes Into any nato countries the president conceded, if he moves into nato countries well, then we will be involved, but obviously we are far from that at the moment, let's bring in our senior white house correspondent, mary bruce mary. You heard several reporters there at the white house, including i'll comment on a commercial break. Here: sanctions are they working? Are they enough and whether or not this white house, this president is prepared to sanction vladimir putin directly? It is clear he is still leaving that on the table, but biden sending a very clear message that this is vladimir putin's war and that putin now will pay the price announcing these harsh new sanctions, including what he described as being the most impactful, the most painful Going after these major russian banks - and he again reiterated that this is a unified response, we know he's been in constant communication with nato leaders with the g7 leaders just earlier today in a virtual meeting here at the white house, saying if putin's intent was to somehow See the west splinter in reaction to this, that he's seeing in fact the exact opposite putin is trying to test the resolve of the west and the west is united and telling our cecilia vega, that you know these sanctions aren't intended to prevent putin, but really to Inflict pain on him so that the russian people can see the impact of putin's actions here and while he is leaving something on the table, those sanctions against putin himself.

He also made clear what is not on the table reiterating again, that there will be no u.s troops going into ukraine, because he has warned over and over again that that would spark another world war david. You heard mary, the president asked there. Has there been a complete rupture of a u.s russian relations? He said absolutely. There has been a rupture of our relationship with russia, given what's playing out what putin has decided to do in the global stage.

He said we'll see what happens in the future when it comes to the relationship between the two countries, he was asked whether or not this is the beginning of another cold war. He said it will be a cold day, certainly for russia, given the sanctions that have been imposed in the unity that the president says he comes to the table with. As far as sanctions are concerned against russia, he said nato stands united, and this is a point that the white house has made several times in recent days that this is perhaps the strongest we've seen nato in many many years. The relationship i want to bring in our senior foreign correspondent ian panel on the ground in ukraine, ian we were on the air late last night, when, in the middle of the night, moscow time vladimir putin told the russian people.

This was a special military operation to demilitarize ukraine and now less than 24 hours later we're watching an assault from multiple directions there in ukraine yeah that's right, david mean the situation on the ground is serious and it's growing uh more serious really by the hour. I think what we've now seen is this concerted three-pronged attack uh from the south, from the northeast and from due north of uh of the capital kiev, russian special forces have taken this airfield, which is just around 20 miles north of the capital. Here, uh there's been ongoing battles with ukrainian forces. They appear now to be in control of that in chernobyl, which is about 65 miles also due north of the capital.

Kiev again, russian forces appear in control there. A heavy fighting is taking place in kharkiv in the northeast and also down towards crimea in the south. Again, russian forces seem to have overwhelmed ukrainian defenses in one of the first key towns on ukrainian soil, and what it looks like is an attempt to try and encircle kiev and the situation. The capital is looking increasingly dire and, of course, the question ian.

The world has right now in watching uh. These forces encircle keeve, as you've just pointed out. Does this in fact mean that vladimir putin wants a change in government there yeah, i i think really. The attempt here seems to be to try and decapitate the government uh.

You know we know that the biden administration tried to urge president zelinski to leave. That was something he didn't want to do. He has tried to stand shoulder to shoulder with the ukrainian people. Who've really been tested.

Today we met one uh she's, a news anchor morning news anchor who we'd interviewed a couple of weeks ago. They were preparing for the worst. Her husband had volunteered for civil defense. Today he had to go off to the front line they had to take their three children on their own to a hotel in the west of the country, where they've been checked into that hotel left on their own he's gone back and gone to the front lines.

She's now on her own in an apartment, wondering what does she do if russian forces come in so so real difficult choices, ordinary ukrainians are having to make, but the reality is. It looks like an attempt to decapitate the military and take out the ukrainian government. One last quick question before i: let you go there ian, you mentioned it there and it's a breaking headline. While we were on the air, a confirmation of the chernobyl zone, the so-called exclusion zone.

You mentioned there that russian forces now have control of that, and we should remind our audience after years, obviously of reporting on chernobyl that this is still a very uh dangerous site. Yeah. That's right! I mean it's a very high risk area. It's uh! It is known as an exclusion zone and uh.

The ukrainian government have conceded that they've lost control uh of that area, but also said they can't guarantee the safety of that chernobyl site, which is still very much active and dangerous. Even though it's effectively capped one imagines. That's another bridge head towards the capital kiev, but we have to wait and see. The ball is entirely in vladimir putin's court.

There is military resistance taking place by the ukrainians, but what we're seeing here all right, i don't think they're going to talk much more substance for a little while there they're recapping what uh, what biden had kind of talked about, but there was uh a couple key Takeaways for me and chat, you already noticed uh one of them the spy by the way, uh reacted somewhat positively to uh to biden's talk here, uh, regarding what their response is going to be towards russia, amc up, 16, 52 right now, five percent on the day, Uh, getting some form of a bounce off of a pretty gnarly gap. Down amc at one point was down to 13.79, following from the uh the news of russia invading ukraine uh. This is some pretty serious stuff. A lot has happened in a 24-hour period of time.

Right uh, perhaps the most recently uh what what alarms me the most is: the breaking of the geneva convention. Russia uh broke the geneva convention by attacking a hospital uh. That's a that's! A pretty big deal right, that's sort of one of those things within war that you're not supposed to do you're not supposed to involve civilians, you're not supposed to involve those who are are medically medically injured or or otherwise incapacitated and uh. That did in fact happen and uh biden's response from what i can gather is is that of we will get involved if other nato countries are so threatened by by putin or by russia and their military force.

There was a comment regarding china that uh biden chose not to speak on, and i i'm i shouldn't say that i'm surprised, but i would have liked to hear his response to that question, which was uh regarding whether or not uh they're going to be having conversations With china to try and uh perhaps have some ties in fighting against uh fighting against russia here so uh, there's, there's there's a lot that has happened, and i think this is a day right more so than than biden's response more than anything that has been said. This is a day in which there's bigger things going on than the u.s markets. Right, it's okay, to be happy! That amc is up six percent on the day, uh! It's okay to be happy that uh, the the broad market is getting some form of a bounce off of what looked like could have been the end of the world, at least for the time being, right, uh, but there there are real people out there. You know this is obviously not at the fault of uh us citizens.

We didn't, we didn't create these problems, we're simply bystanders who who are trying to uh. You know ride the wave, essentially control the controllables and and see what happens, but this is a day in which real lives are are being lost and there's real damage being done, and i think reflecting on that's very important. So if i seem somber today, that's that's the reasoning behind it right. I don't think this is lighthearted news i think uh.

I i think it's important to be able to reflect and appreciate what we have uh for safety. You know and to put up thoughts and prayers to those in ukraine who are being affected and those who know people in ukraine uh who are being affected right. It's it's a it's a very it's a very sad situation. You know there.

There are way more important things in the world than markets and when, when that question was asked - and i got a little bit frustrated - i'm not gon na lie. I i got frustrated because i don't feel as though economic concerns are what should be at people's. You know fronts of their minds right now, uh, you know. Obviously those reporters are just doing their job.

You can't be frustrated with them. You know they're asking what they're told to ask, but it's it's crazy stuff. Man we live in a we live in a wild world like the fact that uh the geneva convention was broken to me. You know.

That's, that's scary. That's really scary uh! I i would be very, in fact i'm actually. I am surprised to some extent that the united states isn't already intervening in ukraine, as was indicated by uh by by president biden uh, it's surprising to me that that already hasn't happened, considering the fact that the geneva convention has been broken and that has been reported. Um, it's it's! It's very sad stuff.

Man today is a day where i think a lot of a lot of people's hearts are gon na, be hanging a little bit heavy uh thinking about what's happening in the in the broad world, beyond markets right. Obviously, if you're making money in the markets today, do your thing it's it's a day right. The market is what the market is. It's a tool and a capacity to make money uh, but just it's okay to be able to reflect as well.

You know today is uh is a heavy day. It really is so thoughts up man, thoughts up to ukraine, thoughts up to those who uh who are involved and just keep them in the back of your minds. You know i am uh ivan i'm currently on 30 days, leave right, so i am still uh currently active duty military. I am not uh.

So there's two different sort of branches, uh branch office of the military right you've got force, com and you've got tradoc force. Com are the soldiers who go out and deploy and fight in wars, right, tradoc, trains in soldiers to eventually move on to force come. I am in tradoc right, i'm not force com, i'm not part of a deployable unit, so i will not. I will not be deployed, even if that was uh.

If that is something that does happen for the united states, uh armed forces, i will not be involved in that uh, but amc is getting a nice move. It is up to about 16.85 as of right now, so that is uh. That is a nice move that uh that we are getting a follow through on a lot of small mid cap companies cei having a move uh up to 20 coming off of the pre-market gamestop up 5.77 you've got uh cinemark up three percent tesla now green on The day, a firm, now green on the day up starting out green on the day, prague now green on the day, uh lots of different stocks. I believe iron t was having a really solid move as well up 35, which is uh incredible without a doubt.

Right, that's a that's, an incredible move! Uh - and this is coming off of i'm assuming uh quite a few shorts and these small mid cap companies starting to cover some positions so uh, it's good to see right. It's good to see some of these uh small, mid caps, getting some form of a relief bounce uh, which is which is definitely solid. Do i know why the army doesn't allow beards? I would join but shaving. My beard gives me bad ingrown hairs, izzy uh, from what i understand right, there's sort of two main things.

One of them is uniformity, the the military likes for uh its soldiers to have a very uniform clean cut, which is why those standards are in place and the second one dating back to uh the times in which gas masks were more of a a viable thing. That we had to train and prepare for uh. The beard apparently would interfere with the the seal of a gas mask, so they uh they they would have. You know their soldiers shave their faces because of that that exact reason cei uh.

We just pulled it up. We just pulled it up, it's doing pretty uh, pretty decent update up 20 or so definitely pulling back for the time being. I'm assuming that this is moving decently because of talk of oil. Uh that'd be my guess personally and now that uh the united states has mentioned sanctions since cei is a company driven by oil uh, and you know brian basically had to talk.

Who knows if it'll actually happen? Who really knows right? It's gon na take time to see how things play out, but he mentioned uh that the american citizens should not worry about uh gas prices becoming inflated and this and that and i'm assuming because of that, you know people thought uh. You know cei may not benefit in the way that they previously had thoughts, so i'm assuming that it's pulling back because of that reason, specifically uh, but it looks like markets are gon na recover here, we'll see if uh, if things continue on the way that they Have but for the time being, amc is certainly getting a recovery that is uh nice to watch in uh, present time up to about 16.75 cents up six and a half percent on the day, uh, definitely a decent move and it is broken out of a small Scale uh falling wedge. We mentioned this falling wedge on the previous stream uh. A break out of that falling wedge is certainly a good sign.

You could see this continue up. The first level to watch for uh to me is gon na be sort of a momentum level about 17 bucks, or so so. You do want to see that break over 17 for continuation into where you sort of have the next uh spot to watch, for which would be uh about here. I would say that is to me a pretty critical uh supply zone.

You could see this push through that supply zone. Time will tell right, uh, we'll, wait and see how that ends up panning, but markets certainly recovering uh very nicely here. You know the spy getting a nice push up to about 420 50.. You might actually see a red to green move, which is crazy when you think about the fact that we were down two and a half percent at one point in uh in the day, which is absolutely freaking wild to consider so uh wait and see.

421 23 is a pretty critical level for the broad market. Broad market, continuing on uh with this rally with this recovery would certainly aid the rest of uh, small and mid cap companies such as amc, but for the time being uh. This is, this is definitely a nice break from the pain and a beautiful recovery off of 1379 being the low of the the pre market. So it's good to see you know we are certainly uh we're making strides for the day we'll see if this continues on right.

Uh it'll largely depend on uh on more certainties being dished out by biden in terms of how he is going to be involved in uh this russia and ukraine conflict by the way to mods right. If uh. If there are people in chat who are or having discussion and it's respectful right, there's no need to uh, there's no need to delete chats uh. I don't personally partake in political talk, but we don't have to censor those who are or who are having a respectful discourse right if people are having respectful discourse, they're not insulting one another they're, not insulting uh people in chat, i don't even care if they insult Me right, they're, gon na insult me.

I don't really care. That's fine uh! As long as there's respectful conversation happening in chat. Please limit the amount of censorship that uh that is taking place, because we don't need that right. Uh, that's not necessary.

We can have. We can have uh, we can have polite discussion, respectful discussion about anything and as long as that's the case, you know i just let people talk, that's it. That's all that i ask: when will the typical citizen get drafted in the u.s uh? If the us goes to war, that's largely dependent on a lot of different factors. Here, uh, it's dependent on, i would argue the the current force of the military right.

So if the current force of the military, that you know, president biden or or perhaps the political seats do not think that we have enough soldiers or troops to uh fuel some sort of conflict, then that is certainly an option but uh. I i think, that's a ways out. I think that's that's like uh. If, if world war, three were to begin sort of situation every green day, there's always going to be the bull traps, uh shills and chat uh.

You know to be frank with you. I think - and i mentioned this in yesterday's live stream right - this uh. This is exactly what i mentioned in yesterday's live stream. I personally believe that the uncertainty is what fueled uh the bearish move on the us markets right, uh, uncertainty in terms of the us's uh place in that conflict, uncertainty breeds bears, and now that biden has come out to talk and now that there is the certainty Of yes, russia is going to be having this uh.

This conflict with ukraine that sort of uh that takes the uncertainty away from the market right uncertainty is what fueled this bearish move, and this was the priced in announcement of uh war, in fact taking place between russia and ukraine, or at least some form of a Conflict taking place between russia and ukraine now that that's happened right you just watched it get priced in it was priced in biden, came out to talk uh and now that there you know war has happened. Conflict has begun, there's certainty in that uncertainty breeds bulls, and i believe that's what you're witnessing right here off of that bullish. Uh, not bullish news at the least, but off of that announcement is hey. This is in fact going to be happening.

This is sort of the the reaction to that is now. We have certainty within the markets and uh. That's, i believe, what's fueled this rally here today, will it continue? I'm not sure you know it's tough to say that for this current moment in time, uh watching this upside level of support for the spy watching for amc, i mean, obviously you had a monstrous move off the open. It bull flagged out really nicely.

It got a nice move now, it's flat, topped out here at about 16.87 sensors, so uh personally, i'd like to see it. If it's going to retrace, i would like to see a hold over probably this uh, this top wick, that top wick's pretty huge uh. Why does that matter? That's a momentum level right! A momentum, bounce off of a previous high of day uh shows that there are bulls in control trying to continue on for uh new intraday highs, so i'd be watching for 16.49. If you are gon na get some form of retracement on on amc here today, just in ubs cuts russia bond values to zero, triggering margin, calls for the bank's wealth management, clients yeah.

I think i read that on twitter. I think i read that on twitter. It's pretty wild to watch uh, i mean honestly. Russia's economy is going through the absolute ringer right now.

This is pretty gnarly stuff, hey vegas, jeff, andrew vegas chef, andrew aye brother. Let me tell you real quick, please. As long as people were having respectful discourse right as long as there's no insults being thrown at individual people in chat, there's no need to uh to delete chats uh leave them, as is as long as it's respectful talk. That's all that i ask for yeah.

Uncertainty versus certainty is historic effect uh on the overall market. That's the way that things move. You know. Uh certainty breeds bowls.

If there's uncertainty in the market, you know in terms of, for example, uh rate hikes. That's what caused this absolutely monstrous move down rate hikes. The uncertainty of what that's going to look like that caused this: how is the fed going to respond to inflation into an ever-changing market condition and an economic condition that was caused frankly by them? You know that caused that the uncertainty of russia and ukraine that caused the move down after the absolutely monstrous pharmacy minutes that we had back here. Russia, ukraine, news, comes up bam, uncertainty, uncertainty, uncertainty, uncertainty.

Now we have the announcement right announcement. You get the first sign of some form of a relief bounce off of that uh off of that news, you know, i i believe it personally. I don't know if it's gon na be today tomorrow, the next day the day after that, but i think that certainty is worth a nickel and that the us markets is going to uh is going to respect. You know that that certainty in a positive way i smell like swiss cheese.

What does swiss cheese smell like i? I guess i don't go out on my way to to sniff on and inhale the beautiful fumes of swiss cheese. There are protests in russia they're always going to be those who uh who disagree? You know it is what it is. I i personally, i believe in uh where, where you really lost me, is this the geneva convention right? This is a really big deal. This is a huge deal.

This is a monstrous deal. Russian forces strike hospitals. Health minister of ukraine, victor liaxco, has said this is a direct violation of the geneva convention. This is where i just have absolutely no respect.

You can't respect this in the least bit innocent people's lives for absolutely no reason other than absolute domination of ukraine were lost. I think there are likely russians within the country who would agree that that is a a distasteful and unethical thing to do is swiss cheese. Stinky, oh, i didn't know that the more you know the more you know, man, the more you know. Oh, i still have some coke uh uh they're going to use chemical warfare tonight.

Man i mean, i surely hope not. I really hope not, but i guess time will tell uh. I love swiss cheese, yeah swiss cheese, i'm sure it's pretty dece, i'm sure it ain't bad amc up to about 16 and 90 cents here on the days is certainly uh. A nice move uh for the stock, getting a beautiful bounce back up.

Looking at this on the hourly charts here, volume is definitely higher uh and it is broken out of this falling wedge watching for that 17 hash and if it cracks over uh 17 bucks, you're gon na be wan na watching uh. This red boxes supply zone uh. Here today, until we get that test of 17 bucks, uh we'll have to wait and see how that actually ends up panning. Why do uh spy and amc have almost the exact trading patterns? I bet not all stocks and s and the spy are trading like that.

Uh, i personally believe that the spy and amc are trading very similarly, because pretty much every stock is reacting to the certainty of the situation. The exact same, i think, like i mentioned before, that uh shorts uh we're running out of time. I mentioned this yesterday if you're a short position coming into this current market situation. You see uh sort of what is taking place with uh.

You know russian ukraine almost becoming certain rate hikes becoming certain right, uh, the the amount of rate hikes becoming certain the the way that they're going to be executing the uh, the tightening of the economy right. These are all actually bullish for the stock market, not necessarily the execution of it right, but the certainty of it. The certainty of it has caused a move amongst all stocks.

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