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Good morning, vietnam, what is up? Everybody welcome to trades right. Three freaking talk fast and don't skip class electric private say that i'm not a fighter advisor or expert, so take what i say: the great assault, let's get into the video, so we actually just built. I just uh put together a freaking cat tree for titan. I don't know where he is.

He must be chilling, but i'm excited because he's not going to scratch up my arms anymore man he's been freaking using and abusing my my hands and my hands and arms and stuff. But uh, i'm going to you, know, talk about a couple different things here, so i want to go over the technical analysis, the or text now the short sale volume ratio percentage, and i also want to clear up some of the conversations that have been happening over The weekend right put a video on thursday talking about my game plan moving forward in terms of what's happening with amc as well as the broad market, and i said, hey offer your opinions offer some criticism, some feedback and i will definitely read it and i can Make some clarification points and or adjustments if necessary, and the big two things that i want to talk about? Are this i've seen points saying and you know trey is done talking about amc is moving on. I've also seen that youtubers are being paid to shut up and step away from the stock, and i think the most important thing that i can say about both of these things is as such, myself, i'm not stepping away from amc. In my video, i very clearly state that i'm not going to stop making amc stock update videos.

I only simply think that what's happening with the stock on a day-to-day basis is very simple: the shorts haven't covered their positions yet they're, still naked short selling. High frequency trading failure to delivers systemic problems within the stock market that are happening, and you still have the apes. The apes haven't gone anywhere. They still like the freaking stock.

They still want the lemon pep attendees baby, that's as simple as it is, and if there's news that comes out important, due diligence, important information, you can bet your ass, i'm going to cover it simple as it gets. What i mean by this is maybe i put out three or four amc update videos a week, and i also give you broad education towards what's happening in the stock market right, i'm not stepping away, i'm not leaving that's as simple as it gets. I believe in the stock for almost eight months actually eight months now and i still believe in it, and i still want the ages of step away from this winning the trade. Because to me this stock is very simple.

It's about conviction! It's about anger, frustration and speaking out against problems within the stock market. That's it that's it and i'm not stepping away from that. So the other thing i want to talk about is youtubers getting paid to shut up myself. I am making a point to keep my blinders on right.

Whenever i make any sort of video. Whenever i put out information, i give you my unfiltered opinion. That's it. I make it a point not to watch other people's stuff.

Before i put out an opinion before, i make any sort of decision on what's happening here, so i can't speak on other youtubers. What i can tell you about myself is this. I haven't paid by anybody. I have no interest in stopping even talking about the stock.

No interest at all, i'm still going to give you updates. I still want to keep the apes and the freaking know-how in the loop in terms of what's happening here but simple as it gets. Even if i was which i'm not you guys don't need me you're in the loop, you know what's happening right now, right, i i don't think that's what's happening. I i think maybe possibly what could have happened here is people saw.

You know that i was deciding to cover other things in the market and they wanted to do that. That's that's! I can't speak for them, though i can only speak for myself right. They'd have to come up. You know personally publicly make their own statements and do what they want to do, but i'm not stepping away man i'm still going to cover the stock.

I'm still going to give you guys the updates, the information that you need. I also just want to teach you about other broad educational things within the market that can apply to amc that can apply to different things in the stock market. So when you're done with the stock, you've made your freaking tendencies, you've gone to chicken church, crack and kingdom. You've raked it in you're, ready you've got everything that you need.

You've got the tools ready and available to you, so that's kind of what i've got going on right here, uh. Hopefully it answers some questions and i guess we'll just give you the update that i wanted to give you here in terms of what's happening so starting off with the vortex data. Let's just chat very briefly about the short interest and utilization of the constant bar, because i think there's the three biggest things that are important when you have the run up from you know: 14 bucks all the way up to 72. There was two things that had happened: the utilization was at a hundred percent and it was at 100 for a prolonged period of time.

Now. What i think happened here with that utilization is you had a forced share loan recall right. All of these shares that were out on the market there was like 150 million total shares borrowed into the market got forcibly recalled they had to. You know essentially cover them heavy very, very quickly, and you see that right here, 98 utilization, all the way down to 77.

It happened very fast and the reason for that is supply and demand. There was a crap ton of demand and not a lot of supply, because utilization was maxed out now. I say this is important because the utilization is starting to go back up, it's a 91.63 and that's a pretty sharp increase from what you've seen in the previous month of trading. So that's a good thing to see short interest, also making a pretty nice little climb.

Very slow one fourteen and a half percent allow up to fifteen point two one estimated to an interest of free float, and that is eighty five percent of the exchange reported data could very easily be 18 20. 25. 30 percent. We're using this as a baseline conservative baseline, so you can see the overall trend in terms of what is happening with the stock costs to borrow maximum also 19.

This is an annualized interest rate that essentially puts pressure on short positions and incentivizes them not to hold their positions for long periods of time. Remember this. This is an advantage. The apes have over any sort of short position in the market is you're not paying an interest rate.

You don't have to have heavy collateral to establish position in a short position. Maybe you can only play half your portfolio, a court of your portfolio, any given security, because you have to put up x amount of collateral for risk management. That's a pro to being eight. My friends is, first off you're, not a freaking hedge, that's already the biggest win of all time, but secondly, you don't have to worry about this stuff, so this is actually a step in the right direction.

A slow one, that's part of the process right or you're, making progress so keep that in the back of your mind, each individual day take a step back. Look at how far you've come that'll motivate you to keep moving forward, so the daily short sale buying percentage. This also kind of affirms what you're, seeing in terms of the stock price and the ortex data, because the sorting has slowly been going up. The last four days: 39, 42, 40 and 44.

The overall market volume and amc stock has been short volume. That's actually interesting because the short interest has gone up as well as the utilization, which tells me a couple of things. This is probably why the price has been going down the last couple days very slightly, but it has and also why the utilization is going up, because you have more shares that are being held on loan. There are shorts out there who are essentially saying look.

I think that this is a pivot point where you can push the stock price down. I would disagree based on technical analysis, but it does show you what's happening in the broad market sense of amc stock and why you have seen the moves that you have in the last three or four days moving forward. What can you expect in this ex next upcoming trading week? You are in a little bit of a spring loading sort of formation here right. So what you've watched happen is a stair-stepping of higher lows, lower higher low higher low higher low higher low, high or low every individual time that it's trying to dip down it's losing steam.

To put this in a psychological sort of sense. This means that the shorts people out there, who are you, know short selling the sock, maybe maybe trying to push this down colluding the stock they're losing steam they're losing strength with each individual dip back down. Very, very simply put that's how you can think of it, and on top of that, you have this squeeze down effect on the overall chart setup now you've got kind of two things that are fighting each other a little bit here. You did have a head and shoulders pattern head shoulder shoulder which didn't end up coming fruition, so you could probably already watch that, but the bullish set up here is these higher lows and the spring loading effect right.

You have this decent level of resistance, ascending level of support, sort of springing. This thing together to get a push back up to that 44 to 50 dollar range. Now, what i'm expecting is this if it was to happen tomorrow, you're looking for a push over 38.50 to ultimately retest 40, which i think would come pretty easily back up to the high of this day right here at about 40, 46, 80 or so right. But first it's going to come that 44 and 82 level of resistance and a push over that is going to bring you up to that 50 mark.

Is that gon na happen on monday, tuesday, wednesday? It doesn't matter if it does you're in this for the squeeze. If you're playing options, different story right, you have to come up with some sort of plan. For that you have to know what you're doing you have to have a game plan, because if you fail the plan you plan to fail, but the squeeze setup here. My friends, it's just a matter of time, waiting this thing out and having patience, having conviction in your trade right.

To put this very simply right, this is what i kind of want to leave you with keep your freaking blinders on. If you believe in the stock, you really think this is going to squeeze outside noise outside opinions bud all this sort of nonsense. That's bouncing around right! Now, it's all garbage it doesn't matter. You don't need that, because, ultimately, this the thesis behind this trade is as simple as this there's still apes, that, like the stock, the shorts have not covered their positions, because shorts are automatic buyers.

The 15 interest on the stock - eventually, those guys are gon na - have to buy the stock back they have to they have to they have to they have to. They can't hold it for the rest of eternity they can't. The third thing is just still systemic problems within the stock market. Failure delivers naked short selling, algorithmic trading short ladder, attacks, high frequency trading.

All these things collusion market media. All this bs, my friends. Still there i'm passionate about this. I freaking i've been there.

Remember your! Why my why? My friends is that this stuff makes me angry the freaking suppression of the little guy of the retail trader. The retail worker makes me angry, and i want to make my old man proud. My pops that passed away five years ago from a heart attack, i just think all the time about the things that he'd want me to do with my life, find that why find that conviction, remember your conviction behind the stock one light zaps, i don't know where Titan is he's probably freaking, chilling, he's, probably sleeping but catch on the next one, much love and peace.

By Trey

25 thoughts on “War wages on”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brandon T says:

    "if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved" Romans 10:9

    Besides buying and holding we should put our faith in the one who spoke of the things we are seeing in the world right now.

    In the last days according to the Bible…. there will be :
    -People walking after own lusts
    -Following doctrines of devils (new age spirituality, law of attraction, witchcraft)
    -Knowledge will increase (Internet, television, phones, etc)
    -Nation of Israel reborn ( Reborn in 1948)
    – Waves and seas will roar ( The frequency and intensity of hurricanes is increasing like never before)
    – Famines and diseases ( Don't think you need an explanation)
    -Man destroying the earth
    -Hatred of Christians

    Do what you will with this info I can care less about your feelings I am just interested in stating what the Bible literally says and that there is hope if you are saved

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    When it went from $14 to $72, why was that not the squeeze? Looking for technical explanation (not FUD talking the stock).

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    You’re the best my man. Keep it up. And I’m actually stocked on the direction of your channel. It makes perfect sense to me and I look forward to the market education along with the continued AMC updates.

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    Stay committed to your self and trade your plan, but just know that AMC is falling out of a descending triangle right now on the daily and will likely see $30 before catching major support, $28, and then 20 after that if memory serves me right, just thought I would let y'all know that there was no chance this was going to break up, not with that setup that it just played out, was very obvious it was going down not up

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    The stock market is system designed to transfer wealth from the inpatient to the patient.

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    stock investing is 99% temperament and 1% knowledge. That is, even after you have done full research and pinpointed on a name, you still get 1/100. focus on 99! That's where you differentiate between the best and the rest.

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    Hedge funds are (most likely) slowly closing out their positions .
    Who says that they have to cover the shorts all at once ?????

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    Everyone here knows AMC has been driven down to less than half its price per share of it's all time high, right? That means anyone that got in at $77 per share and stayed in until now is currently at a loss of more than half of their investment, right? This is coming from someone who currently has AMC stock…there would be no "war" if the stock market was kept in check from what many consider having criminal activity going on within it, so protect yourself, because, as far as I can see, the movement in regard to AMC, at least up to this point, hasn't changed any of that…none of it…at least not to any extent that it has been visibly enforced to our advantage. Just saying, protect your capital, because no youtuber will. Not financial advice, I am not a financial advisor…just something to consider.

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