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AMC Stock Update: AMC Stock has been heavily attacked, illegally, by hedge funds for months. Short-laddering, and naked shorting, both systems utilized to cheat and steal from retail investors were fully in play in today's price action. In today's video, we discuss why we didn't see AMC squeeze today, the magnitude and relevance of the previous weeks of price action and media coverage, and why there is still extremely high potential for a squeeze in the coming days.
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This is not financial advice. I just hope you brought your oven, mitts baby gosh. If you can't handle the heat. No, i'm just kidding, i'm just playing, oh man, so we're gon na cover amc again here today.

Uh quick update, just based on the price action here. In the morning i will be going live at 8. 8. 8 a.m.

Cst, if you are interested in watching the live price action before the bell uh for amc, so let's just get right into the video. What is up everybody welcome to trace trades. We have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these given stocks, i like the premise by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt we're gon Na get right into this video, so, let's dive into the day for amc. So what are we looking at as of right now? Well, i did put out a video yesterday and oh my god, by the way, um absolutely blown away and humbled by the amount of people that decided to watch this.

This is absolutely mind-blowing. All of you who are new to the channel welcome it's good to have you apart as a part of the team and uh. I definitely want to keep providing as much information as i possibly can to everybody out there in order to help clarify some points and really unify the community here. I said it in my previous video, but i think the coolest coolest thing about what is going on right now.

This amc movement is the fact that, regardless of where you live in the planet, uh your political background, your age, your gender, your sexual orientation, the color of your skin people are coming together to fight for the same cause, and that is absolutely beautiful to me and If you, if you feel welcome to do that here in this community here at trace trades, i will gladly have you, and so everybody else here so, as i said before - welcome to the crew if you are new to the channel now, as i mentioned in the Previous video yesterday we saw an extreme amount of market manipulation happening with amc. We saw what is known as a short ladder uh. I i will briefly run this down, but essentially what is happening is you've got short sellers or hedge funds that are buying and selling back and forth to each other. Algorithmically uh bid sizes of between you know a couple hundred to maybe a thousand shares, and we may be seeing this happen right now before our eyes in real time here on the level twos uh - and we saw the same thing happen here today at the pre-market Open we're seeing that same ladder short selling, that market manipulation in order to confuse the market, making system and drive the price down right.

We had another thing happen right: we've got naked short selling now, what's naked short selling, if you have 100 shares of a stock right, you've got 100 shares of a stock for amc, and that's all that exists in the market. Let's say just hypothetically they're all being held right now: well, you can create apparently um counterfeit shares or shares that don't exist and create another 100 shares right. So what does that? Do it dilutes? The overall um share price. It decreases the overall value of the stock, and we do see that happening here as the price begins to drop so as more shares just based on the the basics of supply and demand with a company right.

If there's high supply, there's low demand, uh low supply high demand, well, the more shares exist in the market that are floating around right. That decreases the overall demand for the stock, which decreases the price, and we are seeing that happen right before our eyes. I was asked what is this right here right, these huge wicks now this is speculative, but this could be in order to set and uh and sell off based on limit orders. So this could be market makers specifically setting uh the price to come up to 19.80 uh.

We've got it hitting 1930 19 1950, and here you know 1611, and what this could do is trigger off some limit orders that were previously set in order to sell off some shares and immediately after this we did see a sell-off in the after hours. Yesterday. That's that's another grade. A market manipulation tactic, i'm telling you right now.

This is not typical, you do not. This is not. This is not a candlestick pattern. This does not just happen in the after hours.

This doesn't happen in general. That's not that doesn't make that. Doesn't make sense, so we shouldn't be seeing that and right now here in the pre-market, we're seeing the exact same tactics that were being used yesterday by these big hedge funds right. So what should we expect for today's price action and leading into tomorrow? Well, today is tuesday february 2nd and, as i stated in my previous video, the end game here and of course this is not financial advice, everybody's in a different financial situation, but i am going to hold my position here in amc.

I'll tell you what i got paid uh by patreon yesterday and i'm going to be transferring over 3 000 of that to get into amc and increase my overall position in the stock, and i will just show you right now exactly what i've got rocking. I was paid thirty five hundred dollars - ninety one thirty thirty, five hundred ninety one dollars seventeen cents, i'm gon na - be putting three thousand dollars of that into amc immediately today. Once that hits this account, i am hopping into this and uh. That is my game here.

Right so i'm 100 in this movement with you guys to me it is about more than making money. Of course, there is a lot of opportunity to make money here right because if the squeeze does end up happening, uh that that will be the end goal. You're gon na see this you're gon na see this crush. It's gon na it's gon na squeeze the crap out of hedge funds.

You're gon na make a crap ton of money and the potential is extremely high. So if we look here on the one month chart right the last time that we squeezed, we went from two dollars and thirty one cents up to twenty five, eighty, a huge huge squeeze, and that's that's not something that uh that you can make up. That's a huge that's, a 1 000 increase in price right. So if we see that same amount of push, what you'd be looking at is 10 up to 100, which sounds absurd right.

It doesn't sound possible, but let me show you some numbers that can verify and tell you exactly what i mean. So i've got two different sources pulled up here. I've got fintel fintel, as i shared yesterday was updated. On february 1st of 2021 we've got 76.9, total million short volume shares being traded 433, total 433 million total shares traded at market volume, which is an absolute ratio of 18 short volume.

So if we come down here and compare this to the previous day right, that's 147 million shares. So that's about half as much as we saw previously now. This might be concerning you're thinking to yourself. How is this possible? How is the short volume lower? Well, what could end up happening guys is the overall amount of shorts.

Since there were ladder ladder shorting down right, they could have been able to take profits from this overall position and escape some of their issues. Here. Right now, i've got another another source pulled up, which is ortex, there's a couple different things that i want to point out to you. So the first thing is the utilization right here.

So what's the utilization, if you're not familiar with what utilization is? Luckily, ortex will explain this to you extremely well: the ratio between the number of shares on loan across all outstanding loans in the wholesale market and the number of shares available for lending at lending programs. Zero percent means that no shares have been borrowed or lent at these lending programs. 100 means that all shares available to borrow or lend at a lending program have in fact been lent. This does not represent the number of shares listed on the exchange that have been lent because all listed shares are available for lending.

It indicates how much of the supply actually available for lending has been lent unless otherwise specified. This is given in decimal format. So that means that currently 92.96 of cur current shares available to lend out are being held 92.96 and that is not taking into consideration the naked shorting right. So the naked short shares the shares that don't exist.

The counterfeit shares they're not going to report that because it's illegal it's illegal. So this tells you exactly what you need to know. This tells you hey. We've got a crap ton of shorts right now that are holding a crap ton of shares and they are in the hurt locker.

So the options expired last friday right. If we pull that up right now, i want to show you guys something options they they are. They are a fact, and what we're going to be looking at here from market beat is the amc overall short interest, and i want to show you guys exactly what i'm talking about here. So if i, if i pull this up, we can see that the price on record date of 8.63 for these 44.67 million shares sold short, did in fact expire right.

So those options are dead and if we come back here to the 15th, i want you guys to see something and it's this right now. The price on that day never touched eight dollars and sixty three cents. What does that tell you right? Well, that tells you that they weren't purchased on that date. They weren't sold on that date.

I should say right: eight dollars and sixty three cents you're likely looking at somewhere around here. So what that tells you is, these options are, in fact, expired and we are expecting them to cover, buy back those shares sometime in the next couple of days right. So if we can hold above nine dollars as we have in the past uh, the the the opportunity here for us to make this squeeze happen is still alive. It's still very very much alive and i really really want to double down on that and help.

Everybody understand that that is a fact. Another thing i want to cover right now days to cover on loan. I think there's a lot of uh confusion on what days to cover is so what i've got pulled up right now is a walkthrough on basically what everything here is so how many days the vol, how many days the volume uh how many days volume the current Shares on loan equate to note average daily volume is based average, three month daily volume for the given security across exchanges. So essentially, what days to cover means is a total short interest divided by the average volume.

So a shorter days to cover means that shorts are able to cover their total their short position in a shorter period of time if they need more time to cover, meaning that you're expecting the price to have to come down. You're expecting let's say it's eight days right. So if we look here nine point: nine five days to cover it's gon na be hard for the shorts to cover in this situation as compared to point eight zero days to cover, or, as it says here, most updated. 0.71 days to cover that means that there's a lot of tension happening right now between buyers and sellers.

Now this might scare you guys right that might that might be a frightening number to see in your mind, but what this essentially means is we need to buy and hold our shares, the less that we can give to them the the better off, because they're, not Going to be able to, i mean look what you're seeing right now the total utilization is 92.96 percent. That means that there's only about seven percent utilization remaining for these guys to legally uh continue to short their shares, and that's huge that doesn't that's not necessarily saying they're not going to continue to make it short, but if they do continue to make it short guys That is just increasing the overall potential of this squeeze. This is huge. This is so huge.

92.96 utilization of the total available shares to be lent. That's a lot, that's a huge huge number now. If we look here on the charts, what are we looking at? Well, just looking at this at first glance, we are in a slightly upward moving channel previously before we opened up pre-market. Today, we were in a nicer one right.

We were stair-stepping every single day, one higher low, two higher lows, three higher lows, and we are still setting these higher lows but instead of having you know, three touch points which is a much stronger, ascending level of support. We're looking at two touch points. So one two right so we're still setting higher lows, and that is a good thing. I actually want to show you something regarding volkswagen before they had their historic mother of all squeezes.

So this was referred to as the infinity squeeze, and i want to show you guys something that i actually find very interesting. This looks really similar to what we're seeing right now on the charts on amc. We've got this. This little mini run up right, nice little squeeze harsh pullback, which we see it comes all the way back down to previous lows.

Right back down to. I think this is in pounds 200 pounds well check this out. Look at the stock right now. We've got this little mini run up.

What looks like could be the beginning of a really harsh pullback right, and if this follows any sort of trend to volkswagen before this pullback could come the squeeze or after this pullback. So if volkswagen, the infinity squeeze the mother of all squeezes - and i recognize this - is not a vacuum - we're not living in a vacuum - this isn't the exact same situation, but look at this over a period between september 12th and just up to the beginning of november. We saw this whole process play out right, so if this is any indicator of the possibilities of what this squeeze could do, guys, i'm telling you it could be insane right. This is not over.

This is not we're not looking bad think about this uh. In retrospect. Right now we're down 25. So there was a time in amc's volatility where we were actually down 60 - some percent 66 67 from the peak of the run-up right.

So we we, we ran all the way up to 25 and 80 cents closed that previous day. You know around it would have been 1669 and then open the next day right around here at 11, came all the way back down at one point to like six dollars and 54 cents. So this is nothing in comparison to what we saw with the previous rundown. In the previous short attack, this is the very definition of a short ladder right here guys.

These are. These: are the hedge funds selling back and forth back and forth between each other? I mean look at this. This is a picture-perfect setup. We've got the george w a george w if you're not familiar, if you're new to the channel is a double bottom.

This is typically a bullish indicator. You can see that w formation right here, that is a bullish indicator and by all means this should have continued to run. But look at this, the shorts were squeezed, ran all the way up to 25 dollars and 80 cents, and you know what they did. After that they came back into the fight they short laddered.

They sold their shares back and forth. They manipulated the market, they messed with. The algorithm of the market makers ran it all the way back down to six dollars and 11 cents, but look at this if it could run all the way back down from 6 11 cents to a height the next day of uh. This looks like 15.98 cents.

Look at that range look at the volatility of this stock. This stock right now guys is still volatile. It is seeing some crazy moves. We were at 17 and 14 cents as a high yesterday, currently trading at 10 and 20 cents and we've seen 980.

As of the pre-market right now, so we know the volatility of the stock, we know that it can cover multiple dollars in a single day. We know the volume is there. If we look at this on the daily chart, this is trading extremely high. It's what we've seen in the past 54 million shares total here right.

We look at this. 1.2 billion shares traded in a single day, 570 million 595 million 418 million, so volatility is driven by volume and volatility also drives higher price valuations. And as long as we've got that volume, the possibility is still there. We just simply need to continue to hold and buy and hold and buy, of course, i'm not a financial advisor.

This is not financial advice. This is my take on the situation as of right now and, if you're not familiar with what a short attack or a short ladder, is i'm going to read you off a quick description. I want to make this very quick, as i did cover this in my last video, but just in case you do not know, i'm going to read you just the single paragraph discussing what a short ladder is, the short manipulates, a lot of supply and demand by Flooding the offer side with counterfeit shares they'll do what has been called a short down ladder. It works as follows: short a will sell a counterfeit share at ten dollars.

Sure b will purchase that counterfeit share, covering a previously open position. Short b will then offer a short counterfeit share at nine dollars. Short able hit that offer or short b will come down and hit short a's. Nine dollar bid.

Shorty buys a share for nine dollars, covering his open, ten dollar short and booking a one dollar profit. So this is something that these hedge funds are doing in order to cover back some of their losses, and this is also leading into the naked short and a naked short is an invention of the securities industry. That is a license to create counterfeit shares. It is illegal, you are watching market manipulation before your very eyes, and i've been asked by quite a few people trey if this is happening right and we can't control these market makers and these hedge funds manipulating the market.

What's even the point of us getting into this right? Well, i'll, tell you what the point is right now: we've seen that we have power as a group of people and as a community in order to fight back in this situation right, so they drove the price. All the way back down to six dollars and sixty cents we're at the we're at the lows right now. This is this is an emotional roller coaster. It's an emotional roller coaster.

I 100 understand that, but two days later guys we touched all the way up to 1789.. In two days we covered an 11 spread. That's insane! That shows you the power of what we've got going on right now, that is the power. That's the power of this community by myself.

I can't do anything by yourself. You can't do anything together, we can do a lot and i genuinely genuinely think and mean that and we are still setting higher lows and higher highs right. So we saw a couple days of consolidation here on the charts right. We see we're stair stepping higher lows higher highs.

We are still slowly moving upwards and if we look here at the candles, this is actually really reassuring to me. We've got quite a few bullish candles, even though we're bleeding right now, we've got this fat hammer candle, which indicates that uh. This is. This is a hammer candle if you're, not if you're, not aware that is also known as a shooting star, and this typically indicates that there is weak selling pressure.

So sellers tried to drive the price down to the bottom of this wick, which is at about 10.93 and buyers step back in to push the price up to 11.50. This indicates to me that there is so much buying pressure right now. I want to show you guys something that i posted on my twitter, and this is actually very interesting, and this really really shows you what's happening right now in the market. I shared this because i found this on wall street bets.

You can find this on fidelity and it is very indicative of what is happening right now. So look at the buy and sell percentage for amc. All you have to do is buy and hold. Yesterday there was 95 buying presents 5 selling presents.

That is insane. That shows you what we're doing right now, guys that shows the market manipulation that shows you that people are buying and holding this stock and that we're on the same boat right so um that that really is what i want to double down on is from yesterday. Right from yesterday's close, the big changes, what are the big changes? The big changes are, we know, we know the days to cover is 0.71. We know the utilization is 92.96, which means there's only about seven percent available for them to lend legally legally, but if they continue to make it short, gme had a short percentage of 250 percent guys.

So if you saw what happened there, you saw what happened with gme's short: they they, they went absolutely bonkers. They were insane. They went from 40 bucks up to 500.. That's that's the very definition of what i'm talking about right now.

I don't know why i just uh changed it, but look at this 45 in one two three days covered 517. Now look at this so check this out. We saw a high here of 159. on gamestop and then it was short ladder attacked.

We saw sellers hedge funds come in short, the stock from 159 bucks all the way down to 64. man i'll tell you what i'll tell you what right now, if the gamestop buyers and holders can sit through that a literal retracement of absolute hell? Look at this! That is as bad as it gets, that is over 78.6 retracement, that's a 100 retracement. It touched to the bottom. That indicates to me a lot less buying strength than what's happening right now in amc, there's a way way higher amount of buying strength in amc than that before that that huge run-up that we saw with gamestop right so, let's indicate it to me - is we haven't, Had a 100 retracement, we have actually been stair-stepping and setting higher lows and higher highs check this out.

Every single run-up setting higher lows and higher highs. We never 100 percent of each race. 25. 80..

We never came back down to 450. We came back down to 660., that's the hardest retracement right, but we never gave back everything, and that indicates to me there's a lot of buying pressure. There's a lot of people holding there's a lot of people that are not willing to let the the price be driven down on this stock. I said this in my last video and i'll say it again.

I 100 believe in this movement because as people i i feel like i, if i have the power to assist and control the situation with the hedge funds to because their end game here guys is to bankrupt this company to take the money from you and to Make back their losses, they're getting greedy they're doubling down on their positions and saying you know what uh i know we just lost this, but screw it. We're gon na put in more money we're gon na screw these retail investors we're gon na bankrupt the company. We're gon na put these people that work for the company out of work, and i wan na stand with it, and i i genuinely wan na pass that message along, of course, i'm not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice.

I simply want to pass along the wealth of information that is available to me and to you, and we we, the numbers, are the numbers. The numbers are what they say. We know the options expired. We know that the the the days to cover is 0.7, meaning that right now shorts can cover sooner if the days are longer.

That does indicate that the shorts need more time in order to cover, which typically indicates a lot of pressure right. That indicates that there's a high squeeze ability but check this out as well. So if we look at uh their days to cover here, when did this huge push happen? It happened right here when days the cover was at about two 1.89. We saw the push.

We didn't really see much of a squeeze at all when this is 9.95 right, so that look how high this was. We didn't see any push with, even with all that pressure, nothing happened. This has been a long time in the making and there's still some room to run here, guys, i'm telling you that right now - and that is what i have for the video. So if you enjoyed it, please drop a like.

It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this and, lastly, i'm going to fill in the description box down below for weeble, which is a platform you're watching me use right now. It is a a great platform. Allows you to trade in the pre market for free stocks, 100 deposit. I receive a free stock great to support the channel if you're not interested, that's totally fine.

I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, my friends, so that's what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

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