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AMC Stock - In today's video, we give an update on AMC stock price action and trading.
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You know, i think, about this guy all the time i think about, i think about rich greenfield going on cnbc, going on about hebato, going on about fundamental value, going on going on about how the stock price is not justified. It makes no sense these people don't understand, what's actually happening here and then i just come back to stuff like this, and i can only help but chuckle, because you have to wonder every day every day that amc continues to do what it does every day that Amc continues to trade in the 30s, the 20s, the 40s, the 50s, the 60s. You just have to wonder to yourself. You just have to wonder how his one cent price target is actually freaking doing.

So whatever man you do you, what is up everybody going to trace trades? We freaking talk fast and don't skip class. I like the premise by saying that i'm not finished advising our experts so take what i say with some lemon pepper attendees. Please baby. Let's get into the video so today my friends, my family, my fellow golly gang we're giving you update on ticker symbol, amc here and we had a pretty solid day up 6.89 and what gets me the most excited, isn't necessarily that we were up seven percent on The day, but more so the strength of the position in which amc is currently trading and moving right now, yesterday's video, i think that i think you're gon na see a nice bounce up off of this two of those high closer to candlestick pattern here, and that Did end up coming to fruition solely because we had multiple confirmations, that that was very likely going to happen.

You had this big fat nasty, shooting, star hammer candle set up, or this bottoming tail, essentially meaning that sellers tried to push the price down and it was rejected, got brought back up and that's a good thing, and i think you are very likely going to see That fourth test of that 37 level come to fruition because we're still hugging beneath that resistance line, but we're gon na go over a couple different things here: we're gon na go over the vortex data, which gives you the short interest utilization, which will kind of walk. You through, if you're new to this sort of uh stock and investment, we'll go over the cost of borrow rate, the annualized interest rate right, we'll also go over the source of volume percentage. This data has not changed from yesterday's video, but in case you're not able to catch it, we'll update you what that looked like in terms of the actual price action. That way, you can understand the microscopic moves, educate yourself along the process and make the best possible financial decision for yourself.

If you are interested in investing in or trading amc stock, yada yada yada, you know the whole spiel whatever you want to do and then we'll finish it off with a technical analysis and that whole sort of thing give you what i'm expecting moving into the next Couple of his training days here, because i am still short-term bullish on amc as well as long term for the squeeze, but i do think you have found the bottom and some momentum starting to return. We have a couple confirmations of that. I just want to point them out to you so without further ado baby, let's just get into this bad boy, so ortex. This is a short uh short interest and short reporting sort of website that i use to keep track of the different data that comes in on amc stock and the way that it trades.

You can currently see that we're sitting at 17.95 percent. Current short interest of free float, which is essentially just out of all the shares that are available for the general public, about 500 million or so 17.95 percent of those are currently being shorted into the market or about 91.83 million. We had a net difference of about 1.3 percent to the downside and i always like to check the average days on loan because it gives you an idea of who actually covered quote unquote the position, this 1.4 million shares and it was likely some of the uh. The newer short positions that are established in the stock because we do not see that average days on loan change much right.

It's still sitting at 47.52, so maybe you had some of the older ones get out, maybe some of these guys in the 60s 70s whatever, but the majority of these guys. The trend is still up in terms of on loan average days and the short interest trend is also up, meaning that well, i suppose you could just point out this this little piece right here. This little downside, you had an uptick in terms of average days on loan, meaning that some of the older shorts got out, but nonetheless, you have some of these old guys in the 50s 60s range they're still in their shorts waiting to see. If this 30 test is actually going to be a breakdown or a break out, in which case we could see some momentum, you can actually see a nice decent move on this, but the more of the story is the shorts still haven't covered, and if the shorts Haven't covered, you haven't had a short squeeze, it's in the name, it's not the name short squeeze, you have to have shorts covered and they have not got out of this position now.

The utilization of the costs of borrow are also starting to go up. Just a small amount, i'm not going to consider this cost bar anything significant! Don't get up all excited about this because we've seen it go up before and they go down and they go up and they go down the real cost. To borrow the real pressure in terms of annualized interest rate, which is what this ctb is comes when the utilization is maxed out. Currently it's sitting at 90.19, you did have a little bit of a downtick right.

It did pull back here a little bit, meaning that that cost to borrow or the pressure on short positions has not been extraordinarily high over the last one, two three four weeks and you can see it on the price action right. It's okay to say that it's okay to say that you're not gon na wake up one day and all of a sudden the stock is going to randomly squeeze, because it's all a part of the process or you have to have build up. There has to be catalysts that lead to any sort of big move in the market. I think there's cops out there, maybe they're busting, maybe they're busting the people that live above me that's something else.

I won't get into that, but nonetheless right, it's okay, to say that all that you want to understand is the generalized trend. What are the things that you're looking for in terms of being able to know that amc is getting the momentum back to get the big? Next leg, up towards the next squeeze sort of situation, you want to see that cost of borrow go up right. That puts pressure on short positions; it incentivizes them not to want to hold their position. You want to see that utilization maxed out when the utilization is backed out of means, there's no shares available for lending from lenders to lnd, which means there's not a lot of supply.

In that scenario, you can also see naked short selling and favorite deliverers have massive massive spikes, which we have seen in the past. Look at the failure to deliver rates right here right. The utilization was maxed out here, and it's no coincidence that you had a massive amount of failure to deliver in this time frame as well, which you can think of. Essentially, as a synthetic shear same as uh, you would a naked short uh shear.

So that's something to be watching for that's that's another piece, so you want the utilization to be maxed out. You want that constant bar to go back up. You want that short interest to continue to climb, which will, as you see, that utilization continue to do what it has done in the generalized grand scheme of things. So that's what you got cooking in terms of the actual data it was sitting fine.

I mean this is this: is nothing crazy? It's nothing huge to report. It's not going to be some groundbreaking video, but it is confirmation that you're still walking in the right direction, so the daily choice of blind percentage. We had a pretty massive uptick. Yesterday.

61 was the overall shorting that went into the market. I should say friday, which is why you see this hammer candle right here right. If you look at the hourly candles, you can see that they tried to push the price down pretty heavily immediately at open and rejected with this two of those high close rejection at 32 and 20 cents to get this nice massive reversal and re-test of that 37 And 20-ish set level of resistance which are hugging underneath right now, so pretty massive shorty coming into this, the apes are still freaking hottling. This thing with some diamond balls and ovaries, guys it's doing pretty decent right now, it's every single person on planet earth holding this stock.

I think this is a question that i see all the time. I i think uh. The most important thing is to take a step back and see what you personally can control. What can you do right? Are you holding the stock? Do you do you have things that you need to take care of? There are likely some people out there who may exit the position who are trading it whatever, whatever whatever, but i do think the majority of people, as you can see by the price action the strength showing itself in this 30 dollar range are holding this right.

That's an important thing to consider: what can you control right? What what is what is outside of your control? Can you control what other people do? No, should you no it's their money right, it's it's up to them. Ultimately, what they want to do, but the big thing is this: where this is trading right now, my friends is solid. This is range bound trading. We have been back and forth back and forth back and forth between thirty dollars and forty dollars for a month.

Now i mean that's solid. This is really nostalgic. This brings me back to essentially where amc was trading previously, what the heck just happened. Why did it do that? This is very nostalgic to what happened back here at this range right here right.

You had a long period of time, we're just straight back and forth back and forth back and forth between five dollars, all the way up to 14 bucks until it ultimately got this huge breakout to 72 freaking dollars. I think this is a pretty solid opportunity to buy with much less risk than you previously had, because i think the most downside that you can see here is 25, in which case, maybe you save some dry powder right. Maybe you sit on some cash and you you make that decision for yourself. Honestly, that's that's your decision to make it's not mine.

These are just my personal opinions and observations on the stock and how it trades, but i think this 30 dollar range the longer it's traded here, the more bullish of a reversal. You are likely to see in the near coming future. I think it's a pretty solid opportunity. I really do.

I think the risk, as it's been trading here, is just exponentially lower. So with that being said, i said this in my previous video and it's almost come completely super wish and we just haven't quite gotten that 37.20 break yet, but i did say i think you're gon na see a nice bullish move on monday, which did end up Coming to fruition, so if you played call options on this, you probably made a little bit of money right. That's awesome, cool! That's, ultimately, a decision to make whether you want to exercise those sell. Those i'm not here to do that for you, i'm here to tell you that i think you are going to see a pretty nice retest and break over this fourth test trend that has played out repeatedly over and over and over and over and over and over And over with amc stock, i do think you're going to see the 3720 break, whether it's tomorrow or wednesday.

I think in the short term, this is still bullish and the reason i think that is because i've seen it happen. Many many many times i've watched the stock for eight months. I've been able to predict moves that have happened over the last eight months, because there's trend, there's technical pattern, there's an analysis that you can do based on the way that this trades, despite the naked short selling, despite the failure deliver despite the gammas, squeezing all this Sort of stuff all the volatility you can predict that stuff, because it's priced in it happens every single day. It forms a pattern: it forms a trend and you can see that and that trend here, i think, is going to play out starting tomorrow, where you get that 37 tomorrow or wednesday, 37 20 re-test, and break to ultimately reclaim that 40 plus range.

We had a false breakout right here, ran all the way up to freaking 46 pulled back and now i think you're gon na see the real true break out of that position and another confirmation that we have of that potential move is the daily candle sort of Trend right here, we have already broken out of this downtrend right here and are now in range trading, so to make this the most simple as possible right. What am i essentially looking at if you look at this downtrend? What ended up happening? Well, we broke it and now that we have broken that down trend, you essentially have range trading out of this downtrend. So you can see that there's a support line right here and there's a resistance line right here about 39.12, excluding extended hours trading right. So this is essentially new territory.

This range trading is trying to decide. Okay, now we're out of a downtrend we're just in a sideways trend which direction do we go? You can essentially consider this a clean slate out of this massive downtrend that we had play out here previously in the past, and if you get that break over 39, it has the potential in the grand scheme, macroscopic trend over weeks and weeks and weeks to build Momentum, the same way that we saw back here the same way that we saw back here right. It could be very similar to that. So that's what i'm watching for my friends and that's what i've got for this freaking video, so yeah yeah blah blah blah.

Let's build up like super friends catch you on the next one, lightsabs always baby. You know what it is: much love and peace.

By Trey

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