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What the two two trade videos in one day this makes makes no sense at all. How are we doing guys this boy trey coming back again for another freaking video here tonight? We're gon na give you the amc update as per usual, but first, what is up? Everybody what the trade trades reaper talk faster. Those requests are going to promise myself, i'm not going to find somebody's exercise they're going to solve this new record baby. Let's get into this, let's get into the video! So today, my friends, my family, my fellow roller gang, we're going to be updating, symbol, amc here and uh.

I don't want to bs anybody. This is looking a little bit rocky. Some of the trends that i was hoping you'd see play out here over the last couple of days have been pretty suppressed by uh the harsh selling pressure that's been coming in uh. You had quadruple witching day, which was last friday and that's always, in my opinion, an overhyped date.

I'm not going to lie to you. I fell for that trap way back in freaking march and ever since then i think you see that over hyping kind of being taken advantage of by some of the hedgies out there, the shorts trying to push the price down. But regardless we're going to talk about a couple different things here, what i'm watching for and that's going to be your takes data short interest rate. What do you see happening in terms of the shorts piling into this position? You're gon na go over the flow, which gives you an idea of what you can speculate may happen in prices.

Actually, the next couple of days, just based on some of the expirations, some of the strike prices and the call put ratio that you see getting thrown into the premiums in the derivatives market. Then we're gon na finish it off with a technical analysis as well as a little bit of a message, because i i think uh there's there's a little bit of a divide in terms of some of the audience watching amc right now and what you can see Happen here and i want to keep that positive sentiment - that sort of bullish momentum mentality moving forward, because that is important towards a sentiment driven freaking movement like you're, seeing here with amc stocks. So with that being said, and without further ado, let's get into the video. So last trading day not much to update in terms of short interest, uh data - i'm gon na briefly go over this in case you do not know what order text is.

This gives you 85 of the exchange reported data, which means it's a conservative estimate in terms of short interest going into any sort of security with amc. It has maintained about that same sort of uh short interest overall with the stock right. You see that it's it's sitting at about 18.62 percent. You had this massive uptick about 20.41 and now it's just dropped down by 95 million total shares comparatively to the just over 500 million shares that are currently floating around in the stock costs.

To borrow also has gone down us just a little bit. You can see this in terms of a trend line here right, uh right here right, one point: six, one percent was the the previous value. One point six three now, let's say about that. One point: 1.54.

Average right here so there's not a lot happening right. This derives from and we just got to be honest with ourselves the pressure coming into a short position on any given trading day right. What's the supply, what's the demand, what is the risk associated with that share? On loan, and where is the stock trading right in the stock as of right now, you see the shorts have taken a little bit of control over the last couple of days and that's affecting the overall data coming into the stock. What i'm, actually the most intrigued by is this: if you look at the utilization rate, this is actually dropped pretty significantly over the last couple of days and we're not in a sort of a danger area for shorts, where there could have been a share, recall a Four-Share recall on those shares on loan, so what you're seeing here is this utilization pulling back drastically not really matching up with the overall stock price, because you're not seeing a squeeze up in terms of price action? We do know that there's a t2 settlement system on any sort of shorts that are returned.

So let's just say that there were shorts returned on friday. That would have taken place most likely on wednesday, so maybe yeah you could have seen some of them return from 43 up to that 47 dollar push, but let's be realistic with ourselves right. It just doesn't seem likely, especially considering the overall volume has been. You know trying starting to taper off a little bit so you're, going to notice when shorts get out of positions, because that ratio in terms of availability to supply is getting lower overall.

This is something that stumps me. If you have any sort of opinion on the utilization dropping like this uh comparatively to that short interest, feel free, let me know in the comment section i'll, try and read it and uh digest that and even bring it up in the next video. So that's the overall data right overall, the shorts have not covered their positions in the grand scheme of things right. It is still on that significant uptrend.

You look back to where things were sitting back in july 21st. It is at 14.36 percent back there and we are up right we're up four percent overall from that which is more ammunition in the barrel, so you are going to see those ebbs and flows. This is an app. This is a float.

What i'm more concerned with is, if you see a significant downtrend in terms of short interest for a significant period of time right if this continues on for two three weeks, that's a whole different picture right, but a couple days of downtick just like with amc stock. That's not a trend right, that's nothing to to you know, get overly concerned with, but what i will show you next is the options flow? So what is interesting about the options flow here right now? If you look at the charts, these are 50. 000 premium ranges. It's essentially just i want to see 50 000 buy orders going in for a caller for a put minimum right.

50 000 plus, is what i'm paying attention to and you can see that there's actually more call premium. But there is more put volume, which is actually a very interesting thing, and i can kind of come up with some sort of thesis behind this. But the truth of the matter is: if there's more put volume coming in this could just be big hedge funds, big institutions who are pawning into puts as a way to hide short interest to try and hedge a stock down, because something not very highly talked about Is true the short interest on this is 18 right now, based off 85 percent of exchange reported data, but puts in the derivatives market of amc are always freaking hotly traded. I mean if you look back on the last last uh friday, 8.5 million total puts were for september 17th.

That's a huge amount of freaking shares. You multiply that by 100, because we know that one contract is worth 100 shares. You're. Looking at a lot of freaking shares, just in the puts market, you look at the calls right, it's the same sort of concept, so i think this is a way that you could just see some shorts piling into the stock while trying to hide some of that Short interest that could have you know been from this: this ortex data right uh.

Overall, there is more call put premium, but it is kind of a watch right i'd like to see both of these numbers significantly favoring the bull side. So it's a little bit uncertain. Just like in my last videos, when i said no bs, there's there's we're waiting to see what happens here. You have the potential for this trend to start playing out a little bit for a bold case, and you really are watching for the technical analysis breakdown here.

A bounce out of this demand zone right. You saw it back here, bounce out of the demand zone. Now it's retesting that demand zone as well as this overall uptrend right. So if we come back to looking at august 5th august 11th august 20th, it's respect to this pretty decently, this uptrend right and if it does come to it.

The worst case scenario that you need to be ready for is a test of that 41.76 range right. That potential to come down if it does not get a bounce out of this demand zone that we're currently hovering just beneath right now. The best case scenario heading into tomorrow is that this is a false breakdown underneath that demand zone and you do come up and you come back up to that. 46 47 dollar range to try and form some sort of trend, but right now what i would consider this is uh to an extent range trading right.

It's bouncing back and forth. Instead of following this trend line between, i would argue about 43 up to about 52 bucks right. It's just bouncing back and forth. It's range trading, it's trying to find a new trend.

So what you're watching for here is? Which way? Is it going to go right? You've got this uh. This 43 dollar mark right here, 4238 and you've also got this 5279 mark right here. I'm just gon na make these dark red, so you can uh really make this stand out. Right range trading is in this zone right here, which way? Is it going to break right? You want to watch for essentially okay, since we have been range trading for this period of time.

It's got to decide which way it wants to go. It can't stay in that range forever. It's got to find a trend to the up or the downside and to break underneath that, obviously, this upside level of support - and this range that we're training right now, this back and forth channel that's going to decide which way this ends up going in the short Term and i got to come out straight forth, and this is where i'll make a transition to my closing statement here for this video i got ta say i'm very, very freaking, surprised by this price action based on the information laid out in front of me right. We looked at the insane call put premium.

That is just significantly favoring the bulls. You saw the uptrend, you saw the momentum, you saw the uptick in google trends, you saw all the data laid out in front of the short interest piling into this freaking stock and all of a sudden you've got kind of this halt and momentum right. It's in this sort of no no better way to put it. You can see it on this chart right this, this channel, this sideways wow, which way is this going to go? And it's very surprising to me, because i've watched this right, i was able to predict back in january when this will run up to 25 bucks.

I was able to predict back in uh may, when this is gon na run up to 70 bucks right, and i saw the same things that we saw both in january and both in may starting to play out in front of you again and it it's just Found this sort of halting period right now that doesn't necessarily mean that it's not going to do it i'd like to see it do what i think it's going to do, what i thought it was going to do. It just means we're waiting, we're waiting to see you're waiting to see which direction this is going to favor. If it's going to push the timeline a little to the right or if you are going to see some of these knocks these next all-time highs play out soon in the future. I wish i could give you a better answer than that right, but i'd much rather come out here straight forth and say you got to watch this stuff for yourself, because this isn't a channel.

This is trading sideways. I i watched this chart more than i'd more than probably the average person has, but it's you're you're in sideways territory, which brings me into the closing statement for this video, which is, i remember one of my favorite things right about this community about amc, stock and Uh, what really drew me to this and it was uh. This is the way mentality right now. What do i mean by that? What is this is the way represent.

It's this idea of any outside factor that you can't control right, people, don't let that get to their mentalities. They came into the stock and said you know what i can control one thing and that's myself. I can control whether i buy whether i sell how much you know, leverage i put into this, how much size i take in this in this freaking movement, and they said this is the way you know they. They just stood by apes and what uh? What apes stand for, which is a better market right, fighting against corruption, making noise against a system that we think is broken, and i see this sort of divide between that.

This is the way mentality. I'd like to see. Uh people get more back into that uh that that mindset of look i can control me. I can control the things that i set out in front of my plate.

I can eat my food, but i can't eat other people's food. That's their food, you know, and we take care of ourselves and we watch out for our friends and we we do what we can. This is the way you know it's as simple as it gets i'd like to see that come back again, you know i. I really miss uh that mentality.

You know it's it's my favorite thing about uh this. This freaking community is people setting out and saying. Look i see this problem. I want to fight out against it.

I want to speak out against it. I want to control what i can control and watch out for my friends and for my family, you know, and we got to stick through to that man. Don't let people divide it, don't let the infiltration the freaking bots the hedge out there, don't let them don't. Let them get in your head, that's all i got to say this is a psychological game.

If there's gon na be anything that drives us into the ground, i've said this months ago: it's gon na be a psychological game. It's gon na be infiltration. It's gon na be those guys who are trying to divide you against the things that you believe in the convictions that you built for yourself. Don't let that happen right make your own decisions come to your own fruitions.

Don't let other people influence that for you and that's what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah people drop a like consider, subscribing everyone through my friends catch on the next one lights, apps, always much love and peace.

By Trey

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