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In this video, we take a clip from the last 15 minutes of today's live stream, showing the short walls being placed to hold price action below $14.
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I feel like i'm watching history. This is freaking awesome, i'm just just loving this and you can tell they're fighting hard. This is if this is not assigned to you that they're fighting for that 14 mark, i don't know. What is i mean? You just look at these level twos and that tells you the whole game.

They're loading these up over and over and over that 14 mark. It keeps draining 600 400 watch. This refilled instantly thousand refilled instantly, 1000 refilled refilled refilled refilled. It keeps refilling that 14 mark can't get pumped through, because it's refilling, literally second by second by second by second, as there are buyers that are getting orders for like 14 bucks.

I feel like the only way that we can push through 14 is, if you literally, have like a 5 million share buy, because it's just refilling consistently constantly. We just can't get through it, and that was a huge pump in one minute. Volume 676 000 shares just got pushed in this one minute right here and we still couldn't eat up that 14 wall because it keeps refilling literally, it went down 100 shares back up to 7 000. 4.

000 watch. This watch this 7 000 thousand, two thousand four thousand two thousand three thousand just keeps going down up down up down up down up. It's just ridiculous, that's so stupid! It doesn't make any sense at all guys. I don't get it 1401.

We finally got the push, but that was some crazy volume right. There, 810 000 shares just purchased right there in that one minute alone, man. This is a crazy battle. You literally are watching this some crazy, crazy stuff in lifetime.

This is insane, i feel like i'm watching an auction right now, i'm telling you what, but the volume is starting to go off. We've got these freaking huge short walls. Just keep getting re replenished and we're trying to get that push. Are we going to get it 11 minutes away from the close right now? We just got to keep watching guys.

Oh my freaking god. What is it going to take? What is it going to take? I just can't believe this action. Oh just freaking, nuts. I can't i just don't understand how this works.

You know what i mean like look at this look at this 14. Just keeps refilling that ask second by second, but that's just not humans, that's not humans. 1401. Are we gon na get this we're sitting at 14? Right now we're testing on 1401.

If we get that that would be freaking nuts guys 1406. Is that level of resistance that we're watching, for if we end up getting that, that would be monumental but we're waiting. We got ta, wait and see how she plays waiting and see how she plays. Who else got there? Stimmy say for the last three minutes: tony, you know what it is man, all four baby, all four.

If they are doing this now, shorting amc how the stock rise in the future it will, they will eventually lose the game. 1405.. We got it. We got 1405 right now holy freaking toledo.

Look at that. We pushed through a crazy short wall right there. 1406.. Are we gon na get a little bit of a move here in the last couple minutes of the day? Yes, yes, let's go amc doing its thing: 1405.

1406. The high of that candle. What do we got? What do we got 1409? 1409, that is the new holiday 1410. The volume starting to pump here 1.3 million in that last minute, we're starting to get some moves now, 1.16 million in the last minute.

Let's go guys, let's go, let's go we're getting some moves. 1409.. Is this going to be a fast break? We had this break before we need to get an actual close 1410 1410 going right now, 1410, going right now on amc guys get hype. I'm hyped! Are you guys hyped? Who said this is a dead cat patience page? We just got to keep playing the game guys here we go 1410 is the high of that candle right now, let's keep rocking.

Let's keep rocking. Are we going to get it? The volume is going nuts that was 2.9 million shares that just pumped on that one minute window. These these short shares are starting to fill up again, they're filling up again, but we're gon na see is the volume gon na follow through because we got it here. That was two point.

Nine million shares on that one minute of volume coming at 14.05. We need to see the hard break. We don't want that wick. We need the hard push come on guys come on whales come on friendly whales.

We don't want these killer whales. We want the real ones. Let's, let's get it going. 1408 they're still fighting the battle.

Guys we are nine minutes away from the close, oh, my god, 1408 right now, i'm telling you if we get a hard push over this 1406 mark. This thing could run for the last nine minutes of the market. Hours 1406 is where we're sitting right now. We are close to the high of the regular market hours high of the day.

Actually, we do have a new high of the day at 14 10.. That is it 14 10 is the high of the day. We have hit a new market high. We got ta see if we're gon na get that hard push.

1406 is where we're sitting right now the ask is still getting slapped. It's getting slapped hard. We need to see some sort of hard push. These are really really filling up fast.

I mean look at this crazy volume: 3.48 million right there - 1.3 million here we got 311 000 right here so far in this one minute. We need some hard push if we get close over 14. That is gon na be massive. What a battle! We are! Nine minutes away nine minutes away, guys i'll tell you what i'll be really really satisfied with the 1401 closed.

That would be absolutely insane absolutely digging. What's going down right now, this is honestly just mind-blowing stuff. I am just hyped, i'm so hyped what a battle! What a ballast has been so far 14 dollars. Now it's 13.99, you see this asking us reloading over and over and over and over and over the shorts are doubling down non-stop nonstop right now.

We've got eighteen thousand seven hundred shares. We need to fill the 1397 that should act as a good bye wall level of support, wait to see how this ends up rocking holy freaking, crap wow. That was some crazy four minutes of action right there. This is so insane, and this is still loading up guys, you're, watching this in real time.

Look at these freaking huge time and sales getting pumped huge short volume just getting pumped on this they're trying to bring it down. This is a repeat of 801, so it would seem. This is going to be a repeat of 801. It is really feeling that way where we got right now.

13.99 is where we're sitting on the on the market value on the level twos we've got huge sellers between 14 and 1409 somewhere between 2 000 and 7 000 total shares a short volume waiting to get filled on each of those sent spreads. We need to get through that market volume right. That is the amount of shares we need to get through for each individual penny, which means we need another version of this 3.4 million one minute window. We need that volume to get back to get more price action.

That is what it's gon na take. We need one million plus volume per minute in order to drive this. I wonder if there's some friendly whales out there, who are waiting for these last couple minutes to get some price action to get this close over 14 bucks. It is fighting so hard we're at 14 right now barcode the entire day.

The shorts try to kept it under 14, the entire freaking day, and they couldn't they just have been hammering away on us. You can see it. You can see, there's an exact level of resistance here at 14 bucks. Every time we break over it bam whack.

It back down whack it back down, they've been doing it the entire day, so you know they're trying to keep this under 14. That is not by accident. That is significant, so we're waiting to see that push 13.99 14 right now we are so close. We are freaking, seven minutes away from the actual closing bell of the market, guys, oh my god, i'm losing it.

I feel like i'm losing my mind right now, we're sitting at 14. We got a high of 1410 here, that's the new high of the day. Are we going to test out that high of the day again, 14 and 10 cents? We need that repeat of the volume, that's what we're waiting on right. Now we have a huge cell wall at 1405..

31 000 shares at 1405.. That is the one. A very large cell wall, one of the largest that i've seen in a minute - and i don't think that's by accident. I wonder why there's such a large cell bod, 1405 31 000 shares.

Otherwise it's between 33 000 and 7 000 on the on the closer side of things on the the the former and not the latter right closer to us and not farther away we're gon na have to wait and see how that ends up playing out very interesting. My friends very interesting, we're very close to market close. Almost there holy freaking toledo, 14 minutes 14 minutes away all right now, 14 minutes right, 14, not 14 minutes we're six minutes away. Now we're uh we're five minutes and ten seconds away.

How is this gon na end up playing out my friends holy freaking crap? I haven't even looked at the chat bar. I've just been going absolutely insane waiting to see how this ends up playing out we're at 14 bucks. 14. 14.

How is this going to play out come on baby? Let's go just through all my savings in amc. You guys are hilarious. I'm absolutely loving. This we've got 19 000 freaking apes out there watching right now, drop that like, if you are enjoying this live stream.

My friends, my family, my fellow gorilla game, we are so close to 14 bucks. Are we going to get that 1401? This is the question that everybody wants to know. 14 20 would be even funnier one 420, oh my gosh. If that happens, holy toledo, bob sega, god dang it - i would be pumped that'd - be insane we're waiting to see how she goes 13.99.

We still have that now. 30 000 shares waiting to get filled with 14 bucks. They are doubling down. 27.

000.. 27. 000 shares at 14. You know they're trying to keep that under 14 fourteen dollars, that is not by accident, that is a huge, huge short wall trying to hold down the stock in the last couple minutes of market hours.

Here this is insane you are watching in real time some of the craziest price action. I would say historic, price action, the the crazy short manipulation. That's been going down with afc, not an accident, not a dead cat, never was a dead cat. This is freaking insane guys.

You are watching a battle between the long and the short whales, kong vs, godzilla you're. Seeing this happen in real time who is going to win this battle in the last couple minutes of the market date? I'll tell you what this is: freaking nuts uh, whatever ends up happening. This has been a journey an absolute journey. Oh my god.

This is not the end by any means. My friends i'll tell you that right now, if we don't end up getting over 14 bucks, we still have a crap ton of call options expiring in the money, but it would add another 29 000 call options expiring in the money. If we end up closing over 14 bucks here today, sitting at 14 even right now, we are almost three minutes away from market closed holy freaking crap. I am all out of dry powder.

My friends, i purchased another thousand dollars worth. Oh, i've got a little bit left. Actually look at that look at that. I didn't realize i'm gon na save my dry powder, i'm gon na buy my last.

My last eight shares. Oh, we are 1401 1401. That means we got that push through that huge huge short wall - oh my god, so this is gon na, be a crazy little minion volume. What do we end up? Getting there? 582 000.

Certainly at 1401 right now, i'm gon na save my dry powder. For the last minute of the market day - oh my god, i'm excited this is insane 14 1401. What are we gon na get? This is a compilation, a compilation of all the craziness. That's been taking place throughout the day the shorts trying to hold us down over 14 bucks right who's.

Gon na take this who's going to take this. This is, we need some big whales, the killer, whales, the mean killer whales, not the cute cuddly ones, the ones that want to freaking bite cats, heads off, try and kill this cat. That's not even dead they're trying to kill this cat, so they can call it a dead cat, but it's not going to be one right, holy freaking. Look at that huge dump.

That was some insane short volume just pumped into this wow down to 13.79. That was an insane monstrous that i would call that a flash crash i mean it was dropped, freaking, two or three percent literally in two seconds. This shows you what they're trying to do guys look at this nasty nasty wick. Oh, my god, two minutes away from market clothes guys this would not have happened.

That was not a mistake. That was not an accident that was freaking some intentional shorting in the last couple minutes of the market day. What is gon na end up happening guys? This is getting volatile. This is getting crazy.

That was 1.9 million shares, probably of mostly short volume that dropped us from 1402 down to 1374. In a matter of two seconds holy freaking toledo, that was nuts. We are two minutes away from market closed. It is currently uh: 2, 58, 27.

man. We've got a minute and a half left of market hours. I am going to buy my last couple shares of amc in the last couple minutes here of regular market hours, we're waiting it out we're waiting it out dang. This is insane this is some crazy, crazy stuff guys what is going on? Oh, my freaking, god holy toledo, we're waiting till the last minute we're waiting till the last minute i'm going to draw.

My last couple shares there's about hundred dollars worth of amc that i'm gon na drop in here and we're gon na see how she plays out my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang. It all comes down to this. It's 13.88 right now. Oh we're gon na have some friendly whales step into the game.

Are we gon na have some friendly whales step into the game and save this and bring it back up to 14? We're waiting to see. We have one minute left of the regular market hours. I'm dropping my last eight shares on this we're putting her in 110 bucks bam in the in the hatch. Another eight shares down the down the socket we're gon na see how she ends up closing.

Are we gon na get 1401? This is a repeat of 801 guys, oh my freaking god. This is the same game. This is the same game and we get to watch this in real time on a live stream sitting at 13.93. We are so freaking close.

There's 20 30 seconds left 31 seconds. Left uh, what is gon na happen? Are we gon na have a hedge fund step in here? We're gon na have a will step in here. We need some crazy volume to push this in the last 30 seconds of the market date. 25 seconds left 25 seconds left.

We are currently saying at 1394. A close over 1401 would have some collages expiring in the money, 30 000 of them expiring in the money. This is absolutely freaking. Insane guys share your energy with amc stock.

We need this to keep going. Please please please! This is the last 10 seconds eight seconds seven seconds. How is this gon na end up closing three holy freaking crap jeez? Oh she quite she couldn't quite get. It couldn't quite get that 14 mark dang.

Oh, my god that was insanity and now look at the ask. Now, look at the ask immediately after market closed wow. How would you look at that immediately after market closed, the ask is pretty much non-existent non-existent. You were looking at literally five to seven to ten to thirty thousand short shares in the in the regular market.

Hours spread across equal sent margins right insane and now what do you have? You've got nothing, absolutely nothing. You've got no margins here. The the set spread is non-existent. It's only 50 shares here.

200 shares here right, but you've got 13 000 at 13.84 and that's not by accident. I'm telling you these shorts and these hedge funds can only short the stock like that. They can only use the algorithm system and the cheating market making system to freaking hammer down the stock during the regular market hours. This is why the stock runs during the after hours in the pre-market.

I'm telling you right now that was nuts that freaking dump guys was massive: it dropped the stock 30 cents in two seconds, 1402 down to 1374.. I have never seen something like that. Pretty much ever on amc's price action that was insanity. What the freaking heck was that it's not a dead cat.

My friends i'll tell you that, but you see how hard they're willing to fight for that 14 mark and that should tell you everything you need to know about this, not being a dead cat. It was never a dead cat, it's not a dead freaking cat. I never will be a dead freaking cat, we're still playing a live ball game. Guys i'll tell you that right now, it's it's disappointing and i'm sad for sure that we ended up losing losing those uh.

Those afc call options right. We ended up being out on those 14 calls and it's unfortunate. It's unbelievable the manipulation we saw the entire day 14. You could see it a picture-perfect line where we couldn't get over 14 bucks the entire day, because the shorts would just put up huge freaking cell walls and not let it move and that's what we saw the entire god dang day guys.

But i'll tell you what this tells you so much that the war is not over. Maybe today we didn't get that close over 14. We didn't win the battle. We didn't win today's small game, but the battle is, is one of many and the war is still on this.

Tells you exactly how much they are invested in this freaking game right now, guys absolutely insane.

By Trey

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