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You know i sat here and thought for a long time about what the best way to uh sort of sum up the day was and we're gon na talk about it in great detail. But why not start off right by by having a meme here is uh. Here's will smith slapping chris rock, and this is a pretty good representation of uh - of what i think you saw happen today. Will smith is added options chains and the price over here is chris rock uh, as we kind of got rocked down uh, pretty pretty damn heavy here today, guys what's up two points straight from trey straight coming back again from the freaking video, like the remembrance by Standing on firefighters, more experts, so they're going to say the grain of salt, let's get into the videos, so today we've got a lot to talk about.

Obviously, amy had a day i mean there's just no beating around the bush here. I think a lot of people were caught off guard uh by sort of the way that the price has been moving around today. This is, i even got ta, i got ta, say myself, i'm caught off guard and it hit me at about midday. You know midday uh.

We look at the chart here, real quick, five minutes or so uh. I expected a rally at about midday. You can actually. I was talking with a couple of my buddies about what i thought was gon na happen, and i thought you'd see it.

You know sort of get a push into the open, followed by a flush that would recover by midday. Well, i expected this to be the recover and uh it continued to move down and i think to myself a lot i've thought about. You know, sort of what has moved this down. I kind of contributed to things which we're going to talk about uh, but i look at the options chain.

I think this has a lot to do with the way that the stock has moved around today, so we're gon na dig into that guys. We're looking at the options chain, i do want to discuss this. I want to talk about supply and demand, because i do think that played a pretty decent role in the way that uh this moved around today and in my opinion, this is about as clear-cut as it gets a way that uh that market makers are sort of Able to to shift things as they want and as they see fit and then we're getting into the charting. I want to look into tomorrow because i'm just going to be frank with you guys.

You know we're kind of in an interesting spot where, where the chart is going to have to match up uh a pretty decent sized move, and i'm going to talk to you about what i think that looks like here, uh in just a little bit hold on One sec: i got to re uh redo, my pen here, my pen is not working, there we go and then after we look at the charting, i want to talk about the halt, because there was actually a pretty interesting little piece that was put together by uh Dave lauer that i find to be interesting about you know game stop specifically, so this has nothing to do with amc. This is about specifically gme. I only bring it up because, obviously, both the stocks halted within 60 seconds of each other and that uh ultimately had something to do with the way the momentum is playing out. I think we can all look at the chart and say yep.

Ah, this is looking looking like it was going to do something pretty nasty. You see this halt up, i mean halt down and then from there you know we can see where the price is at today. It's hard not to think to yourself what would have happened if uh, if that halt had not happened. So i do want to discuss that then we're going to be ig.

I didn't discuss this yesterday, uh just a couple possibilities that i found to be possible and it looks like the the one in which it retests that supplies on now acting as demand is, in fact the one that it is going to be taking you're going to Look for this follow through uh, but the possibility is there, so i'm going to discuss that bbig specifically, i don't want to dive into the spy. Obviously the spy in the clothes today, uh man, it was just uh. It was a slap down day outside of a couple specific stocks and the spy was no exception that obviously iwm actually took a bigger hit, which is the russell 2000. It's a small mid cap, etf spy was down point six.

Two percent iwm was down two percent, so it's growth growth stocks took a really big hit today and that certainly obviously did not uh help amc's case as uh as iwm did get the move down, that it did, which i'm going to discuss amd i'd like to Go over this, this was yesterday's play of the day we had an. If this, then that sort of scenario uh, in which i said if these conditions are met, this is the way that i would play it. I want to go over how that actually went down. Uh the mistakes, the the good things whatever so you can walk into tomorrow.

Have you learned a little bit of something i'm gon na go to the discord play of the day, which was saucy uh, i'm actually buddies with sassy. It's good to see him him doing his thing here and then, tomorrow, tomorrow's play of the day we're going to go over uh here as well. So, let's just start off here with amc. What do i think happened today right? I know i can sit here and scream all day long.

I can bang my head against the wall and i can say this is stupid, right uh, but i like to i like to dig a little bit deeper and think to myself what really is going down here and the thing that genuinely makes the most sense to Me and where these guys are really sneaky - and this is this is actually some super sneaky stuff - is the added options chains that have gotten influxed into the weekly expiration uh for amc. You can see here uh before i talked about how the 41s, through 44s were added. The 44s already have 14 750 open interest right now, inherently in and of themselves options, don't move price uh. It does not create buying pressure until the risk of hedging takes place.

Once those out the money calls which are what the 44s are uh then run in the money. Well, what happens now is we have we've moved all the way up to the 51 strike. You look at this 51 strike the 45 all the way through the 51. uh and there's there's open interest here that previously would not have existed.

So what you just got to witness is once again an increase in supply. I mean this is honestly honest to god, like a short-term dilution, uh the market makers, adding options change like this every day, even if, in my opinion, this was unwarranted, i don't feel like they should have added the the options change for calls that they did, because The the supply and demand was not warranting that right i mean you didn't you didn't really set. If you want to consider, i guess a half a percent green day yesterday warranting the demand, maybe but uh - that without a shadow of a doubt, has influenced the way that this is going to be having moved today. You know you can just see it.

You can see hey look. We added a whole bunch of different options to the the chain. We got more calls 45 through 51., just ping-pong ping-pong and a falling wedge back and forth. It's just clear as day i mean.

I really do think that played a pretty big role in it and the way that this move. This is the most unnatural uh that i've seen amc move in a while, uh and, let's just be honest here, i've seen it green in the same way. This is a very unnatural move as well. This huge push-up, a lot of this was was likely algorithms, algorithms uh, either either hedging stock or just buying in because hey this crossed that - and this says this - and this says that this is a great time to buy.

Well, what you just witnessed today was basically the inverse of that. You know the inverse of that at a slower uh. It's decelerated, you could say a slower pace, just ping-pong its way back and forth in a falling wedge into the clothes, and that's left us in an interesting situation. I want to show you guys the one hour chart and where we're sort of sitting right now, this uh momentum level it just barely hung onto into the clothes, got a small little bounce off this momentum level, which was a high from uh two days prior right.

I'm going to show you this really quick. I had leveled this off today, uh because it was the previous. It was sort of like that that low momentum spot, where, if you crack over that, you can tell there's going to be a pretty decent little push outside of just that previous intraday high and it held onto that uh pretty decently, i mean into the close. It did for sure, and now into the close looking at low volume as well uh, it's down about two and a half percent, or so this is frustrating i'm not going to lie because everything is is screaming.

Uh. Looking at this daily chart, you know there is a couple different scenarios here. I i don't think this necessarily means that you're not going to see a move, i'm going to talk about what i think are the two possibilities and both are gon na - have big moves. Nonetheless, uh, but i think the options chain is is: is one million percent? What is to blame for uh the price action? Today i mean you increase supply.

Just inherently that decreases demand. You know, that's uh, that's that's economics, one-on-one, and you got to witness that today. You know these are markets. This is market makers.

Doing to me, it's not uh. Oh the market is manipulated whatever, because it's legal, you can do it, but to me was the demand warranted. You know it was the supply warranted. Was there enough demand to to validate the fact that they added six different strikes to the call options chain? I don't really feel like that.

That was the case, but uh. Nonetheless, let's go over the charting because, as i mentioned before, i think we're at an interesting spot where you've got one of two things that are possible and i think both are big moves regardless. So let me show you this. I'm gon na give you the worst case scenario, first uh and obviously, where we've closed.

I've said this before. Actually this works for both the upside and the downside. When you have a huge move up like this, with no retracement and all it's doing is just hulk. Thickening into into the clouds, typically, the next day expect some sort of pullback some retracement right in the same way that you'd expect a relief bounce today was literally just this, so i'd expect some form of relief bounce.

But what i am expecting you know uh as a worst case scenario, i'm gon na paint this out, for you really quick, i think the worst case scenario coming into tomorrow, uh and if you've got calls. If you've got this, if you've got that, if you've got a short time frame, whatever uh, you make your own decision, i'm not here to tell you to buy, i'm not here to tell you to sell at the end of the day, it's up to you uh, But the worst case scenario is: it doesn't hold this momentum level and it's got to test two different spots: bottom of the supply zone - 2260, uh, and if it doesn't hold that you're you're genuinely looking at re-entering the 21s now is that the end of the world? Let me zoom out for you a little bit right: let's just take a real peek at where we're sitting right now, so you can understand sort of the full gravity of how far we've broken out of this wedge. If we were to come back down and re-test this wedge, we'd be at 1660., don't get this twisted! This is still a clean, clean breakout, where i personally just believe that momentum in the worst case scenario may have got halted right. Does that mean that you're not going to see a big move up? No, not at all.

I think that the second option here is obviously going to add some time, because there's a lot there's a lot of options. It's a lot of options this week. This has been a heavily heavily traded week. I mean the 40s, have 58 000 total open interest.

I mean that's a lot and if those expire uh, i think you might see it's gon na take a little bit of time to rebuild that momentum, and you know we've talked about this before uh. You look like a genius. You look like a you. Look like a genius if weekly expirations end up coming to fruition, and i'm not here to think on anybody at the end of the day, i'm not in charge of anybody's money they're in charge of their own money.

They got to do what they got to do for themselves, whatever uh it creates insane momentum to the upside if it works right, but if it doesn't uh, it's just going to slow things down, you're going to see a slowed down trend, you're, probably going to see Volume uh de-escalate, if those, if we, if we don't get the second scenario here - and i think that worst case scenario is that 21-ish range 2150 2170 is where i'd be watching for this to come down to at the worst case scenario. If it does not hold this uh, this demand zone uh, and i got ta color this green at what appears to be about the bottom of 2285 or so. The bold case scenario - and i think, you're gon na know pretty much immediately into the open tomorrow. Uh the bold case scenario is: it's got, ta get in a pre-market or after hours or market open, reversal, uh right off the bat and reclaim close to thirty dollars.

I think you're, looking at twenty nine, twenty nine thirty there's gon na be some really key levels. Uh for this to continue the momentum and have it crack at uh 3069, but that requires a pretty pretty big sized move. Let's just be honest here right. This is currently at twenty five dollars and nine cents, which means you're expecting at least a twenty percent move.

Tomorrow to reclaim thirty bucks uh, so we can continue the momentum that we've had it's possible it's possible if i was to weigh out right now what seems more likely just based on the move that we had today, based on the fact that the options chain got Quote: unquote, diluted you increase supply, which decreases demand uh. Now you know pictures changed a little bit. I i would probably say it's like 60 40. i'd, say 60 you've got downside 40 you've got upside, that's about where i'm at i got ta be honest.

I came into uh into today looking at yesterday's chart, and this was set up in a way that was not inherently bad. You know, and i think, there's uh i'd be interested to see. I didn't keep a close eye on this. If you did, let me know in the comment section down below, so i can take a peek how? How did the options chain on gamestop fare i'd be interested to see whether or not they raised the options chain uh the amount of strikes that exist on gamestop as things moved, i don't know i mean i didn't.

I didn't pay enough attention to it. So i'm not gon na pretend, like i know, but uh. I do think just based on things that make sense in my head that that did happen here with amc. That office chain didn't make a difference so uh, if you're a stockholder.

This is still a beautiful week. Things are looking pretty good you're you're, looking at daily candles way higher than 1290. I mean we're we're up well over 100 percent well up over 100 since march 14th, and that's that's a beautiful two weeks, so patience. That's about the best thing that i can say for the way that this is looking uh right now.

That brings me to bbig. I'm gon na spend a little bit of time on this uh today, bbig had a decent little move uh down, and it was off of the breakout from yesterday. So what you saw happen is in the pre market and tested the top of that now, acting as supply zone previously acting as uh uh or now demands on previously acting as a supply zone, which is just basically inverse. It means you'd expect buying pressure instead of selling pressure.

Try to bounce off of that twice. Uh test right here, test right here. What you really want to see is they bounce out of this demand zone to come back up and retest? What appears to be a slight downtrend now i don't think it's a mistake or mystery or coincidence that iwm was down 2 today and then consequently, growth stocks, small mid cap companies such as bbig such as amc had days. I mean you just got to look at the way that the iwm moved today, uh in tandem with the the the worries of uh, uh russia and the uncertainty of whether or not there's gon na be a peace treaty.

Look at the way that that moved right, iwm was down. 2.01 percent amc was down 12.77 percent down just just basically the same as iwm bbig, really pretty similar move. Here i mean you can look at this compared to iwm. You can just tell that the small mid sector in general, like everything that had to do with the small mid cap company, got smoked.

I mean everything did it was just not a good day for growth stocks uh in the grand scheme of things so uh. I think this is what you're looking for you. Really. You really are looking for a break out of this downtrend.

You got a couple different tests here. Uh. If i was to look at this, you can see. Touch point touch.

Point touch. Point touch point: you can even extend this down for a couple different ranges if i wanted to grab - let's just say the top of this wick as well: you're, probably looking at two different spots right. This downtrend right here, followed by this downtrend right here. If you come into the open tomorrow, you can crack over 325.

I think you're gon na work. Your way out of this demand zone, which is also gon na, bring you up to the levels that i had mentioned before, so keep your eye on that. It's still looking pretty uh pretty decent down about 7.7 on the day. The bear case scenario i'm going to give you this too.

We got to be ready for both situations. We got to take what the chart gives us uh, not what we want to see. The the bare case scenario is that it just continues to knife down, in which case, i think you you are going to see a drop down to 282 same day, right uh. What i think this ride's on is iwm going to get a rally tomorrow.

I think that uh, when iwm, when the spy, all that it does, is knife, you didn't get any sort of relief bounce. You didn't get any sort of this uh. You know sort of support. There was no support uh, you typically see a pretty decent sized move back in the right direction and the spy got it here at the close, but iwm did not.

So i would be surprised. I'd be pretty decently surprised for the next day or two growth stocks. Don't get some sort of uh move back to the upside, so we'll wait and see because we got ta, we got ta, we got ta, wait and see baby. I i don't know.

I don't know, i don't know it is what it is. So with that being said, uh let's go over the spy. You know it's just tying into iwm iwm, as it had a better day. Yesterday had a much worse day today, uh down two percent or so, and the the big news that i've seen rolling around basically everywhere is you know there was talks about how russia and ukraine may come to some form of a uh peace treaty.

A conclusion right, you know if you look up uh russia news. What you're gon na notice is basically the exact opposite of that you're gon na you're gon na read that uh that russia may in fact be sending more troops to uh ukraine and you're, really not seeing any form of uh relief. Yet you can look at this pentagon says russian troops are repositioning less than 20 of russian troops around kiev are repositioning pentagon. On day 35 uh russia, ukraine, wore latest putin misled over russian military performance uh.

It hasn't. It hasn't calmed down enough yet, and i think that that has added a little bit of uncertainty to the market, which then obviously move things down. Uh. I'm personally inclined to believe that there's going to be some form of relief, we'll we'll take a look at how that looks, i'm actually going to pull up unusual whales right now and take a peek at what uh flo looked like into the clothes for the spot.

Uh, because that could actually genuinely impact the way that uh, you see things move around here, a little bit, i'm gon na look at the hot chains and pull this down for you really quick. So, looking at the hot chains, essentially, what this is saying is the most active call and put options chains coming into uh the entirety of the day. You can see that tomorrow, you've got a kind of even split 460 calls uh the zero day expiration. Today you know uh those obviously didn't pan out very well.

Then you can look at the zero day. There was four fifty eights and they're they're, pretty split uh split even for uh chains on the day you have 2.4 million total calls. 3.5 million puts. You may see some continuation tomorrow.

I it's entirely possible, but i don't think that continuation will come without some form of a relief bounce. So if i had to take a guess, you know i'm gon na try my best to redraw what iwm and the spy looked like as they moved around today. I would expect something like this. You know knife down pretty hard, especially the latter half of the day.

Uh coming into the after hours in pre-market futures, whatever i think, you'll see some form of rally. If you do get continuation, it's probably going to try and match some form of a downside level of resistance, reject and move down for the bear case scenario: that's the worst case scenario right and i think uh uh. I think that this is going to settle. Eventually, you know there's this russia, ukraine situation, but for the time being i mean the uncertainty is king.

I've talked about this before i'll say it again. You know russia not giving exact details saying that uh, you know we are going, we've got peace talks, things are going. Well, then, all of a sudden out of nowhere, you got the uncertainty of oh, what's happening. You want the certainty you want to see.

What's going to actually end up happening and that's what the market's teetering on right now is hey we want. We want to know uh. Is russia going to end this or are they not going to end this, and i think they added some uncertainty because it's obviously contradictory to what he had uh previously been talking about. So with that being said, uh, let's dive into the last little pieces that we've got here for the day, which is going to be.

Let me come back up, uh amd right, amd discord and then tomorrow and that's going to wrap up. Basically, everything that we have to discuss amd was the play of the day that i had set up for yesterday. Tighten your goofball and what does this end up? Doing right, let's look at the one minute candles and see uh. Basically what what took place here today so into the open you.

You actually ended up getting a knife straight through this previous supply zone, now acting again as a supply zone, and it came within uh about 50 cents or so from the top of the next overall supply zone. Couldn't quite crack. It right couldn't quite do it. Uh and just barely hung on by a thread uh for a little bit right, just kind of trading back and forth, back and forth.

Back and forth gets a downside level of resistance and then comes back down to retest this supply zone. You can see the chop right, chop, chop, chop chop chop now, acting as the man didn't quite get, it tried to break out of it, and this is the key level right here right. You can see that it tries to break out of this now acting as the man zone, but it can't it bounces off the top of the box to end up knifing through and when it knifes through it. It does exactly that attempted to bounce up.

Couldn't do it knife's right down, you could have actually taken a. I probably wouldn't have taken this this trade right here. You know a little bit interesting. I i would have expected uh to take an entry off of this uh.

Potentially green line. I'd have to go back and watch my video, you know i i take things as they as they sort of are. You could have taken it as an entry out of the box, that's personally what i probably would have done: uh and scalped it for a couple minutes right here, so you exit the box. You come back down, you retest it.

You can take an entry for a call literally right. There uh ride that for 5, 10 15 minutes, whatever see that it's kind of just jostling around you don't really like the chop. Nobody likes trap, that's not where you're making money uh and that would have been okay, but obviously the big mover here was the knife through this box, and this would have been a perfect entry point you can see. It comes back down to that momentum level, which we had marked out yesterday uh and couldn't quite hold it.

This is the momentum level. It tried to chop around that for really no time at all i mean it broke down. Chopped around broke down, came up, tested, again broke down and it was just sell off the rest of the day. So the obviously the best play today was uh the put side you would have had to be really patient in order to do that.

But the levels are the levels right mark. These out demand zones, supply zones, uh momentum levels, the momentum level being the previous intraday high. You come back to the hourly you look at how this looks. This is just a two day prior intraday high, pretty simple stuff i mean these are.

These are points in which you can have a plan: entry, a plan exit, uh, take some specific runners and then a full exit of your position so uh that was a clean setup. I mean it was pretty obvious for a put anyways uh. The call would have been a very difficult ride, but that comes down to the generalized trend of the market. As you look at the spy today, i just had a rough day.

You know. To be quite frank, you know this is actually breaking down uh, just just testing. Now a breakdown of this huge, large-scale sort of falling, rising, wedge setup, which is actually a bearish reversal. I would not be surprised to see a couple days of uh downside chop, whatever it may be: slow, slow, slower growth at the very least off of that move, so that was amd, which brings me into the discord.

I want to show you guys this, because this is actually pretty dang cool. I i'm happy with this. This is uh the play of the day. I'm going to call this.

The pod uh, the pod today was actually one of my buddies. His name is sas and he used the the fire off alerts. We've got obviously the free alerts, uh the three minute, the five minute, the one hour, three minute, the five minute, the one hour on the 921 and the 1348, and he absolutely freaking nailed sophie and neal. These are both stocks that are decently liquid and he he was able to catch some pings use his own technical analysis made out pretty well.

We gave him some uh some money. He made it up pretty decent. You know absolutely free. You can scroll through all this and see that that people really have been doing very well a firm uh.

This guy profited very very nicely. You can look at this oxy very, very nicely perfect call on amd. I mean he traded, the uh amc, that's funny! Oh no, he did yeah look at that. I mean this guy took the amd, call, he used technical analysis, he used the fire offs, you just see how things are moving.

You know exactly what to do this guy holy, i mean this is just absolutely nasty. 221 thousand dollar day 38 gain uh total gain. I mean that's just that's just dirty, so congratulations to all these guys uh. This is this, is freaking beautiful, i'm very happy about it.

If you want to join, there is a link to the discord description box down below it works every day. People are making money uh you just can't get greedy. Have a plan. Take some runners, have a stop loss, have an exit plan.

You're gon na be cooking with crisco i mean there's just there's opportunity every single day in the market to make money. I've got an option to charity master class. That's absolutely free here on youtube that you can watch it's an hour. 20 minutes long.

Uh that'll help you learn how to do all this sort of stuff, and you can. You can make some more money too, while you're waiting so uh. That being said, i'm actually very interested in the spy going into tomorrow for the play of the day and then we're gon na wrap up the video. This is this is kind of long, but there's a lot to discuss uh going into tomorrow.

I think the spy is in an interesting situation. I think there's an opportunity here, for what i would say is that retest pattern right now. This is gon na be very interesting. Let me show you this.

I'm gon na be quite quite honest with you uh. If this ends up happening, if you end up getting a down day for the spy uh, it's it's one million percent going to reflect how amc moves tomorrow. If the spy is a red day, iwm is a red. They expect amc to be red.

I'm just gon na paint that picture perfect. I want you guys to know that spy red is is most likely amc and and game stop at red. I i i do firmly believe that so i'm watching for this right, we talked about before the rising wedge, which is an idea that eventually you're gon na have some form of a bearish reversal. It doesn't matter the time frame.

The longer obviously means that uh, you know you'd expect a longer reversal, but the way this is set up, there's two different ways that you can play it. I would be looking specifically for a put, but a call is also possible. I'm gon na go over. The call first call for me would look something like this right.

I would be looking for a come back up into the open, a test of supply zone and a bounce up off the supply zone. This to me would be an entry for a call. I likely would not take a call for any other reason, except for that - and i marked off this supply zone uh previously and then the top of this is about 460 and three uh three quarters. So four 460 bucks and 75 cents you're gon na be watching for that.

I'm gon na write that down right here in case you want it uh for 60 75. I would take a call off of a bounce, not the immediate break, but a bounce out of that supply zone then transitioning to demand right more likely it to me. Is this uh? I would be looking for an entry as a point now, let's just say, into the open. Let me erase all this.

You can come back and rewind if you want to re-watch any of this stuff, but i'm going to keep it clean for report. I would be looking for something a little bit different i'd be looking for. This runs around two different scenarios scenario. One comes back up to test this upside level of uh.

Now, resistance previously support and rejects into the open i'd, be looking to grab that rejection into the open. I think you'd see a decent amount of chop around or b right b, which is going to be silver here silver. I would be looking for a rejection off of supply to grab a position at that rejection. Spot you're, gon na know right.

I've talked about this before in case you don't know, there's a section in that that video that i mentioned before that'll explain this to you, but uh that rejection off supply within minutes, you're, basically gon na know if it's gon na knife up or if it's gon Na knife down, because if it chops, it's likely going the knife down and i've been looking for a put entry uh off of the rejection of this red box, the one through four right, you're, looking for an entry plan, you're looking for uh, stop loss you're. Looking for runners runners, meaning where will i start to take profits on my position, let's say that i have 10 puts i'd, be looking to take two here two here two here which will leave you with four in the end and then the last four would be Your final exit have a plan for these four things. That's my my thing. Ultimately, the other day you got to do what you got to do, but i think that that's an opportunity both ways, so that's kind of what i'm watching into uh tomorrow.

Key levels, obviously, is gon na, be this hash mark this level of support. Uh i'll bring up my chart here, really quick, so that you can watch this. I think it's just gon na be 457.. I think that there's a decent, a decent chance that you see the full range of 460 to 450 740 and if it breaks down from there uh, you genuinely could see it pop all the way down to 454, in which case as a put you're, making a Pretty fat stack uh for yourself, so i suppose that's that's kind of that.

It was a long video. I know we had a lot to discuss, but i try to pack a lot of value into whatever we're talking about. Have a have. A full chat have a full conversation and wrap it up.

You know amc uh. This is this is the hard talk. These are the hard things to discuss that, but i'm just not gon na you right. I said that if i thought it looked like, there's there's an opportunity for this to go the opposite direction that i would tell you this.

Is it uh? This is. This is the opportunity where you could see this go the opposite direction. I think if you don't see this move in the pre-market and regular market hours immediately, i mean i'd want to see this basically gap up uh for me to feel decently comfortable uh. I think that the options change is what killed that momentum and uh.

Consequently, what that means is those weekly expiration calls are they could expire worthless and it might take a couple weeks to get some momentum back. You're, probably gon na, do a little bit of this a little bit of the ebbs and flows. Nothing goes down forever. Nothing goes up forever, but we can keep a level mind knowing uh.

We can predict these things by just looking at a chart, but this is starting to look a little bit. Dumpy i just got ta, be straight, got ta, be straight with you. This looks uh amy's amy is looking a little rough, she might take. She might take a kick to the teeth uh, but the apes are here mean the apes are here and we're done we're not going anywhere baby.

So that's what i've got for this video today guys hope that helped you out some uh yeah! That's that's about that! Catch! Y'All! The next one appreciate you much lovely taps and peace.

By Trey

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