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You know right now: we had such a solid day and i can't help but feel enraged, and i'm gon na tell you why the reasoning is alpaca. Who's hiding in his bedroom right now, just beat me in chess, makes me more mad than any red day that if she's ever had ever i'll tell you that right now, oh i can freaking. I could kick something: what is up everybody, i'm going to trade straight. Three freaking talk fast and don't skip classes like the premise by saying i'm gon na find your advisor experts so take away, say the greatest self.

Let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, i'm a fellow girl again we're gon na, be giving you an update on ticker symbol, amc, and i want to finish it off with some closing words. You know more, so it's just some stuff, that's on my mind and things that i care about a lot and that i kind of want to pass on to you because, as a person, i think my my particular strength isn't in any skill right. It's just a human interaction and i i think uh passing along what i think is something worth something so anyways, i'm going to give you the vortex data.

Just give you an idea of the short interest, any sort of notable changes that have happened there, we're gon na go over the unusual whales call options, put options flow which is extremely freaking decent and i'm very excited to talk about that. Come to the technical analysis. Give you an idea of what you're looking at, because guys this is a solid set up and you are very freaking close to watching. I mean come on just look at this.

This chart you can see they just got this ascending freaking stairway to valhalla. Doing some pretty decent stuff and uh we'll leave you some closing words. So without further ado: let's do it asmr with trace trades, as you can see here. No, i'm just playing so the short interest today went down about 3.02.

Nothing, nothing crazy! It is a net difference of about point five, eight million shares and i'll show you this on a sort of uh smooth out trend line. You can see this estimated short interest of free float is currently at 18.99 percent uh, which is about the same right. You're not seeing a significant difference here. The live updates you see about ninety four point: 18.42 million total shares 118 million total shares on loan.

What is the difference between short interest in the shares on loan right? Well, the short interest is how many shares are certified to have been shorted into the stock based off 85 exchange reported data, then the actual shares on loan could just be lended out stock from institutions that other lendees are holding on to. So usually, when you see a gap, this big 818 million shares versus 94 million. The short interest is actually higher, so i would not be surprised if it is over that uh 18 19 range somewhere in the 20s, based off of 85 percent of the exchange reported data which is dangerously close to actually the highest. This has ever been now think about this guys think about this.

We ran from 14 bucks all the way up to 77 off of a short interest of about 17 percent. That's stupid! That's so dumb! You literally have more ammo lowered in the freaking barrel. Right now, with how much more interest is actually in the stock? Don't let any freaking silly chicken, no jim cramer, none of those uh. No charles gasparino, no rich richie penny, whatever the hell.

His name is: don't let them tell you the shorts of cover and this is dying. There's volume, exhaustion, yada yada, because i'll tell you what this looks decent. The volume looks decent shorts, not looking decent, but it looks decent for us. So i'll tell you i'll, tell you right now, there's nothing notable to say here in terms of change.

Shorts haven't covered right. You need shorts to cover for a short squeeze. It's like having mac and cheese, except with the noodles you're, replacing it with uh, with freaking cereal, cereal and cheese. No, that's you're! Just eating cereal cheese.

I need mac and cheese. Shorts haven't covered their positions, i'm telling you that's uh, that's as simple as it gets. So looking at the flow, what do we have cooking up here? Well, i've got a filter set on this, so that the premiums that you're looking at are 50 000 to infinity and based off of 50 000 buy orders. You can see two main things have happened here: they're targeting september 17th, which is next friday, 75.8 million calls versus 556 000 puts extremely extremely bullish.

You can also see that there's way more calls coming in than there is puts volume 80 calls premium. 90 calls. What does that mean? It means that 90 of the money that went into 50, 000 or bigger orders were calls. That's huge volume, 80 percent of the total volume that came in was calls big, big, big freaking diamond nard.

Ovary sort of moves happening off of these big orders coming in and that's the most important thing if you're going to look at the derivatives market is hey. Where are the big bets coming in? What's big money think about how this is moving right now? Some of these are likely apes right. A lot of these are likely apes, but this is more so. The realm of institutions, especially when you see deep in the money strikes sort of being bought.

45. 46. 55. That's pretty deep about the money, but you get my point here: there's a decent amount of in the money you know calls coming in, which is essentially a way to leverage a little more money with less risk, which is something typical of an institution to do so.

This is this looks freaking built up. I mean if i'm gon na describe this in any sort of way the ta on this right now, looking at the daily candles you're looking at the spring loaded to the freaking teeth all the way up, i mean that is a disgusting sort of setup right here. I mean you got this huge bull starting to fill out, and this neckline break very freaking similar to way back here when you broke 14.50, the difference being. This is just a longer time frame right.

This is a little more time than what you saw between 25 up to this move to 72. uh that that move happened from february. All the way until about late may is when you really saw some momentum come back. This has been a pretty long process.

I mean it's been about three months since that major run up here back in early june, which started in late. May i mean that's a pretty long amount of time. So that's that's the real big kicker here is you just watch for a while right. The stock come down.

It took some time to get that momentum back and now it is back in full force. There's a couple things i want to point out here. First off, you had a rest day, candle right here and you did close above that magic. 4850 number.

Now i've talked about the for test trend, many many many times, and it's something that has come to fruition and i was wrong about that. But the overall sentiment behind the four test trend and i'm not discrediting the least bit that i was wrong. I made that video yesterday saying: hey, look based off of previous patterns. This is my prediction.

The prediction was wrong, but nonetheless the setup is still the same and that setup, my friends, is based off of this high or low sort of wedged out pattern. You can see that it's meeting that same level of resistance at 48.50 and it's continuously setting higher lows higher low higher low higher low higher low higher low continuously setting this up trend sort of wedge out bull flag formation, and it is coming almost picture perfect to Fruition, you can see that i dropped. You know got that drawn out here. I said hey, it could test 4850, come back down on that trend line and then come back and test it again, and it literally did exactly that and it closed above that magic number.

Now, what i'm watching for tomorrow is this two main things for the bowl case scenario for the trend: continuation scenario, where you see the massive push over 4850 very similar to 3750. You will know without a shadow of a doubt if it is going to happen, and is this, i see two different things happening first off pre-market, it could come back down just a little bit right and if it comes back down to, let's say, say a small Gap down one two, three percent whatever to 48 bucks, and you get some sort of buying pressure back to the upside, with the move happening in the pre-market right. That's one one sort of scenario here for the bold case. Second, one is that it actually gaps up over that level and an example of this to me is nvidia.

Now i'm actually going to show you this, because this is a pretty interesting sort of setup and video. What you saw happen is something very similar where it closed, i'm just going to show you the daily candles here, where it closed right near a technical breakout level, and it just absolutely slam dunked over that freaking level. Just like you see right here, nice candle rest day boom just runs and the same thing could very easily happen with amc nice candle rest day and now this. This is what you're watching for right, you're watching for the run to follow with that nice close over.

That technical level of 48.50 - now this is getting tight. This is getting tight, tight, tight, tight, tight tight. This is like rope strung out to the freaking fibers within the lord jesus himself, and that is looking good. The only thing that i don't particularly like, which leads me to believe that you might see some sort of uh possible push back down.

Is these two topping tails right here right? Just no, you could see some sort of pullback immediately at market open until it ultimately gets that push back up over 48.50, but this trend over all my friends is extremely bullish. The call options that rolled into this into close, i mean look at this. The last two minutes of close you had two big buyers step in 284, grand 214 grand worth of premium on the 50 and 45 dollar strikes five minutes before close. Fifty five dollar strike.

Ninety thousand dollars right right here, a half a million dollar bet on forty six dollar strike. This is extremely bullish. My friends, it looks amazing. I stand by what i said.

This is close to the next big move. That doesn't mean the squeeze right. What i'm telling you is based off charts. That's based off trend is based off pattern.

I'm telling you the next big move is close. The only i'll, knock myself for this right. I thought you would have seen the big move, probably one or two days ago, but the setup has not changed and so the thesis behind my hypothesis changes. I i won't step back from that right because it's still there, you still have this beautiful upside support.

The same high or low setup with the same horizontal level of resistance, and when it breaks that my friends, i expect a five to ten dollar gap up very similar to what you saw for the 3750 move up to 48. Bucks would not surprise me in the least bit now. I want to leave you with some parting words. It's the last little piece i'm gon na have for this video and it's uh in regards to the humanity of people right now.

This is uh, maybe something that you guys are interested in listening to. If, if so, you can just click off the video and go on with your day, but the reason that i started youtube initially right. Why did i get onto uh on my trace trades channel outside of freaking? I just had nothing better to do right and i thought about that question a lot. You know what uh, what is it that drew me to want to talk about stocks and for a while? I think it was just to kind of fill the gap in my head: no, no pun intended between stocks gap.

Yet but whatever uh, no pun intended, it was filled a gap, an empty space in my life and what was that space right? For me, it was loneliness, there was loneliness and a fear of not having enough money to be free, but more so loneliness, and what does that derive from right? I think, as a person, what i find the most joy in is feeling like. I make a difference in other people's lives and the stock market amc can be a tool to do that for others now. Why am i even talking about this right? Why? Why even bring this up well, i think it's important to be able to take a step back and reflect on the things that have happened in the past, that you can celebrate right. The impact that you've made in other people's lives, because sometimes you don't know you're making an impact on somebody until it happens.

You know i've had uh. I've had people in my life that i i never thought in a million years. I think back on the moments that we shared together, because it was just nonchalant, regular, everyday stuff, but if you've been a part of this journey, this process for months and months and months back in january february march april may, whatever whatever time frame you got in Right look back and think about how much you've grown all the things you've learned. The friends you've made the hard times you've endured because the hard times build strength and that's the character behind people.

I think it's important to remember that humanity and uh. The difference you make in other people's lives, you know uh, i don't know, i felt the need to say that, but it was on my mind today. I want to share that message and i guess that's what i've got for this uh, this freaking video. So from me and the bottle of cracking baby, much love light taps blah blah blah.

You know whole spiel. I didn't choke on my spit today, i'm actually pretty jacked about that catch. The next one, much lovely taps and peace.

By Trey

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    Once we get comfortable with our personal position in AMC all we do with that is HODL , sense we actually already own the float . After that we need to get a new position in another shorted to attack the short sellers on another front so they are not resting in another direction , we need to treat this like a war and surround our enemy cut off the supply line . Preferably another shorted stock held by the same short seller . This is war and they are resupplying on other shorts , we have this battle won time to attack from another direction. Let me know what you think , please. This not advice , as I am not a qualified advisor , but it seems like common sense to me.

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