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Roth IRA & Swing Trading - In this video, we discuss the basics of a Roth IRA, income limitations, pros and cons, potential upside, & brokerage platforms that are beneficial for active trading within a Roth IRA.
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Hey: hey: hey: it's fat albert kachiga kachika. What is up everybody welcome to trades trades. We have technical analysis of different stocks on the stock market as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these given stocks. I can preface by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert, so it's going to say the greatest assault.

Let's get into the video today my friends we're giving you the basic rundown of the benefits of owning a roth ira roth ira 101, and this video in particular, is meant to be geared towards. I would say more active investors and traders. There are a bunch of different ways that you can play out a roth ira right. You can play them off as maybe an etf.

You just want to get into the s p. 500. You want to get into the nasdaq and just let your money sit. Let you get yourself that average, you know annual return, that you'd be able to get from those etfs right.

That's 100, okay, but this might not be the video for you. This is more geared towards those active investors and traders who are wanting to manage your portfolio on a day-to-day basis, get maybe day trade, maybe swing trade, hold midterm investments and be able to actively get in and out of stock investments and capitalize on the tax benefits That a roth ira would present to you, so this is meant for you. If it's not that's, okay, you can click out the video. That's 100 chill with me, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang and uh.

Let's just get into it, i had to drop a freaking gorilla for all the the apes and the orangutans and silverbacks out there who are rock with the community. We do this every single time we're on this microsoft whiteboard. So, let's just dig into the meat and potatoes. So what is a roth ira? Well funny enough, when i was a kid i always heard people talking about, you should invest, you should invest into a roth ira account.

Well, that's kind of a it shouldn't work that way, because an ira actually stands for an individual retirement account. So if you call it a roth ira account you're saying that it's a roth individual retirement account account. So that's kind of a you know: it's a little micro micro. You know tendency that people tend to to lean on, but this is what it is.

It's an individual retirement account and the benefits of this is massive. It's tax free withdrawal. Now, how is this possible? How can you have a tax free withdrawal without having to you know, pay taxes? Well, you do pay taxes right, they're taxed actually initially at deposit. Now the percent of tax that you pay differs depending on your income uh, depending on your your maybe location in the united states, that all changes the game a little hit a little bit here, but nonetheless, there's a lot of benefits to having a tax free withdrawal.

Because if you make a crap ton of gains like, for instance, if i deposit ten thousand dollars into my individual account, it's not tax immediately. When i, when i put that in, however, it is taxed by sitting in that portfolio and then when i withdraw the the cash i sell out of my position right, i get taxed on that. So if i turn ten thousand dollars into a million dollars and i'm tax 25 on that million dollars, well that's a lot different than paying. You know 25 of that initial 10.

000. So that can be a really really big game, changer, in a way that you can capitalize on a roth ira. It can also be self-managed. You can actively trade a roth ira.

There are limitations which we're going to go over right, but i do want to point this out, because this is something that is absolutely huge now, what are the the limitations in terms of income? Well, there are limitations with income so for a traditional ira right or an individual retirement account. There are no limitations on how much you make annually uh to be able to invest in a traditional ira. That's not the case. With a roth, there is a 140 000 annual cap for single marital status right if you're single, that's as much as you can make per year to be able to invest six thousand dollars annually into a roth ira.

That is what you would be able to deposit annually on a roth ira if you are single 208 thousand dollars, if you are a couple in marital status, you're gon na pass it up to seven thousand dollars maximum per year. So that's what you're looking at in terms of uh, you know limitations. There are roundabout ways that you can go about this and we're gon na talk about that later in the video. But i do wan na point that out initially, you can also withdraw the initial deposit with no penalties, and what does that mean? Well, if you make we're just going to come down here a little bit, if you make you turn 6k into 40k right in a single year, that's what you're! Looking at right! You play with that money on your roth ira, all of a sudden, you say: hey! I want to be able to take some of this money out of my roth ira account, but you can't touch this 40.

000. You can't you can't touch that 34k in capital that you gained from that that roth ira, but you can take out the six thousand dollars that you initially deposited and there are no no penalties for doing so right. You can do that and you don't need to be meeting that 59 and a half year age in order to do that, which is the age in which you're able to withdraw from your roth ira, the full equity that is sitting in that portfolio. So that's another great piece of the equation, as i just mentioned, you cannot take out the money from this account until you're, 59 and a half years old and uh.

So this is. This is really geared towards people who are trying to set themselves up for a great retirement right. This isn't money that you're you're sitting on that you're like hey, i just made ten thousand dollars. I want to be able to take out 8 000 of that and go buy myself, something this isn't for you right.

This is more for that long-term retirement and being able to capitalize on the tax benefits. So, let's look at some meat potatoes, the numbers - let's do some math, so i drew up something on excel and unfortunately i'm not i'm not a very intelligent ape, i'm not a smart app at all and i have to crunch all these numbers by hand. I know there's there's formulas out there, that that would do it for me, but i just took out my my calculator and crunched it myself, and this is what i've got here for you. So we're going to tell you what this this chart setup and this spreadsheet is saying: profit margin, so you start with 4 500 right we're, assuming that the starting tax is 25.

You have to contact your cpa to figure out exactly how much the tax is going to be for you personally, but this is the number we're going to use for simplicity purposes. Let's say you max out six thousand dollars in that first year, you're able to put in six thousand dollars if you're, a single marital status and 25 tax on that would be 4 500 bucks. 1500 is 25 or 6 grand now we're assuming that you're making 10 profit every two weeks. That is what i've personally done with my swing trading strategy, you can go back on my channel and watch over time.

I've turned 8 000 into 45 000. Before this whole, you know amc and gamestop situation, in which case uh, you know, i'm not. I'm not swing trading as much actively at the moment, but we will get back into that and continue to make money the way that we have anywho. That is assuming the strategy that i personally use.

Now, if you were able we're just gon na finish off here, you know the profit being 10. The two week period, you've got one two week period. Two two week periods three two week periods. Then we've got color coded years, so this is one year two years and then three years right here so making that super simple.

For you now a one two week period, if you make 10 profit on that initial forty five hundred dollars after tax, you would have forty four hundred fifty bucks in profit in the first two weeks, meaning that you have four thousand nine hundred fifty dollars. Now, let's just fast forward one whole year of time, every two weeks you average ten percent using aggressive swing, training strategies actively managing our portfolio you'd, be sitting with a total equity of 53 631.75 and get this that is tax free income. You won't get taxed on that guys because you already paid the taxes up front, and that is the beauty of a roth ira. You would also meet that pattern day, trader rule, which is that you have 25 000 of equity in your account, which would mean that you can have more than three trades per week in which you buy and sell in the same day, which means that you can Actively trade in your account, if you want to be a pattern day, trader and day trade in a roth ira, you can do so now.

Different brokerages have different rules, limitations per se, but i've got a couple pointed out that i think are going to be great opportunities for you. If you are interested in doing so, and another must with uh with the roth ira, if you are going to day, trade is to have a margin account. Honestly, i would say, if you're going to swing trade, a margin account is also very, very critical. We're going to get to that more down the road.

So after one year of averaging 10, every two weeks with a swing trading, aggressive trading strategy, you'll be sitting at 53 631 bucks year, two starts you're gon na deposit, another six thousand dollars you get taxed initially up front 25. On that six grand you've got forty five hundred dollars uh. That is actually getting deposited into your account, so you're starting off the year with fifty eight thousand hundred thirty one dollars, if you average that same ten percent every two weeks over uh 26. You know 26 by two week period, which would be 52 year.

Uh 52 weeks, you'd have 692 thousand dollars, tax-free income that you are able to capitalize on when you're 59 and a half years old withdraw from your account at an incremental amount or all at once. If you'd like to and be able to use that cash after just two years and two months, you would be a millionaire if you average 10 every two weeks with an aggressive swing, trading or day trading strategy, which is very very possible. My friends, i'm telling you i've done it myself and i know what you're thinking trey. Well, how do i know that i'm actually average 10 every two weeks, you don't know necessarily right.

This is, this: is an average, so it'll be two week periods, or maybe i make five percent profit or three percent profit. But then there's gon na be two week periods where i make twenty percent twenty two percent twenty five percent, because you got ta average out all the trades that you're making. Sometimes i make a trade where i lose five percent. It's all about.

You know limiting the losses and maximizing the gains. Sometimes i lose three or four four or five for ten percent, even on a trade, but then on a swing trade. Let's say that i have a runner, that's a 50, 60 70 80, maybe even 100 runner, and you make that much bam just like that. Well, all of a sudden that makes up for all the losses, because you limited those losses and it averages out week over week over week over week to 10 every two weeks, which is what i personally found.

I've been able to do in my own portfolio. So this is an absolutely huge strategy. My friends and a huge tax benefit the downside, one of the cons being that, like i said, if you want to be able to buy yourself, a car pay off a mortgage whatever it may be. You can't touch this money to do so.

You can only withdraw that initial six thousand dollar deposit, which, after taxes, would be about 4 500 bucks right. So just keep that in the back of your mind, that's what you're looking at right here and i just want to point that out, because it's insane how much money you can make and how much of that will be tax free, because uncle sam, my friends, will: Will really wreck you, i mean think about it like this. If you got tax on the back side, when you take that money out that one one million dollars that you just had right, if you've got tax 25 on that you're, looking at 750 000, which compared to paying you know, 4 500 up front, is much different Way way way way different guys, so just want to point that out to you, i think that is huge and a great benefit to having a roth ira account if you're going to be an active trader now, what are some brokers that you can use i've taken? The time to to dig up a couple that i think are a great opportunity, uh for a active trader if you are interested in doing so, interactive brokers right we're gon na start off with this one. Now, if you want to use interactive brokers, just type into your internet, browser, interactive brokers, it'll bring you to this website interactive brokers.

You can open an account right here and then from here you just have to enter your personal information. Select a roth ira account and you'll be all set and good to go. The reason i think interactive brokers is a great platform to use is because they do allow you to trade on margin um. What do you need to know about a roth ira is that you cannot short stocks, so if that is something that you usually do, keep in the back of your mind that you will not be able to do so and another thing that i think is important To mention is that you cannot leverage right.

So what is leveraging uh? What does that mean? Well, i've got this drawn up for you down here. I'm just gon na point this out, a leverage is if you were able to take a ten thousand dollar. Let's say whatever the dollar sign is right: a ten thousand dollar investment you have ten thousand dollars of equity. A one-to-one leverage would mean that you can only trade, ten thousand dollars that you, you are matching the equity in your account, the cash balance in your account.

Now, if you have a three to one or four to one leverage, that would mean that you can play on house money. You can take your ten thousand dollars of equity and actually play with thirty thousand dollars or forty thousand dollars. Now, that's something you can't do with roth ira accounts if that's something that you're used to trading with just know that that is going to be a downside of something you have to adjust to. If you want to trade in a roth ira, account now keep that in the back of your mind, interactive brokers will not allow you to trade leverage, but they will allow you to trade on margin, and i do know that they have hot keys.

That are something that you usually use as a day trader. Ameritrade is also another option uh. They also allow you to trade on margin. If that's something that you're interested in, if you want to set it up, you just type in uh.

You know td ameritrade, and you can just literally click on this button right here. Open a roth ira account and you are cooking with quiz coders enter our information, get that all squared away you'll be good to go weeble, which is a personal brokerage firm that i use. I love weeble they're an absolute great, great great platform um. They also have a roth ira that you can set up and a couple different ways that you can play it, so you can set up a traditional if you'd, like a roth ira or a rollover ira which you're going to get into right.

Now, if you do not meet those income requirements, if you're not underneath that 140 000 income, i think that was the number we'll come back here, just to fact check, because i don't want to spread any misinformation. 140 000 yeah for singles. So as a single man, if i'm over 140 000 of income, which i personally am right - i make i make more than that. Every year um you can take a backdoor route which weibo will actually allow you to do immediately.

You can just set it up. Bam. They've got a button for it. It'll walk you through the entire process, so great platform.

Another thing that is uh you know you should take into consideration is inflation. Now what is inflation? It is basically the economy adjusting to the idea that things are going to get more expensive, so you will make more money and you will be given more opportunity to to deposit cash of the account. Contribution will inevitably go up over years because let's say that inflation goes up uh, you know three percent. That would say that you know ten thousand dollars would need to be three percent higher than that in order to actually match you know, i'm so bad at math.

I should know this off the top of my head, but i don't so i'm gon na take that that number right now ten thousand times point zero. Three would be three hundred bucks, so you'd be looking at ten thousand three hundred dollars. That's how much you would need to be worth that previous ten thousand dollars a year ago, if you were to go up three percent annually in inflation right now with that being said, they take that into consideration, which means they'll. Allow you to to deposit a higher contribution.

An example of this is that the actual deposit in which you were able to put into a roth ira used to be lower than six thousand dollars. I believe it was 5500. Don't take that you know to the grave, but what i'm saying is that the contribution you know availability will likely go up over the years, so you'll be able to deposit more cash into your roth ira as time goes on and that's good, maybe you won't even Want to right, maybe after you know three years, let's say that you've already you've already made all that cash. You don't want to deposit any more, because you feel very confident, you're gon na be able to continue to make great income off of your your million dollars.

That you have that you built up over two three four five hour long. It takes you years and you're good to go right. Well, this doesn't really concern you, but i do want to point out in case. That is something that you are interested in.

Another thing i want to talk about is the income limits right, so let's say that you're underneath that you're over, i should say that 140 000 income or if your marital status is uh. You know you are married and you can deposit 200 000 based off of both of your incomes you're over both those limits right. What can you do in order to get into a roth ira? Are you going to be able to get into a roth ira and the answer is yes, you can by using a roll over traditional to roth uh. You know backdoor method, and it's honestly really weird that you're able to do this, but you definitely aren't now just check this out.

I'm gon na read this off to you. This is coming straight from weeble. A rollover ira is an account that allows you to move funds from your old employer, sponsored retirement plan into an ira. You could do it such as a traditional ira rolling over into a roth ira.

That is a method with an ira rollover. You can preserve the tax deferred status of your retirement assets without paying current taxes or early withdrawal penalties. At the time of transfer. A rollover ira can provide a wider range of investment choices that may meet your goals and risk tolerance, including stocks, bonds, uh, cds, etfs and mutual funds.

So these are all opportunities for you, my friends uh. You can 100 make that happen and we have you know kind of the the method in which you can do it, the big thing. Being it's penalty, free right, you don't get slapped you're not going to get you're not going to get. You know called up by uncle sam said: what are you doing um, so this is actually legal.

You can 100 do this, the first method right, the first step you need to contribute to a traditional ira. Now, why didn't you do this? Because a traditional ira, my friends, has no income limit. So if we just look up a traditional ira limit right now check this out. Traditional ra contribution limits the maximum contribution to a traditional area for 20.

20. 6. 000 uh. That's not what i'm looking for! But what i am looking for is is there's no income limit to a traditional ira, so income limit - let's just check this out um, you do have a retirement plan, so the 2020 traditional ira income limits are as follows.

If you do have a retirement plan with your employer um, that's not what i'm looking for either. I have googled this and i do know this off the top of my head. Um trust me when i say that there is no income limit, that you have for a traditional ira right. You can deposit into a traditional ira if you make 100 000 500 000 a million dollars, and with that being said, you can put money into your traditional and then roll it over into a roth.

If you do not meet that uh that income requirement for a roth ira, so that would be the beginning step uh contribute to a traditional, then you're, going to convert it over to a roth. But the platform such as weeble, it's very, very easy to do without weeble. I couldn't tell you off the top of my head: you'd have to roll into that to make it happen. But what i am saying is that there are possibilities to make that happen and weeble is a brokerage specifically that will allow you to do so.

The next piece is the pro rata rule, so you want to have zero dollars in that original. Traditional roth uh, traditional ira, account right by december 31st or you could get slapped with some penalties. Some fees, some taxes, uh whatever it may be. You will end up paying money if that account is not at zero.

So you want to make sure that when you were converting it, that account is at zero dollars by that december 31st date. Otherwise, you may end up getting slapped a little bit by that by good old uncle sam with some taxes. So keep that in the back of your mind and then lastly, you've got the form 8606 and i've got this pulled up for you. If you want to find it, you simply just have to google form 8606 you'll be able to pull this up.

This is just essentially a non-deductible ira form. Now, if you want to scroll through this entire thing, it's very very lengthy, as are all all freaking uh tax forms. But this walks you, through line by line which you need to do in order to make sure that you are getting your tax situation taken care of with that roller from a traditional ira to a roth ira. So uh read through that right.

This will tell you everything that you need to know about that that form 8606 uh. This would be a one-hour video if i were to walk through this entire thing, but i do want to point out the steps that you need to take. If you want to make this happen for yourself uh with that rollover from a from a traditional to a roth, if you do not meet that income requirement, so the cons of a roth ira, i do want to point out the downsides, because not everything is peachy. Not everything is sun and rainbows right.

You can only withdraw your your gains um at 59.5 years old right, so you can depart you. Can you can withdraw your initial deposit, but you can't withdraw that that income that you've made from your gains in the market until you are 59 and a half years old? You also pay the taxes up front right. So, if that's something that that you don't enjoy, just keep it in the back of your mind, the contribution limit is low, which means that it might take some time for you to make a good gain now. What do i mean by that right? Well, if you have a hundred thousand dollars that you want to invest, you've got 100k sitting, you don't need it.

Your your bills are paid. You brought your girl out for a nice lobster steak dinner. You can only deposit 6k of that it doesn't matter if you've got 100 000 right. You can only put in 6k uh annually, no matter how much money you make.

If you meet that income requirement right, so just keep that in the back of your mind, and then there are those income limits as well, so you do have to go through some backdoor steps in order to be able to contribute to a roth ira. If that sounds like too big of a pain in the butt for you uh, this is something you need to keep in the back of your mind as a potential con for a roth ira setup and having a roth ira account. So that was a pretty lengthy video, but i wanted to walk you through step by step, some of the benefits and the cons, the pros and the cons of having a roth ira account. If you are an active trader, a swing trader such as myself.

I personally am in the process of rolling over my my traditional ira into a roth ira. As i have my own. You know personal investments that i've been managing in a traditional for those tax benefits myself right and i will be giving you guys updates down the road in terms of uh. You know how that process goes.

Give you the the lessons that i've learned, the things that i think you should know, but i think it is a great strategy to capitalize on that good old uncle sam tax and making sure that you're not getting slapped at the end of the year or whenever. You do end up taking money out of your account and being able to buy that car buy, that house go out to the beach go out to wherever you want to go. So that is what i have for the video today guys if you enjoyed it. Please drop a like it does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this.

Lastly, i've been filling in the description box down below for weeble, which is one of the platforms. I've mentioned great platform. It allows you to start trading in the pre-market at 4. 00 a.m, uh up until 8 p.m.

Actually, unless you're in central standard time, it's three three a.m to seven uh, which is a huge huge pro uh. If you are an active trader, sometimes you know plays, are time sensitive, so that is a thing for you, great platform use my link. You will get two free stocks with 100 deposit i'll receive a free stock, greater support of the channel. My friends, if you're not interested, that's totally fine.

I just appreciate your support by taking this time to watch my videos there's also a link to the merch store. If you want to pick up a george w hoody, some cool mugs, we've got stickers, posters, uh hats, whatever you want, and i have a link to the personal discord down there. It's five dollars a month. If you want to join that and join a great community of investors, we talk about swing, trades day, trades, long-term investments, midterm investments, taxes, uh, the whole nine yards, great community, nice and cheap, and that's what i've got for the video today guys if you uh, i Just keep rolling uh.

Thank you for watching my friends i'll see you on the next one and peace.

By Trey

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    Ya, but a Roth is dependent on the government keeping its word. Remember Social Security was designed to be tax free but a single government rule changed THA!

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Black AsPitch says:

    I'm doing my trading within a traditional IRA can you talk about how the tax stuff works within one of these. I think I know enough but if there's any tips or tricks I'd love to hear them

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Shane Rock says:

    Your initial deposit into your Roth account should be $6,000.00. While it is post tax money and you do not get a tax break when you file (like a Traditional IRA), your investment would be $6,000.00 not $4,500.00. You are not taxed on your initial deposit, you just can't claim the deduction at tax time as you can in a Traditional IRA. Thanks for the vids.

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