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Why AMC Hasn't Squeezed Yet - In this video, we discuss public float, short share availability, wanda dilution, and all things that have contributed to the previous 2 months of price action leading us to where we are now.
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It's popping, oh man, i want to do that forever. I feel like it works a lot better with the glasses. Maybe not, maybe we got to go like this. Maybe i got ta take them off the small they're, bolder baby.

You know what it is. What is up, everybody welcome to trades trades. We have technical analysis and different stocks on the stock market, as well as potential buy holders, sell opinions on these. Given stocks like the premise by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert.

So, let's take it and say the grain of salt, let's get into the video today, my friends we're going to be talking about why amc hasn't squeezed squeezed, yet here so far uh today, i think there are a lot of people out there that are complacent, and I don't blame you like. I understand, i understand it's frustrating, because we thought we were going to get instant gratification with amc stock. We thought that it was just automatically going to run up so those triple digits, the quadruple digits and even though i'm very very satisfied with the growth that we've had. You know over the past few weeks up to where we're sitting now.

I think we're in a great great great spot and i'm super bullish on amc, more bullish than i've ever been. There might be people out there are thinking. Why am i still wasting my time? Why hasn't it done what it needs to do yet we're gon na walk you through everything, that's kind of unfolded and unraveled over the previous two months that has led us to where we are now per usual. I had to drop a freaking uh that gorilla uh to represent the gorilla gang out there, the freaking silverbacks, the orangutans and the apes who are cooking with us.

I absolutely appreciate it. This is ozaru, so i'm a huge dragon. Ball z fan anime nerd. I just had to represent the childhood man so hopefully enjoy that that's vegeta right there baby.

So if that's uh, that's your cup of tea, there you go anywho, let's just get into the video, so we're going to start off with this first run up, and i want to be transparent and say that a lot of this dd that i put together has Been a combination of my own, you know research and people from my discord on my personal discord and i am super super appreciative uh for everybody out there. So credit goes to where credit's due and there are some really intelligent people out there. That helped me put this together so props to you, i'm going to be referencing this, as well as a a couple other sources so just being transparent there. So we started off in this 20 range right.

We had the high all the way up to 25 and some change way back here in the day 25 and 80 cents right. Look at this super super volatile period of time. Where did that volatility go right? Well, first part of it is we had a lot of volume that pumped into the stock, which we don't have now, but that's not the meat and potatoes. That's not why we came from 25 down to five bucks where we are now uh.

It went down to 17 18 bucks and then it plummeted. Now that is excluding some of the volatility that we saw. So you saw 125 bucks and some super volatile moves followed. We came down 1150 bounced back to 20.

Bucks came down to 11 30 bounced back up to 23 bucks dropped down to 679 came all the way back up to a height of 1996 and then from there that 17 18, even maybe 19 dollar range. I'm gon na exclude that wick, let's say 1718 right. It just plummeted, it couldn't come back, it dropped off the face of the earth and consolidated between 550 and a height of you know about six dollars and some change for about two trading weeks. Now.

What was the reasoning behind that? Because apes helped and i'm telling you right now - apes held the stock. I could i could just read reddit boards, i can read stock tweets. I can talk to people in my personal discord. The amc only discord.

We know for a fact that the majority there will be people there's exceptions, there's asterisks majority people held right, even though they were red or if they were green people were still holding the stock because they believe in the cause. What was the reasoning now? We know that we had robin hood. Robin hood ended up cutting off buying right, and you can argue why you know i'm not a huge fan of robinhood we're not going to get into conspiracy theories, but they claimed it was collateral issues. I think there was more deeply rooted issues there, but nonetheless robin hood caught off buying.

It causes massive sell-off. That's one piece of the puzzle, but it's not the entire puzzle and i think something that a lot of people aren't talking about, which is referenced here in the amc why it hasn't squeezed. Yet is this wanda converted class b shares to class a now? What does that mean right so for amc, specifically, the class b shares were sort of the the stock that was not available to the public. There's there's something called public float right.

So if we look up amc on marketwatch - and we just currently look at what the public float looks like i'll, tell you exactly what i'm talking about. So if we look at market watch, we look at the shares that are available to the public. You have the public float, you have the shares outstanding now wanda's shares were not available to the public. These weren't available trading shares they the class.

A common stock is what is available to retail investors. Normal people, like you and me well wanda, decided to convert their shares to class a stock. Now, what does that do right? It increases the overall shares outstanding. It shifts that supply and demand.

So if we were working with previously, you know a a total amount of shares somewhere in that 370 million range. I'm gon na reference this this document that was put together for me, but i do believe that is what it was: uh 450 million, so 340 million. Actually so, let's say 340 million right, we'll say it was somewhere in that 340 million share range. Well, all of a sudden you've got wanda.

That is converting. This is all class a stock by the way class a available to the public. Well, wanda decides to convert their stock from class b to class a now. How much did that change the game by right? Well, they increased the public float to about 450 million shares uh, that's not including synthetics.

The the counterfeits right that are circulating around. I do think there are a plethora of synthetics that are circulating, but nonetheless it increased that public float to what we see here today that 450 million number and we'll come back here to market watch and show exactly what i'm talking about. 450 million shares outstanding. 46 million of these are public flows.

So just a few aren't available for trading a couple million shares, but in the grand scheme of things you get the picture right, that's 450 million shares. What that does. Is it shifts the supply and demand, because that's how many class a shares that we have now because of wanda converting her shares right, not her shares their shares right now. This was information that took a long time to get uh translated into data databases right.

So this wasn't available to the public for a very long time until the ceo confirmed that they had 450 million shares, i don't have 2ms there. 450 million shares total circulating of this class a stock. Now? What does that? Do you increase the supply and we've shown you this uh, this graph, a million times we'll show you again. If you increase supply, you shift the demand right.

So if this is supply - and this is demand - this is high. This is low high, low, high and low right. You shift this supply line to the left. You make it a little higher you're gon na decrease the demand that convergence uh is lower on that supply and demand chart.

So that's what happened right here right off the bat when you, when you convert those class, a shares, you're diluting the stock right. So that's what initially happened - and this happened and around that same time, when we see this massive sell-off. If you remember we'll reference back to some articles that were posted regarding, you know, wanda converting their shares. This was posted back on february, 8th 2021 amc major stakeholder want to convert stock to allow for sale amid wall street bets frenzy.

Maybe they took advantage of the fact that the stock price was trading so high. They didn't think it was going to go much higher, uh whatever it may be. This is what happened if you look back on february, 8th right, what day was this? That would have been right around here uh, and this is when you see the stock really having some issues right. It just cannot recover.

You've got another article right here right. This was posted on march 15th. Talking about why wanted group is trimming its holdings in amc, theater chain, we'll talk about this more down the road, but my purpose and point being that wanda converted their shares and this diluted the stock and caused what you see here, which is that monumental, long-term consolidation And drop-off from that major 25 range that you see right here right. So that's a big piece of the puzzle and something i think people need to take into consideration now, on top of that, they sold a lot of shares into the market they sold.

If we referenced this uh, this document right here, uh taking a quick, peeky wiki, as you guys always say, let's see if we can find that, give me one second, okay! So here we go, we don't know the exact number of shares held. I'm sure you can calculate it out, but there are previously 23.8.08 percent shareholders of amc's outstanding shares uh and they reduced their stake to 9.8 as of march 3rd. That is a drastic shift right. So now they own 44 million shares of classic common stock, which is a much different scenario that we see with the current stock price.

So they likely sold off a huge amount of class a common stock because they they more than cut in half their total position. In amc down to what it is so on february, 8th that article was posted and you see they just cannot recover because all of a sudden you've got this not only an increase in supply, but an increase in availability to supply. When you sell it drops the stock price, it could not recover. You see that it is sitting where it is right now right.

It's circulated there that 5.50 range consolidating for a long, long, long period of time that plays into the equation. My friends and i think that's a huge reason why it took so long for for the stock to make some moves. So just to give you a brief recap right: they they converted from class b to class a up to the common stock. The class b is not available to the public, the class a is that's the common stock they sold, which shifts that supply to main chain uh the supply and demand supply god, dang supply and demand, chart and drops the price.

With that double whammy, converted sold, both things affect the stock price right flow changed from 340 million to 450 million 23 order down to 9.8 that affected the stock price for a long time - and you might be thinking yourself - is this bad news? Does this mean the squeeze potential is gone and the answer to you is no there's no more damage that can be done now. What do i mean by that right? So them being a 9.8 shareholder stake in the company them holding about 44 million total shares of class 8 common stock. Well, that's nowhere near as much potential to do harm than already has existed in the stock uh in the first place. Right, it'd be a drop in the water in comparison to what happened previously.

Now it would affect the stock price right. I'm not gon na lie to you. If they sold all 44 million shares all at once. You know that'd be a pretty big deal that would that would affect the stock price without a doubt.

But at that point we've already had apes that have held the stock price and moved it up to where it is now off of more selling and the fact that they converted that class b to the class, a so initially maybe short term you'd, have a slight Drop in price you'd have an availability increase in the the shares that are available for trading, but it's not going to do anywhere near as much damage as that class b to class a conversion which we do. We did see that increase that overall supply and demand chain right. So let's change the picture and that's a big piece of the news that we need to consider now we're gon na move on to short pressure right. What am i talking about here? The short pressure, where is this gone, because a lot of people think that the short pressure is just not there with amc right now, and i understand where you're coming from right.

If you look at amc's short interest on fintel the numbers, are it might scare you, it might scare you a little bit. We look at amc short interest. It says that the previous date, which makes no sense to me of short volume ratio, was eight percent. The total share availability, one million, which was higher than it used to be previously, and the short bar of the rate is one point three three percent right.

We come over here to daily short sale volume. We look at the short sale volume on the day, just as a comparison, 25.4 million compared to the green volume of 40.5 million on the 19th. So i mean that's pretty decent high high short volume and i'm honestly really confused as to why there's such a big discrepancy between this and fintel. You know.

Obviously, vince only takes a short data from limited exchanges, but you know you get the picture here. Use this. Not as a hard data point, but more so as a reference right, an idea of sentiment and what's going on in the stock and the fact being that the short data and the shorting is still taking place, which is affecting the stock price. Now circulating back to my main point right, i always click on the wrong tab.

Circulating back to my main point: wanda increased the supply which increased the amount of share availability for shorting as well right, and this comes into lenders. We know there's been an increase in lenders. Six lenders has moved up to i've, seen different numbers. I've seen both nine and i've seen eleven we're gon na assume the worst and say that it is nine, so nine lenders and if they all are allowing x amount of shares to be borrowed.

While you increase that it allows more short, availability and lending to go out to shorter's bigwigs the the the freaking hedges out there they're trying to screw down and steal our attendees and they're not gon na, do it they're not gon na, do it i'm telling you Why? Because we have held the battle and we're starting to shift the momentum and the fulcrum is coming back here towards the apes blackrock right, what's going on with blackrock? Well, blackrock is a major stakeholder in amc and gamestop right and you might be thinking. This is good news uh, and it is great great great news, because companies like blackrock and vanguard don't buy into companies that they're not going to make money on. They are a well established. You know financial institution, they are there to make cash and nothing else, uh.

Nothing more, nothing less right! Well, there's there's something that can happen here and it's buying and share lending right. So what do i mean by that? So if blackrock, hypothetically speaking, owns x, amount of shares right, they they own them, they can do with them whatever they want, they can sell them or they can borrow them. Now. Where am i going with this? You get the freaking picture, guys i'm going to pull this up and show you exactly what i'm talking about.

This is from reddit. Take it with a grain of salt, but i'm going to tell you exactly what this is saying. Is they hold a pretty decent? This is just uh, you know gamestop as a reference, but it's the same situation with amc. They hold a decent stake of both of these stocks and they're, able to borrow them to companies that are shorting the stocks such as citadel or melvin capital, whoever it may be, whoever these big institutional firms are they're able to lend out the shares.

Now, what you might be thinking well shoot. How are we ever going to recover from this? Why would they do that? If they're trying to make cash - and you should just say that to yourself twice, because why would they do it if they were trying to make cash they're trying to make cash right, they're, not they're, not buying those shares, simply to lend them? That's not the only reason why think about it like this. If you've got a casino right and you go to a casino and they spot you, one million freaking dollars. But this the casino says: hey here, you go melvin we're gon na give you a million dollars.

You play with it, do whatever you want. This is the short rate that we've got for you right. This is how much you're gon na owe us for borrowing the one million dollars and playing with that cash. They can do whatever they want with it, or they can take that one million dollars and just sit on it.

They can do nothing or they can put it on a table and try to make cash on it right. You get my point here. Well, melvin goes and they blow it, they lose all that million dollars in the casino over here. Well, they still get their money back right, plus interest and the casino says you know what it's okay and you can think of the casino being equivalent to blackrock right.

So just keep keep following me here. The casino is blackrock and blackrock says you know what it's all good, that you lost, that i don't know why they did that. It's all good, that you lost that money, guess what we got another million dollars here for you. We got another million dollars and uh this is uh.

You know i'm not saying that it's gon na pay, you back, you know, but should give you an opportunity to try again try again right, they're down, really really bad right now and on paper. These are just hypothetical losses right, they could come back. They could come back from this if they, if they go down to - let's just say 100 million or a hundred thousand dollars right 100k and they come back and they say shoot. I only have 100k in chips right now.

This is only paper losses, but man. This is looking really rough, they come back and they say you know what we'll sponsor another million dollars and try and get you back back on your feet. They lose it again. They're back down to 100k off of a 2 million dollar uh borrow right.

They come back again, they say: hey here's! Another million dollars, try again they don't care because they know they get their money. There's obligations that are held up by the consumer and the lender. Melvin has to pay back, that's uh, that million dollars that was borrowed from the casino, regardless of whether or not they lose that money or not. They come back a third time with another hundred thousand dollars remaining, so they have a hundred thousand out of that three million dollar borrow coming from the casino you get my my point here: blackrock playing that game in the short term right, it's going to prevent the Squeeze you're totally right because you're increasing the short share, availability, you're you're, increasing the amount of time you're decreasing that short, borrow fee rate, because you're increasing the amount of shares that are available for borrowing.

If there's a lot of shares available to borrow that is going to decrease, that short borrow fee rate, it's it's a a tangible uh equilibrium that comes in play, low share, availability means high short bar fee rate, and i anticipate you're going to see that short bar Fee rates start to go up again because, as we all know, with more shares on the market, there's more short share availability. We have more lenders such as blackrock vanguard, whoever it may be that are lending out. These shares for shorting, eventually they're gon na run dry. Guys, eventually, they're going to run dry so right now, hypothetically speaking, let's just say that they're five million dollars and it is all being lent out to to melvin capital, the freaking, hedgy and melvin - is down to his f.

His last freaking, 100 000. In the casino says, you know what man you are cut off, you're cut off and you have x amount of time to pay us back. Let's just say it's it's 10 days whatever it might be right. You owe us this money.

You need to get it to us, plus that freaking interest and if they don't they're gon na, find ways to make that money back right. They're gon na they're gon na come over to and uh and you know take their car they're going to call up the person that owns their homes and say: hey. You need to put this house on the market, so we can get our freaking cash and they can do it because they won't they. They have obligations to it.

We'll uh we'll liquidate your house, we'll put your house on uh we'll, sell your house off whatever we got to do right, they're, gon na get that cash back and that's the same thing. That's happening with blackrock they're playing the double dip game, they're, making cash two ways they're, they get both feet in both pawns and it's really intelligent. Honestly, that's that's my personal opinion. It's a hypothesis, but that's my common sense of what i'm making out of the situation right now.

I don't think it's a bad thing that they're borrowing it just delays and honestly spring loads, the inevitable in my eyes, so it is possible that blackrock vanguard some of these major institutional holders that are buying and holding amc stock are actually lending it out, which is Going to affect that short interest data make it look as if there's not a lot of pressure on short positions, because in the short term, there's not - and that's that's totally. Okay right that doesn't change the fact that we don't have a short squeeze on our hands. What we do know is the stock price has been continuously climbing right. Look at this look at what the stock price has been doing.

Now. True, you could scalp short, you could scalp, you can make. You know a couple cents off of some incremental movements and make back some of your losses, but not so many losses that you're coming back from that five dollar six dollar range. I will tell you that i guarantee you shorts have been doubling down the whole way up.

They've been maybe making a little bit of marginal cash on the way up, but not anywhere near as much as their losses on this climb from five dollars to 14 and some change at the height. I mean think about that. That's a 200 growth in a matter of a couple of weeks, which is insane. We have infinite upside right with with the losses with the gains here, but they have infinite downside.

They can lose as much money as this thing is willing to freaking rock and the healthy growth that we've been seeing is just setting it up to do that guys. So that is monumental. Now, that's something i want to point out. The float, as we know, has gone up.

We've gone up to 450 million shares which delays that uh, that that short squeeze that we've been talking about. It takes off a little bit of pressure in the short term, not in the long term. Apes have been continuing to buy and hold, and that is literally the entire equation. Besides the gamma squeeze, obviously the gamma squeeze options expiring in the money does play into the equation, but we're not talking about that here today.

Synthetic shares. This is also another piece of it and what i'm talking about is failure to delivers right, so the favorites to deliver is let's say you have some options expire in the money. They don't have the collateral to match that the market makers are clearing houses, they're. Another collateral to match those those shares that they need to purchase for the the option holders the contract holders of some calls right.

If they don't have it, they get ftds or ious. Ious go out into the market. This plays into the equation, along with synthetic shorts naked shorts that go into the market right. You've got uh, probably synthetic longs in the market, because there are short positions that are sold with ious, not including blackrock, whoever it may be that are holding synthetic longs right.

This all dilutes the stock price, which is increasing the supply. Honestly, we have a 450 million share, float of public float available right according to paper, my hypothesis and what this guy's come to. The conclusion of i don't see the attire um the person who wrote together this dd thinks it's about 60 to 80 million shares in synthetic shares floating in the market. I think is more in in the in the realm of 100 to 150 million shares.

My reason being, if you look at the total volume on the day right, considering how many retail investors and institutional investors are holding long on the stock, you know that there is a 450 million share public float on the stock, but yet on a daily basis, we See anywhere between 50 million to a couple hundred million shares traded right. There was one day we saw 1.2 billion shares traded on the market, and that is not possible. You want to tell me that the entire public float was exchanged, exchanged hands three times over. It's not possible, and that tells me the entire equation is that there is likely a crap ton of synthetic shares, i'm not being conservative, i'm not being liberal, saying, there's 100 to 150 million shares floating uh synthetic in the market, i'm being really really conservative, saying this And i think that's a huge piece of the equation that we need to keep into consideration, so increase supply would increase that share availability for shorting right.

So when you think about utilization according to or text right, we just pull up vortex really quick. What is this talking about? What's that total share availability for shorting right, the utilization's saying at 84.9 percent, it's gone down and my hypothesis being that it's because there's more short availability to the public right that constant borrow has gone down for the same exact reason. So if we look at this again right, you've got increased, share availability, decreased cost to borrow percentage decrease utilization. All those things have happened which would meet our guidelines and the things that we think are happening at this current moment in time, but wait.

This is a huge, huge piece of the puzzle and i've connected a couple of dots with a couple different dd's, and this is all it's honestly, just one big spider web of connecting the dots weeble. What's going on with weibull, what's going on with other brokerage firms, i know personally that i noticed that weibull does not have a short button anymore for amc now. What am i talking about? You've got buy, you've got cell and there used to be a short button over here and to show you what i'm talking about right. If we come over here to, let's just say, um clvs clvs.

Well, you can't do it on clps, but dbi right. You can short dbi that pops up right here as a shortable stock. You can't do that with amc, and that will typically happen if there's not share availability for a stock to be shorted as an example. If you look at clvs right, clbs has a very, very, very high short interest, we're going to come up here and look at clvs short interest and see what the numbers are.

Looking like. I can never type here we go cbs short interest. What do we got? Oh, i type it wrong there. We go clv short interest anywho you look at this.

It's got very, very low, low short availability, 70 000, which is incredibly low. That means that the majority of of short, available shares are currently being held by short positions. Well, because of that, there's likely not enough shares to short available to brokerage firms such as weibull, so they take that short button off of the options and they'll do that for any stock. There's not enough shares to short with right, and what is that telling you guys? Well, my hypothesis, and i think what most people would say is that the shorting taking place is naked shorting.

Now. What i think this is really incredible and worth pointing out to you: is this email right here, weebles reply when i asked how amc wasn't shortable when trying to get the interest percentage, we're winning check this out? Amc is not shortable. Now, thanks. How is it not shortable, please explain if we are not able to locate shares to short the security will be listed as not charitable.

We do not support naked shorting or shorting with synthetic shares. Um phantom shares shares that don't exist, and this is likely happening within a lot of brokerage firms, weeble being only freaking one of them guys. So that's monumental and that's something that you guys really need to pay attention to is we are winning the game. We just got ta, wait it out right, the the the institutional investors out.

There have a lot more availability to pull strings than us, retail investors do and that's factual. We all know that, and that reflects on the stock price right. We've seen the manipulation take place, and we know what's going on here, but they can't play that game forever. Eventually, it will come crashing down.

As all things do, market value will eventually reach the sentiment of the market right. They do not make up the entire market. They are a piece of the market, retail investors and institutional investors uh they make up the majority we have more buying than selling we have usually i i've shown this resource before, but somewhere between 94 and 96 buying, and only about four to six percent selling, which Tells you the equation guys, the majority of the selling pressure has been coming from short positions. So that's massive we're gon na wrap this up right.

Give you a little bit of a run down the final piece. We've got a crap ton of failure to delivers the failures to delivers, meaning there are shares that are not being purchased. You've got options expiring in the money gamma squeeze rolling over over and over and over because of this buying pressure coming into the stock, which is bleeding out. These short positions right, we haven't, had the squeeze yet for the reasons that i disclosed, but the good news being that we can't have juan any more damage right.

We can't unless they end up doing that 500 million share dilution, which we've talked about. I personally voted against it. That's entirely up to you guys. Unless that happens, this scenario is sitting right where it is right now, and that is a long ways down the road guys.

They don't vote until may 4th and it can't be enacted immediately. That'd be something that would take time to take place. So that's huge. The float is what it is at this point right: it's not going to change at least for the next.

You know midterm foreseeable future. That percentage, borrow fee rate is gon na eventually start going up again, as those short shares that are now available to the public based off of you know: blackrock vanguard, wanda, all this sort of stuff, as they get scooped up that short bar fee rate's gon na Go back up, it's gon na put more pressure on those short positions holding that day over day over day, which is going to increase that short pressure to cover the position and cause a short squeeze. Now, what does that squeeze going to look like i've? Seen a bunch of different hypothesis, i personally think it's going to be similar to a tesla sort of run now, comparing tesla and amc and the least bit not the fundamentals of it, but the price action right. I think it's gon na be something very very similar to this, where you saw a very long term push where you've got gamma gamma, squeezing options expiring in the money which drives price action because they need to be hedged for by the clearinghouses as well as short Positions getting squeezed and doubling down on top hoping that it goes down that, doesn't they they cover again, they they double down on the top it doesn't they cover again.

It goes over and over and over and over. I think you're gon na see a very similar situation is what tesla did right. I don't think it's gon na be as crazy, volatile and and hard to predict as it was this time around. It's gon na be very, very smooth.

My reason being apes are holding they're holding unless all of a sudden one day you go from 20 bucks to a thousand. I see no way unless we have a day where you go up, two thousand three thousand percent there. The people are just gon na keep holding because, as as human beings, we are run by two things and it is fear and greed. Fomo man, it's insane, it's insane fomo and fun fear uncertainty of doubt right.

That was all planted in the market and if we have the same slow, steady growth where we just get set up, i really really do truly believe that amc is going to do what we needed to do. My friends, and that is the wrap up on the amc situation as it's sitting right now. If you enjoyed the video, please drop a like it does help support the channel and consider subscribing. If you like to see more content like this, i do post videos on amc every day, except for the weekends, maybe once over the weekend, uh and lastly, i'm gon na fill in the description box down below for weeble.

This is version four for the desktop great platform that allows you to start training at 4am, the pre-market all the way up until 8 pm in the after hours. If you use money to get two free stocks at the 100 deposit i'll receive a free stock. Great support the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested, that is totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos.

I also have a link to the merge store if you want to pick up a george w hoody, a couple of mugs, some stickers, some posters, a hat whatever you want, and a link to my own personal discord. It's five dollars a month for the patreon. Absolutely awesome great community of investors, a lot of great research, long-term stocks, mid-term, short-term uh. We've got tax information whatever you want, it's all there for you, that's what i've got for you guys today.

So thank you for tuning in thanks for watching the video. My friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang, see you on the next one and peace.

By Trey

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars bolo 126 says:

    I bought 236 shares of AMC expecting to make a little bit of Bank. The guy at the gym said that I wasted my money and there won't be a squeeze. He said they're too powerful like with GameStop and they will shut trading down or limit your amounts. Is this true? Again I'm ignorant as far as trading goes

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Seaguard says:

    Hey Trey, it’s u/seaguard5 AKA terminal ape AKA Bloomberg.

    Either way what’s up! I don’t have your username on Reddit so could you send me a chat? I would like to pick your brain on YT stuff. Thanks man and love you and your vids!!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The Haus of Wonder says:

    I just got notification this video was posted, but it was posted 5 days ago…this isn't how I hoped my time traveling secret powers would work out….

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Don T. Ripfüller says:

    Summary- buy and HOLD apes buy and hold And quit looking for the peak for another month or more go outside or something

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars lelee tifra says:

    Its a hack . Suits own this stock they do what they want. Pound it lets it rise. Trying to get u to come in its poker 5 freinds and a stranger

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jobsafish The FisherAtom says:

    This has already fricken squeezed. It will never squeeze as its a pump and dump stock

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sven Piscador says:

    I don't like downvotes, but since there's 69 of them I loled a bit

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Spacemanmo says:

    2.4K shares at $8 and I haven’t sold! IM NOT SELLING FOR THOSE PPL AT $9,$10,$11+

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Spacemanmo says:

    Hold the line, don’t let fear take over. This is a long road.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars david says:

    LOL treys camera cuts off the casino part of the video.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ionicbreeze says:

    Lmao vegeta! It’s amazing how these characters stuck with us into adulthood.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars chuck blackmore says:

    It did….Jan 26th !!! Then they robbed us !!!

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cloudy Ashley says:

    Thanks for your comment. for more guidance
    +1`" ,2 / 1 / 3 /4 ~7 ~ 8 / 7 ~ 3 / 5~ 3

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Noodles Soul says:

    It is also possible Citadel has been borrowing loads of shares from Blackrock so now the "whale" holding most of actual shares is the APES' WHALE 🙂

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mtalamantes100994 says:

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how good this man is at drawing with his mouse!?

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars snizshizzle says:

    If I was Blackrock, I'd be selling options contracts. For example, there was a crap ton of GME $800 calls last week. Whoever wrote those contracts made lots of money because those contracts were pretty expensive.

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Potatosalad says:

    This will not GME based on outstanding shares alone. Could it 2x? yes , could it hit 100$? HIGHLY not likely.

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Potatosalad says:

    450M outstanding shares, 75.47M Held by institutions, Difference of calls and puts of 11,580,940 shares difference in favor of calls, – shares shorted.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dante Masse says:

    Can you talk more about the Upcoming voting 🗳 on the annual shareholders meeting ? Are we require to do so ?
    How will this affect the stock price?

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 47927411D says:

    With AMC wanting to flood the market with more shares in May 4th, will this eliminate the possibility of a squeeze? So, it HAS to squeeze before May 4th?

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KENG4789 KITCHEN says:

    How do you think GSAT stock?
    Can you do a video for GSAT stock?
    And put detail and what the price target ?
    What Do you think for GSAT should buy it or not ?
    Good or bad for this stock >>> GSAT

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars STILETTOS NONOs says:

    Love this explanation. This is exactly what Uncle Bruce originally said regarding AMC.

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Walter Coinprofit says:

    There is a famous character, a Google search for "signals walter bulls". He made a fortune for himself back in 2018. Recently, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of professional players. This guy shows how to copy after him automatically using such a service. We must try while the market is on the rise.!

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ha Ja says:

    rookie how much shares should i buy right now can anyone give me some advice i know you aren't a financial advisor 😂

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jerimiah Foy says:

    Do you think HF brass watch these videos and has a stroke when they see retail DD done w scrappy whiteboard notes and google docs? lol I bet they load up outlook and email all their crony friends about how to shill more business insider articles

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dan Silvestro says:

    Were the FTDs reset with the 16.00.02 45m buy and sell after hours on friday??

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wai Lau says:

    No need to worry about Wanda increasing supply. The Stimmy our Apes received just now will buy all those shares off the market.

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