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AMC 500M Share Dilution - In this video, we discuss the 500M share dilution, supplemental leveraging ratio, and a story to give some confidence back to the people.
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What's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, how are we doing guys? It is your boy trace trades coming back again for another video, and i know that i've dropped off the planet here for a little while, but hey guys, i'm back. I've been taking care of my eyes, they've been in rough freaking shape. I'm not gon na lie to you. I've got my glasses down here, but i wanted to show you what's going on.

Uh i've just been resting them guys. I really have been trying to with work. I've been outside more than i'd like to so honestly. My left eye is still you know up and down up and down doing some.

You know back and forth sort of stuff, but it's good enough right now, where i can at least look at my screen for short periods of time. So i'm trying to limit my exposure and get as much stuff done as i possibly can in a short period of time, and that for today is going to be the amc update on kind of what i think is the most important information over the last couple Of days so, obviously, we've had a pretty crazy sell-off right. We've had that the supplemental leveraging ratio, which i'd mentioned uh, stating that i think that's going to make the stock market pretty volatile and crazy over the next two to four weeks, which i do want to reiterate, which i'll get back into here as we get into The video i've got a couple different things i want to touch on, so let's just get into this piece, the meat and potatoes guys. I drew up a picture per usual and uh.

This took a lot longer that i'd like to admit this is a picture of monkey d luffy. This is from one piece. I've actually got this guy tattooed on my calf, but i sat down and drew this up just uh, because he's got monkey as his first name. Man and the monkeys always win the battle.

I'm so excited to watch kong, vs godzilla. I'm going to watch that with a couple of friends on sunday should be a good time, but this is spelled monkey d luffy in japanese monkey d. That's how you spell it if in case here in case you're wondering but anywho couple different things that i want to touch on here regarding uh amc here today. So first piece is this: amc documentary now i've seen that there is something going on with andrew mole money.

He got a deal with netflix uh. I think that uncle bruce did as well, i'm not as interested in that right. There's actually something that i find very fascinating that i think gives a lot of powers to the community, and i really dig what's going on here, so i wanted to bring this to everybody's attention now. What is that this is this right here? Who wants a real documentary about? What's going on? Let's make a movie.

This is on reddit uh about two days ago. I spoke with both of these gentlemen, they're, actually twins finn and quinn, and the big thing they're trying to get across here. If you haven't watched this, i'm going to drop a link in the description box down below, along with some other resources in case you'd like to check it out. But this is going to be a documentary made by the people for the people, and that is why i'm so on freaking bored with this.

It is about your voice. It is about your story and i'm gon na i'm gon na offer some resources offer you some resources. I always i always freaking ramble when i get uh get in the mood but anyways. This is a very interesting opportunity where you guys get the opportunity to get your voices heard right now.

You might be thinking yourself how in the world is a documentary like this ever going to compete with something like netflix and that's where the real freaking power comes into play here. Guys, if you want to make this documentary something that people are going to watch over something on netflix right, what is that going to take it's going to take it being better than netflix? How is that possible right? Well, netflix tries painting a narrative. All big corporations. Try painting a narrative now, i'm pumped that netflix is making a documentary about this whole situation with amc and gamestop right, but how we can differentiate.

That is by getting the voices heard by the people. You guys get to decide what they talk about here. You guys get to decide the narrative right he's he's got some great credentials. He's done some good things in his life uh in case you want to check that out.

There is that long list right here, but this is something that i'm 100 on board with i'm going to be contributing to this, i'm actually going to be meeting up with both of these guys to do an interview and contribute to this. This process contributes to this project. I should say that i think, is something we can control right. I know we are all sick of amc in the sense that there's a lot of uncontrollables right.

We can't control the price action. We can't control what hedge funds do. We can't control the day-to-day. You know: failure to delivers the naked shorts or the synthetics as people call them right.

We can't control a lot of things. This we can control right. We can contribute to this as something that we get to do and make our voices heard right. So that's the big thing i want to walk away with this uh.

This documentary opportunity is that it's an opportunity for the community right. That's a huge freaking part of my channel guys is community right. I give a about this channel and i give a about the people right. So if you guys want your voices to be heard, i know that i do.

This is something you can contribute to and i'll give you the resources down below. If you want to check that out, anywho, that's the first piece that i wanted to talk about and we're getting into this 500 million share dilution piece as well as the supplemental leveraging ratio. Now i talked about this one of my previous videos, but in case this is your first time watching the trades trades channel uh we're just gon na go over this for you here really briefly. So i'm starting off here with this 500 million share dilution right.

I've seen this all over the news i haven't been uh, you know on the computer as much you know with work today i didn't. Actually. I wasn't allowed to have my phone on me due to circumstances but anywho. This has been a hot topic for today and a cause of a lot of fun.

Now what is flood is fear, uncertainty and doubt right and fear uncertainty doubt favors bears this plays into bears hands because it causes fear uncertainty. Doubt, as i just mentioned, which causes people to sell off when there's uncertainty in the market, it, usually you don't want to be holding something that you don't know a lot about, so it sells off. That's the natural reaction of the market right and this was played into by the media's hands right, so the media news sources. I think weeble actually got a news article out on uh on amc, pretty much immediately that day they released it.

Let's see if i can just find it really quick here yeah, so here we go. Look at this amc shares slide. A ceo says he will seek shareholder approval for 500 million share offering and then immediately, not even immediately like two hours later puts out this correction. Saying amc might issue 500 million share offering right so essentially, what this is is information that we already knew.

We already knew that there was the possibility of a 500 million share dilution that the company was trying to create 500 million more shares to dump into the market, and this was completely blown out of proportion by media news sources, cnbc the whole nine yards. Here i mean they were just trying to find goddamn subway they're, trying to find every single way to scare the crap out of regular everyday investors right and by doing so it they succeeded. They sold the stock off an immense, immense immense amount, and what i want to offer you guys is a little bit of clarity right. So what about this news release? What about what happened on the news today, it's different than what we already knew right.

We've talked about this on the channel we've. I know this has been spreading across reddit boards. Discord's youtube the whole nine yards we already knew. There was a possibility of a 500 million share dilution right.

We knew that so what's happening here. Is you have recirculation of information that we already knew now if we dug into that information and we deemed out of the time not significant enough to affect the squeeze in the short term right and let alone it might not even be enacted? Why does it matter now it doesn't it? Doesn't it straight up does not matter the fun is what's playing into the stock here right, that's news that is irrelevant in my personal eyes and the ceo from my understanding take this with a grain of salt. As i am not a financial advisor yet yeah, you know the whole spiel, but from according to my discord right some people. In my discord who i talked with some people, i trust pretty deeply that the ceo actually stated that they wouldn't even issue these shares.

Uh right away right, it's just an opportunity for them. They want to sit on those, for you know a possibility of an acquisition in case they need to raise some capital right. They might not even enact these shares right away. That 500 million share dilution, which i've actually talked about right.

I connected the dots here and made an example with the company biolase biol. Now biolas is a company that i have invested in the past and there was a scare with them of a potential split right. A reverse split, which is typically a sign of weakness in a company. Well, guess what the shareholders got to vote yes or no on that reverse split and they voted no and it didn't pass and the company stayed exactly as it was right.

Same thing is potentially possible here with amc and this 500 million shared illusion. That's why we have that proxy vote. That's why we have the opportunity to get our voices heard right and whether it passes or it doesn't. You know, that's you know.

Only one person can contribute to their personal opinion. That's entirely up to us. You know you as an individual person, but what i'm saying is this is not new news. This is not warranting the sell-off that we saw.

It was completely played into the hands of news media sources right they were trying to scare people, they say it all the time they say amc, dumb money. What are you guys doing? You're gon na you're gon na lose everything i mean come on, come on guys that one cent price target get out of here get out of here. My stance on this is the exact same and the ceo, the company. You know the founder of this company that i shouldn't say the founder, but you know the the executive officer of this company right, the company executive officer.

He is not going to come onto news sources and try and speak the truth about this. This acquisition not acquisition, but the dilution, the 500 million share dilution, if it's not for good purpose right. So i'm not personally worried about this. I don't think you should be either.

In fact, i just think it's an opportunity for, but to buy for cheaper. I always see people saying this. I would see people saying man, i wish this would dip, so i could buy more shares. This is the opportunity, my friends and i'm telling you that now i know that the price action on amc lately has been a dump.

It's been in a downward trend for a couple days. Honestly, i think it's been like two straight trading weeks, but you know, with a couple of you know: asterisks where it does. You know, have some slight green days, but it's been tough and i understand that. But this is where you know this is where it gets.

It gets tough right when it's when you're holding on green days. That's that's easy right. It's easy to hold on green days when it's red, it's really easy to give in to that foot. That fear uncertainty.

Doubt and feel, like all hope, is lost, but keep this in the grand scheme of things right. If we are, you know an end goal here is a squeeze of some sort. Why are you sweating over one to two dollar drops when you are going to be looking at an upside of one? You know ten dollars to a hundred dollars to five hundred dollars to a thousand dollars to two thousand dollars. I mean who knows: i'm not gon na give you a hard price target on this.

I personally believe that this can increase some astronomical numbers depending on apes, depending on how long we want to hold this entirely up to us and up to you right, but you shouldn't be sweating, these one or two dollar, you know drops if the grand scheme of Things you're looking at a much larger price target than that one to two dollar range right uh. I think back all the time and i think man i wish that i bought more when it was at five bucks. This might present an opportunity for you it might it might not. I'm not saying it's gon na drop to five dollars.

I personally think the floor is gon na, be somewhere around eight. Fifty nine bucks uh we'll wait and see what ends up happening, but nonetheless, right you shouldn't be sweating. These small fluctuations, when you're looking at the grand scheme of things and you've, seen how violent the moves can get. So the next thing i want to talk about is the supplemental leveraging ratio right - the slr.

Now i put over this in great detail in a previous video um, and essentially what this is is you've got big banks right, big bank right here who, who is able to leverage and lend out more cash right. So big bank right here sends out some money to hedgy hedgy over here decides he wants to leverage either long or short. I would think more short than long, just based on bond yields. If you want to check that out check it out the previous video, but they were able to leverage a huge amount of cash right, they sent out a crap ton of money to these hedge funds and they abused it.

They went short on the market in a lot of different stocks. What ended up happening is you've got. You know this, this new rule that's ending on march 31st. Now i don't know the exact date keep that in the back of my in the back of your mind, this is something that you can dig into more.

I just want to give you the basis the round overview, as i'm not spending a lot of time on the computer right now, but from my understanding right this march 31st date is not the exact day in which this is all over. That's the day. That expires now, there's usually a grace period for legislation and policies like this, so it could take anywhere between 7 to 14 days for this to actually take effect, which is why my video you can go back and backtrack it and check it out. I stated that two to four weeks is about what i'm expecting the stock market to take a big volatile, crap, a big man, and i think it's gon na be crazy.

Are they gon na see blue chip stocks that tank? Are they gon na see the meme stocks start to do some crazy stuff and i'm not gon na give you any hard. You know dates. I think, on that freaking tyler, wilson video. I watched that today, man - that was a good that got me laughing a little bit, but that's why i'm not giving hard dates but anyways, i think in seven to 14 days you know you're going to be looking at this slr rule, which is no longer going To be an effect right, which is going to affect not just amc, but the market as a whole, which is why i think you're going to be looking at the potential for pretty harsh correction in your blue chip.

Normal blue color stocks and your meme stocks could potentially have a squeeze, because what happens when this this leveraging ratio ends right? Well, then, your margin calls right and they get accounts closed. They have positions closed. That would include both short positions and long positions. What happens if you close a long position with a crap ton of liquidity, it plummets it tanks, what happens if you, if you cover back you force a you know a hedge fund, to cover on a short position that means they're buying back, which drives the price Up so it sounds crazy.

It sounds nuts, but what would happen then is hypothetically speaking, you'd have huge blue chip stocks which take a big dump. They go down a huge huge amount like viacom, then you'd have your your meme stocks. Like amc gamestop, you know maybe cost, maybe maybe a couple other ones that go crazy high. They go to the moon right and i don't think this is off the table.

Yet it hasn't happened. Yet. Obviously i mean i've seen some some brief news articles. I remember talking about this last saturday and then on monday i saw the news, the media saying that other hedge funds were starting to get liquidated and i just rubbed my hands like this.

I was thinking man, we freaking called it and that's just the beginning guys. I i'm telling you, i feel very, very confident this slr is going to play into the entire market and that should directly affect amc right. I'm just telling you, based on what i've read and based on what other people have read, that the dots seem to connect. Pretty freaking! Well, i don't even think this is speculative.

I mean that's just hard legislation that ended right. There's nothing speculative about this. That just is what it is. So that's the last thing that i want to touch on right here with uh.

You know the recent news and happenings with amc, and then i want to finish this off with a personal story. Now this is uh. This hits home for me a little bit and i don't wan na. I don't wan na get in the feelings or whatever, but i'm just gon na dig into this.

So my i've got two two pops right. My stepdad and my father father is still alive. Great guy, absolutely love him. I have my stepdad who i considered my father.

He raised me right. I didn't meet my biological dad until i was about 13 years old, well anywho, my stepdad passed away about five years ago, life-changing experience right before that happened. I was about 13 years old and i was a huge avid runner if you've been following the channel for a while. You know this that my journey to stocks is pretty atypical.

This was not my game plan from a young age right as i don't think it is for many people, but nonetheless, i got into stocks with a pretty backdoor weight. I was a huge runner uh. I couldn't run anymore because of some health complications, as you guys know, and i transitioned into the next competitive edge for me, which was investing anywho. My dad right.

When i was 13 years old, i had no self-confidence. I didn't know what the heck i would do. I didn't know you know how far i'm running would take me and he said son. I think you're going to be able to run a four minute mile someday and i will never forget that day, because that was the day in which i gained confidence in everything.

In the world man, i thought i could do anything and i transitioned this man. I took this from the four minute mile to i can qualify for the big trials in the marathon. When i couldn't do the marathon anymore, i transitioned this to. I could start a successful youtube channel when that started.

Taking off, i transitioned this to someday, i'm gon na make a million dollars to now. Now it is right. I think that we are going to make amc happen. I am part of a bigger cause here and i'm going to put every single ounce of freaking energy that i have into contributing to this cause right.

What is my takeaway from this personal story? It's not supposed to be some big sappy story. What i am telling you is, you can borrow confidence from other people. I just got off a podcast with a guy named jared scott and the dude is an i'm so glad we had that conversation because it was really eye opening. For me, with a lot of things and something he told me is you can borrow pers, you can borrow confidence right, you can.

You can basically take a loan on confidence when you don't feel like you have it. So what do i mean by that right? For me that was my dad right. I didn't have the confidence in myself to be a good runner and him telling me that i could run a four minute mile, eventually led me to be able to run crazy, crazy distances like 20 miles at 5 35 pace, or you know. I eventually ran a mile on 424 or i i think my best race i ever had was a 10 mile in like 50 minutes and 40 seconds right.

He led me to that moment in my life and that's because he borrowed me his confidence. Now. How can you apply this to amc right? So if you don't have confidence in amc right now and the due diligence that you've done the research that you've done right, the numbers that you've crunched the numbers that other people have crunched, you need to find that confidence somewhere else right. Maybe it's maybe it's a certain moment in your life.

Maybe it's like contributing to a greater cause. It's really easy to give up on ourselves, but really hard to give up on other people right. So where am i going with? This is find that confidence. What does this mean for you? I can't tell you that answer right.

You need to find it for yourself, but if you don't have the confidence right now on yourself in in in the cause and the numbers that you've done, maybe maybe you find the confidence in other people. Maybe you find causing contributing to a a good thing right. The 2008 crash caused by the one percent caused by hedge funds, caused by the big wigs that say, piss on you little guys we're gon na keep stealing and stealing and stealing same thing happening again. Maybe this means for you that you are contributing to a redistribution of wealth from the one percent back to the 99 right.

Maybe that's your confidence. Maybe your confidence is you've got you know a terminally, ill, mother or or grandmother or family member. Who is who gives you this confidence and says, son or daughter? I think you can do whatever you need to do in life, and you take that confidence and you move it into something else. Right make this freaking personal, not emotional, but personal, right make this something that matters to you make it something that you feel like contributes to a greater purpose than just yourself, and that is how i view this.

I'm telling you i always come back to that moment that my dad told me i can run a four minute mile, because what did that do for me? It gave me the confidence that i can do whatever the hell. I want to do in life. I'm going to take that forward with me for the rest of my life find that moment, for you find that borrowing of confidence, if you don't have the confidence right now right, you can apply that to any freaking thing in life, and i think amc is a Huge situation, and example right now, my friends and i'll - tell you what, on my low days with amc, i remember my freaking old man, i'm never gon na. Forget him! I never am i'm never gon na.

Forget that moment. I'm never gon na forget the way it made me feel. I'm never gon na forget that confidence and the man that he turned me into and find that moment for yourself. I know there's a freaking ramble guys, but if you come to my channel, you know what you're getting yourselves into so i apologize, but nonetheless that is my takeaway for the the amc video here today.

I know that we we kind of, went over some broad topics. It wasn't as in-depth as we usually go, but i want to at least get something out to you guys, because something is better than nothing um and i want to touch base with the community out here. So hopefully you guys enjoyed it. That's what i have for you today if you enjoyed the video, please drop a like.

It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing. Please see more content like this. Lastly, i'm going to fill in the description box down below for weeble. It is a brokerage platform that i use.

Uh opens up at 3am. The pre-market goes until 7 pm. If you use my link, you get two free stocks with 100 deposit. I will receive a free stock great before the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested.

That is totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos. I should wear my glasses more often i always forget. I also have links to the emerge store.

If you want to check that out, we sell some hoodies t-shirts, yada yada. You can check it out, if not that's cool too, and to my own personal discord. If you want to check that out, it's full of a great community of investors, a lot of a lot of awesome stuff happening in here, i'm just going to pull up a new link because that's never going to load um, but a lot. A great community of investors we've got a lot of good stuff happening in here.

If you wan na check that out uh it's five dollars a month for the patreon uh great great community, we've got a lot of different stuff happening here. We actually just added something new: it is an ai stock bot which gives you real-time, updates to news block trades insider trading options sweeps some options, opportunities right. If you want to check any of that stuff out it interests, you in the least bit feel free to hop on. We keep it nice and cheap, so everybody can join the community and the gorilla gang baby.

So that's what i've got for you guys today. Thank you for watching the video, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang catch on the next one and peace.

By Trey

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    All the executives just sold off all their stocks. They must know something about what's coming.

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    We're all with you Trey and we're all here for each other our fellow gorillas. We're in a new age that the hedgehogs can't handle, we are millions strong with instant communication these days. If we like the stock we all know it instantly. So hedgies if you're reading this, we like the stock and individual we don't have billions to fight you, but millions of gorillas with instant social media communication can turn our individual dollars into billions upon billions of dollars to squeeze out a HUGE green candle right up Kenny's backside! 🦍🍌💪💎👐 8.01

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Philipp Sidler says:

    Somehow your Chanel and others remind me at the movie the Human Centipy.
    Cause what you do is reading the DD from someone else. So in case this would be shit, you it this shit and produce an other shit, that gets eaten by others and they continue shiting. So you should rather do your own DD then simply passing forward someone’s other DD. I am deep in on AMC and hope that the squeeze is going to happen.

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BeeKeepersfor02 says:

    I hope your eyes get better soon Trey. Computer monitors and phones do cause increased inflammation. Have you ever read up on 'Orbital Myositis" ? You may have already told your diagnosis and I missed it. Thanks for caring for others and I like that about borrowing confidence.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Trey's Trades says:

    Thanks to everybody for being patient – I'll try and post more this weekend 😀

    Also – due to some contractual stuff, I won't be allowed to release JB's video until next Wednesday. Stand by friends!

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