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Good morning, vietnam, what's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, how are we doing it? Is your boy trace trades, we're back again for another uh live stream. This is episode. Number 55 of the traders podcast the 55th live stream that we have done here today. Hope that you guys are all chewing cooking with crisco.

It is good to be here with all of you freaking silly chickens, oh man, i love doing these live streams. I love connecting with the community and i love talking amc stock baby drop, some freaking gorillas in the chat. Let's welcome all the new people here who are who are rocking with the gorilla game. It's great to have you all.

Uh we've got quite a bit to talk about so uh man, there's been quite a lot of stuff. That's been going on. Huh we've got, we've got a lot going on, but we're gon na start off here with this massive sell-off that we saw - and i want to show you the the freaking spine, so we're gon na start off here with the spy uh, and we saw some pretty Major sell-off happen over. You know the period of this, this previous uh, you know a couple hours, so we saw some really nasty volatility.

It tried bouncing, couldn't quite get it and we broke out of this this channel right here right and if you look at the spy compared to amc, we're gon na come back to amc here in just a sec. You can see that it's pretty similar right. You saw a sell-off immediately and market open lasted all the way up until about 11 o'clock a.m. Central standard time - and then you see this, this upward moving channel you've got a certain level of support.

A center level resistance broke that level of resistance, and now it is now on a new upward moving channel, which you are establishing a new ascending level of support and a new ascending level of resistance. The spy also have the 15 ma trading over the 2008. You are trading over the v wap, the volume average price, which is a good thing right, and this very very closely mirrors what is happening with amc entertainment. So you look at amc immediately.

A market open sells off hard bounces, and now it's consolidating here a little bit trading sideways between this uh, this consolidation zone between about dollars and seventy-five cents and the volume rate average price, which is sitting at about eight dollars and ninety cents, as it sits right Now, volume on the day, looking like about 34 million here so far, which is actually not too bad. This is, i think, higher than we've seen here in some previous days, 34 million here so far today and then we saw 28 million a day before 33 million, 28 million and 43 million, and we were about halfway through the regular market hours. So really, honestly not sitting too bad in terms of volume, and i got to be honest with you guys we kind of predicted this would happen. So i'm not sure if you guys were able to catch the video, but i did put out a video stating that i thought that the stock was going to bounce off of the level somewhere between eight 875 and nine dollars.

It ended up coming down to about 850, so i was off by a little bit, but we did guess that this is going to sell off and test again that level of support and that would have been uh. Let's see if i can find the video here really quick, this right here amc shares online up to about 127 million. That was four days ago, and we we actually predicted that this is going to end up happening. So if you were prepared for red right uh, it gives you the opportunity to mentally stabilize yourself, so that you're, not freaking out at the first sign of weakness in a stock right red days, happen.

Green days happen. And if you look at the grand scheme of things, we're honestly really not sitting that bad. So what do we have here? You've got this level of support sitting right here at about eight dollars and eighty cents or so, which is right. Where we're hovering.

We've got a candle wick to touch right underneath that on the daily candle here so far, then you've got this level of resistance sitting on the grand scheme of things at about 10 dollars and 50 cents. Now, if we get a break over 1050, it should get a pretty freaking hard move, so that would be uh. I'm telling you i feel pretty decent about where this is sitting right now, so god dang it the glasses. You guys always smoke me on that.

I forgot give me one sec. Give me one sec. Well, i don't know where the heck they are um they're, not on my my face this time. I'll tell you that i'll tell you that i always do this.

Oh here here we go here. We go all right, but that's where we're sitting right now right, so we're really not sitting that bad. I'm telling you this is not a crash. This is not that bad of a day we're down about seven percent right now and we're getting a pretty decent bounce.

Here on amc trading, sideways volume, starting to you, know pop back here a little bit, but honestly i'm not even that upset i'm not i'm not upset in the least bit about where we're at right now uh. I you can't take these day-to-day minor fluctuations as a sign that uh the the end of the world is near so um. I feel completely content with where we're at, and i think that you guys will all be all right too. My friends and family, so we're gon na look at some different numbers here as well, and i've got some different theories that i kind of want to talk about in regards to what might be going on with uh with amc stocks.

So um i'm gon na read through a couple of these super chats read through the chat bar good to have you all here appreciate it immensely. Those aren't army issued. Oh man, i know it's bad, it's bad uh! Please provide us some comfort, so many of us are panicking what is squeezing? What's the short utilization what's happening, so we can take a peeky weekie at the short utilization here really quick. So let me pop over here to amc, entertainment holdings and we can just take a quick look at what this is looking like.

It's actually pretty decently high you're, looking at about 96 utilization and the short interest change today is 2.79 up, so you you've borrowed out another four million. Total shares. You've returned about 661 000 total shares right. I mean when you look at this in the grand scheme of things.

The reason it's going down is because it's being shorted, it's really that freaking simple and i i wish that uh there was another answer, but that's that's just it. It's just being shorted every single day. The shares on loans are increasing right, we're at 131 million now, which is a change of 10.95 percent, a short percentage free floor on loan 31 percent and the estimated short interest is sitting at 19.75, not including etfs, not including puts not including naked shorty right. So you've got this number increasing on a steady basis, and honestly, this is something i find very fascinating.

The days to cover is actually starting to go up here, a little bit we're sitting at 0.75, which is a 10 increase over seven days ago now. This usually indicates that it's more difficult for shorts to cover positions profitably. So i'm not i'm pretty happy to see that right. The the higher this days to cover number continues to climb the more likely you are going to see that squeeze happen right.

So if we look back, look back all the way here, there was a point in time in which this was so heavily shorted and it was so difficult for them to come out profitably. The daisy cover was at 3.8 3.7. I mean it's been as high as four right, and the reasoning for this is because how much lower can you drive a stock down beyond two bucks right, it's very, very difficult for them to drive the stock price down lower than two dollars, especially on low volume. Right so we really want that to cover number to go up and i'm gon na be honest with you guys.

I don't think this is going to squeeze in april and not in april right there's a lot of people that are waiting on this, the shareholders, vote and they're tiptoeing right. You got a lot of people, tiptoeing because they're uncertain and uncertainty favors bears right now. I'm not necessarily saying that this. That means it's the end of the world.

Obviously i don't think that's the end of the world. I just don't think it's going to squeeze in april right. I think it's going to continue to trade sideways bounce up and down until it gets a hard break over resistance lines in that 10.50 range, as we kind of mentioned here earlier in the stream, so be patient right. I i want to say this: if we want this to squeeze right, you're playing the game here with amc, you got to take a look at historical trends such as gamestop.

How long does gamestop take to really get going and get its freaking hard move? It took a couple of years now, i'm not saying that's gon na happen here with with amc. Obviously i don't think it's gon na take that long. But nonetheless, if i had to wait 10 years to have a life, a lifetime return right, um i would. I would much rather wait that ten years and and just hodl on knowing what we hold, it's really that freaking.

You really got ta pop in here now my trace trades bot, you're gon na pop in here bro you're gon na pop again. He does it again. He does it again drop some freaking silly chickens in the chat for for the trays trades bot, man, that is hilarious - that is, such god tier dude, such god tier. What are the odds? The trey's trade bot is in the chat, drop those freaking silly chickens.

Man welcome him. Welcome that trace trades bot good to have us good to have you here. That's such gold, but the utilization rate's going up right, so amc is being shorted very heavily and there's some other prospects that i kind of want to talk about here. As we get further into the stream regarding the fundamentals of the freaking company so um, i i'm honestly more bullish on this than i've ever been, and i truly truly mean that and i'm very excited to see what's gon na end up happening here.

But you look at this right now: we've got 12 000 calls expiring in the money on april 16th. If we were to finish where we are currently right. Now we closed over nine dollars. We've got six thousand more calls that expire in the money.

Let's just look at the options chain here: really quick, look at nine dollars, look at ten dollars and look at eleven dollars. You've got fifty thousand call options at ten bucks, ten thousand and nine and a half fifteen thousand and ten and a half you've got forty three thousand at freaking eleven. That is so many. I mean twenty four thousand seventeen eleven thirty five you've got so many freaking call options that could potentially expire in the money here, which is going to do a lot of good things right as we continue to move up past.

These strike prices, nine bucks, ten bucks, eleven bucks, twelve bucks and we get closer to friday. If we end up closing over ten dollars or eleven dollars, they need to be hedged for they need to be delta, hedged for which influences stock price right because they purchase those shares directly from the market. This being the market makers who write these contracts right, so we've got a crap ton of unusual trading volume in terms of options. Contracts happening right now in amc, and i i don't think that's by accident right.

Typically, options can be a way that you can predict upcoming price action. Now, i'm not saying you look at the 40 calls for the 16th and we're gon na hit 40 bucks, but nonetheless, a good example is sensonics right. So since onyx has some unusual options, contracts trading - it's not typically this freaking high, look at all these numbers. 20.

000. 10. 18. 7.

14. 000. All these freaking call options typically indicate that there are people who are guessing or who might know that. There's upcoming price action or information that will be released.

That would indicate a hard move that would cover these call options right. So i can say the same thing about amc, entertainment. I think there's a really solid chance. You see a move for this at least for 10 50 11 bucks within the next week or so and it's it's i'm feeling pretty good, i'm feeling pretty freaking good about where, where we're at right now.

So this is uh, it's interesting stuff. I really feel pretty decent um yeah. That's what we're looking at right here. If you look at fintel, i know that earlier today it was as low as 250 000 total short shares available.

We'll look at amc short interest, really quick, uh just tap on that. Keep in mind that fintel does not take the total uh short volume from all exchanges. It takes it from limited exchanges. However, it takes a total market volume from all exchanges, so this number is a little bit skewed.

I've got a different website that i use to get this short volume ratio down, packed a little more. But what are we looking at right now is about 900 000 total short share, availability, uh, so not a ton of ammunition that is available to hedge funds that are trying to short the stock. You still cannot short this stock on weibull, which indicates to me that it's a very hard to borrow stock weeble does not allow or support naked shorting, meaning that there's likely not a lot of shares available for even the retail investor to short this stock. What does that tell you? This is being short of the freaking wazoo straight up.

There's no other answer, that's as simple as it is. If you can't short a stock, it means there's no shares available to short it. I think people forget that right keep a macroscopic perspective here and i want to dig into this as we get into the live stream. But i want to talk about the fundamentals of the company and what it means to short, a stock based on fundamentals and conviction.

Right and we'll get into that i've said this a couple times you know with with my uh my freaking live streams, my message, but if you've done research, you've done dd you've dug into the fundamentals of the company and the reason why you got in you. You continue to hold until the reason why i got in that company changes right. So if all of a sudden amc was was not a squeeze candidate anymore, i would come out and make a video, and i would say this is not a squeeze candidate anymore. It's really that freaking simple guys, so the same thing could be said in a short position: we're gon na dig into this more as we get into the fundamentals of the company, but if it's short positions, conviction, dd, research and reason for showing the stock changes.

It's no longer a company on the verge of bankruptcy. It's no longer a company. That is a good short. It incentivizes them to cover their positions because they're fighting the green.

If you're shorting a good company you're fighting the grain, it doesn't make sense. You don't want to do that unless it's for a couple days, swing of momentum based on you know a freaking bad news hit or something. But nonetheless, you get my point right if, if the fundamental value of the company is changing that pressure shorts into covering - and this is, i honestly think it's a ticking time bomb guys it's going to happen - it's just a matter of when not. If so, that's what you're looking at right now i want to bring up one other thing, really quick and that is uh where the heck was it, there's a short sale volume, some more two, more things, actually so the daily short short volume.

I've got pulled up right here. This shows you how much more volume you see on a particular given day on the 7th of april. We saw 59 of the total market. Volume was short volume and then on the ninth 47 of that was short volume.

So a really good chunk, i mean that's on the 8th 48, so just a crazy amount of short volume pumping in on this, we got to remember that you got to remember that this is being very, very heavily shorter. This is not people selling. This is freaking apes, not selling. This is this: is hedges shorting, the crap out of the stock, so keep a macroscopic perspective.

That's uh! That's what you're looking at here right now guys. I, i really feel fine about where we are don't sweat. These micro fluctuations, i'm telling you what i what i think of every single time this this goes down is there's gon na be people who say i told you so i told you so, but you got ta, keep a macroscopic perspective because you know the argument of A bear what's the argument for a bear here: the stock only goes down and all the shorts have covered, but we look at the utilization rate right. We know that the utilization is going up.

We know that the short interest is going up every single freaking day. We know that short interest is growing on this every single freaking day. We know that it's beginning to get more difficult for shorts to cover their positions, not including the etf shorting, not including puts not, including all these freaking things right. That's a bad argument.

Second, argument. Being right that the stock only goes down, but you got to keep a macroscopic perspective here, guys, i'm telling you we're spoiled we're in it, we're in a crazy time in the market where you can find you can almost find every single day a stock that goes Up 100, but that's not normal, that's not going to last forever. I can guarantee that right so to have growth. Like this, i mean honestly, to go from five bucks to eight bucks.

Up 30 we've been as high as up 200 percent at 14 bucks and as much as up 400 percent at 20 right. It actually hit like 24 or 25 in the in the pre market. That day that hit 20 bucks right. This this stock is fine guys.

I'm telling you patience, patience, patience, patience, i'm telling you i'm telling you, i feel absolutely fine about where we're at right now. So if that is any vote of confidence for you um, let it be that if it's not, i apologize. You know that you're that you're feeling feeling this way right now, but i'm telling you um conviction, will hold you through. We've done so much freaking research in dd.

That's my thoughts on where we're sitting at right now with amc stock baby. This is the way if and doubts zoom out says louis. I'm 100 with you, man, matt weiler, says the closer you stay to emotional authenticity and people, uh character, authenticity, the less you can go wrong, no matter what you're doing your boy wyler. I freaking love that oh yeah man, oh yeah, you got it yo, troy.

On april 1st 2021 sonic's compensation committee granted five new employees, non-qualified stock options to purchase of 62 000 shares. Okay, so there you go yeah. It's like the equity incentive program of amc, um. The the executives of amc - you know the company are incentivized with amc, stock and derivatives so that they can uh they're paid essentially in company value right.

They take a chunk uh. A modest chunk at that of amc stock is payment, so that sounds pretty similar to what's happening here with sensonics. Oh man, i got that water. I hate drinking it, but here we are all right.

I'm down 4 500 bucks on amc, as it sits right now and i'm not even sweating, not at all, so i'm not seeing any glasses. I got them on. Oh, we got ta cook in here. Come back up, where's your glasses.

You guys are such such goofballs. What a bunch of silly chickens! I love that stuff. This is john fields just wan na. Let you know i changed my username, so you don't wonder who the f it was.

Uh was modding. Oh jf wall, street, viking, dude, that's a cool name. I dig it. I dig it man, that's sick, vanguard, confirmed, share, recall on the 20th for amc, that'd be pretty freaking sick man i was.

I was going to ask about that in the interview. I was 100 gon na ask about that in the interview so uh that that answers the question right there. If that's legit hoya, says get us dreams, petey trey, we already got it out. We already got it out, there's the whole yeah man.

I opened it up. I opened it up with that. Oh yeah, you got it, i got you, i got you all right. I think the market is right because you don't have your green skirt and red heels on dude.

I actually bought some new shorts, so this is uh. Maybe a guy thing but uh i just don't like buying clothes. I i'm actually not a big stuffed guy. I don't like stuff, i'm more of an experiences dude.

So i like to go out and do stuff go bowling. Go hiking go swimming whatever, but i did my my bi decade, uh freaking, purchase of clothes and i bought some new shorts. I actually like these a lot they're, the kind where you got the little drawstring kind of stretchy stretchy material, they're, pretty nice. I dig them.

I dig them for sure: uh clrb clrbz got an alert about buying. Warrants 10 equals one stock at 30 40.. What does it mean help? So i'm gon na be honest with you man, i uh i've never traded warrants and i'm not super familiar with warrants. But what i can do here, for you is research it and give you my opinion.

Um so warrants right, so award is a documentation by a legal or government official authorizing the police or oh, that's not what i want. This is. Where cops come to f you up man, they want to wreck your, not plain all right, so these are warrants sold in conjunction with a bond which allows for a lower coupon rate on the bond um, we'll continue to read through stock warrant the right to purchase The owner does not yet own any stock you're, not locked in when you buy one you're, always free to decide when you don't want to buy the underlying security in many ways. The stock one is like a stock option, which also gives the holder the right to buy shares at a fixed price during a defined period of time.

Longer. Term stock warrants are typically good for up to 15 years, while stock options or shorter terms can expire. In weeks, or just two or three years so it seems like the major difference between a warrant and an option, is the time frame right so you're, looking at 15 years, it's very very long term. So essentially, it's a derivative right, you're signing a you, know, you're, essentially getting a contract saying you have the right, not the obligation to purchase x amount of shares per contract of this warrant.

So if you've got a 10 to one stock for for this right, that would, in my opinion, you know you guys correct me in the chat. I'm not saying this is the gospel by any means um. I would assume it could be something along the lines of you know. One warrant is equal to 10 shares of the stock or the underlying security, but, like i said, you guys drop that in the chat.

If i'm incorrect, i've never traded a warrant. That's not my cup of tea uh. I do options occasionally um and you guys can. Let me know i i honestly am not familiar with with warrants so um.

Hopefully that answers your question. I i tried my best to give a stab at that and, if you guys, you know want to correct me, feel free. Let me know how can i get back on your amc discord. So that's actually not my my specific discord, i'm a member of it um, but i don't own that uh that discord.

I wish i could give you an answer man, but um. I i i'm not a moderator there by any means, so what we got rocking with emc right now, it looks like it broke below this level of support, we're trading sideways sitting at about eight dollars and 71 cents on the level twos you've got about. 7 200 shares uh waiting to get filled on the ask at about 8 and 74 cents, which is right around where you see this level of uh previous support, so uh they're very meticulously uh. You know hitting these walls where previous support is and they're laddering it down right with these short orders.

So this is not typical trading if you're new to the live stream. Welcome it's good to have you here, thanks for stopping in, i appreciate it, but if you look at other stocks right, if we look at discovery, for instance - and you look at this - you don't see that sort of short laddering on discovery you come over to ac. You don't see that on ac, you come over to ftft. You don't see that on ftft uavs, you don't see that on uavs right, you've got different amounts of uh.

You know size on that. Ask per penny spread on the level twos. Well, you come over here to amc and you see these freaking huge blocks right, they're, honestly, just big blocks of spread between a couple penny increments, where they're trying not to allow the price to go up these individual price uh. You know cent prices.

So, in order to pop through 872 73 745 6789, you got ta pump through two thousand six thousand seven thousand six thousand three thousand shares plus on that buy to even move it up past that one penny spread and that's not including the market orders. That's just limit orders on amc, so that's the kind of the methodology behind these level twos and why they do that, because it makes it more difficult for amc stock to get where it needs to freaking go so if you're curious about the level twos. If you have availability to level twos that kind of walks you through what is happening here, i believe it's shorting right. Obviously, we can't tell if these are actual people selling or if it's short sellers, but what i will tell you is that the the amount of people that hold amc continuously increases.

The last that i checked it was 85 uh of of actual ownership in the company was retail investors, which is you and me it's the freaking, the joes and the jolenes out there baby uh. It's it's us right, so we hold the majority of the stock. So i really don't believe that it's people selling - i mean you're, going to have people that ride momentum on amc. Regardless i mean we can't control every single person on the planet.

Nor should we it's a free market. You can make your own decisions, but i do believe there there are retail investors out there who swing trade this and play momentum which can affect you know the the short term, the very, very short term price action. So that's that's about the most that i could see. Trade bots are at it today with short laddering.

Oh straight up, man, i'm telling you i mean this is picture perfect, algorithmic. What the heck is that there's a spider - oh no get out of here: nope dead! No spiders for me no spiders here, i'm not arachnophobic or whatever, but spiders ain't it that ain't jack. All right! So i'll tell you what we do this every single live stream. We get the sucker to 4 500 likes i'll, be putting down a crack of the kraken a rip of the kraken pouring her back for the freaking apes out here, i'm giving you guys a cheers and a toast, as i always like to do.

I like to appreciate the people out there who are rocking with the channel rocking with the gorilla gang and supporting the amc cause uh, because it takes some freaking real emotional grounding. I know how freaking hard it is so um if you guys want to see that happen. That's what we're going to do. It helps out the youtube algorithm helps out the channel yada yada.

You know the whole spiel here uh. You want to do that feel free. If not we're chilling, i i really don't mind either way, i'm going to keep doing me i'll, keep doing me baby. All right, hey trade, it's young! Listen! I got a clubhouse app invite for you to use it's way easier to reach elon.

There hit me up on twitter broski, oh yeah, at 1 pm today we are gon na be tweeting at uh, elon musk, at least i am you guys do what you want to do. Let me pop in to my uh messages. Really quick on twitter. Young, oh shoot.

Let me just shoot you a message back all right. So i shot you a message: young listen! I got you. Man um, feel free to, let me know, but i'm planning on tweeting at uh, elon musk. I want him to be a part of that documentary that i'm being an executive producer for just to come in and talk about short selling, because i know that he's not a big fan of short selling.

Personally, i think that short selling in and of itself is not inherently bad, but it can be abused to bankrupt companies in a malicious intent in a malicious way, so ape no like spider, poor spider, dude, no spiders. Here, man ain't it jack that ain't it that ain't it all right. What if hedges, are doubling down on shorting amc, because i know aaron is going to get the yes vote and dump them all on the market. So this is my opinion about the 500 million share dilution.

My vote currently is no and the way that i am as an investor is with the current information that i have available to me. I i make a decision based on information right. That's that's the smart way to do things you make decisions based on the information presented to you when new information presents itself. If it changes my mind if it changes the situation, you change your game plan from there now, i i don't think it's actually.

In a short interest, i i think long term anyways, it's not on a short interest for that vote to get passed. I think they don't want it to get passed. Um! Here's my hypothesis right! We've got adam aaron, who i i've had conversations with. Obviously we arranged a an interview, as you guys all know, and when i had my conversation with him, he told me this.

He said trey, i own 4 million shares of amc stock. You know what that means, and i said i've got a good idea. He says it means that it's in my best interest as a shareholder to increase the value of the company. So where am i going with this think about this? If amc stock squeezes adam aaron and all the executives that work for amc's company right are going to benefit from the squeeze, they'll make a ton of money, a lot of money, a crap ton of money.

They don't want the stock to go down. They want it to go up, you know now, i'm not saying that's a reason to believe that the 500 million dilution is good or bad. Like i said with the information that i have available to me, i voted no, but i think it is important to keep an open mind to whatever they have to say if he has any information that he's going to give us during this. You know this interview that i'm going to do with him um we got ta, we got ta, consider everything that he talks about.

Like i said my vote is currently no. You guys decide whatever you wan na. Do i'm not trying to sway you in one direction or the other, i'm simply providing the opportunity for literally the ceo of the company to talk about what he thinks about the stock right? So if this goes up to freaking 500 bucks, a thousand dollars 2 000? Whatever it ends up being the executives of this freaking company are gon na make a lot of money. They're gon na make a lot of money.

You know they don't want it to go down. They don't want the stock price to go down. I mean adam aaron's net worth is tied in the freaking company. You know, i think, that's huge.

I think that's huge to consider it's it's he. He said this in his tweet when he tweeted at me saying he wanted to do the interview. He said i work for you guys as the ceo of the company. I work for the shareholders.

Now, obviously, there's been a million instances. You can point out a million instances in which people will say yeah i mean there were times when this company said they were going to do x, but they did why and we can't. We can't know anything based off of that, but i want to provide you this. I want to provide you um a history lesson, so i'm going to cover this in the interview, but i did some some some digging and amc the last time that they requested an issuance of stock was in 2013 right, and i want to show you something you Can see the exact times in which amc has issued stock into the market uh? How about i, google here i'm not running on a lot of sleep? I i went to bed at like six in the morning and got up at like ten, so bear with my brain here, and oh amc outstanding shares.

History now check this out. I want to show you something. So if you look back on the history of the company, that's not what i want. There was a different website.

I think it's this one where i put my cap, i don't know. Let's check this out back in 2014, you had the total outstanding shares of 21 million. They got approved they requested and got approved for 400 million total shares of issuance. Now they didn't issue any stock, all the way up until 2017., so it took them four years to issue stock for the first time they actually got a lot a little bit off the market and then didn't issue again until 2020 into 2021, because they're on the Verge of bankruptcy, i want to show you this check this out.

2017. If you look at february 24th, when they doubled the total shares outstanding in the market, they went from 21 million to 55 million total shares. If we come look at this right, let's look at a five year. Chart look at 2017, the february time frame.

Now they would have issued the stock in 2017 um right around here, so it pops down pops back up right. It helps out the company here and you look at the total time frame. What do we got? It's uh, the second, the fourth, the uh, not the second. Fourth, so you've got uh february.

You've got march, you've got july and you've got. I think, that's october right. So they issued stock a couple different times and it continuously pushes the price up because they needed to make that happen. 2020 and 2021.

They doubled tripled quadruple the total shares on the market and went from 1.91 up to 20 bucks at the high currently sitting about 8.79. Now, i'm not trying to convince you that this is a good thing right. What i'm trying to say is they got approved for that that much stock in 2013? It didn't use it until 2017 or 2020., so i just think it's important to keep a macroscopic perspective to to be open-minded to whatever he has to say. I'm not changing.

My vote unless there's really good reason to believe it, but nonetheless that's what i've got for you guys so melatonin bro try it yeah. I should i've got my multivitamin gummies up here, because i'm trying to support healthiness, healthiness baby, i'm telling you i want to stick to my kraken, but i'll tell you what you got some multivitamin gummies. I eat these suckers like freaking like uh like uh. What's like fruit, snacks man, i could.

I could down a whole freaking uh bottle of these, but i'm gon na put down a couple. I haven't eaten any any yet today, that'll do i think i saw some people say the game. Stop is moving. Oh yeah, look at the volume.

You guys see the news that gamestop is uh, maybe gon na be dabbling in nfts. Pretty interesting uh. Like i already said guys, my vote is no. I i see you guys dropping this in the chat, but i'm all i'm saying is to come in open-minded right.

I'm not gon na change. My vote unless there's good reason to do it. I don't plan on it right now, based on the information that i have. My vote is no it's that simple.

It's that simple all right. We ripping some crack. Lady bro bought a bottle the other day, smooth, af dude, it's so good. I'm telling you kraken will take you to freaking tenney town, it's decent, it's decent! I have a mr super chat guys.

I i promise you i'm going through these one by one uh getting to as many as i can one at a time it just takes some time to get through them all. There's quite a few um jimmy just popped. I saw that man all right. Let's pop back up here, i thought i saw oh days to cover 0.68.

Does that mean a little over half a day? No, so that's a common misconception. Shorts, don't have to cover in any certain time frame, except for if uh they're getting margin called or there's the risk of them getting liquidated, in which case they just get covered automatically. There's expirations on puts, and that's that's about it. The days to cover refers to the short interest divided by the three month, average daily volume right, so that that's what that means and the higher the number the more difficult it is for a short to come up profitable on their short trade.

So, that's that's what you're looking at right there uh! What do you think the likelihood is that 100 of the float is owned in your opinion, i i don't think it's quite 100. No! Otherwise you wouldn't see any trading right if every single share was held. It wouldn't go up or down um, you know you wouldn't see, buy orders coming in. You wouldn't see the order flow.

I think there's pretty a pretty low amount of flow available, but that's that's about it. I see people asking about microvision, it's down nine percent. Today, the market just took a big poop, honestly and microvision. Being a tech stock fell into that uh that that that piece of the equation right so pallets here huge dump down microvision huge dump down exxon, i'm guessing the same.

I haven't looked yet, but yeah dump down right, uh choppy price action, but nonetheless you get the picture here. All these different stocks are taking a little bit of a dump down and that, that's honestly, that's just the situation for the tech industry. When you see market corrections, when you see a red day, tech just seems to take the biggest beat down as it sits right now. So i wouldn't over stress it.

I think you're going to be all right when will citadel get margin called. Ah, it's not as simple as when they will. I just think it's. We can't predict the day right, but i do think it's going to happen so we out of the channel.

We actually guessed it. You know thanks to uranium potato, i don't know if you're watching right now, man, but we worked together on some dd and we we actually, you know, dug into the supplemental leveraging ratio the slr and we looked at some different uh. You know hedge funds such as archagos, who, who was over leveraged in you know their stocks got liquidated out of viacom and discovery right. When that happened, they got liquidated it.

It crashed those stocks they cut in half from 100 bucks down to you, know 40 dollars, and i think you're gon na see the same thing. Freaking happen to a lot of people so um, it's tough to say when, but i think something very interesting is in regards to that 49 loss. That citadel has right. So, if we're looking at citadel uh 49 loss check this out, i want to propose something for you guys.

I don't think this is the short losses now. What do i mean by this hedge fund? Melvin capital lost 49 on its investments in q1 source. I personally think this 49 loss was literally just in short, borrow fee rates. It was an interest because if you have an open position, it's not quite a loss and if they still have open short positions, i mean think about this.

If you just had game stop, if you just saw game stopping the equation here from melvin capital right, which we know they have shorted game, stop if their average cost is we'll just meet them in the middle here and say 75 bucks, the average short position is 75 they'd be down over 100 right now and it might be lower than that it might be 50 bucks. It might be 40 30 20.. Who knows who knows man um? What i'm saying is the numbers? Don't add up 49 losses to me all the short positions that they have in the stocks that they've been getting crushed on now done done that up, i think that they're short they're short losses haven't been realized yet and they're, not adding that into their q1 source. I think their losses are going to be much worse than this.

I really do. I think this is the freaking beginning. It is uh the tip of the the candle on the freaking birthday cake man - i i am uh very convict convicted in that this is just the freaking start. I have proof of people, shorting, amc and creating fun in your comments during regular videos.

Allegor x, fpv is his username. No way i mean you guys, we live in a free market. You know you can do whatever you want to do. I'll.

Tell you that right now, but what i would advise against is if you were shorting the stock, if you're, shorting, amc and you're coming on to people's live streams or into the weeble comments or whatever, just to start you're, not doing it right. Man like what are you, what are you doing? That's like going craps table and betting on everybody else losing you know. That's like you're playing roulette and everybody's betting, red and you're the one guy that bets black like come on. Come on it's! I don't! There's money to be made - and i i understand that like if you want a short amc and you don't agree with the eight movement cool.

You know you do you there's money to be made on the way up and on the way down, but don't don't patronize people what's the point? What's the freaking point, does it make you feel good, you know, does it make you feel good to rip on people? That's such that's such dog. That's such crap! I i, i really think the world is simple, there's so much more! That brings us together as people than there is that divides us. You know like we don't need to make this freaking political there's, nothing, political about it. It's it's well, i mean there kind of, is i guess i mean it's the one percent versus the 99 hedgie versus tendy, but my point being like: why are you fighting us? I mean we're on the same team guys.

You know we're we're all apes, we're all people, the the the the freaking hedge funds out there during during covent and quarantine, took money from us. You know from us the retail investor - i i just don't. I don't see it. I don't see it always bet on black yeah man, i mean i'm a simple guy, i'm a simple guy.

I just go with trends all right. Thank you to eric. I appreciate that justice says that sip of water looked painful dude, it's so hard wow, oh man. It ain't for me the problem with water.

Is, it doesn't taste like diet, coke? Oh i forgot. I had coffee. Give me one sec, i'll be right. Back looks like amc is getting a little bit of action here.

Look at oh! This is game. Stop god dang! It pop second, why did i think that was amc piss well, amc doesn't have that volume here quite yet, but um we're we. We got back over this level of support at 875 largest level of resistance sitting about eight dollars and eighty cents, as it sits right now, any thoughts on route also heavily shorted and down massively from the ipo price uh. So i know this is a stock that tyler wilson is pretty high on and he's taught me a text about it a couple times um.

I think it's it's. I know it's a very heavily shorted stock, but it's going to take some time for it to move until it gets some news catalyst right. You need some reason for it to move. If there's no catalyst, it's just a sitting ball of energy waiting to go.

You know you got to wait for a reason for this to move. You can have the most heavily shorted stock on the planet, but if the entire market thinks it's junk, it's just going to keep being junk. Now i'm not saying that to scare anybody away but like because i haven't done dd on this - i don't know anything about the company, but what i would do, if you want to take a position in root, is dig into upcoming, expected news catalyst. Is it a fundamentally undervalued company, and do you believe that the market is going to eventually realize its true potential as a company? If so, then the squeeze potential is 100 on.

If the reddit boards are going nuts about root, that's an als! That's also an opportunity. You know what i mean: that's all it is that's all. She is baby, all right, trey everybody needs to exit turn up turn off the stock landing program from your broker, because the hedge funds are borrowing your shares from your broker to keep the price down. Essentially, a screenshot of twitter uh.

Yes, so i i've covered this on a couple live streams. Honestly, i should just probably do it every single time, because i i always assume that there's a new person watching every single time that uh that i'm on. But let's see here i'll come to my profile i'll come over to twitter uh. Can i go to mention somewhere? Is there a way to do that? I feel like there is where that be mentions.

Hmm, oh, i think it'd be under notifications. Here we go mentions. Let's see if i can find it, but there is a stock lending program on your on your brokerage apps right. So if you oh here, it is yeah, so hedge funds are borrowing amc and gamestop shares from your broker.

So if you want to turn this off, you just got to go to your phone and turn off the stock lending income program on the on the weibo app on your phone um i'll, pull it up here, really quick! Let's see what i can find so it would. It would be right here so if you come to the main section on weibull and you hit more under more on that main screen, you've got the uh. Where is this stock lending income program? It is this little button right here and if you turn that off it doesn't allow uh short positions to borrow your shares, because that's essentially what happens so you definitely want to turn that off. That's going to affect.

You know how much they're able to short the stock, and it does make a difference. So um that'd be my my two cents there in regards to um. You know the stock uh trade has got 500 shares of nvis thoughts on your girl emc to the moon. I love mavis man.

This is a beautiful, beautiful buying point. I think the microvision this cheap. You honestly can't ask for much more um. You bought in a what i don't know what you bought in that, but i let's look at this on a macroscopic time frame.

Right, it's on a three-month chart. What do you got? You got an ascending level of support right here, so you've got a double bottom, a huge double bottom and a potential bounce off of this to set any level of support. So what i predict down the road is another continuation of trend here, where you get a bounce off of support lines, so it would form a little bit of a triple bottom setup here if it continues to follow through with previous trends. Uh, you really want that.

Continued strength off of the bounce of you know 1210 right here and 1274 right here, so that that'd be my two cents there and what i would expect. Oh, that hits the spot copy, will take you to tendee town. Oh, is there grounds in this? What the no, maybe not i don't know the heck that was uh. Can you discuss real, quick, the difference in use of rsi the one hour versus one minute scales, which is most useful for pulling trigger to buy or sell it's entirely dependent on what you're doing is uh? Is it a strat? It's a strategy right.

So are you day trading? Are you swing trading or are you playing long term? So, if you're playing long term, the rsi is best used on a long term chart you know so rsi here, for example, right you see, the rsi is down here touching 32. This means that it's very close to oversold territory. Anything under 30 is oversold and yeah. Anything over here is overbought, so seeing this it hits 32 on the rsi.

If you were just to look at this right here right, you see this touch. 30 on the rsi. You typically would think to yourself that that is a very good buying point for a long term position, and then it didn't end up being that way. Well, right now, it's sitting at 32 if trends continue to repeat themselves any time that it touches 30 on the rsi, it starts to bounce right.

That's a trend that you cannotice here with with microvision, so if it gets down there on 30 on the rsi, that's a good long-term position to buy in at now. If you're, looking at this on the one day chart the one-minute candles right. This is more of that that small scale um projection on over solar over bot territory right. This is a small piece of the large picture.

So what do you got here if you're day trading this and you saw the rsi touch down at 22? That would be a beautiful buying point for a dip buy. You would have bought in at what would have been about 1290 and you could have got out at 1344, which would have been. You know a three four five percent gain. That's a good way that you can play it.

You know so. The the rsi on the one day, one minute charts is, is more useful for day trading right. If you want to, you know, buy dip, sell rips if you're shorter, you can, you know, sell rips and buy dips. I guess you know it's entirely up to you.

That's that's just the way that i personally have played them in my life. I don't personally know how you would turn off the lending with cash app or with robinhood. I see people asking about that. Cowboy coffee bill bill, miller, dude, hell, yeah, that's what's up uh, i had a guy that i i worked with.

His name was um will will israel back when i went to st john's university and he he loved cowboy coffee. He was from montana. The dude always talked about it. He'd always come in and make his coffee, and i was like no hey jack ain't.

It that ain't it hey, try. I watched your roth ira plan. I tried opening some accounts. I tried both td and weeble, but weeble says it doesn't offer option trading in roth.

Do you know any brokers that do so? I remember that i mentioned the brokers that uh that do allow options trading in that video. I i tried to give you know the best suggestions possible in terms of uh what they were gon na, be honest with you that video was a while ago, and i i did the majority of that research you know leading into it. I sat down for like four or five hours, just digging through everything um, but i have my roth set up through weeble and i keep it on there uh and i typically just use it for swing trading. Um swing trading, long term investments that sort of thing, but if you go back to the video, i know that i have three different brokerage firms in there that uh.

That, i think, are the best case. You know the the best availability for day trading options trading, that sort of stuff, so i just go back and reference that video. If you want to check it out thanks for watching that man, hopefully you got some value out of it um. I try my best turn off lending for all brokers, amen, brother amen, so coming back to amc here we want to see what's rocking see what she's down for the day, amc is sitting at 8.75 cents still trading sideways volume did pick up here a little bit Typical one minute time frame, you see about 33 000 shares and then it picked up and now we're seeing about double or triple that per one minute.

Interval of trading volume uh on the level twos you've got the most sellers waiting at eight dollars and eighty cents, with about eight thousand four hundred total shares waiting to get filled still acting as the largest level of resistance. If you get some some decent volume starting to roll in on this and some momentum, it should get some decent uh movement going on the stock. Look up 22, terrific facts about tuesday! I'm scared! What is this gon na be? What is this gon na? Be 22? Terrific facts about tuesday: let's see what we got, the name tuesday is thought to come from the norse twis day dedicated to the god of combat who was called to in old english. Tuesday was known as tuesday in some calendars tuesday.

This is interesting day of mars. Their god of war - oh that's all! I need to see that's pretty interesting stuff. Look at that 22-22 uh elections typically take place on tuesday, taco tuesday. That's all you need to know man, it's taco, tuesday, taco tuesday, sushi sunday.

I tell you what, when i have got a sushi place by me, i'm doing sushi sunday, every single sunday, baby sushi sunday is what's up, that's the bee's knees right there, man, i forgot for some reason. I thought it was tuesday norm hole. Did i miss it? Not rogers man, the day's, the cover i went over that yeah. I went over your super chat.

Brother all right, matt m says atnf no short shares available over 100 interest rate bot 10 uh 1250 strike prices at 65, uh ap at open, 416 short squeeze potential. So if you, if you have an upcoming known news, catalyst on atnf, it's 100 possible yeah, oh you're, already sitting really decent right. Now you bought uh. I guess it depends on the price you bought them at.

But if you bought it at a good price, you're sitting really well on atnf right now i mean it's really moving went from 4.90 up to 12 bucks um. This is honestly and it's nice clean growth too. This is looking really nice. I think it's got good potential.

I mean the volume today is absurd, very very high volume this morning, not bad at all. Is there news yeah? It appears so um? No, it's just moving off of winning streak amid insider purchases. Oh it's that be it yeah. So it's moving off of insider buying, but that looks pretty dirty man, i'm digging it yeah yep trey.

Thanks for being awesome, could you ask aa about bringing back dividends it incentivizes everyone to buy backing and hold post squeeze? I've got a beautiful, beautiful outline.

By Trey

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