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Oh okay, oh good morning, vietnam, hello, you bunch of beautiful freaking apes. It is your boy trey from trade streets coming back again here for another freaking lunch break, live stream. Baby we've got amc here rocking on the day. It is down obviously about 10.

Now some of you might be a little bit worried you might be thinking to yourself, dang holy toledo. Bob saget is this. Is this something i should be scared of, and my simple answer to you is - is not really and i'm gon na tell you exactly why, so i want to show you something really quick. I actually in my video yesterday, talked about the potential of this dropping down to 43 bucks, so i was off by a little bit.

It ended up dropping about three dollars lower than that for a very brief moment in time it had a little bit of a false breakdown underneath that 40 mark here down at 39.71. It got a beautiful bounce back up, but nonetheless, in yesterday's video i said guys. Don't be surprised since we ended up breaking a small amount for the downside if you end up seeing this test down at that 43 dollar range, and it's in this video right here, hedge funds are drowning. Here's.

Why now, at the beginning of the video i say, hey look 43 dollars is is possible and here's. My reasoning, why right you look at this in the grand scheme of things you can see that i had a breakdown underneath this a setting level of support, which means that it could end up testing a pre another. You know prior level of support here, which has a couple different touch points. One two three four and you can see this wick right here - shows the weakness that shooting star candle indicating that it was a bit of a false breakdown, a little bit of a bear trap right.

So that's a good thing to see. Honestly, i i'd consider that a false breakdown underneath a critical level of support, and i call it very critical because if we had broken down underneath that 43 level of support on an hourly candle, the next level is down at 32 bucks and i'm not gon na Anybody right, if it broke down underneath that 43 mark it very well could have gotten down to that 32 range would have been. You know a little bit painful. That's that's a tough thing to see, so i'm very happy that we got that bounce back up here.

So far it's obviously got to follow through, but it's looking pretty solid. I mean we're rocking on a setting level of support, as it sits right now. Obviously, there's some crazy, crazy price action for the downside and i'll tell you this right now right. I tweeted this out.

I think this is pretty self-explanatory, but i'm gon na read it out anyways. Just by the off chance. You guys didn't see it. It's it's a really valid point in my opinion, and it's this right.

There's not a chance. Apes are selling the day after finding out these two things, shares returned or shorts, covering is being skewed in ortex uncovered it and apes on the float. You know what that means, and you know what it is simple as it gets right. It's there's no possible way with that sort of bullish information that you're going to have a downside rip like that, because people are selling right, so that's kind of what you got rocking up right now.

I want to show you guys, taco track we're going to pull this up and see how many shares are currently available to borrow and you've got about 1.6 million, so this number hasn't changed a whole lot today. This could just simply be the fact that there are a lot of lenders out there who have stock available. In fact, this number could be skewed a little bit in terms of maybe some shorts are borrowing shares, but you just have more lenders that are giving shares out to borrow as well. So it does not see a whole lot happen right, but there is some ammunition taking place here.

There's obvious obvious selling pressure. That's coming from the side who is fighting against us, the us versus the dem right, i'm one million yakuman pasento believe that you've got some heavy shorting taking place. Hopefully the quality of this is looking pretty good for you guys. Hopefully it's not lagging too bad.

Looks like the uh, the internet is treating us pretty decent here today. So you guys. Let me know if this uh, this quality is treating you, okay, but that's kind of what we got rocking ups right now, so false break down, underneath that 40 mark for a one minute, candle 39.71 riding an ascending level of support, as it is right now waiting To get that next break or the psychological level of resistance, as long as we hold that 44 mark we're just saying that about 45 bucks. So that's what i'm watching for watching for that! Next, you know round even stephen five dollar mark at 45, which you can see lines up pretty dang well with this uh.

This double top set up this m, which is typically a bearish indicator right that double top setup uh and a break underneath that neckline. So now we want this inverse head and shoulders pattern to come to fruition. If you don't know what a head and shoulders pattern is an inverse, is the exact opposite of that right, so an inverse is you've got a head right here which dips down below the other two shoulders shoulder shoulder. This is the neckline holding them up, and this is the neckline right here which you get a breakover with a violent move.

So that's what we're waiting on break over that 45 dollar neckline on this inverse head and shoulders. That's warming up right here, we're sitting just fine, my friends, i'm not stressing the least bit, i'm just sitting that uh sitting at work chilling drinking some freaking water trying to stay hydrated, take care of the ticker, as you guys know, but uh nonetheless hold on my Friends, if you, if you were bullish on emc stock, there's more to come, you got ta weather these storms. The storms will come we're not gon na rip all the time right. Psychological warfare simple, as it gets.

That's what i've got for this little intro right here and now we can just freaking chat and ask any questions that you guys have regarding what's uh? What's poppin, you know what it is uh, i don't think it's lagging it's not lagging. On my end, it looks pretty good, it looks. It looks very good on my end, you guys, let me know, is there a really high possibility? Our orders are being delayed by 10 plus days? I can't speak on whether or not it's 10 plus days. I think that's speculation.

Where is that coming from where do uh? Where do people think that it's it's ten plus days i mean, i do think that it could be the possibility of orders getting delayed, but i just don't know about how much it's not fair. For me to speculate and give it out, as fact, but it's an opinion not lagging not lagging, i saw a small one right there for a second. You think it may be a bad idea to keep tagging the sec or attendees can get held up in litigation which would allow the hedges to negotiate prices. We can beat the hedges at their own game may be a bad idea to keep tagging the sec.

So the sec, we can tag them all we want, but um. This is. You know this is the truth. If they're investigating amc stock and the whole, you know short squeeze saga, that's taking place in the stock market right now, um, the retail investor.

I think they're already pretty aware of what's going on, i mean these guys have to be getting tagged every single day, thousands of times, but all the apes out there were pissed off about what's happening with amc stock, gamestop uh the whole market. I mean that's ultimately what it comes down to right. So i think they're painfully aware - and i think that's why i see gary gensler - stepping up trying to make things different, trying to change that t2 system, which is the settlement time to a t0 or a t evening. Right, i heard me kevin, say this and made me laugh.

He said t evening not like drinking tea at night, it's kind of a dad joke, but i've got a dumb sense of humor anyways. Nonetheless, though, i do think they're paying attention and whether or not they take action on it, i don't think it's something we can control. I see the lag already happening, guys i'm gon na i'm gon na lower the bit right here on four. So let me just tell you this right now, i'm gon na be out of this place on saturday.

I'm not dealing with this for a prolonged period of time, so i i recognize it i'll fix that real, quick. You guys, let me know if that's any better, any um, that's what you got rocking up all right. His secret is herbal essence. Absolutely man, you know what it is bigger, blessed sky, bigger blessings.

Lou said it he's been. Writing some stuff he's been wrong on some stuff. I i you know i'll. Let him do him hey.

I love you too, tube boo, tube good. Now rock on nice chest hair i've got six of them. Man, six of them took me 24. Almost 24 years.

I turned 24 on the 21st so 11 days from now. Oh no up arrow. What am i doing? You guys are absolutely right, absolutely disgusting. What am i doing? I i failed everybody.

I failed. Everybody didn't draw the infamous up arrow, but don't worry, we've got to cook it up now up arrow on the chart, technical analysis to a t, i'm telling you it took me years of freaking training, mastering the art of drawing arrows and we were hooking this uh. This arrow brings us up over this neckline at 45. Don't be surprised if it takes a couple of tests to get that break over 45 bucks.

In fact, you've got kind of the three test trend right here, one two, three: typically, it takes three times to break a signified level of resistance, so it might end up rejecting on this third try and then the fourth try is typically when it breaks just based On the trend that has taken place on amc for the last six months, so that's kind of what you got rocking up vin says. Remember your y tray i'll! Never forget man, i'm never gon na! Forget my old man. I promise you simple as it gets right. I am a guy who is driven by people, i'm an extroverted man like i i take pride not in in uh.

You know all that i'm looking for is enough money for me to get by and take care of my family for the future. What i take pride in is helping other people, you know back when i was in college. I ran cross country and i was i was kind of like the captain for the last two years of cross-country track indoor track outdoor track and the thing that i got the most joy out of was was you know, kind of mentoring, people into being a better Runner to pass along tips the tricks - you know the things that i learned that didn't work that did work like. That's that's, ultimately, what makes me happy so i'm not going anywhere my.

Why is, is my old man to make my dad proud and it's to genuinely be here and spread good wealth of information? You know that's all i can ask for it genuinely is lamp. Is the only amp you know, piss on that lamp, the hydra the hydra holy toledo, matt coors, on fox at two today? I know it he'll be on at 1 pm central standard time. 1 p.m. Unfortunately, i already be back at work.

Is that jordan dude? What's up, oh, i went to school with that guy. I went to college with jordan with tim miles. Hold her cell right now, trey feeling like he'd, go the distance you're, absolutely correct, jt dude. What are the odds over the odds? Drop some freaking gorillas in the chat for jt.

I haven't seen that man in a minute. It's good, it's good! Honestly. I saw that man, i miss you brother, hope, you're doing well. Jt is a freaking stud built like a goddamn gorilla built like a stick that man's built like a gorilla, i tagged you in my tweet for some ape motivation worth a looksie hottle.

Let me check her out. Let's see what we got cooking up this week, we reloaded this dip is the cocking of the rifle. What's next will be disgustingly loud got an ape right here: beautiful khan kong, baby, tom nash, trey emailed you about an interview which uh did you send it to my my trades tray email. Let me check it out, quick good to see you by the way.

Man, thanks for hopping back in so looking for that breaker that 45 level of resistance, the neckline on the inverse head and shoulders pattern uh as it sits right now. Let me know tom which uh, which email did you send that to i'll make sure they check that out kong man, i'm sorry. I know i shouldn't bang my chest. I shouldn't do it, i shouldn't.

Do it i'm sorry, it's just a habit. It's a habit. Oh man, what happens when a hundred percent of shares are owned and shareholders just simply hold? What you'd basically be banking on? Is that the shares outstanding and the shares that are circulating, that shouldn't exist get cracked down on so if that ends up happening, they have to buy those shares back, they have to get them off the market. They have to be destroyed right.

If that happens, that means they got to pay you, because odds are that the shares that shouldn't exist are being held by the little guy, the retail investor simple, as it is right so you'd get paid, you would absolutely get paid if they crack down on that Stuff, i can already see this starting to do some more bs god, i'm sick of this freaking, this premium uh this 64-bit quality. This is beautiful. Oh man, tom. Let me know what you uh, which email you sent that to i'll check it out, coming up close to that 45 level of resistance here down nine percent of the day, but getting a nice bounce off that 39 level of uh.

You know false breakdown, god that arrow is damn scary, that arrow is doing some good work arrows doing the dirty d, look at that 45 dollars and 32 cents already coming back up to that volume. Average prices gold trend line right here, my friends, my family, that's not looking too bad. Is this still lagging pretty bad? Ah, why you got ta. Do me like that um my vpn is up, so it shouldn't be that check the options options chain yeah.

We can look at that really quick, so options for this week. You've got a pretty decent chunk at uh about fifty dollars. Another good chunk of 55, another good chunk at 60.. So if you're going to close over 60 bucks somehow tomorrow, that would be pretty bullish.

I mean that would be obviously a dream come true. Thank you chris. I appreciate that dude button up trevor chances. No, i refuse this is.

This is all that i have to work with. I i waited 20 almost 24 years for these 10 chest hairs. I i like to i like to work with what i got i built like a stick. I got to take advantage of those ten chest.

Hairs. Man, no lag, awesome, sick, sick, sick. I love you training lamp. Of course lamp.

Does the you know the real work here? This is a lamp. This is an imposter. I call her hydra, not our mistress, but uh. You know we got it covered up.

I threw the shark shorts and the van gogh shorts on there, the naked shorts, so that you guys don't have to look at the the filth. Uh talk about the 1500 price, so i've seen that circulating around and i obviously can't speak on the fact that that is actually legitimate. It's speculation. We can speculate that it's 1500, but for me to come out here and give you absolute fact saying that hey the share price is actually 1500 bucks.

When i haven't seen the metrics that are measuring that that's doing people injustice, you know i'd much rather err on the side of caution and say i think that the synthetic you know stock price that we see right now, the suppressed stock price. It should be higher right. I 100 will say that with confidence. But for me to say you know 1500 is what it's actually supposed to be trading at.

I just don't know. I can't tell you that for sure, because i don't know what that's being measured off of, i don't know how many shares they're measuring that off of i don't know you know i've seen it. It is what it is right uh. I do think, though, that there are more shares circulating and we've got over that math, i mean that's as simple as it gets.

You look at the uh, the math on it. Even if you take the worst case scenario, 492 million shares at 120 share average for 4.1 million investors. Right that comes out to you've got 10 million. Shares left of the shares outstanding makes no sense.

It makes no sense at all you can't. I just the math. Does not compute the limit does not exist so regardless. I do think that the share price is being suppressed in a pretty nasty way, so you can see here that it's really trying to get that hold over 45.

Second, 44.94 right now, but if it gets back up over 45 bucks with a wide range freaking boom boom candle to get over that volume, average price that should bring us some momentum and some more volume to follow through here on the day down about nine percent. As it is right now, we were green on the day initially, but you can see that there was quite a few stocks that took a hit. The game. Stop also took a pretty heavy, beat down and now starting to get a recovery.

So that's not not a coincidence. Clove also took a big beat down, not quite getting the recovery side of things, but shorted too freaking oblivion as well. Maybe some profit takers, maybe some people selling, but i think amc not a chance like. I just do not believe for a second based on the psychology of the information that we know right now that people would sell 24 hours after the information that was given to us.

It's just not that this does not make sense in the least bit. So i think you saw some pretty heavy algorithm trading today. I think you might have saw you know five percent three percent, two percent, whatever it is, some of those scalpers day, traders swingers that are getting out of their positions. They got scared, they have paper hands.

Whatever it may be right, but i think the majority of this really is the big, the big firms. I really do all right so good to see you happy in health trade place. Please take care of yourself. I appreciate that man i'm doing good, i'm chilling.

I am straight up chilling. I didn't touch clove uh, i see brandon asking about clove clove to me seemed like it was uh too good to be true. You know if you were able to make money on that way up. Congratulations.

You know there's nothing wrong with that make money on the way up um, but i just i i wanted. I don't know i i spent six months researching amc stock, i'm not going to cheat on my girl over something that looks good for two days. You know it's it's gon na have to do better than that for me. So if you made money on it, you had extra cash.

Laying around that wasn't. You know you didn't pull from other stocks to get into this. You know, congratulations! If you made cash, i mean that's ultimately what the stock market's about is making money. So if you made money cool beans, man, i mean good for you, but i just this didn't pique my interest.

I don't want anything to do with it. Yeah yep, jason jason said globe equals rocket mortgage jason. It's so funny. It's so funny that you say that it's hilarious, that you say that, because i i will always be transparent, i'll come out straight up and say: look i made a mistake back in.

I think it would have been january or february one of those two periods of time. I made the mistake of getting on on rocket mortgage and got absolutely smoked on it, and i will never make that mistake twice if it looks too good to be true. It's probably too good to be true if nobody's been talking about it until the day before it runs probably too good to be true. I had i just it's.

I don't even know i already made that mistake once i'm good, i'm good, i'm chilling, we ain't selling. Yes, sir jerry uh yo baby check out this fire ape art from clarence maluda sent dm uh. You have to give me the uh the handle. Can we keep? Can we buy the etf to keep hedges from using them? Buy the etf um you could you could if you wanted, but i think it's better to actually just directly buy amc stock.

That's just my opinion, but you you do what you want to do. Love your energy. What's your secret! I i'm just passionate man. Ah, it keeps lagged frustrating all right, we'll drop this down a little more.

This happens when uh when more people get in the stream. I think that the bandwidth here just can't handle can't handle the sauce. I can't i can't handle the sauce. It's frustrating is that ortex on my display, uh.

Yes, i do use vortex. Ortex is my go-to for short interest data. I know i know i know i know it's that that premium freaking premium streaming service, let's see what i can do all right. I think that should make it better.

Hey turn a little concerned. The suits are continuing to double down, so it becomes too big to pay out come moon time. Any thoughts uh. I think i think these suits really are playing with fire man.

I've said it before i'll say it again: they're pissing on the electric fence, and eventually the apes are going to turn that on that's as simple as it gets. They want to keep playing, they want to keep shorting the stock, even with the amount of risk. That's on the table here eventually they're gon na they're gon na lose that's i i really don't see any way that they can get out of this. At this point i mean the strength.

Look at this, even when they're shorting the stock and they're trying to freaking keep this thing suppressed. It just keeps bouncing. I mean you would have seen this to me is a picture-perfect idea, and i don't mean this any negative way. I mean if you made money on this, that's awesome, but this is what a pump and dump looks like amc would have done this if it was a dead cat right.

Maybe clove will make a comeback, but eight nine times out of ten, with this sort of set up, it's gon na take a couple days to a couple weeks to get this sort of move momentum again. Look at this regular amc in comparison. You know i mean this is as simple as it is: it's really strong even on red days. It's not dropping that much.

It shows you how many people are holding this. Look at those two two lows. High closed candlestick pattern. That's looking pretty bullish! I like that.

I, like it uh thoughts on the dark pool, so i commented on that earlier. If you want to rewind the stream you can, you can catch that piece of it. Even this electric fence, i just like it all right, trey's a potty mouth today i haven't been stressing so much over the monetization stuff. I mean i'm not gon na go out of my way to swear every other word, but i think if it's, if it's a sense, enhancer at a given moment in time, then so be it all right.

Is there any good estimate on a margin, call might happen or when the hedges might start covering? I can't speak specifically on when they will happen, but i will tell you that they are going to happen and for me all the evidence that you need is in the margin debt, that's currently floating around in the u.s stock market, back in the dot-com bubble. There's about 300 billion dollars of margin, debt back in the 08 crash, there's about 400 billion right now. You've got 800 billion dollars of margin debt, that's substantial! So if and when - and i think it's mostly when this margin - you know margin call happens, it's going to be disgusting, it's gon na really really hurt some big hedge funds, so i think it's just a matter of time. You want to check it out.

It's this. It's this tweet right here right. You check that out. No it'll walk you through that whole process.

Straight rex, oh duck raid. Look at this matt sent us. I was wondering what the heck was going on. I was like holy toledo.

Look at that turn that fence on baby duck gang. Welcome good to have you guys ryan appreciate that coors raid matt coors i'm a big fan of coors light. I don't mind it as far as light beers go. That's usually my uh well i'd say i like buzz light more but they're, both decent they're, both all right they're, both decent quack, quack, quack, quack, no stock back.

So then i poster lamp off with what the hell trey. Oh, i can't get up. Ah, you know what you guys are gon na laugh at me because of what i'm wearing, but i'm gon na, be really quick. I'm gon na go turn that off.

I don't want to see in the chat i'll be i'll, be right back hold on all right. There we go h. Thank you for dedication, positive vibes. I've been here since february and owned five digits worth of whoo whale pac fits hell, yeah, dude uh.

I have 40 of the 28 call options expiring june 18. Would you take profits or ride them out? I think there's more to come on this personally, but what you could do is take profits on some to mitigate your risk and then take you know, leave the rest for if it ends up continuing its run, man, the ducks are going nuts look at this duck. I love it. I love it.

Can you come join us one evening in one of our ape chat spaces on twitter, uh i'd be down for it to be honest with you, i've seen them happen before and what happens? Is i get up at like four? In the morning i i do my morning, video, a slash, live stream. I go to work, i do the lunch stream, i get. I go back to work, i get back and make a video, and at that point i've been working for like 12 to 14 hours. For the whole day - and i just i just kind of want to chill out you know - i do that, like six or seven days a week, which is it's a decent amount, so i just try to get some sleep but i'll hop on one of them for Sure i really will i'll try my best possibility of 60 by tomorrow, 145 by 25 june thoughts.

I am not gon na give any sort of price targets or dates i've. I think it's a dangerous thing to do. I think what you need to do is just pay attention to trend and what the trend tells us right now, just based on what i'm seeing i'm not expecting any huge, dumb explosive move based on the setup we're just not in a technical breakout point yet right. I think you could see a retest of 50.

I think you're gon na see a re-test of this descending level of resistance, but we're not quite in a spot. Yet where i'm gon na be talking about a re-test of 77., we need to get out of this. Downtrend, first and out of this huge monumental consolidation phase right after that, you can be seen a pretty decent push. I'm getting a call from the doctor hold on real quick sorry about that guys.

It was uh the doctor just calling in to remind me that i've got a consultation about my uh, my minor surgery coming up on june 30th, but that's all good to go. We're taking care of fernando appreciate that the doctor is code for matt. Obviously, obviously i thought that was a given matt is definitely doc. Doc, ock baby duck ock doc duck what what should we call him duck doc? What is duck gang? It's matt coors man, matt coors.

I can't just simply quit my job. I wish it was that it's not that simple, my friends, it really isn't um. What i will tell you is is based on the stuff that's happening today, uh, or at least you know this moment in time with all my heart stuff. I will be out of that career in a pretty you know, uh.

I can't say when, but it's happening for sure fernando. I appreciate that uh. Can you explain matt could not say if george w is george washington or george bush best regards sami krittner of sweden to george w bush. That's not washington, though jared's demia, i i don't know.

I came up with that back in i think, like january. I just thought it sounded cool and it's a good way to describe what a double bottom looks like, which is essentially just a big w right. So you've got kind of a demented sloth looking one right here, but this is a george w set up double bottom. Typically, a break over a neckline of a george w set up will bring you a nice bullish move if you get the break over it, but so like what you see right now is kind of a double confirmation, triple confirmation.

I would actually say over this uh. This huge reversal right so you've got an inverse head and shoulders pattern. You got a george w set up. You've got this neckline and you've got the fourth test trend about to uh play out here.

So if it gets a fourth test at that 45 level of resistance and it breaks it you're, looking at a pretty huge push, i mean i think it can make a pretty solid move up to 43 44 45 or not not 43, 48, 49, 50 bucks or So it'd be looking pretty good. I know the camera is blurry. I apologize the the freaking bit rate that i have to use right now is frustrating, but i'm doing what i can i'm doing. What i can remember we're the ones on the right side of history.

Keep it up brother, absolutely bull, flag, fall wedge on daily chart. I look at the bigger picture. That's the way dodge! This is the way. This is the way.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir, for a second looking at thumbnail, it looked like trey was trying to look like uh ooh yaku pasento. Yes, sir friend asked me today got ta come back up um. Why can't the short be covered with a single share over and over ie2 hedges trading? The share back and forth to cover that's algorithmic trading, that's short laddering, so that does happen.

I'm 150 believe that it does right um, but you can't get out of an entire short position that way, because you still take those huge losses that you would have had. If you had an established short position and the facts of the matter are, if you look at the vortex data, it tells you that the average amount of time that a loan is being held on amc stock is very high. It's it's like 57 55 days, or something like that. So let's just check this out right, letting this load show advanced.

So the the on loan average days check this out. It's huge it's 54 days, so the average loan has been held for 54 days. So most of these short positions are likely pretty deep in the red. You please check out link on twitter from t uh ford.

I've been trying to get your opinion for so long, but had tech issue after tech issue uh. I can look at that really fast. One sec i'll check that out after i get off work. My friend, i appreciate you saying that i won't say anything right now: sec do your job on social media, we've tweeted that a couple times i think, they're on the ball.

I i i'm not not the fact that they're actually doing something, but i think they're at least watching and trying to figure out some sort of game plan. Guys. Do me a small favor we've got uh. We've got freaking hydra back here, holding down the crib and, while uh, while i figure out the hell, i'm gon na do for a place to live.

Um just drop a like on the live stream. I don't care subscribe to me, you don't got ta, you can just freaking do whatever you want to do. Just drop a like on this live stream. That's all i asked when i asked one time and we're cooking with crisco.

Trey speaks so loud. The hedges are in the next room, listening in holland, a glass against the wall, i'm just excited dude. I've got a lot to say. Thank you.

Man stop hitting your chest all right, all right, all right! All right i will i will. I will are those shorts on the lamp gon na go up in flames, those lamps get hot. They probably do. I turn them off.

I turn them off. The shorts should be fine should be fine. Can you tune into my? Could amc be delisted? Ah, i i mean i don't really think so. They'd have to be doing something pretty goofy for that to happen.

They hadn't replied to my text this morning. Not yet i haven't gotten anything yet, i'm still waiting, i mean look yeah. I haven't seen anything dang pat appreciate that love you trey. I love you more david.

Thank you appreciate that ask the next hotel for the pen, huh guerrilla, push we're just waiting on that breaker that 45 level of resistance. If you get a clean break over 45 bucks he'd be looking at a nice move. Matt is going on fox, yes, sir he's going out at 1pm central standard time, which will be the same as 2 p.m. Eastern standard time, if you want to check that out, i am scrolling down to the bottom of these super chats.

I i apologize for anybody that missed. I just want to stay up to date with the most uh you know relevant and recent people who who have dropped stuff. I do appreciate that i apologize if i didn't get back to your question. Thanks for the answer, no problem, the smolder boulder.

Oh here we go here. We go hit you with it hit you with that smolder boulder, i'm playing all right, so you're. Looking for uh, it's got a little bit of a break about this uh or below this ascending level of support. Looking at the level two is pretty barren.

I think what this honestly is is some algorithmic training see this size see the size is almost identical across the bid. In the ask to me, that's some some people scalping stocks back on the big firm floors. So i think that's ultimately what you're watching happen right now. It very well could get a retest of that 45 level of resistance.

That's what you're ultimately watching for is a break over 45 bucks to get us back into those high 40s low 50s, the smolder boulder. What's the difference between bear flag and ascending level of support, so a bear flag is the inverse of a bull flag right. So let me just show you this really quick. As an example, this is a bull flag, so bull flag is an extended uh run of green candles, followed by a squeeze down in compression and price action.

On the flip side, you have a bear, can a bear flag, which is a breakdown this way followed by consolidation like this and a break for the downside. Typically, a bull flagging break for the upside, typically, a bare flag break for the downside. So that's that's. What you've got uh you know as compared to that situation.

A level of support, a semi level of support, is as simple as you're. Looking for different touch points, you're connecting dots. One, two three touch points here. You can see that we have that right.

So that's a respected level of support. You got ta break underneath that ascending level of support so now you're waiting for the new trend to be established. Ah freaking live stream hold on hold on hold on, i see it. I see it happening.

I know it's blurry. This is what i got to do until i get to a different place. All right, matt cooper sent us all here. Yes, sir v-neck on fleek got ta get those button.

Ups rocking man love you brother. Let's do some uh hedge trimming. That's the plan. Absolutely all right guys all right all right all right based on the updated info.

We have, what can we assume ac could get to? Realistically, i still think it's. It's got a lot of room to run, i'm not going to give you guys any sort of price targets, because that's not my you know, that's not my place right. You guys determine what you want to buy and when you want to sell it, i'm always always always going to say that lag, bring back pixel tray the 64-bit, the 64-bit. Yes, sir, too many people on.

That is what it is for sure for sure. But that's all right, that's all right! Is it true, they're making duck ape hybrids in area 51 duck gang. Obviously i don't. I don't see what else they'd be doing over there.

I don't see what else they'd be doing. 10K people just came in this stream. Uh. That's why it's slow yeah! I know it is what it is.

I'm gon na get to a place where i've got better internet than here. Honestly, i think i'm gon na get an airbnb. That's against my game plan for now uh, but we'll we'll see what happens stream matt, so i'm actually gon na be gone by the time matt gets on. But if you want to check it out, it is on fox business.

He will be going on on uh on fox business news. You just got ta pick up that live stream piece and uh you'll be able to catch him, but i'm very excited man. I'm gon na watch him when i'm at work. 100 percent hi.

I'm on my lunch break my friends, uh trey. We love you bro. Thank you for all the help you took me from 500 to 10k, my portfolio, all the apes, wish you the best with your heart, homie jake. I didn't do that.

You did all i did was pass along information. Then you ended up pulling the triggers and taking financial responsibility and i'm very happy for you take credit words too man. You did that you did it i'm happy, for you absolutely see. That's the stuff that freaking gets me going is when people turn some mad.

People are up a substantial amount of money. That's just a fact: that's factual people have made a huge, significant amount of money on amc stock and that's beautiful trey's hotel still uses aol. Oh, that's got ta, be it. I don't see what else it could be.

I don't see what else it could be all right. This is probably about you're about to get 64-bit you're about to get 64-bit tray. That's it. It is what it is all right.

I appreciate you training positivity, for your surgery too. Thank you jill. What do i do for a living? I'm not able to speak on it directly, but i do work for a government facilitated job. Ah, there we go looks like it's catching up.

I'm saying i'm so sick of this. I'm waiting, i'm waiting to see what happens - god dang it n64 baby. I think it's finally caught up. You guys are about to get the premium quality streaming.

I'm telling you! This is the sort of stuff that people pay uh millions for is this quality of stream. Oh geez rough hell week's overtime for a wedgie uh, blanket party love you trey. I love you trey's bellhop thanks. Man appreciate that eh realty hit the like, should be 24k likes bell, biv nah, it's not necessary man.

We got 8-bit tray, oh jeez. Well, it looks like this is probably a good place to cut it. I'm sorry for lag. I have to go back to work and doesn't seem to be getting better catch everybody this evening, all right guys.

Well, i don't know if you're gon na be able to see this. I can see that there's obviously issues right now, but i appreciate everybody: that's tuned into this freaking live stream. You guys keep hollering on. If you, if you believe in your conviction, you believe in the due diligence the research, the numbers that you've crunched, you think this is gon na, do good things just have some patience right.

I still believe in fundamentally what amc is going to do for a short squeeze. We just got ta, wait and see it play out. So patience is your friend i i absolutely still think there's more on the table here. That's what i've got for this live stream.

Much love to all and peace.

By Trey

23 thoughts on “Amc live – the bounce – treyders podcast 83”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rendy Assin says:

    In few months or no time people will definitely start kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptocurrency.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars tillerhiphop says:

    No more questions from you until you’ve read every word below.

    ( I didnt create this genius message, I'm not taking credit, just being real and helping new people understand how it works )

    For all of the new baby apes. I know a lot of you have questions, and I thought it would be helpful to provide you with some overall context to understand the significance of the movement you just joined.

    Here’s the cliff note version.  Covid hit last March and a couple of big hedge funds concocted a plan to drive AMC into bankruptcy by “shorting” it and make a ton of money in the process. 

    You “short” a company when you think the value of the stock is going to go down. When the country locked down and AMC closed their doors and their revenue literally went to $0 overnight, it was a no brainer play for the hedge funds.

    So they started borrowing millions and millions of shares from brokers and sold them “short” at the market price at the time, and they pocketed the cash from the sale. The idea is that the stock price will drop, you can buy them back later at a lower price, and then return the borrowed shares to the broker and keep the difference. If the company goes bankrupt, the stock goes to $0 and they don’t have to buy anything back at all and keep everything.

    This is what they were banking on. They’ve done this to company after company over the years, and they saw this as a sure thing as any.

    Well a bunch of people on Reddit (affectionately known as “Apes”) noticed they were trying to drive AMC, GameStop and many other retail brick and mortar stores into bankruptcy, and banded together to buy up all the available shares, driving up the share price. This resulted in the mini squeeze in January. But Apes didnt sell after that. And the hedge funds didn’t cover their short positions either (I.e. buy back the millions of shares they had borrowed and sold short).

    The Apes kept buying and buying, and holding and holding, and once the real shares were all bought up, the hedge funds doubled, tripled and quadrupled down on their short position and started making synthetic shares (IOUs) and selling those shares into the market trying to drive the price down. When the price dropped, instead of selling like the hedge funds wanted them to, Apes said “thank you very much for the discount” and kept buying more and holding. Nobody has sold for the past 5 months since the movement really got started in January, and more and more people are jumping in and adding more everyday.

    Now because of all of the synthetic IOU shares the hedge funds have created to keep shorting AMC, us Apes likely own more way more shares than are actually supposed to exist (as much as 6x-8x by some estimates). But real or synthetic, each share the hedge funds sold short is a liability on their books that must be bought back in order to close out their position.

    They literally have hundreds of millions of shares, possibly billions, to buy back, and we own them all. They have to buy them back eventually, and every day that the borrowed short shares are still on loan, the hedge funds are paying interest to the brokers they borrowed them from. Meanwhile it costs us nothing to hold.

    Things started to come to a head in the first half of May when the interest rate on the borrowed shares was reported to be as high as 250% (1-2% is normal for your average stock), so the hedge funds were collectively paying hundreds of millions of dollars every day just to hold their position, and a couple of the smaller ones were starting to miss payments. That’s when we went from $9 to $17, as those little guys decided they couldn’t take the heat anymore.

    Now we’re in the danger zone for the big boys. Not only so they have to make their daily interest payments on their borrowed shares, but their long (owned) and short (borrowed) positions are marked to market every day (adjusted to reflect current share price), and if their long positions aren’t enough to cover their short positions to a certain extent, then the bank who lent them the shares will get worried and demand that they return them immediately.  That’s called a margin call.

    And that’s when the fun starts. When the squeeze starts (note, this has not happened yet). At this point, the broker forces the hedge funds to buy back all of the hundreds of millions (or more likely
    billions) of shares they have borrowed and sold short, because the broker doesn’t want the hedge funds’ recklessness to fall onto them. And remember, the Apes own all the shares and aren’t selling. The hedge funds can only buy a share for what an Ape is willing to sell it for, and us Apes really love our shares.

    Once the margin calls start, the computers just start buying back all of the shares at the best available price no matter what that price may be. They all have to be bought back. Everything must be settled. And if the cheapest price an ape is willing to sell for is 1,000, or 10,000 or 100,000, well then that’s what the hedge funds will be forced to buy the borrowed shares back for in order to close out their position.

    Apes are going to hold and hold and hold driving up the price further and further to make the hedge funds bleed as much as possible until they are inevitably forced to buy back their millions of shares. They will need to buy our shares, and we set the price.

    And remember, it costs us nothing to hold. This movement has been building for the past 5 months, but you just heard about it yesterday. One thing Apes don’t do is set dates for the squeeze. Nobody knows when it will happen, all we know for sure is that the math says it’s inevitable as long as we hold.

    I only see three possibilities as to how this all plays out:

    1. AMC goes bankrupt and the hedgies win (please note this is not going to happen. AMC has enough liquidity to last them through 2022 and the most passionate shareholder base in the universe. Not to mention a pretty badass CEO who has completely embraced the new shareholder base)

    2. Hedge funds are somehow able to meet their daily margin payments to avoid being margin called, and they strategically close out their short positions over time, causing a sustained Tesla type squeeze over a period of a year or more (remember, apes aren’t selling until we’re at the moon)

    3. Hedge funds will be margin called and forced to buy everything all at once and we’ll have the most violent squeeze in the history of short squeezes. The price is infinite as long as apes hold.

    I wouldn’t bet on #1, #2 will require patience, and #3 will be absolute insanity (and in my personal non-financial advisor opinion is the most likely outcome). Either way, we’re winning the battle. This beautiful movement is growing by the day, and we can hold longer than they can.

    Never before has anything like this happened where millions of regular people have been able to band together to take on the billionaires who have been screwing them over time and time again, and be able to actually hit them where it really hurts. It is the big hedge fund himself on the other side (you know the one) who has his hands in all the retail brokerage apps to make sure our orders get routed to him to fill. And then they fill them with synthetic shares that they don’t even have and dig themselves even deeper. They created and marketed easy access to the stock market to the retail investor because they only saw the retail investor as prey. Just another way to bleed us dry.  They never saw this coming.

    Like I said, everything will eventually have to be settled. Margin calls are coming. And the SEC has already enacted several rules to prepare as much as possible for the catastrophic fallout from this event, and to make sure that something like this can never happen again. The millions of little guys with an app in their hand are a threat now, and I’m sure they’ll adapt to it. So this could very well be a once in a lifetime opportunity here. Although I’m not a financial advisor….

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CalMean says:

    Trey… you only 24 years old dude?! I fux with u broseph. You are very mature minded Ape… your not that smooth brained… at all. Keep up the great work.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Julie Sikes says:

    As someone with a substantial amount of health issues that have really negatively impacted my life, I really want to thank you for always putting out these amazing videos for all of us and for remaining so positive despite your heart issues. I've been borrowing not only confidence, but positivity, from you lately!!!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thayer Eneida says:

    Even as a doctor ,I make 4x of my salary through forex trading…I just bought another property worth 6Us $….don't sleep on it get started now and create wealth on your own

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars George Phillips says:

    Trey, someone is pretending to be you via WhatsApp. They're using Trey Trades amc on youtube to reply to comments. +1 (9 •2 •0) 3• 9•7• 9• 2•9• 9 is not Trey. Avoid.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MrButterVenom says:

    Don't get me wrong, I love em but.. anyone else think Trey is a bit bat shit? 😂

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars George Phillips says:

    As Chalres was trying to imply while Matt was on. Is the lack of surprise that accompanies most short squeezes allowing a possibility of this being more coordinated than it appears where they control the behavior and benefit from it. Theater in a sense? A long play to come out of the short plays.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Glitch Rekal says:

    AMC needs to close above 40$ on june 18th. Or at least maintain above $40 this week into next. We have 400k contracts expiring in the money on june 18th at the 40$ strike. Mega ultra gamma squeeze. If we close at 60 on june 18th we get 524k contracts to expire in the money that's 40m to 52m contracts that would need to be hedged for by market makers as soon As even next week before the 18th expiration. Market makers r known to hedge early even before the exp date. We need to stay above the 40 dollar strike price guys. Let every one know about the ultra mega gamma squeeze coming for AMC SOON . LEMON PEPPA TENDIES COMING SOON!!! Hoddlll my apes. Ultra mega gamme squeeze incoming. Just hold above $40 and market makers may Even begin hedging next week for the 40$ strike price in amc expiration june 18th guys.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dngl_Berry says:

    Is that chest hair or a butterfly. Just playing Trey you all ready know what it is…we love you

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars VALHALLA says:

    Trey give us a heads-up when you are going live on different news outlets and also link to those news stations YouTube channels and so on so we can watch and show support. 👍🏻

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hola! Marc S says:

    Any share purchase thats filled with a naked short share is the exact same thing as an "order getting delayed"

    Its different words to say the same thing. 10 days? At this point they're being delayed infinity days.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 1ofnoother says:

    I love your loyalty! "I spent 6 months researching AMC, I'm not gonna cheat on my girl for something that looks good for 2 days."
    That's how I feel about GME, and life! LOYALTY ALL THE WAY!!!!

    AMC and CLOV were more of my long and I was planning to hold for at least a year or the squeeze, whatever came first. They happened to start a squeeze before that, but got interrupted. Seems like there's still juice though.

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Moon the 'Loon' says:

    Just bought another 20 shares this morning. Every time time I can, I try to buy especially when it dips. HODLing. APE power!

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wild West says:

    I think its funny when a stock gets halted the funds can execute trades during that time, but normal people cant. Sure, that is the same set of rules and fair. Why is nearly everything in the entire market secret and two sets of rules?

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dustin Burns says:

    I don’t have a lot (as a broke college student lol), but I bought 40 at $18, and I just bought up another 10 to make it a nice 50! So excited, love this community 🦍 🦍 🦍

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Conspirator of Plots says:

    Clov was a trap, citadel name was inside they buffed it up days before the announcement then they directed us to it then they pulled out and stole your cash

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KenziYT says:

    I bought in at $31 with xx shares. Im holding until my grandkids dont have to worry(im 33) so MINIMUM 100K

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Be Like Water. Live Life to Fullest. says:

    Bought a few more shares on dip today. Not a single share sold since 5.48 entry. Avg 7.44 over 400 shares. Can’t resist AMC stock – I like the stock. Up 850% gain. Was up 1,300% last week. Long Buy and HODL! The ape way: transfer of wealth via AMC. Dumb money is taking tendies from good money. This is just the beginning. 13% pullback today is a joke when it can rip 100x.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Islandboy_trades says:

    June 21st I'll be 35 hard working mover here holding for my mom and my kids thanks for all the motivation and knowledge. Best of luck stay strong

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gear Type says:

    Bought today. The chaos and infighting = hedgies on the ropes. Don't turn on each other….HODL

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mythocratic Republic says:

    Why no one here is talking about the dark pool price leaked today? 1500 and above. It has been circulating around from 2 different photos.

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Angel Houston Service Provider says:

    Diamond has work great when the stock is green. But the stock is red yall need to grow some diamond balls!! 😂😂😂😂🦍

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