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Oh right, good morning, vietnam, what's up everybody, it's your boy, trey from tracerates, coming back again for another amc, live stream number 87 of all the live streams. I've ever done great to be back great, to have everybody here, cooking with cusco here for the morning. We are up one point, two, eight percent on the day and the volume is pretty light here in the pre market, so far, nothing crazy about 239 000 in volume, which is why you see this kind of matte flat price action. A lot of this uh these.

These flat candles, you could call these almost doji candles, they're great candles right. They don't cover any price action. So that's why you don't see a lot of price action. A lot of volatility volume drives volatility.

Volatility is going to drive those higher and lower price valuations, which is why you see this starting to get a little bit of a move up for the upside. Now the volume is starting to pick up here a little bit in the last half hour since the 7 a.m. Pre-Market brokerage openings, which is a beautiful thing, to see hope everybody's having a beautiful day. We're gon na give you a quick rundown on all the things that are happening with amc here today.

You've currently got ortex pulled up right here, which has 19.18 short interest of the free float, which is stupid. That's so disgusting! I actually want to talk about short interest here, a little bit in a way that you can think about this. Once we get some more people that roll into the live stream, because there's a fascinating piece right or text is not the by all and all mean all in terms of what short interest is. This is 85 percent of the exchange, reported data reported being the key word, meaning it could very very very easily be higher than 19.18 or 98 million total shares right unless you got cooking up right now, utilization about 88 or so down just a hair.

In the last seven days, it's kind of doing this thing flatlined right, not a lot of new shares on loan are being established and the discrepancy between the actual shares that are shorted into the market and the shares on loan has gapped down significantly right. It's very, very, very slim, so that's a beautiful thing to see right. I love seeing that that's beautiful. It means that it's uh harder to borrow stock, because the shares on loan are already out on the market, so the only way for them to actually get more shares to shorten to the market, which really you know lines up perfectly with this show the show regulation.

That's recently come out is if they take new shares on loan positions right. So that's a pretty cool thing to see this retail volume percentage. I'm just going to refresh this really quick. We have yesterday now and oh it's a little.

I haven't even looked at this, yet that's stupid. Look at this guys come on drop some silly chickens in the chat drop, some freaking silly chickens in the chat because it was 58 58 goju, hachi pasento, that's 58 in japanese man, that's stupid. So that would explain why we're a little bit red but dude 58 short volume and all i could drop. It was a couple percent, which is something really freaking nasty.

So that's pretty funny to see you love seeing it a lot of story took place in the last two days. You have a huge uptick in overall shorting and i'll. Tell you exactly why this is my hypothesis? Take it with it, take it from what it is right. It's a grain of salt, just one guy's opinion in the middle of who knows where.

But it's because they're dangerously close to the end of the spring loading effect and the shorts are trying to hold it down from a technical breakout. I'm telling you following lines as some people would call it. Technical analysis is legit. It means something right.

This close to technical breakout means something. This is beautiful. This is a really solid, spring-loaded technical setup if you're gon na break from the upside you're looking decent. So that's why they're trying to hold this down? In my opinion, that's why i see an uptick in overall shorting.

It's because we're in the last two three days of overall technical setup and if it gets that break for the upside, it's gon na be lights out. Man, consolidation will end and you will know it in in a certain way right: you're going to have an uptick in volume. I have a resurgence in volume you're going to get that 63 dollar retest and push over that which is going to bring back volatility for the upside and then, after that, when you reach new technical highs, you get that technical, breakout, you'll, see fomo and i use The word for almost sparingly because it does not happen very often it does not happen very long. Fomo is when there's literally no other stock in the stock market, no security in the stock market and that exact moment in time that anybody else would rather buy the fear of missing out means that no matter what price this person pays, they feel like they're gon Na miss out on an opportunity to make money, i can promise you one thing: nobody has felt that in the last three four weeks, otherwise it would have shot up it.

Just would've, that's what fomo is right. Fomo drives insane parabolic moves, but you get a technical breakout on this similar to back at 14.50. You will see fomo you'll know you will freaking know. Fomo is unmistakable, you don't know what fomo looks like right.

That's what you're going to expect once you get that technical breakout so watch for the volume resurgence watch for the volatility come back watch that 63 technical breakout, you're gon na be you'll. You'll know what we're doing we'll cool cruz go and we're gon na. Look at stockholm tracker. Sorry, this year's available to borrow 700 000, as it is right now, and you look at the overall trend, it's down significantly from what it was this morning.

It was at 1.3 million this morning and it's up to or down so i should say: 700 thousand was as low as 200 000. Some shorts, probably established positions but they're, also, probably just some more lenders that are making stock available to borrow the short into the market. So that's what you got cooking up right now, my friends sitting up. Ah, i almost choked on my spit again setting up 1.35 here in the pre-market and coming up dangerously close to that pre-market high 5764..

We are over 57 right now, so that is a beautiful, beautiful move, a beautiful, beautiful setup and i'm very excited to see what ends up cooking up to date. But that's what i've got for this little intro here so far, we're going to chat with the community answer any questions you guys have just freaking kick back chill it and i'll. Tell you what i'm gon na live stream until i got ta go make that drive over to uh to get that surgery done, but it's a really simple surgery. I've seen lots of support.

I've seen lots of people talking about it. I really do appreciate it. I promise you this is easy: they're, not even using anesthesia, it's it's local, uh, local drug of some sort. I think it's called lidocaine, but it's essentially just a numbing agent that they'll put in the area where they're making that incision it's like literally a one or two inch, incision they'll, put the loop monitor in they'll.

Sew me back up i'll, be out in a couple hours. I'll go go, get myself, some freaking subway, we'll be cooking up, so very excited for it. What was the short interest in early february? That's a good question. I can show you this is super easy estimated for interest to free float.

We go back to february guess what nine percent it was at nine percent night and day man, i'm telling you like literally. The short interest is higher right now than it was when we squeezed up to 72 bucks. It just is it is it was 17.47. Then it's almost 20 percent.

Now it's almost as high as it's ever been. The highest therapy is 19.64 percent according to order techs right and we're almost there, which is nasty, nasty nasty nasty. I love seeing that. So that's what we got cooking up this morning.

We'll answer as many questions as you want. We also get more people rolling in here. I want to talk about short interest here, a little bit, as i briefly touched on it in my video last night, but i think it's an important topic to discuss. We are going to turn on lamp here.

This is the oh. I left it on well, this thing has to recharge. I hope sees. I realize i've left it on all day.

Thank you, joel appreciate that got speed. This will be too easy. Guys too easy. Good luck today, bro amc trade, a tmi's mask.

I love the freaking handles you guys come up with that's gold. Look at this 57 dollars and 32 cents. Looking at the level twos, you got a pretty decent bywall at 57.15, but no major cell walls. I mean the spread on these is pretty minimal, not a lot of uh volume or size on the ask in any direction right all the way up to 60 bucks is where you see resistance honestly and it's pretty small size.

So that's beautiful treasure iron man christina arc reactor arc reactor. I can't wait for that. I'm going to really have to stick to light taps cause. If i freaking crush my sternum or something on accident, i will die.

I can't do that cannot do that. Thank you. Latrocha i appreciate that slap that ask yes, sir it'll be safe, it'll, be too easy guys. I appreciate it.

I appreciate all the love really i do i do. It means a lot to me, but i'm not i'm not wearing the least bit. This will be too easy. This surgery will be nothing nothing to be scared about it's a trade, a man that is nuts.

I i you guys don't have to do that. I promise you you do not have to do that. I'm straight up chilling, guys seriously. It's all good - this is a minor one.

This is very small. All right buy a chest pad. I'm gon na have to i'm gon na have to for sure good luck today, man much love appreciate that goozy gang need to invest in a flak jacket to stream. I know i'm gon na have to you guys are gon na have to tie my arms to the freaking wall, so i literally could do nothing but just look at the screen.

Otherwise, i'm going to start ah just going nuts if this thing squeezes, which is not good nat, get it out. How long is the recovery for this? It's really easy. The doctor told me i should be feeling back to 100 within, like literally a day, so it's nothing wild, maybe a day, maybe a day two days, some people even say a couple hours from whatever online, but it just depends. I think i'll be fine, but i can't know until i get it done.

I suppose i've got. I've got high hopes. Okay, locate appreciate that 67 call for june 2nd. I think you mean july 2nd, good or bad call possible, or do you mean june 2nd of 2022, i'm guessing that you meant uh july 2nd that'd, be my that'd, be my guess.

So if you want to play a 67 call, man, that's a lottery ticket. It's a huge huge, huge lottery ticket and i'm gon na tell you why it's because you only have two days for that to run in the money, so the only possible way. You know, unless you take advantage of really small price moves during the intra day that you make money on. That is if it literally goes up 11 12 bucks, like you, need that to happen.

For that, to make you money personally, you do what you got to do. That's your own financial responsibility, your own decision. I'm necessarily tell you the risk. The risk is you're fighting a lot of theta right you're losing a lot of intrinsic value on that option, with each passing day, 36 cents per share, which is 36.97 uh, total out of a 67 contract you're losing half of your value with one passing day.

If it just stays the exact same price personally, i don't like that, but you do what you want to do. Man, you do what you want to do: buy stock, no more gamma trap fridays yeah, so i i really do think it's important to own underlying stock and to have you know, purchased stock in your account in order to support call options because call options in and Of themselves are awesome right, they make money great, but you don't make money on call options. They don't gamma squeeze unless people are buying the underlying stock. To support the moves, you need the moves right.

You need the underlying buying pressure, otherwise they expire worthless and that's just money, that's pissed into the abyss, and you do not want that. I promise you that you do not want that. All right. Remember today, we're not alone.

Eight nations with you speed recovery brother, appreciate that wall street viking man. This will be too easy. I'll say this: every single time: wall, street viking man, this guy, he literally got uh. He got me two tickets to go out to miami and watch some some concerts.

I cannot believe that i just put in uh i just put in leave at work for july 23rd to the 25th, so i'll be able to freaking cook with crisco and uh. Go watch that it's gon na be a lot of fun me and my uh. My friend, we call them alpaca, that's well, that's what i'll name them as uh we're gon na go watch some bands. That's gon na be a lot of fun.

So if you're, the miami area uh july 23rd to the 25th, i'm gon na be there. If you want to go, go, hang out and have some fun. Okay, i have one question for you: what kind? No! No! No! No! I like it tall! Oh i'm not going to answer that jordan! I'm not going to answer that! I'm not going to answer that! Super chat i apologize. I do appreciate the five dollars, but um.

No, no, i'm just not gon na answer that i'm just not gon na answer that. I appreciate that, though uncle mikey yes drop uncle mike in the chat guys, if you don't know who uncle mike is by the way uncle mike is my uncle again. That's the dumbest thing. I can't believe i said that if you don't know who uncle mike is, this guy is literally to thank literally for who i am as a person like this guy built and bred me.

I want to see if i can find a picture of him, because this guy is awesome. Oh my god, i love him. He is such he's such a funny chicken. He really is.

He is one silly chicken. Where is he there? He is uncle mike uncle. Mike look at this there's uncle mike man, here's me and uncle mike watching a dirt dirt uh dirt, derby, race. That was a lot of fun.

My uncle mike! Oh, i love that guy. I love that guy, so fun so fun what a blast he was back when i wasn't uh scrawny, but those days are. Those days are long gone after this heart surgery. Hopefully, good luck.

Son appreciate that mother appreciate that mother uncle mike christine at 57.35 cents. We do have a nice upside ascending level of support, as it is right now level, twos, no huge level of resistance on the ask. This tells you essentially where you can expect levels of support and resistance, because these are where people are willing to buy and sell stock at certain points right, pretty cool stuff. Let me tattoo, you draws like a pencil yeah man.

If you know how to draw, you know how to tattoo a freaking kong, that's what i want man once all my heart stuff is done. I want kong on my chest and uh now my my stomach. It's gon na be a big chest. Piece it'll be sick.

Uncle mike in the chat people, i love it. I love it. That's so good! That's so good man, so good you're, my prayers chupa, i'm never gon na. Forget that i'll never forget that joke first got to be for your heart surgery.

Today. Second, i got some 100 costs for another this month. You think i'm good much love, i'm going to say they're the exact same thing as those 40 calls man in my opinion, they're they're lottery, tickets, they're, decent odd lottery tickets, but nonetheless they are lottery tickets right. There's nothing guaranteed about playing calls that are super deep out the money.

That's all i have to say for you, man, like literally that's, that's all i can say if it hits, you make a crap ton of money, but i would not put your entire life savings into super deep out. The money call options. Personally, that's me: it's your financial decision. It's your responsibility, you do what you got to do, but that's not something i would want to take the risk on sup lamp lamp has to recharge.

I didn't realize i left it on all day. Good luck! Today, brother tripp. We got your back love, you man, they just called me a shill in the mask pretender. What's the mass pretender, maybe i'm just uh, not even don't know what that means, but big leonard as long as you're an ape you're here man.

Could you explain the s3 announcement from yesterday's news, so i got ta be honest with you cody. I have to read that i have to read that in order to give you any sort of feedback, because i had a lot of phone calls yesterday, a lot of people were calling me trying to talk about uh. What's going on um with with this this whole situation? So let me pull this up. Well, that's for may 28th tanya says i got called the children's channel too.

The first time i commented well, i won't call anybody a shill. I don't do that uh! That's not! For me, man, i throw around words like that very, very, very, very, very loosely not tightly. I don't do it often right. That's because we're apes we're eights.

First and foremost, everybody has different opinions and that's okay right. We don't have to have the same opinion on everything, so if that happens to you, you know tanya or tania, i'm not sure. If i'm saying that right, i apologize if it was someone in the community that you know that obviously isn't cool um, but i wouldn't do that. I really wouldn't i tossed the banhammer super super lightly.

I don't do it, i don't do it. I don't toss around names, you really got ta mess up. You can insult me all day long, just don't insult my community or i'm gon na freaking get angry. I just will.

I don't stand for that. I can take heat, but you don't do that to my friends and family. You know if anybody has a link. Let me know i i i recognize that after i said it homeward bound, i didn't mean loosely lightly lightly lightly.

I'm not i'm not seeing the link. If you can bring it up to me i'll check it out cody what do hedges market makers and me have in common in the bed? Oh jordan, you're going silly chicken, uh god dang it. I hope this isn't lagging you guys. Let me know if it's lagging looks like it might, be you guys.

Let me know if the the live stream is looking okay. I want to find that uh that freaking piece that came out i'll look at our slash amc stock just to see if i can find some sort of uh article i feel like this is probably going to be at the top lagging okay i'll fix that hold On a sec guys some days, the internet here is solid and some days the internet here is not solid, we'll see. If that helps any all right. You guys, let me know if that's any better form s3 has been withdrawn by amc, which removes any more dilution.

Great freaking news: ah there we go cool so essentially all this means is they can't dilute any more stock, they can't sell into the market and try and uh you know raise any more capital. That's all. That means that lucas is off the table, which means that what adam aaron said hey, we don't have any more shares available. He was telling the truth.

So that's a good thing to know. That's that's what i'm pulling from what i just read. You guys feel free to fact check me if you want. I didn't see the official document.

I didn't read the official document just because last night i had some other things that i was getting done. So you guys. Let me know if that's incorrect, but that's what i'm that's what i'm reading here, just based on what that s3 is talking about. So that's cool, that's good stuff! What gives you the ability to trust the numbers given your ortex or other major sources for market data? What gives you the ability to trust the numbers uh? I wouldn't say that i trust them at face value.

I use them as a trend right, so you can look at uh or text and i'm going to read that by the way that s3 thing i just didn't, get the chance to read it yet um. So ortex essentially gives you a trend. It's it's. Their best estimate of what's happening in terms of short interest at that given moment in time.

I don't take it blindly at face value, because we know this is actually a good segue into short interest in the way you can think about it. Uh. We know that. There's no way to know the actual, true short interest value that needs to be delivered on amc stock.

Think about this failure delivers we're very you, know well acquainted with what failure deliveries are call options, get exercise options. Market makers can't deliver on the stock when they get exercise, creates an iou creates a synthetic, that's a short interest right. That's that's part of short interest, naked short selling, obviously short interest, but another piece - that's not talked about and has very similar metrics to a failure to deliver is a long position that gets marked as a short position right so think about this. If an options market maker is failing to deliver on stock, meaning that they do not currently have the stock available in their portfolio and they can't buy it from the market to deliver, that's a fair to deliver.

That's an iou, it's a stock that should not exist right, and this happens because of availability to stock. Now, keep in mind, obviously that the options market has a huge amount of leveraging, so it can create a lot of shares or you'll have a large necessity for shares in a very small period of time. If a lot of call options run the money and get you know exercise, but in the same way that options market makers have to find some sort of ways to get fills done on the bid on the ask right. They try to you know, keep them up the options market moving.

The actual market makers that handle just stock have to do the same thing. So if options, market makers are running on the issue, where there's a lack of supply to keep up with the demand, so they have to create supply. What makes you think that the market makers aren't doing the same thing with long positions right? What makes you think that hey the bid in the ask there's really just not a lot of stock available, which means that either a we let the stock price shoot up. While we wait for literally people to be willing to pay higher prices or b, we create supply they'd meet somewhere in the middle right.

They have to either a have that stock in their portfolio to meet some sort of buyers and sellers or b they create the supply, which can be thought of as a naked, long or short interest right. There's a lot of things that contribute to the overall price action in the stock and the short interest in the stock and we're never ever ever ever going to know the whole picture, that's just the absolute truth playing amc stock. You have to be comfortable with the fact that you're not going to know every single thing about what's happening behind the scenes and the inner plumbings and mechanism of the short interest you're, just not right and i'm okay with that. I'm okay with just knowing the overall trend, we're gon na drop a freaking up arrow here man.

This is the third live stream in a row that i've just been rusty and i'm not drawing this arrow. That is pathetic. Some weenie baby stuff weenie baby, not good. I apologize guys holy toledo.

What am i doing with my life, honest to god that is no bueno, no bueno jesus good morning, my train, my boy new term from now on is bored break out and rip good luck today, sending blessings trace hoodie. Let's go man, tmi is an eight. I love that guy uh, the mass investor, is a really really cool dude. I love.

I love the stuff that he does the whole time community behind it today. You, like your change, lives forever and i'll. Just carry you for the day, eight strong together man, it's honestly overwhelming i've seen this stuff on uh on twitter and it's freaking like mind-blowing. I don't even know what to say.

I don't even know what to say like it's. It really is strange. I uh. I honestly i'm just a community guy, like i just love having a place to call home and having people to you know spend spend time with in and i'm just an extrovert man.

That's right! That's where i get my happiness is from people. I pull that from people so uh it's it's it's awesome. Thank you very much guys really uncle mike is a whale, correct, yakuman pasento. I love it.

Yes, sir salute trey hope for a speedy recovery. Thank you thanks for all the hard work you do for us. Love from new york says nikki. I appreciate that.

Thank you. All right, wamizu is correct. S3 is about the hedges not being able to short convertible bonds as short shares. So that's good.

That's good news too. Right short, convertible bonds, as short shares, so that's also another form of short interest. Free play. 775 so, like i said, there's a huge piece of this equation in terms of short interest that really cannot even be accounted for.

They think about all the puts in the leverage and the options market, the derivatives market that can be actually considered short interest right. It's insanity, it really really is there's a lot of things that we're never going to know the full plumbings of, and that's, okay, i'm. Okay with that, you know sorry, i hope everything goes smooth today. I want to get your opinion on.

Seven dollar calls expiring. End of august, so derek i'm not here to make the decision on, for you know for you and what you want to do right. You have to make that call absolutely for yourself. It's entirely your decision right, but what i will say is you're not fighting a lot of theta right.

The time decay between now and the end of august is not going to be that bad. You know i'm just going to show you, for example, looking at the options chain for 70 over here in the 20th of august right. Let's check this out. 70 strike.

You've got a time, decay or theta of 15 cents a share or about 15 bucks a day, but the actual contract costs you. You know 11.75 and 11.75, which is 1100 bucks, so you're not losing a lot of intrinsic value with each passing day. The theta is really not that bad, which is good right. You just have to have a lot of liquidity to be able to play these 70 strikes and make some decent cash.

So just keep that in the back of your mind right, i think it's not as risky as some very short-term explorations. Maybe the weekly calls right. I think this will treat you okay, but that's just me you do what you got to do. That's your decision to make all right amc as it is right now.

You've got a little bit of a cell wall sitting about 57.25, so we're gon na move this up just a hair to cover that 5725 level bam bam, wham jam there we go. God bless! Oh, ah, all right, all right all right, all right cameron! Thank you for that appreciate it. You guys scroll back up. Let's see what we got! Oh here, we go.

God bless right, gratefully being able to help us fight the powers that be. This is a horse. Historic revolution we'll be talking about 100 years from now. Love appreciate that kyle.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Yeah, i'm good guys, i'm good it was. It was a text. Don't worry about it, it's uh it was. It was nice to see it was nice to see.

I won't get all the details, don't worry about it appreciate it, though i hope your surgery goes. Well, god bless. You appreciate that so right now we are having a small pullback here on amc stock uh and it's gotten a decent amount of volume downtick here the last couple of minutes and it's testing out this volume rate average price, the v, which is this gold trend line. This is the average price that anybody who has bought stock today has paid on the day and holding above that typically brings along more momentum and more price action.

It's just more bullish so reclaiming that v-wap, the volume at average price is gon na, be the most critical thing for me personally to watch for to see that we're trending pretty decently on uh on amc stock, as it is right now, god dang lag man. Ah, we have to go down to 64 bit huh. We have to do it. We're gon na have to do it.

Bob saget dang, it all right, just borrow a vest from here no place. Of course, you'll be fine, absolutely man! I love it. I love it. I know i'm trying to fix the lag.

I dropped the bit rate. I dropped it. I dropped it. I know, i know god dang, it short internet short, the internet, i'm telling you i'm telling you that's the only answer.

It's the only answer trying to reclaim that volume average price. It is right now so far, still up. One percent here on the day, just hanging right at that 57 psychological level of resistance way to get that that claim back over that 57 level and hold over that v v-wop that volume at average price. This kind of does look like a bear trap set up.

I'm not gon na lie so we're gon na turn. Lamp on we're turning lamp bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. Take it damn decent recharge a little bit there we go, but that's a that's. A pretty picture-perfect bear trap set up on the one-minute candles.

Typically, you won't see as much of a follow-through on the small scale versus large-scale. You know bear trap setup, but that's not too bad. I don't mind that i don't mind that that could be a sign of an upcoming reversal, just based on the technical setup and patterns. I haven't seen you in 8-bit in a while.

I know we dropped it. Just a hair. We've got 900 bit rate right now. Typically, i like to have it higher, so i know it's gon na be a little bit blurry i apologize, but the freaking we just got ta short the internet here man, the internet's garbage honestly good morning, hope everything goes well today, brother, please! Let us know when you get in miami we'd love to see uh some anime with you and eat burgers gerardo, i'm gon na be there from july 23rd to the 25th, so uh once i'm there man, we can definitely do something.

We can shoot it for sure. I think i'm gon na be staying at the the hard rock something hotel - god dang freaking internet, just being a bunch of bob saget. It's just a pain. Why you got ta.

Do me like that? Why i got ta. Do me like that? All right here we go we'll see. If that does anything you short internet, they should stop yes, sir short internet, hashtag, short internet. We have to keep and close over 65.

So, if you're just tuning in guys we're walking through essentially what this technical setup is right now, because it's a really bullish one and i think we're coming dangerously close to the end of this technical uh consolidation phase right check this out, we are, i would honestly Argue within one or two days of a technical break either for the upside or the downside. I'm more inclined to believe it's for the upside right now for us to happen today. Immediately at market open it'd be 58.80. It goes to happen, midday 58.60, but what you're? Looking for is an hourly candle to open and close above this descending level of existence on this pennant formation and look at this, the divergence point is literally in the next two days.

That's super bullish. This is super super super bullish. This is just a coiling effect right. It's tightening up the tighter and tighter and tighter it gets when you let go it explodes it's just how it works and that's how the spring load is set up right now.

It's super super bullish and i know that it's hard to listen to in the time being right when you're, in the actual heat of the moment and you're, seeing the swings up and down a couple pennies, a couple: pennies, a couple dollars a couple dollars right: you're, Like man is this ever going to end, is this a dead cat? The volume is going down, yada yada yada yada right, but it's not. It's super. We're chilling we're chilling, tin, foil hat time, matt, kevin, trey and review dork are all having problems with their internet. Oh michael, ah, oh my god don't be like that.

Oh no, oh geez, oh geez, rick and any dad driven for other short plays. I've been seeing good dad on root and workhorse. I've seen you cover mbis before briefly vegeta vibes brother um. So if you want to play other shorted stocks, you definitely can just keep in mind that they need some sort of catalyst to drive them, whether it be the sentimental value, whether it be news driven whether it be uh.

You know technical driven right. You need some sort of reason for the short interest that gets close. That's not going to happen randomly right. You need a reason for it to move, but with that being said, there are a lot of heavily shorted stocks on the market.

If that's, what you want to look at, i just think they're going to be sympathy plays in comparison to what amc is doing right now, best performing stocks in 2021, amc, gamestop, dogecoin amc has been crushing right. I'm just thinking tried and true. This stock has been doing absolutely nasty and i think, in terms of technical setups, this one's got something just made. It's just set up there.

I mean you look at it, you don't even have to know. What's what's happening with any sort of chart set up, you don't have to understand technical analysis. You can see this is bullish. I mean this just looks like this.

Is the literal picture definition of a bull flag? That's disgusting, that is such a nasty, looking bull flight and it's nearing its end. I i feel very bullish on this, but if you were to look at one i think gtt has a decent amount of short interest. I think it's like 40. I think it could do something um, but it's entirely up to you, man, it's entirely up to you.

They had a bull flag and broke for the downside. Excuse me real quick, freaking clogged up today, man. I have to keep clearing my throat. Can we cuddle the night jealous of the v-neck no v-neck here, oh trey's, big tanked.

I haven't worn that in a minute i haven't worn that in a good second, i got ta. I got ta bring that back. Honestly. If you realization is not 100, i think we assume there is no naked shorts because the brokerage could swoop up real shares.

Nick roche - i'm assuming that's how you say your name, but i think naked short selling takes place the most often when there's not a lot of supply available. Do i think that there's naked shorts taking place right now to be honest with you, it's not likely, and i'm going to tell you why it's just because there's actual supply available right for for making sure it's selling to happen. You have to have a lack of supply if the utilization is not maxed out the odds of there being they can start selling at this current moment in time right, not in the past, not in the future. In this current moment in time today, it's just slim right because there's not the need for it.

There's no need for them to make a short sale into the market, because there's actually shares available right now and when the utilization goes back up again, that's a different story right, that's an entirely different story. So just watch for that eric says. So if gtt had a bull flag and goes down trend, it does doesn't mean that amc can do the same thing. It's entirely possible man, anything's possible right.

That's why i said earlier when i was showing you what's going to happen, whether it's an upside or downside move you could see either direction right, you're, more inclined to believe and break for the upside based on the technical trend, but it's not guaranteed nothing's guaranteed right. No technical setup is guaranteed to go up or to go down. It just means that, based on previous trends, based on when you have this sort of setup, you know out of a thousand sort of tries you're more likely to see it go for the upside than the downside, based on the bullishness of that overall formation. I'm inclined to believe just based on sentimental value based on the technical setup, based on all these filings coming out, based on the hype right, it's just you're more inclined to believe it'll go for the upside anything's possible man like taps, you're, right, you're, right, martin, you're, Right, you got it going camping for two weeks in july.

No sell signal, suggestions for strategy squeeze happens then trailing stop, not financial advice. Personally man, that's your own decision to make right. I'm glad you said no financial advice right. That's not my decision for you to do, but it's something to consider right, you're going to have to think about that and what you personally have to do to manage your own portfolio.

I can't do that for you. I really can't. I think that the squeeze will last anywhere between a week to three weeks when the time comes and we've seen that it's actually holding on it had a mini little run up right. Well, i shouldn't say mid: it was a huge run up, but you have this.

This base setting phase right and if it continues to have that same bullishness and strength, the very same thing could happen when it gets its next leg up it very well could right. I can't guarantee anything. You might not see the absolute top. If something happens during that two week period of time, but i can't guarantee you anything break out today, just by a few more shares go navy by the way.

Oh man, my heart, dang it it's not my internet, you don't think so. I don't know man. I've got wired internet, i mean you can freaking. I don't want to move my webcam, but this is wired.

This is the wire. This is the wire right here, literally wired up to my freaking computer. So i don't know, there's not much more. I can do than i have wired internet that was from jiu jitsu kaizen.

Oh, oh! No. How did i not remember that? Oh i failed you. I failed you! Oh jeez, oh geez, rick, oh that's, beautiful, jujutsu kaizen was so good dude. I freaking loved it.

Such a good anime, i recommend it if you're an anime guy, anime guy or gal, currently up 0.43 percent, having a small little selloff here hanging out. Just beneath that volume and average price got ta move arrow arrow, you know what it is. I drew up arrow too late. I didn't get arrow on the chart fast enough to get the the follow through here right.

We need. We need this drawn up immediately, so i have to blame entirely. The reason that this is coming below the volume at average price is because i did not draw arrow soon enough, so i apologize for that. We'll draw arrow immediately next time, as long as i remember who knows if i'll ever.

Remember, though, who knows where course is that 40 short interest highest out there? Does that lead to a short squeeze, not necessarily a camera? You need a catalyst right, so you could have it's think of it as kinetic energy. If you have a boulder sitting on the top of a hill, the bowler's not going to roll itself down the hill, the boulder being 40 short interest, you need something to push it down the hill right and then once it's down the hill, it's rolling, then the Energy goes into effect right, that's where the actual gains come from, but you can't have the boulder roll without something to push it a bulldozer whether that be a news, catalyst, sentimental value, technical breakout. You need something right. Just something has to push that boulder down the hill, so it's possible, but nothing's guaranteed man, coke and hookers.

Oh man alex. I like that hope all goes with the surgery. How do you feel about the 7-year call for july 16, i'm down being about two days ago? I'm assuming it's uh, it's iv, which is yeah iv, has been crushing some calls right now, which is why i, i personally you know i've been talking about this. A little bit the last couple days, short term expirations, whether it's weekly bi-weekly expirations, i just be careful with that in consolidation phases, right, there's, not a lot of volatility right now.

The best friend of market makers, options. Market makers is this sort of trading the up and down up and down up and down be careful with that stuff. We've got something to eat in miami love. You grab a bite and brew with you and apes for super chat 40k, because i chose to believe drop.

Some freaking gorillas in the chat for eric man tell me i actually want to know. I want to know how many people here are uh. How many people in here are making some filthy cash like how many, how many people in here have actually already made money? That's going to change their lives like. I want to know about that because think about this think about all the people, and this is what really grinds my gears man.

This grinds. The crap out of my gears is those actual people, the real lives on the line, man real people's lives that are changing for the better and you're getting financial media that comes out every single day, with some sort of article trying to separate people talking about freaking Racial division talking about gender, talking about uh that you're being bullied into buying stock. Like i saw that motley fool article man, absolute dog, garbage you want to talk about separating people, you were literally creating that narrative. It's garbage absolute junk cannot believe that garbage like how is that even like just think about the guy that has to sit down and write that think about that somebody has to sit down and think to themselves.

Okay, my boss wants me to write a story about how amc a stock, which, essentially just created a community of people to educate themselves, create financial independency, create financial education opportunity right, let's just let's just find a way to make this a bad thing. Think about that garbage. Let's talk about real things, people making money. I can see this in the chat man.

Some people are saying they made a couple million dollars. 55. 000. 12K.

20K. 26. 10K. 40K.

800 percent. 200K. 140K. I mean look at this.

This is real numbers; these are real numbers. It's real! You can't get over that man that grinds my gears. Somebody has to sit down and think that dude somebody has to sit down and think to themselves. You know what you know: what screw these guys? Let's try and make this a separation thing about race, gender, age location.

No, you can't do that. You can't do that. That's garbage! Nobody buys that praise or docs were able to get your hard stuff resolved. I had two uncles passed previously because i didn't get it taken care of like you are uh dipping rip man, i'm trying my best.

That's all i can do. I'm gon na go, try and figure out what the heck's going on. I know that i've got that hole, we'll eventually try and get that fixed uh, just taking a date of time. Man take it out of date of time.

It's all. I can do bro. It's awesome having you back live part time, jermaine with a t. No, no, that grandpa story.

Oh i love it. You guys come up with this stuff. So quick jermaine is what my grandpa calls me. He never calls me tremaine.

He calls me jeremy. I always go grandpa, that's not my name! It's tremaine! He says yeah, okay, jermaine! I love it. Welcome to trey's trades where we eat slap. The ass james, that's funny, go see.

Chris died in at shine on tattoo studio in latin dude. Is the best in the freaking state can do anything you want. I am legitimately going to write that down. I'm writing that down right now, writing that down right now, because i actually want somebody to make my uh my chess piece chris die.

Then artist sweet what up trey salud from the cheat, let's believe these hedges pockets dry holding to the moon homie. I appreciate that brother. Thank you. Thank you.

Will man i love this. Can we get uh luffy as king of the pirates tattoo together? I've already got a luffy tattoo. I've already got one. Actually, it's uh.

I don't know if you'll be able to see it. Let's see if i can, let's see if i can show you this is on my calf hold on a sec. I don't know if you can see that probably not there's luffy he's doing the corkscrew. Ah, it's too far away, but it's there.

You just have to trust me. You just have to trust me. Man, big luffy, fan old lamp, please for the day. Well, we got lamp cooking right here.

Should we leave lamp running you guys? Let me know we got a nice bottom out here check this out. We got a bottom with this level of support down here at about 56 dollars and 60 cents, pretty dry price action right, not a lot happening, not a lot of volume. 467 000 total volume here in the pre-market here so far for weeble, not speaking on all the exchanges, uh pre-market volume. Looking at the short interest, it's up a little bit here in the pre-market.04 percent to 19.19, so i'm actually gon na.

Just take a second to tweet. This out, some people like uh some people, aren't able to watch on youtube all day. So i'm just gon na tweet this out, so people have the information if they'd like to have that one second dude ray lyons 1600 on call options, got us a house down payment. Let's go baby, that's awesome! Hell! Yeah, beautiful! Oh you love to see it.

You really do happy birthday, trey coors. I love it getting aside much love and praise to you bro. I appreciate that. Thank you nick.

Thank you. Nick a chess piece in the form of gorilla pex. It's gon na i'm gon na get kong man kong right here and i want to get the kraken to essentially give uh give respect to to kraken man. It's gon na, be on my shoulder and wrap around the back of my shoulder blade.

Maybe a little bit up here on my collarbone just made for the people at england. Can you say it's coming home uh? It would be nice for the squeeze to happen within england, winning the euros brandon. It's coming home, it's coming home baby. Eventually, i can't guarantee anything obviously, but i'm bullish on it.

I i think, there's more on the table. Obviously your thoughts every uh today stay positive. As always, i got 50 option calls two weeks ago, for uh july 9th, at 62, bucks more than half has dropped due to volume and uh intrinsic value i want to hold. If i roll, i lose more than half dots.

I don't think the iv on call options right now is going to get better until you get some sort of crazy volatility or a volume up tick. It's uh. It's a tough call man. That's your decision to make.

Personally. If it was me, i would but i'm not always right man, i've made mistakes. I've gotten things wrong. You also need to recognize that i'm not a guru by any means, i'm not a perfect trader, i'm not uh.

I haven't always gotten stuff right. I've had call offs before that have expired worthless, so um just know that man, it's entirely your decision. I stand by that. All that i'm here to do for you, my friend, nick you're, always here man, i appreciate you so much um is, is show you the facts right if you have a july 9th options expiration right.

Let's just show you this really quick july 9th for 62 bucks. The theta is 28.6 cents a day uh and the current value of that is 360 dollars a contract so you're losing you know, maybe five ten percent a day while you wait for that to potentially run in the money. So it's a decent amount of theta man. I mean you lose a decent amount of value if it doesn't pop up a little bit every single day.

So um, that's your decision to make brother up four hundred percent. Let's go! Oh yes, sir! Yes, sir, my birthday wishes today go for your surgery. Bud appreciate that trace keyboard. Yes, sir, yes, sir.

Yes, sir, all right guys, i've got a couple minutes and then i have to get ready to to go drive to get this uh freaking surgery. Stuff done! Good luck today appreciate that you think we hit 60 again before end of week. I can't guarantee anything anderson. I don't have a crystal ball.

Unfortunately, what i will say is, i do expect a violent move for either the upside or the downside within the next two training days. Based on this consolidation spring loading effect that we currently have cooking up. I think you're gon na have a nice move. Absolutely absolutely good luck, trey! Thank you.

Good luck! Today, man light taps light taps. You know what i'm gon na do to compensate. This is what i got ta do and since i can't freaking just bang on my chest, like a like a gorilla anymore, i'm going to have to scream when i uh when i, when i light tap it light taps light taps light taps you have to make Up for it with a voice, that's what it'll be that's what it would appreciate your content information, but subscribe since last year on may 2020 to the moon. Thank you mitch.

I appreciate you man. I appreciate everybody. I really do i can't i can't describe this. I really can't so i'm gon na leave this live stream off with a little bit of a story.

You know, i always assume, there's at least one new person, that's tuned in every single day, um. I want to leave you with this. I read something on reddit. The other day and most of the time i skim over this stuff right, i was essentially somebody that was criticizing amc, youtubers right now.

I've seen this opinion before and i can understand where, where they come from, you know it was essentially saying man, these amc youtubers. These super chatters these these guys, who are just trying to treat this like a business right now. Don't get me wrong. I think those people exist, i'm not here to name names.

You have your own opinions to form about everybody right, but what i will say is this: since january i came onto youtube well, i came back on december, but i came out of youtube. You know in january talk about amc stock because i was angry because i was directly affected by afc. I got liquidated in january. I lost a lot of money back in january because of all the craziness and the stuff that happened right.

I came from a spot of living literally by the bare bones: minimum eating bananas and ramen noodles for meals for months at a time slinging wings at b-dubs working an internship on campus at st john's universities. You know working 50-60 hours a week trying to make ends meet. You know, i've been there. I've struggled i've hurt man, i've been lonely, i've been depressed, i know how it is because i'm just a regular dude.

I am, and i stand by what i try to bring to the table with amc man and what is that? Essentially it's a couple - things, education and, most importantly, a community. I want a home for people, man. I want you guys to feel like you matter to somebody, because who knows somebody could be watching this right now. That's literally living in the back of their car, like i've, had to do before somebody watching this right now, who's living on ramen, noodles and bananas like i've, had to do before man.

It could be worse than that. People like there are a million people out there. Whoever worse than i've ever had it, you know, i just want a home for you, man having one at home. I want an opportunity for you to be able to change your life, the same way that i've been able to change mine and that's what i stand by 100.

Absolutely i will never ever ever ever ever regret having started this youtube channel. I just won't. I won't so that's what i've got for you guys. I i hope that you enjoyed uh tuning in here.

Do me a favor on the way out. I'd only ask once a live stream drop a like. If you don't, i don't care, i don't even care. If you subscribe, don't have to do it, you do what you got to do.

Man just find a place to call home chill out right now right, we're sitting fine consolidation phase spring loading. This shit's beautiful agency stock is cooking with crisco we're eventually gon na go to tandy town, chicken church, kraken kingdom, the freaking, the the abyss is sinking down and the apes are rising up. It's a beautiful thing, so i appreciate everybody immensely. It does mean a lot to me: everybody dropped the super chat i didn't get to see.

I appreciate you, i really do you never have to do that. I really do truly mean that i'll read the chat bar i'll go back and forth on purpose but um. Nonetheless, i'm gon na go get my surgery done. I'm gon na tune out i'll catch.

You guys all in the next one i'll, try and put out some sort of video tonight. No guarantees right. It's just gon na depend on how i feel how tired i am, if i'm hurting any, but if i feel all right i'll come back and i'll put something out. Let you guys know that i'm cooking so appreciate everybody, immensely much love to all and guess what peace like taps baby appreciate.

Everybody. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.

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